Does Arsene Wenger deserve a new 4 year deal?

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We’re nearly there people… the boredom of international football and the horrible two week break from the Premiership is nearly over. Normality can resume.

So what’s on the agenda today?


In particular. Arsene Wenger’s contract.

Yes, with two years to go, Ivan Gazidis has come out with a typically gushing interview about Arsene Wenger. He wants to tie him down to the club so he passes the magical 20 year mark.

“It’s not a sense of sentimentalism, not a reward for services, it’s a belief that we have an incredible manager who loves this club and is the best man to lead us forward,”

“We’re really confident about the direction that the club is heading. I feel he can keep going for a long time. He’s in fantastic shape and he’s as driven as he’s ever been and excited as ever’

Now, many will disagree with the comments of Gazidis. We all know that the real reason the management want to tie him down to a forever deal is that he works perfectly with Stan Kroenke’s agenda of spending far, far less than he brings in… whilst maintaining a credible league position. When I say credible, I mean maintaining a league position that allows for Champions League football that gives us even more money.

Dark comments aside. Lack of success aside. I’m not totally against Wenger getting a new deal. Maybe that’s because we’re looking in pretty good shape this year. Maybe because I’m still struggling to pinpoint exactly who is the problem here, the manager or Stan Kroenke. Maybe it’s because Wenger addressed some pretty serious issues this summer.

1. He accepted the back room team needed refreshing

2. He accepted that defence is a discipline that needs attention and respect

3. He tried his best to shift out the players with bad attitudes

4. He didn’t replace from within and he bought quality

Sure, he didn’t buy as much quality as we’d have hoped and that will probably still come back to bite us in the backside. However, I think we’re in the best shape we’ve been in for years. We’re still missing our keeper, our best young player and one of the best right backs in the league. I also think my position when it comes to the manager may have been influenced by the amount of Liverpool fans I work with. They pine after Rafa Benitez like you wouldn’t believe. If we did push the manager out the back door, does anyone have faith that Ivan and Stan could pick a suitable manager to take Arsenal forward? I’m not so sure…

This comment was interesting as well…

“When you look at what Arsene has done, within the overall constraints, he has outperformed our spending every single year he has been manager. It is extraordinary.”

Now, if you look at the constraints from a purely mathematical perspective, we left the summer with a profit from a standing position. Throw in the £54million we already had then add in the Queensland Road money. That’s £70million right there. There are no constraints. Which brings me back to the post I put up earlier on in the summer (here). I was told Wenger was informed he’d be given £10mill to spend if we missed out on Champions League and £20million if we did qualify. We still came well under budget even if it was £20million, but that’s more down to the surprise departure of Song to Barcelona. Simple fact is, Wenger is either protecting his paymasters. If he’s not, his paymasters don’t care what he does because he’s still giving us the top 4 they need each year.

When Gazidis talks about constraints, is he citing the now? Does that mean in 2 years time there won’t be any constraints there? Or are we just looking for the next… ‘One day Rodney, we’ll be big spenders’ moment?

‘“We get accused of a lack of ambition or complacency because apparently the board are only interested in the top four. That is absolute rubbish. To me this is the most ambitious football club I know.”

I’m not quite sure how the CEO of a club that has overseen the sale of it’s best players year after year can come out with a statement like that. I understand the stadium move wasn’t easy, but we’re through the worst of that, we have to start delivering more than just ambitious words. We have to start behaving like the Bayern Munich’s of the world. We have to put the team first for once. We have to build a squad the believes in the project. Things are looking good this season, but they won’t if the investment in the squad continues to go amiss.

The simple decision you have to make on this contract is this…

Could someone else come in and take us up a level? Has he been polishing turds for the last 7 years… or has he been polishing his ego and obsession with toppling the money men of football? Has he turned the corner by choice or has his hand been forced by retirements of key men? Will he ever be able to hit the heights of yesteryear?

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Let your thoughts be known in the comments…

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  1. Bade

    B, Nick

    Certainly both of you combined aged less than me alone

    Anyway, you need to be realist.

    You both may take your head out of the sand of a bit, look & see the reality around you …

    If you poor sods didn’t notice, I would be the happiest ever person if we managed to do the impossible, I will always support the club I loved since my early days, even before being able to watch it

    Nonetheless, I’m not that fool to be thinking we have a SQUAD able to compete for the 60 games season long

    I have been right for what? 5 years at least now? & if you’re older than 5, then you must have been wrong for the past 5 years. So I was right more than you. Actually, you have never been right. Right?

    “the fun of supporting would stop for me if I would only believe they’ll never make it anyway”

    You have no idea what supporting means really. If you want to be fool, then you’re entitled for that. But that isn’t supporting. Supporting means you get behind the team even though you realise the team had absolutely NO CHANCE of winning the CL or EPL. Why? Because I’m an Arsenal supporter you kids & will stand with The Arsenal even if we play our 3rd string U-16 against the worlds best. Why don’t we have chance, because we don’t have the squad. It’s no rocket science for anyone who understands basic of the football game. Those are two different things

    Being a supporter doesn’t mean being foolish

  2. B

    andy – squad depth is not so much about quantity but quality

    Cesc > Rosicky
    Nasri > Arshavin
    Bergkamp > Chamakh

    etc etc

    If he would have bought a top striker (Llorente) and top creative midfielder (Götze), we would have been better prepared when the injuries set in.

    So even though I’m hoping we’ll come good, the point is, we shouldn’t be hoping, it should be a certainty that we have backup quality available, and it was possible with the budget Wenger has

  3. Nick

    bade dont be a plank ive been pissed the last 5 years but we have been close a couple of times closer then you would think and over all the last 5 years have been entertaining football wise seen some great talent pass through the team some quicker then I would like but fuck it we are still a great club the one I have supported all my life what coz wenger dont do everything I like I should stop beliving drop me out fella

  4. B

    Agree partly with you Bade, supporting goes through thick and thin, but I guess everyone supports in their own way, and I would rather live in a world where miracles happen and we do pick up a trophy.

    I mean, we’ve been top 4 for ages, so in theory, picking up a cup at some point is not utopia, right? Just wish Wenger had bought in some more to give us more of a chance…

  5. Nick

    B do you think wenger is the one stoping us buying, I dont when rvp moved wenger looked ill a beaten man why would he invite more pressure on himself by saying he expects to buy two players then sign no fucker even he aint that thick skined. We were in for caybe and the montpelier defender and both deals never went on not we never tried!!!

  6. Dan Ahern

    Andy, B, it’s about both quality AND quantity. We have neither. Not to say we have no quality, just not much high quality (or to borrow a Wengerism, “super” quality). And that quality is injury-prone as fuck.
    Let’s look at some positives: JW is awesome. Diaby’s capable of good performances. Rosicky can keep the ball moving with the best of them on his day. But those players probably combined for 30 games last year, and that was 99% Rosicky.
    Potential does not a squad make.

  7. Bade

    Arsenal was shite just before Arsene.


    Hahahahah, that explains it all. A matter of another kid who is actually an Arsene fan

    So Arsenal were shite before Arsene? Hmmmmm

    When Arsene came to Arsenal, Arsenal had 2 European trophies, retained titles few times, Arsenal were the 2nd best team in England overall, just head to head with the Mancs (each with 10 EPL titles), while Liverpool were the best team with 18 titles

    Now? Arsenal 3rd in England overall, with 0 European trophies added

    OH, let’s not forget. Arsenal under Arsene were hammered 2-8, the most humiliated loss in Arsenal’s top division history. Add to that the biggest European thrashing of 0-4 to AM & losing the biggest ever lead in the PL when we went from 4-0 to 4-4 with Newcastle


    Arsenal were shite before Arsene, and he only mad us better



  8. B

    I don’t know what goes on upstairs, but I know Stan has not put in any money of his own into the club, for me he adds no value at all, but it is unclear to me whether Stan or Wenger himself are blocking any transfers

  9. B

    Bade, no need to be disrespectful, I’m 36 and I remember the George Graham era well. I am definitely no “Arsene” fan, I support the club like most of us on here.

  10. Mayank

    “When Arsene came to Arsenal, Arsenal had 2 European trophies, retained titles few times, Arsenal were the 2nd best team in England overall, just head to head with the Mancs (each with 10 EPL titles), while Liverpool were the best team with 18 titles”

    Yeah Arsenal were so good before Arsene came that they finished 12th then 5th after buying the best player in our history. 12th and 5th. 2nd best team overall doesn’t mean anything.

    Arsenal haven’t dominated England like Liverpool or the Mancs after the 30s. The closest we’ve come is under Wenger. You can blame him for not overtaking them but he’s the one who got us there in the first place.

    While people often overstate Arsene’s contribution to Arsenal you leave no opportunity to knock it down.

  11. Rhys Jaggar

    AW + Mrs AW’s daughter is enrolled somewhere at school. She is 14 or 15 I think.

    AW would presumably like his girl to complete school where she is?

    Or could she shift in 2014?

  12. PragmatistGooner

    Didn’t Le Proffeseur probably say a year ago that he is ready to manage the Club forever??? Till when is Gazidis and Kroenke staying?? Wenger tired of the cunts in the board or just saying this to get a better contract?

  13. azed

    Pedro and fellow Akb’s blame our failures on ‘constraints’ but who do we blame for Sylvestre, Bischoff,Squilacci, Denilson, Park, Almunia, Chamakh, Ramsey, Flappy, Djourou?
    Who do we blame for playing NB52 on the Wings?
    Which manager drops his best player in a semi-final because he wants to prove a point?
    Who do we blame for JW injury?

  14. goonerDNA

    Wenger did make us better thats a fact, but then he made us average and we stagnated.

    Invincibles were the greatest team ever to play in the premiership people say it was because of the back 4 but the team fundmentally played different to GG teams which was down to Wenger, the 2 European cups we won was some random European cup which is’t recognised by UEFA and the other one was the Cup winners cup which tured into the Europa Cup basically a cup Wenger has never played in so thats a flawed arguement, in the last 7-8 years we’ve gone downhill not just on the playing side but also because of the stubbornness of a once great manager and Arsenal have suffered because of that dearly.

  15. mystic

    azedSeptember 13, 2012 18:33:17
    I agree with you mate, but if you are going to chuck the bad players Wenger’s way then you also need to consider others like Henry / Pires / Campbell / RvP / Vermaelen / Cozarla.
    He has bought some real muppets (done it far too often), but he has also signed some crackers.
    Not supporting him, just saying that when slating him people need to be certain the AKBs aren’t given a way of fighting back.

  16. fanboy

    “Who do we blame for playing NB52 on
    the Wings?” I once heard a pathetic argument that W*n*er wanted to make him a complete striker by making him play there (w*n*er knows).

    When good players want to leave and shite ones want to stay and ‘fight for their place’ (some don’t even give a rats arse and just collect their check) you know you have a BIG problem but do Wenger and his cohorts see it?

  17. Thorough

    Azed. So true. That fool dropped Arshavin and Nasri for absolutely no reason in that semifinal and it is impossible to forgive him for that. The idiot called Fabregas bluff because Fab said he was capable of playing that CC with his niggle as it was his lifelong dream to captain Arsenal in a cup final. This dimwit goes extra length to fuck things up. That we are debating whether he should stay or go, not only on an Arsemal blog but LeGrove, is insanity in itself. Bring back my Geoff before I get more miffed.

  18. Capelgooner

    I’ve no doubt Wenger should remain at the club but maybe as head of youth.

    He has clearly lost the ability to know how to win and perhaps we need that winning mentality back.

  19. goonerDNA

    Who do we blame for JW injury?

    Rooney 38 games first full season
    Giggs 52 games first full season

    The rest of your comment I agree with

  20. Mayank

    Holy shit Szczesny looks awkward in that pic. Like a friend of a friend that’s been dragged along for a birthday party and is being asked to be in the pics.

  21. gambon

    Who do we blame for JW injury?

    Rooney 38 games first full season
    Giggs 52 games first full season

    The rest of your comment I agree with”

    Dont remember Fergie saying these guys were in the red zone and continuing to play them every week for 90 minutes.

  22. azed

    I was referring to the period under the “constraints” hence my refusal to include the likes of Jeffers, Cygan et al..
    Gambon has answered your query!

  23. Arsenalone

    I’m not sure yet if it’s a new board or manager we need,I’m no AKB,
    Wenger has giving us some brilliant memories and almost won the European cup,
    We as gooners should be careful what we wish for,as the mad professor will no doubt get any job in the world of football,barca,Madrid,utd,city.they would all employ him.

    I just wonder what Arsene would be like if he had the same amount of money as the clubs above.

    Who knows may be one day we will find out if he ever leaves us.

  24. Johnty79

    We r a Carzola injury away from a disaster. If you can’t see that you r all fools. We r weak in all areas and have a wage bill of 50 m for players who will never play. You fans will never learn..

  25. michael

    @jazon delta 12.05

    sorry mate had to go to work for a few hours

    7m for finishing third n fourth is failure but i can see that we are only a couple of players away from big things plus theres not enough players coming thru the academy for us to be self sustaining

    all this has to be in a contract some where
    and no im not moaning – been supporting this club since i was born(34yrs) just fed fuckin up with the shite goin on the past while

  26. Gunner2301


    Obviously sustainable model and FFP would feature highly in the conversation. The leverage Arsene probably has on most of those who have been there a while is that when they were shit and not contributing they were still paid twice as much as anywhere else for their “potential” so maybe that’s the guilt trip he lays on them.

  27. Marko

    We’re blaming Wenger for Wilshere’s injury? That takes the biscuit that does. Red zone, green zone twilight zone. Wilshere picked up his injury in a PRE-season game against the New York Red Bulls so no burn out or nothing there. I’m all for blaming him on real issues but for Wilshere it’s just one of those things. If we had a new board and new ownership I’d give him a new deal but if not then I’d change at the end of his contract. There has to be some change.

  28. S Asoa

    I confess I do not have the analytical mind of Pedro or calmness under extreme provocation. But I say that instead of a new 4 year contract Wenger should have been kicked out 4 years back . This also addresses the concern and adulation of some other bugger up who declared Wenger is synonymous to glory of Arsenal . i have given him the commensurate years . Gazidas ditto without any benefit of doubt .

  29. Pedro Goonzalez

    Downhill ever since Ivan tucked his feet under the table, he is the one who should be out the door. What does he do?? Why does he even have a job??? Give us an article on him pls

  30. BOOZY

    Best case scenario- wenger wins the league and champions league this season – does a pat riley next season and appoints a top manager.

    worst case scenario- we are already fucked before december, the emirate crowd do the ‘unthinkable’, and the club has no choice but to let him go. And akb’s follow him to malaga or marselle.

    I’m cool with any of them.

  31. BOOZY

    As pedro said, the biggest fear is whether this current set up can appoint a proper manager.

    If we appoint an english man, then arsenal are, well – fucked.

  32. Chigooner

    never thought id agree with johnty but he’s right.

    we are a cazorla injury away from being hopeless offensively. money is sitting in the bank gathering dust. chamack is our backup striker. rest of the squad (with exception of cb) is wafer thin. again praying to the soccer gods that several players with long injury records manage to go a whole season without missing significant time.

    wenger out.

  33. Ritesh

    If Wenger leaves, its the end of SS within a few years. True, we might be a mid table side for a couplke of years, but Usmanov should come in and take us forward from there.

    So, if Wenger leaves, I expect Usmanov to own Arsenal withing a couple of years and thats a good thing for us.

  34. kwik fit

    Agreed guys, Cazorla is our only player who can open defences and with out him we need Jack/Rosicky back fit ASAP.
    But hey spare a thought for the poor spuds they have no creator’s 🙂

  35. Ritesh

    The problem is these f”king players are paid too much.

    No player should be paid 200K per week, thats bollocks. Thats the mistake of governements, people who earn so much without bring quatifably value added to society should be taxed and taxed a lot.

  36. El Tel


    What if we do end up dropping down a few places and the revenue is less. How do you think we will get back to the top with this board?

    We will end up like Liverpool Mate. Struggling to
    Hang on to the top.

    It could get worse and we could end up like the Spuds and be in the wilderness for fifty years.

    Usmanov is no guarantee of anything. Apart from mopping up some shares and writing like. LeGrover just like a LeGrover He has done jack shit.

    A cazorla injury away from a disaster are we. Ok so now we are a one man team AGAIN. What a joke.

    If anything from the first three games is to go by we are more a team than for many years. Cazorla is great at the moment but what if He drops a level or two like Arshavin did?

    Why keep moaning and worrying about stuff that may or may not happen.

    Like it or not I will get behind this team as I like the new players no matter what. They dont seem to prance around acting like Billy Big bollocks to me.

    For all RVP and Songs ability they were a fucking joke the past few years. Why? Because their attitude was wrong.

  37. Jeff

    To me it seems simple enough. It is far more expensive to realistically compete for a trophy than it is to pay a very hefty salary to a manager who is happy and comfortable with a grade C or D. If we want a grade A, it would cost a great deal more than whatever difference in that salary from other premier league managers we are paying Wenger, so it’s a no-brainer really.

    Gazidis and the board would absolutely welcome another season of finishing fourth given the level of expenditure and profit made on player sales. Unfortunately, the board are only interested in seeing how many more seasons Wenger can keep this up (that is, securing CL money with the current level of expenditure on player acquisitions and sales). It is without a doubt that the manager sees it as a huge challenge and is very probably himself surprised that we are able to achieve so much with so little year on year. This also is the thing that surprises and pleases all AKBs.

    For those of us who yearn trophies and the glory years, back in the days when Arsenal could be considered as a credible force, it is all too obvious that there has been a change in policy ever since the big spenders turned up. Rather than try to match the big clubs by offering large wages and huge transfer fees in order to attract the best players, we have gone for the ducking, diving, saving and scrimping method. If you find yourself happy with fourth or a little bit below for the next 10 years, undoubtedly you will never want Wenger to leave; otherwise you will want to see the back of him with a vengeance. That is our great divide and no other blog embodies and personifies that division more than Le Grove.

  38. El Tel

    Song and RVP and Cesc and Nasri plus Ade the whore and that useless cunt Clichy all went elsewhere to win silverware things they could have won them at the Arsenal if they had the foresight of the Manager.

    None of these pricks won anything from us yet they talked the talk and certainly walked the walk out of our Club.

    The only player I had time for from my list is Cesc. He truly is world class. The others are pretenders no matter how much they might win or earn.

    Even Cesc is having a hard time at the moment and Clichy,Nasri and the Whore were bit part players for Shitty.

    RVP might fare better but I have doubts about his new team and Song will never be a regular at Barca.

    Fuck em all.

  39. El Tel


    I wanted Wenger to leave years ago when many were still giving him chance after chance.

    Like in Pedro’s post though it could be for the worse. Liverpool want Rafa back as He said and although I wouldn’t know I reckon most Liverpool fans would want him to return.

    As you say the quality of Manager comes at a huge cost and knowing our current owners they would hire a middle of the road Guy or promote Bouldy.

    That is the risk all Arsenal fans might dread.

  40. kwik fit

    El Tel

    ‘They didn’t share the manager’s vision’.
    Exactly. A vision that involved compiling a team on the cheap and bringing in overrated kids to play alone side them.
    Wenger has changed his policy by bringing experience but he still refuses to spend what is needed to really compete.

  41. El Tel


    Even the so called AKB’s want us to win trophies, they just still have faith in Wenger.

    I haven’t spoken to one Gooner who wants to finish fourth and not win anything.

  42. El Tel

    Kwik fit

    They are all poorly advised or plain impatient. All those players I mentioned would have at the very least given us a team capable of chasing. Most of them were also given the chance to play at a massive Club as youngsters so why complain when they are senior to the up and coming kids and leg it.

    They are two faced wankers with no bottle, the got their chance at a truly massive Club and became Billy big bollocks then ran away.

    Do you not think Wenger was building this team ready to challenge only to see the traitors fuck off. The man looks ill for all the effort and

  43. El Tel

    And yes He has put lots of effort into getting us to compete with the big spenders.

    I see the hurt on his face, do you think he is play acting when booting bottles around and screaming at all around him.

    I am only a fan and I feel the pressure when things go wrong, yet he has the stress of all of us together.

    I am not excusing him as he earns a fortune but its not a game of Championship Manager or whatever you Guys call it these days.

    This leads onto the buying and selling.

    No matter who He buys, it wont fit in to many of us on here so thats why I rarely put up a wish list. Having money in the bank when there are weaknesses does look flawed but how do we know if he wants Gotze or Llorente and more to the point how do we know they will be a success?

    I like Gotze even though I have seen very little of him but who the fuck is Llorente?

    He might be tasty on your computer game or U might just know fuck all about football but Llorente would have impressed me no more than Giroud has.

    We all have different opinions on players and we will all be dissapointed when He doesnt buy who we think is the answer.

    Truth is that the list of rats who jumped ship could have shown some spunk and won things with Arsenal.

  44. kwik fit

    El Tel

    There is no doubt he was let down. Of the players who left ,some were wanker’s anyway and could not be relied upon. Only Cesc and to a lesser extent RVP give wenger the benefit of the doubt as long as they could. When all of those players we starting to make things happen (2008) the team needed an injection of quality to reach the top level.
    Wenger however, rather than invest, stubbornly stuck to his principals and refused to spent what was needed. Tight as fuck.

  45. Jeff

    El Tel,

    Over and above everything else, my biggest gripe with Wenger isn’t really the fact that we haven’t achieved more than third or fourth in the past 7 years although that in itself is a huge disappointment in any case.

    The top two things that set me off are the blatant lies and the lack of integrity. I don’t begrudge the salary but I do mind being treated like a child and the condescending demeanour with which he comes across. It all seems very sincere but beneath it, as events later prove to us beyond any reasonable doubt, you realise it’s just empty rhetoric designed to get him from one season to the next. Rather than come out and admit the huge elephant in the room, it’s always some silly excuse that gets on everyone’s nerves big time. If he is to be acquitted, there needs to be honesty. He needs to say openly that the board are restricting expenditure and he hasn’t any room for manoeuvre. It is so painful to see great players leave for our biggest rivals in the EPL or CL. If it is equally painful to him, why allow it?

    It is a fact that over the years we have sold all our best players and failed to replace them with equivalent quality. But if you ask him directly, he will deny it and tell you that our current squad is just as good as any in the past. It is this denial of the bleeding obvious that people (including myself) find extremely annoying and inexplicable. If his hands are truly tied, let him say so and if it means the sack so be it. That is what I call integrity. As it is, we are left guessing all the time about whether it really is Wenger pulling the strings or is it the board or is it both? Wenger can put an end to that speculation instantly but he refuses to do so. As a result, a lot of fans, including myself no longer trust him.

  46. El Tel


    Arshavin wasnt cheap Mate. Those youngsters He promoted were not all shit. The ones who were not up to scratch were thrown in at the deep end because of injuries.

    I still believe that Ramsey,Chesser,Jenkins,Gibbsy,Willshere,The Ox,Coquelin,Frimpong,Miyachi and Aneke will become good players.

    Denilson,Bendtner,Clichy,Djoroue,Walcott and a couple of others flopped but you can add Cesc,RVP,Cole,Song,Toure to the successful players mentored by Wenger.

  47. El Tel


    We were fucked over in 2008 by the FA and their Manc supporting pals. I agree we could have had a couple of more players in the squad but we were well and truly fucked over.

  48. El Tel


    Your last post on here is the best I have read over the years. Exactly what Me and many others also think. You are an intelligent writer Mate with no vitriol or wanting ill or death on Wenger.

    You are so right about everything you wrote.

    The lies and deceit coming from a man who won the trust of all Arsenal fans and many others for telling it as he saw it in the earlier years.

  49. kwik fit

    El Tel

    Arshavin was almost a last resort signing in Jan 09 when Cesc/rvp were injured and it was obvious that without a big signing our top 4 trophy was gone.
    Jeff hit the nail on the head about Wenger. His constant half truths and lies about his intentions have worn thin on fans over the past few years.
    Having said that, in the last year there have been positive signings and an a clearing of the decks which gives us hope. Much more to do in January though.

  50. El Tel

    The mystery is why has Wenger become deceiptful? Is it because He is backed into a corner? Is it his mistrust of the media?

    Whatever the reason it is wrong.

    I believe that if Wenger told the fans the truth and was sacked the fans would all support him but He just lies and as you say treats us with little respect.

  51. El Tel


    Jeffs last post was well written and intelligent with nothing to disagree with.

    Some of the crap written on here though is way over the top. How can anyone want Wenger ill or dead?

    You know who wrote that He would get assasinatedmif He failed at Real and wished that on him.

    Fucking sick if you ask me.

  52. El Tel

    Sorry IPad writing is appaling.

    I meant “You know Who” wrote earlier that if Wenger Managed Real Madrid and failed they would assasinate him. It then went on to say I wish it would happen.

    Really, really sick.

  53. BOOZY

    I don’t like this pattern. First

    Gazidis – we want to give wenger a new contract.

    wenger – i’m not thinking about a new contract

    wenger – being linked with barca is a complement.

    This drama looks like a typical wenger directed movie.

  54. El Tel

    Why don’t the Arsenal have a vote. Everyone with season tickets or Club Memberships should have a say on wether Wenger should get rewarded with another contract.

  55. kwik fit

    Agreed El Tel on both counts re jeffs post and the distastefulness of some of the Wenger posts. We are all supporters and we all have different ways of expressing our opinions and disappointments.
    Even Gambon finds it difficult to control his ramblings when his beloved Man united are beat.

  56. BOOZY

    Wenger knows he’ll soon lose his job. He’s now trying to con some people into giving him a new contract.

    working for another club now would be very difficult for him, he is so comfortable here.

    wenger wont last up to 2 seasons at any top flight club, if he leaves arsenal, but he won’t lack smaller job offers, like shalke, lyon, malaga… Basically clubs were winning titles isn’t paramount. He would thrive in such jobs.

  57. Jeff


    Like you, I also drew comfort from our dealings earlier in the window with Giroud and Podolski. However, I was buoyed a great deal more when Cazorla came and really began to change my mind about Wenger thinking that this might be the year where we actually compete for glory and not just fourth place.

    Not long after Cazorla, we saw the unceremonious departure of Van Persie and Song. There was not much love lost between many fans and Song so that wasn’t really too much of an issue. However, the departure of Van Persie after the acquisition of Cazorla brought us straight back to square one.

    Any team that includes Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud and Van Persie is a force to be reckoned with but now we have lost that impetus and no matter what people say, we will miss Van Persie’s goals. In a short time, AW took us from euphoria to despondency. That is but the latest example of why it is impossible to trust him.

    Let him man up and say what is really going on. If he’s not part of the solution, he must by implication be the problem or at the very least complicit in it.

  58. BOOZY

    I actually feel sory for wenger, leaving an organization where you’ve pratically bossed for more than a decade, could be quite difficult.

    he could find himself, working under a technical director at his next club.

    poor wenger.

  59. kwik fit


    So true. Once again Arsenal are in a transfer surplus for the past x seasons. We should have strengthened after both RVP/Song left. Once again were a few injuries away from disaster. 1/2 signings in the last week would have made such a difference .

  60. Dave

    So my take on this AW contract. First off, I’m with you Pedro, I’m unsure as to who is at fault within our club, Wenger or them above????? ( its becoming a question in the same vein as “what’s the meaning of life” !!! My gut feeling is its then above Arsene. Why? Because for any manager who tastes glory the way Wenger has in the past MUST be eager for more. I mean, how could he be content with top 4t each season???? The more success on your CV the better, surely?????????

  61. BacaryisGod

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Jenkinson, Gibbs, Metersacker and Koscielny back four against Soton. They are all well rested whereas TV played two full games.

    Based on International break minutes, I think we can guarantee Arteta, Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud will be playing also. I would be surprised if Mannone keeps his spot now that Chezzer is back, so it would just leave two spots open.

    Ramsey played both games all the way and Gervinho had some serious travel, so I think the Ox will be given another start against his old club. Diaby being only 50-50 means we might also see an outing for Le Coq.

    Team for Soton:

    Chezzer, Jenks, Gibbs, Kozzer, Mert, Arteta, Coq, Santi, Ox, Giroud, Podolski

  62. Bade


    I see you had the nerve to reply to my comment on Arsenal before & after Arsene

    Wow, when it comes to Arsene, you just can’t deal with facts can you?

    1. Biggest loss in club’s top division history
    2. Biggest European defeat
    3. ZERO European silverware in 16 seasons
    4. Biggest lead dropped in a game in EPL history
    5. Worst record in transfers league
    6. Losing all our best players & captain on annual basis
    7. Dropping from 2nd best to 3rd best club in England
    8 Longest serving manager in Arsenal history without winning a trophy

    Wow he’s done a lot

    So I know the good things he did, but they can’t even match the bad phase he got us in.

    Wow so with him we finished 3rd & 4th for 17 years. WOW who remembers this???

    Tell me how many times Mancs finished 4th? Who remembers those stupid stats. As long as your not 1st & not relegated, no one remembers you

    Oh sorry, apart from the whole world remembering Arsenal knocking Liverpool at Anfield in the dying seconds to claim the title . But that wasn’t in Arsene’s phase, so it must be nothing ….

  63. Iffy da Goon

    There is life after Arsene. He’s the main accomplice that makes this corporate Arsenal possible. He needs to leave now. I’d be livid if he signed a new one, absolutely fucking boiled

  64. goonerboy

    Three games into the season-one win-and they want to renew his contract?
    Given we are a team which has won nothing in the last 7 years. Why?

    Within the next few weeks we will get a better idea how far we still have to go in order to compete. If and when we start beating United, City, Chavs, Spuds regularly-then we would have some grounds for believing this guy is taking us forward-but to talk new contracts now after one good performance is premature.

    Yet more confirmation that the club’s priorities are not on the field. Its results on the field that should be rewarded not profits from selling our best players each year.
    I havent changed my view of Wenger–makes the same mistakes every year-the

  65. marcus

    Our club has one of two issues. It’s either:

    Our manager is a twat who thinks he can out-smart the entire football community with his project youth etc. Standing alone and calling everyone else a fool. If this is the case, Wenger should be sacked by the board.


    Wenger has been strictly told by the board that his primary concern is to make a profit every year, and within these constraints perform as well as possible on the field. If this is the case, Wenger should retire as these are not feasible working conditions for an ambitions top manager.

    Either way, the result is WENGER OUT…

  66. ikon

    I am sure if Wenger leaves and the board gets a decent replacement, considering the thick headed people we have up there, they would not trust the new manager even with 10 million for transfer buys. The level of pessimism and bearish attitude of the board will mean they will start saving for what they consider a “rainy day”, in the event of non qualification for the champions league.

    Wenger going will hurt the club badly, not because he is the saviour, but because the board has developed a certain amount of trust in him that they will never have with his replacement.

    Wenger re signing is one of the most important things for this club imo.

  67. peanuts&monkeys

    Wenger does not deserve a contract. For the best footballing interests of the club, he should be sent off by 2014. He is past his prime. Well past his prime. For footballing reasons, Arsenal Football club, needs a fresh breath of air, fresh footballing thought leaders like Pep, Martinez, Klopp, Mourinho. Coaches who are studying footballing trends more intently than economics of running a football club. So, opening talks of extending his contract itself is against the fans’ interests. Moreover, offering him a contract in mid of 2012 is like tight slap on our faces. It is like saying: carry on teh good job of screwing fans’ happiness. To hell with the Arsenal board!!

  68. goonerDNA

    Dont remember Fergie saying these guys were in the red zone and continuing to play them every week for 90 minutes.

    Rooney started at Everton.

    Azed, you’re just another sheep

  69. El Tel

    Gooner DNA

    Some people are so wrapped up in their computer manager games they football is the Matrix.

    Red zone green zone.

    Some players demand that they play and yes even the best Managers buckle to their demands.

  70. Mayank

    Bade you’re the biggest strawman arguer(Not sure that’s a word) here.

    I said,

    1)Arsenal have never dominated the league after the war.(This is true, never retained the title and won 2 Leagues and 1 FAC in GG’s first 7 years)

    2)The closest we came is under Wenger.(3 PL’s and 4 FAC in first 7 years)

    That’s all I said. You can’t handle that and wrote out a page long response to something I didn’t even allude to in my post. The very definition of a strawman argument.

    Also Arsenal have beaten Inter 5-1 at Siro, beat Real 1-0 at the Bernebeu and AC Milan 3-0. We’ve had our share of European glories. Since it’s not written in the history book s I’m sure you’ve erased them all from your memory.

    Also comparing a UEFA cup winners cup to the CL is hilarious.

    “7. Dropping from 2nd best to 3rd best club in England”

    This must be the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Wenger was supposed to not only win titles himself but stop SAF from winning them? You must think very highly of Wenger if you think he should’ve bettered the best manager England has ever seen.

    Are you seriously implying that we were a bigger club than Utd when Wenger stepped in? Dude, I know you love winning internet battles but don’t say that shit out in public.

  71. wenker-wanger

    arsenal unlike nearly every team in the entire country are content to punch below their weight. Whilst other clubs are obsessed with improving their position or challenging for trophies, sometimes at a ludicrous overspend, arsenal value their bank balance above all else. Such obvious profiteering at the expense of the quality of the team is a soul-destroying disgrace.
    WENGER proclaimed today that if any players are not happy with the direction the club is heading they can leave. That comment should make even the most zealot AKB realise that nasri, RVP and others have left for the very reason wenger has heavily hinted at. Its not money its the lack of ambition by arsenal football club that has driven away our best players.
    4 more years of wenger?????? oh no!!!!…..4 more years of this tippy-tappy toothless football with french-duds bought every year replacing our best players???.
    by the way ive supported arsenal since 1967,,,,,The club has never been this soul-less for me.