Drogba would be worth a punt | Robin Van Persie injured | Arsenal’s options outside Diaby

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£10mill for Theo Walcott. Pfft.

A very quick post from me this morning, mainly because there is little of interest to report on. International week sucks the joy out of everything. A load of our players had run outs and I could go  through their performances, but I know how boring that can be.

The key takeaway is that no one broke a leg. We’re all good. Bar Diaby. Who has an injury that doesn’t look like anything serious, though he only has a small chance of playing against Southampton on Saturday.

The interesting part about the Diaby injury will be who Wenger slots in to play if he isn’t fit. Will it be Aaron Ramsey who was played in a more advanced role at times last year? He has natural box to box tendencies and he certainly has the work rate to take over the role. The big question is around ‘now’ talent. Last year certainly wasn’t one of his best, but that’s not to say it’s not clear he doesn’t have talent. Arsenal fans are super keen to write off anyone who has a bad performance these days. I’m certainly not writing Ramsey off, but this season really has to be the one where he pulls out all the stops to show he merits a place in the squad.

The other options could be to bring in Coquelin. He thinks he’s at the same level as Arteta and Cazorla, which is a pretty bold statement. Would we bring him in to anchor the midfield and push Arteta up the pitch a bit. Or would we put the Frenchman smack bang in the middle of the park? My fear with that trio is size. We’d have the smallest midfield in the Premiership.

What we really need is a Rosicky and Wilshere back in the side. That gives us far more quality with our options.

One player I’m ommitting from this is Frimpong. I do like his passion, but there are still massive question marks over his technical ability and his temprement. History tells us Wenger doesn’t tolerate players with big mouths… or noisy thumbs. I’d be surprised if he were at the club this time next year.

Outside of midfield, we’re desperately short of quality up front. That’s led to rumours that we might sign Drogba on a free transfer from his financially troubled Chinese club. This would be a perfect signing. We have two capable strikers, but we really need a third who can come off the bench and do some damage. The reason for this sits mainly around the fact that Podolski and Giroud tend to both be on the pitch at the same time. I doubt we’ll be able to afford Didier’s wages, but if he’s on a free, I’m sure we can offer something suitable until the end of the season. He could be the difference between a very hard season and a slightly easier one!

The final story of the day is the one about Walcott going to Juve for £10million. This one is a bit special. They offered £8million for a player who was the hottest striker on the planet with a year left on his deal, The Sun reckon they’ll offer £10million for someone who has 10 months left on their deal who is half the player. Intelligent reporting.

Anyway, that’s me done.

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See you in the comments.

P.S. Robin Van Persie was taken off injured for Holland. Kagawa was also a casualty of the international break. It’s not funny.

P.P.S I’m on a call with Jen Lehmann this afternoon. We’re best pals. It’s actually something we’re doing in conjunctions with Sport charity Laureus. If you have anything you’d like to ask Jens, drop it in the blog comments  next to the word QUESTION:

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  1. Kushagra India

    September 12, 2012 18:26:31
    Although the A6 processor is the best out there.Nonetheless I think spec wars are over. There’s only so much you can do on a 4″ screen. Design is where the next industry defining phone is going to score.
    It has always been about the UI and that’s where Flash apps scored.
    In Indian IT gr8 demand for UI specialists nowadays.
    I left that shambles entered the civil services jungle 😉

  2. Mayank


    I have a soft spot for Nokia and will till they go bust. No one has understood ergonomics in design better than them.

    I was actually a very big fan of the iPhone4 design, I hate to use apple vocab but it was revolutionary (bleurgh!). Since then there has been no innovation in looks.

  3. Mayank

    “Another new feature called “up next” lets you see what songs are up next in a playlist or party mix.”

    One of the 5 new features in iTunes. Oh lord Apple is hilarious.

  4. andy

    boozy maybe you´re right .. he´s third choice … 🙂
    pedro do you know anything about elton monteiro? I look nextgen and this guy looks talented … CB

  5. andy

    nextgen have a similar problem to us in recent years … the ref is awful. 100 % penalty not given and a goal conceded after a player is 2 yards offside … joke

  6. zeus



    I’m no fan boi of apple, I just don’t like the disjointed android experience, but now I’m seriously leaning HTC One S.

    Can’t go Samsung, the phone is WAY TOO BIG.

    Essentially they moved the front facing camera from the left to the centre.
    Changed the connector doc.
    Changed a filter in the camera.
    And developed new headphones.

    Was the new headphones even necessary. Even by Apple’s incremental improvements standards, thats pretty low.

    They could barely talk about anything in the promo vid. Even Jony Ive that romanticizes the phone making ‘adventure’ hardly found anything to talk about.

  7. Draper-Corleone

    Sorry folks I see I got a conversation going but then had to dive back into the mundane world of work.

    @Pedro, sports practised as ‘peacetime war’ has become the populist version of sports by and large. Maybe it is because war is so deeply embedded in the human psyche that we have to find al outlet somewhere if we can’t fight a real one.

    So that leads to ‘winning’ as the end and at any cost the means. As Mayank says, Real, City, Chelsea, United all are all a product of this approach.

    I have a feeling Wenger belongs to sports as the pursuit of perfection rather than trophies school. Trophies then become the proof of mastery, of improvement and perfection.

    This approach sometimes manifests in statements like ‘fourth place is a trophy’ which is completely misinterpreted and is cited as a lack of ambition.

    The trouble for Arsenal is there is a misalignment between the Wenger philosophy and a fairly large proportion of Arsenal fans. The two are pursuing different things.

    It is a clash of ideas the fallout of which we see everyday on this blog – including many of today’s comments in response to my posts.

  8. zeus

    For the first time I’m leaning Android.

    I wonder if the iphone 5 sales will set records like the 4s did. This morning there were countless articles talking up how much the iphone 5 would add to GDP.

  9. zeus

    And its funny how the chief selling point of the 4s, Siri, is relegated to the back bench this time round. Barely a mention.

    And they fired the guys (or the chose to leave) that were head of the company that developed Siri.

    Guess that means the people predicting Siri being integrated into a potential apple tv may be a bit off base.

  10. zeus


    Nokia were called out for ‘re-touching’ images they said were taken with their cell phones.

    Most reviewers give them the nod for best camera though.

  11. Rahul Shenoy


    never said that IOS is not a problem for developers. Just meant that catering to hundreds of different variety of phones with different versions of the OS is a nightmare. If you go to google play and check the reviews for any app, many reviews are ‘this feature doesn’t work for ‘this’ phone’.

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    get well soon robin…. i really hope that your injury jinx has not followed you to united… damn shame if it has…

  13. Bade

    Morning C*nts

    So we are going to offer Arsene a new deal now?


    1. Will the “financial prudence” be our guide so we ask him for some pay cut, or freezing the current deal
    2. Will we change the salary setup, so Arsene will get basic + bonuses depending on sporting achievements rather than financial ones
    3. Will we be willing to take the gamble on him and go on another 7 trophy drought years?

  14. Bade

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we did this:

    1. Gave Arsene a deal with a bonus for financial success
    2. Gave Ivan a deal, with a bonus for on pitch success

    Hahaha, that would start WW3 at Arsenal …..

  15. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger set to be offered new contract according to some quotes from Gazidis.

    Wrong decision on so many levels.

    We need a new fresh manager at the end of next season.

    Look at the impact Bould’s appointment has had, because he’s new, has new ideas, new ways of getting the players to think about them and as they are uncertain about his temperament etc they do as he asks. Like having a new teacher, you behave yourself if they look like they might be strict.

    Football left Wenger behind years ago in terms of money. Yet again it feels as if Ivan is waiting for FFP to ride to the rescue. Yet at the moment all that seems to happen is clubs lose their prize money…..City and Chelsea are bankrolled by some of the richest most powerful men in the world! I don’t think they care.

    If FFP is to work it should be if you have a minus that is ‘unsustainable’ then you should be inactive in the transfer market and HAVE to trim your wage bill/sell some players

  16. Bergkamp63

    Gazidis talking about Wenger,

    “when the day comes when Arsene decides it’s time to hang up his boots – I don’t know what the expression is as a manager”

    You could try Water Bottles Ivan !!

  17. goonerjay

    Yet again for the 2nd year running Samsung bring out a phone months in advance and Apple still can’t match it. No doubt the isheep will still be flocking to spend a fortune on the latest itteration though.
    Anyone that buys an iphone 5 over the SGS3 is merely following the crowd, because there is no technological reason for it

  18. goonerboy

    What bollocks-its not about geeky specs-or the size of the screen-its how well it works in your hand that matters. Android have only caught up on paper-and only by copying the iPhone. I’ve got an S3 and an ip4s.
    Android software platform is no where near as stable as IOS-as for W8 Microsoft haven’t yet produced an OS which is not a security risk-that doesn’t require major countermeasures. Nokia might have a good phone-but its a massive advantage for one set up to design & make the software and hardware.
    Samsung will never have the variety of Apps that Apple does-and a much higher proportion won’t work. The ip5 aint exciting for sure and it s too expensive-but its still the best out there.