Diaby crocked, again, I’m totally shocked | Giroud getting tetchy about that Van Persie thing

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Well played Andy Murray. After his teary PR coup at the Olympics, he finally took his chance of Grand Slam glory in Flushing Meadows last night. Well played. He’s a Gooner, so it’s a shared victory.

Off tennis, onto the hard football sustenance you come here for everyday.

Where to start?


No sooner had I said this about Coquelin…

‘ He needs to earn his right to play and if he had half a brain, he’d realise the chances of Diaby making it past 10 games are quite low. ‘

… news had leaked to the newswires that Diaby had been withdrawn from the French squad due to a muscle complaint. Now, no one knows how serious this muscle complaint is, but if anyone has followed international football for longer than 6 minutes, they’d be fully aware that if you’re a French or Dutch player, you’ll pretty much have to have your leg blown off to get away with leaving training early. Some are saying it’s just precautionary, I’d say that they’re not better informed than you or I.

Regardless of whether he’s fit for Saturday, the simple fact is the man is an injury time bomb. We invest our seasons in players like Diaby every year and unsurprisingly, every  year we’re hugely disappointed when he can’t manage to string more than 4 games together. Hopefully he’ll be ok, however, the sheer fact we’re talking about muscle discomfort after 3 or 4 games is worrying. You shouldn’t be having any such issues until at least February when you’re a mid-twenties professional with a physique like his.

Will Wenger regret not purchasing a replacement when we had the chance, or will Diaby pull through this and show the world that my medical predictions based on history and mythical wizardry are totally flawed?

Time will tell. However, it didn’t take a genius to work out that pinning your season on a talented crock was a bad idea.

In other news, there’s not an awful lot going on. Giroud is talking about the Robin Van Persie goal streak again.

‘I’m coming in after someone who scored 30 goals last season, but who took eight years to reach that level.’


I’m not so sure the issue was around Robin taking 8 years to reach that level, it was more a case that he took 8 years to stay fit longer than one season. Many people point out that a Robin spurt of form could happen to Diaby as well. It could do. Would it be worth the 7 previous seasons where he did nothing? Not for me. I’d rather have a player who could be fit more than 10% of his career. If you hinge your success of unreliable players you’ll never reach the dizzying heights of the elite. Arsenal of old were as trophy laden as they were because 1) We had the best players in the land 2) 6 of them would stay fit for 40 plus games a season. That’s why I find all this, ‘… and you said we should have sold Diaby’ nonsense so ridiculous. If we’d had a fit world class holding midfielder and a fit world class striker over the past 5years, would we be talking about this trophy drought? Doubtful…

Connor Henderson banged in a pretty spectacular goal for the Irish Under 21’s last night. The club have high hopes for him. He has an engine not too dissimilar to Flamini apparently and he’s capable of banging them in from range. Promising you have to say!

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Other than that little beauty, there’s very little to go on this morning! Have yourself a great day, I might catch you in the comments a bit later.

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  1. gambon

    £100k pw is ~£5m pa

    £1m is £20k pw

    So 75% of £80k is £60k.

    Assuming its 25% below £1m (£20k x .25) = £5000

    So £65000 per week tax on £100k per week.

  2. Theo Walcott

    Q&A with Arsenal Head of Marketing Tom Fox and Arsenal’s Head of Communications Mark Gonnella

    Q3) Generally I like how the club communicates. But occasionally a player will come out and undermine the club with an interview he might give the press. How does the club deal with that?
    MG: Our primary channel for communications is the website and Arsene Wenger is the prime communicator. The difficulty is that sometimes we’re talking about people’s lives and we can’t discuss their personal terms, the same way you wouldn’t expect your company to publicise your personal information. We’re aware of the Sagna interview- and this sort of interview usually seems to come out in an international week- and for something like that we’ll first contact the player to see how accurate it is. We checked with Bac and he indicated it (The L’Equipe interview) was an accurate reflection of what he said.

    Q5) Shirt and kit sponsorships are up for renewal in 2014, where are we with that? Also a comms issue when Gazidis said season ticket prices had frozen when they’d actually gone up for Club Level. As well as this, the cheapest sit down meal in club level rose 30%. Are there not alternative methods of revenue driving?

    TF: The club level suite is used for catering and events, but neither is particularly lucrative. We admit to mixed success on catering. We were able to put the price of a pie down from £4 to £3.30 on the concourses. – [WHOOPDEE FUCKIN WHOO!! – thanks for this Ivan]

    Q8) How much of our transfer kitty is available to Arsene Wenger? Many supporters were confused as to how Alex Song, for example, was transferred for £15m in such an inflated market.
    TF: I always consider it a sign of the apocalypse when an English guy asks an American for his opinion on a footballer! I can’t answer the question about Alex Song; I’m not remotely qualified to answer. That’s the manager’s call and if that is ok. with him, that’s good enough for me.

    Q9) I always hear from the club, every year, that Arsene Wenger is not limited in what he can spend. Yet every year we turn over profit in the transfer market. I’m tired of the bullshit we hear from the club, when is someone going to tell the truth?
    MG: There is money available to Arsene, no money leaves the club. But he doesn’t spend for the sake of it or just to get a headline. You’ve heard him say he will spend if he sees quality. We back his judgement on that. If you look at the market you see there wasn’t much movement overall. The money is still there, it hasn’t gone anywhere. Arsene is qualified to make that judgement.

  3. KlausPoppe


    Doesn’t France use a progressive tax system?

    If I earn 100k a year.

    Tax rate goes 10k-30k is taxed 30%, 31-50k taxed 40%, 51-80K taxed 50%, 81k and over 60%

    My first 30k i earn is taxed 30%, now I have 70k remaining to be taxed. 19k is taxed 40%, 19K is taxed 50% and the remaining 20K is taxed 60%.

    I forget the formula but this should be the jist of it. I’m not sure of the actual tax brackets though

  4. naija soccer


    There is a big difference between having a football based opinion and being a total dick. I think you would do well to show ur buddy what the difference is.

    In other news Adrian Clark believes Arsenal’s new solid defence not just a smokescreen but here to stay.

  5. Bjonan

    Gambon – Theres one fact that you are failing to recognise…..im bigger than Jesus.

    This is outrageous…this guy has grown wings now,I bet he runs home from God knows where to tell his God knows who that he is nolonger a social misfit because everyone on the blog finds his opinions *cuntish*….

    Fellas lets ignore this waste of flesh and pretend he never existed for the sake of this blog..We love Arsenal,we shouldn’t let such baggers kill the love..
    He has gotten so much attention now he even invites his scoobies(Nick) to the blog so they can add up IQ and hopefully top it upto a 12years old’s..

    Total Rubbish!!1

  6. Theo Walcott

    gambon September 11, 2012 16:28:18
    Gambon > Zlatan > Jesus > Nik Bendtner > >>>>>>>>>>> Rapists > Gary Glitter > Bjonan

    Afforded a chortle there.. 🙂

  7. goonerjay

    Kripakar – It’s depressing reading when you see the players we had an opportunity to sign and didn’t for a multitude of shit reasons.

    Yaya Toure
    Zlatan Ibrahimavic
    Christiano Ronaldo

  8. PK

    I think jenko is getting to much stick in here. We can all agree that he is not ready for the first spot for a couple if years but thats not his place either, sagna fills that spot and has been very consistent for the last 5 years (not the last 6 months). Jenko actually reminds me alot of that c**t Bale when he was the same age. He has great pace, lasts for 90 m running up and down the pitch, has a good cross and plays for the jersey. He just needs to play the second fidle a couple of years and he will be ready.

  9. goonerjay

    I think Jenkinson has defended better than Gibbs so far this season and Gibbs is a 1st team player. The kid is getting quite unfairly torn apart without doing much wrong.
    Granted he’s no Sagna but who is?!

  10. PK

    Wenger will keep his starting 11 the same untill someone breaks as usauall. This happens every year and its so frustrating. The only spot i can see him changeing is the right wing but i hope he keeps theo “look i can run into a wall”cott the bench and play the ox just like the last game.

    Arteta-Diaby/Ramsey (if diaby injury)

  11. mystic

    Kripakar MarurSeptember 11, 2012 16:37:39
    ZI “I fear no one. Only God.”
    Ah but he probably hadn’t heard of Jesus Gambon.

    goonerjaySeptember 11, 2012 16:42:28
    Don’t know about Ibrahimavic / Ronaldo, but I saw Yaya Toure play for Arsenal in a friendly at Barnet, believe me at the time I can understand why Wenger didn’t sign him.

  12. Kripakar Marur

    I don’t know what you saw but Arsene did want to sign him. But due to work permit issues, he had to go to out on loan but he was not willing to do that.

    you have a point. but even if we had signed them, how long would they have stayed? look at their salaries now. would we have paid them that well? we would still have ended up with Chamakh on a free after selling Ibra for 50 million. Unless we start behaving like a big club, we will be caught in this vicious circle.

  13. Josip Skoblar

    In France, you’ll be taxed 75% above the first million that you earn. Below the 1 million threshold, the tax rate will be 40%.

  14. Kripakar Marur


    stop hating on djorou. he is arsenal.com’s go to guy when they have nothing else to write or film. why do you think he is paid 70k? footballing salary 10k. Media activities 60k.
    the best video was the jenkinson haircut one last season. howlarious. don’t watch it now as van traitor also pops up in that.

  15. Theo Walcott

    Cazorla tell us that Mikel is our new DM, there you go. Sorry Yann.

    In an interview with El Pais, Cazorla said: “They have paid an important amount of money for me and the role they’ve given me is the one I like.
    “I love the style of the team. Wenger’s philosophy is to control the game and I like to be on the ball. Furthermore, the boss has put me in a position, second striker, with all the freedom I want to have.

    “He told me to be at ease and that he’d play me where I could most help the team. It surprised me in pre-season when he put me as the second striker.

    “I’ve come to play on the wings with the freedom to move inside, but Wenger has immediately put me in this position. With Arteta, Diaby, Rosicky and Wilshere, who is recovering from injury, we’re going to have a lot of the ball.”

    Cazorla went on to hail his compatriot, Mikel Arteta, for helping him adapt to the English style of play so quickly.

    “Arteta has advised me a lot, he told me football is much faster and less tactical than Spain. It’s more give-and-go,” he added.

    “Mikel has helped me to learn to see the game and said that if we play rapidly with the ball we’re going to create a lot of danger and we’ll beat most teams.

    “Wenger wants him [Arteta] now as a defensive pivote and he’s doing it very well. He gives real balance and he can win the ball back and play it out because with the ball he’s spectacular.”

  16. Josip Skoblar

    Arteta has proved a great signing for us. He’s so influential now.
    I watched the France game and Diaby was phenomenal again. I was impressed by his technique and positioning on the field. If he can stay fit, maybe he’ll be the new great signing of the season. Who knows…

  17. Kripakar Marur

    Read the blog headline again. He is crocked already. Not playing today. However I feel it is precautionary and he will be available for the Soton game. I do agree with you about his technique. A fit Diaby can keep Wishere off the first team and help ease him back into the fold. Wenger has taken a huge gamble. Hope it pays off.

  18. Josip Skoblar

    Damn! I was away the past two days and I missed the news. As you say, let’s hope it’s only a benign injury. When I read the French media, I am always surprised to see that he’s always highly rated among football journos. They present him as some kind of Vieira mark 2 + greater technical abilities. It’s interesting because we don’t see it this way here. That may be a key to explaining why Wenger is so patient with him.

  19. Ice

    This team has the potential to be winners despite all the negative media stuff and the bollocks from troll posters on here who should be sectioned (sort that gimpbong cock out Pedro!) Looking forward to seeing the kid Coq make his way and Giroud hitting the onion, the Ox kid and Poldi becoming stand out gooners…..also looking forward to Jack getting back….hey lighten up there’s lots to be positive about

  20. Kripakar Marur

    The French have a serious dearth of talent after the Clairefontane generation hung up their boots. How many in the current setup would have made the 98-00 title winning teams? They are super desperate and consider Diaby to be some sort of Zidane-Vieiera hybrid. I mean he walked into their first team on the back of one MOTM performance for us. And Blanc was desperate to have him in the Euro 2012 squad inspite of him spending less time on the pitch than Gunnersaurus. However if he sorts out his injuries, he can be a top player.

  21. mystic

    Kripakar MarurSeptember 11, 2012 17:38:15
    ‘ I don’t know what you saw but Arsene did want to sign him. But due to work permit issues, he had to go to out on loan but he was not willing to do that.’

    To be honest at that moment in time, if Wenger was unable to get a work permit I would have given a sigh of relief (granted he might well have been top dog in training, no idea about that).

  22. Josip Skoblar

    I agree. I don’t understand this French team. On paper, they have the best players in Europe bar Spain. But when they play together, it’s always so dull and disappointing. Players don’t seem to care about the national team. There’s something wrong but I can’t explain what it is. With far less talent, England manage to get better results overall. For me the best French team ever was not the 1998-2000 one, but the 1982-86 one. I also believe that Platini was a better player than Zidane. But it’s just my opinion and I know that many on this blog will disagree with me.

  23. Kripakar Marur

    I was not born when Platini was strutting his stuff. But Zidane is my 2nd favourite player behind DB10. As for the current team, you are right. They are quite strong on paper. But they were complete shite in Euro 2012. Only Cabaye and Debuchy gave good performances. But then they might have still progressed had they not come up against Spain. However I don’t agree with them being only behind Spain. Germany and Italy have better players than France at the moment.

  24. mystic

    Kripakar MarurSeptember 11, 2012 18:24:31
    ‘ how do you feel now about missing out on the current best midfielder in epl? he is dynamite.’

    In hindsight I wish we had persuaded him to wait, However hindsight is a wonderful thing. With hindsight Wenger probably wouldn’t have signed Denilson or Park or the list goes on.

    Looking at he played at Barca and how he performs for citeh, Yaya was another one that got away.

  25. dennisdamenace

    goonerjay September 11, 2012 15:54:53
    Gambon – Jesus was a scrawny runt… being bigger than him isn’t much to boast about.

    goonerjay – Jesus may well have been a scrawny runt, but i bet he could kick Muhammad’s fucking arse in a fist fight….

  26. Josip Skoblar

    You’e right, I forgot the German team. They’re strong at present and they’ll eventually win something. Sorry, I don’t like Italian football, so I’m biased against Italian players… I’ve written time and again for the past year on this blog: Wenger should buy Cabaye and Debuchy. This said, I don’t rate the current French team.
    I was lucky enough to watch Platini’s last game in France in June 1982. I just happened to be in Paris for the weekend and I could get a ticket to watch the French cup final! Platini is the most complete player ever IMO: fast, elegant, great technique, decisive and a goal scorer. He’s together with Johann Cruyff, my other football hero, the best player I’ve seen so far.

  27. mystic

    Kripakar MarurSeptember 11, 2012 18:55:04
    ‘ Even limited Youtube footage of Cruyff is enough to know that that man was a footballing god.’

    Despite his age, at Bergkamp’s Testimonial when Cruyff came on in the second half, I felt overwhelmed that I was watching a footballing legend.

  28. Ice

    Josip trust me Cruyff was a sublime player…..saw him in several games at Highbury ….a supreme footballer….no comparison in the uk certainly for the last 2 decades…..maybe Liam Brady at his best or Messi….top dude ! Get him to Highbury ASAP!

  29. Josip Skoblar

    Agreed. I saw Cruyff play with Ajax once in Rotterdam in 1971! I was mesmerised. I saw Liam Brady in Highbury countless times. He remains to date my favourite Gunner.

  30. Bob N7

    Ice, Brady was my boyhood hero- six irishmen in the same Arsenal team.

    Surely Sansom came with the Allen swap- did he start at Arsenal and then go to Palace before returning?

  31. zeus

    Link to a Cruyff video that makes him look impressive. Outside of the true greats, the only ones I’ve been truly impressed by is George Best.

    Wish there were more Pele videos. Yesterday, read an article in which Di Stefano said Pele was better than both Messi and Maradona.

  32. Ice

    Bob no…Kenny was at the Arsenal before he went to Palace actually with his brother Dave…..and did you know David Oleary’s bruv was also at Arsenal with him?

  33. Sadam Mahessar

    Wanna know how unlucky are Arsenal?

    Jack Wilshere has never played a PL match with Ox, Arteta, Mertesacker, Santos, Podolski, Cazorla, Giroud, Gervinho, Jenkinson.

    Jack and Ox together in the middle would be delight when they have both matured and become the players everyone expects them to be, Coquelin holding the fort for them at the back would be a treat to watch.

    Day by day, Theo keeps fading into distant memory, he better sign that contract before he ends up at Liverpool or Villa or Sunderland.

  34. Sadam Mahessar

    Soldado is a striker I would love for Arsenal to sign, considering he plays for Valencia, a bid of around 16m should have us land him. Different to Giroud, but has pace and could work well with over new counter-attacking philosophy.

  35. Doublegooner

    I also saw Cruyff during the Ajax game and I think he also played for Barca in Geordie Armstrong’s testimonial. I think the score was 3-1.

    I remember his tricks, He & Best were the finest I’d seen in person.

  36. Mayank

    I hope a baby horse is birthed in RvP’s thigh. Born gnawing through every muscle and tendon in its wake, as revenge for the placenta of its unborn brothers and sisters.

    Too harsh?

    He’ll be back next week for the lucky pricks though.

  37. zeus

    Radio RaheemSeptember 11, 2012 20:57:56
    Thigh strain grade 1 – 3 weeks, grade 2 longer than 3 weeks and grade 3 longer than grade 2


    Classic in its straightforward simplicity.

  38. kwik fit

    Interesting to here some of the earlier comments on Chippy Brady.
    I was at the san siro museum a couple of years ago. The museum has memorabilia on all the top players over the years for both Milan clubs. Was surprised that one of the players given pride of place in the Inter section was none other than our own Chippy Brady. Obviously he made a big impact in Italy both with Inter and Juventus. At that time Italy was the top league and no other came close.
    Chippy was probably too good for English football at the time and had out grown the club. But one thing about Brady is that Arsenal was always his football home unlike some other homeless waifs ( Stapleton/RVS)

  39. El Tel

    I remember a bit of Best and Pele and my favourite player of that time the great Johan Cruyff.

    The Cruyff turn was a fantastic bit of skill that everyone tried to copy.

    My favourite player up until DB10 was Chippy Brady. He had a wand of a left foot and could play one two’s pass 60 yard balls on a sixpence, He could dribble and drive with the ball and had a great shot. That goal at WHL when we won 5-0 was a classic but Liam also had a couple of awesome free kicks that He scored from.

    He used to go short and pick the ball up from Pat Jennings this was usually the start of most of Arsenals moves.

    He was majestic in the greatest ever finish to a cup final.

    Liam alongside DB10 and TH14 are my best Arsenal players of all time.

    I also loved watching Platini and Tigana play for France and no one has mentioned how great Platini was at free kicks. He was probably the best free kick taker I have ever seen.

    That Ajax side from the early seventies started the total football which you see played today by Barca. Apart from the late sixties,early seventies Brazil, Ajax and Barca are the best football teams of all time.

    Cruyff,Krol and Neeskins were great players and Holland really should have won the WC at that time.

    ICE are you David Price?

    Maradona is also one of the greatest but that handball and his whole shitty life fucked the bloke up.

  40. El Tel

    Liam was a great success at the Old Lady and in Italian football a place where not many of our exports did anything.

    That cry baby Ian Rush bombed out in Italy.

    I think rading back and reminicing tells a story of how Arsenal have alwys sold their best players.

    We seem to blame Wenger and Gazidis but the situation we are in now stinks of Hillwood and Friar.

    Bertie Mee dismantled a double winning team within 2/3 seasons, He sold Charlie George and Frankie Mc, plus a few others. I remember ny Dad complaining at the time that we sold all our players.

    Terry Neill also inherited a good bunch of players and we sold Stapleton,Brady and others.

    George Graham always complained that the Arsenal (who He loves) never gave Him money to build an empire and some moan about the crap players George was buying at the end of His reign. He wasn’t given the money to make us the biggest team in the world.

    Does this sound familiar?

    I am not sticking up for Wenger because He pays to much money to dross players but as for wanting Him to buy the best. i think we should look at how our Club has been run for decades to see where the problem is.

    We will never grow with this safety first ethos the older statesman of our Club cling on to.

  41. El Tel


    Platini us to make the ball move all over the place. The ball in them days was just starting to change to what we see today. A plastic coated lighter ball that moves all over the place without e player really trying to much.

  42. El Tel

    I was at David O’Learys testimonial versus Celtic.

    There was 22000 at the Stadium but it seemed more like 50000 to me.

    Davids brother Pierce played for Celtic , I have never seen so many away supporters at the Arsenal. They were everywhere.

    I think the Celts beat us 2-0

  43. El Tel

    I was at SuperMacs debut versus Bristol City.

    We lost 0-1 and City had the whole of the clock end.

    It was a really deflating experience after all the hype of His £333,333,33p transfer to us from Newcastle.

  44. El Tel


    No idea if Ice is Price. He seems to talk like He has connections and certainly remembers players from that era.

    Price was a very laboured,ordinary player. Sorry Ice (Pr ICE)

    Terry Neill inherited the great Don Howes team and with a bit of ambition could have broken Liverpools monopoly of the League.

    We sold off our best players though yet again.

  45. zeus

    Van Persie took two knees to the thigh in a challenge with Hungary defender Roland Juhasz and was replaced by Klaas-Jan Huntelaar during the interval. The extent of the Dutchman’s injury has not yet been confirmed.


    2 knees to the thigh? In my mind, he got both knees simultaneously.

  46. El Tel

    Could Ice be Ziggi Johnson from ICEland? Not if he was a trainee with David O he isn’t.

    Could be Pat R ICE. But Pat was a bit older than a trainee with David O and Chippy

  47. kwik fit

    EL Tel

    Yeah your right about Arsenal selling their best players down the years. They seem to almost get there but not quite. The invincible s were probably the most complete team we have had.
    Don’t think Terry Neill was up to the challenge at that time. A better manager and we may have won the league. But forest/pool were too good. There always seem to be 1/2 teams slightly better.

  48. El Tel

    Royal Bludger

    Didn’t watch the game but saw the commnetators saying Gerrard’s elbow to the face of the opponent was not a yellow card. They also tried to justify his second yellow too.

    No wonder football in this part of the world is still in the stone age.

    I mixture of football and Rugby died many years ago.

  49. El Tel

    I have always been ultra critical of goalkeepers.

    I remember Clough buying Shilton and proclaiming He was as important to the team than any striker as He would save them 10 points per season. That was when there was two points for a win.

    He was right imo.

    All the top teams bar Barca have the best keepers. The chavs won the CL because they have the best keeper, they also had a great striker too.

  50. kwik fit

    Its seems that there has always been a gentleman’s club at the Arsenal.
    The cronies have always held us back.
    Stiff upper lip and jolly good show. Oh I say spiffing.

  51. El Tel


    I used to love the fact the Arsenal were more than just a Football Club we were an institution.

    I believe we are hated everywhere because of this but now its stale and very second world war.

  52. kwik fit

    El Tel

    It has provided a certain amount of stability but as you quite rightly say things have become stale. I feel the tide is changing and the old PHW’s will soon be but a distance memory.

  53. Josip Skoblar

    El Tel
    I remember that game Italy-France in Naples in 1978. Italy had the great Dino Zoff as goalkeeper. Two freekicks awarded to France and Platini scored twice!

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Said we should have singed Konoplyanka during the Euros.

    Right footed I believe but utilized by Ukraine on the left side.

    Fast, direct, obviously has an eye for goal and would have been a steal at the time with Arsenal looking a reported fee of £8.5 Million.

    Not saying I buy the ‘Ukrainian Messi’ label but he’s got raw talent no doubt. We should certainly look into him in January

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    before his injury henderson was being groomed for a left back postition….

    maybe a bit of width 2would be useful… however roi is further away from london than paris so the lad has no chance…..

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i liked jamie foreman in eastenders…. never watched it up till then,,, until i discovered he supported that mob up the road… decent actor,,,, how bad is it that he supports them tho,,,,, superb in nil by mouth….

  57. El Tel


    Youmhave a better memory than Me.

    I just remember Platini and them free kicks.

    I also liked Tigana and another Guy playing full back who’s name I can’t remember.

  58. Josip Skoblar

    El T
    Maxime Bossis?
    I was a young lad then and I knew all the players in the (old) first division + the wholevEngland team, Germany, Holland, France, Brazil, etc. Now I struggle to remember who plays for Arsenal! 🙂

  59. El Tel

    Alain Giresse is that Man.

    He was a midfielder I believe. I think He played wide right.

    With Tigana down the middle and Platini the number ten role.

    Great midfiled.

  60. El Tel


    I watched all teams back then but only the Arsenal today. I detest what the Mancs have done for football and I can’t bear to watch dear old Engerland following the so called Becks fuelled Golden era.


    Tigana reminded me of our very own Paul Davis. Paul Davis was a great player who was unlucky with injuries.

  61. El Tel


    I checked out the France 82 world cup team as Giresse and Tigana wasn’t in the 78 squad mate.

    Holland had a great team in 78 and should have won the WC in Argentina I think it was.

  62. Josip Skoblar

    El Tel
    I’m like you. I gave up on England after the 1990 WC. I hated the Beckham years + the wags business. I really loved the atmosphere in Highbury. I think Holland 74 was better than Holland 78. In 1986, France had arguably the best midfield in the whole history of football: Fernandez, Giresse, Platini and Tigana. I miss first division football in the 70s.

  63. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    i remember paul well…. top player, gave a casual appearance on the ball but was ahead od hid time…. was i the west upper when he chucked the superb right,.,,,,,,,, right on …

  64. El Tel


    I was in the North Bank when Paul Davis punched Cockerill. Couldnt see what had happened but Paul got done by TV replays after the game.

    I was there when Paul scored a diving header V Charlton after running 30+ yards.

    I was also there when SuperMac chinned Terry Yorath.

  65. Kripakar M. Marur

    Checked it out already through Newsnow. Nice read. However I don’t agree with comments on our pressing. We used what is known as a half press or semi press where the front 3/4 press the opposition defense while the rest of the team fall back. Real Madrid under Mourinho use it from time to time.

  66. Kripakar M. Marur

    And La Liga is not tactically superior. They are technically superior. Serie A is the place for tactical innovation in recent times Ancelotti’s pine tree formation, Spaletti’s strikerless 4-3-3(not started in Spain even though they are its finest exponents) and more recently the rebirth of the regista and 3 man defense under Conte at Juventus.

  67. Kushagra India

    Kripakar but the problem there was that the midfield was nowhere close to the defense . It can be easily exploited by the superior teams and then fans will pick certain players out for the sake of it.

    Anyways put that 3/4 comment of yours on Desi’s blog also it will be a good debate

  68. Cesc Appeal

    We’ve enquired about Drogba apparently which would be excellent business.

    Him and Lopez of A.Madrid have been linked. But if Drogba became a Free Agent couldn’t we get him at any time?

  69. Gunner2301

    Fuckit 12:50

    My point was

    A. If we don’t offer them an increased contract where are they going to go to get that? China in Rosickys case? Let him go we can get a younger cheaper model. Where’s Ramsey gonna go?

    B. Improved contracts should be based on merit. Like I said turning up for 2 minutes or returning from injury doesn’t wash.

    C. We cry about not having money to spend but throw money away needlessly rewarding players who we have the upper hand on not the other way round. In that situation I’d expect us to have to pay out but again it’s all based on Arsenes warped sense of the worth of his dross. As we have seen he can’t give away half of them.