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Good morning Grovers, I hope everyone enjoyed the Coldplay gig last night, the closing ceremony of the Paralympics rounded off a beautiful event in Britain’s history. A successful games across both categories, no transport collapse, no attempt to tarnish the games by evil doers, no real scandal… a nation and a capital united in community and pride.

I did not expect that. Well played to everyone involved, especially all the Gooner athletes who raked in a few golds.

Onto football.

Mr Coquelin has been grumbling to the media like a spoilt brat.

“Arteta, Diaby and Cazorla are great players, who have more experience than me. But during training sessions every morning I am not behind them.

“I am 21-years-old, I know I cannot be patient any more. This year is the right season to make a name for myself at Arsenal.

“I have given myself six months and then I will take stock. If I see it is blocked, I will go somewhere else. But for now I know I have the qualities to make a name for myself at Arsenal.”

That was the chunk of it. Now, for me, there are two facets here we must take into account. Firstly, he’s young. With youth comes dim comments in the press. They can’t help themselves, we had it with Alex Song, Denilson, Nik Bendtner, Flamini and Diarra. What do they all have in common? None of them are here now. I realised that as I was typing out the comment. Maybe a bad attitude like this is a sign of things to come. Maybe if he does get the games he wants, he’ll do one as soon as he’s good enough. It shows a lack of respect for the players above you to make comments like that and it shows the absolute expectation these kids have of walking into our first team regardless of where they are in their career.

3 games into a season and he’s complaining despite being kept out by a capped French international, a Spanish international and a seriously established Premiership star. Get a grip Coquelin. There aren’t many places in European football you’ll get a better education than at Arsenal. If you go now, you’ll end up at Sunderland or a similar sized team and you’ll go nowhere. You stay with us, with any luck you’ll be able to leave to go wherever you want when you become indispensible in 3 years time.

Jokes aside, what we shouldn’t do is cave to his request to leave in January. He’s clearly a talented boy, he just needs to be put in his place. I’m all for fighting talk, but I’m not down with what looks like ‘giving up’ talk. He needs to earn his right to play and if he had half a brain, he’d realise the chances of Diaby making it past 10 games are quite low. Especially if Didier Deschamps insists on playing him in two games within a week. Arsene Wenger needs to pull Coquelin to one side and remind him of the pecking order of the club and remind his how long ago he signed a new deal.

Rant over.

Roy Hodgson has been showing the world he’s no push wover (have I not grasped how speech impediment writing works?) by having a pop at Oxlade-Chamberlain for his second half England performance against Moldova.

“I thought Alex was very good first-half. We made it clear to him we were going to take him off after 60 minutes, so I think he forgot to play in the 15 minutes of the second half but that will be an interesting lesson for him as well. Especially when I tell him.”

It’s an interesting style of management that some of the best in the business use to get the most out of players who could perhaps be persuded by their glowing press that they are further ahead in their career progression than they actually are. The most notable of managers who indulges this practice is Mourinho, I remember him slating Joe Cole for poor defending after he put in a fantastic 90 minutes against Liverpool a few years ago. Mancini is also one for publicly condemning players… he had quite a few negative things to say about Adam Johnson when he was with City.

Arsene Wenger doesn’t ever do such things. I’m not sure how it is behind closed doors. Pre-Bould I know that the coaches were petrified of critiqing players because Wenger doesn’t believe in negative vibes. Personally, I think when you’re dealing with beings as simple as footballers, you need to be brutal. Wenger has had the luxury of some pretty intelligent players over the years, I’m not so sure over the last 7! Anyway, it’ll be good for Chambo to be told a few home truths… it’s called character building. I remember being told by a despatch manager at a factory he was going to sexually assault me if I made a mistake on his delivery manifest again.

‘It’s not the size of the tack Pedro, it’s the power of the hammer behind it.’

My propensity to make mistakes moving on from that threat was greatly reduced. Now, I’m not suggesting this form of motivational technique can be applied to football, but it has to be said, the the stick is sometimes more powerful than the carrot (I’m talking metaphorically you disgusting pigs).

Arsene Wenger admitted he kept JD this summer because he loved him.

‘I didn’t let Djourou leave as I love him as a player, and he loves the club’

I think Arsene Wenger loves how JD is with the rest of squad. He’s the new Eboue. Just there for the craic. He doesn’t care about being in the first team. He just likes to collect his wages and play the odd game. Who can knock him? London is great, Arsenal are great… he’s ok every now and then. As 4th choice defenders go, he’s not the worst. Trouble is, he’s paid like the best! That’s where we’ve gone wrong there. We’ve invited an alcoholic to a brewery and asked question as to why he won’t go home. I think the worrying thing is the person who owns the brewery seems pleased as punch he’s staying.

Someone has got to keep the staff smiling I guess…

Gervinho has been making promising noises in the press about improving as a player (he also scored an ok goal for the Ivory Coast over the weekend). He wants to emulate Pires in his second season and explode for us.

‘You should always look at these examples from the past’

‘Robert is a fantastic player, very experienced, and I saw this for myself [when Pires was] training here.

‘I really hope to emulate Robert Pires in my second season, hopefully do even better, but I hope to carve out my own niche of course.’

I like hearing that talk. For all the frustration in his play, you can see there is talent there, he just needs a few things to click for the goals to start flowing. Pires was frustrating in his first year for us and then things dropped. I remember another Ivory Coast player saying he’d be the best around in his second season (better than Theirry I think he said). We all laughed. Then Drogba went on to make us suffer year after year!

He also had postive words to say about Giroud.

‘We must all support him, because there’s big pressure.’

‘But there’s no doubt in my mind that the goals will come. I am totally convinced’

I’m with him on this one. No one said these sorts of things about Chamakh. I’m looking forward to him banging in his first one, Southampton at home on Saturday would be a superb place to start!

Lastly, because I took an international break of my own. Cesc Fabregas and his Barcelona predicament. Firstly, I’m mildly amused that one of the most talented footballers to ever grace the Premiership is having problems breaking into the Barcelona side. When Arsene Wenger has a super talented player, he builds a system around them and lets them flourish. Barcelona do a similar thing, but their super players tend to be the Messi’s of the world. When Barca bought Cesc, they bought a cog in their machine. Cesc doesn’t have the training to be an effective cog at the moment. Which is why he’s struggling. He’s being asked to do things he doesn’t love. He’s a little fish in a giant pond. Now, if there were a chance to re-sign him, we’d be absolutely criminally insane not to do it. I find it staggering how many people would turn down the chance to bring in a player who is capable of banging in 20 goals and earning 22 assists a season. It’s quite pathetic.

If he’s available… bring him in Arsene! He’ll certainly be far more humble this time around. Imagine our midfield then? It’d be the best by a long shot!

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Have a great day, see you in the comments.

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  1. SUGA3


    bollocks to that, I don’t need to understand shit, I’m old school, and as far as I am concerned, feigning injuries and not attending to captain’s duties (last day of the season, Cesc cheering on his mate Alonso in F1 instead of being at the game, which he was paid to do) is disrespect, plain and simple!

    same goes for allowing his Spain bumchums draping him in Barca shirt and him not even saying a word!

    how you can possibly defend the little cunt is beyond me!

  2. SUGA3

    and if you excuse Cesc for leaving the club knowing that he will win bugger all over here, you have to apply the same measure to Cole, RvP, Nasri and the like!

  3. ikon

    If Cesc was not present at the game, it was because he was permitted to not to be there by the manager, not that he went on strike. This also meant that a time had come where everyone, the fans and the manager had understood that he is moving this season at any cost, and literally any cost, just the fees was about to be agreed.
    Suga, its about expectations, where you should judge how situations turn out to be. RVP , expected to sign a new contract after seeing three relatively good signings, and in the very least not join one of our direct rivals, does just that. Cashley does same thing, Nasri simply goes for money. Cesc did what everyone, including fans expected him to do. Looking at events like you pointed out is being myopic.

  4. gambon

    I dont blame Cesc at all.

    Summer 2012, Wenger said he will sort out a transfer to Barca after Cesc said he wanted to leave, and he basically lied to him and forced him to stay.

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Interesting how we defend players that disrespectfully leave (i mean NO EXCUSE for not being present on last day of league to go watch F1, he shitted on team mates and fans) …BUT what’s funny is once he got his move, he’s the biggest Arsenal fan on twitter….hypocrite!

  6. Pabs

    Nasri rvp cesc song, everybody just leaves to further their career and match their ambition. That is the cold hard truth, arsenal didn’t match it.

    Doesn’t mean they are all still cunts for not showing any loyalty to the club that fostered them for years though. You an be pissed off about it from all different angles…

  7. Rhys Jaggar

    A person stupid enough to threaten sexual assault is either a gang criminal or an idiot.

    ‘So: show me you can get it up for men!’ is how to flush that crap out.