Sagna was just talking sense. I agree with him.

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My take on the whole Sagna interview was one of disbelief, not from what he said, I mean he just couldn’t believe what Arsene had done, his disbelief!.

Now I think he was upset that Song had been shipped out but that is a decision I support Arsene on, I hear that there was a disruptive influence in the changing room and with Nasri, Cesc and Robin all doing their best to de-stabalise the team spirit, Wenger wanted to nip it in the bud.

Take Arshavin, great player but a big time Charlie, thinks he’s better than the others and starts to act like it. Wenger sends him back to Siberia where a Burger King outlet is considered the place to eat and kids are educated in schools that you would get sentenced to 6 months in England, and suddenly he wants to stay and fight for his place.

There’s a big surprise, I want to bring my kids up in England!

Same with Gervinho, he comes to Arsenal with a big reputation and decides to spend his first season doing us a favour, he was hopeless. However, as I understand, it was due to disruptive influences. So I understand.

So Wenger has dumped him on the bench, good, I could do better than he did last season only I’m not getting paid £70k a week like he is.

If I played for Arsenal I would run my bollocks off for 90 minutes trying, some of our team don’t give a rats arse and this year I think the penny has finally dropped with Wenger.

He’s having none of it, he’s saying fight for your place or lose it, at last!

Song will find out how popular he will be in Spain when he has a bad game. They won’t forgive him like I always did.

All this Diaby is the perfect midfielder crap from the French manager makes me laugh!

Diaby needs to prove himself in my book, a bit like Rosicky and RVP before him, give us a season before you start getting smoke blown up there and I will join in.

Me, I rate him, it’s his injury record that’s shite, he owes us big time, time to deleiver Abou, time to deliver, same with Gervinho and the same with Arshavin.

I love Sagna and understand and agree with what he said, but if he wants out then fine, just try and replace him this time Arsene.

Football returns this week with the visit of Southampton, time to see Theo and Oxo on the same pitch to thank the Saints for their development!

Have a great day Grovers, today the Olympiczzzzzzzzzzzzz ends!

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  1. Trickygooner

    There’s no room for Arsh in the system we play and he doesn’t look like he’s up for the fight anymore. We should flog him to a Fulham or West Ham. I think that’s more his level.

  2. D1

    Sagna, we agree. So in order to stem the flow and keep the team strong to contend for trophies you’ll be signing that extension once it’s placed in front of you, no?

  3. Kripakar Marur

    You missed Theo. The best decision Wenger has made this summer is playing Theo in his best role – Impact sub. I think the purchase of Arteta was pivotal. Talent wise, he is not a world beater. But he is one of the most consistent professional players in our squad now. It has a bit to do with experience also. I think Wenger saw the impact he made last season and decided that was the way to go. All 3 players we bought in this summer are extremely hardworking. It was so enjoyable to watch Poldi popping all over the left flank against Pool.

  4. MeGunner

    Geoff, they alwayss talk ‘sense’ when they want out. Sagna won’t be the biggest name we’ve lost! And don’t you think our players talking to the press about their disbelief sends a wrong message even if it’s true?
    Anyone with a brainstem will be appalled at one or two aspects of our summer transfer dealings; we can bitch about it, but our players? To the press?

  5. Goldinho

    I think Bouldy has got a lot to do with this new no shit taking attitude. I can’t see him standing there with his mouth shut when they start playing up.
    It’s about time as well, some of the players need to be reminded what a privalage it is to wear that shirt.

  6. scott

    I can’t believe some of the abuse and criticism Sagna has had from gooners!
    What has he said that 99% of sane arsenal concerned fans believe anyway.

  7. kwik fit

    Wenger: “Djourou? I didn’t let him leave this summer. I love him as a player, and he loves the club.”

    This statement is worrying on a number of levels. Not least because Wenger suggests that one of the reasons he didn’t sell Djourou was because ‘he loves the club’. FFS Wenger are you for real?

  8. Kripakar Marur

    he may be right. but he is a player of arsenal and should stop moaning about it to the press. i wouldn’t abuse him if he left abroad at the end of the season to win trophies. but as of now, he is an arsenal player. that carries certain responsibilities. not harming squad morale is one of them. no reason to abuse him but i am slightly disappointed. there is a difference us venting our frustrations in the le grove comments section and our most experienced player moaning about the club to the press.

  9. Vic

    I often read and enjoy your blog posts geoff, but your comment on ‘Siberia’ is way, way off. Perhaps it’s best to stay away from ethnic slander, especially when english cuisine is not exactly a no-contest winner over russian.

  10. kwik fit

    While I can understand the contents of Sagna’s statment I do not agree with the actual statement. If serves no benefit to the other players or the club and was probably agent motivated.
    Sagna is an employee of AFC . If any employee made such a public statement against their employers they would be in breach of contract. So why should Sagna be any different.

  11. @K_Swiss147

    Sagna can/should moan all he wants. What is wrong with you people? Is he not a human being with emotions? Y’all should STFU with the self-righteous tone. He stated facts. Some of y’all don’t like hearing the truth whether it comes from the LG comments section or from a player at Arsenal. Yea, he criticised our dear Arsenal, so go jump off a bridge. Mugs!

  12. @K_Swiss147

    Kwik fit, please point out exactly what breached or could potentially breach his contract from his quotes… I’m waiting!

  13. @K_Swiss147

    Moaning about Song? LOL!!! Don’t tell me you’re not smart enough to realise that it was about every good player that has left so far… He stated he was one of the few left from the previous class of Arsenal players and he’s jealous of Clichy and Nasri… In lay man’s terms, he’s saying we could have gotten a trophy if we’d kept players like that. Of course, the club has moved on and we’re doing new things with new players, it doesn’t mean Sagna can’t say what’s on his mind. He’s been a loyal and consistent player for the club and shouldn’t get berated by any of you simply because he’s not a PR robot for the club like Djourou! Fuck you and anybody else who comes on here to say shite about Sagna. I don’t care for the reasons behind his speech whether its more money he wants or he’s seeking a move away, the truth remains the truth! Its folks like you who don’t have the balls to speak up at the work place and you have the nerve to criticise him for speaking.

  14. kwik fit

    @K_Swiss147September 9, 2012 10:03:25

    Employment contracts require both parties to act and behalf in a fashion that does not undermine the integrity of either . Sagna’s statements in relation to the club selling their best players undermine his employers integrity.

  15. TT

    “Its folks like you who don’t have the balls to speak up at the work place and you have the nerve to criticise him for speaking.”

    Let me guess….you are unemployed?

  16. Johnny5

    Top post Geoff,

    Don’t agree with India though. I’ve said it for ages that arshavin is pure class has been for ages just not with us. I don’t know if it’s the speed of the epl or the shote tactics wenger uses but arshavin is being wasted. If he was given free reign behind the front two/ three he would be great for us but I suppose that then leaves us vulnerable as arshavin ain’t known for his ability to track back.

  17. Elena

    Oh my! Geoff it seems that your education level is way beyond from that of the ordinary Russian public school since you have no slightest idea where Siberia is,
    I am sorry to inform you that Arshavin is from St,Petersburg.
    Too disappointed to comment on your other crap about Russian living,.

  18. Bade


    I can’t fault Sagna for saying what he said. Not that I rated Song, but selling him & not replacing him is sheer irresponsibility. You have one less body in midfield. Mind you we weren’t flying with him in the side, so we need to be strengthening, not weakening our side.

    I personally don’t believe Sagna’s going anywhere. Maybe he’s after a pay raise. By the end of the season he’s 30.5. By the end of his contract he’s edging 32, so he won’t be getting a regular starter football elsewhere

    So unless he’s willing to demote himself into a bench player, he won’t be getting a contract in any top club. But then, he’s also isn’t going to up his salary, as top teams (bar Arsenal) don’t tend to give their 2nd string squad that much appealing salary

  19. @K_Swiss147

    Someone says Sagna’s comments could affect squad morale and all… Excuse me, but words don’t change the quality of a pass or tackle on the field. I guess some of you are already building up excuses if we suffer a loss to Soton in the next fixture which is a very real possibility if this current bunch don’t lay their head low and continue working hard… We have a way of letting complacency creep in against “weaker” teams. Hopefully, Bould keeps them grounded. Any success we achieve this season should be attributed to Bould and the players. Wenger’s just riding his luck with the continous sales of key players. Imagine him saying he didn’t agree to the sale of Djourou because he loves the club. Since when did we start baby-sitting players just because they love the club. I bet none of you was feeling the “love” when he bundled Ibrahimovic over for that penalty when we got spanked. What happened to keeping players based on merit and quality?

  20. Johnny5

    Also what’s with the sagna hating. He didn’t say anything that wasn’t true did he? No. He didn’t undermine the club you morons he was obviously asked a question and answered it truthfully. You can’t blame him for being pissed off either seeing as 99% of us slate wengers transfer policy. imagine if everyone you work with was sacked and replaced with complete idiots who fuck shit up. You’d be pissed at your boss wouldn’t you? There’s just no pleasing some arsenal fans. Also some of you were probably the same ones hailing RVP as the messiah of the club with his statement but giving sagna shit for basically the same thing.

  21. Geoff

    Elena, I know exactly where Siberia is, I also know where the Zenit is. Where the revolution took place.

    I guess the revolution in Russia also killed humour as it seems that you and Vic have none.

    Perhaps that’s a national trait, looking at Putin you’d think so.

    In England we write with wit and sarcasm, go and look that up and you may understand my post better.

  22. TT

    Swiss at least Gambon has some structure in his ramblings, what on earth Sagna’s comments have to do with next game or JD I’ll never know. No be a nice lad and go outside playing.

  23. gambon

    Anyone slating Sagna is a complete twat. The club is becoming a joke in terms of ambition, and Sagna is rightly questioning what the fuck is going on.

    What i live is these AKB cunts come out and call every player that leaves a cunt, every player that criticises a cunt, every ex player who’s critical a cunt, and every pundit thats critical a cunt.

    At what point do you start to realise that maybe the club’s at fault.

    Will you start calling Wilshere a cunt when he leaves?

    Will you call AOC a cunt when he leaves?

    At what point will you realise the club are trying to be a lower level selling club?

  24. El Tel

    Sagna is just very worried that He is the next person we will sell. Getting beaten by the left winger way to often isnt good for a full back and He was gettingnbeaten way to often last season.

    He also offered very little up front when bombing on but that could be because Wally was his wing partner.

    I like Sagna and the goal He got against the Spuds was brilliant but e truth is He was ordinary last season. He was part of the team that conceded 49 goals and He was getting beat by opposing wingers far more than normal.

    I know He had his leg broken twice but thats another thing to worry about too.

    Lets hope Bacary Sagna gets fit and plays his best season for the Club this year as then He will be back to his very best, He will be the same Sagna we saw in his first season at the Club and it could bring us some silverware.

    Up the Gunners

  25. @K_Swiss147

    TT and Kripakar, is that how to talk to your boss? I guess you’ll be clearing out your desks tomorrow.
    Of course, I didn’t mean you go around saying shite about your company in public but there’s something called “constructive criticism”, you should practise it sometimes. Sagna didn’t say anything that could have been taken as abusive towards the club. He stated facts in a mildly critical way. I wonder where you work that you get sacked for stating facts. FYI, I work in the I.T sector and we deal with facts and stats so fuck both of you very much!

  26. Goonerman

    Geoff / Elena / Vic – I can’t believe we have dipsticks coming on this BB 1, not realising the context in which Siberia is used in England and 2, rubbishing English food when a bigger issue is Putin jailing 3 protesters!!

  27. El Tel

    Of course only the pigmeister Gammon can criticise players or the Club.

    If you want to criticise the Arsenal you fucking dipstick go elsewhere because I come on this site to read about Arsenal not your fucking spastic Manccuntster Yoonited.

    I am not having a go at Sagna because He has said something I am pointing out that He was not very good last season and the season before that either.

    I am going to enjoy the rest of my day away from this ite and will return to read when the Porkmeisters Mummy tucks the cunt up in bed tonight.

    Up the Gunners.

    If you dont like e Club then fuck off.

  28. Kripakar Marur

    no one said it is not the club’s fault. i would understand if he left this summer as long as it is abroad. however i was disappointed with the timing of the statements. what purpose does it serve now? if he wants to leave, he should do it like clichy. did not sign contract, wanted to win things, left silently. and saying ‘i am disappointed’ is not abuse.

  29. Johnny5


    Your a cock mate. This site is not for akb mugs to slate anyone who has a different view. It’s for all opinions whether right or wrong. Sagna is a consistently good player not a stand out superstar but a solid player. And if anything he has more right to criticise than any of us.

  30. Samir

    Wenger the arseholes quote:
    “I didn’t let Djourou leave as I love him as a player, and he loves the club,” Wenger said of the situation.
    Djourou himself is happy to stay and fight for his place in the side and his versatility will also be a plus point for Wenger as they bid to end their silverware drought this season.

  31. @K_Swiss147

    TT, since when did it become a thing of pride to be “old”? I feel sorry for you! You sad, lonely old man! Sounds very mature when you go on and on with your “kiddies” comments. This is the last time I will dignify your stupid comments with a reply. You either speak football or shut the fuck up! Even Kripakar has enough sense…

  32. craigy

    nice post geoff, gotta luv sagna the guy is all honesty and heart, i luv that. hopefully he stays on which i think he will, he’s without doubt the best rb in the league, would be a big loss

  33. @K_Swiss147

    TT, since when did it become a thing of pride to be “old”? I feel sorry for you! You sad, lonely old man! Sounds very mature when you go on and on with your “kiddies” comments. This is the last time I will dignify your dumb comments with a reply. You either speak football or STFU! Even Kripakar has enough sense…

  34. kwik fit

    Marcus I’m not a fellaini lover. He’s started the season well but he looks cumbersome , doesn’t really have a proper position and for the money he would command I think there is better out there.

  35. Alex James

    Another CB injury and JD will be in the team. My abiding mmory of him is his race across the pitch during the OT shaming and competely missing the ball. Still if Wenger loves him, things will be all right next time! Yes?

  36. Samir

    I’d take Fellaini! We could put him in the Diaby role thus letting Diaby play a more forward role!

    Diaby is better at attacking than defending for sure…


    That’d be a powerful midfield…
    But then again, we have:

    So it’s VERY unlikely…

  37. Kripakar Marur

    he is a top class player. of that there is no doubt. but his best performances at everton have been when he was positioned just behind the striker(cazorla role) where he brutalizes the opposition defence with his power and aerial ability. whether it could work with our current squad is debatable.

  38. shred head surf shop

    I’m getting frustrated with players saying this sort of thing. It’s normally a precursor to them asking for a pay rise or looking for a move. He’s a good player, when he’s not crocked, but I don’t think players should step out of line when it can be damaging to morale. If it continues flog him, he’s 29 and going to be prone to injury anyway. We don’t want the camp unsettled. No one is bigger than the club and we have kept clean sheets without him so far.

  39. craigy

    elena, i think geoff knows where siberia is luv, i found his comment funny as i have the little intelligence needed to understand his sarcasm and humour, fucking hell man ha ha

  40. SundayMonday

    Why are people bitching about djourou? I can’t think of a better 4th choice cb in the league. If he was playing all the time ( and didn’t improve) then by all means complain. But as back up who is prepared to be backup he is pretty good.

  41. naijagunner

    There are alot of reasonable pple on here but the most reasonable person on here is Kripakar.. Y’all should carefully read his comments. Sagna is one of the best write back in the world when he is fit and i definately do not want him to leave. But going to the public to talk up Clichy and Nasri winning trophies and how you think they did the right thing is bad + questioning why they sold Song when we all know Song was after more money is shockingly terrible. Just kripakar said, he should just wait to see out his contract and leave to win trophies instead of attempting to break the good spirit among the current set of team. This team hasn’t conceded in 3 games and just scored 2 against pool where we struggled to win last season despite the fact that Song and RVP were on the pitch. These guuys are buzzing and it’s not the right time to condemn the club publicly. That said, i still love you so much Sagna and wish you see out your carreer @ Arsenal.

  42. @K_Swiss147

    Sorry about my multiple posts on that “TT” fella… I was fucking pissed! Anyways, its the usual story here!
    Naijagunner, its right back, not write back!

  43. useroz

    Arsene, I lover the club too…where are my 60, 70K cheques??

    Oh, but I won’t let you love me the way you love Abou though…

  44. kwik fit

    Agree with Geoff that senting Arshavin to Serbia was one of the better things Wenger has done recently.
    Maybe it will be the kick up the arse that the little lazy fucker needs.

  45. salparadiseNYC

    Van Persie said all that needs to be said regarding current management and club direction.

    Arsenal Lack Ambition.

    Cannot really argue with that, and Sagna has every right to voice his opinion on the matter.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    I think our starting 11 finally has a nice balance to it, if Giroud can start finding the net with some level of consistency then we’ll do well this year….injuries aside.

    Chamberlain I think has virtually cemented that RW starting position now, jimmying it away from the hapless Walcott finally. I wonder how it must feel for Theo having to sit and watch a younger better model grab his starting place knowing full well we’ve yet to see the Ox’s actual level of ability yet at the age of 19. Theo is 23 and I rank Chamberlain as a much more vital part of the squad.

    We could’ve done with a few squad additions, I think everyone knows that but as long as injuries stay away top 4 is easy enough that we should be able to challenge for a domestic trophy

  47. home and away


    Will you start calling Wilshere a cunt when he leaves?Will you call AOC a cunt when he leaves?

    If you leave I promise not to call you a cunt – here’s your hat

  48. @K_Swiss147

    SalParadiseNYC, Johnny5, Gambon, I completely agree with you on that… I guess those morons thought they could gang up on me because I had the nerve to take a different view from their myopic ones… Yeah, I’m talking to you TT and Kripakar or whatever y’all call yourselves! And I can ramble all I want. What the fuck is LG for if you can’t ramble! Fucking dipshits!

  49. bennydevito

    @ Geoff

    “In England we write with wit and sarcasm, go and look that up and you may understand my post better. ”

    Absolutely spot on. At the end of the day we only need to look at the players who have left and what they have said and the players who are left behind and what they say to know there is something seriously wrong with us at the moment and some sort of agenda going on in the background… I really wish I knew what is really going on here, all this speculation and he said she said on the sea shore is really getting on my tits!

  50. Shevo

    What the hell does anyone expect Sagna to say. Of course he’s dissapointed a team mate has left but that doesn’t mean he wants to leave as well.
    If he had refused to comment then maybe we could read something sinister into that but what ever he says will always be take out of context.
    Until he comes out and comment specifically on his own circumstances then I don’t think he will be going anywhere so let’s not make a big deal out of this.

  51. wattsy65

    Only jusr read the weekend aricles, could not disagree more about needing a cental midfielder, the only times we looked vunerable against Liverpool, was when they ran directly at our central midfield , they had acres of space, simply because we did not have anyone tring to pick them off, we got away with it cos the scousers are crap, but the better teams will exploit it better, no doubt in my mind we will suffer severely for not having one, face it all the teams likely to finish above us, play with a DM, must be a reason for that.

  52. Ritesh

    He’s having none of it, he’s saying fight for your place or lose it, at last!

    He made the most of what he had….He had to be patient to get rid of these players.

    Its clear that there was a bit of mutiny inside the club over the past years with some players wanting to sabotage the club….the performance of Cesc towards the end in his last season when we were still in the title race comes to mind.

    I was for the departure of Nasri, Fabregas and RVP.

  53. Ritesh

    Players with whom we were not fair…

    Eboue… he came out on twitter when Chocolegs left.
    Arshavin…. One of the best attacking players around…The Cesc gang got the better of his joy of playing with the blessing of Wenger
    Chamakh…. He was banging them in at start…as soon as Chocolegs came back we threw him out like he was a pile of dirt…not even a gesture towards a loan move…remember his salary is so high cause we were too crap to give him a signing on fee based on mkt rate.

  54. Elena

    @ Goonerman
    ” I can’t believe we have dipsticks coming on this BB 1, not realising the context in which Siberia is used in England and 2, rubbishing English food when a bigger issue is Putin jailing 3 protesters!!”

    Unfortunately I know too well what “sending to Siberia” means to most Russians. That’s why it’s a little hard to find this funny, especially now when Russia seems to make another mad circle of it’s own history. Also I know too well what Arshavin meant when he said that he wants to raise his children in England. And it’s not food or education, believe me.
    But I guess it’s my own problem and I’ d better go and work on my sense of humour, as Geoff suggests, Ha. Ha. Ha.

  55. TT

    And as for constructive criticism, it is given in a face to face meeting with your employer not on the toilet paper pages. If you had a job instead of drawing the dole you fucking waster you would understand this.

  56. Emiratesstroller

    What is beginning to concern me is that the so-called ‘team spirit’ in dressing room at Arsenal, which is often referred to by Wenger seems
    to be a myth.

    Loyalty does not seem to be a high priority on the players agenda. What comes first and second in their list depending on the player are trophies and money just like at most other clubs.

    Arsenal despite our presence in Champions League does not to seem to be alsoa major pull as you see with clubs like Real,Barcelona, AC Milan and Manchester Utd.

    Wenger may be viewed as a ‘father/godfather’ figure but the Board,CEO ,and owner seem to have minimal pulling power or respect.

    Sagna has highlighted a serious problem for club. We seem incapable of hanging onto players once the super rich or successful clubs come calling.

  57. kwik fit

    EmiratesstrollerSeptember 9, 2012 15:12:08
    What is beginning to concern me is that the so-called ‘team spirit’ in dressing room at Arsenal, which is often referred to by Wenger seems
    to be a myth.

    I think that has been a major problem over the past few years. Some players thought they are/were bigger than the club. How many times over the past few years did Arsenal players go missing and concede sloppy goals and give away games. Many of the players strolled onto the pitch thinking they were gods gift and teams rolled them over.
    Somehow I think most if not all of these primadonna’s are gone.
    Consequently the current team seem to have a bit more steel and winning attitude about them. Just wish Wenger would have gone that extra mile and bought in 2/3 players before the close of the transfer window. He’s one stubborn fucker.

  58. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    so what was the story around gervino last season..was he being bullied ? i cant inagine he was the disruptive influnces

  59. gambon

    Guys go easy on El Tel, he cant help it if he has an IQ of 35, his parents are also Brother and Sister and hes an alcoholic cunt.

    Apart from that id imagine the dribbling wreck is a nice guy.

  60. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    geoff,,, im guessing that you are an ex saatchi man… probably worked on the labour is’nt working campaign,…. you post came across with a slight lean to the right….

  61. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    hang on wenger was bleating on about the belief and mental strength last season…. is that how he see’s bully’s?

  62. Doublegooner

    FFS, bring on next saturday.

    I can’t believe some of the bollox you lot are rambling on about.

    Most of you are worse than my ex misses & trust me, She was Cunto Numero Uno.

    BTW: I’m holidaying near Barcelona. Any of you want me to bring Cesc back next friday !

  63. Carl

    Please Arsenal fans help Polish Gunners .
    Thanks yourselves we can win poll .
    Poll end tomorrow about 9am .
    Greetings from Poland !

  64. Geoff

    RSPCA not a Saatchi man no, I ran my own agency but I do favour the right, the left only exist because the right pay for them.

    In fact the left only ever get in because the people that vote for them think hard working people that earn good money should pay for them to have a good time whilst they sit mostly on the fat lazy arses.

    But the people that are on the left earn just as much as the people on the right (Tony and Cherie Blair) they just take the piss out of the working class man.

    You couldn’t get more working class than me because I work hard, so why the fuck should I give it away to people that don’t?

    I know you didn’t ask for all that but it may explain the leaning I have!

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    i fully understand… i HATE the blairs and all what they did for this country,,, particular Cherie.. no where in their history will you find that they are working class, they are a breed of maggies yuppies from the 80’s…. i have been in the agency/post production for around 30 odd years now…

    i think John smith would havbe been a better leader… blair got a lucky break at someone else expense….

    strange i remember arsenal advertising in the evening standard saying get a ticket i the evening standard tickets for a fiver……full page ad…

    was you print or tv?

  66. Geoff

    Mostly print and radio, but you only have to watch the news today to see that scumbags legacy in Iraq.

    I hope history shows the Blairs for the cuntish family they really were, Miliband’s another wanker, him and Balls and don’t even get me on Brown, that fat blind prick sold all our gold and fucked everyone’s pensions up!

  67. Doublegooner


    Even this far away I managed to hear Djourou piss himself when our deluded manager came out with that load of nonsense.

    As I’m sitting in my luxury hotel like you ‘leaning to the right’, I’m sticking my finger up to all those liberal lefties & and an even bigger one to that lazy over rated, over paid very lucky Alex Song.

    They may play lovely football, but doesnt make them a clever football club. Like Spain, lovely country but skint.

  68. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    pensions will be the bigger issue in the next election, they have moved and fucked people about … it will go boom soon.

    as for state pensions tony spunked that up some eurpoean wall…

    on a football note its good to see the mini crisis going one at spurs, it transpires that avb did not want lloris and he was brought by levy…. who ironically left the levy dry for the money avb wanted to spend on mouritino….

  69. Elena

    “Elena, chill out or don’t read this blog!”

    I will, I will Geoff. However your slur about Arshavin, Siberia and Putin (some call him Pukin btw) was way out of line in context… chew on that, Empress.

  70. Alex waseSada SA

    hey Geoff can you not tell people to stop visiting your blog when they disagree with you, you remind me of my rich neighbour whose ass I always kicked whenever we played tv game soccer and he would say his tv game is tired, I must get the fuck out of his house, he’ll never play with me again because I pushed his players away from the ball and that i cheated everytime i scored a goal blah blah blah (english is my third language do not point out my grammatical/spelling mistakes)

  71. JJ

    Geoff – are you going to the Southampton game? I have been trying to get tickets from Pedro but he is not responding. If you are going where do you booze per-game? I live in LA at the moment and haven’t seen a game live in a couple of years. Would be great to meet in person given that I am a daily reader of yours (and Pedro’s) blog.


  72. Ice


    Ask Gaybon for tickets and you’ll see that that blighter ain’t been near a game for decades if ever!

    Avator troll

    BTW Jack will be on the bench is 2 weeks time

  73. Gunner2301

    Geoff great post.

    I agreed with you today lol.

    A lot of commenters are slagging of Sagna as if he’s betrayed us or something. I’m sorry but how many fucking times does a
    Player have to question our ambition before we take a good look at ourselves as a club?

    He wasnt talking about Song specifically but the fact that he was one of our better performers and he’s being sold.

    Think about it people do you really think Arsene is out there selling the bank balance trophy or the 4th place trophy? Is he hell and for any player with ambition I would be very worried if they weren’t asking questions about the club direction if they have failed to deliver.

    Remember project youth was a 5 year day dream then we didn’t know what we were doing and now it seems that we are going with experience even though Arsene is saying project youth is alive. So is it surprising that a player is confused?

    We say things in public that are contradictory and Arsenes blatant lies can’t help matters.

    In short Sagna was probably spun a yarn and unless he’s a fool or Djourou I would expect him to say something. He has kept quiet since he’s been here and seeing what he’s seen in his time players being sold year after year he knows that’s not going to win the club any trophies. Shit didn’t Wenger himself say theist important thing is to keep the players together. So how the fuck do you square what is happening with what the lying bastard is saying? Sagna was right to speak out to criticise him means you have bought into Wengers bullshit and can’t see the club for what it is, which is all that these players have been saying. This shit isn’t happening at other top clubs so ask yourself why is it happening year after year with no sign of abatement at Arsenal.

  74. Royal Bludger

    Does anyone else see the equivalences between PHW and Geoff (“if you don’t like it here, fuck off”), Gazidis and Pedro (“Everything is great”, “I can explain everything”), and Wenger and Gambon (“I know everything”, “I am always right”, “I am Jesus”, “I am responsible for the summer transfers”)?

  75. Carl

    Please Arsenal fans help Polish Gunners .
    Thanks yourselves we can win poll .
    Poll end tomorrow about 9am .
    Greetings from Poland !

  76. Lordbergkamp

    Ice – weren’t you he dude who had a pr mate in Germany who said we were gonna sign mario Gomez? And 2 other german players before deadline day?

    Nailed on I think you said?

  77. zeus

    I see everyone is bitching again. Can’t even be arsed to read through the comments or the post to find out why.

    How do you ppl function in the real world?

  78. Adam Bucci

    you know, there is nothing we fans can do right now regarding the squad we have. so why don’t we stop our ‘we could haves’ and ‘m’vila would be perfect’ and just do what fans are supposed to do. support the team through thick and thin and let that support rub off on the players.

  79. ozrus

    gambon says: “Guys go easy on El Tel, he cant help it if he has an IQ of 35, his parents are also Brother and Sister and hes an alcoholic cunt.”

    what a pathetic little prick this gambon is. Geoff, surely the insults the fat fuck throws at Arsenal fans aren’t “humourous” or even “sarcastic”. They are just vile schoolyard bully insults, no? May I kindly suggest you ban the pig. If only temporarily. It will bring the blog back to what it’s meant to be, a friendly place to discuss all things Arsenal.

  80. Bade

    Good morning chaps

    I know even Geoff reckons now Arsene’s penny has finally dropped regarding the attitude & quality of some of our players, but I have to ask, has it really dropped?

    So after throwing players with less than 100% & trying to offload the “regular” dross, Arsene surprised us all with comments regarding Bendtner & Djourou

    Apparently, Arsene thinks booth still have “future” at Arsenal. Really Arsene? Are you serious?

    Bendtner? The lazy player that can’t control a ball properly, the player that thinks he’s the best in the world when he’s actually an average striker with good opening physical virtues but horrible attitude that makes all the positives things do straight down the toilet? The player that stated over any opened Mic he’s not going to play again for us? Are you mental Arsene? How’s that goes along with “new attitude” of 100% commitment from players? Now I know he’s better than Chamakh & Park, but it’s hardly a comfort. Fuck me, even I with my nice growing belly will do better than them both, even though I didn’t kick a ball for the last 15 years or so.

    Djourou? Do I need to introduce him for you people? DJOUROU??!! The player that started as DM, was shite, was converted to a worse CB & you’d be surprised to find out he was even worse a RB. The only positive thing I can remember of him, is those interviews he’s filling the website with. He’s a good promoter maybe. But as a football player he’s utter shite. Oh and he has always those stupid haircuts. Blimey, he’s a TALLER SONG, WITHOUT THE ASSISTS but with all the rubbish we’ve seen Song doing. Stupid tackles, bad positioning, slowness.

  81. ikon

    I think what Wenger meant about Djourou is that there aren’t much better 4th choice CBs in the market right now, which I kind of agree with.

    We need a goal scorer upfront i think… iff Diaby remains fit, else we might be short in defnsive midfield role as well.

    Hope Frimpong comes as good as his potential.

  82. Kripakar M. Marur


    I think Wenger said that just to provide him some support. His ‘greatest striker on earth’ has well and truly been busted by the Italian media. He had been lambasted there. Wenger was just being nice. I don’t think he will play for us next season.

    As for Djorou, I am not his biggest fan. But 4th choice centre back is a difficult position to fill. I mean which half decent player will want to be one? The best we can hope for is some precocious youngster like Phil Jones.

  83. Bjonan

    “hey Geoff can you not tell people to stop visiting your blog when they disagree with you, you remind me of my rich neighbour whose ass I always kicked whenever we played tv game soccer and he would say his tv game is tired, I must get the fuck out of his house, he’ll never play with me again because I pushed his players away from the ball and that i cheated everytime i scored a goal blah blah blah”

    Alex waseSada SA
    If someone comes to the blog and starts blabbing Sheit*,hell then y not..
    maybe while you where kicking your neighbour’s **s you where blabbing sheit* so he kicked you out.

  84. Bjonan

    Adam Bucci
    you know, there is nothing we fans can do right now regarding the squad we have. so why don’t we stop our ‘we could haves’ and ‘m’vila would be perfect’ and just do what fans are supposed to do. support the team through thick and thin and let that support rub off on the players.

    Spot on mate..

  85. bazza

    @ Geoff
    I suggest you stick to the football. Your political views have all the sophistication of a diarrhetic monkey’s turd.