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The party was good...

Good morning Grove fans! Firstly, a big thanks to all the people who dropped birthday messages yesterday, you’re all so very kind. Not generous though. Where was my iPad? Where was the token gesture of a Kindle… you know, the one that I’d have rejected with a patronising laugh.

‘I don’t care if it holds a thousand books, it’s not even colour!’

Anyway, just to add on from what Geoff said, it’s been an absolute pleasure writing for you for 5 years. We’re both fast approaching a thousand posts each. We wouldn’t be anywhere near that milestone if it weren’t for you guys dropping in everyday calling us c*nts.

Thanks for that.

Right, onto news of a more unhappy nature. First up, Bacary Sagna has been complaining in the press. Every season he predicts our players will stay, every season he’s wrong. Seems like Bac isn’t exactly down with the gossip. Anyway, he had this to say…

“Everyone was expecting Robin van Persie to leave, but Alex Song, that was a surprise. I don’t understand that at all. It is a big loss for the club.

“When you see two of the best players from last season leave, you ask a lot of questions. I understand why the supporters are nervous.”

Well, we can’t disagree with that. However, I don’t think too many people are losing sleep over Alex Song leaving. Think back people, when was the last time you remember Alex Song having a game like Diaby? I can’t remember a single man of the match performance from him. He was a good player for us, but he wasn’t irreplaceable and I struggle to believe Sagna wasn’t aware of his attitude.

What is worrying is that he’s feeling like this. That’s not good for his play and it’s not good for the squad. The totally sad thing about all of this is that many Arsenal fans will be saying, ‘who cares, he’s 29’, when in actual fact they should be taking his point on as an extremely valid one. Arsenal don’t replace their players. Sorry. Arsenal always ensure their squad is at least 2-3 players short. That’s why players leave every year.

Everyone in the world has been singing the praises of Steve Bould. I mean, seriously, is there anyone in the squad who hasn’t weighed in with a few quotes? Steve must be over the moon. Enjoy the honeymoon period I say, because we’ll all be slamming you as soon as you conceded a goal. Yeah, I said YOU concede a goal. Anyway, Wenger finally came out and gave him a semi back slap…

‘We have played two teams who didn’t really attack, but he is doing a good job. We continue our training regime. He has taken over from Pat Rice for the defensive job where he is doing very well.

Will we finish with the best defence in the league? I hope so!’

Nice one Arsene.

‘Yeah, my girlfriend is good looking, in a bar full of mingers.’

… is kind of how I see that quote. It’s motivational though and true to an extent. However, it’s important to remember that most of our problems come from conceding goals against very poor teams who can’t attack. We need to become 1-0 to the Arsenal of old. It’s tough scoring 3 past Stoke, but it’s not tough scoring 1. If you can be sure you won’t concede, you’ll pick up far more points. I know, I know… a Match of the Day comment right there.

There’s been talk about the Premier League introducing controls on the finances of the club. Things like limiting wage increase to 10% over three years has been mooted. It’s great that the clubs are talking like this, there is nothing more grotesque than a City or a Chelsea coming in and dominating inside a few  years. However, Arsenal trying to swing the rules to favour their foresight also seems a bit desperate. The league aren’t going to just support our business model. You always have to allow businesses to take a punt. If we bring in these new rules, are you not relegating every club to a position by size? Do they not just hand the baton of being the wealthiest to Arsenal and United? I think it’ll be really tough to bring in rules that are fair. However, it does feel like something is going to happen over the next year or so.

Finally, before I go, a Grover on Twitter sent me a link to his site yesterday and I thought I had to post it up. Some seriously nice Arsenal merchandise for those of you to take a look at! Not sure if you can buy it, but you can message him and insist (follow him on Twitter @Fredisdead).

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  1. Kripakar Marur

    bale-hazard comparison is not as outlandish as sagna-jenks.
    bale – epl player of year season before last, performed well in cl.
    hazard – 2 time french player of year. 3 excellent performances for chelsea.
    it is not like he compared him to iniesta or someone. plus they are teammates(ramsey and bale).

  2. Santi Claus

    John Barnes put Talkshite in its place this morning. Asking about Sagna comment Barnes cut the the fat ponce presenter off, classic. Just inplied its old news and they should concentrate on an other team now lol

  3. Chigooner


    I tend to agree with you. 2 years down the road when his contract is up I think that will definitely be the case.

    Dont get me wrong I would definitely like the club to sign him up again. And he deserves a new deal. Classy player in a time of classlessness. But it will not be a calamity if sagna leaves at the end of his deal. And even though the media will turn it into another rvp, nasri, etc. type situation that’s not at all the case.

    What the club should do but won’t b/c they are cunts, is sign up sagna and go out and buy sagna’s replacement at the same time.

  4. Bade


    I would definitely keep him, he will be still good enough for another couple of seasons, providing he stays fit, but we need to start thinking already about a replacement

    I’m not sure Jenko is the answer, but he may be so in a couple of seasons

  5. Dan Ahern

    Lol @ Wenger’s Steve Bould remarks. “Yeah he’s not really doing anything. But he’s doing a good job!”

    So dickish, haha. He does have a point though. Bould hasn’t actually been tested yet. Even so, just say “Yeah he’s doing terrific” and move on.

  6. Chigooner


    I agree it seems needlessly dickish. Why though? Just Wenger’s ego getting the best of him? Or is it some kind of defence of pat rice? I think he mentioned pat in comment as well.

  7. Dan Ahern

    “The most important people behind Arsenals new found defensive discipline are Gambon & Steve Bould.”

    The latter, yes. The former, I have my doubts, as he’s been quite busy working on upcoming features like “Quartet” and “Crossmaglen”.

  8. Bade


    Your name appears as gambon, but you refer to yourself as Gambon

    Hahaha, nice one

    And of course you’re responsible for our defensive solidity, but remember who’s responsible then when we concede goals

    It’s going to be you again

    Are you ready for that? Hmmmm

  9. Dan Ahern

    Chi – Yeah, perhaps a combination of all of those. I don’t know the context of the remarks, but Wenger does tend to temper those kinds of views and remind us that it’s not just down to a single factor. As important as Bould is, AW’s never going to go, “Oh yeah, the only reason we’re keeping clean sheets is this man right here.” He’s right to view it as a complex issue; just, the way he phrases things makes him sound like a bit of an ass.

  10. Bade


    Agree for an extent we haven’t been tested hardly yet, but bearing in mind we played Scousers at their own ground & they tried to bully us while we’re playing with only 2 of our regular back 5 (Or 1, if you count Santos before Gibbs), I think it’s fair to say he’s doing a great job

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the whole team is defending better

    It’s like the midfielders & wingers now know better what’s their exact position when we’re under siege, so there’s a 1st line of defence before the defenders, something we sorely missed in the last couple of seasons, where teams threatened our back 5 after composing only 2 passes. We almost didn’t have a defending midfield

  11. Kripakar Marur

    i think he said those comments to ensure he doesn’t disrespect pat rice. it is all well and good posting on le grove comments section that bould is the best thing that happened to arsenal defence(not disputing it). but he does also have to show respect to pat rice who has been a loyal servant to arsenal.

    don’t agree mate. his injuries were 2 leg breaks which are just unfortunate. he is not injury prone like diaby, rosicky etc. and his goal against spuds inspired our comeback last season. if the leg breaks haven’t done lasting damage, he easily has 2-3 top class seasons left in him. maybe then we can evaluate whether jenks is good enough or buy someone else.

  12. Dan Ahern

    Bade – Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I think the defense looks vastly improved. I think Bould’s done great work getting the back line and the team as a whole to organise properly. He’s doubtless critical to this season being any sort of success. But the fact remains that we played two bus-parkers and one team in transition. (Our opponents now have a combined 6 points from 9 games.)

  13. Bade


    Don’t you think twice a broken leg in the same place says something about fragility?

    It’s about bad luck maybe, but now he won’t be as tough as he was, or as convenient on tackles as he was before.

    It surely affect you, physically & mentally

  14. Kripakar Marur

    but one thing noticeable already is that the wingers are taking responsibility and tracking back. poldi was everywhere on the left side against pool. whether it was because of bould’s presence on the bench or walcott’s absence in the playing 1 1 is debatable.

  15. Kripakar Marur

    if you watch the video of the 2nd injury against against norwich, the player literally stamps on his ankle. my point is it could easily have been his left ankle or some other player. i don’t think the first leg break was responsible for it.
    and yes it may have leave some physical/mental scars. but it is too soon to write him off now.

  16. Bade


    Don’t remember the same “in transition” team scored twice against $ity just a week before they played us, and $ity had the best defence in the league last season

    I’m still not banking on us going a season without conceding or being the best defence in the league. I think we’re still far from there, but judging by those games, I think we’ll see a vast improvement in the conceded goals column this season, which will be amazing considering we didn’t add a single player in the defensive department. Moreover, we’ve “lost” our main defensive midfielder last season. So arguably we should have been weaker this season. But of course we’re much stronger defensively

  17. Samir

    Sagna – best RB in the prem. Some of you are mad to say “he’s getting old = only getting worse”

    He’s coming into his prime! We need experienced defenders if we’re going to win anything!
    Letting Sagna go will be absolutely stupid. Just like letting RVP go was!!

  18. Kripakar Marur

    agree that we will definitely be better defensively this season. but i think the reason city didn’t perform well was because they were confused by the 3-5-2 mancini went with that day. but song = GOOD RIDDANCE.

  19. Bade


    I hear you, but the fact remains the same. He got double injury in the same place. That will restrict him as a player.

    Can’t see a 29 years old player regaining full form after such a double blow

    But hey, let’s hope I’m wrong here. I will be delighted of course

  20. Bade


    Let’s get real. Sagna wasn’t the best RB in the EPL last season. was he?

    It doesn’t mean he’s shite. Why are we that radical? He can still give us 2, maybe 3 seasons if he keeps his fitness. But don’t think he’s going to be better than he was.

    His peak is behind him already. Nothing wrong with that I’d say

  21. SUGA3


    the second injury was only caused by him being rushed back into action with the metal plate still affixed to his bone, they say it is what caused the damage…

  22. Kripakar Marur


    but i hope you don’t think jenks is the answer like some nutters over here. that boy has got heart. but he is a bundle of nerves and passes waywardly. if we are replacing sagna, it should be someone like joao pereira, debuchy, liechsteiner etc. i am still dreading him coming up against hazard in a couple of weeks.

  23. Bade


    Losing Song was a bless

    I’d love it if we had another midfielder to close the gap until Jack is fully fit, but now we have to rely on what we got, which is very few in my opinion

    We’re banking on too many speculative elements in midfield

    1. we’re gambling on Diaby’s fitness
    2. we’re gambling on Jack’s fitness & coming back soon enough
    3. we’re gambling on Arteta’s fitness
    4. we’re gambling on Le Coq’s filling the void & stepping his game up

    I wanted to say we’re gambling on Cazorla’s fitness too, but when we have OXO & Rosa & Arshavin who can all play there if, god forbid, he’s injured or if (& when) we need to rest him, I think somehow we’re covered nicely there

  24. Bade


    Jenko isn’t the answer for me. Not right now at least. He should have been loaned out to learn his trade elsewhere while we have a better RB cover.

    Jenko is a player we should assess in two years, not now. He’s still too raw to tell.

    One thing I love about him though, he’s a wholehearted Gooner. I love it when we have players that play for us for more than only money. If he turns good enough, he’ll be one of those

  25. Kripakar Marur


    especially arteta. that is why i feel missing out on nuri sahin could come back to haunt us. last year without arteta’s guile and calm in midfield, we were playing like a sunday league team.
    as to song not being replaced, i think we should give coquelin a chance. he has not let us down till now (barring 8-2 which i have blotted out from my memory) and he is constantly moaning about not getting chances.
    cazorla has a decent fitness record and is a very consistent performer. but is still want rosicky 2.0 (post spud demolition version) back. this should be our first choice midfield:
    arteta diaby/jack
    santi/rosa santi/rosa poldi

  26. Kripakar Marur


    actually i have had a fracture before and they kept the metal plate on for about a year. they don’t take it out immediately even if the bone is completely healed. dunno how it works for pro sportsmen. so am not sure we can blame arsenal medical team.

  27. Bade


    I agree Scousers look poor right now, but winning at their ground without conceding isn’t something many team, are going to do this season

    So they’re poor, yes. But a clean sheet out there isn’t something as easy as the past two clean sheets against Sunderland & Stoke

  28. SUGA3


    taking our medical team’s performance over the years and our record of rushing players back into action due to lack of sufficient squad depth, well…

  29. Bade

    Yep Kripakar

    Cazorla’s fitness record is good. I was only checking our “back-up” plans. Also keep in mind he played in Spain which is a much softer league than the EPL. Looks how many broken legs you get in the EPL comparing to other leagues. It’s frightening

    Let’s hope he keeps his record clean though.

    We should have at least 1 top player & 1 adequate cover for each position. This what I was trying to look at….

  30. SUGA3

    the first time around he was out for mere three months, now it’s expected to be around five…

    playing with a foreign body affixed to his bone must have had some impact, especially with the ‘workload’ assigned to a marauding full back in a team with bugger all width otherwise…

  31. Kripakar Marur

    you have a point there. more than injury, i think fatigue might be a problem for santi. the performance levels of both mata and silva dropped considerably post christmas last season. especially silva. it maybe because of harsher weather in england and lack of a winter break.

  32. Bade


    I, somehow, tend to agree with your views regarding Sagna & our medical staff

    Facts wise, we had almost one player for a season, when the initial assessment was MUCH less than that.

    Diaby, Robin, Rosa & Vermaelen, Jack, all spring to mind…..

  33. Bade


    Indeed. Very few players, if any, can keep their form & fitness running for a season long of tough odd 60 games, with the international games to add on top of that

    If you want to avoid fatigue & mental block, you need to rest the players & freshen them up

    That’s exactly why you need to fully functioning squad. Something we lack I’d say

  34. Bade

    By the way Pedro

    I had my mates over for a Poker night

    The daily pick looks as though it was taken from my garden

    Except I have no grass there. All dehydrated. Lazy me

  35. Kripakar Marur

    that is why i feel antonio valencia is one of the most underrated player in football right now. that guy is ever present, never stops running and plays rb, rm and rw well. and contributes loads of assists.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Right now you feel like all we’re missing is a great quality full back and a world class striker.

    Can you imagine if we had Ageuro up top….with our range if passing and his movement and finesse finishing, he’d score an abundance of goals

  37. Samir

    Cesc. Simple. He’s alot younger. RVP didn’t do much at Cesc’s age…

    Cesc has also done a better job for his country.

    Cesc is also less of a cunt than RVP 😉

  38. kwik fit

    Geoff/Pedro are so professional. The guys were absolutely air-locked last night and still they can post a blog when they were obviously hanging. You guys 😉

  39. Samir

    ‘I was shaking because I was so scared of getting injured’ – Diaby reveals fitness fears

    Diaby told Le Parisien: “Last season, before the Fulham game, I was shaking on the bench because I was scared of getting injured again. It was incredible.

    “All I wanted was to play again. I am born with a strong temper. I never give up. Maybe some people would have given up in my position, but it was out of the question for me.

    “I had some very difficult moments, some days when I was depressed when it was tough, but even then, I always kept faith. I always told myself that some people were in a worse position than me.”

    Following an impressive start to his return to action, the Paris-born midfielder has expressed his hope that he can continue to flourish.

    “It is such an important season for me that I am working harder than ever to succeed,” he added. “I want to prove to myself that I can go higher.

    “I am getting to an age and to a time in my career where I need to show what I can do on the pitch in the long term.”

  40. SUGA3

    read two last paragraphs as:

    ‘I need to stay fit and play in order to get my dream move to Barcelona or Real Madrid where I am sure to win Ballon d’Or’

    ‘Failing that, I will just get another 118 season long contract with Arsenal and will piss the rest of my career away in the treatment room’

    sorry, could not resist 😆

    internationals, what a load of poo, thank fuck I am going on holiday!

  41. sam

    It looks like the sell Diaby brigade are now changing their tune.
    now its just suspecion and paranoia, should he stay or should he go.
    only if we can recall what some of the haters and doomers said about diaby 2 weeks ago.

    buncha sad losers!

  42. sam

    wenger said diaby is better than m’vila and honestly i believe him.
    I also believe coquelin is a better midfielder than m’vila. plus playing for arsenal gives him the advantage to take his place in the french team soon.
    french fa trusts arsene wenger.

  43. Gunner2301

    I think it’s early days for Diaby. If have criticised his absence a lot and we still don’t know even when he leaves whether we would have had a good return based on his wages versus his absence. Good luck to him anyway I’d like to see him do well. It will however mean that as soon as he shows promise Wenger will sell him.

  44. Doublegooner


    It looks like the ‘Diaby is the new Vieira’ brigade are getting carried away.

    Fuck me, another half decent game & they’ll all be backing Wenger when he extends his 24 year contract !

  45. Dan Ahern

    “kwik fitSeptember 7, 2012 21:32:50
    Why do Spain play Cazorla in meaningless friendlies and leave out the Barca players.”

    Uh. Valdes and Busquets and Pedro and Pique and Fabregas are all playing right now. They’d be hard-pressed to find any more Barca players to throw on the field!!

  46. Dan Ahern

    kwik – Sorry, but you made one daft statement and then attempted to cover it with another! You’ll also be interested to know that Xavi and Sergio Ramos are on now. Just one player left that you have in mind.

  47. Gunner2301


    Doesn’t say much for his fighting spirit. Who’s he got in front of him? Richards, Walker, Johnson? If he’s aiming to be our starting RB he’d do better competing for a place and not resting on his laurels.

  48. eboue

    he is already punching way above his weight playing for us oh wait i forgot he is an arsenal fan so it is allright for him to play for the arsenal, think i’ll get in touch with them and tell them i am an arsenal fan and give me a contract,

  49. Dan Ahern

    kwik fit – Not to worry, he’s just been subbed off. … Iniesta on.

    Any other Barca players you want to say are protected? (Villa’s already on the field.) 🙂

  50. eboue

    i lost count of how many times that clown jenkinson passed the ball to liverpool players on sunday! made me nearly end up smashing my tv.

  51. Keyser

    Denilson, Bendtner, Squillaci whoever else and their wages probably deserve the criticism, Diaby basically got completely fucked over while playing for us, it’s basically like all the love Van Persie’s getting now he’s gone from the people who thought he should’ve been sold because he was a crock.

  52. Harry Redknapp

    i reckon diaby was never unfit, he just wanted a bonus by acting shit so song would cost a lil more to a buying club haha

  53. Keyser

    eboue – Thing is mate I’m better than you at football, if you’re going to put in a word, so am I.

    Jenkinson done alright against Sterling.

  54. eboue

    still cant believe arsene never tried to buy maicon i heard he went for only 3 million thats incredible but noooo having 2 quality rb’s would kill jenkinson!!!!!

  55. Keyser

    Diaby’s done well usually when he’s played, gets caught out because their aren’t really that many players of his size asked to work intricate moves for top teams because of their skill, but with Cazorla and Arteta he seems to be fitting in nicely.

  56. eboue

    and i dont understand why some people think jenkinson should go on loan to progress, FACT is he will never be good enough for arsenal

  57. Dan Ahern

    kwik – Hah, nothing personal. I just hear it a lot and I get annoyed sometimes.
    Let’s rejoice that Cazorla managed a goal, assist, and got off the pitch safely!

    …And so did Diaby!

  58. Harry Redknapp

    i dont see how jenkinson is getting so much criticism, i think he was a bargain for what we have got out of him this season, maybe he is not a long term answer but he is not exactly gettin worse

  59. Doublegooner


    I don’t know why you & many others are kicking the shit out of Jenkinson.

    Firstly he wears the shirt with pride,

    He doesn’t claim to be billy big bollocks like your over rated big useless lazy namesake.

    Stop picking on players for the sake of it.

  60. eboue

    doublegooner i would not be picking on him if he could actually pass a ball or get this… actually contribute to a football match, such a waste of space and please dont give me that hes a gooner rubbish so what if he is, what matters is he is good enough to play for the club thats what wins us 3 points every weekend.

  61. Harry Redknapp

    i dont see the 2nd choice rightback as a big problem when we have the likes of theo chamakh djourou flappy arshavin on the payroll. at least we know what we will get from him when he plays. and he would be ashamed if he put as little effort into it as a couple of those

  62. BacaryisGod

    So a quick summary then:

    Vermaelen: 90 mins for Belgium vs Wales
    Ramsey: 90 minutes for Wales vs Belgium
    Koscielny: 90 minutes for France vs Finland
    Diaby: 90 minutes for France vs Finland (goal)
    Giroud (sub): Unused sub for France vs Finland
    Mertesacker: 90 minutes for Germany vs Faroe
    Podolski (sub): 15 minutes for Germany vs Faroe
    Djourou: 90 minutes for Switzerland vs Slovenia
    Fabianski (sub) : Unused for Poland vs Montenegro
    Oxlade-Chamberlain: 58 mins for England vs Moldova
    Walcott (sub): 32 minutes for England vs Moldova
    Cazorla: 60 minutes for Spain vs Saudi Arabia

    One interesting note-Arsenal defenders didn’t concede a goal tonight (Vermaelen, Djourou, Koscielny, Mertesacker) were all part of clean sheets tonight.

  63. marcus

    Who played GK for poland yesterday?

    Embarrassing if Flappy-handski can’t even land the starting pos when szchzhczhchzhchz-ney is injured…

    get him of our books!!

  64. reality check



    L fucking O L!!!

    Reminds of richard pryor stand up when he’s taking the piss out of a chinese man with a stutter

  65. nigel tufnel

    zabaleta is so under rated, he was supposed to be the defensive choice as backup for city, but he has been so good, he is a gritty fighter, seems to be everywhere, and he has forced his way into getting alot of starts now, because mancini sees the work hes doing, hes even venturing forward now.. ——— watch him, he plays his position the way koscielny plays cb for us…nasty,scrappy, doesnt take any crap. and when people watch him enough, they start to appreciate all he does.. just like our laurent.. —