5 years old today! Also co-incidentally, it’s the mental age of some of Talk Sports finest!

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So today Grovers we are 5 years old, big landmark for a blog, we are sometimes seen as anti Arsene, but let’s not forget this blog was named Le-Grove as a tribute to the French influence and the first post I wrote was congratulating our manager signing an extension to his contract.

So this blog was actually very pro-Wenger. Unfortunately it was also started at the beginning of what I see as a rebuilding exercise, that rebuilding exercise is tediously still going on and that is why I get so fed up with the management, and why sometimes we are seen as anti-Wenger.

For instance the day before yesterday PHW reminded us that our manager went to Strasbourg Uni and is no fool, well we know he’s no fool as he earns £7mil a year, but to continually remind us of Leeds, Pompey and now Glasgow Rangers is treating us like fools.

Thing is in football, teams get prize money and sponsorship money, they use this to build their teams, turnover at the ground takes care of the rest, so teams have a duty to use that money wisely.

If you have a transfer budget to spend on players and don’t use it, that does nothing to improve financial fair play, that only makes the balance sheet look better, it weakens rather than strengthens the team and for me that’s not clever, that’s pretty stupid.

If PHW wants to brag about Arsene’s degree in economics, he should explain why we have players like Denilson, Bendtner, Park, Chamakh, Squillaci and Arshavin all still on the books because no one can afford to buy them. Why? Because we pay them way too much.

Moving on, we were superb against Liverpool and Diaby had a blinder, we have always said  on here that Diaby was a talented player, me I have always seen him as another Vieira, not a YaYa, but our concern has been his injury record and does 6 years of big wages warrant a handful of top performances, I think not, but if he has finally come out of the woods and we can see a season’s worth of games for him then I will be delighted.

That all said, our starting 11 is a match for anyone this season, that has never been an issue, Cazorla (not Carzola Jamie Redknapp) is a cracking player, him with Arteta, Diaby and soon to be Jack Wilshere will be a thing of beauty.

Podolski with Gervinho as back up will be incisive and I really believe that Giroud will be a big player for us, he looks the part and once he bangs them in, he won’t stop, Ok I know a lot won’t agree, but this guy ticks all the boxes for me.

So what was I moaning about? Well the same as I have been for the last 7 years, another 2 or 3 quality players and we would beat anyone, we didn’t need a £50million player as PHW mentions, we just needed a couple of decent additions, we had the money but chose not to spend it, and that for me is not smart.

Ask Cazorla, Robin or Cesc, I think you’ll find they all agree with me.

Onto my cover story about the muppets on Talk Shite. I’m listening to a programme yesterday afternoon and a fat half witted scouser pronounces Giroud- Gir rude, plank. Great start.

Then him and his sidekick started rubbishing Arsenal and our players and saying we had no chance of getting Cesc back. Even though apparently we have a first option buy back clause.

I find it amazing that anyone who used to be in sports gets themselves a job on that radio station no matter what they’ve done in life, they have misogynists, doggers, women beaters, has been cricketers and overweight second rate footballers, they are all just self opinionated puffed up tossers.

Some of them think you can only have an opinion on football if you were yourself a professional player, they have no idea that many of us would have killed to have been footballers but didn’t get the breaks they did.

Then they earn more money than their intelligence would ever merit in the real world and when they finish their careers and they get jobs in the media, none of them have ever really worked for a living.

Training a couple of days then playing at the weekend isn’t work, I used to train twice a week once for my football club and once for my boxing club, and when we had a match we paid subs, the rest of the week I worked. Not playing golf on charity days, that’s not work.

Name me an EPL manager that ever had to work again after he’d been sacked? I also wonder how many ex footballers have ever paid to watch a game in their lives?

None of them are really in the real world, none of them.

And why is it that they always refer to themselves as big this or big that and not fat this or fat that? Which is what most of them are.

In the old days players finished their careers and got boozers, like Frank did, or became mini-cab drivers like Peter Storey, or even suit case thieves like David Hillier.

Not the new breed though, that fat dipstick scouser gets a mike in his hand, blows smoke up Liverpool or Newcastle’s rear end and spends his day slagging off all things Arsenal.

Then they said yesterday that Harry Redknapp said Theo would make a good centre forward, I have been saying that for years twits and they also said that Chamberlain was crap against Liverpool and he was getting too big for his boots.

Whilst I agree that giving Alex a massive new shiny contract is as pointless as was giving Cesc an 8 year one, I think we ought to wait until the end of this season before we start to throw money at him.

Finally to those know-it-alls on Talk Shite, the only reason we wouldn’t get Cesc back is Arsene Wenger. I would love him back, it would send out a message, I also think that Barca would let him go as they are potless. He would never go to another EPL team.

If you want to comment on the reasons you hate Arsenal so much, engage online and see how your opinion holds out, don’t sit at your desks like a couple of Microphone heroes, man up or shut up.

Anyway today is all about you bloggers, we are one of the biggest blogs in blogland but wouldn’t be without you . Le Grove is one of the best places to talk Arsenal and regardless of your opinion, there’s always a place in our comments to air it.

Keep it up because we are going nowhere, we will continue to give you inside info as and when we get it , continue to write posts when there is no news and no doubt continue to say what we believe in that isn’t always mainstream.

From Pedro you get the balanced view and from me you get the sledgehammer! Thanks for reading!

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Have a great day Grovers, we really appreciate your company!

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  1. Trikky

    CONGRATS Le-grove! 5 years is a massive achievement. Even though we sometimes disagree on our views, I dream of waking up to read the next post. I have enjoyed this site and “arseblog” too. Finding out about it was a solace for a true gunner in this hard and trophyless times. I particularly appreciate the fact that we could all meet somewhere and discuss true and hard talk that’s different from the views on our sometimes club-politicized website. Keep the fire burning, more grease mate. #AFC forever

  2. sabeel

    Haha…lovely great post..typical geoff post…

    The two best things that happened this summer are
    – Steve bould as assistant
    – Song finally sold..lol

  3. Simon Gaunt

    Happy Birthday – And don’t categorize my five year with Durham and Co as he actually has a much larger mental capacity than those muppets!
    Looking forward to the next 5 years of Le Grove fellas, keep up the good work!

  4. Paul

    We have won the 4th place trophy and the Emirates cup in Le Grove’s lifetime.So it has been a glorious time in our history

  5. stu

    happy birthday – this is by far the best arsenal blog on the web – have been reading this blog for the last 2 years and they say how it is – keep up the good work

  6. Calvin Alias

    Here are a few tweets from @mattspiro

    Sagna: ‘When 2 best players go, you ask questions. Fans come up in street, I understand frustration. Like them I dont understand everything’
    Sagna: ‘I’m the only starting player left from 2007. In May, I watched City’s parade on TV. I saw Samir & Gael lift the trophy. I want that’
    L’Equipe: Were Nasri/Clichy right to leave? Sagna: ‘Yes, but we didn’t know then.’ What’s your situation: ‘I’ve 1 yr left at end of season’
    Sagna is asked by L’Equipe if the club have spoken to him about extending his contract: ‘No, nobody’

    By just reading that we can get idea of how a player like Sagna must be thinking. He came to arsenal five years ago, obviously with hopes of winning silverware. And now, all his team mates are elsewhere actually winning things. Clearly there needs to be a change. The club has been ‘in transition’ for a bit too long now. And the fact that no starting player is still here shows that there is something seriously wrong with the way the club is being run. Who is to blame? I don’t know simply because I have absolutely no inside knowledge on who is responsible for what in the board. Arsenal Football Club is primarily a football club, that should be challenging for top prizes every year, and not just CL qualification. Also, considering that commercial deals are to be renewed in the next two years, isn’t it in Arsenal’s best interest to increase brand value (by both buying known players and by winning silverware)?

    The way I see it is that there is only one way this destructive cycle stops. And that’s by winning the league. I know it’s easier said than done, but with one of the best managers in the world, and with a little more investment, I believe we can have as good a shot as anyone else. I feel like Arsenal is run more like a business than a football club, but even then, what business grows without investment (and risk)?

    Sorry for the long post….

  7. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Well done Sledge and Pedro..

    A massive achievement and commitment. I recognise the effort to have a post up here every morning and provide the platform for debate.

    And your censorship policies have been far more tolerant than other blogs. It’s a good world when criticism is allowed and discussion ensues in a down to earth and free talking manner. I consider it The Pub of blogs. My Cheers.. Where everyone knows your name…

  8. baffoon

    Sagna: ‘When 2 best players go, you ask questions. Fans come up in street, I understand frustration. Like them I dont understand everything.

    ‘I’m the only starting player left from 2007. In May, I watched City’s parade on TV. I saw Samir & Gael lift the trophy. I want that’

    He also confirmed that Arsenal has not offered him new contract, which expires in June 2014.

    Another exit on the cards ??

  9. Johnty79

    Ever since 2008 our team/squad has got worse. Our chance of a trophy has diminished.. May I suggest le grove is a jinx….get real about cesc he will never rejoin us.. Never.

  10. Kavit Patel

    I havent commented for a while, though I’ve been reading everyday…but today I have to say:

    Congratulations to Geoff and Pedro for 5 years of excellent reading material for Gooners worldwide to enjoy, and for opening a platform for level-headed (ok apart from a few crazy ones) fans to engage in debate for all things Arsenal.

    Keep up the good work guys!

    PS: Geoff, thank you for ridiculing the so called “experts” of Talk Sport etc. I haven’t ever heard their radio shows but seen some stuff the Cunt Durham tweets…he is a cunt of the highest order.
    I’m no AKB but gotta say none of those bastards deserve to unleash their foul breath and dare utter a word about a man who can command the amount of respect that Wenger can. They’re all nobodies. Disgusting people.

  11. marxdrive

    I was hoping to hear a “balanced view” from Pedro, on the Premier League bringing in their own version of the FFP. Instead we get a post from Geoff moaning about an irrelevant radio show he heard yesterday.

    Complaining about the ms-prenacation of Giroud, a player who is in the rear view mirror and the weight of a radio show’s presenters, Is not a good way to celebrate the blogs birthday.

    With Geoff I always feel he’s a blow job away from a decent post.

  12. samir masri

    My feeling is that jenkinson is sagna’s long term replacement. I don’t think he will be fit enough to reaplace sagna. Wenger’s Idiotic Decisions Might Forced Him Out.

  13. Gooner4lyf

    Happy b’day to Le-Grove……not long here but this is a great substitute for a defunct blogger on OleOle that named himself Arsenal Hate. Just like I used to agrre with most of his honest assessment of Arsenal situation, I feel the same here. Long may it reign Pedro and Geoff. Since, I found this blog my day is not complete without it. Keep it up.

  14. Gregg

    Congrats on 5years,
    As for the Sagna posts; I guess they’ll wait and see how he recovers after two broken legs before offering the contract.

  15. michael

    congrats sledge and pedro heres to many more

    like every fan id just love to see us compete in the transfer market- if us ,city andchelsea all bid 30 mill for a player and he goes to chelsea cos they pay him 100k more a week -im fine with that ,but to scout the best and do nothing that really annoys me

    the ox has done well but any new deal should have wages upped every yr
    for arguments sake hes on 15k, new deal is 20k,next yr 25- then with a yr left offer him a better improved deal to go along with the stats–x games played plus x assists plus x goals

    fergie looking for ffp rules in the premiership maybe our mad scientist was on to something all along

  16. baffoon

    Gregg September 6, 2012 09:57:53

    Congrats on 5years,
    As for the Sagna posts; I guess they’ll wait and see how he recovers after two broken legs before offering the contract.

    and they will replace him with jenkinson

  17. tipitappi

    Yea that was an alarming piece in the Standard Monday dosn’t look like anything is going to change any time soon and the dismissive attitude towards the supporters is truly breath taking, the arrogant twerp , but what else would you expect from HIS TYPE.. As for the Ox’s new deal which I assumes means more money well I guess you can’t teach an old wenger (dog) new tricks.

  18. fanboy

    Happy birthday LG!!!

    Hope for more years of no bullsh*tting and a lot of sledgehammering.

    As a present I’m clicking them ads like our season depends on it

  19. Jidster

    I rarely comment. I just read the post then the comments, and head off. Been a dedicated daily reader for the last 18 months. I can truly say it has been 545 days (or thereabout) well spent. Happy Birthday Le Grove, and please continue to feed us Arsenal fans who continue to yearn for our great club to do right by us. Keep speaking all things Arsenal, and we would have no choice but to keep returning to the blog of love. Congratulations!!!

  20. Nimz

    Happy Birthday Le-Grove and congratulations Pedro and Geoff on a fantastic job banging out post after post, each one as good as the other. I’m not one to comment much but there isn’t a day goes by I don’t get my Le-Grove fix…
    Keep em coming!

  21. Sadam Mahessar

    Happy Birthday Le Grove.

    And Geoff, I agree completely on the Giroud part, just think we could have used a decent backup to him too, but lets just hope he starts banging them in soon and doesn’t get injured.

    We will do really well this season if Vermalaen, Cazorla, Diaby, Giroud and Arteta don’t get injured.

  22. Ash79

    Arsene will move Sagna on. Had that feeling when there was all this chat of getting a back up rb and the Greg VdW rumours.

    Shame, this will hurt far more than the Song exit. Sagna is a fuckin top pro and our most consistent performer. Plus heaps of experience. Love Sagna, hate Stan.

  23. Sadam Mahessar

    Sagna’s comments in L’Equipe are absolutely shocking.

    Says no one has approached him for a contract extension at Arsenal, his deal expires in summer of 2014, also says Nasri and Clichy were right to leave Arsenal, says he saw their open bus parade and said to himself I want that, also mentions saying he is the only starting player left from 2007.

    Ground has been laid for another saga in summer of 2013 now, the only good thing is he will be 31 in 2014, having said that we should definitely be looking to extend his contract to 2016 by the end of the year. Top player no doubt.

  24. Doublegooner

    On behalf of LG & their 5th birthday, ‘Grandpa Peter’ would also like to share a glass of fine malt & a montecristo with us all from the left over transfer profits.

    Cheers you OLD CUNT !

  25. mystic

    Happy 5th

    Being reading the blog for a couple of years, never had time to comment until far more recently, lost my job. The wife is pretty pissed off that I spend the day on the laptop switching between looking for a new one and commenting on here – shame on you!!

  26. gambon

    Sagna & Vermaelen will be sold in summer 2013

    Sagna replaced by Jenkinson (Who will be replaced by Yennaris)

    Vermaelen replaced by Koscielny (replaced by Yanga MBiwa)

    £20m profit for Wenger & the Board.

    2014, Cazorla & Wilshere will be sold.

    2015, Oxlade Chamberlain & Szczesny will be sold.

    And still the Arsenal fans will call each player a cunt rather than really understanding the problem.

  27. g0tch34ted

    That’s very worrying.

    I’d have to agree, looks like Sagna will be out this summer.

    He says he is the only one there from 2007 now, and says it like it’s a bad thing …. Shit.

  28. Alex James

    See that the ancs are trying to introduce a PL FFP regime, to deal with clubs like City and Chelsea. Nothing to do with making Utd top dogs again then, which is what such a thing would do. Liverpool are backing it as well for the same reason, as their commercial income is high. No doubt PHW and Wenger will also buy into it, which I really think would be a mistake. As much as I have reservations about the suger daddy ethos, at least it keeps the northern smokestacks and bin dippers in their place. And I wouldn’t like to lose Usmanov, when there is still a chance of him easing the Yank out.

  29. D-MAN

    I have been following this blog everyday for as long as I can remember now, but have never really given my opinion in the comments section. I just wanted to say what you two are doing in terms of this site is amazing, rarely anything is written that I disagree with, plus the consistency of the depth that you go into these posts is staggering. Happy birthday le-grove, hopefully many more to come!

  30. Marrrfooo

    Happy Birthday Le Grove!!!

    I still wonder how Pedro and ‘Le Sledge’ have managed to churn out posts every day and still make it readable. Sometimes in news terms they’ve been offered the full Squillaci (aka NOTHING) and still come up with a full Vermaelen (aka the business). Muchos kudos brethren.

    However, now that Geoff seems to have unwittingly nicknamed himself Sledgehammer – I keep getting mental images of the song by Peter Gabriel and the music video! Yikes!

    Viva Le Grove – the blog of love.

  31. tipitappi

    I’ve not forgiven them from shitting on Gilberto who had muchj to offer but wenger was too obsessed with project youth to see it tosser

  32. Teebz

    Happy BDay !!! Well done guys 🙂
    Reading Le-stuff everymorning from Paris, Le-Geoff and Le-Pedro : magnifique !!
    Le-Merci and see yas around !!

  33. nin

    Happy blogday!

    “Anyway today is all about you bloggers, we are one of the biggest blogs in blogland but wouldn’t be without you . Le Grove is one of the best places to talk Arsenal and regardless of your opinion, there’s always a place in our comments to air it.”

    And this is the reason you are one of the best!
    Take note Arseblog, you cunts!

  34. marxdrive


    2013, PL implement FFP

    2014, AFC back to being one of the two PL power clubs

    2015, Players leaving AFC is viewed as “a thing of the past”.

  35. Johnny5

    Happy birthday LeGrove. Well done to Geoff and pedders. Top post today Geoff. Agree completely about the talk sport muppets, they’re always talking shit about us and what’s more they never let knowledgeable gooners talk only. Not heard from a proper gooner once they just let on teenage kids who’s argument never holds up to their anti arsenal scrutiny.

  36. Pod10

    Geoff, with a write up like that you might just earn yourself a statue at the Emirates. Thumbs up!

    Talks port went from being illustrious to being annoying, but now I just feel sorry for the guys because it is now an obsession.

    I never knew it was okay for a media outlet to taunt fans of a club, but if a player celebrates infringing of opposition fans he earns a date with the police.

    Word of advice -ignore the geezers. Thrashing arsenal is a way of covering their lack of creativity

  37. gambon



    2013 – PL implements FFP

    Chelsea turnover £250m and spend £250m
    Man City turnover £250m and spend £250m
    Man Utd turnover £350m and spend £350m
    Arsenal turnover £270m, and spend £180m

    Still wont be competing.

    2014 – Arsenal find a new excuse as to why they shouldnt be spending

    “Super FFP comes in in 2019, lets wait for that”

    “The moon is in the constellation of Aquarius, so we arent allowed to spend our budget”

    “We cant afford £700m players”

  38. West London Gooner

    Happy 5th B’day Le Grove! I don’t always agree with what you write, but it’s still a blog I like to read every morning. Well done and here’s to many more Le Grove years hopefully celebrating a trophy or two!

  39. Bade

    It’s safe to say, the “regulars” community on this Blog grows by everyday & it’s the biggest evidence this Blog is the best thing Blogsphere has to offer us for an Arsenal debate

    Keep doing the great job you do & we will keep coming & pouring our passion & thoughts into lyrics for The Arsenal sake

    Love you all, although many of you are wankers 😆

  40. Lordbergkamp

    Gambon that’s crap. When was the last time any of those teams spent their entire turnover? Total shite and you know it.

  41. gambon


    If there were rules saying they have to then they would have no choice.

    My point is Chelsea, UTD & City have a policy of spending all available money.

    Arsenal have a policy of making profits.

    FFP wont do fuck all for us.

  42. Pascal Cygan

    Le Grove, thanks for making our days worthwhile.

    Thanks for raising our spirits when required and sharing our blues when needed.

    Cheers !

  43. Christianpt

    I thank the two of you for creating a fantastic blog where everyone is entitled to an opinion. I thank you for writing some very detailed posts that can cheer up most dull mornings.

    Keep up the great work.

  44. mystic

    samir masriSeptember 6, 2012 10:23:42
    ‘Maybe you need to spend more time with your wife?’

    What you mean put her before Arsenal and the chance to chat to you lot? Hmm

    I can’t spend more time with her, she has a job!

  45. Lordbergkamp

    And city spent about 6 m more than us…

    Seems like the paying field is levelling…

    We just need to stop selling now…

  46. marxdrive


    Only 14 of the 20 PL clubs have to agree. With only City, Chelski and QPR (maybe) likely to not want to sign up, It seems only a matter of time.

    AFC already pay extremely good wages. Once sugar daddies are taken out of the aqasion, the days where average players like Theo demanding 100k will be “a thing of the past”.

  47. Sadam Mahessar

    The rich always get a way around laws, FFP or no FFP, City, PSG to a lesser extent, Chelsea will continue to be super powers of European Football, make no mistakes about that.

    The revenue of these clubs is on a massive up rise, kids growing up around us either support these clubs or United/Barcelona/Madrid, at this stage Arsenal have become a thing of past.

  48. Alex James

    The only people who would benefit from a PL FFP would be Utd and Liverpool. And you can be sure that City and Chelsea would find a way atround it, until their growing success builds sufficient high commercial and fan base income to reach self sustainabilit. Nothing would change for us, since the board always banks our profits. Anything that allows Utd and Ferguson to get back into the ring has to be a really bad thing. They are the main enemy, and this has been the case right back to the 1950s. City and Chelsea are nothing compared to them and I have been waiting years to see Utd and their home counties mates on the ropes

  49. Sadam Mahessar


    City spent 6m more than us, only on luxury buys. Rodwell, Garcia, Maicon are players they didn’t even need really, they just wanted to freshen things up a little and wanted to add a few players for the competitions they will be in this season. They will be going for at least two trophies.
    You can bet your house they would have spent 56m more than us if they were in the same position as Arsenal.

  50. azed

    Here is a shout out to some old school grovers
    1)Rauga£(The original gambonista)
    2) Steve Biko

    Hope you guys are kicking it where ever you might be…

  51. f4phantomphreak

    you want a little cheese with that wine??? We call’em “telephone tough guys” so called men that run their big fat flappers on the telephones/radios but cannot back it up in person ergo “telephone tough guys!!”

  52. Northbanker

    foe some unknown reason I have started to listen to TalkSport again. Couple of evenings ago all I could hear was Stan Colliemore shouting tryig to make some half witted coment about clubs having Presidents like Barcelona. So pointless and yet it was the manner of the debate that forced me to go back to music station. Then yesterday heard same ridiculous comments re Cesc and again had to switch off.

    Shame really – idea of the station is great – a blogging radio station effectively but with morons to debate it loses the whole opportunity.

  53. gambon

    Hahaha Lordbergkamp

    No Utd spent £41m

    We made £10m profit

    I think you’ll find theres a £51m difference.

    Chelsea spent £90m more than us.
    City spent £40m more than us

    Pathetic transfer policy.

  54. marxdrive


    Chelsea turnover £250m and spend £250m on player wages and have no financial advantage to offer, the new cashly at Arsenal.

    Tighter regulations will give our club more power. Especially when dealing with the likes of Theo, wanting 100k.

    A 100k through out the league will be reserved for the likes of RVP.

  55. henkamp

    Happy birthday Le grove and thank you Pedro and Geoff for all your great posts through the years…your blog is a must read for any true red and white fan. Cheers lads

  56. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff (re Talksport)
    “I find it amazing that anyone who used to be in sports gets themselves a job on that radio station no matter what they’ve done in life, they have misogynists, doggers, women beaters, has been cricketers and overweight second rate footballers”

    What I find amazing is how they fit all those plonkers in between the damn adds.

    Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday!

  57. Alex James


    Sadly you are right. Sustained success is the only way to grow a fanbase outside of family or hometown links to a club. I see no Arsenal shirts on children under ten these days. There are a few older children around with shirts, who probably originated as supporters before the rot set in. Utd took over from the Liverpool set of supporters from the 70s/80s. I am seeing a few more City and Chelsea shirts now but Utd are still in there. I went into my local chemist a few days ago, and one of the staff asked me whether I wished to buy a raffle ticket to win a Rooney shirt for charity! The shirt was of course displayed with the usual Utd rubbish. Another staff member hearing my spluttering said she was an Evertonian and was hoping to win it for a ceremonial burning. Such is my dislike of Utd, I told her I couldn’t even do that. Happy days

  58. RP

    Just finished my 11am cup of coffee and biscuits (2 Rich Tea’s today). Reading Le Grove at this time has become a part of this daily routine. Happy birthday and keep up the good work.

  59. HumAnimal

    he would never go to another epl team… what are u basing this on pedro?

    After VP’s comments an the way he treated us i dont think its safe to trust anyone…

    ahhh dont think i would watch foootball again if united got cesc and robin.

  60. Stan Donkey

    Happy 5th LG!

    Gambon / LordB / Thomas et al…. A finance Q.

    IF (bold & underlined) we were looking to settle the £210m bond ahead of maturity… do you have any idea what a typical ‘penalty’ would be in terms of the lost long term interest to the issuer?

    In theory if it’s on 7 yr maturity, we could clear our debts next year given the cash balance. Obviously this would be hampered by a significant penalty fee.

    This would at least explain the hoarding of cash.

  61. marxdrive


    AW has no idea. Barca have no idea (with regards to Song). But a young guy in his 20’s has all the answers.

    You prove the reason why no kids in their 20’s are running a high profile club.

  62. Tony / Bud @ LeGrove

    Well well well…. 5 Years… who else on here posted on the very first blog 5 years ago (If I remember rightly there was 5 of us and by the end of the week we had reached the heighty figure of 9… now look !)…. frightening where time has gone, frightening watching Uncle Geoff become even more angry & miserable, frightening watching Pedro grow up from a Spotty Virgin to a Spotty non Virgin…. oh how time flies !!!!!!!

  63. Gooner14

    hey, well done on 5 years le grove, dont think iv ever missed a post and im living in tasmania !! u dont rate players after games anymore no?

  64. Ojaimo

    Congratulations Pedro and Geoff. HBD Le-grove! I have been taking daily tablet of Le-grove. Which implies that in a year, I will have taken 365 tablets. That’s too much? Advise please!!!

  65. gambon


    There are 2 elements to the bond.

    1- £210m fixed rate
    2- £50m floating

    We are only paying capital off of the fixed rate bonds. So it now looks more like:

    1- £173m fixed
    2- £50m floating

    As you have pointed out there was an expected repayment of the £50m by 2013 before the step up. SO we have a recourse to pay that back early.

    The fixed i would imagibe will not be paid early. It would cost too much and makes little sense.

    If you are an investor earning 5.2% for the next 19 years with AAA rating you are going to want an incentive to give this up in the current market. If you cant find AAA rated bonds at >5.2% (alnd also cover exit transaction costs and costs for a new position) then no advisor will tell you to sell up.

    You could offer a price to all bond holders and probably get some takers. You could offer this yearly to accelerate the repayment.

    Dont expect it to happen. The club have said over and over they are more than happy with the repayment plan, and it certainly isnt expensive.

  66. Mandela

    P.s l only listening to Talk-sport when l fancy getting myself worked up…l remember listening a few weeks ago and this Arsenal fan called in to say they shouldn’t right off Arsenal’s chances before a balls been kicked and they literally laughed him off! Stopped listening from them

  67. Bob N7

    Gambon- I respect your right to your worse-case scenario but as I’m sure you agree, to assume too much is presumptuous. Nothing much stays the same and most of us would prefer to take a slightly more optimistic view of the future. It’s possible that you may be proved right but I’d rather be in my world than yours.
    By the way, your comment of 11.08 (simplified for effect I appreciate), doesn’t seem to include our commercial deals that will kick in.
    Also(sorry Gambon I’m not picking on you but you must recognise the provocativeness of your comments) I think obscenely rich benefactors are inflationary in their spending which ultimately justifies the CEOs keeping/increasing season tickets. Chelski and Citeh have raised the salary bar in this country to an obscene level(I accept there are a few other European clubs that have contributed and there are other factors) which no supporter should be happy about.

  68. buckagh

    Congrats, happy birthday,
    blog well worth reading everyday,
    some commenters are Talk Shite material.

    Gambon ,
    have you got Saturdays lotto numbers handy?

  69. Matchy


    “”Finally to those know-it-alls on Talk Shite, the only reason we wouldn’t get Cesc back is Arsene Wenger. I would love him back, it would send out a message, I also think that Barca would let him go as they are potless. He would never go to another EPL team.””

    ???? Didnt wenger had that ‘buy-back’ clause inserted?

    2nd, Barceolona didnt need to buy Fabby. That team is not and was not built around Fabby. Hence barcelona actually cannot play when they have fabby and xavi in the start line up. If Fabby wants to be a regular started he needs Xavi to retire or injured for a prolong period.

    Its the same at real marid. Kaka and ronaldo cannot function together in the starting line up. Hence Mourinho plays ronado and that german-turk guy, whats his name.

    3rd, if arsenal were to buy back fabby they have to change the formation of the current team to fit him in. it wouldnt be a major problem but would wenger buy fabby back at $30million. and would fabby agrees to earn the same wages his is at barceolona at present (which was lower then he did at afc).

  70. Ojaimo

    azed September 6, 2012 11:03:10

    Here is a shout out to some old school grovers
    1)Rauga£(The original gambonista)
    2) Steve Biko

    Azed, Whatever happens to those lot. I remember Raugaj was formerly Jaguar but changed his name when he lost a bet on Wenger with some grovers. They were the regulars of Le-grove, including David, Rico, David Demenace, Double Gooner and Gambonista…. I really miss some of their comments really!

  71. Geoff

    Morning all, someone asked if he were still banned after 5 years, today is international amnesty day!

    Ha, ha Matchy, didn’t Wenger sell him with 3 years left on his contract 20% cheaper too?

    Bud good to see you are still alive!

  72. IvoryGoonz

    I have not seen any proofs that Wenger even finished his Masters.
    At the time he went to that University, it was shitty.
    To get an actual usefull diploma that means something; he would have needed a Masters. But all I can gather is that he only went to the Bac+2 cursus.
    then even if he had the full diploma, the fact is University degrees compared to eauivalent dedicated Commerce Schools are shit.
    here’s one of the last ranking I found.
    Please Mr PHW, stop claiming Wenger’s degree in economics as an evidence of his knowledge in the matter. his degree’s worth in France would allow him to work as cook at Mc Donalds.

  73. Geoff

    Ojaimo went under another name first I believe.

    Ivory, I get so sick of hearing about his degree, what was the point? He never used it. And getting a degree at that Uni was the equivalent of passing a Cycling proficiency test at Central Park Junior school in East Ham, like I did.