5 years old today! Also co-incidentally, it’s the mental age of some of Talk Sports finest!

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So today Grovers we are 5 years old, big landmark for a blog, we are sometimes seen as anti Arsene, but let’s not forget this blog was named Le-Grove as a tribute to the French influence and the first post I wrote was congratulating our manager signing an extension to his contract.

So this blog was actually very pro-Wenger. Unfortunately it was also started at the beginning of what I see as a rebuilding exercise, that rebuilding exercise is tediously still going on and that is why I get so fed up with the management, and why sometimes we are seen as anti-Wenger.

For instance the day before yesterday PHW reminded us that our manager went to Strasbourg Uni and is no fool, well we know he’s no fool as he earns £7mil a year, but to continually remind us of Leeds, Pompey and now Glasgow Rangers is treating us like fools.

Thing is in football, teams get prize money and sponsorship money, they use this to build their teams, turnover at the ground takes care of the rest, so teams have a duty to use that money wisely.

If you have a transfer budget to spend on players and don’t use it, that does nothing to improve financial fair play, that only makes the balance sheet look better, it weakens rather than strengthens the team and for me that’s not clever, that’s pretty stupid.

If PHW wants to brag about Arsene’s degree in economics, he should explain why we have players like Denilson, Bendtner, Park, Chamakh, Squillaci and Arshavin all still on the books because no one can afford to buy them. Why? Because we pay them way too much.

Moving on, we were superb against Liverpool and Diaby had a blinder, we have always said  on here that Diaby was a talented player, me I have always seen him as another Vieira, not a YaYa, but our concern has been his injury record and does 6 years of big wages warrant a handful of top performances, I think not, but if he has finally come out of the woods and we can see a season’s worth of games for him then I will be delighted.

That all said, our starting 11 is a match for anyone this season, that has never been an issue, Cazorla (not Carzola Jamie Redknapp) is a cracking player, him with Arteta, Diaby and soon to be Jack Wilshere will be a thing of beauty.

Podolski with Gervinho as back up will be incisive and I really believe that Giroud will be a big player for us, he looks the part and once he bangs them in, he won’t stop, Ok I know a lot won’t agree, but this guy ticks all the boxes for me.

So what was I moaning about? Well the same as I have been for the last 7 years, another 2 or 3 quality players and we would beat anyone, we didn’t need a £50million player as PHW mentions, we just needed a couple of decent additions, we had the money but chose not to spend it, and that for me is not smart.

Ask Cazorla, Robin or Cesc, I think you’ll find they all agree with me.

Onto my cover story about the muppets on Talk Shite. I’m listening to a programme yesterday afternoon and a fat half witted scouser pronounces Giroud- Gir rude, plank. Great start.

Then him and his sidekick started rubbishing Arsenal and our players and saying we had no chance of getting Cesc back. Even though apparently we have a first option buy back clause.

I find it amazing that anyone who used to be in sports gets themselves a job on that radio station no matter what they’ve done in life, they have misogynists, doggers, women beaters, has been cricketers and overweight second rate footballers, they are all just self opinionated puffed up tossers.

Some of them think you can only have an opinion on football if you were yourself a professional player, they have no idea that many of us would have killed to have been footballers but didn’t get the breaks they did.

Then they earn more money than their intelligence would ever merit in the real world and when they finish their careers and they get jobs in the media, none of them have ever really worked for a living.

Training a couple of days then playing at the weekend isn’t work, I used to train twice a week once for my football club and once for my boxing club, and when we had a match we paid subs, the rest of the week I worked. Not playing golf on charity days, that’s not work.

Name me an EPL manager that ever had to work again after he’d been sacked? I also wonder how many ex footballers have ever paid to watch a game in their lives?

None of them are really in the real world, none of them.

And why is it that they always refer to themselves as big this or big that and not fat this or fat that? Which is what most of them are.

In the old days players finished their careers and got boozers, like Frank did, or became mini-cab drivers like Peter Storey, or even suit case thieves like David Hillier.

Not the new breed though, that fat dipstick scouser gets a mike in his hand, blows smoke up Liverpool or Newcastle’s rear end and spends his day slagging off all things Arsenal.

Then they said yesterday that Harry Redknapp said Theo would make a good centre forward, I have been saying that for years twits and they also said that Chamberlain was crap against Liverpool and he was getting too big for his boots.

Whilst I agree that giving Alex a massive new shiny contract is as pointless as was giving Cesc an 8 year one, I think we ought to wait until the end of this season before we start to throw money at him.

Finally to those know-it-alls on Talk Shite, the only reason we wouldn’t get Cesc back is Arsene Wenger. I would love him back, it would send out a message, I also think that Barca would let him go as they are potless. He would never go to another EPL team.

If you want to comment on the reasons you hate Arsenal so much, engage online and see how your opinion holds out, don’t sit at your desks like a couple of Microphone heroes, man up or shut up.

Anyway today is all about you bloggers, we are one of the biggest blogs in blogland but wouldn’t be without you . Le Grove is one of the best places to talk Arsenal and regardless of your opinion, there’s always a place in our comments to air it.

Keep it up because we are going nowhere, we will continue to give you inside info as and when we get it , continue to write posts when there is no news and no doubt continue to say what we believe in that isn’t always mainstream.

From Pedro you get the balanced view and from me you get the sledgehammer! Thanks for reading!

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Have a great day Grovers, we really appreciate your company!

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  1. SpanishDave

    Also in Spain the employers contribution discount has been stopped so the increase is over 50% per employee, plus Vat on match tickets has been increased by 13% since 1st Sept. Spain is in for a rough time, as they need a big Sovereign bailout, the ECB boys are crawling all over the government finance dept’s here to get the real numbers from the lying bastards that run this country.

  2. Bazza


    “At the moment 5000 dont show up for every homegame….Every extra fan that turns up buys extra mechandise, beers, £5 hot dogs etc.”

    OK but as you know the 5k that don’t turn up are season/corporate tickets that have already paid for there tickets. The extra revenue from merchandise etc. would be marginal.

    “If we had copied Man Utds success in the last 5 years, we would have tickets 15-20% higher, and fans would pay that to watch the best team in the UK/Europe.”

    You’re joking aren’t you Boggas? We already have the highest ticket prices in Europe.

    The way forward is to maximise commercial income from sponsorship which I agree will need more success on the field.

  3. BacaryisGod

    I took my 5 year old son to his first day at his new school in Los Angeles and the school janitor was wearing an Arsenal away shirt.

    I chatted to him for a few minutes and the first thing he said to me was ‘we’re going to have another unbeaten season’. I pointed out that we have both Chelsea and Man City coming up soon and he said ‘not worried about them’. I told him never to post on le-grove.

    Yesterday my son had soccer practice and there was another kid who had an Arsenal shirt on. I asked who his favourite player was and he said ‘Van Persie’. I didn’t have the heart to correct him. That’s a father’s job…

  4. Zico Canada

    Keep up the good work boys.
    Sometimes the media twists words or (cut n paste) to make statements have more sting than originally intended. I hope that Sagna’s words were twisted.
    Having said that I still HATE Wenger/PHW/Kronke more than vomit.

  5. Herkules


    Until we get rid of high-wage dross we can’t pay higher wages… we got a little closer to clearing house this Summer – but we have a long-way to go – of course.

    I appreciate your comments – and understand your position – but the one thing I think you are missing is that FFP is not a top-down idea – where the landlord is punishing the peasants. It comes directly from the clubs. The clubs want it. CIty and Chelsea don’t… but 99% of the clubs themselves want it. 99% of the owners want it…

    To completely dismiss the idea and claim that there is no chance in hell that the 99% will actually get something they want is pretty bold. Anytime vast numbers of people align behind a general concept it does tend to win out.

    Anyhow – we’ll see.. I’m hopeful

  6. Kripakar Marur

    i read somewhere that if you take the price per match tottenham season tickets are more expensive since they don’t include cup matches like ours. football tickets in london will always be high because it is not dependent on club stature alone. for 2 clubs of similar stature, the tickets of the one located in a metropolis like london will be higher. if we had won the league or cl last year, do you think the board would have frozen ticket prices? they would have definitely increased it.

  7. BacaryisGod

    Gambon @11:39:17


    31, 37, 41, 43, 49

    Gambon-if you have any sense of fairness, I expect you to add this season’s conceded number to the list this time next year with a note praising the improvement….

  8. Bazza

    “At Arsenal you come back after holidays, you make preparations, and you see two players leave and the season resumes – it has been like that since I have been at the club. I am used to it now” – Bacary Sagna

    Why don’t we just sell the whole team to Man C. and Barca and have done with it? Then we can all spend our time doing something more productive and I could save the cost of 2 season tickets.

    When Bac says “”Has the club contacted me about an extension? No, no one.” he obviously is not lying. WTF is going on? If the club is worried about him regaining full fitness, ok, but then why didn’t we sign a right back during the transfer window?

  9. gambon


    My point is when less fans show up, sponsors pay less, and its harder to attract advertising money.

    Also, if people arent showing up game after game, you can be sure they arent renewing.

    There are a lot of people giving up STs due to our policies. Numerous people on here have commented on how they went from 25000 to 0 on the waiting list, which must be worrying to the club.

    We were virtually level with Man Utd in 2006 off the pitch just after we moved stadium. Infact I think one year we overtook them finacially. Look at the difference now, they are £100m ahead of us.

    All of this can be attributed to their success, where as in that time we’ve been selling our top players.

    Man Utd won 3 PLs in a row, got to 2 more finals, had superstars like Ronaldo & Rooney.

    As a result their commercial department went into overdrive, they brought 20 new sponsors in, got a £10m pa kit sponsorship deal, increased their ticket prices and made shit loads more than us in prize & TV money.

    As ive said over and over. We cant just sit and pray for FFP or wait til we can afford to buy superstars as it will never happen. We need to bite the bullet, spend money, lose money one or 2 years running, and let the rest fall into place.

  10. BacaryisGod

    The reason for my name is that Sagna typifies everything that I admire in a player. He trains hard, plays hard, is nearly always consistent, he’s passionate for the club and a great ambassador for the team.

    He’s the kind of model pro that clubs don’t have to worry about. For him to make these comments is very troubling as it indicates that there’s a communication breakdown between him, Ivan and Arsene. He’s one of our most loyal players and he feels he needs to speak to L’Equipe to air his concerns. He’s nearly always extremely positive.

    Sort it out Arsene and quick!

  11. Dan Ahern

    Bade – “The American set-up is totally different be cause you have a maximum budget you can’t exceed, so if you give one player a huge salary that will mean you’ll have less remaining to share between the rest of squad. And there’s a limit of maximum salary you can offer (But it’s a really huge money)”

    This is not strictly true. There is no “American setup”; it varies greatly by sport.

    In the MLS, there is a hard salary cap (meaning, like you mention, a total budget that can’t be exceeded), but you can designate 3 players who only count slightly toward the cap and can be paid anything.
    The NFL has a hard salary cap.
    The MLB has no cap at all. Any team is free to spend any amount on players, but after a point the tax rate (paid to the league) increases.
    The NBA is pretty complicated, but it has a soft cap. Meaning, there are many legal ways to exceed the cap, but you face increasingly harsh tax penalties (again, paid to the league).
    The NHL has a hard cap.

    Each league varies in its rules for maximum and minimum player salaries, too.
    The one common denominator is that in the US, all major sports league have a set number of teams which never face the danger of relegation. The only risk to falling out of the league is if the owner(s) and the league agree that the team can move location.

  12. gambon


    If we concede <30 goals this season I will buy everyone on here a caramello.

    If we concede <35 goals I will be very happy.

  13. Herkules

    promotion and relegation are not really a major problem for salary control if you simply consider the English league 100 teams large- rather than 20. You would simply need to put revenue and tax schemes in place to accommodate all 100 – based on various factors (including division in which they participate).

    It is challenging – yes – but certainly easier to sort than landing robots on Mars.

  14. zeus


    Good point, but playing a game as a profession means some special consideration has to be made.

    I feel slightly dirty arguing for more lenient tax requirements for footballers, but I’m thinking of the slightly less talented players that have no choice but to find real work after retirement.

  15. BacaryisGod


    I think great progress would be defined as less than a goal a game, which would put us at 37 or less and would be our lowest total for 4 seasons.

  16. BacaryisGod

    Another ominous line from Bacary:

    He said: “For the moment, I want to play with Arsenal, and find my level again.”

    Sort it out!!! Bacary will be good until he’s 34 as long as he’s not up against Moses.

  17. BillikenGooner

    I still don’t understand how people haven’t realized that winning silverware = even more money.

    For a club that is all about the business end and profits, you’d think they’d know that sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

  18. Ojaimo

    Geoff September 6, 2012 11:48:50

    Ojaimo went under another name first I believe.

    Geoff, I didn’t understand your comment above. What do you imply please?

  19. Sadam Mahessar

    Olivier Giroud has muscle pain and is set to miss the France game on Friday, could be back to play their other game though.

    From what I had heard, he didn’t miss a single game due to injury at Montepellier last season, he becomes an Arsenal player, plays 3 games and gets injured on international duty. Our Medical team is shambolic.

  20. gambon

    Lee Dixon played til he was 37, Keown 37, Adams 36 i think.

    You cant beat that level of experience, especially in defence.

    Sagna should retire here, simple as that.

  21. Sadam Mahessar

    Just had this thought.

    I can’t wait to see the reception Jack Wilshere will get when he comes on against Coventry in League Cup, it would be close to the reception Henry got on his return.

    He is not our messiah, but I can’t wait for the kid to come back and start playing some delightful football, hopefully Diaby Arteta stay injury free so we don’t have to rush him back into the action.

  22. Bazza

    Kripakar Marur

    btw can’t you find a simpler name? – Maybe “Krip”

    You’re partially right about the cost per game Arsenal vs Spurs. Arsenal’s season ticket prices are higher but Spurs include 21 games and Arsenal 26 games.

    If you take an average price per game for the cheapest and most expensive seats the result is as follows:

    Arsenal Cheapest £37.88 Most Expensive £75.19
    Spurs Cheapest £34.76 Most Expensive £87.86

    Still fucking expensive though

  23. Arsene's Nurse

    Sadam Mahessar September 6, 2012 17:41:10

    Olivier Giroud has muscle pain and is set to miss the France game on Friday, could be back to play their other game though.

    From what I had heard, he didn’t miss a single game due to injury at Montepellier last season, he becomes an Arsenal player, plays 3 games and gets injured on international duty. Our Medical team is shambolic.
    I wouldn’t blame the medical team, but the training regime at Arsenal.

  24. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    you are probably not around any more, but seriously, Sagna was our only proper defender that did not need to be told what to do, but just got on with his job, regardless of the headless chickens playing with him…

  25. Dan Ahern

    Unthinkable that we would let Sagna go. If anybody deserved an extension, it’s him. He’s light-years ahead of our other options, even if they got a full year of experience. We don’t even stand to earn much money off of him. It’s just ridiculous from any angle.

  26. BacaryisGod

    Here’s my first call out to see if anyone has tickets going for the following matches:

    Schalke 04

    If not, does anyone know how difficult it will be to get tickets at the ground?
    I come to England once a year.

  27. Kripakar Marur

    caramello!! lolmax. agreed on sagna retiring here. after project youth, people seem to think players careers are over at 30. class is permanent. i think thierry last season provided a timely reminder of that.

    again income tax is not based on your talent. it is based on income alone. so for lower league players who earn very little, they will fall into lower tax brackets and need not pay 50%.

    don’t want to go into moderation again.
    and agreed it is expensive. it is easy for me type that tickets will be expensive in london. difficult for the guys who actually cough up the green.

  28. Bazza

    @ Gobman

    “As ive said over and over. We cant just sit and pray for FFP or wait til we can afford to buy superstars as it will never happen. We need to bite the bullet, spend money, lose money one or 2 years running, and let the rest fall into place.”

    Agree completely. In previous seasons I would have argued against this, but now we have a new shirt deal to look forward to in 2014 and Stadium rights in 2019 + a healthy bank balance. Therefore the risk in splashing the cash is minimal. The frustrating thing is if we had invested say another £50m in a couple of great players. The spin off would have been massive on so many different levels – happy fan base, really competing for the title, better profile to max sponsorship and happy players. In a way the frustration is worse because our current team is close to achieving something really good. Instead we have a pissed off Sagna and god knows how many others.

  29. Radio Raheem

    From what I had heard, he didn’t miss a single game due to injury at Montepellier last season, he becomes an Arsenal player, plays 3 games and gets injured on international duty. Our Medical team is shambolic.

    As an Arsenal fan my hope is that he misses both of France’ matches so he doesn’t have to miss any of ours.

  30. Radio Raheem

    I think we’ll only sell Sagna if he demanded to leave. He is not on big bucks neither will he fetch huge transfer fees if we sold him at the end of the season. His situation will be like Maicon’s at Inter next year (except Maicon was probably on more money).

  31. lizardking


    I just did a Wenger!

    I sold my car and bought a push bike! But you know what I zoomed past the peak time traffic a breeze!!


  32. Bazza


    Boycotting matches is not the answer. It’s called shooting yourself in the foot.

    The dilemma is how to find an effective way of voicing disapproval without publicly slagging off our club. Unfortunately, each time I write to the club I either get a standard answer that they are not able to comment or If I do manage to engage them they pretend to be concerned but then take no action.

  33. Waldo

    As a fan I agree thy we need to spend…

    But as a businessman…
    Their model is brilliant. Minimal spending while maintaining top flight europiean money from the knockout stages… +1!!! Goal is fourth and profit every transfer window. (this I why I drink… So I can sleep at night)

  34. Mayank

    Funny how things turn out. I was sure Cesc would slot right into Barca and thought RvP would have problems becoming a Utd regular.

    I was also sure Sagna would remain at Arsenal for his entire career.

  35. Radio Raheem

    Oaf 1
    (n.) Unintelligent, tall clumsy person with large hands and feet, and a small penis. Competes in sports while using simplified language such as ‘Gareth throw discus’. Oafs have big skulls and limited intelligence. Slow witted and plodding in speech.
    Bendtner the oaf crashed his car into a ditch and broke his leg.

  36. Dan Ahern

    I should add that I don’t think Sagna will be sold. Just stating that it’s categorically absurd that he be let go. He just recently came into the final 2 years of his deal, so I’m sure we’ll start negotiating soon or around January.

    …Although, we’re so daft when it comes to squad decisions, I really can’t rule out a sale. :/

  37. Dan Ahern

    It must be tough being Nik Bendtner. Your boss won’t start you in the middle even though you’re the greatest striker on earth, you can’t even go skiing or wear the underwear you like, and now some random dagos are calling you a fatty despite your obvious perfection.
    I guess nobody ever said being the best was easy.

  38. lizardking

    The fattest thing about Bentner is his head! If he is taken down a peg or two and given some direction he might do ok.

  39. Royal Bludger

    Happy Birthday Le Grove … keep up the great work! We all obviously love it! Thank You!

    The two cuntish things about watching an Arsenal game: 1. The mandatory TV shot of the imbecile with the In Arsene We Trust banner; and 2. The FUCKING INSANE “Wonder of You” … please stop it, please please please stop it!

  40. SUGA3


    to be fair, the second injury was caused by him being rushed back into action with a metal plate still inside his leg, so it is a case of him taking one for the team in this respect…

  41. kwik fit


    I understand him being pissed off but I don’t understand why he should go public at this stage of the season. Plus he’s ability to stay fit is now questionable. I still think(hope) its paper bullshit.

  42. chigooner


    In response to your assertion that I am deluded by project youth:

    By my account the average age of a EPL RB is 25.6 years. I think it’s safe to say that at 31 or 32 sagna will not have many good years left in him.

    Also, this summer, I constantly brought up how ridiculous I thought going into the season with jenks as our starting rb was. so far he’s proved me wrong.

  43. JJ

    Pedro – Why won’t you respond to my emails? I feel like the guys who’s girlfriend broke up with him but didn’t tell him…

    I am trying to hunt down 3 tickets to the Southampton game…

  44. lizardking

    Life is S H I T, you can spend your whole life buying the fittest birds drinks, but there is no guarantee they will come home with you. All you can do is tell them your plans and hope they understand your vision, Or you can end up like me and give your last cash to the drunken whore who hangs around on your way home.

  45. kwik fit

    Dan Ahern
    It must be tough being Nik Bendtner. Your boss won’t start you in the middle even though you’re the greatest striker on earth, you can’t even go skiing or wear the underwear you like, and now some random dagos are calling you a fatty despite your obvious perfection.
    I guess nobody ever said being the best was easy.

    😀 😀 😀 redface 😳

  46. Kripakar Marur

    he is 29 now. his defending does not depend solely on his pace in recovery ala clichy. he is positionally aware, tough tackling and energetic. there is no reason why he can’t be a top performer for the next 3-4 years. zanetti, maldini, gary neville, dixon, cafu, roberto carlos, ashley cole all performed past their 30th birthday. and he is not injury prone. he had 2 freakin fractures due to people stamping on him, prior to that, he was hardly ever injured.

  47. Gunner2301

    Happy 5th Birthday Le-Grove and congrats to Pedders and Geoff for keeping us all captivated for so long.

    On the Sagna issue, he will be sold at the end of the season. It’s a shame as he’s a quality player and model professional and is right to question the ambition and direction of the club. Sagnas fittness after 2 broken legs will be a smoke screen if used. After all wasnt Ramsey given a bumper 50k contract on returning from injury after doing fuck all for it. Remember Arsene wants those like Djourou who will tow the party line.

    I haven’t really listened to talk sport a mate played a couple of audios for me. I don’t paricularly like the way in which Durham does what he does however he does raise questions and point out contradictions in what the club say and do and I have been looking for the mainstream media to jump on these things and challenge the club but they don’t and I don’t understand why. Like I said I don’t agree with the method but the issues raised need to be aired and debated and in certain cases responded to by the club and if they did I’m sure the fans would be less in the dark about things.

  48. lizardking

    If ambition can only be measured by how much money is spent then its a sorry sate of affairs. What happened to the honour of playing for AFC? I’m sorry but all you lot can debate about the future of our club as much as you like but im not buying into this bollocks about our players saying they aren’t happy for one reason or the other. It should be an honour to play for the Mighty Arsenal and im SURE none of our players are going hungry or worried about how they need to pay their next bill. If AW is earning as much as we think then yes it is very frustrating but he has to put up with allot for his troubles. I am not condoning it but when does it stop hey? What happened to pride and fighting for success. Its all bullshit! You either play the way we want to play or you can F off. I just hope that the squad we have left will give their all and prove their worth or they can go. Thats just my opinion.

  49. Gunner2301

    I said after Bergkamp left that we would not see another player retire at Arsenal. The policy of profiteering of players is not conducive to players staying to the point where they have no commercial value. So until there is a policy change Arsenal will be a revolving door from both a player (who have ambition) and Club (who want to profit off players before their peak) perspective.

  50. David

    I am the last player from the 2007 starting XI remaining. In May, I watched Manchester City show off. I watched at Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy lifting the trophy.”
    “That gave me desire for it. Were they right to leave? Yes. But when they left, we didn’t know.

  51. Gunner2301


    We could still have the type of players you eluded to but Arsene preferred not to have them and compromise the team as a result. but you can’t get away from the factors that drive players

    Love of the Club and it’s fans

    Not in any particular order. If any of those 3 are missing you can say that the player is likely to leave. It’s the clubs responsibility to sort out the first 2 the third I guess is partly down to the fans. The player has to believe that the manager can deliver on the clubs ambition and has a plan for that. If they lose faith in his methods they’ll want out as we saw last Summer.

    If players aren’t happy they aren’t happy and like I said if they are it’s likely that one of the three isn’t right. Wealth is relative and if they’ve known nothing but money for most of their adult lives then saying they have enough is missing the point. They have a sense of their own value often wrongly but it’s like any normal person you’ll work for a rate you think reflects your skills and experience and that’s what you expect. That can be a reason for a player to want out like in Coles case. Others may just want the club to show some ambition like RVPs case

  52. Gunner2301


    A tell tale sign of Arsenes view of the team or what it’s image should be is his inability to find and install a proper captain but prefer to use the captaincy as a sweetner to keep a player. Fucking disgraceful if you ask me. Look no further than Wenger if you want to know where the traditions, heart, values of the club have gone.

  53. lizardking

    He must be gutted that went and had instant success elsewhere but wouldn’t that make your more encouraged to do it where they couldn’t? I agree things could have been handled better but by going public and basically throwing the towel in, instead of biting your tongue and fighting for what could be ?I We would never have won the war if we all felt like that.

  54. andy

    gunner2301 I haven´t read the whole conversation to be honest but your statement “Others may just want the club to show some ambition like RVPs case” is simply living in a dreamland … RVP went for money. he only went for money. money is all he cared. it was money money money. + a little little bit preference playing for a club with history instead of a club financed by a sheikh. but it´s just down to money. may I remind you that he left after pod, gir and cazo came in? that shows ambition. many many people here (even the guys hating wenger) saying we have a better squad than the mancs (before we sold him). I loved his commitment last year, I loved his attitude last year, I loved how he behaved but he definitely only went for money. if we had offered him 200k a week he would have signed on without any doubts. his family asked him to stay PUBLIC! I mean … come on … and since wages increase steadily and agents get paid more and more identification decreases. love for a club? hahaha doesn´t exist. it´s all down to money or -in some special circumstances- seeing a chance to earn more money later (like arteta). you know what? every player wants to play for barcelona or real … now the taxes increase. you know what´s going to happen? yep, every player wants to play for bayern (germany has the lowest taxes in football right now as far as I know and by far lower costs for property). if germany rise their taxes everybody wants to play for I-don´t-know-yet … it´s all about the money money money

  55. Royal Bludger

    As far as players leaving – let’s learn something from Aristotle:

    – The most important participants at the Olympic Games are … the spectators!

    – *WE* are the club … WE, the supporters – not this or that player, or this or that manager, or this or that chairman.

    – Some players, managers, chairman become truly great, and are recognised as “Gods”.

    – Somee fly too close to the sun, melting their wings, and fall to their mortal deaths.

  56. lizardking

    Gunner , your right in that we lost the players that would live an die for AFC but hopefully with Bould as the Captain of the ship we can rediscover that. In that I mean AW is now the Drunken Admiral that only does the business end of things and takes the flack etc. I think we are on a verge of a new dawn and AW is instrumental in this as he negotiated a very heavy storm and got us through a difficult time. As for the captain armband, well I believe its on the right arm now and should always be the CB or GK. .

  57. DaleDaGooner

    Great posts Geoff! Agreed….that’s quite remarkable coming from me…I agree with all, including the dumb PHW, TalkShite, and the fact that Wenger thinks a “fair financial” playing field would separate the boys from the toys….I usually stay away from pointless slagging….BUT in this case, if you find it hard to beat Swansea, Blackburn, Birmingham, Stoke etc…then it aint about the money! We obviously can compete with Chelsea, City play wise, as we beat them over the years, it’s not the money spent (how much on individuals) that separates us, it’s the consistencies and tactical nuances along with retaining top talent reasonably. If you had to let go RvP, then a player in the Falcao mode wasn’t a far reach to replace with (Atletico did it after selling Aguero)…

    Waiting and blaming amounts is tedious cry….No reason why we didn’t add 1 or 2 more quality players before Sept 1st….

    I’ll enjoy how we are looking for now, till we have to rotate in our bench players.

  58. andy

    may I ask you guys, who thinks something like identification still exists; would RVP have left us in case of SAF saying “you will get 50k a week”? would ronaldo have joined real if they had paid him 60 k a week? would rooney have signed on if SAF had offered him a 70k a week deal for 5 years? why do you think a guy like lloris joins spuds? why did neuer join bayern? he is a schalke fan since his birth but he joined them? call it ambition, call it fame, call it honor … in fact it´s money. there was a time I really thought the same way you do right now. I believed (and at a certain extent it really used to be) players join clubs they love and will never leave them. I thought playing for your favorite club is like the highest achievement. nope. the aim is to earn the maximum. people tend to compare it by saying “you earn 1000k a month, another company offers 2000k; what would you do?”. it´s not the same thing really as the players we are talking about earning more money than they are able to spend in their whole life (if they aren´t completely dumb). they can live a wonderful dream. but greed destroyed them. and although I don´t want to blame others for our situation – once abramvich came in the whole football changed dramatically in “I want to earn as much as possible” instead of “I want to play for MY club”. nobody has to blame abramovich himself – if he hadn´t done it others would have done it. it´s was just a matter of time. the real question is “would you leave your company for another if your lifestyle doesn´t change at all?” but in fact more or less every footballer would leave a club if another pays him 5k more a week although in reality they don´t really have any positive effect of that pay rise. it´s just some kind of “my dick is bigger than yours”

  59. Sadam Mahessar

    By the end of November, Arsenal would have played away to Brittania, Anfield, Etihad Stadium, Upton Park, Carrow Road, Old Trafford and Goodison.

    That’s a lot of tricky fixtures out of the way in first 3 months. I would be very, very happy if we took more than 5 points from Etihad, Old Tafford and Goodison. Also, our trip to West Ham will be a little too early for Carroll to recover, shouldn’t be too difficult in his absence there.

  60. DaleDaGooner

    And a good 5 years of engaging posts to Pete and Geoff….even if i sometimes disagree with certain elements on here, i still come back to read and be entertained! Top 5 years guys

  61. kwik fit

    Pedro and Geoff apparently have been on the piss all day and are currently in a strip club in Croydon. Wouldn’t it be funny if they missed tomorrow’s post.

  62. damien joyce

    I was also listening to that shite for some reason but couldn’t turn it off because I am still fascinated how these idiots are deemed experts, especially said fat twat, for me an expert would not be a half wit that never really pushed himself to be the best he could etc (e.g. W.Bogarde, C.Cudicini, W.Bridge even). People can have their opinions on Messi/Ronaldo but Messi has a God given talent and works to keep it, Ronaldo has just worked his bollox off to be the best he possibly can, I know he’s a bit of an eejit but u can’t knock him really.

    On the Cesc thing, It’s quite a strange situation, I can’t see him having a fruitful coming season, maybe due to Tito Vilanova being a TIT, maybe Mourinho was right to poke him in the eye or perhaps he’s only seeing Cesc with his bad eye. I also can’t imagine Cesc playing for another EPL club despite Na$ri, RVCunt etc, perhaps he could move elsewhere, but I do wonder if Barca board may intervene in not wanting his DNA to be totally outta future reach, Arsenal may come to some kind of arrangement which would see us buy him back for same price sold or bit cheaper maybe but adding clause for Barca to re-repurchase him again for similar fee in 3-4yrs time. I know it sounds bizarre and it is probably a complete non mover but stranger things have happened in football.

    Come on Cesc, Come home to Santi

  63. RCG1414

    “and overweight second rate footballers, they are all just self opinionated puffed up tossers.”

    Oh you mean Robbie Savage…..wow i can’t believe you referred to him as a footballer!

  64. lizardking

    Kwik Fit you cunt (its past watershed) you stitched me up with insurance then tried ripping me off with some dodgy 3rd world tyres. Ta mate

  65. Eaglegunner

    Happy birthday Le Grove, Pedro & Geoff, thanks for providing a quality blog, read more than i post….Geoff good post, especially the part about Talkshite!

    Bacary is God, funny thing is i entertained the same thought as your kids teacher…the possibility of going unbeaten but i had it between this season and next if….if…all personnel are kept and added to. I’m impressed with our defensive abilities…but our up coming games against Chelski and Citeh will give a good indication of what our capabilities are this season,

    Have a drink and celebrate guys, 5years!

  66. Niyi Agboola

    Just wishing Le Grove Happy Birthday on this day. May the blogg be around for long! Kudos to Jeff and Pedro for selfless work over the five yrs of blogging and support for #Arsenal! #UpArsenal

  67. Bazza

    @ Andy
    You don’t know much about life. You seem to be saying people that earn a ton of money should be less concerned about loot than others. If anything the reverse is true.
    Footballers are no different to the rest of us. Most of us try to maximise our income by working at a job that pays most. If the job is with a more prestigious company then all the better. With footballers there’s even more urgency because of the relatively short career and injury dangers.

    Loyalty is about how you treat friends and family not about the workplace.

    What makes you think that when you’ve achieved a certain level of wealth you stop wanting more? Of course it’s greed, but that’s what makes the world go round.

  68. kwik fit

    So Arshavin’s staying then it seems.
    If he could get back to his form when he first arrived it would be like ‘ a new signing’
    In 2009 he was probably our most important player …a real game changer.
    He’s not too old. The dropping from the Russian national team may just me the kick up the arse he needs to get fit.

  69. Johnty79

    Kick fit u knit, arshavin is shit end of. He couldn’t get a game for the paralympic football team. They have desire he has a mier kat expression on his face all the time. 4 m in wages own the drain this year. Great signing by wenger who turned down modric for being to small……..

  70. Gunner2301


    You can’t just put it down to money. RVP said no contract was discussed so why would we not believe him? I didnt see anything about an offer being put to him. So it sounds like he Wenger and Gazidis discusse the future and he didn’t like what he heard (who knows what that was but Song was sold out of the blue). There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Also you have to consider that there were no other clubs that came with offers so did united have to offer him 3 times what he was on? I don’t think so.

    So falling into the money argument is exactly what the club wants us to think about players who leave because if we believe the alternative ie Wenger has run out of ideas nobody believes in his methods anymore and he has created a culture where players are happy to pick up the easy money according to Nasri what do you think that would do to the Clubs stability?

    I don’t hear anyone running Henry down? Did he not get more money at Barca? Did he not leave to fulfil his dreams? At least RVP hasn’t come back saying Wenger is the right man like Henry did after running a mile because he didn’t believe in Wenger anymore.

    Weve seen the pattern so many times. Now Sagna is speaking out and will be gone next. Remember the model professional, consistent hard worker he is when were calling him a cunt coz he left for money. Its a case of do you need to cope apart from face the reality. We need to get some perspective on this. Love the club yes but don’t let the men who run it fool you.

  71. kwik fit


    I admit that in his present shape that he would struggle to make the bench in the paralympic football team but if he was motivated to shred the fat arse and Wenger actually played him in his preferred position, in the hole behind a big tall striker, then maybe ,just maybe, we could have ourselves a player.

  72. Keyser

    Arshavin’s preferred position is anywhere where he has fuckall defensive responsibility, he can’t get back and he can’t adjust.

    Thing is if he scores or assists he balances that out, but Wenger gave him plenty of games last year to find some form and he couldn’t. I don’t think he has it in him to be a regular again, maybe if Sagna comes back and he swtiches wings.

  73. kwik fit

    The Arshavin of the last two years is a waste of a squad number no doubt.
    If however he can get motivated and fit he could become a contender again. The
    Arshavin of 2009/10 was a worker who done his fair share of defending as well has being inspirational in attack. A fit Arshavin needs a free role. Ne and Cazorla could work together.

  74. Keyser

    He didn’t do his share, he simply made sure he made it count at the other end, the difference between the work Gervinho or Podolski put in is ridiculous.

    We’ve got Wilshere we need to ease back in, Arteta and Rosicky who are both 30 odd, Sagna to ease back in, Diaby who’s due an injury, Giroud needs games, how many players can we make exceptios for ?!

    Hopefully he gets a few sub appearances and if he manages to produce again he can come in I wouldn’t just give him games for the sake of it now. Cazorla works hard and seems to tire in the later stages.

  75. andy

    Gunner2301 thats simply not true. Fact is rvp earns 200k more or less. He earned 85k with us, we wanted to give him around 130k. So if its due to ambition he would have joined them for 130k +-. He earns more – why? Cause he said something like “fergie i am only going to join you if you offer me at least 90% of city” … Or maybe even more. But as you tried to point out as part of your opinion is in reality supporting mine. And please dont use this dutch guy and king henry in the same breath its disgusting. Its like adams and squid … And by the way ive never doubted henry went for money. His own words after his goal against leeds were “this is my first goal as a fan of afc”. But he didnt join another team at the first opportunity like nasri or rvp. He signed on after good seasons … I still dont believe you compared them …

  76. DeeOzGooner

    Happy Bday LeGrove! I have been reading your blog religiously since the start!!

    You guys are the only blog I MAKE time for, thankyou for all your hard work & time over the years…

    Up the Arse!

  77. Gunner2301


    I call it as I see it and to me if Henry leaves because he feels the teams not strong enough to win anything that’s no difference to what RVP is saying. Did you say I can’t believe it when Henry came back and tried to preach to the fans that we should continue to believe in the Wenger bollocks when he’d already shown us that he didn’t?


    As much as I love the guy he should have just kept his mouth shut come done his job got his money and fucked off. He can’t ask us to believe something he didn’t believe in himself what a contradiction. I’m not gonna turn a blind eye to that shit because he’s a legend. To me he’s a legend and also a hypocrite.

    As I’ve said before when RVP outed the club he did us a favour by letting us know how unambitious the club are, and even after that and even after Song has been sold and even after the failure to strengthen as the window closed, there are still fans who are in denial about what’s really going on (and I don’t mean you specifically). If after all that people can’t see then they are completely lost.

  78. TJ

    Happy Birthday Le-Grove…Having been a reader of your site for near on, at a guess, three years, i thought i’d never get round to commenting. I did suspect however that Gambon would eventually force my hand!! I was right……looking forward to my Caramello!!! 😉

    Shame it’s not a talented Brazilian footballer!!

    Keep up the good work Geoff and Pedro.

    Have a strange feeling we’re in a winning season, eerie!! Much like the sensation of complete calm i had during the last few minutes against ‘pool!! Normally i’d have been fully expecting us to concede, now, i fully expect us to not…!! Encouraged!!

  79. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Where’s your perspective here ?

    Just because Henry moved on doesn’t mean we weren’t in a good situation does it ? It just means he thought he’d found something that suited him better elsewhere, unless you’re deluded enough to think we can offer players things no other team in football can.

    You’ve got it the wrong way around, Henry can pretty much say what he wants, Van Persie can fuck off about ambition and other bollocks.

    When Henry moved on who do you think was going to benefit ? Why did Wenger think the club could take the loss, because he’d put his faith in Van Persie, what happened that year ? We finished 4 points from top and Van Persie missed half the season.

    Henry won titles for us, was the best player in World football, or at least the premiership for years on end, and then at 30 decided to move.

    Van Persie had everything he could’ve possibly needed to succeed with us and as soon as he looked like repaying the faith the club had put in him, decided to cash in and move on.

    If it wasn’t about money he should’ve paid back the money he earn’t on the physios bench when he could’ve been the difference between us winning titles or not.

    Don’t get that at all, you can slate Wenger all you want, but Van Persie and him go hand in hand, ffs Henry where did Henry end up ? It wasn’t Man United was it.

  80. Keyser

    Same with Song, if after all the shit Alexander Dmitri Song Billong got on here he turns into one of those players that people use to crticise the club then there needs to be some shooting.


    Evening all, havent been on for ages as i,ve been stuck on nightshift at Airbus. Can somebody please gag PHW he is nothing but a mouthpiece for W****er and his slimeball mate Ivan, its is becoming a joke.
    I;m not a doomer by nature nor am i an AKB but i think we have a good basis for a challenge for the EPL but im pretty sure we are 2 or 3 players short. Balancing the books does not mean turning a constant profit, Arsene!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    As much as im looking forward to JW returning i dont think he will be the deciding difference.
    Just a thought but how about Usmanov and his companies sponsoring the team and the ground?
    Surely then the BoD could have no excuse for not spending?
    Maybe he would have more of a say then ,
    Im not in favour of spending a la “citeh” but Usmanov and his solicitor( sorry i forot his name) do seem to love the club and want it to succeed so mega sponsorship deals may be a way forward.
    Btw thanks to Pedro and Geoff for the most entertaining Arsenal website,,
    Up th Arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    Whats your favourite moment of the season so far?
    Mine has to be Podolski giving Giroud a massive rollicking for missing a chance against Liverpool,even my missus (who is a born and bred Liverpool fan ) laughed her arse off at that and said ” its about bloody time you had someone who gave shit where it was deserved”


    Keep the faith brother, i have a feeling things will change ( or at least i hope so1)
    As someone famous said ” It can’t rain all the time”

  84. marcus

    WALLS OF JERICOSeptember 7, 2012 00:23:59
    Whats your favourite moment of the season so far?
    Mine has to be Podolski giving Giroud a massive rollicking for missing a chance against Liverpool,even my missus (who is a born and bred Liverpool fan ) laughed her arse off at that and said ” its about bloody time you had someone who gave shit where it was deserved”


    It was Gibbs

  85. Moray

    Happy belated birthday, LeGrove.

    We”, it looks like Sagna will be leaving along with Theo next year then. Eventually, we will have no decent players left and the rot will stop.

  86. ikon

    Sagna’s comments are no surprise to me frankly… everyone is a ahuman. He is 29 and injuries are starting tobecoe quite regular now for him…. with the club having no history watsoever of retaining aged players with suspect injury records, he will be max offered a 1 year contract extension with a marginal or no pay rise. But one of the best professional footballers i have known. I fear though that continuing to do so will send the wrong signals to others at the club, and this will effectively shorten the careers at the clubs since many people would realize this as soon they are 27, that they need to get a contract extension with a satisfactory pay else look for a contract elsewhere since anyways at 29 they are going to be dumped.

    Effective, but not very humane, and definitely the right way to take the soul out of a club and make it a comemrcial franchise.

  87. Bjonan

    Alex James
    Matchy Quite agree. Fabregas would not suit our current style. Also, although it will be argued by some that he is not in the same disloyalty league as the cloggy, he did refuse to play again for the club I believe. This resulted in Barca paying below the market price and left us scrambling around for a last minute replacement. To my mind, anyone who leaves our club for ‘success’ should never be allowed back. The only one I would take back would have been TH, as it is my understanding that difficult personal circumstances played a part.

    Fab4 would fit into our system without braking a stride..this system we use was built arround him(4-2-3-1) him playing among the 3midfielders and besides he is a more box to box player that S.Carzola…

    secondly Fab4 refused to hand in a transfer request even when Barca where pushing him to because it would have made him cheaper its actually why Barca almost pulled out of the deal.Talk about loyalty, at least he chose to leave us with enough money hoping that we would replace him and no LOVE LOST.

    He is a Catalan by Profession and a gunner by BLOOD..

  88. Lordbergkamp

    Bjonan – you’re wrong mate.

    We got less for the Catalan dwarf than we should have done because:-

    1. He only wanted to go to Barca giving a set of bidders of 1.
    2. He virtually went on strike to force through the move.

    Additionally he has:-
    3. He has admitted that he is too slow for the current Barca team.

    And I think Santi is going to be better! Why spend big money on a player we have just replaced 2 years too late? Would be the wrong timing completely. And he won’t take a drop in wages, we won’t give him 200k pw. Man city or psg is where he will end up.

  89. Bjonan


    He virtually went on strike to force through the move

    Its really simple,Fab4 gave us 1 more year after he had decided he wanted to leave,he had a chat with AW and he was asked to give us one more season and then go to Barca which Barca were well aware of(thus bringing down his price tag).Besides that was his only chance to get onto the spanish 1st team so it was more about his international carrier but AW wanted to stand in his way despite playing that extra season we(AFC) had asked him to play.

    He has admitted that he is too slow for the current Barca team

    What would you expect,he hardly plays his preferred role for reasons we all know(Xavi/Messi),Fab4 is not first in terms of speed n what happens when you play a slow person on the wings? he will definitely be out paced by the full backs compared to his preferred central mid field role where he picks the ball from his half of the pitch and looks for a pin point pass forward which doesn’t require a lot of pace just touch n go.

  90. Mayank


    Cesc coming back has exactly a 0.01% chance of happening, however, if he were to come back, from a footballing point of view we’d be stupid not to want him. Especially seeing as we might get him cut price.

    This would be the best attack in the PL

    Back 5
    Arteta – JW
    Cazorla – Cesc – Podolski

    Even with at best the 5th best striker in the PL we’d easily have the most goals.

  91. ikon

    I hope Giroud is working his ass off at training and finishing. He will continue to get almost 1 chance per game with Cazorla and Diaby in the mid field, hope he takes them.

  92. Bjonan


    sigh………the negativity from some Gooners is preposterous…….i mean cmon u dont need a team full of stars to win the title…….United won it with a shite team 2 seasons ago………its all about heart and determination………and thats what the current Arsenal team have…..apart from a few lazy bums……..

    Thats the spirit Ice am with you on that.

  93. Bjonan


    I still don’t understand how people haven’t realized that winning silverware = even more money. For a club that is all about the business end and profits, you’d think they’d know that sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

    Bill,the factor you are forgetting is spend money + not winning silverware = crisis…This means that its not a must that you will win because you spent a lot of money e.g Manshity,Manure and Chelski have spent money but there is only one EPL winner……….my point being you can not take a gumble and spend reclessly in the hope that you will win silverware and get returns.

    So the policy is,buy the neccessary players you need and the rest will come in the next transfer window(Jan-Dec)..Whats the point in buying Yan M’villa,Mbiya.Liorente when we have failed to offload Charmak,Ashavin and the likes of diaby,JW,Rosicky,Sag n Frimpong are returning from injury…then you have the like of the coq,OX,Jenk,Gnabry coming of age..

    Y shud we gumble on spending recklessly in hope of winning silverware and yet we can mould a winning team out of the ones we have(besides Charmak and squid-beyond repair)..

  94. Bjonan

    I usually stay away from pointless slagging….BUT in this case, if you find it hard to beat Swansea, Blackburn, Birmingham, Stoke etc…then it aint about the money! We obviously can compete with Chelsea, City play wise, as we beat them over the years, it’s not the money spent (how much on individuals) that separates us, it’s the consistencies and tactical nuances

    Spot on Dale…….spot on!!