Spanish Law changes make Ronaldo and Messi Arsenal targets… right? | Defence and midfield assessment

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I moan about this every year, but seriously, who in their right mind thinks an international break three games into a season is acceptable in any way, shape  or form? Firstly, 90% of football fans don’t care about international friendlies. Secondly, we’ve over indulged in low quality international tournaments already. The Olympics and the Euros hardly blew me away. Thirdly, give us a damn chance to get into our club game rhythmn before we start throwing national games into the melting pot.

… and fourthly, what the f*ck am I supposed to write about for the next two weeks?

Well, firstly, I had a text from Geoff this morning saying that the Spanish tax rate was just put up to 52%. As he pointed out in a blog post, Spain are bankrupt… they’ll need to recoup some money… and they’ll come for the foreigners first. The Government has closed the loop hole on the so called ‘Beckham Law’ allowing the Treasury to claim an additional 28% tax from players like Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Modric.

That’s going to put the Spanish Champions in a bit of a situation. The same for Barcelona. How will they afford to up those players salaries? In short… they won’t be able to. So they’ll have a whole host of players thinking about leaving I’d imagine. Which to be honest, is totally hilarious. Christiano ‘I want a life contract’ Ronaldo is only in it for the money, which does make me feel slightly better about all the money grabbing monsters we’ve had at Arsenal over the past few years.

In Arsenal news, where are we at now the transfer window has shut?

Well, right at this very moment, we’re in a pretty good position. I think if we’d conceded a few more goals this season, we’d have had the ready made excuse of not having 3 of our back 5 playing. So far, we’ve conceded a total of zero. That’s a big, big positive for the side. Especially as we have Koscielny and Sagna coming back after the break and hopefully Chezzer (who seems to be missing games in the same way Diaby used to before we were told he was out for the foreseeable).

The first two games of the season were geared around defensive solidity. We lost some of our attacking flair as a result of this. However, it was clear that much of the attacking prowess we lacked was probably down to a lack of familiarity the midfield forward had with each other. The Liverpool game opened gave us the first glimpse into how this new team can play and I’m pleased to see that there seems to be a whole variety of attacking shapes opening up.

With Giroud up top, we can play in a very direct way. He wins almost everything in the air and he’s a tall striker who is comfortable with the ball at his feet and he has the ability to play with his back to goal. We’ve also got a suitable amount of pace in the side to break at speak. That was demonstrated with the first goal we scored against Liverpool. Then there is the sort of goal every Arsenal team of the last 15 years has had the ability to nail… the pass and move. The fact this is all underpinned by discipline and accountability is the reason I think we’ll have a good season.

We’re only a few games in, so we can’t get too carried away, but the signs are positive. A team built with the collective ideal of not conceding goals is always going to fair better in the league. 49 goals was a massive failure last  year.

31 -37 – 41 – 43 – 49

The fact that it had got progressively worse over 5 years was the really worrying trait. It meant no one at the club was paying attention to the issue. We were trying to solve our defensive inability by becoming better at possession football. That was an insane way to approach the problem. Defence is an absolute art and it needs to be taught with the respect it deserves. It looks like we’re on track with that. If we want to win the league again, we’ll have to be sub 30. Too much of an ask this year I appreciate, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was the famous back four.

In midfield, the praise Abou Diaby has been receiving has been quite incredible. Fully deserved after the performance against Liverpool. It’s amazing how players who have been out of the game for so long can develop without training. How did Robin go from a good striker to a great striker without having the game time to match it? Abou Diaby might do the same this season if he can string 10 games together. That’s a massive if, and sadly, our season depends on that happening. His ability to turn defence into attack in a split second is a joy to watch. When those long rangy legs pull of a Kanu-esque piece of skill it’s an absolute pleasure… we need to see it across 40 games though.

It was interesting to read him compare himself to Yaya Toure in terms of role…

“In our teams, Yaya Toure and me have very similar roles,” he said.

“I am not like Alex Song. We have many players who can take his place like Francis Coquelin or Mikel Arteta, who likes to play deep. I want to get forward – that’s me.

“I have defensive duties as well so I need to have a good shape defensively and, as soon as we get the ball, go forward.”

What I like about that comment is firstly he respects that he has defensive duties. You can make that sort of mindset a part of the culture in the same way Newcastle used to have the culture of ‘we’ll score one more’. The other interesting comment is that he says Arteta likes playing the anchor role and that Coquelin can play there too. I mentioned earlier in the summer that the young Frenchman was 1 year younger than M’Vila. That’ll be a huge litmus test for us… what happens when Arteta picks up a knock? If he can fill in an play with the same discipline, we’ll be in a good position. We’re basically taking a massive punt on his development, but I have to be honest, I’m more comfortable about that than I was when we took a punt on Denilson. At least he’s talented!

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Anyway, that’s 1000 words which isn’t usually part of the Tuesday deal. Enjoy and hey, maybe let me know your thoughts in the comments?

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  1. ImarnuelAFC

    Err.. World Cup Qualifiers not International friendlies… But I think the these internationals interrupted the little momentum we had going.

  2. LAzer

    Sign em up. Good post.

    Diaby also said he owed the club for supporting him in that interview. Let’s hope he stays injury free long enough to pay us back.

  3. Zinc

    Does anyone think Real Madrid or Barcelona would find it hard finding financial suitors? Send a team to oil rich countries in the middle east (touch stereotypical) and find a backer – it would be an attractive prospect for most fiscal powerhouses, two of the biggest brands on planet earth capable of planet shattering turn-over. Nope, can’t see either getting in any trouble with such a strong global foothold and always growing markets to exploit in the far east, too much scope for money making.

    Course I have no idea what I’m talking about but still, I’m almost definitely right.

  4. jazz

    we need to pay the teachers first, then sort out our police dept, have the IEBC terms renogotiated, solve the jogoo road traffic madness before we can start a heaping endless praises to the team after only one superb game againist a toothless liverpool.

  5. jerrychokes

    Hurray!! Ronaldo his angry
    Maybe his agent should lay out his options

    Milan & Juventus—-> More bankrupt than NHS
    PSG & Man Shitty ——–> FFP lab rats
    Arsenal ——> sub 100k wages


  6. The Conmerchant

    I have got some very interesting info for you guys.Ignasi Miquel is being lined up for a move to Bolton. You-know-who will take his place in the squad and will join the coaching team next season. The bloke’s name is Mikel Silvestre.Le Boss has learnt a lot, hasnt he

  7. Gregg

    The squad of 25 including 8 home grown players is due today. We’re fortunate to have Wilshere, Oxlade, Frimpong & Jenkinson as freebies really as they’re U-21. I guess we’ll submit a 23 man squad, not that I expect us to add any out of contract players, but that leeway would be there if needed

  8. Family Enclosure Man

    I’m not sure how the idea of rich backers from the middle east would work at Barca: they are proud of being a club owned by their members, so they certainly couldn’t be sold to new owners. I suppose they could be sponsored – but would that inject the sort of money necessary to sustain the level of spending they’ve become used to? Logically, the state of the Spanish economy (and especially the banks), plus FFP ought to mean that the spending of the Spanish giants has to be reined in at some point in the next few years.

  9. ikon

    Frimpong looked like a tank when he played those few first team games… I am sure Coquelin would have showed enough in the training fr the manager to consider him an option good enough not to buy.

    International break is boring as hell.

  10. Paul

    Praise for Diaby what next praise for Wenger?.Is this really Le Grove?

    If you are not going write it i will “Wenger Out”

  11. Moray

    I would like to know if Barca still owe us anything on the players they bought? I imagine Songinho’s fee is being spread out, but are they all paid up on Henry/Hleb/Cesc etc? It wouldn’t surprise me if this wasn’t the case.

  12. Alexander

    I thought Diaby had a good game. It’s not a case of the criticism disappearing… Pedro has always (rightly) said he’s a good player, just injury prone.
    It was/is daft of wenger to gamble on him being able to play 30+ games tho.
    do we actually have a decent, deep midfield now?

  13. Premlee

    Song great timing on the pitch even better timing with his career moves.

    By the way..lay off Giroud fickle fans. The moment he starts banging them in you’ll be openly licking his bollocks on twitter for all to see. So please save your pessimism, it’s dull.

    Up the Gooners.

  14. Roberto Brady

    Jazz, we are paying the Teacher first, Le Professeur gets seven million a year! Though I agree that one swallow doesn’t make a summer.

  15. Iceman

    the One thing I hate more than VP leaving is negative Gooners….cmon guys, support your team all the way………thru thick and thin……..BTW Paul, Carrol has never scored 20 goals in any league FYI…….Giroud will come good, and its only guys like u who will make him turn out shite…..

  16. Leedsgunner


    I agree with you completely about the international window… at least it will be refreshing to go through this window not biting one’s fingernails hoping RvP doesn’t injure himself… please feel free RvP — it’s about time you had a nice long rest…

    Giroud is good in the air… the real question is do we have the wingers to service him? Gervinho has been talking the talk about being the new Pires… prove it on the pitch man. I hope AW has the sense to play Santos on the left midfield — anyone but Aaron Ramsey. Hopefully if we provide him with some service the big Frenchman will hit the net… beginning with Southampton. Here’s to hoping… and hoping…

  17. goonerjay

    Pedro. I’m disappointed. I was certain that you would have picked up on the news flying around that Usmanov has finally extended his shares to 30%.
    Takeover bid imminent? would shit c**t Stan sell.

  18. henry

    I dont think that it means selling all the big name it just they will sell non regulars soo expect cesc to be in a arsenal kit next season 🙂

  19. goonerjay

    Goonerman. I think Diaby proved on Sunday that he is far from Deadwood. Just very fragile. But then so was RVP for longer than Diaby and look at how he has come good.
    For years i have been wishing we sold him, but after Sunday i can see why Wenger perseveres…. the boy has immense talent. He just needs to get a decent run of games

  20. Nick

    Giroud has played well he had hand in first goal, making good run to draw defenders. He helps mix our play with his off ball runs he will come good, would like him to score soon so it dont become an issue in his head and confidence coz with any striker thats 40% of thier game fucked if it does!

  21. WengersSweeties

    Based in the last game I’d still give Diaby a chance to find form.

    I think most of the frustration about him is he’s hardly ever fit.

    If he has a injury free season he could be a useful player to have.

  22. Tope O.

    renewing contracts for Ronaldo and Messi won’t be a problem, cos the commercial deals that comes with having such a player in your team are enormous, and thats apart from millions to be made in shirt sales. As for squad depth, i must say i think Wenger may have been right to not sign another midfielder.: Arteta- Diaby- Cazorla; Wilshere- Coquelin- Rosicky/Ramsey/Chamberlain. These are just some of the midfield combinations possible for us this season.
    i however still feel we might need 1 more striker as, but then again, we still have joel campbell and Afobe out on loan.
    Initially i thought Jenkinson wasn’t good enough to be Sagna’s understudy, but now i don’t think we need any extra defender.
    Could this be the season, COULD THIS JUST ‘BE THE SEASON’?, i certainly hope so, i haven’t been this excited about our chances in a long long time

  23. Zinc

    PaulSeptember 4, 2012 09:48:36
    Giroud is the French Andy Carroll good in the air but couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo

    Wow, he did well to score so many goals last year then.

  24. One Wonder Season

    No way Diaby will stay fit throughout the season. The international break is upon us and Wenger must be hoping that Diaby will come back unscathed. Yes, Diaby was immense at Anfield but this is a weakened Liverpool side, minus Lucas . So what if we win against Liverpool? Still plenty of battles to be fought especially in late September against City and Chelsea. If we manage to win against them, then perhaps Podolski may speak about us being title contenders.

  25. goonerjay

    Gambon – A couple of very reliable people on twitter are reporting it and i remember seeing something on Newsnow at the weekend about Usmanov buying another 80 shares… all for over £17000 per share. Didn’t realise that took him up to the 30% mark though.
    Does this mean that Arsenal now HAVE to allow Usmanov to look at the books?

  26. Zinc

    Family Enclosure ManSeptember 4, 2012 09:51:58
    I’m not sure how the idea of rich backers from the middle east would work at Barca: they are proud of being a club owned by their members, so they certainly couldn’t be sold to new owners. I suppose they could be sponsored – but would that inject the sort of money necessary to sustain the level of spending they’ve become used to? Logically, the state of the Spanish economy (and especially the banks), plus FFP ought to mean that the spending of the Spanish giants has to be reined in at some point in the next few years.

    I’m sure they’d soon drop their pride over member ownership if their financial clout was under threat. You’re right though – all clubs will have to cut down on their spending over the coming years, but lots of big names are on long contracts and won’t want to break them for the club’s sake (look at City and Adebayor – they’re still paying him a weekly wage!) – so to comply with FFP they’ll have to find loopholes and I’m confident they will.

  27. Bjonan

    Giroud is the French Andy Carroll good in the air but couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo

    Paul yo just a piece v shit…how can u compare Giroud who has played 2 and half games with carol who has played for 3 different clubs(who cares how many games he’s played)….SHITTY JUST

  28. gambon


    No, the PL changed their rules on all that. There’s an Arsenal blog out there that has a lot of info on Arsenal shares/Usmanov. I cant remember what its called.

  29. Colonel Mustard

    You can tell already about Giroud. his movement is’nt great either. Its doubly worse with RvP banging in for fun.

    Ill never get over Robin being sold to United what a f***kin joke of a move

  30. Bjonan

    Today am proud to join the AKB family..

    When Viera left AW convinced the Arsenal funs that Cesc would take that role dispite him being young no experience look how far he’s gone.

    Then Cesc n Money Nasri left,he told us to give it time that VPussy would raise the i dont need to remind u what happened after that(we all got the reminder over the weekend).

    Then vPussy left,he has told us to give the POD9 time to settle..I know its still too early to jump on his 1goal over the weekend but even TITI the GREAT(14)
    took over 1months to score his 1st goal..

    So all u AW haters….Chok on it

  31. gooner87


    sadly not. premier league introduced a rule stopping the 30%ers automatically getting a chance to look at the books. Its like everyone is doing what they can to prevent usmanov getting in

    Just give him a place on the board, its not like he’s an unsuccessful businesman is it?

  32. Gooner S


    A long time ago, in the North Bank upper tier,early one season, I watched Arsenal lose a game. In desperation we put 4 up front with time running out. Wide right was a certain Thierry Henry. Thierry missed a few chances. One chap two rows behind said something like “You’re shit mate, you will never make it”. He never lived it down.

    Now I’m not saying Giroud with be another TH14 but for christ sake give the guy a chance. It’s been 3 games. Lets support the team we have and see where it takes us.

  33. Emiratesstroller

    At last Arsene has recognized that to win trophies you need a solid defence. The recruitment of Howe has already made a profound impact in
    that department combined with retaining our main defenders.

    Midfield also looks strong with a far better work ethic and discipline than
    in past.

    The departure of VP was a huge loss in goal scoring potential. Podolski
    is a good player, but I remain to be convinced about Giroud. Hopefully
    he will get used to tempo of EPL and also start scoring.

    I prefer to see Oxlade-Chamberlain in team than Gervinho and Walcott. These two do not work hard enough for team and are luxury players.

    As I said with loss of our stars we need to devote more effort to building a team and work ethic.

  34. Matchy

    Arsenal this year looked more solid in the defense because

    1. Podo is prepared to help out defensively. He is robust, stronger, prepared to go into the challenge than Persie.

    2. Noticed Walcott hasnt played much

    3. No song walkabout

    4. Giroud is a massive help in the attack too. Though he hasnt scored but he helps out by having a massive physical presence. e creates spaces for others. He puts ‘fear’ in the mids of the defenders. Its a mental thing. I better look after that big man … if i dont i’m in trouble.

    Hence the forwards is much closer to the midfielders and the midfielders are closer to the back four. Hence it is ‘more compact. when they defend. And more compact when they attack.

    Therefore the team is BALANCED OR MORE BALANCED. It is about the personnel. Too much attacking players minded will result is not good. Too much defensive minded players will have negatives too.

    In previous years arsenal attacks much faster because they had fabby who can release a 30m balls from no where and hit the strikers in the right spot.

    But as the team plays together more i see the team will improve their understanding more and the attacks will be more efficient.

  35. gambon


    You didnt answer my questions you retard…

    When was the last time Wenger won the PL?
    When was the last time Wenger was runner up?
    When was the last time Wenger won the FA Cup?
    How many times has Wenger won the CL?

  36. Doublegooner

    I’ve been hard on Wenger for many years now regarding tactics, the youth project etc.

    I also agree with Geoff whole heartedly who wrote over the weekend that not spending anything is riduculous if it is to just protect all the cash reserves.

    However if, & it’s a big if, Wenger is right about football going into meltdown then it could be a very good think for the game as long as UEFA stick to their guns.

    Players wages will be hopefully reduced greatly. My big concern is whether the UEFA will be able to control the transpancy ‘sponsorship deals’ where the brother in law / uncles sisters brother sponsors citeh for £200m for all the lamp posts in Eastlands !

    Perhaps we may need to give Wenger some credit in a couple of years. Lets see where we are then !

  37. Rico Smith

    We’ve done well so far granted but its only 3 games… lets not get carried away.

    Diaby has had amazing games before, hopefully he had training like RVP to prevent being injured.

    Looks good so far though

  38. Bjonan

    Giroud is shite tbh. He looks completely lost out there

    When u are a lone striker n u have teammates who think because your good in the air ey can just put in a half hazard pass and hope u get to it,yo definately goin to look like yo lost..
    Did u notice that every time our defence lodged the ball to him he won every ball but there was no1 to recieve his kick back o chest back o head back(whatever u want to call it)..
    If Carzola/POD9 can get to those flicks u will see his importance to the team,its not just scoring goals.

    Am sure those who have played some football on pitch(as a striker) can relate.

  39. gazzap

    Wenger has been saving money in case we dont make it into the CL, so he wouldn’t need to sell anyone, and could still afford their wages. Thats the reason for his stockpiling of cash, and the need for the £24m from RVP sale – he couldn’t afford to get zero.
    I think the fans view is always a bit riskier. A fan would always say keep RVP, and maybe he will sign during the season when he sees how good Poldi and Cazorla are. Some clubs that gambled on spending all their money to get success, have come badly undone.
    We might not agree with Wenger but he has his way of working, and the owners must love him for it. (I still think AW gets paid too much!)

  40. goonerjay

    Arse&Nose – I’m sure Arsenl would take Cesc back… at the right price.

    Didn’t Cesc give an interview last week and said he was frustrated and that if he had to leave Barca there is only 1 club he would go to…. That 1 club was us. We could do to Barca what they did to us with him. The boy has Arsenal DNA

  41. Kripakar Marur

    more importantly he would be cover for arteta. at the moment santi cazorla is the best player in our squad. but the most important player is arteta. there is no one in our squad who can do what he does. like last season, if he is injured we are FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEED. how much do you want to bet that he will get injured in the final match of our champs league group stage after we have already qualified as group toppers?

  42. @cynorix

    Nice post Pedro.
    I think it’ll be fair to raid the Spanish league.
    True test would come when we face shitty and Chavs

  43. Arse&Nose©

    Cesc may have to endure a frustrating season but by next season he will take Xavi’s place.
    Cesc should have seen this coming as we all did, the Barca team do not have room for him at the moment, he should have been patient and played for Arsenal for another 2 seasons earning more money.

  44. Bjonan

    When was the last time Wenger won the PL? –03-04
    When was the last time Wenger was runner up? –04-05
    When was the last time Wenger won the FA Cup? –04-05
    How many times has Wenger won the CL? –None

    I see yo point..but its bollocks

    But please tell me who is Arsenal’s most successful Manager of all time?
    maybe yo grandparents can help u with that..

  45. gazzap

    Its true we dont know whether Wilshere will return the same player he was. I imagine all being well, that he would get the nod, with Arteta and Cazorla.
    But yes beyond that Cabaye would get plenty of games either way. But now it will fall to Diaby and Coquelin.
    I dont think Ramsey is up to it. Rosicky is over the hill.

  46. gambon


    Dont agree. Cabaye is a little more attacking than Arteta, but i think has better tackling, intercepting & key passes stats.

    As a pair behind Cazorla they could be top class.

  47. gambon

    “But please tell me who is Arsenal’s most successful Manager of all time?”

    George Graham. 6 trophies in 9 years, or 0.66 per season. Also managed to win in Europe, something our senile frenchman cant do.

    Arsene Wenger. 7 trophies in 16 years, or 0.44 per season

    George Graham is 50% better than Wenger. Its official.

  48. Kripakar Marur

    i agree. but arteta at everton played a role similar to cabaye at newcastle and we converted him. the thing about arteta is that he is a decent tackler. but as dm the most important trait he brings to us calmness in possession which cabaye also has. so arteta and cabaye behind cazorla would be awesome. but if arteta gets injured, i would give cabaye a go there before any one else we currently possess. coquelin tackles decently but is too inexperienced and may not be so assured in posssession.

  49. ArsenalJoe


    So just to confirm that, Arsene (SEVEN) has won more trophies with Arsenal then George Graham (SIX) and any other manager yes? So Arsene Wenger is Arsenals most successful manager? Cheers for clearing that up Gambon.

  50. g0tch34ted

    Kripakar Marur September 4, 2012 10:55:53

    arsene wasn’t joking when he said he will sign only super quality players!


    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!


  51. ikon

    If Cesc comes back, forget about defensive midfielder, don’t think Arsenal will loose ball in the midfield with Arteta, Cesc and Cazorla… with ample cover for any unwanted injury fears over Diaby.

    I would take Cesc even for 24 million, no questions asked, he simply will not be able to fit in the Barca side as much as in this Arsenal side.

    Falcao is out of the question i think… We will be able to tempt such player only if either we win both PL and CL this time, or change our wage structure and inflate it by at least 50% or so.

    Realistically, i think Cesc + M Villa/Wanyama -Arshavin – Chamakh – theo + a mobile striker would be a dream trio of signings… within budget also i would imagine.

  52. Goonerism


    Why are you so keen for Usmanov to buy more shares in our club? Are you really that desperate for success that you are willing for our great club to be in the hands of someone like that? I don’t think I would like it, I don’t want Arsenal FC to be anything like Chelsea or Manchester City.

  53. Kripakar Marur

    have the last 7 years taught you nothing? no signings in january. next summer mvila on a free if not one else trumps us and some new striker if and only if giroud doesn’t click. rest will depend upon who we are selling.

  54. stevie walnuts

    Peter, Peter, Peter. What are you going to write about during this boring international break?

    How about sparing a few words of congratulations for the Arsenal ladies team who have made it to yet another final – The Women Super League Continental Cup. They beat Bristol and will play Birmingham ladies in the final on October 10th.

    They’ve been brilliant for a good few years now, winning loads of stuff. You might say there is no comparison between their football and the Premier League but you can only beat the opposition in front of you and they have been so dominant.

  55. goonerjay

    Goonerism… How could it possibly be worse than a silent owner who couldn’t give a fuck and sees us as nothingmore than a business venture to make profit on.

    Atleast Usmanov is a fan and attends games and would make building a strong squad his priority. It would also make us the 2nd richest club in the world behind the Sheikh. The days of being the ‘Big’ clubs whipping bitch would be gone.

  56. Dream10


    Fuckin guy. You know your footballers. Cabaye is more mobile than Arteta and has an edge to his game. Technical and an aggressive streak in his repetoire.

    One of the reasons why I love Suarez. He has a hunger and relentness to his game along with technical ability.

  57. gambon


    Whats wrong with Chelsea & Man City?

    Usmanov is a vastly successful businessman. Hes 10x smarter than Kroenke.

    He has been vocal about his plans for the club, where as Kroenke knows fuck all about Arsenal & football.

  58. ikon

    And frankly that comment made regarding most successful manager is just not justifiable… Graham had to do only the rebuilding of the squad in an environment which is not plagued by money flows in and out of football, and other disturbances we have seen.

    The only conclusion we can reach from that comparision of .44 vs .66 is that Graham managed it better than other clubs AT THAT time.. (time and space), and Wenger has managed it better than 17 clubs on an average per year AT THIS time.

    Further adjustments to that number should be made with variance analysis as well as inputing champions league success as well, which actually ends up us being in pot 1, easier group, further qualification in the competition, and hence better financial results.

    No matter how much we go on and on about what is in it, we as fans are heavily biased towards on field success. Credit where it is due Gambon.

  59. Nathan Dale

    Regarding the Spanish tax, I can hear Cesc now:
    “Señor Villanova I need to change clubs… it’s not about the extra tax I have to pay… I have… Erm… Man City DNA”

  60. ikon

    “With a 16 year stint Graham wouldve won 10 or 11 trophies.”

    That is 100% speculative! If 50% of your calls were true, you would have the best returns on bets.

  61. Marrrfooo

    The boy DOES have Arsenal DNA! 😛

    Maybe it’s time we set up some fake Twitter accounts pretending to be players (with obvious fake names ala Fake_Diaby_4) and start rampantly tweeting ‘Cesc would be a great addition to the squad’ over and over and over and over and OVER AND OVER again until we sign him? 😛

    If we do that, definitely time to hammer Xavi, Pique and Busquets accounts.

    I read somewhere (and I’d appreciate it if someone can truly poo-poo it or not) that there was some kind of clause in our sale to Cesc for first option if they sold him or something? Not that it’d mean we sign him, but still…

  62. andy

    ikon gambon-logic says wenger is bad and others are better … he would prefer to have AVB with us iso AW … believe me, he would find numbers and stats supporting this

  63. bnsb

    Why are you so keen for Usmanov to buy more shares in our club?

    I thought everyone knew. Usmanov pays Gambon to be here 24/7 🙂

  64. Gooby

    I’ll take the first flight to barcelona and put an Arsenal shirt on the cunt’s back.

    He’s a cunt, but he’d be our cunt. And I can live with it, he’s such a top class player.


  65. Tim Themba Geschwindt

    Fucking hell some of you are fickle pieces of shit. Saying Giroud is shit after three games
    After the Liverpool game the analysts did a 15 minute analysis on Girouds movement in all three games and they were amazed how good it is
    He is so much better than chamakh and Bendtner.
    Henry took 8 games to score, and another 6 to get his second so stop fucking stressing.

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: Usmanov is a vastly successful businessman. Hes 10x smarter than Kroenke.

    Quantifiable ? No.

    Gambon: With a 16 year stint Graham wouldve won 10 or 11 trophies.

    Quantifiable? No.

    Pure supposition, nothing more

  67. Dream10

    Teams need to freshen up every two or three years. Even successful ones. Think David Silva, Ozil, Khedira, Fabregas, Ribery, Luis Suarez, Sneijder, Hummels, Vidal, Falcao, Higuain, Torres, Lewandowski, Fellaini, Cabaye, Ba will all be playing somewhere else next year. Change of scenery good for great players.

  68. Marrrfooo

    Yes, also worth pointing out anyone rubbishing OG12 at this point flat out needs their head examining.

    Sorry, but he’s miles better even at this stage than the likes of Nicky B and Chamakh and whilst comparing him to them isn’t ‘setting standards high’ it does provide at least some perspective and CONTEXT as to how at a base level he is decent.

    I really think he’ll come good. Pacey (enough), strong, excellent in the air, reasonable first touch (which I think will improve with goals) and an eye for a finish. Like a French Drogba in some respects – and no I’m not saying he’s as good as Drogba, of course not!, but he reminds me of him in certain ways…

    Leave the boy alone.

    P.S. I bumped into him outside Tower Hill tube on the Friday night of the opening ceremony on my way home from work. Recognised him instantly despite having only signed him a few weeks before. Walked up to him, shook his hand and said ‘Olivier, welcome to London and welcome to Arsenal’ – he looked so baffled and chuffed at that I couldn’t believe it. We both chuckled and off we went our separate ways.

    I did not shake a strangers hand for nothing, damn you! He will come good. Lol.

  69. Lordbergkamp

    Gambon = Moron!

    I remember the last years of Graham, too many shitty players in (brown envelopes, anyone) and really, really turgid tactics that the world was moving beyond.

  70. Arsene's Nurse

    Imagine a midfield 4 of Arteta, Jack, Cesc and Cazorla with a specialist holding midfielder behind them. 98% possession!

  71. michael

    wow wow wow gambon ,cudnt give a fuck about cesc
    just wondering how an ex foreign player if resigned wud fit the quota

    thanks buddy

    gambons the fkn man

  72. ikon

    I am actually concerned about Giroud. From the look of things it is clear why he has been termed as a late developer.. He has picked up things like movement upfront and how to win battles in the air over time… but his technique is pretty suspect. He breaks his stride every time he runs towards the ball to striker it, every time! .. thats too hard to change at this stage quite frankly. Chamakh had better control imo, but was too slight to be a target man.

    Giroud does well as of of now, but defenders in future matches will study him well and prolly figure out that they can afford to give him a head start and even then prolly cover him up later… So the defending will be biased against Podolski and Cazorla a lot more.

  73. Bjonan


    After Arsenal clears the debt(by next season) “hopefully u’l still be alive “..Am sure The Arsenal’s glory days will come back..

    Am sure even a retard like you can see that there is a transition in the team as a whole thanks to the departed wankers(Nasri,Song,VPussy) who thot ey where bigger than the club..

    Gambon feel free to leave as well…am grooming my young nephew to take yo place as a True Gunner Fan….

  74. Mayank

    Geroge Graham took us to 12th in a vastly easier league.

    In his last 3 season Graham finished 10th, 4th and 12th respectively. Twice we finished below Spurs.

    It is one of the most unfounded statement to say that if he stayed 6 more years he would’ve won 4 more trophies.

    Great contribution to the club but let’s not extrapolate it.

  75. home and away

    Nice new song started at Liverpool away ripping the shit out of the spuds 10 points gap – mail it to all gooners you know – lol

  76. Arse&Nose©

    Mayank, exactly what I said earlier

    “Roberto Di Matteo has 2 trophies in half a season , that’s an average of 4 trophies a season.” -according to dumb dumb logic RDM is the best manager in the world

  77. Keyser

    Two of the worst things Pedro could have done 1. Get rid of Youtube video embedding, 2. Give in to Gambon’s demands for 10%.

  78. Arse&Nose©

    Dumb-Dumb logic STAT – ATTACK :

    Arsenal have not conceded a goal in 3 games, and are the only team in the Premiership yet to concede.

    [0x3]/1 x 38 = 0
    Therefore we will concede 0 goals all season.

  79. Gooby

    Hill-Wood, who joined the board in 1962 and succeeded his father as chairman 20 years later, has no plans to retire. “I’m going to carry on until I get completely senile and then my colleagues will say, ‘It’s time you went’. But, at the moment, they haven’t got to that stage. I’m not indicating that I’m complacent but, generally speaking, the club are on a very sure footing and the potential is there.”

    isn’t he senile already?