Spanish Law changes make Ronaldo and Messi Arsenal targets… right? | Defence and midfield assessment

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I moan about this every year, but seriously, who in their right mind thinks an international break three games into a season is acceptable in any way, shape  or form? Firstly, 90% of football fans don’t care about international friendlies. Secondly, we’ve over indulged in low quality international tournaments already. The Olympics and the Euros hardly blew me away. Thirdly, give us a damn chance to get into our club game rhythmn before we start throwing national games into the melting pot.

… and fourthly, what the f*ck am I supposed to write about for the next two weeks?

Well, firstly, I had a text from Geoff this morning saying that the Spanish tax rate was just put up to 52%. As he pointed out in a blog post, Spain are bankrupt… they’ll need to recoup some money… and they’ll come for the foreigners first. The Government has closed the loop hole on the so called ‘Beckham Law’ allowing the Treasury to claim an additional 28% tax from players like Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Modric.

That’s going to put the Spanish Champions in a bit of a situation. The same for Barcelona. How will they afford to up those players salaries? In short… they won’t be able to. So they’ll have a whole host of players thinking about leaving I’d imagine. Which to be honest, is totally hilarious. Christiano ‘I want a life contract’ Ronaldo is only in it for the money, which does make me feel slightly better about all the money grabbing monsters we’ve had at Arsenal over the past few years.

In Arsenal news, where are we at now the transfer window has shut?

Well, right at this very moment, we’re in a pretty good position. I think if we’d conceded a few more goals this season, we’d have had the ready made excuse of not having 3 of our back 5 playing. So far, we’ve conceded a total of zero. That’s a big, big positive for the side. Especially as we have Koscielny and Sagna coming back after the break and hopefully Chezzer (who seems to be missing games in the same way Diaby used to before we were told he was out for the foreseeable).

The first two games of the season were geared around defensive solidity. We lost some of our attacking flair as a result of this. However, it was clear that much of the attacking prowess we lacked was probably down to a lack of familiarity the midfield forward had with each other. The Liverpool game opened gave us the first glimpse into how this new team can play and I’m pleased to see that there seems to be a whole variety of attacking shapes opening up.

With Giroud up top, we can play in a very direct way. He wins almost everything in the air and he’s a tall striker who is comfortable with the ball at his feet and he has the ability to play with his back to goal. We’ve also got a suitable amount of pace in the side to break at speak. That was demonstrated with the first goal we scored against Liverpool. Then there is the sort of goal every Arsenal team of the last 15 years has had the ability to nail… the pass and move. The fact this is all underpinned by discipline and accountability is the reason I think we’ll have a good season.

We’re only a few games in, so we can’t get too carried away, but the signs are positive. A team built with the collective ideal of not conceding goals is always going to fair better in the league. 49 goals was a massive failure last  year.

31 -37 – 41 – 43 – 49

The fact that it had got progressively worse over 5 years was the really worrying trait. It meant no one at the club was paying attention to the issue. We were trying to solve our defensive inability by becoming better at possession football. That was an insane way to approach the problem. Defence is an absolute art and it needs to be taught with the respect it deserves. It looks like we’re on track with that. If we want to win the league again, we’ll have to be sub 30. Too much of an ask this year I appreciate, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was the famous back four.

In midfield, the praise Abou Diaby has been receiving has been quite incredible. Fully deserved after the performance against Liverpool. It’s amazing how players who have been out of the game for so long can develop without training. How did Robin go from a good striker to a great striker without having the game time to match it? Abou Diaby might do the same this season if he can string 10 games together. That’s a massive if, and sadly, our season depends on that happening. His ability to turn defence into attack in a split second is a joy to watch. When those long rangy legs pull of a Kanu-esque piece of skill it’s an absolute pleasure… we need to see it across 40 games though.

It was interesting to read him compare himself to Yaya Toure in terms of role…

“In our teams, Yaya Toure and me have very similar roles,” he said.

“I am not like Alex Song. We have many players who can take his place like Francis Coquelin or Mikel Arteta, who likes to play deep. I want to get forward – that’s me.

“I have defensive duties as well so I need to have a good shape defensively and, as soon as we get the ball, go forward.”

What I like about that comment is firstly he respects that he has defensive duties. You can make that sort of mindset a part of the culture in the same way Newcastle used to have the culture of ‘we’ll score one more’. The other interesting comment is that he says Arteta likes playing the anchor role and that Coquelin can play there too. I mentioned earlier in the summer that the young Frenchman was 1 year younger than M’Vila. That’ll be a huge litmus test for us… what happens when Arteta picks up a knock? If he can fill in an play with the same discipline, we’ll be in a good position. We’re basically taking a massive punt on his development, but I have to be honest, I’m more comfortable about that than I was when we took a punt on Denilson. At least he’s talented!

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Anyway, that’s 1000 words which isn’t usually part of the Tuesday deal. Enjoy and hey, maybe let me know your thoughts in the comments?

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  1. mystic

    Lets be honest to ourselves, Cesc’s Barca DNA is too strong.

    However, if memeory serves me right, another one of the reasons why he was attracted was Pep Gaurdiola. Without Pep there and with things not as smooth as perhaps he was expecting, I guess there is the faintest of hopes, but in reality nothing more.

    Seem to recall somewhere that Arsenal had secured first option to buy, so maybe one day…………. assuming that Wenger no longer holds the purse strings.

  2. Doublegooner

    Cesc to Citeh…Please NO !

    One of my Gooner pals owns an Estate Agent ( Yes I know !!) and recently sold a players house, One of his close pal is an lawyer who told him mid june that VP baring an major obstacles wanted to & would end up at Utd. He also said Song would be gone…..and also said it was likely Cesc would end up at Citeh next season..

    I so hope his last ‘leak’ never materialises.

  3. Socrates


    I’d take Cesc back.

    Been watching him ever since he made the move and in recent days he seems to be sulking as he was in his last year with us. Like somehow the euphoria he had playing for Barca for the first 6 months is gone.

    Think its down to the way he is played as some sort of utility forward player.

  4. Lordbergkamp

    Why is everyone getting moist about cesc rejoining? He and Santi are far too similar. How would you play both in the same team? Can’t.

    Cesc doesn’t defend as his DNA will not allow it..

    I want Santi not cesc. Shame all the barcallistos hate him, they obviously don’t recognise his DNA profile.

  5. bazza

    “Youre like Bjonans not quite so spasticated brother, But still a massive down syndrome cunt.”

    Do we really have to put up with this sort of language from Gambon?

  6. Lordbergkamp

    Bazza – unfortunately, yes. Gambon’s DNA is pure evil…

    No junior gunnersorous at all.

    You have to excuse him though, his junior leap pad is a bit temperamental.

  7. mystic

    Iffy da goonSeptember 4, 2012 22:43:11
    ‘installment i.e fee for song this season is just 5m according to UEFA, not 15m as its over 3 years and how some expenditure undertaken by the club like spending on youth, infrastructure are not included in UEFA’s evaluations.’

    I would imagine that Uefa will have to review how to look at players fees. If I take out a mortage for a £100,000 house over 25 years, no one can suggest that because I am paying installments of £4000 per year (assuming that I had a 25yr fixed interest rate), that is all I have borrowed at a time.

  8. Socrates


    Santi can play on either side of the front three, I even think he is far much more effective in that position.

    Really feel sorry for Cesc, wasted talent on the bench, he was in the top ten of footballers in the world playing for us now he’s nowhere near that.

    Bring Cesc back I say!

  9. Lordbergkamp

    Socrates – cesc is proving to be one of the biggest examples ever of a system player.

    Like traitor boy we built a team around, and through him. I prefer the current team that goes through lots of different players.

    Cesc was a single point of failure. When he played badly so did we. Barca don’t and he’s not as effective. Go figure.

  10. Iffy da goon

    The don’t assume that’s all you’ve borrowed because it’s expenditure they are looking at and the cash that’s gone out is just the 5 million (in the case of song). It’s weird but it exists and it’s their rules

  11. Master P

    In a fucking heartbeat Incesc!

    Secretly hoping he realises he actually has Arsenal DNA lol
    Just watching a bit of Ars v Manure last season at emitates. Thhat game sums up just how shit theo is. We need to cash in on him and put it towards bring cesc home.
    Loving cazorla…them 2 linking up would be deadly

  12. Socrates


    The reason the team was built around him is because of his exceptional talent. The team as a whole benefits if it can get the best out of him.

    I get the need to have a well rounded team with every player taking responsibility but you still need a game changer, someone you can look to his magic to get you through tough patches.

    Do you really think if he came back he wouldnt improve us?

  13. mystic

    Iffy da goonSeptember 4, 2012 23:15:14
    ‘The don’t assume that’s all you’ve borrowed because it’s expenditure they are looking at and the cash that’s gone out is just the 5 million (in the case of song). It’s weird but it exists and it’s their rules’

    I am guessing that in the same way as a lender would look at the £100,000 and say that was how much they had lent, that Uefa would need to consider that if a player was bought at £15m, then regardless of how many instalments were being made the valuation should be for the full amount. Certainly if I were Arsenal that is something I would be insisting, otherwise how could they even faintly believe that FFP could work in their favour?

  14. eastofthelea

    Just read Hill Woods interview in the standard; what a utter cunt that man is.

    Him dissing Usmanov while backing Kroenke, memory loss or the by product
    of being a inbred cunt.

    Some seem to forget that our old money stemmed from evil fuckers robbing the
    poor but there offspring lack the killer instinct of the original.

  15. mystic

    Iffy da goon
    I guess Arsenal’s bizarre way of looking at it would be that after a period of time, the amount of installment calculations that would be taken into an annual account would effectively match what a club was spending as top whack;

    i.e. they buy a player for £50m over 5 years, therefore in year one only £10m is taken into account, but then adding all the other players who are being paid through installments and the £50m is effectively reached again.

    Though fucks knows. In some ways that would explain all the excessive spedning at Citeh before the FFP came into effect, but the rules do stipulate that wages are part of the calculation as well and therefore crazy wage packets maybe a bigger issue.

  16. Nasri's Mouth


    The reason I’m calling you an idiot, is because you’ve come up with some really stupid points after claiming you’d done a lot of research and thought.

    Firstly, it’s highy unlikely that Roman will ever be kicked out of the UK. Absolutely no reason to get rid of someone who contributes more than his fair share to the economy. Secondly, if he did, to call back his loans on Chelsea would be hurting no-one but himself. Thirdly we may be owned by 2 very rich men, but one of them is in complete control of the club. It’s not untenable at all. If Kroenke doesnt want to sell, he can happily keep it for as long as he likes. Fourthly, it depends on your definition of near future, but it’s unlikely Kroenke’s going to sell to Usmanov for at least a couple of years, and he certainly wont be buying him out, if only because Usmanov would never sell. Fifthly why on earth would he ever move the club abroad? That’s probably the dumbest yet. Sixthly, you’re basing your assumptions of what kroenke would do on his American assets. Sports franchises in America are quite a lot different. The idea that he would move Arsenal away from the Emirates would make no financial sense, and that is the only reason he’d do it. He wont follow the money, because the money isn’t moving, its at the Emirates. Seventhly, Usmanovs track record ? what track record ? All we’ve had from him are some nicely worded press releases and open letters designed to get public opinion on his side. We have no idea whether he’s genuine or not. It’s impossible to judge. Eighthly, Usmanov is a staunch businessman. Staunch ? what ? Ninethly if he takes control of Arsenal, we have no idea what he would do for us, and what it’s impact would be, so the one thing we cannot be sure of is that we’d be the best team in the world. Tenthly football has not become a one man business, it’s become a massive commercial enterprise. Eleventhly, is Kroenke especially hated compared to other owners of American clubs, or are you simply clutching at straws ?

  17. Zacharse

    Kroenkes been rejected by every worthwile sports franchise in the usa LA Dodgers most recently. Thats why he owns teams in denver and St Louis all of which suck. How AFC let this fucking weirdo in is still a mystery. I can understand rejecting dirty russian money but in favor of kroenke is rough. Ugh. And peter hill wood should be put into fucking treatment center the old rednose drunk slimeball

  18. eastofthelea

    Hill Woods all a bit handy, press wan’t a comment, shove out an old
    duffer who it would be a bit rude to press to hard…

  19. mystic

    ZacharseSeptember 4, 2012 23:47:22
    ‘How AFC let this fucking weirdo in is still a mystery.’

    Guess that is a question for David Dein, he was the one who introduced him and wanted him on the board in the first place.

  20. Ash79

    I’ve said it before, gambon is in with Pedro and geoff. He can’t be banned, he brings clicks to the site which helps with ad revenue. I could easily say gambon is a downsyndromed monged out retarded gypsy cunt but difference being I would get banned.

    The comments he posts have been viewed by the right people and its disgusting and its probably wise to disable the comments section ASAP until people learn not to discriminate, troll and bully, apparently there are laws online too.

    Hope the site doesn’t get shut down, its an entertaining site and for the most part good convo and debate amongst posters, hell even gambon at times drops a quality comment but its clear he’s gone off the rails and can’t control himself.

  21. Samir

    I’m pretty certain that when Usmanov takes over…The first thing he’ll do will be kicking PHW off the board and out of Arsenal football club.

    And good riddance to the old cunt!

  22. sam


    peter hill wood is the reason arsenal fc is in this situation. he prefers kroenke to usmanov because he agreed to his old policy of under spending for the team. as long as he’s still at the club he will fight to preserve his policy.
    and wenger is the right person for the job coz arsenal has always been stingy now they have a manager who hates to spend.. so wenger is unsackable. this evil board picked the worse billionaire in the world to make sure things remain that way.
    usmanov dirty money jibe is just the way to tarnish his image, are they clean themselves? at least usmanov want power and success not robbing the supporters like this current board.

  23. sam

    take out peter hill wood and arsenal fc will flourish.
    he’s the problem but i am afraid wenger is the first in the hit list once usmanov takes over. just needs a couple of poor results to get rid of him, i don’t think he will wait till the end of the season to celebrate third place.

  24. Iffy da goon

    1. “it’s highy unlikely that Roman will ever be kicked out of the UK.”

    That’s exactly what i said: “We can continue to kid ourselves that the gov will suddenly deport a man they’re making millions from”

    2. “to call back his loans on Chelsea would be hurting no-one but himself”

    That’s exactly what i said: “….or that he’ll suddenly decide to embarrass himself with a public battle against a club he owns”

    3. “we may be owned by 2 very rich men, but one of them is in complete control of the club. It’s not untenable at all”

    Writing open letters and keeping silent is not our way of doing things. Stan can only ignore someone as rich and powerful as usmanov for so long, especially when a lot of the stuff he says turn out to be true.

    4. I said “..the most likely to move the team, or trample on our values is mr Kroenke”, and i based this on the fact that he even considered moving the st louis rams for financial profit. My point here is that Kroenke does not give a damn about traditions and values. Sure he won’t move the team abroad but he may bring American style cheerleaders and that sort to Arsenal to make for more US appeal, or something sinister along those lines.

    5. Speaking of Arsenal from a business perspective, Usmanov has a track record of involvement in successful businesses that is far superior to that of Mr kroenke. At least usmanov speaks on what is a vision for Arsenal, Kroenke hasn’t said a single word.

    6. Kroenke can’t be the only owner in the US with dissatisfied fans but the fact that none of his teams are successful on the pitch speaks for itself. For all his talk about FFP and self sufficiency, it’s strange to know that he spent $140m in one day on 3 players for the rams. FFP and self sufficiency are just words he bandies around in England for his convenience.

    7. Kroenke was sold a farcical model by the old board in order to sell their shares, and now he demands a profit every transfer window. Like you said, American sports teams are different from the ones in England. For instance. there is no relegation in America so the competition is not as fierce as it is in the UK. Perhaps we’d all be better off if he kept to American football and hockey.

  25. Nasri's Mouth


    1. Its not what you said in your 1st paragraph though is it, are you telling me you’re arguing against your own points now ?

    2. Ditto.

    3. Kroenke can ignore Usmanov for as long as he bloody well likes. He owns the club. Usmanov can buy up all the remaining shares, write as many letters as he likes, wont make Kroenke have to sell.

    4. Again, you’ve failed to see the difference between how American clubs are run and European ones. The club wont be moved anywhere. The fact you even mentioned it shows how little you know. As for cheerleaders, now you’re digging yourself in a bigger hole. Do you honestly think Kroenke, a man who gives over the running of the club to the board is likely to ring up IG and say. “Ya know what this darn club needs ? It needs cheerleaders, see to it y’all” ? Dear god. We do have a commercial team at the club.

    5. How many sports clubs does Usmanov own ? Kroenke has said more than a single word, he’s made it clear (whether we like it or not) what path the club will follow. Usmanov may be good for the club if he took control, BUT you do NOT KNOW that. It’s pure guesswork. We’re going on the word of a fairly corrupt businessman who made money in much murkier ways than by lying to his customers to persuade them to trust him.

    6. None of Kroenkes teams are successful ? Are you sure about that ?

    7. Kroenke was sold a farcial model ? what are you on about ? He demands a profit every season ? You have some proof of this ? no, you dont.
    And are you really suggesting Kroenke went into a multimillion pound venture not knowing there is relegation in the European football leagues ?

  26. Lordbergkamp

    Guys – st louis rams used to be la rams. Us operates a franchise model, which means you go to the city ht offers most money..

    If we had that, every pl club would be in London or Birmingham.

  27. Arsene's Nurse

    Lordbergkamp September 4, 2012 22:59:56

    Why is everyone getting moist about cesc rejoining? He and Santi are far too similar. How would you play both in the same team? Can’t.

    Cesc doesn’t defend as his DNA will not allow it..

    I want Santi not cesc. Shame all the barcallistos hate him, they obviously don’t recognise his DNA profile.
    I see you can’t think outside of the box. Cazorla and Cesc fit into a team quite well if you use your brain. Your problem, like many others, is they can’t see that central midfielders come in many shapes, sizes, talents and desires let alone how a tactical formation is prepared/made or instructed. Instructed – that’s a key word. Santi and Cesc aren’t the same unless you want them to be.

    You come across as a “Football Manager casualty” ™ aswell as someone who can only consider a current Arsenal team on any given day minus any tactical awareness.

    Whilst I agree it’s insanity to expect Cesc back there isn’t any reason to include him in a SQUAD if theoretically available.

    It all depends how you want to play and the job in hand, Cesc did not play the role that Cazorla currently plays. Cesc was always deeper. If a specialist DM was purchased then an advanced centre midfield duo from Wilshere/Cesc/Cazorla is more than possible. In fact it’s positively delicious!

    We never purchased that specialist DM which is one of the reasons I’m pissed off. It would have given us a tactical choice that we don’t currently have (unless gimpmong or Coquelin [who I rate] is played in that role.

  28. Lordbergkamp

    AN – read that back, you make no sense.

    Cesc was awesome with us coz all the play went thru him, but we didn’t win shit with him in the team. Hmmm wonder why? It’s coz every big game we had someone like mr un-talented, Darren fletcher, marked him out of the game.

    With the curren team, mark Santi, as they surely will, we have poldi, ox, arteta, diaby who become focal point.

    Not just cesc. And only cesc. Please don’t bring him back. We need winners.

  29. Arsene's Nurse

    @ LordBergkamp – you obviously have the reading comprehension of a 5 year-old. If you had understood what I wrote it has nothing to do with Cesc and his past Arsenal career and how the team was set up around him. You are thinking in the past and not with a theoretical set-up that is built around a different formation and a tactical mindset.

    I specifically said that Cesc And Cazorla/Jack would play ahead of a specialist DM – that’s the qualifier.

    Cesc is world class – any team/squad would be better with him. You don’t have to play him every game just like you don’t have to play any player if you want to play in a certain way against certain opposition.

    This is a huge problem with football fans – they only ever think of the starting 11 and not the squad/bench and how the choice of substitutes and squad can affect a game/season.

    It’s the reason for criticism of the Ox against Liverpool when it was readily apparent that he was picked ahead of Walcott and Gervinho due to his defensive qualities.

    A lot of the play goes through Arteta, but is he shit for us? Have we won loads of trophies with him? No, however, it’s not about individuals, it’s about the team.

    Last year we conceded loads of goals with the same back 4, yet this year we look good. Why is that? You can take the same players and make them shit as you can make them good (relatively). Why is that?

    Just because a player wins nothing with us doesn’t make them shite.

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    I appreciate Lord Bergkamps point & Arsenes Nurse point as well. Its a bit of a dilemma if the rumours about Cesc have legs.

    May I just add this, I would rather have Cesc playing with The Arsenal rather than playing against. & strong squads do win the Titles.

    One thing is for sure though, barcelona are a pack of cnuts, just like man ure 👿

  31. Zacharse

    The worst part of this peter hill wood thing is his comments stating that we can’t bankrupt the club by spending 50mil on a player, and in the same breath that arsene knows how a club should be run and that annoys people. First of all, no one has ever expected arsenal to spend that on one player, no one. no one has ever expected arsenal to compete with city and chelsea on huge numbers. AFC is not a fucking bank though, we don’t need cash surplus we don’t need cash reserves on hand. we need a squad a coaching staff and a pitch. for FUCKS SAKE. Second, the people most annoyed with how arsene thinks a club should be run are that club’s supporters and its stars, who seem to be sold off every fucking year. this is too fucking much. I am a shareholder and I have recently written a letter along with my father who is also a shareholder, we did this twice last year and once earlier this year. we have gotten telephone responses, email responses and responses on their fucking letterhead. i don’t live in london, but if i did, i would be organizing SOMETHING

  32. Bjonan

    There is only one manager who can take over at Arsenal and maintain the culture of pass and move football and that is Guadiola…but I don’t think he is available anytime soon..

    And even then I dont think he can handle those board goons,he fell out with the Barca management over his player requests(despite having all that talent in his squad),now Gambon dont get me wrong am not saying Guadiola aint that good(arguably the best) but there are few managers who can work under the circumstances in which AW does(limited funding) thats if there is any,even the special one moaned about limited funds at Chelsea despite all the investments Abramovic had made.

    So lets give AW some credit and divert that hating to the Board,the guy is working with what he has..cut him some slak. JEEEZ!

  33. Iffy da goon


    The fact that Kroenke was willing to move his team says a lot about him. Without any regard for the local people, or the teams history. He obviously won’t move Arsenal but only because it’s not profitable to do so. MY POINT IS that he won’t be considering customs before he makes his decisions, probably doesn’t even know what they are. Americans don’t care, even malcom glazer tried the same with the tampa bays before he was persuaded to stay when the locals promised to build a new stadium worth 200m usd and paid for by increasing sales taxes. Is it me or does it generally feel like Ivan gazidis is going the AST a favour these days by showing up for meetings. That didn’t exist before now and its part of an erosion of the arsenal culture.

    Sheikh and Abrahamovic have showed us that you don’t need to have prior sports involvement to run a sports outfit successfully. And if they’ve shown anything it’s that the attention given to the team by an owner with only one franchise to his name surpasses that given by someone who just considers it a business.

    I challenge you to look up kroenke’s teams and name one that stands out as a success then i will acknowledge that i may have been wrong. Just one of his multitude of teams that enjoys the kind of success Arsenal used to have.

    Arsene Wenger stated himself that Arsenal must make 15 – 20 million from player sales every year. Not much to read between the lines there as this never used to be the case.

    I’m not the only one that can feel the dampening of expectations, the “corporatization” of Arsenal. Stan kroenke does not have a plan for success here. He is quite happy with the champs league pot every year. He’s never known successful Arsenal on the pitch and most of his teams are largely unsuccessful. If that’s the way you’d like to see Arsenal run then that’s fine. Me i’m in it for the trophies, and i’m not going anywhere so i’ll keep sounding him off until he does what’s best for the club.

  34. Gregg

    If we got Cesc back then Santi will go in the other direction. We’re a selling club and the big boys will hover and pick us off again. The better the season he has, the more liklihood of him leaving. Sad to say

  35. g0tch34ted

    Sung-Uk Park September 5, 2012 05:45:54

    IF (AND A BIG IF) Cesc returns..hope METZ gives up the number “4″ shirt

    Mert – 17 for Germany, we have no number 17.


  36. Iffy da goon

    Bjonan you’re getting it wrong. AW has funding. He creates these “conditions” himself and makes it seem like there’s no funding so it seems like he’s working ultra hard, but time and again the board has said and he has admitted that we’re indeed in a good financial position and that there are funds.

    He refuses to spend and gets patted on the back for it, that way he keeps a good amount of power and control at Arsenal. He sanctions sale of players that he knows the fans want to keep. In short Kroenke would be unable to pull off this self sustaining model without AW. If a new coach came in he’d try to get some of the best players as fans won’t accept a manager who can’t win. The board will be wary of whether he can deliver champions league football and will be forced to give him what he needs. The separation of the board from the manage will allow for accountability and we’d be a football team again

  37. Gregg

    The board have always been ambiguous with their comments on funds. They are prone to saying things like significant funds are available or if he wanted a £30m player we would find the money, but fall short of adding those funds and that £30m will come from selling. Yes you can have your £30m layer but you have to recoup it from departures. I’m sure we would have added to the squad in the final week however we could not offload Chamack, Arshavin, Bendtner to pay for it. Add Denilson to that list aswell. Better off just giving them all a free transfer, that said they’re probably better off running down their currebt one with us as it pays more than what they’re agents can negotiate with any new suitors. Fact is no-one wants them. However I see that as the end of project youth, can’t see us getting stung like that again

  38. Lordbergkamp

    Greg – what about ox’s new contract. Defo whiff of project youth. What’s the betting ox, on his massive new contract becomes the next theo?

  39. Iffy da goon

    Gregg what we now have is project not so youthful which is much better in my opion but until wage structure is address even that won’t work. Van persie left arsenal at the age of 29 for 20 m+, what’s to say the same won’t become of cazorla

  40. Gregg

    Think thats a different case though mate. I think they accept he’s going to be a top player and his attitude and hunger to succeed is there to see.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Lots and lots of people claiming Fabregas’ career lies away from Barcelona in the near future.

    Fabregas was seen as the natural bridge between the ageing Xavi and then youngsters like Thiago/Tello etc.

    However Thiago has emerged faster than people expected and has had a more consistent last 12 months than Cesc.

    One commentator asked is it time for Arsenal to roll the ‘red carpet out for Fabregas?’

    I would have him back in a heartbeat.

    Barcelona can’t afford unhappy, under performing stars. He has a whopping buy out clause but as this article highlights changes in taxes, the fact Spain is broke and that Barca have enormous debts could see a ‘cheaper’ move to the Emirates – most like at less than Arsenal sold him for.

    And I believe Fabregas is one of the few players in the world that Wenger would break the transfer mould for £25 Million +.

    He’s shown he can play in the RW position that Walcott/Chambo currently occupies and the thought of Cazorla and Fabregas playing next to eachother is unreal.

    I can dream.

    I sincerely hope though that one day Fabregas returns to Arsenal, I think most would welcome him with open arms.

    Our prodigal son.

  42. Gary T

    Would be happy for Pedro to use that header photo on everyone of his posts, his signature pic if you like.

    Those cut down shorts were just made for that succulent little arse. Fucking marvellous!

  43. Bjonan

    Iffy da goon
    Bjonan you’re getting it wrong. AW has funding. He creates these “conditions” himself and makes it seem like there’s no funding so it seems like he’s working ultra hard, but time and again the board has said and he has admitted that we’re indeed in a good financial position and that there are funds.

    “I don’t think [majority shareholder] Stan Kroenke is going to put the dollars in that Roman Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour are putting into Chelsea or Manchester City. Arsene understands that. He got an economics degree from Strasbourg University so he’s no fool. We’re not going to go bankrupt in the way one or two other well-known clubs have.” says PHW

    Besides AW is building a team best on team work and players understanding each other..What people forget is 3/4 of Barca’s team is from the Academy, barely spent money assembling that team and that is what AW is trying to do..
    You can not assemble world class players in one transfer window and think you will deal with all those egos in one season.All am saying is it has taken AW 8years[hell of a long time coming] to build what we have seen in the 1st 3games hopefully we’ll take it from there 1 match at a time.

    Team Work out players talent we have seen that with Barca vs Madrid they both have talented players with Madrid having an edge over Barca but team work has won Barca head to head games.

    Am not saying we have the talent Barca has,NO, but there is a spirit in the team now that we need to hanest and the players need our support and belief.

    At the end of the season if we have no results that is a different story altogether.

    prior to Ronaldinho’s first season at Barca,the team was a mess more like ours,they where 18th in the table standings,they signed Ronaldinho and Edga Davids…the team spirit was lifted and they ended the season 3rd from there after we all know what happened(Best team i the World)…You dont have to spend like Abramovic or Mansour to be World class…

    Simple logic…Team Work + Hard Work = Success

  44. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    Its not gonna happen, as much as it would be the best signing in Arsenals history.

    We can afford it, but Wenger doesnt pay big money for players, even though he will happily sell them for £35m.

    Cesc, Podolski & Cazorla as a line of 3 behind a striker would be immense.

  45. g0tch34ted

    Plus people are forgetting.

    He said himself, if he ever leaves Barca, there is only one place he’d come and he didn’t see why he would never play here again.

    It’ll probably happen, just might not be quite as soon as everyone thinks.

    Arteta, Cazorla and Cesc would be immense though.

  46. gambon

    “Simple logic…Team Work + Hard Work = Success”

    Absolutely wrong. You can have all the teamwork in the world, but when Man City have teamwork plus world class stars we are destined to finish 20 points behind them.

    You are also using teamwork as a euphemism for “cheap”. Man Utd have always been miles ahead of us in terms of teamwork, they still have expensive players on big wages, Man City last season were a team of superstars, yet they all work incredibly hard.

    “What people forget is 3/4 of Barca’s team is from the Academy, barely spent money assembling that team and that is what AW is trying to do.”

    This is completely wrong as well. Barca spend significant money, and they also have the biggest wage bill in world football.

    This idea that you can get a bunch of good, but not great players, and win via “hard work & mental strengz” is nothing more than a weird Arsene Wenger fantasy. At the top level you will get found out if you dont have great players.

  47. Bjonan

    FAB4 is every Gunner’s DREAM

    IN the negotiations to bring him back they should promise him a statue next to TH14…

    Premature Legend if there is such a thing!!

  48. Kushagra India

    Gr8 comment from Guardian

    So tell me the reasons why we couldn’t win against Birmingham if resources are what decide champions all the time? Was it because we weren’t prepared to win in the first place but the opportunity came as a surprise? Why couldn’t we add a few experienced players and replaced the not so useful ones which we could have done without spending a fortune as we had a team that went close to winning? Had we not collapsed and finish 4th would City and Chelsea have surpassed us to the automatic CL place that season? Could it not have helped us to handle that summer in a better way+ a 2nd place finish is a platform to build on,no ? Why have do we have a high risk wage distribution structure which just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and is not sustainable when all we talk about is self sustainability and care about money? You speak as if we are Bolton(with all due respect) and we shouldn’t compete at all because it is risky when we have had the resources. Should we sit at home in fear of death as it is much riskier going outside? What is funny is a huge financial risk wasn’t needed. Do not think for a second that it is the external factors that are the key reason of the stagnation- I do not deny that they do contribute but most of the problems are completely self inflicted and we have self restricted Arsenal which has contributed immensely in making them out of reach as time goes on. We have never needed to break the bank for every player we sign.

    There is a problem at the club. The strategies are not sustainable in the long term if future is what is supposed to worry us. The fact is we have not progressed off the pitch and have stagnated on it on a regular basis. It is not healthy in anyway specially when it is absolutely clear there is potential. We are one of the biggest clubs in England playing in the most popular league in the world with the resources to compete and have one of the best talent spotters the world has ever seen. What we are doing is short sighted and holding Arsenal back. There is no culture at the club with players who have contributed always wanting to move out and our eagerness to sell if the price is right.

    Selling to Kroenke was the biggest mistake Arsenal could have done because he has already championed the Glazers+ most of his other “sports franchises” are not progressive.

    The thing is spend our fucking money that we earn properly to progress.

  49. gambon






  50. Gregg

    Agree entirely. The recruitment of older, wiser heads is a much better thing, better balance. Wenger thought he’d get loyalty from younger players that he gives opportunity to. He hasn’t. That, coupled with us paying them way over the top in order to get them here in the first place has been a real issue. We need to pay our top earners more and our younger players a lot less. They need something to strive for. James Shea, keeper at Arsenal is on £10k a week, I kid you not.
    As for Cazorla, well as I said earlier, one good season and the big boys will come calling and force us to sell. Cesc coming back ? unlikely, Man U will mark him as their replacement for Scholes, even though we have a buy back option on him.

  51. Samir masri

    That lineup “gambon” would makes the best in the league. But thanks to wenger and his board we won’t ever have a strong lineup like that. But things can change if usmonov rescues us.

  52. Bjonan

    This is completely wrong as well. Barca spend significant money, and they also have the biggest wage bill in world football.

    Am not talking about the Barca of 2day you talking about the Barca of 03-04 season when they where rebuilding the team,they didnt brake the bank,they simply added 2 formidable players to raise their game and it worked for them….in relation we’ve added Carzola and POD9 to strengthen the team that finished 3rd last season.

    Song out – diaby in
    RvP out – POD9 in
    Denilson out – Carzola in
    Charmak from bench to squard player – Giroud in
    Park out – Gnabry in (German Wonderkid)
    Wilshere back soon

    Note: Wilshere and Diaby are like new signings right? Gnabry is better that Park.


  53. Samir masri

    Cesc is a gooner. I am sure he hates manure with a passion. He only left to go back home. I can’t imagine him in the premiere league wearing that shit jersey. He is much smarter than rvp.

  54. gambon


    We dont ever strengthen, we sell our top players then replace with cheaper, usually inferior players.

    We certainly havent replaced what we lost last year. In case you hadnt noticed we sold the best CF in Europe. We sold the PLs best player, a player who single handedly got us into the top 4 last season.

  55. Lordbergkamp

    Masai – cesc will go where the most ££ are. Barca will get as much as they can for him, they need the money.


  56. Lordbergkamp

    Here we go more man love from Gambon to RvP. Stop jizzing off over your manure team photo for this year. Or have it laminated.

  57. Alex James

    Accordinf to Gazidas, Fabragas refused to play for the club again. If true, why on earth would we want him back? How is what he supposedly did not as bad as the Cloggy’s betrayal. It’s funny how players who leave us through their own efforts always retain an affection for the club and talk about returning in some capacity one day. Is it because Arsenal have always been, and will continue to be, the classiest club in the country? To me, the classiest means I don’t want to see any player who leaves for money anywhere near the club again.

  58. Kempster

    Alex, it’s different because he produced the goods for Arsenal for way more than one season, and had always been honest about his long term desires and had agreed this in principle with Wenger. Very different to RVP.

  59. gambon


    Im sorry mate but i think youve highlighted how little you know about Arsenal, Football & what the Arsenal fans want in the last few posts & last few days. (your spelling mistakes are a bit shit as well, come on mate).

    Barcelona invested heavily to get to where they are now.

    They were successful because they had a word class frontline, all of which they had to pay for.

    Ronaldinho €30m, Etoo €24m, Giuly €7m were the basis of their success. Deco was over €20m.

    They did, in effect, exactly what ive been saying we need to do. Invest in top class players in order to reach the next level.

    If you want us to copy Barca c2003-4 then you are effectively 100% backing what I say on here.

  60. Bjonan


    The reason we didn’t compete with Man U n Man C last season is because they where more organised than we were from the start of the season than we were…Team Work(which by the way came towards the end of the season–with lousy players in the squad)

    Spuds spent more than us in the summer last season, Newcastle did to but did they finish ahead of us? NO
    Man C n Man U fell out of CL b4 we did who spent more money in the summer?

    Ohh.. and what happened to there stars in the 1-0 defeat at the Emirates back in April?
    Team Work,Team Spirit and Hard Work I repeat,wins you matches not extravagant spending.

  61. post rocky dave

    I haven’t seen RVP in a Manure shirt yet and don’t want to. He doesn’t exist as far as I’m concerned. I fully understand why he wanted to leave Arsenal but to go to that scum (with the appreciation of the rivalry and bitter history between the clubs he must’ve become aware of since 2004) is a mark of disrespect to Arsenal supporters.

  62. gambon

    OK so ive just realised Bjonan is <16 years old and <80 IQ

    Think we should leave it there. This comment alone shows how incredibly limited your brain is:

    "Ohh.. and what happened to there stars in the 1-0 defeat at the Emirates back in April?"

  63. Lordbergkamp

    Gambon – you know nothing.

    What would you have done when Barca sold Figo (worlds best player at the time, before dodgy hair colouring ads) and replaced him with overmars?

    Told Barca they couldn’t compete?

    Barca buy big every year pretty much. And only found worlds best team tag with ex academy players. Go figure.

  64. Bjonan

    Carzola 15m,POD9 10m and Giroud 11m is Arsenal’s version of that

    Ronaldinho €30m, Etoo €24m, Giuly €7m

    We didnt spend that money on TH14,Cesc,Nasri,Viera n RvP to bring them to Arsenal but look how far they took the club…style up mate lets be realistic that spending is not what brought the club to its glory days..

    Or by the way English is not my first Language so don’t use that as an excuse to shit on my argument u cunt.

  65. mystic

    gambonSeptember 4, 2012 13:23:56
    ‘Checks Madrid & Barcas wage bill.’

    gambonSeptember 5, 2012 08:46:08
    ‘….and they also have the biggest wage bill in world football. ‘

    I confess I have not looked at the wages bills, but your 1st comments was based on my point about wages demands, your 2nd point seems to conflict?

  66. NewGuy

    [“We actually scored 74 and conceded 49… Please explain how this could possibly have happened?”

    Statistical variance.]
    standard deviation of 5% acceptable, 10% maybe.. >15% not good
    80% deviation?