So apparently there were no super class players out there and that’s why we signed no-one.

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The reason we only sold Lansbury, Bartley and Vela is because no one else out there thinks that Denilson, Chamakh, Park, Bentner and Squillaci are worth buying, no one of course apart from the nutter that is managing Arsenal football club.

He thinks they are world class because he paid them so much when they were at the Emirates and that seems to be the reason we can’t sell them, no one else in the football world shares his opinion.

I watched Athletico batter the chavs yesterday, oh what fun that was, I thought Turan and Falcao were quite good didn’t you? Obviously not super, super, world class as there are no super, super, world class players for sale according to Wenger, otherwise we would have bought them, I would have had a punt on either of those two wouldn’t you?

We’ve already heard Wenger tell us he could have bought Hazard, what? Ian Holloway could have bought Hazard, but he didn’t, we also could have bought Kaka, Ronaldo, and every other good player that’s out there playing for someone else.

Not to mention we’ve been asking for Hazard on here for the last 2 seasons. We didn’t need someone on what he is on to tell us how good he was.

It’s called BeckhamTerry syndrome Arsene.

We finished 19 points behind second place last season, so we know we have to improve, what does Wenger do then? He buys two average forwards and one world class midfield player. Great! Then he sells the worlds best forward, an average forward, a young defender and a holding midfielder to Barcelona.

So we sell more than we buy, we don’t even spend the budget we are given, that my friends is complete madness.

When he went out and signed Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla I was delighted and couldn’t understand why Robin wasn’t, then Wenger started to balance his bonus books and the rest is history, I bet Santi is wondering what on earth he has done, poor sod.

When I was a kid, I didn’t use to put petrol in my car until I was running on fumes, why? Because I thought I was saving money, you know what? I wasn’t. I was more often than not running out and finding myself walking 2 miles in the dark and cold to find a garage and begging for an oil can to put it in.

I also repaired nothing till it fell off and in the end it cost me more because things kept breaking as a result.

The reason Wenger doesn’t spend money is because he is obviously getting some kind of bonus, either that or he really isn’t that bright.

It’s time someone at Arsenal came clean and showed us what he really earns so we can understand this insanity. If he isn’t getting a reward for not spending, then there must be something wrong with him, why would you not at least spend what you are given???

Unless of course its because he spends it all on salaries for useless players.

If we beat Liverpool tomorrow, imagine what the score could have been if we bought a couple of good players, ditto for the previous 7 years, how long do we let this madman manage our team. How long before we have a half empty stadium, even Tottenham look good now, God help us.

Even our latest signing Cazorla said we need to buy new players with the money we got from Song and Robin, not Wenger, oh no, he won’t be told to buy. So he doesn’t, and in his press conference he pulls that stupid looking grin which is just taking the mick out of the fans.

Every season we lose our stars, next season we’ll lose Jack Wilshere and the following season Chamberlain and so on, this won’t stop until we get rid of Wenger.

How long must this go on? How long will it be before this board realise they are just fattening up the value of this once great club for a non supporting shareholder to sell to the highest bidder and we are massively in debt and back to square one.

All this is being done under our noses and no one seems to see it.

Trust me, I’m a shareholder and I haven’t had a dividend in 20 years, all our money gets wasted on salaries of players we loan out and to members of staff like Wenger and Gazidas who don’t seem bothered about winning trophies, they can’t can they?

He brags about financial prudence and he wastes money on a player that not only didn’t play a single game, but one we can’t even sell, why is Wenger not accountable for that?

Why is he not pulled up on the vast amount he plays to crap players that don’t even feature in the team?

He is untouchable and until we remove him and all the other wasters from our once great club, nothing will change.

Last summer I said this and many on here said it will all change this summer, well you know what? It didn’t did it.

I’ve said it before, this is Arsenal football team not Arsene Wenger’s plaything, I want my club back. For those of you who don’t, have another great season, I know I won’t.

Have a nice day Grovers, I am so, so disappointed this morning.

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  1. SDE


    Funny now,you’re not such a mouthy twerp,when confronted with posts that actually ring true,or materialise into reality..

  2. El Tel

    Just seen SSN (MUTV)

    I saw that twat Coco the Clown the Tapas bar waitor letting in a hatfull.

    What a useless cunt He is.

    This was the start of the rot when He ousted Lehman and this is when I wanted Wenger replaced.

    Lehman was one of the best keepers in my Arsenal supporting days and Wenger bombed Him for that prick.

    He isn’t even good enough for Watford, lets see how long Zola puts up with Him in between the sticks.

  3. Valerie Gooner


    I dont really have a score card for the old skool arsenal fans – and the gimps….

    Whod be in your top 10 old skoolers….

    and ure top 10 gimps….


    I dont expect u to mention me, even though I recall on my very first posts a few years ago gambon saying to me “fuck me, ure a bit hardcore innnnnnnyah?”

    Without doubt im the most outsoken anti arsenal motherfucker – but whod be 2-10?

  4. incesc

    el tel

    “Arshavin is seen to be shit by most of you on here but for Me He is a top class player who is playing in a team who don’t use His strengths.

    He moves the ball faster than the likes of Diaby and Ramsey and even Nasri Song and Cesc. He would have fitted in to the Invincibles team far better than this team who take ages playing the ball around without creating chances. ”

    i agree, but we need to give him games, 10 in a row, get him interested.

    completely disagree on chamakh tho, hes so slow and flat footed he cant play for us again

  5. El Tel


    Youmwrite some good stuff but why do you have to give the impression you are better than all the other writers?

    I was the first person on here to cal, Almunia Coco the Clown the Tapas bar waiter. Everyone calls Him this now.

    I never mentioned that it was Me who started this until now.

    I never did write it to be clever or a trend setter, just an observation.

    Keep writing the good things without the abuse and the I told you so attitude.

  6. El Tel


    If you think He is useless Mate then fine but He came third in Europe before He signed for us. He isn’t useless Pal He has been fucked over by Wenger.

    Agree with Incesc, give Arshavin 20 games and you will be thankfull we didn’t sell Him.


    I rememeber Chamakh first ten matches and He was very good. Again He got fucked over as soon as the Traitor cunt got fit and was unceremoniously dropped and never to be the same again.

    Chamakh,Arshavin and Theo were averaging around 3 goals per game if I remember rightly. That soon stopped when Me Me got fit. Yes He scored goals but nobody else contributed like they did when He was injured.

    I am pinning my hopes on the new Boys makingnus that team again. All for one and one for all.

  7. Valerie Gooner

    el tel….

    heres a competition for tomoro – lets all try n dig up our earliest posts of when we said wengers a cunting fuck-knocker….

    i gurantee you ill win – hence my 900 bans…….


    not as much lovin as id like incesc…


    its comin up to 3am…

  8. El Tel

    A Rotherham player scores a thirty yarder on MUTV (SSN).

    I looked up and though it was an Arsenal player for a second. They wear the same type of kit as us.

  9. El Tel


    I am off to bed soon.

    The only reason I am still writing is because I work night shifts and can’t sleep even on. My days off.

    There is nothing on TV either.

    I don’t rememember specifically when I wanted Wenger out, I remember it being around the time He made Almunia No.1 then called Him world class.

    Fucking idiotic thinking from a Manager of His class.

    I nearly had a punch up with my Uncle in a pub after a few pints when I said we should sack Wenger.

    He couldn’t believe what I was saying back then. He agrees now though way too late.

    Would love to see Guardiola take over and His first signing being Mr Fabregas.

    Just dreaming I guess.

  10. El Tel

    There is another team wearing a similar kit too. Every time I look up I see an Arsenal shirt.

    I bet them greedy cunt directors will take them to court for wearing our colours or they might change our kit and put a patent on it.

    They have always been greedy cunts way before Kroenke took over.

    If that is to change we really need to make a clean sweep at board level.

  11. SDE

    Valerie Gooner..

    You sure are legendary…

    Well for Top 10 Contemporary Gimps..

    1st in line has to be the one& only KEYSER..

    Followed by Pedro

    Incesc-Sorry incesc if you’re offended..I would have put you No1..but seeing as you’re Keyser’s protege would not make sense..

    Dale Da Gooner-The Hilly-Billy from the States

    Le Grove is in the heart..


    Byo -another hilly billy from the states

    AA23-definite c**t

    Contemporary top 10 gooners in no specific order

    Valerie Gooner of course…

    Cesc Appeal
    Thomas it’s up for Grabs
    Rhys Jaagar
    Dan Ahern
    Josip Skolbar
    Guns of Hackney

    I know there’s more,do forgive me,if I’ve missed you out..
    Brain is malfunctioning at this time of night..

    Hope it’s answered your question

    One guy that stands out,who I find funny,can’t really label him..
    But he’s comedy gold is Ice!!

  12. SDE

    Valerie Gooner

    Funny that I don’t fall for IG&OGL’S B/S..

    But with Ice’s breaking news b/s..

    I tell you, sometimes I think..Hmmm could it be true..Nahh..Then maybe…
    He has me sometimes..Funny dude!!

  13. El Tel

    Gammon is a Mancscum

    PH is a Spud

    Pedro is a top Geezer

    Geoff is the Daddy

    A dissapeared from the site.

    Gnarley is usually on late as He is from Aussie.

    Big Raddy gave up years ago but posts on Rico’s site

    Rico started He own site.

    Dennis is a top Gooner

    Most of you are top Gooners but most of you are Loons not Goons.

    I mean that last comment in a nice way so don’ t bother having a pop.

    Oh Fuck

    Everyone is sleeping.

  14. SDE

    El Tel

    No problems..Thanks for your comment..

    I don’t write with the attention of I told you so..
    ,or that I feel that I have a better than thou attitude..
    Far from it..You’ll find if you meet me in real life..I’m quite humble..

    But when I’m on the receiving end of vitriol,without rhyme,or reason..I think I’m entitled to reply back with posts that vindicate my opinions..don’t you think?

  15. El Tel

    Ice is a leg end.

    He says He is an insider bit has yet to prove it.

    You know He might have been right. Maybe there was a nailed on marquee signing in place but we fucked it up again. Its not untypical of the Arsenal these days.

    Would anyone call Drogba a marquee signing if He was to sign for us?

    Is it true that He can be signed outside the window?

    I would take Him any day even though He is a diving cheating cunt.

  16. incesc

    how about

    thierry is a gooner
    bergkamp is a gooner
    adams is a gooner
    merson is a gooner
    SDE is a primadonna
    parlour is a gooner
    thomas is liverpool
    cesc is a aaargh

  17. El Tel

    Agree SDE

    I am told I am a nice bloke too.

    The Arsenal turn Me into the Hulk or Jekyll and Hyde.

    They are in my blood Mate and I only get the hump when people slag them off, even when they may be right.

    There is no need to abuse fellow fans though or want people dead or maimed.

    That is completely out of order. thats not aimed at you by the way. I think you know who says these things.

  18. SDE

    El Tel

    Definitely El Tel..

    If Drogba signed for us,for sure,in my eyes Drogba would be classified as a marquee signing..

    With 10 trophies& CL incl..A big game player..You’re telling me he won’t be a vast improvement on Chamackh,Poldoski& Giroud,given his 10+ years PL experience…

    If he’s contract has been cancelled& he’s a free agent-I see no reason why he can’t be signed by us..But I’m not sure of the technicalities on overseas players..

  19. incesc

    yeah it is late, haha

    the missus is away tho so theres no one to tell me whens its best to sleep

    dreading tomorrow. cant see where the goals will come from but

    up the ARSE


  20. El Tel


    Micky Thomas supported the Spuds Mate and the Merse is a Chav supporter.

    Frankie MacLintock is a Gooner
    Charlie George is a Gooner
    Liam Brady is a Gooner
    Charlie Nicholas is a Gooner
    Big Tone is a Gooner
    DB10 is the ultimate Gooner
    Bobby Wilson is a Gooner
    Geordie Armstrong, bless his soul is a Gooner
    Rocky Rocastle bless his soul is a Gooner
    Paddy Rice is a Gooner
    The Don Howe is a Gooner
    Georgie Graham is a very sad Gooner
    Freddie Llungberg is a Gooner
    TH 14 is a Gooner
    Cesc is. Gooner

    RVP is a fucking lying cunt who was never a Gooner
    Cashley is. Gooner in his heart but becausenofnthe abuse he pretends He isn’t
    Nasri is not a Gooner although I bet he misses the place
    Hleb fucked things up by looking at the better looking bird who then dumped him

  21. El Tel


    If its possible to sign Drogba for free. I have no idea Pal

    Then the wages would be no problem as we would give him what we saved on the transfer.

    I think we did this with Sol and with Chamakh.

    Ice could get out of jail free if this happens.

  22. SDE

    El Tel
    Georgie Graham is a very sad Gooner



    I feel for GG..

    I remember the days,when the BBC went to his house to interview him..

    & his doormat was covered in the Arsenal emblem..

    His house was covered in Arsenal Memorabilia..
    & when they dumped him like a sack of spuds..

    He ran to Spurs,to spite the Arsenal BoD,to seek some kind of vengeance on them like a woman scorned..

    I wonder if he stills feels embittered till this day..

    Bless him..Gunner to the core..One of our best managers of all time!!

  23. El Tel

    Bischoff, did He carry on playing.

    Siggi Johnson?

    Anders Limpar?

    DB 10 is a footballing God. Without doubt the day He stopped playing was the start of our downfall.

  24. El Tel


    Totally agree with that.

    That wanker of a CB that made the Squid look good? Can’t remember the name. Oh yeah Stepanov.
    The Horse?

  25. incesc

    when i think of the invincibles i cant help but think yaya toure would have been the vieira we never replaced. we had him on trial.

    hes never as good as vieira but hes the closest player since

  26. El Tel

    My best ever Arsenal players

    Chippy Brady
    Rocky Rocastle
    Bobby Pires
    Tony Adams
    Charlie Nicholas
    Geordie Armstrong
    Paddy Vieira
    Pat Jennings
    Jens Lehman
    Nigel Winterburn
    Kenny Sansom
    Paul Davis
    Sol Campbell

    I can go on all noght with this but need a kip.

  27. El Tel


    You can laugh at me but I see YaYa as a Diaby rather than a Paddy V. He plays in a far more advanced role than our Pat. Song would be similar too if He had more goals to him

  28. El Tel

    Drogba can fill in at CB too if He signed fir us. He did this effectively for the Chavs.

    I hated the Guy for His antics but think he is one of the best ever strikers in the Prems history.

  29. Jojo Dice

    I’m with you mate! Tell us your plan and I’m in. You’re absolutely right. We have to DO something about this mess. Add me to the list who wants his club back.

  30. sam

    most fans are affected by wenger syndrome of accepting mediocre players.
    even miyaichi had many teams after his signature no one came for arshavin. now you want him to start 20 games.
    be careful what you wish for, chamberlain should start not that lame duck. we don’t need him

  31. Chris

    Your Comment Here

    Totally great post Geoff. I agree totally with everything you wrote. I simply cannot understand how these AKB’s can even consider continuing to support this rape of the Club?
    I already can see how they (the AKB’s) will turn on Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla the moment it all goes pear shaped. I mean, how could it be Wenger’s fault….’cos Arsene knows best!

    He can’t even get rid of the utter rubbish, which he bought, without continuing to pay their wages – brilliant stuff, eh?

    Heaven help us ‘cos the gang of four never will!


  32. Bade

    Morning Grovers

    That’s it. It’s done.

    It’s not done wisely, we all know. It’s done stupidly, we know. We have a squad with no practical chance to win the league, we know as well. But now it’s done, nothing we can do to change it.

    The only thing to do to impact the board & Arsene’s stupid decisions, is just not to do. Do not go to games, do not buy merchandise.

    Support the team though. Go to the nearest pub, or watch it at home with friends. Cheers, chant, scream. Don’t let those mugs take your team, but don’t go the ground. Let those growing gaps show your discontent with the way the club’s going

    Today we have a very important game, away to L’pool. This game couldn’t come in a worse timing. We have a new team that didn’t have the time yet to gel. We just went out of a transfer window with a big frustration & I don’t think this feeling is solely a matter of the fans. I do think many players, especially the new boys, must feel it. “How did Arsene do that?” They must be thinking, “But when I signed no one told me Arsenal is going to sell Robin & Song. Even if the club has the right to do so, I don’t know what was going between them there, at least they should have brought new blood in to replace those important players. Blimey, even Arsene said he’s going to add in few position. Weird stuff. Oh, now I need to go & play, I must concentrate.”

    So, a tough game away at Anfield is always going to be some mountain to climb. In the current circumstances it’s going to be even tougher than usual


    We should remember, in recent years, not only in 89′ heroics, we tend to kick start a fresh & positive run with a win away their. We had this last season, then 3 seasons back at least.

    So let’s hope we get out with something from this game. We need the points, as the injuries will come, the dip in form will come, again we’re short in most of our positions, short with quality I mean (Though we’re also short in quantity at some positions as well).

    We’re not going to win the league, I already know.

    We’rte going to fight for 4th yet again. We have 3 major contenders, Sp*ds, Scousers & Toons. Don’t fool yourselves that Chavs going to bottle it again, they won’t. They will be up there fighting for the title with the two Manchester’s. Those 3 have superior squads comparing all the others. And don’t underestimate the power of Mancs. Red Noose is ten times the manager Arsene will ever be, when it comes to exploiting the potential of the squad & usually his teams fight for title, even with fairly average squad.

    So let’s get behind the team, but do it far from the money generating machine of Arsenal

    Don’t go to games, don’;t buy stuff from the club, but go & support your team in your local pub

    The Arsenal is ours, not theirs. And we will take our Arsenal back, eventually. It’s a passing period. Those controlling the club, won’t be there in five years, but we all will. At least I know I will be here with the club, with all my heart.

    I won’t let them take my Arsenal, & I will fight for it. You should all join me too

    Wear your favourite pants/bit of cloths, do that thing you superstitiously believe it will bring us the win, whatever you do to show your sincere & palpable support to this great club & get behind your team. It’s The Arsenal FFS.

    Come on the Arsenal!

  33. Terry Tibbs

    First time commentor on here and I agree with this post sick and tired of being promised the earth and delivered mediocre signings with even worse tactics from a now old and past it manager. Shame. Anyways hope that the front 5 start clicking against Liverpool and we score a handful!

  34. Moray

    ozrus, it’s the result of 7+ years of disappointment and mistruths from the BOD and the Manager. As fans, we want the best for the club. I don’t think the current set up is contributing the best it can.

    If the club cut the prices of its tickets or gave some loyalty rebate due to the transfer and housing sale surpluses then it would be a nice touch.

  35. Evan


    “The aim is always to win the title. If you don’t do it, people are disappointed and I’m the first one to be disappointed,” he said.

    “We are today already in a stronger position financially.
    “But we face teams who have no limitations in their resources at all.
    “So no matter if you have a stadium of 120,000, if some people have no limitation in their resources we will always have the same problem.

    “The nature of the job has changed because the financial competition is higher.

    “But we always do as well as we can with the resources we have.

    “Our club is managed in a good way, we are solid and of course people want us to win.”

  36. mjgooner

    Really confused today, a part of me (d head) wants Liverpool to smash us heavily and hope Chelsea & Mancity do the same, and we have a terrible season that culminates in Wenger bowing out………….but the other part of me ( my heart ) can’t bear to watch Arsenal lose. Really hard to be an Arsenal fan nowadays.

  37. Moray

    if you’re rebuilding anything, you don’t want to have to do it every year. Plus, when rebuilding a wall, you would want to ensure that you have enough bricks to complete the job. Especially if you have the money in your pocket to buy them.

    Basically the club is a Wenger plaything. This is why he was sacked from Monaco, and they had some great players left at that stage.

  38. Samir masri

    He will be sacked pretty soon if he continues selling players and not replacing them. But the funny thing is that he thinks he will be here forever. But we all know nothing last forever. I think we all know except for le prof himself.

  39. Johnty79

    If we make champs league diaby and Walcott will get new 100k aweek contracts. Please don’t let this happen.pray we lose the next 3 games. Any thing to get wenger the deceiver out. Missing out on de Jong and Johnson is an crimal act. Damn you wenger. Good riddance,

  40. Evan

    Wenger seriously has collectors syndrome, can’t let go of deadwood, so much so he loans them out

    Fatherly instinct is always looking at those “things” as being potentially useful to someone -now or in the future. It has become almost a creative effort. How can I throw away a nice dress, even if it is five sizes too small for my children, when one day one of my granddaughters could possibly wear that dress? Maybe she will visit my house and will need a change of clothing- and I would have a dress on hand!

    My imagination works constantly.

  41. Iffy da goon

    Morning grovers looking forward to the game. Mjgooner said it all, don’t think i can watch Arsenal hoping for a loss but i won’t be cheering anyone today. Surely no “intelligent Arsenal fan” bought that crap about not finding quality till January

  42. fanboy

    Iffy da goon
    September 2, 2012 08:57:42

    Surely no “intelligent Arsenal fan”
    bought that crap about not finding
    quality till January

    I thought he said you can’t find quality in the January window and it should be scrapped.

  43. Samir masri

    Singing abusive names about him at the emirates might surely make him walk away. He was messing with us in the transfer window. I am convinced he has lost respect for that. But does he care? Absolutely not!

  44. Hunter

    Arsene Wenger is a sick,deluded out of date,useless,lying piece of shite.He says he enjoys re-building,so that means he enjoys dissmantaling too.Which means we will never get a decent side because he treats it as his plaything,which also means we are never going to sign marquee players but will always sell the best we have regardless of the fans needs.Every successfull team has one or two star players whom the fans adore but at AFC when that happens he sells them,is he jealous or just naive.I would love RVP,Cesc Fabregas<Nasri,Song et al to just come out and tell us just what was said to them about the present and the future of AFC.The real truth and not another bunch of lies from that french twats mouth,because then and only then will we discover the real direction of this club.Usamov could,no should save us,he has the wealth and the power and its no good just watching the thing you love just fade away and die without some action.His letter was fine and to the point but where's the follow through?Kronke,Gazidis and Wenger MUST be ousted for the love of the club.Our history will mean nothing if we slip away this season as we have the last 7 years.Can we really say the move to the Emirates has been worth all this pain?The Emirates will be there for years after we have all departed this earth but the Legacy could dissapear…lets pray that dosent happen!!!

  45. jakop

    kinda of funny pple think wenger is responsible for negotiations..wages etc.i think pple shld put their age and qualifications incl the person who wrote the article.

    jus wait till someone buys arsenal aka liverpool…