Transfer Deadline Day is here: Essien, Dempsey or Tiote? Feeling inspired people? I’m not…

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Transfer deadline day is here and my oh my, could I not be any less excited about it. Wenger has literally crapped all over my summer dreams of having a squad strong enough to challenge for the league and if rumours are to be believed, we’re likely to finish the period making a healthy profit by turning out a £3million surplus.

Would it be safe to say that season ticket holders have been duped into buying up their £1000+ tickets with an early flurry of big name signings?

I said at the start of the summer, the big test as to whether we’ve moved on as a club will come in the shape of how much we invest. By coming out with a profit again, we’ll have once again demonstrated that we’re not serious about anything other than club profits every year. We’ll have  shown the players who have left that they were right about our ambition and we’ll have shown the players who have stayed that they’re unlikely to ever play for a competitive Arsenal side.

Hey… I might be totally wrong here. We might go out and sign a Michael Essien whose best years are way, way behind him… say 5 years in the past. That would be a super intelligent move. Sign a player who has an injury record to match the one of Abou Diaby. A great player in his prime, no doubt…  but why are a club with a transfer kitty of well over £60million looking at loan deals for high risk players? It’s absurd.

So who does this sit with? Is it Arsene Wenger penny pinching, or is it Ivan Gazidis and Stan Kroenke looking after their assets value? See every year Arsene Wenger heads into a season totally unprepared to challenge, he chips away at his legacy a little bit more. Sure he’s pulling in a huge salary, which I’m sure he enjoys, but he’s rich enough, when does protecting the board get onerous… what is the point in finishing your careers as the manager with the greatest record of selling his best players. Someone mentioned to me the other other day that it was incredible what he does every year with transfer fees. My retort was that not many of the other great managers sell their best players year after year. If Pep Guardiola sold 2 of his stars every year, he’d have still competed in the upper echelons of European football, but he wouldn’t have nailed the trophies and the glory.

Who is going to look back at Pep Guardiolas tenure and talk about the debt he left Barca with? No one…

How can anyone sit back and look at our transfer strategy of hemorrhaging talent every year and marvel at it? We clearly don’t need to do it (please, someone tell me why we need to do it?)… and the manager seems to struggle with the correlation between refusal to replace talent with in-house talent wanting to leave. For a man who boasts a degree in being a smart ass, that’s quite an incredible over sight.

The rumour mill has us potentially looking at Clint Dempsey and Chek Tiote. I couldn’t be any less inspired by those two signings. Also, if we wanted them, why are we pissing about on the final day of the transfer window to nail down the deal. We’re like the old ladies who hang around the supermarket for the  yellow label rotiserre chicken to get discounted.

Ok… so I do that. It’s not the point. If I were cash rich beyond my wildest dreams and I could afford to by the actual machine that turned those beauties, I’d never need to queue with the blue rinse brigade again.

Why have we sold Alex Song without a replacement in mind? Why have we pathetically caved to Theo Walcott and taken him on his word regarding a new deal… insisting he’ll play. Where is the back bone? Why has Stan Kroenke stripped the first team of its prime assets without properly reinvesting. We’ve stayed still again. We have a great starting 11 if they find form. We don’t have a squad. This is ground hog blog posting yet again. We’re relying on a wing and a prayer that injury prone players defy the odds, kids come good that have disappointed and foreign imports hit the ground running.

Maybe that’ll happen… but the odds are, as usual, heavily stacked against us. It’s a shambles of a way to run a football club… well, a football club that has genuine desires to be the biggest in the world.

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Things could change, we might roll in 3 players last minute, but the idea that other clubs looking to contend will roll over and sell key players last minute is a naive one.

P.S. Cheerio Nik B… off to Juventus. Oh, and nice one on the group stages. Olympiacos, Montpellier and Schalke.

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  1. lizardking

    Blind faith time? Well the poker player AW has decided to stick with his hand but I dont see too many ACE’s, maybe 1 in Cazorla? So no full house but perhaps a Royal Flush? Or just a Royal Fuck up? Once again expectation is at an all time low but can this team proof everyone wrong and scrape into to the top 4? A win tomorrow would go some way to giving us some hope. FFS a bloody goal would be nice for starters ! COYG

  2. pharo9ja

    funny tipi tapi,I used the “head in sand syndrome” to describe the posters calling for me head. I guess that did the trick.
    Truth is wenger,the board and their policy is being shown up. Its not deniable.
    Too bad we cant do anything about it,or is it that we choose not to. In a perfect the fan sentiment on various blogs and media anaylsis of the way we are run should be enough to put the board and manager in an awkward situation but as long as those cunts keep hanging up the ridiculous banner,we’re in deep shit recycle mode far longer than we hope for.

  3. SUGA3

    last year we were fortunate enough to be subjected to that 8:2 walloping before the TW shut, which kinda shook these idiots into action, this year there was nothing to show them how piss poor this team really is in time to patch it up…

    we are REALLY fucked this season, I am fully expecting us to finish behind not only Sp*ds but also Pool and Newcastle!

  4. Samir masri

    Carzola will mentally manage the team himself this season. I think he will be like fuck it I am gonna fire this team up myself.

  5. Tombsie


    Im not saying Wenger is Jesus and is my lover and how I like the fact he wud rather have a load of little boys thinking that hes there second dad.

    My point is I think its his football that is the only thing that has been keeping us in the top 4. I can’t see another manager wanting to come in with these bunch of kids.

    If Wenger had all the money why wouldnt he spend? Is he that stupid got his head so far in the sand he can’t see out? If every1 can see we need strengthening I’m sure he can.
    There must be something lying deeper to it and that to me is the board/owner. They say every year there’s funds for Wenger to spend but yet they don’t put presure on wenger to use it? Even though they no its a risk that we even get top 4 anymore.
    There draining the club of its resources and using Wenger as a scape goat.

    About time we as fans took a few man up pills and got the owner and board out! Bring back David dein

  6. peanuts&monkeys

    Yes, its pathetic because the fans in England has allowed this to happen. After 7 fucking seasons Wenger still sees banners of his praise on the gorund when the team is dragging its feet to find a shot on the Sunderland goal for 90 mins. What else can provide such arrogance to this deluded bastard. Are the ticket holders sooo spineless??? Are you guys who go to watch the matches get paid in return for not protesting? Pardon my French, but you guys have been like pimps and whores. You have got laid out in the sun. And you seem to still enjoy the rape. Shame on you guys. Shame Shame!!!

  7. SUGA3


    if Wenger is being denied funds to compete, he should walk, but that would require a little integrity which that French twat has none of!

  8. Samir masri

    I agree suga. I can’t think of any else other than injured players who may play their part. But as I said on my others post that this was all wenger’s ideal plan for us to wait for the crocks.

  9. dennisdamenace

    Utter bollocks.

    Arsene Wenger has chosen not to spend, just like he has done for the past 2, 3 or 4 years. He has TOTAL control over ALL the playing/player side of things, purchase, wages, contracts, the lot.

    The desperation to separate Wenger from this distasteful board is pitiful. Why do you think he’s paid £8m a year?

    Get over it, and get over yourselves, your hero is complicit in all of this.

  10. Tombsie


    I agree he should walk or speak up about it maybe he’s left it too late now and people will think he’s lying?… I duno something just dosnt add up to me.

    Every manager out there would love to be competing if Wenger has the resources to why wouldn’t he use them? Just dosnt make sense… You guys might be right he could just be that stupid, but I for one think there’s something more.

  11. Scravaldio

    Enough is enough I have had it with the board and AW. I would give him one tramsfer window more with Usmanov in charge and the money. If he doesn’t get the right players then they alll go the whole lot. Then we bring Pep with the right backing as the board are real problem they must make a profit at our expense, pls sign this petition to save our club
    All week we have been fed sh*t about a special player and really he is just saving his own arse. Could soemone from the AST grow a pair so we can get our club back?

  12. SUGA3


    the ‘more’ is that he is happy to pocket £7M p.a. for doing what he does, knowing full well that his position is protected by his fans (and let’s get one thing straight: they are not Arsenal fans, just fans of Arsene) as well as ‘execs’

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    the biggest voice of discontent as the Q&A session ever was question about ‘geriatric’ Silvestre, which caused them to start pre-approving the bloody questions!

    what is going on here is we have got the worst possible owner we could have got and yet people sniff at the Uzbek!

  13. Tombsie

    I totally agree Wenger is taking his wage and not battering an eye lid. But any owner out there who was serious about the club challenging would have got rid of Wenger if he wasn’t using what he could to get us in that position.

    My hates for the ‘execs’ cuz if Wenger truly is to blame they would have done something about it.

  14. Doublegooner


    It’s certainly not a good morning. Your comments are 100%.

    It is so alrming how many morons support this club & fail to see / accept what is going on.

    I’m off on holiday tomorrow , given my Liverpool tickets away & don’t want to think about our shamble of a club .

    When I’m back, we have to start something, it really is time to stop moaning online and get some action going.

    How about all pissed off season ticket holders in unison throwing their (empty) red ticket wallets onto the pitch at the Southampton game.
    It could be a massive statement if we could spread the word.

  15. Goldinho

    I really think wengers days are numbered. Something is going on inside the club that we won’t know about till after there has been a change at the top.

  16. ArsenalManiac21

    Trying to discipline my emotions about Arsenal. With SK,IG,AW in charge nothing good will come from that club again.

  17. Geoff

    Morning all, Pedro asked me to blog this morning, I guess he is too PC to write what he knows I will. Oh and no doubt he wants to.

    New post.

  18. Goldinho

    And everyone who was creaming out about tootenham signings, apart from dembele I cant see how they’ve done much better than us. And there manager is as much of a dickhead as ours.

  19. ste a

    Why do you lot just go on HMRC website and report Arsenal for tax fraud and see if they get investigated! see if that gets the yanks scared 😉

  20. Colin

    Your Comment Here
    Another poor transfer window has passed
    Not enough good players in and still letting our best player go with out a super star replacement

    We need to all stand up to this board and let them know we want the club to show intent to compete in stead of just getting by each season

    The only way we can do this is if we all make a stand and for one home game refuse to go in the ground. That would make a massive statement to the board that we are not happy !

  21. observer

    There is a distinct plan that Kroenke, the BoD and Wenger is carrying out over the years. Complusion or not, YoY, the decline to demise would have been more than evident to Toure to Clichy to Cesc to Nasri to RvP to Song. Hence, all of them left at the first chance they got. In fact, some of them forced their ways out…and they got it, didn’t they?