Mbiwa and Angel for RB/CB position | Two Arsenal strikers set to move | M’Vila going somewhere

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Gazidis will be on this... all week.

Plenty on the agenda this morning as we kick into 4th gear heading into the final straight of this long, harsh and very boring transfer window.

Before we jump into that, Wenger and Arteta have been defending the striker situation we’re in. As I mentioned before the Stoke game, if we failed to score, people would start pointing out the obvious.

‘You miss Robin’

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that any club on the planet would miss a player of Robin’s stature. He’s the best in the business at the moment. He’s at the peak of his powers and Arteta was pretty straight up in highlighting this.

“You can’t replace Robin,”

“It doesn’t matter who is brought in. United went for him at the age of 29. What does that say? There aren’t many bigger talents in the world. To replace Robin is impossible because he’s a special player.’

Logical and on the money. There is no one in the Premiership who could replace what he does and there is no one in Europe who could come in and deliver straight away. We’ve gone out and signed the best in Ligue One and one of the most consistently prolific in the Bundasliga. We’ve also tried to improve their chances of scoring by bringing in a creative midfielder who might go somewhere near to matching what Cesc offered us before he left.

On Arteta, isn’t it refreshing to hear his no-bullshit interviews? Apparently he’s as straight up and honest in the dressing room. I’m hoping he imposes himself more on the dressing room this season and by all accounts, it sounds like he has so far this season.

Wenger made a few good points. Why are they good points? Because I’ve made them in my last two match reports.

‘The understanding was missing. One month ago Cazorla and Podolski did not know each other. There is work to be done on the training ground. There is potential, but something is missing.’

You can’t expect electric football in a month. Last season, you knew you couldn’t expect it all year. It didn’t happen. This year, I think we’ve got the players who can strike up some exciting football. I don’t think it’s going to be as intricate as the 2008 team. I think it’ll be more direct and I think we’ll see more variety in the types of goals we score. The Steve Bould impact so far seems  to be less full back foraging. They’re only going forward when completely neccessary, which takes something away from our attack, but hopefully, moving forward, it’ll give our midfield more confidence. If we score slightly less goals but concede a shed load less, then we’ll improve our points total.

More rocket science for you.

In the transfer market, all the journalists are being whipped into a frenzy by player agents. Last year I spent the transfer window with a guy from the BBC. His phone was non-stop… every agent you could imagine was calling him with little bits of info designed to stir up the interest of other clubs. That’s why I’d recommend you don’t get your hopes up about everyone. If someone is being linked, take that as ‘the player is interested in moving’… but don’t take it that we’re interested in buying.

The hot names are M’Vila, who I’d suspect is in an ABS (anywhere but Spurs) mindset. Two clubs are in for him apparently… however, I have my doubts that it’s us. Only because he’s clearly been available all summer and we’ve had a need since Song left… and we’re still shirking a bid. The other rumour that is gathering pace is the Cabaye one. This makes sense on many levels. Firstly, he’s a very solid centre midfielder according to all the Toon fans. I’ve never been blown away by him, but that’s because I’ve always watched him expecting him to  be like Cesc. He’d be our Sahin… except we’ll have bought him. Pardew said if Newcastle sell, they’ll have to buy. So Newcastle are prone to an attack from a big club. How big would the bid have to be? One suspects around £17million would do.

We’ve also been linked with some centre backs who can play right back. The Mirror reckons we’re out the race for Mbiwa because Napoli and AC Milan are in for him. Not sure how that works? That’s like saying Mila Kunis is off my radar because Vannessa Feltz and Jo Brand are buying me a Peroni at the bar. Thank the lord The Sun realise this and they say we’re trying to sign him along with Chelsea. I like his name as well. Not as much as I like the name of Angel Rangel. The Swansea right back who can play centre back (he’s 29). So one thing is clear, we’re looking for a centre back who can play right back.

In other news, Malaga are said to have Chamakh 19th on their list of players to bring in on loan. That’s great news. If we shift Chamakh on, expect us to make a move for a striker. Whoever it is will be third choice, so expect us to be raiding that Mongolian Sheep Herder league for that ‘special talent’ Wenger has been talking about. Nik Bendtner is doing a good job of attracting zero interest in his skills. Juventus have thrown him on their shortlist. They’re doing a good job of moving away steeply from the marquee signing of Robin Van Persie that was there to announce them back on the scene… to a player Sunderland shunned. Push comes to shove though… I’d rather Nik B as third choice than I would Chamakh. The only risk you run there is him having a great season and then going at the end of it.

In injury news, we should have Koscielny fit for the next game. Then after that, a steady stream of important players should roll back into the side. Expect to see Rosicky and Sagna back in the fold after the international break. I know celebrating the return of Rosicky is weak, but he was a performer last year and he is certainly capable of shaking up a game. Jack Wilshere is working really hard in training, so expect to see him in October. Once we have those three back, there will be some serious competition for places, especially if we make a successful impact in the transfer market this week.

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Anyway, where do you think we should buy and who? Let your thoughts be known in the comments…


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  1. bnsb

    Fingers crossed though, 5 or 6 signings would definitely give us some options. did you hear another 40 shares changed hands yesterday according to one of the other blogs. Hopefully this means the russian might finally get some kind of access to the club.

    No, he wont get any access. Premier League changed the rules a few months back. I dont have a link handy, but still.

  2. Moray

    yeah, interesting that the share activity happens now.

    If Usmanov gets on to the Board and becomes party to a lot of the club information, then I think it will be a lot less interesting an investment for Kroenke…

  3. Moray

    By 5 or 6, I was referring to what we NEED rather than what we are likely to get…any hope we could get what we need has been beaten out of me over the last 7-8 years. I think most Arsenal supporters feel like James Bond tied to the chair with no seat, waiting for the next knotted rope blow to the balls.

  4. SUGA3

    AU will not be granted an automatic place on the board once he reaches 30% and if bnsb is to be believed, it will actually amount to bugger all…

    IMO, Kroenke just needs a little push to sell, the upcoming embarrassing September may be just that!

  5. SUGA3


    cheers mate, no points for guessing who was pushing for it the hardest, eh?

    there must be something really sinister going on behind the scenes at AFC…

    anyway, off to work, laters 🙂

  6. Iffy da goon

    According to this link 40 shares were traded yesterday. I’m assuming we all know who is buying those shares, but the real question is who is selling them. Apart from usmanov and kroenke only the AST has enough to trade 40 in one day. Interesting time ahead then

  7. Iffy da goon

    Javi Martinez is reported to have passed his bayern medical, so i guess we’ll be seeing if there’s any truth to the schweinsteiger rumours (i don’t think there is)

  8. andy

    iffy I don´t think so too but it´s an interesting situation … they have kroos, gustavo, timoschchuk (?), alaba, schweinsteiger, martinez, mueller and even robben/ribery if really necessary to play in central midfield … even if the ukraine leaves they have 6 guys for 3 positions in midfield and can even choose the wingers to play ACM … except of alaba they all are on high wages (bayern is in a good financial situation but they know an unnecessary higher wagebill isn´t clever at all) so they may think of selling somebody … kroos is a young guy with great potential, gustavo maybe, alaba is young and capable of playing different positions, martinez is new, mueller isn´t that good IMO but he has great value for the club due to identifikation (acc to newspapers his value is the highest of all german footballers) so IMO I think they are going to sell gustavo or schweinsteiger

  9. andy

    well bnsb bayern do not strengthen theirselves only in case of players leaving like we do … they try to improve on players they already have and if they find a player suitable and better than one or more they already have they try to get him … not the same we do at AFC but … better to be honest. and it looks like they think martinez is an improvement to what they already have … doesn´t mean schweinsteiger/gustavo are bad players though

  10. gambon

    Theo out…..Ben Arfa & Cabaye in?

    Would be a good deal, but Wenger is a fucking lunatic so this wont happen

    It isnt an accident that Theos situation has happened so late in the window.

    Stan bought this club to asset strip, he had Gazidis brought in to do the asset stripping, Wenger was put on a ridiculous £7m pa contract to facilitate & collude in this pathetic plan.

  11. Gooner63

    I do worry about the financial acumen of those who run our club.

    Do they realise that while other clubs grow stronger, there is really only 1 spot in the CL spots available and other clubs fighting for that position are also strengthening.

    So if we miss out on CL thats an estimated 45million lost in revenue, so then what happens, we have no players left now worth over 20million who we can sell to raise capital to fund transfers.

    So are the financial gurus really stupid enough to rely on wenger and a bunch of lets face it pretty average players to keep getting that 1 spot.

    Once we are out of the CL spots we will attract no one, as we dont offer big salaries to counteract CL failure.

    What im most shocked about is…..

    Either the club is being asset stripped by the owner in which case why is wenger actually tarnishing his career, he could have walked off into numerous top jobs, but now his career is becoming average, that makes no seanse.

    or its all down to wenger, in which case why is Kroenke/Board/Anyone with a brain not jumping on wenger and getting him to spend money on quality players which raise club awareness, and brings in more money.

    It feels like no one is actually in charge of the club

  12. bnsb

    Gambon, If Theo, Song and Bendtner are liability (in your words dead wood that need to be cleared) how can selling them be “asset stripping”?

  13. andy

    bnsb it´s not very clever to buy CM and sell a winger … you will be short on one position … although losing theo wouldn´t weaken our wings to be honest 🙂 we need players capable of beating opponents on small spaces so …

  14. ikon

    Theo’s assists last season had much more to do with Van Persie positioning and understanding than anything. Theo doesn’t have the brains to think about where to put the ball into… he runs and crosses blindly.. It was the brilliant feet of Van Persie that kept tapping them in.

    I would not mind losing Theo if we had enough capable players at the center to shield the back four as well as share the goal scoring burden.

  15. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Theo (his agent) asked for contract talks earlier in the year. The club opened talks only after the Euros.

    Obviously Wenger wants to keep him. Hence the 75k reported offer.

    What astounds me is that why not make this offer earlier to see if it is accepted and make choices (ie sell him and replace him, or increase the offer or not).

    This methodology employed by the club is baffling. Why are we in a corner with two days of the window left? It’s not a poker game.

    This will work for me only if they have a ready made better replacement lined up and they can sell Theo in the next two days.

    I’m not bothered it he goes or stays. As a squad member he can be effective on occasions. In his case I would not subscribe to him running down his contract like I would have with Robin! So why are we again in this position?

    Does Gazidis own shares in lastminute.com? That’s only good for hotels Ivan!

  16. gambon


    Surely even you cant be that much of a retard.

    Whats better 8 goals and 10 assists or 0 goals and 0 assists.

    Selling players is never a problem. Selling players as late as poss, not replacing them and making transfer window profits is a huge problem.

    Of course Bendtner, Walcott are assets. They are assets that we should have used to raise cash to improve the team.

    However the one thing that our manager & board dont give a fuck about is improving the team. The only thing they are concentrating on is reducing the quality & investment in the team.

    The fact that twats that call themselves Arsenal fans cant see this is absolutely ridiculous.

  17. gambon

    “bnsb don´t try to talk to gambon in a logical way it´s like trying to discuss with an ameba ”


    Why don’t you learn to spell Amoeba you silly fucking twat.

    Just made a right cunt of yourself. You’re good at that!

  18. bnsb

    andyAugust 29, 2012 08:53:45
    bnsb don´t try to talk to gambon in a logical way it´s like trying to discuss with an ameba …

  19. bnsb

    Amoeba (sometimes amœba or ameba, plural amoebae or amoebas) is a genus of Protozoa[1] consisting of shapeless unicellular organisms.

    Educate yourself Gambon, about spelling and assets and liabilities.

  20. ikon

    Fergie to Wenger: “How much?”
    Wenger: “How much?”
    Fergie: “U say and I will make sure you have it”
    Wenger: “urm… twelllll…ntyyy tw..hree…ve Eur..ound?
    Fergie: *facepalm*

    This version of always fretting over petty 2-3 millions has always cost the club.The oldies will never come to the realization that its pocket change and worthless to talk about saving 2-3 millions, timing is far far important.
    Just spend it and back yourself… ohh right, Wenger doesn’t know how to back himself with big stakes.. hasn’t done that anytime in his tenure here.

  21. gambon


    How can an empty seat in the dressing room be more valuable than a player that scores and assists every year.

    You are typical of the post-invincibles Arsenal. A clueless (probably foreign) fan who doesnt in anyway support the club, you just jumped on the Wenger bandwagon and try to justify the pathetic way we are being downgraded from big club to small feeder club.

  22. Abhijeet

    “Wenger made a few good points. Why are they good points? Because I’ve made them in my last two match reports” hahahaahha !!!!!

    Good lord. get real dude 🙂 I assume that statement was your ‘humor of the day’ , which is usually a lot funnier than today’ attempt …

    Anyway, reasonable stuff in last 2 days posts. The only funny part I notice nobody seems to mention is that last year we sold players first and then bought replacements … everyone cried. This year we bought replacements first … then sold players, everyone still cries.
    With a 25 man squad rule, we buy before releasing dead wood. people still cry that’s inefficient. That’s the reality of contracts. Not all work as we hope them to. In some cases we squeez people using those contracts (Cesc, Song). In some cases they squeez us (Nasri, Theo).
    People want half of the squad replaced. That can’t and doesn’t happen in 1 season. It would be dooms day that way … Brendon Rogers & AVB seems to have been given freedom to go mid table for building new squads !!!
    Arsene keeps us right there with so much of churn. We take all this for granted ..
    It’s always the case that in a churn out, if one has to consider a team that’s rebuilding, it’s always the top slice & bottom slice that goes out first …
    Top slice, cause they know we are rebuilding & so it’s going to take time. Bottom cause they know they are the one’s we are replacing ..

    Only after the team levels to a equally performing unit is that the churn reduces.
    City face the embarrassment of paying for a non playing player cause they signed the contract. Nobody seems to shout that the player squeezed the balls of that club !!! Adebayor screwed us more than he screwed City ? gimme a break.
    We all shouted for a balanced, equally competent & skilled squad having more depth and less reliance on individuals or first 11. This is how it’s done. there is no other way …. everything doesn’t go as dreamed all the time. Even Roberto Mancini cribs about not getting enough money and players in this world & Daniel Levy surrenders to a player’s whims !!!

    And does’t arsenal supporters realize that the top layer went because we overhyped those players …. and the bottom layer isn’t going cause we over criticized those players ?

    I think in coming days we will realize that RVP is undoubtedly good, but not as great as we made the world think he is … and chamakh / bendtner are inferior to the top table standards, but not as bad as we have publicized them to be …

    I can’t help it but agree that, Wenger has treated these situations in the most reasonable way possible. He has shown it to everyone that those players are important to us. More because we developed based on them and our system was reliant. But those are not god s or irreplaceable….

    I just don’t see us not buying a single player by end of the window. But I also don’t see the need to buy random player without having sold anybody else. I completely believe, that if we are not buying that good a quality, we don’t need to buy. That’s what wenger meant. He told the board not the press. I am not buying any more chamakh and squillacci’s … if I get cazorla’s then i am in. else i can manage the same results with the lot i already have …

  23. finestcuts

    Sorry guys but Project Youth is far from dead. Guess who Walcott’s replacement’s going to be?
    Serge Gnabry. Y’see, we’re looking at project youth the next generation (Hector Bellerin, Chuks Aneke, Thomas Eisfeld, Nico Yennaris etc.). I mean what do you think Wenger would prefer to promote a player from the academy or to buy them from other clubs. Just check that list above and you know that a good bunch of players will be promoted from within the academy.