Jesus Navas rumours return | Sahin choice is a no brainer | Arsenal widemen issue

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Good morning everyone! I thought once the season was underway, churning out blogs was going to be a touch easier. Well, so far, it hasn’t been. News  is slim on the ground. It’s getting to that stage of the transfer window where I wish it would just shut and we could know exactly where we stand squad wise.

On the outbound side of things, rumours are flying around that Theo Walcott could be off and Jesus Navas could be coming in to replace him. I can’t quite see that myself. Navas is the new N’Zogbia when it comes to pointless repetitive  transfer stories that won’t ever happen. Navas, from memory, is the guy who wets his pants if he slips out of a 4mile radius of his mum. If he’s 1000miles away from his home comforts, he might actually explode. We’ve already experienced a Spanish wideman with serious home sick issues and although he did well statistically, it was hardly good for squad stability.

Nuri Sahin looks like he’ll be plying his trade at the Gooners this season. He has a choice of Arsenal, Liverpool or Spurs. What right minded footballer coming from Madrid would want to play anywhere else that doesn’t have Champions League football. I wonder whether he’ll play if we land Madrid in the Champions League? Anyway, Mourinho has as good as given his blessing for his to depart, I guess things will depend on whether we get to buy him.

With him, our midfield is looking a totally different beast from last  year. Rumours are still rampant that we’ll be looking to add a more defensive midfielder to the pack as well. I’m still not sure if this will happen, but when rumours persist, there is normally a reason. As far as I’m aware we haven’t lodged a bid for a single defensive midfielder this window.

One player no one is talking about is Frimpong. We have to remember that he has the potential to be a very good player. I can’t help but think all his off the pitch ramblings have had a negative impact on fan perception. Or maybe we’ve seen plenty of players over the past ten years who have a lot to say but not a lot to show for their big opinions. Jermaine Pennant springs to mind, David Bentley as well…

There’s a glowing interview in The Mirror from Santi Cazorla. He talks about how his lack of height won’t affect his game and he talks about being pushed into a more central role.

“That’s where the manager played me, as a second striker, with the freedom that I like to have. It’s a position I really like, not one I’ve played in much in recent years, but I will play there without problems.”

I’d suspect the opportunity to play a more central role was key to him joining. I think sometimes we look like we could do with an additional technician like Cazorla out wide. Gervinho and Theo are much of a muchness which leaves us looking predictable outwide in games where they’re struggling. I’m hoping to see more of Chamberlain in a wide role this year. He has more intelligence to his game and he’s at ease playing in a direct role as a he is playing more of the thinking mans game.

Finally, Eduardo has been hinting at returning to the club. This is something l’d be totally against. He wasn’t good enough for Arsenal in my opinion. He doesn’t have the pace and I think the sad reason that he eventually left us was because he couldn’t quite get over the mental demons that stalked him after that horror tackle…

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  1. Iffy da goon

    If wigan get relegated this season (which is quite likely) then we’ll have to start looking at the ryo effect (Bolton & wigan)

    Got this from twitter: “Chelsea sign Moses, Arsenal want Jesus and united have Judas”

  2. Samir

    Arsenal are turning into a joke to be honest. How the fuck does it take us so long to sign ANYONE. Yet, when we sell someone…We sell them instantly.
    Realistically, to challenge for the league we need:
    Decent RB
    GK that can actually challenge Chesney
    Premier league proven striker
    A decent winger that can cross a ball

    But, we all know we’ll only get one more player if we’re lucky…

    Looks like we’ll be fighting it out for 4th once again.

  3. Dave


    Sorry. Been away for few days. Just got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Think I ‘ve seen somewhere that the AW is starting the readiness for it. “squad strong, returning players like new signings, new signings great”. Blah blah

  4. Arsenal1886-2006

    Samir August 23, 2012 20:04:26
    Arsenal are turning into a joke to be honest. How the fuck does it take us so long to sign ANYONE. Yet, when we sell someone…We sell them instantly.


    The longer you hold the money, the more interest is accrued. Our board know that only too well.


    I’m watching FOX SPORTS and see other teams signing players left ,right and center.It’s pretty devastating to witness this shit.

  6. Dan Ahern

    This is AW/Arsenal’s chance to stop doing just enough to get by and build a truly competitive team. They started the summer so well, but now it’s time to finish. Hope they can take advantage of this next week.

  7. sam

    now i am having a bad feeling about this nuri sahin and his evil boss mourinho.
    first, granero is ahead of him at madrid. plus they are buying modric to get rid of him, loan or whatever.
    maybe its gonna take a while to get him back on form, thats why wenger is insisting on permanent deal than a stupid loan. we might only see the best of him toward the end of the season when he’s packing his bags to go back to real madrid.
    best to forget about mourinho and sign someone permanent.
    if i had to choose only one player i will go for DMs that still available.
    m’vila/capoue/ wanyama than wait for mourinho to play games with us only to lose out to liverpool on deadline day.

  8. Graham O'Keeffe

    here is a copy of the mail i sent to arsenal amazingly they responded if with a generic mail. mail and response below……

    As a lifelong arsenal fan since my uncle Arthur took me to highbury when I was eight i have stood by arsenal in both the good and the bad times. But one question why the lies? For the past 3 seasons i have been the laughing stock of my friends who have listened to me saying “arsene knows best, the board have the club AND THE FANS interests at heart” utter twoddle. The current board 2god rest dannys soul” and our once beloved manager are only interested in one thing “balancing the books” financial prudence is one thing raping our squad each year and replacing it with cheaper versions and pocketing the diffwerence each season whilst telling the fans 2we intend to strengthen…the marquee signing is round the corner……we haven’t purchased podolski,giroud or cazorla as RVP’s replacement (oh but after the sale to our second most hated rival MAN FFFING U) we do not intend to replace RVP.

    Competing for the title do me a favour yet again lies and more lies from Ivan, Arsene, (silent stan would probably lie if he ever said anything). Selling your best player to your closest rival and not replacing him with the revenue from the sale is a disgrace. Oh but you did that last year with nasri and not forgetting cesc who had 4 years left on his contract and the list goes on and on.

    Yet another barren year and Arsenal become a glorified feeder club to the big boys. Why did we leave highbury for this?

    Its about time Arsenal started listening to the fans and actually realise an empty stadium is a distinct possibility in a few years if this keeps happening. Being back David Dein.

    Selling RVP may have been good business but AFC are a football club first right? You dont sell to your nearest rivals if you are serious about challenging but we arent are we its just words to placate the fans so you sell more season tickets…..not replacing him with the money youve got from the sale is even worse. we are stillshort of a good DM and decent left back as santos couldnt defend a sand castle and a right back as last season showed without bacary we were woeful. its worth pointing out as well that prior to the drubbing v man u ( we all sort that one coming) we hadnt signed anyone having let our 2 best midfield players go.



    p.s i dont expect anyone to respond to this e-mail as who am i? Just a upset 30+ years arsenal supporter and lets face it you can just replace me as thats all we are to you isnt it. The fans of AFC no longer matter when youve got asia out there right>? guys success breeds success, success gives you a training shirt deal with dhl……etc etc.


    Dear Supporter

    Thank you for your email and comments.

    The Club of course understands its performances and dealings can provoke strong emotions amongst supporters. It is the policy of the Club not to comment on the performances of any single player or on transfer speculation, but we do understand and appreciate your comments and feedback. The Club have every confidence in the current Manager and squad of players; and what they are capable of achieving.

    The morale at the Club is very high, despite what you may read in the press and we look forward to a successful season.

    I am sorry we are unable to comment further.

    Kind regards

  9. sam


    if you think arsenal is a joke maybe you have to take a look yourself and some of the clueless fans.
    you think barcelona are stupid for spending 16 millions for Song, i think they know what they bought, they will coach him better just like we laugh at man city last season for clichy.
    who are you replacing song with? a madrid reject. you think you know better than mourinho, this player is not good enough for his squad now all of you idiots think he’s gonna do a better job than Song. good luck dude, we are having a rugby game this weekend lets see how our new Dm will handle aerial battles with robert huth, kenwyne jones, peter crouch etc…
    song was not the best but replacing him with sahin? this is not bundesliga, its english premiership. even barca won’t win here everyweek coz some teams don’t bother with tipi tapi football. they just bulldoze your half-arsed midfield and score to go home with 3 points.

  10. sam

    me think arsenal board, coach and most fans have been getting dumber every year and its gonna get worse.
    the board coz of their small profit mentality, dumb!
    coach cannot longer tell who’s a good player in his squad and many reasons, dumb!
    supporters turn against their players booing them etc……., dumb!

    so dumb and getting even dumber!

  11. Graham O'Keeffe

    sam your a cunt, you always be a cunt so do what cunts do a fuck off back to the land of buzzz’ss. this is an Arsenal site for Arsenal fans. your clearly not an arsenal fan so kindly fuck off back to the back of beyond and make some mugs. You clearly are one….

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    So an F in R.E. an E in Home Economics and an E in Woodwork wasn’t quite what you were hoping for then Sam ?

  13. northerngooner

    Cheers graham nearly started pissing about with the screen settings.
    It’s actually putting me off watching it.

  14. Lordbergkamp

    Have to state publicly: I was turning around to thinking wenger had a grip again….

    If he lets sahin go and nobody else comes in, due to his stubbornness, and with our key rivals showing weakness.. Then I am back on the wenger out bandwagon….

    If he strengthens now, in the right areas, then we will compete for the title… Blinking now, hesitating now, prevaricating now will mean we don’t do what’s required, and another frustratingly, empty season.

    The clock is ticking on our season….

  15. Lordbergkamp

    Dave – I know, but this year it’s cruel! Last year we had no hope, this year we’ve had hope dangled and snatched away.

    Is AW a spuds mole in disguise?!

  16. Samir


    Come on, there’s no need to be cunty with me! I haven’t came here for a keyboard warrior session. If I want a fight I’ll go outside.

    First of all…Song was shit, if you did actually watch any of our games you’d realise! He gave the ball away FAR to often, silly fouls which always led to goals, being lazy! He was a poor player that disrupted out game.
    Have you ever seen Sahin play? He is a pure leader! Was a major part in Dormund winning the league! He’s can be rough and tough aswell if need be. GREAT GREAT passer of the ball also. We don’t need to play with a DM anymore…If we keep the ball and have a midfield of:
    Arteta/Sahin/Wilshere and Cazorla we’d win any game!

    I will put my house on Sahin doing a better job than Song.

  17. Dave


    For me, I’m even more sick this year for that reason. I really thought long and hard about renewing but renewed any way. It’s the feeling of being mugged off in a different way. Difficult to describe really.

  18. Lordbergkamp

    I wonder I the club cares anymore about how we feel. I feel robbed that they waited until past renewal to sell RvP. How calculated was that?

  19. Dave


    That little prick Sam ain’t biting on that one…….I tried earlier. Didn’t stop him coming with more shite though

  20. Marko

    Any news gents? Rumours on twitter? I’m not stressing the Sahin deal I’m sure it’ll happy before Stoke. Who’s next is what I wanna know. Mbiwa? Bastos? A much needed striker?

  21. Samir

    @Marko! Agree, Sahin will definitely move somewhere…He’s not even on the bench today. Even Granero makes the squad before him. (Spanish preferring their Spanish players as usual)

    Wenger has said:
    1 midfielder and maybe 1 defensive player…So who knows 😉 Sahin and someone probably.

  22. zeus

    Madrid has really come a long way from that 6-1 mauling they took in Mourinho’s first clasico.

    Jose really is setting a blue print for how to play Barca. All the Madristas know what is expected of them during these fixtures now.

  23. zeus

    SamirAugust 23, 2012 22:09:32
    @Marko! Agree, Sahin will definitely move somewhere…He’s not even on the bench today. Even Granero makes the squad before him. (Spanish preferring their Spanish players as usual)

    Who can blame them. They are killing everyone, at least for the last 4 years.

  24. Dave


    Wenger has said a lot and maybe because we’ve seen it all before but I don’t think any more to come in

  25. zeus


    Tell me how you would play against that passing machine. Wait until after Xavi ‘Mr 100 passes a game’ Hernandez legs go before you play a hero.

  26. kwik fit

    Bad news Rodgers says that the transfer of Sahin is close.
    Maureen must of told him he must sign for Liverpool or else cos he wanted to sign for us! That fucker MaUREEN!

  27. benjamin

    Notice how when Alves goes forward Busquets drops back to cover him, if it was Song he would be around the box looking for a hollywood chipped pass to Messi.

  28. Radio Raheem

    For those special people on here that think we can play a team of midgets and then point to barca as an example ask yourselves these questions;

    Is there any player at arsenal as good as Messi, Iniesta and Xavi?

    Considering these barca players have played together for over 5 years do you think our players might need to spend more time together to be able to replicate similar form (this is assuming we have players that are just as good which we don’t)?

    Is the premier league more robust, (so refs let more physical stuff go)?

    Will these small players you want to start for Arsenal not need more time to get used to the league?

    What is the correlation between size (height and weight) of team and the points won in the premier league?


  29. Dave


    If that’s true we have another Mata on our hands. Going to be ugly very early at the Em if things don’t go well.

  30. Samir

    Hahha, Wenger does bullshit too much to be honest! But I’m adamant we’ll see at-least two new players before the transfer window closes. (Or maybe wishing is a better word 😉 )

    If we don’t sign anyone else…I’ll be seriously fucked off! We’ll end up probably worse than last season.

  31. Samir

    Fuck. The amount of shit Arsenal fans go through every year! Yesterday Sahin was having his medical with us…Now he’s going to Liverpool!

    Can’t believe anyone! Not even Sky/Independent.

    Tomorrow there’s sure to be another twist…Chelsea come in and sign him within a few hours of being interested 😉

  32. Patrick McFadden

    The Sahin deal seems quite likely to have been personally sabotaged by Maureen. Would be hugely disappointing if it fell through.

    That said, no-one seems to have a scooby what’s going down.

  33. Dave


    I really hope you’re right… I really do. Maybe because we’ve lied to so much and so often that I’m numb to the bullshit. Sad thing is though, I keep viewing newsnowarsenal all day!

  34. Samir

    What the fuck!!!

    Guardian journalist (Andy Hunter) has said Sahin to have his medical with Liverpool tomorrow…


  35. kwik fit

    we’ve probably missed out guys because the board were as tight fisted as ever and changed their previously agreed deal. The player wanted to come to us for fuck sake!
    Doubt that we will see any further useful signings now ,just crappy cheap dross.

  36. Dave

    If the reason Sahin not coming is Maureen then that shows the difference between him and AW. One has control of his players and best interest of club and one bends over and lets his players choose when and which team they are going to. I know which one I prefer

  37. Jeff

    What with the Sahin saga and everything else you can just tell can’t you that all we’re doing is trying to score a bargain; trying to get some knocked down sale of the century player so we can compete and say we only spent a small amount.

    It is ridiculous. If a certain player is identified as necessary and fulfils the club’s need, why must we go through all the humiliating haggling and procrastinating? We are still very much in that horrible mindset where even a million pounds can swing a deal one way or another. It really is petty and so unbecoming of what is supposed to be a great club.

    The more of this “penny pinching” and “bargain hunting” we do, the more stupid and desperate we look.

  38. Radio Raheem

    Koscielny, Ox and Wilshere Injury Update #AFC
    false:Most of the first team squad were given the day off today, apart from those receiving treatment.

    Everyone in last week’s squad will be involved, Gervinho’s issue was cramp. Alex Oxlade-Charmberlain is expected to be fit after recovering well. The biggest doubt is Koscielny. Whilst the rest of the first team had a day off, he was in receiving treatment. “Kos was getting treatment but moving freely, lets see what happens tomorrow”.

    Long term injury absentee Jack Wilshere is making fine progress. He’s even told staff he “wants to play next weekend!” Although he’s currently running outdoors freely without pain, the club are being extra cautious with him to avoid anymore setbacks. He’s penciled in for a return to full training in just over 3 weeks time, however I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back quicker.

  39. thirdway

    Kwik, that is bad news – if it’s true. There’s a moral in there for us though: think about who you sell too, money isn’t everything!

  40. Samir

    Imagine this now…and this is a very likely scenario;
    *Diaby gets injured (probably very soon)
    *Arteta picks up an injury

    Who the fuck will play in our midfield?
    Ramsey and Le coq?
    We get worse every year whilst other top teams KEEP all their best players and also buy QUALITY!!! Even Cazorla has publicly said we need signing and he’s only been here a few weeks!!!

  41. kwik fit

    Liverpool will pay 70% of Nuri Sahin’s £120K pounds/week wage, i.e. £85K p/w. Arsenal only offered to pay 60%, or £72K. [Times]

    There we go guys tight fisted as ever. Any one for a mutiny?

  42. GUNNER786


    Wenger is as tight as a Chinese womens vagina.

    Barca 1 Madrid 1

  43. thirdway

    Ah well, as my dad used to say, belt in hand before administering a beating, “all who don’t hear must feel!”. If you don’t learn a lesson from the past you cannot be surprised when history repeats itself.

  44. Higz

    Why the fuck would Sahin want to go there? I know we are not amazing right now, but liverpool are a joke. Whoever is in charge of this deal has royally fuckd up.

  45. GUNNER786


    Wenger is as tight as a Chinese womens vagina.

    Barca 1 Madrid 1

    I hope Madrid go on a losing streak and Mourinho gets the sack.

  46. Samir

    So it’s 13k difference a week? For fucks sake!!! we’ve wiped RVP and Song off the wage bill!!! we have enough money! Sahin might have been the difference in us getting champions league football….so, long term we could be losing MILLIONS. Also, I bet we get a shit sponsorship deal next season after winning fuck all once again.

  47. Arsenalone

    Samir 22.36

    Scary thought mate,as long a our arses faces the ground Diaby will get
    Injured,we still ain’t replaced Viera or Cesc.

    Arsene should pull he’s finger out,or he knows some thing we don’t like JW
    Is due back soon.


    All this data info is impressive, to say the least its frustrating.You might as well be in jail yanking off…………..,a short term fix,but it doesn’t help in the long run.

  49. Inter YourGran

    I don’t think the wages are the stumbling block personally r;e Sahin. I think Liverpool are quite happy to accept the 1 year loan deal and send him back whilst we wanted an option to buy and I can understand why.

    But, whatever rhetoric Wenger ends up giving the truth is we are a shop window for the big clubs now and the player greatly improves our midfield.

    It’s all got a horrible stale whiff of doing bargain deals last minute which is what fucked us last year. Chhrist knows what shit will be spouted if we don’t take 3 points against Stoke.

  50. Johnny5

    I heard it at 4 this afternoon from Liverpool echo that sahin will sign for Liverpool because of a snag in negotiations which translates to wenger being a tight fucker and haggling over the price if we buy next season. I don’t think it’s mour stopping it it’s better for him if sahin plays CL football that’s why I think it’s wengers shit negotiation tactics.

  51. Arsenalone

    Might be Mr Wenger fancies M.villa or once again the manager has balanced the books and we won’t sign any more players.

    Any way were did the Sahin to Liverpool story come from ?

  52. Inter YourGran

    We are armed to the teeth with cash yet we’re sitting on our hands waiting for deals to fall into our lap… 7 days to go and with the length of time it takes Law & gazidis to do deals don’t be suprised if we end up with 1 more player under 8m at the back and the usual ‘we tried to sign x, but couldnt make it happen’ or ‘x will be back soon and didnt want to buy a player for the sake of it’ or ‘we have enough players for the 25 man squad rule, we are not in the habit of paying players to train with the reserves (Park, bendtner, Squillaci, Djourou, mannone etc.)


    Say bye bye to Cazorla,because a person of his talent isn’t use to mickey mouse shit like this.Yes,he can go play for alot of other teams WHO PUT THE TEAM FIRST.

  54. kwik fit

    Rodgers: “Hopefully in the next 24 hours we’ll get some confirmation on that. It’s quite close. He’s a very good footballer.”

    And to think that Rodger’s was going to pull the pin on this last week as Sahin expressed a desire to play CL for Arsenal

  55. thirdway

    It could just be smoke and mirrors. But with Arsene’s previous we’ve just run out of faith. I’m trying my hardest to ignore that all too familiar feeling though.

  56. SDE

    So it seems that the failure to sign Sahin this season,is our Mata moment MK2(last season)..

    If Sahin goes to L’pool..Then what a lying fornicating c**t Wenger & the BoD are..

    Nothing short of disgraceful..

    Cesc,Nasri,Clichy Sold..last season

    RVP&Song& one other? Sold this season



  57. thirdway

    Rodgers would say that though, he needs to try and placate ‘pool fans with the promise of good news and incoming quality, real quality, on the horizon

  58. Jeff

    Sahin would have been an absolute God send. Our team is diluted with medium to low quality players so even a single player with class would have made a big difference to us. But we keep repelling what luck does come our way.

    By the way 3:1 Barcelona. Good.

  59. Johnny5

    I’m still hoping wenger will pull
    His finger out of his arse and actually buy quality. Get sahin done nick him back from them northern scumbags get debuchy in and then another decent striker to keep pod and giroud on their toes. Fuck it why don’t we swap theo
    For Suarez (just kidding)

  60. Nasri's Mouth

    If Sahin goes to Liverpool there’ll be countless different theories.

    1) sahin wants guaranteed playing time
    2) Mourinho stopped him going to us
    3)Spurs stopped him going to us as a condition of the Modric sale
    4)Wenger is worried over his temperment
    5)LFC agreed to pay more of his wages
    6) Madrid refused a buy out clause

    The common factor is that it’ll all be guesswork. Those that want a reason to blame Wenger will find one, those that want a reason to defend him will find one too.

    Still, the good news is despite what someone was repeating from their ‘training ground contact’ Diaby IS fit for sunday

  61. Arsenalone

    It’s like watching your mates on Christmas day,riding there new bikes,whilst we have to have a second hand refurbished chopper or grifter.

    I thought we would get Mata but NO,I thought it’s ok we will get Hazard NO NO.

    We get diaby and Ramsey and a patched up frimpong.

    I swear the man is just balancing the books for the board.

    We will end up with a15 year old French kid that might come good one day

    It’s bollox a giant shit sandwich that us gooners are taking a bite of every fucking year we miss out

  62. Patrick McFadden

    But there is also a David Hytner piece in The Guardian about Sahin signing and how he will fit it.

    Its something of a headfuck. Don’t know what to believe.

    The salary stories are not to be believed though, no way he’s on 120k out there. This is Moureen fucking with all y’all. Prick

  63. thirdway

    But didn’t Ivan say something about restructuring the pay framework? Something to the effect of paying more for higher quality instead of the existing flat(ish) structure? If he did, then surely it applies in the case of Sahin? And if not now, then when?

  64. Inter YourGran

    If Giroud or Arteta get injured we are well fucked tbh…

    I can already here the mental strength, fight for it & close to signing x sound bites all over again…

    The man cannot fuck up another transfer window surely…

  65. Nasri's Mouth

    @Inter YourGran

    It was slightly tongue in cheek 😉

    though if he can get a run of games (looking more likely now) I think he’ll move up from ‘fucking gash’ to ‘slightly gash’

  66. Jeff

    The modus operandi here is that we have to be the ONLY ones to want a player. If anyone else wants him and there is competition, we will NEVER EVER up our price to win the bidding war. We just won’t do it not matter what it costs or who it is.

  67. northerngooner

    Johnny 5
    If your ‘northern’ doesn’t mean your a scumbag.
    The term you should of used is ‘scouse’ or even ‘Scandinavian’ scumbags 😉

  68. SDE

    Just goes to show,how far Arsenal have slipped down the ranks of being considered a so-called big club..

    Players used to be chuffed to bits being associated with Arsenal..

    Remember the days under Wenger of the Sukers,Platts,Bergkamps,Overmars,Pires,Henry,Vieira,Seaman..
    Top players indeed..

    Now we resort to loan signings for potential talent & we even fail to attract them..

    For our top players to be jumping ship every year..

    & all our captains(Vieira,Henry,Gallas,Cesc,RVP) in succession hot footing out of the door..

    There is something chronically wrong at Arsenal,or with Arsene,or both..

    For Sahin to choose to go to a club like Liverpool,who let’s face it are in terminal decline& are in a worst position than us,playing Europa League football this season,with a manager yet untested,or unproven in Europe,or even in the EPL,having won no domestic honours in the game..

    versus Arsenal with a manager @ the helm that last won a trophy of note 8 seasons ago,qualifying for CL for 14 consecutive seasons..

    & if it so transpires that Sahin goes to Liverpool, it tells you that not only is that a sad indictment on the club& the manager,but there must be some serious cancer eating away at the root foundations of the club..

    I just can’t believe how Wenger has managed to get away with this for so long,with no ramifications/consequences for him to face..i.e. Exiting through the trap door!!

    All 5 captains & the multitude of players leaving Arsenal can’t all be money-grabbing mercenary c***s!!
    They can’t all be wrong..!

  69. Radio Raheem

    Maybe Wilshere will be returning earlier than first thought and/or we are sure of getting someone else. We lost out on a player to Liverpool?? Ridiculous

    Don’t win on Sunday and Le Grove will be in meltdown

  70. Keyser

    Get a grip, why would Sahin choose Liverpool ?

    We couldnt sort out a to buy option or wanted a permanent transfer.

    Sahin himself expressed a desire ti return to Madrid

  71. Inter YourGran

    RR – agreed. It’s slightly embarrassing, but until it’s signed, sealed & delivered i’ll wait for the comments from Liverpool/Sahin before coming to a conclusion (because you know Arsene is bound to lie to the fan base on english tv as he always does)

    Tomorrows pre game press conference should be fun… NOT!!

  72. Johnny5


    Totally agree bud something’s wrong at the club. I remember they days when our club was the envy of the prem. whilst man u have done better our brand of football won us acclaim worldwide. Now we are struggling to get half decent players to sign for us. We dont even play the greatest football these days its like wengers given up. As it stands cazorla is our best buy And while he looks pretty mustard so far he’s hardly on a par with the best in the game. We need to be attracting top talent or we will end up in a worse position than liverpool

  73. Inter YourGran

    It’s going to a last minute dash for Biglia or M’Vila perhaps…

    We should be looking at Moutinho from Porto though if we’re buying permanently.. Oh, hang on he’ll cost over £15m quid so that’s a non starter then 🙄

  74. Paulinho

    What a surprise. Tight ass fucking wanker Wenger.

    All the ‘frugality’ and he’s paying pieces of utter vermin like Diaby 60 grand a week. Leaches that would f-off the moment a bigger club showed up.

  75. Radio Raheem


    Embarrassing will be a good way to describe the feeling if we, indeed, lose out to Liverpool for a player we so clearly wanted and seemed to have pulled out all the stops for. Anything emotion deeper than ’embarrassment’ will be a waste though!

    I’ll wait until the 1st of September to see the squad we’ll be playing with.

  76. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – think you’ve got yourself a bit too emotionally attached there, what happened to the tone you took to the Van Persies saga ?

  77. Paulinho

    Hope we get absolutely battered on Sunday and the Stoke fans do their usual piss take of Wenger on the sidelines.

    By not bringing in other technical players the signing of Cazorla has been rendered completely pointless.

  78. Johnny5

    Come September 1st I can see there are gonna be alot of majorly pissed of gooners voicing their opinions at the following game. Can’t see too many fans letting that shit go again.

  79. LJB

    Brilliant Arsene,just brilliant.Lets just help to strengthen all our rivals,you clueless tight old git.Keep playing the fuckin useless Diaby,Ramsey and Coquelin ,and let Liverpool have a midfield of Sahin,Allen and Gerrard. God that man just makes us more of a laughing stock everyday.Well,we will be in the bottom three after 6 games ,and the shit he will get from the media and the fans will serve him right.He will look scrawny and grey like he did last Autumn,and will get no sympathy from me for his totally self inflicted wounds.

  80. Radio Raheem

    I figured RvP was gone after he made statement and even predicted he’ll move to manure or the chavs. So, I wasn’t too bothered until I saw him run out on Monday. That’s all history now…

  81. Nasri's Mouth


    You want Arsenal to get ‘absolutely battered’ on sunday ?

    I can’t understand how any fan would say that.

  82. Inter YourGran

    RR – “I’ll wait until the 1st of September to see the squad we’ll be playing with.”

    How many times over the years have you said that? Infact, how many times have we all said that…

    I’d like to honestly believe we cant fuck up another transfer window, but it’s got a horrible whiff of groundhog day, even after all the good we did signing the 3 players (olivier, santi & lukas)… But oh no, let’s sell our captain, lead assist maker to bring it back to parity then get a loan deal from Madrid…

    It’s actually fucking disgustuing the way the club treat the fans.. pay through the nos to see a squad berift of any world class players whatsoever…

    Deadline day for arsenal fans is like turning up to a brothel free for all for us to only get pissed, fall asleep and end up going home and knocking one out..

  83. Radio Raheem

    Deadline day for arsenal fans is like turning up to a brothel free for all for us to only get pissed, fall asleep and end up going home and knocking one out..


  84. Samir

    Fucking hell. Can Arsenal do anything properly?

    Right, let have a vote here…Do you think we’re a better team now? With Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla?

    Or, had we kept RVP and Song?

    I actually think we were better before. Now we have no prem proven striker…And our midfield is complete dogshit.
    We are 3 injuries away from a bottom half finish.

  85. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – Why even embarassing if Van Persie didnt merit that ?!

    He’s on 115k a week, Madrid dont want to sell him, he played a total of 140 minutes last year and he’s going to liverpool.

    Fuck it

  86. Paulinho

    Nasri’s mouth – Not signing Sahin brings it back to the ‘greater good’ argument.

    We’re going nowhere with this penny wise pound foolish tosser.

    Every year he brings in one quality player (after losing ones as well) and then doesn’t surround them with the necessary class to bring the best out of them. Sahin coming in woud’ve brought out an extra 15-20 % out of Cazorla, now he’s left trying to build attacks with retards like Diaby, Ramsey and Walcott.

    Sky will have a whale of a time doing close ups on Cazorla’s face when move after move breaks down this season.

  87. Radio Raheem


    ‘cos RvP said he was dumping us

    Sahin is like a car on auction and you lose the auction to your pikey neighbour

  88. Doublegooner

    It doesn’t matter whether we sign anyone or not.

    Wenger is long past it as a tactician but is Number 1 by far the best liar & spin Doctor trousering £7m for making the club vast profits every summer.

    I said 5 years ago he’ll never win another trophy & come next may it’ll be 6.


  89. Nasri's Mouth


    Well, I don’t see the greater good issue at all. Wenger will be with us for the whole season, whereever we finish, so you might as well get behind the team because he wont be leaving if we get spanked by Stoke

    And as I posted earlier, you may well have a theory about why the Sahin deal didnt go through, (though that’s not 100% yet) but it is only a theory, you simply don’t know. Of course the easy route is to blame Wenger because you clearly don’t like him. It might be his fault, it might not be, it might even be the right decision, but I dont know which it is, and you certainly dont.

    And of course, you also have no idea who else we’ll sign instead do you ?