Jesus Navas rumours return | Sahin choice is a no brainer | Arsenal widemen issue

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Good morning everyone! I thought once the season was underway, churning out blogs was going to be a touch easier. Well, so far, it hasn’t been. News  is slim on the ground. It’s getting to that stage of the transfer window where I wish it would just shut and we could know exactly where we stand squad wise.

On the outbound side of things, rumours are flying around that Theo Walcott could be off and Jesus Navas could be coming in to replace him. I can’t quite see that myself. Navas is the new N’Zogbia when it comes to pointless repetitive  transfer stories that won’t ever happen. Navas, from memory, is the guy who wets his pants if he slips out of a 4mile radius of his mum. If he’s 1000miles away from his home comforts, he might actually explode. We’ve already experienced a Spanish wideman with serious home sick issues and although he did well statistically, it was hardly good for squad stability.

Nuri Sahin looks like he’ll be plying his trade at the Gooners this season. He has a choice of Arsenal, Liverpool or Spurs. What right minded footballer coming from Madrid would want to play anywhere else that doesn’t have Champions League football. I wonder whether he’ll play if we land Madrid in the Champions League? Anyway, Mourinho has as good as given his blessing for his to depart, I guess things will depend on whether we get to buy him.

With him, our midfield is looking a totally different beast from last  year. Rumours are still rampant that we’ll be looking to add a more defensive midfielder to the pack as well. I’m still not sure if this will happen, but when rumours persist, there is normally a reason. As far as I’m aware we haven’t lodged a bid for a single defensive midfielder this window.

One player no one is talking about is Frimpong. We have to remember that he has the potential to be a very good player. I can’t help but think all his off the pitch ramblings have had a negative impact on fan perception. Or maybe we’ve seen plenty of players over the past ten years who have a lot to say but not a lot to show for their big opinions. Jermaine Pennant springs to mind, David Bentley as well…

There’s a glowing interview in The Mirror from Santi Cazorla. He talks about how his lack of height won’t affect his game and he talks about being pushed into a more central role.

“That’s where the manager played me, as a second striker, with the freedom that I like to have. It’s a position I really like, not one I’ve played in much in recent years, but I will play there without problems.”

I’d suspect the opportunity to play a more central role was key to him joining. I think sometimes we look like we could do with an additional technician like Cazorla out wide. Gervinho and Theo are much of a muchness which leaves us looking predictable outwide in games where they’re struggling. I’m hoping to see more of Chamberlain in a wide role this year. He has more intelligence to his game and he’s at ease playing in a direct role as a he is playing more of the thinking mans game.

Finally, Eduardo has been hinting at returning to the club. This is something l’d be totally against. He wasn’t good enough for Arsenal in my opinion. He doesn’t have the pace and I think the sad reason that he eventually left us was because he couldn’t quite get over the mental demons that stalked him after that horror tackle…

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  1. Lord Silva

    Nasris Mouth – Just from a contact I know who is close to training sessions. Hardly surprising news and I expect we all thought it would happen…

  2. Ash79

    Guillalm Ballaque – this guy is a one big paella eating fuckin cunt.

    He tweeted done deal yesterday. Infact i cant stand him when he talks, picturing him tweeting liek a fuckin bird, all in blue, outside your window on a tree branch..”tweeet sahin not done yet paella paella cerveza estrella”


  3. Bush Gooner

    Cesc Appeal

    I would be really disappointed if we do not seal the deal for Sahin. Its as though we go into these deals with a plan A and no plan B.

    We sold Song and RvP and they need to be replaced with quality asap.

  4. doyin

    Hopefully we will still get him.

    I think its dawned on him he really doesn’t fit at madrid.
    He couldn’t get in last year and with the addition of Modric (hopefully) and Lass coming back…his chances are really slim.

    He’s top top quality though and only MOU knows what happened.

  5. Harry Redknapp

    lol ASH79 you couldnt be more right mate, thats just one fat spanish cunt who makes it up as he goes along while trying to keep it wetlook like one of chamakhs boyfriends

  6. Bush Gooner

    But why on fucking earth would Sahin even think about going to the scousers?

    No CL
    Crap team
    Andy Carroll
    Suarez the convicted racist

  7. Lord Silva

    Balague is a cunt. A Spanish know it all cunt. He pretends like he knows all the players personally and makes so much stuff up..

    World Exclusive ….

    Balague is a cunt

  8. doyin

    Guillem(i guess)balague is a cunt?

    But you all piss yourselves when an ITK agent on twitter says we’ve put in a bid for Neymar!

  9. azed

    Barca use two days to sign song a on a permanent deal while we are taking a decade to tie up a LOAN FFS.

    Do we have 100 year old women doing our transfers or does Gazidis or who ever is in charge not know what th f*** they are doing?

  10. Harry Redknapp

    journalism is the laziest cunt job now. seriously scour twitter print a load of rumours as storys then print the truth when it happens. thats all their is to it. fuckin shambles press

  11. Harry Redknapp

    we should sign cattermole if we cant get in anyone decent, just bring in a player like that to sort the men from the boys

  12. Harry Redknapp

    did no one see the job cattermole did infront of his defence on saturday? thats the player we dont have in our whole squad.

  13. zeus

    Bush Gooner

    Go to the previous page. Maybe I misread, but people were talking like they got news that Diaby was injured.

    Oh dear.

  14. Harry Redknapp

    the man was everywhere on saturday. what im sayin is he is better than what we have available as a dm. or shall we just recall that cunt denilson lol

  15. Harry Redknapp

    lol Ash take it how you want but wouldnt you feel like we had a physical edge if we had cattermole ready to flatten a man out v stoke this weekend? im not puttin him down as a great footballer but he is not brainless when it comes to defence

  16. Dan Ahern

    Dan Ahern’s Final Week Plan to Fix Arsenal:

    Loan in Sahin £2m, option to buy +£13m.
    Buy M’Vila £15m
    Buy Debuchy £7m
    Go to Nou Camp, put £8m on the table. Ask who’s available: Tello, Cuenca, Pedro (+£3m), Bojan, Affelay. Offer buyback (rights of first refusal).
    Sell Theo £15m.
    Sell Arshavin £6m.
    Sell Bendtner £8m.
    Sell Chamakh, Park if possible: £2m +/-£1.5m.
    Sell Squillaci £0.4m.

    Total cost, including eventual Sahin buy: between £13.5 and £18m.

    Thank you, I’m here all week.

  17. Bush Gooner

    “we should sign cattermole if we cant get in anyone decent, just bring in a player like that to sort the men from the boys”


  18. Harry Redknapp

    lol you lot want a bunch of fancy dans, like we have had for the last 8 years. time to bring in a dirtbag to mix it up. let the defenders deal with their responsibility and the attackers deal with theirs, enough of the hybrids who bottle the physical battles when the crouwd gets noisy

  19. Johnty79

    Good piece on football365 about Lauren koscieny just doesn’t make sense. To quote ‘ a team with koisceny at its heart will never be truly trustworthy’ I rest my case.

    How the hell can we fuck up the sahin deal. Players don’t won’t to join us there is some thing just not quite right.

  20. Ash79

    Harry – I see the point you’re making however for 2 games a season i wouldnt bother with Lee Catinmyhole. In most games we have the play, and even then we find ithard to break down two banks of four. Imagine that situation, 10 mins left, 0-0, santi, arteta, rosicky, diaby, cant gettrhough thet defence, we turn to the bench, there sits fuckin Lee…what a cunt situation.

  21. Harry Redknapp

    two games a season?? what about the ones where were completely outplayed because we cant get the ball back for sections? swansea, wigan,fulham? where were the ball winners, oh yeah those hybrids lost their nerve

  22. Bush Gooner

    Harry Redknapp

    I thought Diaby was the new ruff and tumble likeness of Vieira that would scare teams? He will get injured for weeks if an empty bag of crisps landed on him.

  23. Johnty79

    Unbelievable how arsenal manage to fuck up deals. Samba , mata, joe cole, mvilla, sahin. We r a complete joke and I can’t wait for us to take a hammering at stoke. Our average height is 5.8, stoke is 6foot. A four inch deference. Don’t you lot dare moan we w concede from a LNG through in.

  24. Harry Redknapp

    diaby is not even an arsenal player, we just get him on loan from the whittington from time to time. viera was fearsome, and so was petit but diaby is a powder puff girl

  25. zeus

    Ban Dan for suggesting we could get 15m for Walcott. At least a yellow card offence surely.

    He couldn’t even get a team to make a speculative bid even though he has 1 year left on his contract.

  26. BacaryisGod

    The lesson to learn from Sahin/M’Vila deals is the old proverb ‘never count your players before they’ve signed’. If I had any self-discipline, I would avoid all transfer/rumour sites and blogs and just check the Arsenal squad page on Sept 1st.

  27. Harry Redknapp

    lol johnty what you on about long throw dont you know that stoke have had to make their pitch the same size as the emirates now, their long throw is the same as our long throw now

  28. Harry Redknapp

    and we dont get red cards? despite not knowing a hard tackle between the lot of our players. you lot want a solid defence but you want to guard the defence with attackers lol

  29. Bush Gooner

    You saying we need ugly defenders like

    Neville (I know he plays in midfield sometimes!)
    Maurane (Not Chamakh) Fellani


  30. arsenal tom

    Harry… Stokes long throw is effective because of the way they throw it not the distance.

    Delap was a junior javelin champ thats why he can get it to go like it does. Guess he’s taught Shotton his technique because he’s not far behind.

  31. Harry Redknapp

    i just hope steve bould gets hold of cazorla by the throat and tells him his new role, defensive midfield with arteta and ermmm who? pick another one who cant tackle

  32. Lord Silva

    Yea Johnty, button it mate. You dont know wtf is going on, your just jumping on the bandwagon as usual and assuming things.

    Just wait for to update and stop throwing your toys out of the pram son

  33. Ash79

    Harry – take your point but Lee fuckin Cuntermole isnt the answer.

    *Yellow shown to Harry despite the protests. Even the captain pulls Harry away as if to say ‘your bad, lets get on with the game'”

  34. Harry Redknapp

    well they used to throw to the front post, the front post has just moved 5 meters so id say thats effective

  35. Johnty79

    Lord silva patience is 7 years and counting. Don’t get me wrong the 2008 team was a very good won. We mentally lost the league that year. All wenger cares about his is bank account. Wenger has made mistakes since 1998. Not strengthening the a after the title cost us. Same again in 2002 and 2004. Not signing carrick in 2006 was criminal.

  36. Harry Redknapp

    so who is the answer? i just put a name out there, you have to say he was top notch against us the weekend. ASH

  37. GUNNER786

    Wenger is deliberately delaying the signing of Sahin because he wants other clubs to come in and hijack the deal.

    My hate fot that stingy prick is growing by the day.

  38. Harry Redknapp

    we need a full time shield/enforcer, one who tackles, that will allow cazorla to take risks without leaving mertesacker 5 on 1 if the ball should break badly

  39. Ash79

    HARRY. The problem is cunts like Lee raise their game when they play us. Through out the season he’s bollocks.

    I dont believe for a second that if you had the choice of sigining Lee or AN Other, you would take Lee.

    Come on player, dont play that shit.

  40. Harry Redknapp

    ASH i would take cattermole over what we have right now to guard the defence. now if you look back i did say we should sign cattermole if we cant get someone decent

  41. arsenal tom

    M’vila is the answer for me… big, strong, quick and can tackle but can also pass and drive the team forward.

    Most British holding midfielders all just tear around and cant do much else.

    We aren’t under attack enough to need someone like Cattermole who offers nothing else.

  42. GUNNER786

    How hard is it to sign a player who is available on a transfer/loan?

    Man U showed an interest in Alexander Büttner.They put a bid in for him and signed him, all within a few days.

    Wenger the world is laughing at us!!

  43. Harry Redknapp

    lol ash but like i said he would guard the defence . would he not? or would cattermole suddenly warp into song kaka and forget his bread and butter?

  44. Dan Ahern

    zeusAugust 23, 2012 16:51:48
    Ban Dan for suggesting we could get 15m for Walcott. At least a yellow card offence surely.

    Haha, okay, that part was pretty wishful. But still, have you seen that Joe Allen just went for 15m, and Fletcher for 14m? Fucking madness. I’m convinced Liverpool could be talked into 20 if it weren’t for his deal winding down.

  45. Harry Redknapp

    we all want someone who tackles passes scores asists, does the macarena dance while he scores, warms up and does roly polys like jens lehman before a game, but tackling and being a nuisance is the most important thing we need infront of our defence, mascherano cattermole , we dont need a footballer just a knobhead to improve the team, but preferably one who can bring some wengerball with him as well

  46. Cesc Appeal


    I do have a feeling that Arsenal would now rather buy him than M’Vila instead of loaning him.

    So perhaps Madrid aren’t entirley sure they want to totally sell him just yet.

    It’s either that or Wenger’s haggling that will fuck us with him and I would prefer it’s because Wenger actually wants to recruit him.

    AFC should not be building players up for other teams. If we’re getting Sahin with every intention of signing him gravy, if not I’d rather we got M’Vila or Fellaini or someone.

    But we need to hurry the fuck up with whatever we’re doing.

    Weak links in the side are still RB whilst Sags is injured, LB, CM/CDM, Winger and really we need a Hernandez type fox in the box.

    I’ve said for a long while the day Arsenal get a real good LB and a proper Winger again we’ll thrive because it’ll speed up our play and provide ample opportunities for our strikers.

    We don’t necessarily need a ‘hardman’ in the middle, but someone who can break up play and get the ball moving like Flamini. So if Sahin is coming to do that with Arteta great!

  47. GUNNER786

    Harry Redknapp August 23, 2012 17:05:45
    im not promoting cattermole as a superb footballer. just a cunt who sticks to his job.



    Don’t you think we’ve got enough cunts in Wenger and the BoD?

  48. Harry Redknapp

    do we have a cunt who defends with a stubborn streak? no, we only have one player at the club who defends like its an art and thats the lanky german

  49. Lord Silva

    Harry lost it big time.

    Why not go for Delap and Crouch whilst we’re at it mate?

    Oh and try and get Pulis as manager. Yep sounds good

  50. Nick

    Arry i see where your coming from get in a no frills hard working dm and let the attackers attack seems obvious to me the hybryd cm dont seem to work for us we need a six foot two arteta then we would be sorted!!!!

  51. Harry Redknapp

    lol lord silva your twisting the whole objectivem 49 goals conceded. david hillier nor ian selley would have let that happen, and they were both ooooooh so amazing footballers

  52. Harry Redknapp

    Nick understands, im not necisarily ordering the signing of cattermole, just an out & out would do a good job for us in a lot of games

  53. Ash79

    in defence of Harry (playing devil’s advocoate here), would you then reject Gattusso, de Rossi, Flamini etc? these guys do nothing pretty, just live to tackle and breakdown.

    Brings us back to Frimpong at the top of this post!

  54. Harry Redknapp

    arsene forever talkin about handbreaks but we got attacking footballers worried about defending the midfield because theres no one dedicated to that job, its a shame

  55. Harry Redknapp

    frimpong could do a job maybe but who has seen him do it? he tried twice and now he has two deadmens knees carrying him.

  56. Lord Silva

    Yep see, Ash gets it, we got a ready made enforcer, Frimps.

    Hes good on Twitter, aggressive and could beat the shit out of Cattercunt, so we’re fine

  57. Ash79

    marcus August 23, 2012 17:22:04
    Frimpong is to short for DM role. End of story.

    Makelele – end of story

  58. Harry Redknapp

    but throwing frimpong in is not the answer, thats just like throwing ramsey into the cesc role. he has to earn his spot not just walk into the team after a year off. he dont have any proven track record. cattermole over frim lol

  59. GUNNER786

    Jesus Navas in the dark over Arsenal transfer link

    Sevilla winger Jesus Navas says he knows nothing about speculation linking him with a move to Arsenal.

    Read more:

    “However, a transfer away from Sevilla is extremely unlikely, given that the player suffers from an anxiety problem exacerbated by home sickness.

    Navas has since had treatment for the problem, to allow him to travel on internationals with Spain, but he is unable to spend lengthy spells away from Sevilla”

    Read more:

  60. Lord Silva

    So judging by people on this blog, heres our team –





    Yea good luck lads

  61. arsenal tom

    “Harry RedknappAugust 23, 2012 17:27:13

    but throwing frimpong in is not the answer, thats just like throwing ramsey into the cesc role. he has to earn his spot not just walk into the team after a year off. he dont have any proven track record. cattermole over frim lol”

    I agree with you there, Frimpong is 2 seasons away from ready minimum. Plus he has no one really to learn from and try to emulate at the club as it stands.

  62. Mayank

    PLayers like Cattermole are able to escape cards despite their fould because they play for small clubs. As soon as he starts playing for a big club the ref’s wouldn’t let him get away with as much.

    Look at how many cards Song picked up for the 2-3rd foul of the match.

  63. Gooby

    frimpong is short lol

    if we’re going to go down that road:

    makelele, m’villa, falamini, gatuso, scott parker(what annoying hair cut), mascherano, pirlo,

  64. BillikenGooner

    I’m not on the Frimpong bandwagon, but at least we aren’t having another summer of expecting 6 or 7 over hyped teenagers to win us the title.

  65. Ash79

    marcus August 23, 2012 17:29:50
    Makelele was one of a kind. In all cases tall dm > short dm.

    Lass Diara
    De jong

  66. Nick

    i would go for swienstiger out of everybody we have been linked to you know we will sign bigilia from anderlecht did he play last night does anybody know??

  67. Ash79

    marcus August 23, 2012 17:40:25
    and how many of them has made it in the EPL?

    you’re right mate, they were all bollocks.

  68. Harry Redknapp

    one of the biggest problems our midfield had last season was they were fucking dumb, how many times could we have given away a small foul on the halfway line but instead we halfheartedly challenge and then it escalates and we suddenly find oursiselfs giving away the foul in an area where we struggle to defend from. often with the yellow card for 20 yards of shirt tugging before the actual foul. we need someone who nips shit in the bud. bigtime

  69. Harry Redknapp

    and i also remember that dumb cunt alex song scrambling to prevent a corner against stoke, they ended up scoring from the throw in,in an away game couple years back, these are issues running right through these players heads, no brains. bring in the catt lol

  70. Herkules

    Arsenal1886-2006August 23, 2012 16:33:46
    Gazidis is in Brazil to find a replacement thong, I think wenger told him to find a replacement for Song but there seems to have been a communication blip.

    That deserves a re-post – brilliant stuff

  71. Evan

    New rules, my rules effective from the next transfer window
    “If a footballer is injured for longer than a month they get a reduced wages, much reduced, a basic wage”

  72. Mayank

    Thanks for the link Kush. G4L has done a great job of extrapolating, quite clearly, the vague thoughts I and some others had on the subject.

    Good read indeed.

  73. jack

    After Cazorla stating that RVP and Song should be replaced (as he realised he`s playing along side shit) , it will be interesting to note how he feels when it becomes apparent that ambition and winning are secondary to balancing the books and profit.

    Over this last week i thought i was on UNTOLD instead of LG.

  74. Harry Redknapp

    if cazorla did not realise this before signing then he is as thick as pigshit. its not like he didnt have 3 weeks before ivan put a contract under him

  75. Harry Redknapp

    im sure cazorla is just happy he got what he was owed off his previous employers, give him a year we will see@Jack

  76. Dave

    Getting a real bad feeling we’re not bringing anyone else in. Think we’re gonna get a “we tried but in the end it wasn’t possible”.


    I can leave this site ,come back on the laaaaaassst day of the transfer ,and still see the same fuckin rhetoric.I dare anyone to say different, you know it’s true, but we all just can’t help ourselves……in my Rick James voice,cocaine is a helluva drug.

  78. Johnny5

    Liverpool echo reporting that Liverpool looking to beat us to sahin due to a ‘snag’ in the negotiations????????

    Wtf I thought sahin was all sewn up