Jesus Navas rumours return | Sahin choice is a no brainer | Arsenal widemen issue

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Good morning everyone! I thought once the season was underway, churning out blogs was going to be a touch easier. Well, so far, it hasn’t been. News  is slim on the ground. It’s getting to that stage of the transfer window where I wish it would just shut and we could know exactly where we stand squad wise.

On the outbound side of things, rumours are flying around that Theo Walcott could be off and Jesus Navas could be coming in to replace him. I can’t quite see that myself. Navas is the new N’Zogbia when it comes to pointless repetitive  transfer stories that won’t ever happen. Navas, from memory, is the guy who wets his pants if he slips out of a 4mile radius of his mum. If he’s 1000miles away from his home comforts, he might actually explode. We’ve already experienced a Spanish wideman with serious home sick issues and although he did well statistically, it was hardly good for squad stability.

Nuri Sahin looks like he’ll be plying his trade at the Gooners this season. He has a choice of Arsenal, Liverpool or Spurs. What right minded footballer coming from Madrid would want to play anywhere else that doesn’t have Champions League football. I wonder whether he’ll play if we land Madrid in the Champions League? Anyway, Mourinho has as good as given his blessing for his to depart, I guess things will depend on whether we get to buy him.

With him, our midfield is looking a totally different beast from last  year. Rumours are still rampant that we’ll be looking to add a more defensive midfielder to the pack as well. I’m still not sure if this will happen, but when rumours persist, there is normally a reason. As far as I’m aware we haven’t lodged a bid for a single defensive midfielder this window.

One player no one is talking about is Frimpong. We have to remember that he has the potential to be a very good player. I can’t help but think all his off the pitch ramblings have had a negative impact on fan perception. Or maybe we’ve seen plenty of players over the past ten years who have a lot to say but not a lot to show for their big opinions. Jermaine Pennant springs to mind, David Bentley as well…

There’s a glowing interview in The Mirror from Santi Cazorla. He talks about how his lack of height won’t affect his game and he talks about being pushed into a more central role.

“That’s where the manager played me, as a second striker, with the freedom that I like to have. It’s a position I really like, not one I’ve played in much in recent years, but I will play there without problems.”

I’d suspect the opportunity to play a more central role was key to him joining. I think sometimes we look like we could do with an additional technician like Cazorla out wide. Gervinho and Theo are much of a muchness which leaves us looking predictable outwide in games where they’re struggling. I’m hoping to see more of Chamberlain in a wide role this year. He has more intelligence to his game and he’s at ease playing in a direct role as a he is playing more of the thinking mans game.

Finally, Eduardo has been hinting at returning to the club. This is something l’d be totally against. He wasn’t good enough for Arsenal in my opinion. He doesn’t have the pace and I think the sad reason that he eventually left us was because he couldn’t quite get over the mental demons that stalked him after that horror tackle…

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  1. goonerjay

    Marca now saying Sahin is going to the bin dippers. Them fuckers have changed their mind on his destination every single day this week.

  2. Ash79

    Wenger always says he cant stop his players from using Twitter etc. Why not?

    If you look at Frimpong’s its clear he has his midn on plenty of other projects. This stuff only serves to detract footballers and lose focus. I quite like Frimps and with the right attitude and guidance he could be quite a player. His passion is not in question and he isnt a quiet opposition hugging player (like someone who just left) but he needs to desisit with this endless and inane twitter celeb lifestyle. Leave that shit to Joseph Barton (gosh can you believe a few gooners this time last year were quite keen on him joining!).

  3. Midlandgunner

    Yesterday daily mail reporting sahin deal to arsenal today they are reporting he’s going Liverpool for gods sake arsenal just get the deal done even qpr can tie up a deal in a matter of days we take weeks to even get a loan deal sorted

  4. LAzer

    Navas is clearly hogwash. Santi in the HOLE!! Sad truth is without him we have zero creativity in the middle of the park. Songinho our most creative midfielder just left after all. Not sure what to expect from Jack when hes back.

    And Sahin is not joining imo. If it was to happen it would have by now.

  5. azed

    Its my birthday and i want to hit first spot today but Pedro was late again(surprise surprise).
    Anyway all drinks are on me today so drink up fellas but don’t get into know fights.

  6. Bade


    I think those not-so-smart tweets helped him to get further of the fane base appeal, alongside his absence in the on-pitch scene

    He’s been injured for large parts of the last 3 seasons, and in the little time he played, besides the massive talent he had shown, he also did make us all question his ability to hold his nerves. Too many hasty tackles & bookings

    I still think he will end up a very good player, providing his fitness is sorted the right way. He just needs a season or two of loan, where he can take out his aggression & hastiness, and channel his enthusiasm into a more useful path

  7. Thorough

    First 3 people claiming first, 2 of you must be offside for sure. Morning Pedders. Morning fellow moaners. Just for refusing to sign Cahill for that measly sum Wenger should be shot. But for now I’ll just say, WENGER OUT.

  8. Rockypires

    Relax Sahin will be joining us, they are just waiting on Modric joining Real.

    We do need an alternative to Santi should he get injured, shame Gourcruff got injured agin, he has the physical presence to compete in EPL, genius passer and dam good at vollies from edge of box.

    If Arsa is hipped out o Zenit what aboout Dempsey as an alternative, he can play wide left CF and CAM. not our typical style but where has typical style got us todate?

    another alternative to Fellanin/M’Villa would be Defour at Potrto, strong physical strapping lad who is dam good defensively and offensive skills also, better on his fet than Fellanin and more mobile than Rigobert Songs love child.

  9. arsenal tom

    Most players need to use twitter for sponsorship deals etc and most use it well.

    Frimpong’s been fucked for most of the last 2/3 seasons, so of course he’s going to put time into other things, rather he was making shit music than getting fat and falling out of nightclubs.

  10. Alex James

    If Sahin is indeed going elsewhere, it has not taken the club long to revert to type. Presumably, Liverpool are happy with the terms. Gicen our miseable transfer track record over the years, I always think the worse. Just to remind people, we are still pretty much transfer fee neutral, and the majority of the dross remain.

  11. Rockypires

    how could you want Frimpong in the team ahead of Coquelin or Ramsey, Frims is far from ready, looked very raw and out of place on loan at Wolves let alone playing for us. all he does is chases and harries around the place. Needs loan spell again before getting near team. Chuks Aneke is ahead of him in picking order .

  12. craigy

    nice post, gotta say eden hazard is looking a top buy for chelski, how the fuck we didn’t sign him years ago when we had the chance is mind boggling, navas would be great but not realistic, homesickness, depression nuff said 🙂

  13. Bade


    He has a “home-sickness” but some very knowledgeable twitter-girl that even writes for LaLiga site (@LeylaHamed, worth a follow) claimed Navas was “cured” of his “Hommy” since the 2010 WC, where he travelled far from home for a while …..

    Anyway I don’t see this rumour materialising as far as Theo still with us

    If this has any legs, that means Theo is definitely out. But there are no indications on that one, so ….

  14. doyin

    I think i agree with the daily Mail on this one.
    It says we are pushing for a permanent transfer.

    Arsene might be thinking why not pay the ‘clause’ now and have him part of the team for the next few years!

    But if it doesn’t work out…I’m sure we’ll be happy to settle for the loan.

  15. Gooner63

    wtf are we possibly in for tiote

    maybe we heading towards having the smallest team ever

    we dont even need Sahin – but we do need Mvila – strong, accurate passer, can break up play and go from box to box

    15mill for a guy who can pass and tackle – bargain

  16. Disco Stu

    Are you mental… Eduardo wasn’t good enough for us?!?!? When he was fit and firing he was one of the best finishers we’ve ever had up there with the Henry’s and the Wrighty’s. He never got the chance to show it over the course of several seasons because he got his leg snapped but there aren’t many players when one on one with the goalkeeper who you’re certain will score… He was one of them. Injury took its toll and he had to leave but to say he wasn’t ever good enough is crazy to me!!!

  17. Mattj

    Frimpong is a machine when fit, and if he fulfills his potential will be the dm we all want to see last year he was too hasty and wreck less but that’s his age and enthusiasm. He has toned down the twitter account and is fully focused on his arsenal career who cares what he does whilst he is out injured and can’t train. Plus he hates Nasri top fella IMO

  18. Bade

    Eduardo coming back?

    Oh please, get real people. That won’t happen.

    He left because indeed he never got over the psychological barrier after his injury. He really never fulfilled his potential with us, as he had that nasty injury when he started banging those goals & getting more playing time….

    Anyway, with the critics he had to say about the club, I really can’t see the club embracing him back, regardless of his talent & ability

  19. Honest Bill

    Eduardo wasn’t hinting at returning.. He was clearly asked if he would like to return to the prem and he answered honetly.

  20. Jeff

    Does anyone else think that the BBC is sometimes a bit of a p***k teaser. Here we are frantically awaiting news about the Sahin signing and anything else of note and all they can put on the Arsenal page is: “Mirallas turned down Arsenal” for 3 days running and now “Van Persie was like a brother to Afobe “.


  21. patthegooner

    Frimpong is not good enough for Arsenal IMO. Another one who will end up at a Bolton or Reading.

    Sadly I fear that Sahin wont be coming to Arsenal either.

    Bit of a depressing start to to my day…

  22. Bade


    I’d love to see him in a more central position to be honesty. Some kind of Cazorla’s successor/understudy

    He was brilliant against Milan. He has the shape to play there, he has the nerves, he like to shoot, dribble, make a cute pass & he’s massively pacey & bold & creative. He can grow to be a great winger, but I think he’ll be even a greater CAM

  23. Alex James

    I see Chelsea have joined Utd on the officials help list. Not just battling for the Premiership it would seem but for ref favours as well.

  24. goonerboy

    Its Sahin himself who is quoted by Football Talk as having got cold feet about moving to us- he doesn’t want to leave and only wants a loan to get back to contention for a first team place at Madrid. Now he’s off to the desperados of Liverpool for a year.
    Wasted a lot of time on a guy that doesn’t want to join us. It beggars belief that no one had bothered to ask him until now.
    Will Arsenal regret selling Song without waiting to see whether they had a replacement? You can bet your house on it.

  25. Lord Silva

    Hazard .. glad we didnt get him.

    Hes a arrogant twat who loves himself. He’ll jump ship at the first chance he gets .. .much rather have the players we have

  26. Stan Donkey


    Wenger should have gone for dropping Henry in the 2003/4 FA Cup semi-final v Utd. Aliadiere played, momentum was lost. (I had that treble feeling until then & so did the team)

    He’s been going backwards ever since.

  27. Lord Silva

    goonerboy. Chill out.

    If we dont get Sahin then we’ll get someone else. Highliy unlikely that we have put all our eggs in the Sahin basket.

    Yet more doom and gloom from these ‘fans’

  28. Bade

    The set up I normally ejaculate when thinking of, is this:


    I think Jack getting the No.10 shirt has more meaning than just the shirt he wore as a teenager with the club

    This setup will challenge the best midfields available

    Arteta, Sahin & Jack can present something exceptional, as exceptional as Barca’s dominance. With Cazorla & striker/winger & pure giant striker, this might cause the opposition to shit themselves

    I know Cazorla isn’t central there, but you also switch him to the middle, Jack to the left & Theo/Poldy in the right….. I won’t matter so much. We’ll have 4 players that can hold the ball superbly & create chances all over the pitch, and all of them with a cute eye for the goal & like to shoot out from far range

    Oh Jesus I just did it again

    I better go change now …..

  29. Gregg

    We don’t know what the issues around Sahin is. If we’re not offered an option to buy then we should steer clear. It may be that the player doesn’t want an option to buy clause and if thats the case then we should pull out immediately

  30. Ash79

    lol@Lord Silva

    Hazard 2 games, 2 penalties won…..he’s probably thinking ‘this is easy’…Fat lampard must be loving it.

    If Arsene is pushing for a loan to perm deal for Sahin then I don;t blame him. I dont want to rehabilitate Jose’s player and give him back. Everyone knows Mourinho cant work with younger players. If it falls through then so be it.

  31. Rockypires

    the great thing about 4-2-3-1 is that of the trio nobody will remain static the axis of Santi-Jack-Podolski should interchange and cause defences headaches as all three are capable of showing up in any of the positions.

    See last weekend where Santi and Pods got in each others way that just happen from lack of pratice but when they click will be formidable combination.

  32. arsenal tom

    The Sahin deal was always gonna take time with a few clubs interested and all offering different terms, and the details of what happens at the end of it.

    The important thing is that we’re clearly after at least one more midfielder which is positive.

    Every club has drawn out transfers not just us, look at liverpool with allen, spurs with ade and modric even sunderland trying to get fletcher.

  33. kapslock

    Sahin gone down the shitter? LOL. Why does Wenger need to ‘mull’ over it. Either get him or don’t. Don’t be such a indecisive cunt about it.

  34. Childish Gambino

    Top of the morning to le grovers…been reading this blog for years but just commented for the first time today.

    1. we need to get baines with gibbo going on loan at everton for 2 years
    2. sell jenkinson and replace with gebre-sellaise (sp?)
    3. convert TV5 to a DMF as he tackles,passes well and loves driving forward (lol)
    4. buy Hummels/Sakho to fill his postion
    5. play AOC over Theo at all times
    6. Get a super striker a la Cavani (30M maybe)
    7. Keep Park as backup ( we havent even seen him play yet but he gets slagged off on le grove)
    8. Sell bendtner, chamahk, denilson.

  35. Johnty79

    Sahi will choose spurs or Liverpool over us. We have never been chosen first except when petit chose us over spurs. You must really ask our self why players don’t like joining. Remember marcel desaIlly after the 1998 world cup he chose Chelsea over us even though we offered more money. That came from wengers own mouth. You have to ask why players don’t
    I’ve joining us is it because the board or to stuck up. When players ask wenger will I be a first choice he should just lie and say yes. Loosing saying will confirm our pace outside the top four. Why do our managers sell players without replacements.fools.

  36. Johnty79

    Wenger only trusts 16 players in our squad. Them players have a wage bill of 45m. Why te uck r we wasting 100 m on players who will never play and youth team crap.

  37. Lord Silva

    All the details for Sahin are obviously sorted… they are just waiting to announce it.

    Waiting for Modric sounds likely … doubtful that negotiations have been going on all this time. Its still on I’m sure. Stay calm people

  38. craigy

    scott sinclair to man city ha ha, why the fuck would he want to go there, do he really think he’ll get lots of game time, swansea city have a good thing starting there, and id stay for footballing reasons, not go just so you can be associated with a big team,

  39. arsenal tom

    Surely people don’t believe that Wenger now isn’t sure about the deal!?

    He’s known about Sahin since he was 17 so he know’s exactly what he can do, its just details holding it up.

  40. Shevo

    Chill people. Sahin is in the bag. All this paper talk is just something to sell that’s all.

    Walcott is a fool to try and fuck around now. Try showing some consistency before making demands that are totally unrealistic.

    Navas needs to be near his mamma as he’s still breast feeding.

    Frimmers needs to get his head down and quit all this garbage wanna be gangsta chat on twitter. Focus on what he needs to do and that is getting back into the first team and proving he’s good enough to be better than Song.

    As for RVP…Fuck him!

    Have a nice day folks

  41. Dream10


    I would mind seeing Ox and Podolski playing upfront together in a 4-4-2 in your lineup. Chezzer: Sagna, Koscielny, TV5, Gibbs: Cazorla, Arteta, Sahin, Wilshere: Ox, Podolski

    That boy Ox is special. A lineup with pace and technique. I feel Podolski is trapped on the left wing. He can run the channels with pace and power, but if you play him on the left you lose his goal potential.

  42. Rockypires

    the longer the sahin deal goes on the better for us as the longer Spurs retain Modric. Whilst they have Modric on their books they are hesitant to buy any real calibre of player and have resorted to sell “squadies” such as Bassong etc.
    the sale of Dawson will come back to haunt AVB, the obvious replacement is Parker as captian but he is as broken as a FIAT. Imagine Gallas or Defoe as club captain for Spurs thats what they are resorting too, rumour has it RVD is off to Hamburg also . Talk of Jao Muintho and M’Villa is scary but wont happen .

  43. Zoran

    We should stop thinking about any buy such as Navas, Sahin. There we have very promissing young players such as Ox, Coquelin, Rio. What we need is one M’ Villa as DM and Sakho and Van der Wiel as Full backs.

  44. Thorough

    Azed, Happy Born-Day! Wenger is a tool, you cant have everything your way and should learn to strike when the iron is hottest. We offered less money, RM prefered LFC who offered more, yet Sahin chose us. Next we want a clause to buy, it got inserted, against RM’s staunchest wishes. Why then push your luck by tring to sign him permanently even when the buy-out clause took ages to be agreed upon. Sahin could be that ‘we tried our best but failed’ non-signing that this liar always use to con us. We had Benny for one year, he helped us immensely and yet we binned him. Did he serve his purpose? Sure he did. One year with Sahin would have done a whole lot of good to cover for Wilshere’s absense and Arteta’s injury. Not to consider how much it may rub off on our young guns. We had the buy out clause in place damn it. And even if we didn’t I could have taken him. With the present trend of player power we cant say he wont be able to force the deal through if he thinks we are worth it. Well that seems the biggest bane. The best players think we are not worth it. Even Cazorla is already shaking his head and suggesting players to Wenger after one single match. Cazorla may be the difference between UCL footie for us or LFC this year. If we miss out and miss UCL Wenger deserves to be shot.

  45. Pollux

    We sold Song and RVP to balance the book cos Stan said so. All rumors are just cover up by AFC to mask their actual intention. All there still fools out there who are actually falling into these Sahin, M’Vila , Jesus crap? Get real!

  46. craigy

    arsenal tom…… sahin also has alot of respect for arsene wenger, as wenger stated that he was one of the best 18 year olds in the world at the time at an u18 or 19 tournament, and sahin was quoted as saying something like, how happy he was at the comments, and if he ever had the chance to work with him, he’d ask him if the comments were true! he’ll be ours, for the season at least, cant realistically see him going to the spuds or liverpool!

  47. arsenal tom

    Zoran… forget about Sahin because we have coq but buy M’vila? that makes no sense because either player would be in front of coq.

    Ryo is on loan.

    Sakho is a CB not really a LB and i cant see Holland’s no.1 right back being up for our bench once Sagna comes back

  48. goonerjay

    SSN germany reporting mediacl completed. SSN don’t make a habit of making shit up. They tend to keep quiet until they are certain

  49. goonerboy

    Lord S
    Its worth checking out what Wenger tells us fans-because he, like you is prone to wishful thinking.
    2 of the 3 mids Wenger tells us are coming back in the next few months are not even training and have chronic injuries. Diaby has a chronic injury has hardly played for 2 years- is an injury waiting to happen. Arteta’s injury record isn’t exactly great- then we sell Song- guy that played in 34 games last season.
    Sahin won’t happen. Wengers track record shows he is willing to experiment with a kid- like Coquelin rather than get his arse in gear in the transfer market.-its not as if we haven’t been through this before- more than once.
    With fans as naive as you the club will go another 7 years without any chance of success.

  50. Jeff

    The news being put out about Sahin is like a balloon with the air escaping. It’s all over the place. 17 minutes ago, “Sahin has signed for Arsenal”. 20 minutes ago “Liverpool FC have Sahin hope after Arsenal snag”. Who the hell are we supposed to believe? Do these people not read each other’s news?

    It’s so stupid.

  51. Ash79

    sorry this is a bit of a ‘mate of a mate’ one but my bezzie mate’s cousin works in the corp hospitality and events at emirates. Says a big signing is on its way. One we havent talked about yet (as far as i know) but its going to be very good. Cant say who, you knew that was coming but i feel more relaxed than i was 10 mins ago, not that i wasnt relaxed then either.

    Also cant wait till next friday, this blog is going to explode with comments! i remember last year when someone said ‘big chris samba has walked into emirates for a medical’.

  52. Lord Silva

    goonerboy – naive? Haha thats funny

    Have you been asleep all summer? Have you not seen us being active in the transfer market? Do you always believe Wengers quotes to the MEDIA?…

    Obviously we all know hes not going to rely on Wilshere and Diaby. He hasnt in the first game has he? We have plenty of options in there. Another player or 2 can supplement that

    Its negative fans like you that bring the club and its fans down. Always looking for negatives and failing to back the team / giving them time to gel

    Go and support Chelsea mate

  53. goonerjay

    Jeff the one from 17 minutes ago is SSN Germany who don’t make statements without being sure.
    The one from 20 minutes ago is plenty of people rehashing Marcas article. Marac have literally been chopping and changing between Arsenal and the bin dippers every day this week as Sahins prefered destination.
    They haven’t got a clue mate… They are adding 2+2 and hoping 5 is an exclusive

  54. craigy

    arsenal tom….. init man, its funny how many sites jump on the bandwagon, and want to create a bit of drama, like liverpool snatch sahin deal, sahin signs forTottenham , sahin wants to go to accrington stanley ha ha ha, nice1 man, just got my 1970’s red and 71 fa cup yellow arsenal shirt in the post, awesome shirts 🙂 🙂

  55. Jeff


    I sincerely hope so. Even rumours have their tally threshold and by my reckoning if you get more than 10 a day saying the same thing, even if others are saying something different, it is likely to be true. Makes you wonder why a news outlet would change its story so frequently? It must be for the sake of exposure but does nothing for their reputation. Thanks for the heads up.

  56. Ash79

    goonerjay – i honestly cant mate. I kind of believe this chimp cos he called the Arteta one to me last year and also Santi before it broke but i’m sworn to secrecy on this. He did get a few wrong too to be honest so im not putting my mortgage on it but if it does, well done mr weneger.

    Lord Silva – Diaby? wtf

  57. Cesc Appeal

    If Theo’s off, old rose nose wants to see if anyone would take Nani….as i said yesterday I’d take him.

    This transfer window is starting to piss me off now though.

    A) Navas is NEVER coming here, he has to take his family to every international tournament so moving to London won’t happen.

    B) Why can Arsenal never just sign a player, Podolski we knew about for months and months, Giroud was up and down, 90% completed then AW didn’t know who he was. Carzola was done, then not, then done, then not, then needed official signing….now Sahin. Just sign the players.

    We all know it’ll be something stupid like we want a £10 Million buy clause Madrid want a £14 Million.

    £4 Million! That’s one home game for us in terms of revenue. Or basically the Carlos Vela transfer.

    If that’s what they wanted for him if I was the top man I’d buy him from the off! Then go grab M’Vila.

    Flog Walcott to the Scouse and get Nani or a winger similar – I don’t know if United would sell to Arsenal LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    People say it’s not that simple…but it really is. Shopping is easy when you pay the prices marked on the shelf, if you argues with the till girl on every single item as she scanned them through then it would become long and tiresome a.k.a Arsenal’s summers

  58. IvoryGoonz

    Lord SilvaAugust 23, 2012 10:44:52
    goonerboy. Chill out.If we dont get Sahin then we’ll get someone else. Highliy unlikely that we have put all our eggs in the Sahin basket.Yet more doom and gloom from these ‘fans’
    you got to admit that ther’s just one week to go and any new signings will need gel time.
    we clearly went for M’Vila, but what are arguing about? 1-2m?
    I want Arsenal to win the league, not keep contending for a CL place…

  59. Samir

    Apparently…The reason for the Sahin deal taking so long is because the little boy inside him couldn’t make his mind up!

  60. goonerjay

    Nani is defo better than Walcott though lads. decent cross, shot, vision, dribbler (not bad at running with the ball neither).
    Wallcott can run… that’s about it

  61. Ash79

    goonerjay – sorry fella. Its going to go to the wire though as the club do not want to sell him but the player wants the move

  62. Samir

    100% photoshopped.

    This isn’t very nice:

    Jamie Sanderson ‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Sad story from Russia that Yann M’Vila has snubbed move to Zenit after clubs ultras sent him ra*ist death threats. Appalling.

  63. Samir

    Anyone that watches Nani would tell you he’s shit most of the time…Goes missing alot…Too inconsistent. Just like Walcott. (Flashes of brilliance once every 5 games)

  64. Josip Skoblar

    I’ve read all articles published in Marca in the past few days about Sahin’s transfer to the EPL. Apparently, it’s not a done deal yet. Spurs are definitely out of the race. Sahin has publicly stated that he wants to play for Arsenal and, importantly, he is NOT keen to go to Liverpool. Despite his protestations to the contrary yesterday at a press conference, Maureen is apparently trying hard to off-load Sahin to Liverpool. So the issue is not whether it will be a loan or a permanent move, this has been sorted: it will be a loan. The question is about the destination. Maureen, according to Marca, would like Sahin to play for Liverpool. What a saga…

  65. Ash79

    Josip – i never responded on your commenst re Theo. I fully agree. It was a case of ‘he’s still young’ etc but then you begin to wonder at what age does he come good? he’s had more chances than he woudl have elsewhere. Ive convinced myself that he isnt a striker as many (myself included) thought he would be best suited to.

    The fact is, if he lost is pace, he would never play football again. That really is all he has to offer. It angers me that he gets paid more than £2 grand a month.

  66. Jeff

    Van Persie is never going to live down the “little boy” remark is he? I mean it is open to so much innuendo and double entendre.

    It was the same with Mourinho when he said he was “the special one”. I’m sure in their respective languages it has some deep and powerful meaning but it is difficult to stop the intended audience from bursting into perpetual laughter every time you think about it or refer to it.

    I watched the interview Van Persie gave with Ferguson sitting next to him and you could see how it was all so very awkward and contrived. He basically didn’t know what to say and had no real passion or reason to propel the interview. Empty as a shell he sat back and tried to find the words but it came out all wrong. To be frank, it was embarrassing listening to him trying hard to justify a move that everyone and his wife (including his own) knew it should never have happened.

    But we are where we are and if we can laugh at him, it means we’re over him and it didn’t actually take that long (although Monday’s result did help things along a bit).

    As for the future, this window is nothing like the last one. Panic and desperation drove most of the signings last year and of course we made mistakes. This season the signings are more considered and thought out. Not only that but we appear to be putting in some effort to move those surplus to requirement. All in all, we should be able to contend for one of the majors but there is still, at the back of my mind, that niggling thought about the defence which hasn’t really changed and did let in those 49 goals. That would be the last piece of the puzzle for me. If we get that right, I see no reason why we can’t compete for a reasonable trophy.

  67. goonerjay

    Dein – Grow up or fuck off.
    This is an Arsenal blog where fans discuss Arsenal. Nobody wants to hear your retarded hate crusade against Wilshere.

  68. barbes13

    i disagree with when u say Eduardo was not good enough for arsenal . he was one of the prolific strikers until that horrible accident on the field. don’t forget his returned to the emirate was welcome by the fans and he still manage to score on a home and away basic for his club SD.

  69. G STAR

    Ash79August 23, 2012 11:35:00
    sorry this is a bit of a ‘mate of a mate’ one but my bezzie mate’s cousin works in the corp hospitality and events at emirates. Says a big signing is on its way. One we havent talked about yet (as far as i know) but its going to be very good. Cant say who, you knew that was coming but i feel more relaxed than i was 10 mins ago, not that i wasnt relaxed then either.

    Also cant wait till next friday, this blog is going to explode with comments! i remember last year when someone said ‘big chris samba has walked into emirates for a medical’.



  70. Josip Skoblar

    I agree. RvP has miscalculated and made a big mistake. I’m not even saying that because I support AFC. I think that he will not be successful at ManU. They do not have the right team for that. He might win the odd FA or Carling and score a few goals, but nothing to really justify the move.

  71. Thorough

    @Lord Sylva. After two matches watching Hazard in EPL you are glad we didn’t sign him? Blimey, in those matches he’s been unplayable and has been responsible for more than 80percent of Chelsea’s assist (minus the offside) and you still dont think he’s worth the seeming hype. Fuck me I will drop 50mil for him without hesitation if Torres went for that amount. I dont care about what he does off the pitch, which isn’t making negative headline anyway. No DNA, some arrogance (which others call self-confidence which Ramsey, Podlski and a lot of our players can do with a dose of), great decision-making, amazing movement, a sure eye for through balls and an awareness of all around him including opponents. And you dont like any or all of those in a player? I’m shocked!

  72. Geogooner

    TV5 as DMF – I’ve been saying that for ages and as skipper he would have a better command position surely. Then reinforce the back four properly. LB – Gibbs not good enough to start and Santos needs moving forward (if he’s not in jail of course – plonker!) RB – Bacary needs a good backup (why didn’t we pick up Bosingwa). CB – Perm any one from dozens.

    I know AW wants the potential of a permanent Sahin deal but OK, if the guy still wants Madrid then fine just take him on loan for the season to help our campaign and give our youth another years growth space. Yossi did a year and performed well enough (though why we didn’t take him still baffles me).

    Frimmers – Offer him to Stevenage on loan. Luke Freeman had a good year with a team that almost made a triple promotion.

    Bendtner – Maybe he needs to man-up and stop being a prat (Kosser took flak in his first year but proved himself from then on). He had flashes of good and may work better with the current front line. If he’s got to stay then show some maturity and fight for a place. Show us why you think you are so good. You only have Park and Chamahk to better.

    RVP – Gone and forgotten. Could have ended his career as a legend skipper but chose some shiny stuff, maybe, that will be forgotten next season. Justice will be done if we take the Premiership this year. Oh, how we will laugh!