Jesus Navas rumours return | Sahin choice is a no brainer | Arsenal widemen issue

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Good morning everyone! I thought once the season was underway, churning out blogs was going to be a touch easier. Well, so far, it hasn’t been. News  is slim on the ground. It’s getting to that stage of the transfer window where I wish it would just shut and we could know exactly where we stand squad wise.

On the outbound side of things, rumours are flying around that Theo Walcott could be off and Jesus Navas could be coming in to replace him. I can’t quite see that myself. Navas is the new N’Zogbia when it comes to pointless repetitive  transfer stories that won’t ever happen. Navas, from memory, is the guy who wets his pants if he slips out of a 4mile radius of his mum. If he’s 1000miles away from his home comforts, he might actually explode. We’ve already experienced a Spanish wideman with serious home sick issues and although he did well statistically, it was hardly good for squad stability.

Nuri Sahin looks like he’ll be plying his trade at the Gooners this season. He has a choice of Arsenal, Liverpool or Spurs. What right minded footballer coming from Madrid would want to play anywhere else that doesn’t have Champions League football. I wonder whether he’ll play if we land Madrid in the Champions League? Anyway, Mourinho has as good as given his blessing for his to depart, I guess things will depend on whether we get to buy him.

With him, our midfield is looking a totally different beast from last  year. Rumours are still rampant that we’ll be looking to add a more defensive midfielder to the pack as well. I’m still not sure if this will happen, but when rumours persist, there is normally a reason. As far as I’m aware we haven’t lodged a bid for a single defensive midfielder this window.

One player no one is talking about is Frimpong. We have to remember that he has the potential to be a very good player. I can’t help but think all his off the pitch ramblings have had a negative impact on fan perception. Or maybe we’ve seen plenty of players over the past ten years who have a lot to say but not a lot to show for their big opinions. Jermaine Pennant springs to mind, David Bentley as well…

There’s a glowing interview in The Mirror from Santi Cazorla. He talks about how his lack of height won’t affect his game and he talks about being pushed into a more central role.

“That’s where the manager played me, as a second striker, with the freedom that I like to have. It’s a position I really like, not one I’ve played in much in recent years, but I will play there without problems.”

I’d suspect the opportunity to play a more central role was key to him joining. I think sometimes we look like we could do with an additional technician like Cazorla out wide. Gervinho and Theo are much of a muchness which leaves us looking predictable outwide in games where they’re struggling. I’m hoping to see more of Chamberlain in a wide role this year. He has more intelligence to his game and he’s at ease playing in a direct role as a he is playing more of the thinking mans game.

Finally, Eduardo has been hinting at returning to the club. This is something l’d be totally against. He wasn’t good enough for Arsenal in my opinion. He doesn’t have the pace and I think the sad reason that he eventually left us was because he couldn’t quite get over the mental demons that stalked him after that horror tackle…

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  1. Jeff

    When a team or squad is assembled, the board (and probably the manager as well) do not look at it from the point of view of what they can win but rather what is the highest they can finish given the total cost in transfer fees and wages.

    We have sold two first team members and brought in three. The net effect is one player. No change to the defence and no additional or credible goal keeper. We have seven days to go until the window closes. What does your instinct tell you? What has happened in this window is the same as what has been happening for the last decade. We have no trouble selling players for £20m to £30m but will absolutely categorically never buy nor pay over and above the artificial thresholds with which everyone is familiar and sick of repeating. That is our formula and no matter which way you look at it, that side of our conduct has not changed one jot.

    Translating that to ambition on the pitch means we are not willing to go the extra mile in order to win anything major. For that to have any chance of happening we have to gamble and we have to gamble big like the other top clubs do. AFC has been out of the running in the spending department for a long time and our weeks, months and years are filled with nothing but wishful thinking and false hope. Every year we desperately look for signs of change and while it may look like there is some movement in that direction, we find ourselves being strung along and taken for a ride with sweet talk, lies and misdirection.

    You saw tonight two top class teams in Barcelona and Real Madrid did you not? Can we ever see an Arsenal team play as well? Can we ever attract players of that quality? Can we ever hope to emulate the effective and free flowing football they play? We have to be honest and say no. But those clubs haven’t been just “lucky” to acquire those players. Their financial backers, managers, owners and fans all sing from the same hymn sheet. Winning is all and they will do absolutely everything to get to the top in every competition. That mentality of winning at all cost is no longer with Arsenal and by all accounts hasn’t been with us for nearly a decade. We the fans, year in year out, do nothing but flog a dead horse hoping that it will miraculously rise and start galloping.

    You would do well to catch fans of other big clubs frantically looking up the wages or transfer fees for a particular player or trying to justify the cost. The reality is that we have become a sorry excuse for a club that tries to pretend to compete for trophies but knows that nothing short of a miracle is needed to win them. We also try to sign good players but know that they won’t come unless there are some extenuating circumstances. We have fallen from grace and no matter how much we try to pass ourselves on as a big club I think everyone knows we’re not.

    Outsiders either pity or laugh at us.

  2. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – The Pikey neighbour that somehow manages to spend 35 million..

    I cant think of a car shitty enough to depict Carroll accurately..

  3. Paulinho

    There is NO ONE else with Sahin’s skill set in the whole of europe and potential ability to link with Cazorla.

    So yes we can bring in players but it won’t make a difference. M’Vila is a stay at home type, decent but boring as fuck, and in the end our ability to pass the ball with precision gusto will make or break or us. Without Sahin, our level is garbage in that regard.

  4. Radio Raheem

    Could be that Liverpool have fans actually do stuff rather moan on the net? I’m not sure if it affects how the club is managed.

  5. Kempster

    What a depressing bunch of so-called fans.

    “I hope we get spanked”
    “why are we a shop window for Madrid, better fucking have a buy option”
    “can’t believe we’ve fucked that loan up” (no buy option available)
    “going to get real ugly if we don’t win on Sunday”
    “must be all Wengers fault, the tight crook”

    Ffs. One game in. Transfer window not yet closed. Cannot wait to get on the team’s back. Call yourselves fans? I’m embarrassed to read this shit.

    Strap on a pair.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Paulinho: There is NO ONE else with Sahin’s skill set in the whole of europe and potential ability to link with Cazorla.

    He can be Messi’s long lost bastard cousin if you want, but that still doesn’t change my desire for us to kick 7 shades out of Stoke on sunday

  7. patthegooner

    Well fucking hell. Sit down to watch the Hunger Games and log on afterwards to find out Sahin is off to the Scousers.

    Oh well. It is a shame as he is a bloody good player, but it will be interesting to hear exactly why he is not coming to Arsenal. It certainly cant be down to ambition, and it cant be down to wage offer as it is a loan. Maybe it came down to the fact that Liverpool are happy without an option to buy. Maybe we wanted a permanent deal now, which the player did not want (If that is the case and he is still hankering after getting back in the Madrid 11 next season then fuck him). If all things were equal there is no way he would choose them over us. There is more to this story.

    What is important now is that we still strengthen in the next 7 days. Wenger cant cuff another season following another season when we are in the black when it comes to transfers. I still believe we are stronger than we were last season, but we need to be even stronger if we want to challenge, and if we invest we can challenge.

    It would not surprise me if the Capoue or M’vila deals go through now, but lets face it Arsenal don’t do things the easy way so I fully expect a monster F5 refresh session next friday night.

  8. adeghoke

    You are a jokerif you want us spanked by stoke after missing out on sahin

    No where to run to am afraid..a gunner will always remain a gunner

    Better pray mvilla comes instead cos that will create more balance to the midfield

  9. Alex James

    We got battered 8-2 last year, which was my worse moment in 50 plus years supporting the club and the architect of that debacle is still with us. Heaven forbid! The only way to get rid of him and his half baked ideas is a half empty stadium. We are the third richest club in the world but can’t outpay a club that is struggling financially at the moment. Yes there was a risk that the player would go back to Madrid but we shall need all hands to the pumps to get at least fourth place, once are usual raft of injuries occur.

  10. Jeff

    We may be stronger than last season but I don’t believe we are strong enough to win anything major as things stand. In fact, the additional strength might be more than offset by the efforts of our rivals to shore up more than we were able to do.

    I think it’s going to be another roller coaster season for us. If we start dropping points every two or three games, it’s 4th or lower once again.

  11. Kempster

    I must have missed all the clamour for Sahin’s loan signing before the paper rumours. Now you have cretins like Paulinho wailing about how there’s NO ONE else like him, oh woe is us. He didn’t get so much as a mention before.

    We’ll survive.

    PTG and Narsi’s Mouth – nice to see some perspective still exists out there

  12. Jeff

    Moreover, if Cazorla does well this season but we still finish fourth or lower, I don’t think he’s going to stay. He doesn’t look like the sort of chap who’s going to suffer fools and wannabes.

  13. patthegooner


    I think we need to wait and see what happens next week. I have to admit, I am concerned by the failure to add another player to our midfield following Song’s exit, and believed Sahin was the replacement. I just hope he has other options and hopefully they will be of the quality that improves us now rather than in 4 years time.

    IMO if Sahin did want that return to Madrid next season, then I fully agree with the club for pulling out.

  14. Alex James

    It is not the loss of a particular player; it is one again the sadness of losing out to a direct competitor. Just hopevhe doesn’t score against us in a few weeks.

  15. patthegooner

    Jeff I agree with you that we wont challenge for the PL or CL, but I do believe we will secure 3rd/4th and hopefully we will feed a strong enough team to have a crack at the domestic cups.

    Bring in a quality midfielder and that utility defender next week, and I think we have an outside chance and will certainly have a say in where the PL goes.

  16. Paulinho

    Kempster – He didn’t get a mention because no one thought there was any chance of signing him. Turns out we were right first time, but for reasons that make Wenger seem an even bigger wanker than he already is.

    Perspective? Sticking your head in the sand more like.

  17. OPG

    Thought there was something off about Sahin being a ‘done deal’, he would have been a quality addition there isn’t much out there with his quality no matter loan or permanent but anyone that is brought in the battle will be for top4 anyway cause of the mentality and lack of continuity these past couple of years.

  18. Zeus

    Hugely disappointed over Sahin, but 115k a week is ridiculous.

    He’s already made one bad decision in going to real Madrid, if he wants to make an even worse one going to side that will struggle to get anywhere near CL football, that his decision.

    On to the next one I suppose.

  19. Jeff

    The BBC are already reporting that the main reason why Sahin is going to Liverpool is because they offered to pay a higher percentage of Sahin’s wages (at £115k pw) than we did. No only that but the option to buy at £14m has also been left in. If that is true, we basically haggled ourselves out of it because of pennies.

  20. adeghoke

    What’s the point having him for next season we start looking for another player again..let’s go for what we want now..Mvilla or wanyama for me

  21. Thorough

    I said when all these started that Sahin was the ‘we tried our best but it didn’t work’ non-signing Wenger will make this year. It will be too much for Wenger to give the star players in the team a supporting cast that befits them. Instead we surround them with dross so that in 12month’s time we are sure that they are frustrated and thus can be sold. I hope Wenger dies before daybreak. I would wish the same to anyone that can lie continuosly for close to ten years without the slightest remorse. Chelsea won UCL and lost only one player they would have loved to keep in Didier Drogba. Players in: Hazard, Oscar, Azpilicueta and Moses, probably Cavani/Hulk to come. If it was the deflated AFC signing those 5players we’ll be a contender for all the competitions. Immediately Wenger said in public he was interested in Sahin I knew there was something fishy. It sounded like a show of intent to some: to me and a whole lot of others that knew this lying bastard it sounded like a plea to other clubs to come pinch him from us. We had him until we made sure that we haggled for so long he had to get fed up. Sahin is going to LFC as a last resort. Just the way Wenger wanted it. Now the fool has bought himself one crucial week of Transfers. By the time we are shown that this team is not good enough, the window will be long shot. Nothing will gladden me more than a fan beating Wenger in front of the whole world. A slap with the dirtiest sole will do for this conman who repeatedly makes a fool of us all and smiles wryly to rub it in. Isn’t there a limit to the amount of pisstake a people can stand from one man. Even tyrants get mutinized. Nobody will change things for us if we fold our arms. Time to put our foot on the ground and send this delusion of a coach out of our team. May God punish you and your household Wenger.

  22. adeghoke

    What’s the point having him for next season we start looking for another player again to fill the space who might taketime to bed in..let’s go for what we want now..Mvilla or wanyama for me

  23. Herkules

    I can forgive losing out on Sahin if we get another quality option. Obviously a quality option who wants to stay with us for several years would be better than someone who has little interest in living in London long-term.

    The problem is that we’ve had a flat Summer (3 players in who aren’t really that much stronger than the 2 we lost). And what we really needed was a nice, hunky positive Summer.

    One week left to make that happen Mr. W.

  24. Alex James

    Patthe I just have this feeling that our business is done. Our first eleven is a match for anyone. As we know, the problem happens once the injuries start and we have to rely on the monkeys rather than the organ grinders. I woyod love to see us clobber Stoke but they looked really useful at Reading.

  25. adeghoke

    I will be so happy if a fan slaps him though cos I really hate him now..he used to be my hero.he’s finished this club with his stupid and stubborn philosophy

  26. patthegooner

    I guess once again we play transfer roulette in the last few days Alex

    I really hope he does something as he has regained a lot of faith in my eyes. This based on what he did with a pretty average squad last season, and the three signings (all quality IMO) so far.

    We have a lot of cash though, so to not spend would piss me off

  27. Kempster

    Paulinho – please.

    Revisionist bullshit. It’s embarrassing.

    You’re going to cry over a 1 year loan deal? Really?

    And you said you want to see us get spanked on Sunday. I’m at a loss.

  28. Inter YourGran

    I’m not convinced by Wanyama or M’Vila personally. If we are going to buy those players I don’t see them being much better than Diabolical, ramsey or Coquelin so it makes little sense…

    If we miss out on Sahin, oh well, it isn’t like this hasn’t happened before, but i’d be a little annoyed if it’s because we penny pinched on the wages, especially with our cash reserve.

    We are currently at about £60m in the black this window and with the trimming of wages we have plenty of room to manouvre , but why are we leaving it so late again?!

    We can’t seriously be rely ing on chamackh, diaby & wilshere returning. That’s just fucking ignorant and in any other line of work you’d be looking at a gross misconduct charge.

    Still 6 days of pandemonium left to play out…

  29. GoonerM

    So guys if we don’t get Sahin who is there on the market we could sign? It’s all good bashing the people moaning about Sahin but show me and the rest of the doomers some viable alternatives please then maybe just maybe I can see this from a different perspective.

  30. Harry Redknapp

    we have not trimmed that much wages, we have swapped robin for poldi, swapped song for gerrerd and added cazorla, id say right now were in the wage red

  31. Inter YourGran

    GoonerM –

    Gazidis is in Brazil ‘allegedly’ so maybe he’ll bring back Paulinho (no he won’t bring back neymar or Damiao)

    Decent central mid options; Moutinho… erm…….. (M’Vila, Wanyama, Biglia = Cana mk2)

    upfront/widemen – We need another striker, but we wont (won’t, not can’t) until 2 of park, chamcack & Nikki B leave… It’s looking unlikely we’ll get rid of chamackh, bendtner’s wages aren’t being matched elsewhere and who the fuck wants park?

    This is going to go down to the wire and deadline day for arsenal fans is always a let down.

  32. sam

    well i did say it,dumb!
    big club like arsenal fighting over a loan deal for a fukking madrid reject.
    liverpool is the best place for him to jumpstart his real madrid career, we shouldn’t let mourinho use arsenal as rebilitation centre.
    wenger sold 2 players last weekend but still can’t spend descent fee for descent replacement, shame!


    Fuck, Thorough sounds veeeeeeeexx as shit,let me tell you something my brother i, no we feel your anger and…..i hope yoy don’t bump into AW.

  34. Inter YourGran

    Watching teh Song Barca unveiling i’m suprised he speaks in french.. There is an underlying problem at arsenal in regards to the players speaking english. They should all be fucking speaking it… Some players have been there over 5 years and cant put together two sentences in english. I reckon Cazorla & Podolski are taking French lessons.

  35. adeghoke

    Here goes the question
    What do we really need?
    We all crave a strong DM..sahin is def not a DM…so is it having the technical ability of sahin that matters or what we think we really want…you and I know wenger has just 1 midfielder to buy

  36. Thorough

    Now we start looking for replacements or option B, which inevitably comes with a gulf in quality. Checklist: Ramsey in place of Mata, Per in place of Cahill/Samba, Ox in place of Hazard…..must we go on like this? Why the coach will get frustrated with our stars is because he frustrates them in the first place by making them the pawns of his football injustice. Will Cazorla break more sweat against Chelsea if he knew it was Jenkinson vs Hazard in our defense. VP and Rooney playing against Verm and Per. Or UCL and we have Gibbs marking Ronaldo or Messi, its football injustice, brought on ourselves by an insane manager whom we all must not keep silent and let him destroy this club any further. People are judging him because of what he achieved 14 to 8years ago damn it, for God’s sake my report sheet in high school didnt get me distinctions in College. It all takes working out. He seemed our greatest fortune some years ago, but now he is our greatest misfortune and should be booed to submission by the fans as the BoD are obviously too cowed to do shit.


    Right now i dont care who he signs for just sign so everybody can move on.Oh, by the way there will be no new signjngs ,and you all no this,thats what has you all pissed.

  38. Harry Redknapp

    lol he can tackle and stick to his job, you just want a lee cattermole who also has sahin ability, they dont exist. if we want 100% from cazorla we need to free him completely of defensive pressure.

  39. Harry Redknapp

    cattermole=flamini gattuso de rossi, without the class, thats the difference between our managers tight grip on money and a manager who wants to win and dont mind spending

  40. Inter YourGran

    adeghoke – I don’t get all the clamour for a ‘specialist DM’

    Will having a player like M’Vila sitting in their doing all the dirty work take us onto another level? I honestly don’t think so.

    What’s become apparent to me is that our slick passing and move game has become somewhat pedestrian. We need players in wide areas and central mid that can play 1 & 2 touch and take accountability for their positioning on the pitch.

    This is where players like diaby, ramsey, walcott & gervinho frustrate me greatly. They aren’t the players we should be playing on a regulr basis IMO. Having Gervinho and Walcott on opposite flanks just blunts our creativity and often leads to us being hit on the counter attack because they lose the ball with a crap dribble or misplaced pass.

    We lways looked better lasts eason with yossi or rosicky on one of the flanks with a more pacey direct winger on the other. This is why Podolski is a head scratcher… He really doesn’t fit our MO upfront or out wide…

    Some fans are excited by our new signing though and there is some reason for optimism i guess, but selling our two main contributors in goals/assists last season (regardless of anyone’s personal feelings towards Song) means we need to replace with equal or better quality and those players cost money we aren’t willing to spend but quite happy to take.

    It’s one step forward, two step backwards…

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal need to start being proactive now because it’s turning farcical again.

    We signed Podolski and Giroud sure but lost RVP.

    Signed Cazorla and lost Song.

    I don’t lament Song’s departure for a second but what I mean is for a week or so we had a very very strong squad, now we’re weak again with the loss of Song and RVP.

    We need that DM now if Sahin is headed toward Liverpool. Just pay the money, for me it’s M’Vila or Fellaini – though the latter tends to be a more attacking mid now. Perhaps even try for Tiote for Newcastle.

    There’s Ba and Cisse at Newcastle we could have a go for.

    Lots of papers seem adamant that we’re in for Navas but that’s a bit of a nonstarter for me, the guy is crazy homesick. But i like that we’re looking at wingers – get shot of Theo.

    At least we need a utility defender, a DM, another ST but a real decent one and a winger – a proper winger, not a number 10/winger or striker/winger an out and out winger, good crosser, good dribbler, pacey.

    On top of that bringing in a goalie would be nice, whether old and cheap or competition for Schez doesn’t matter.

    Read that Jol is bidding £8 Million for Stekelenberg – jump on that!!

    So that’s a CB come LB/RB, CDM, LW/RW and a ST.

    A lot to get done to put us up there again – I put money on us getting M’Vila and that’s about it.

    They’ve sort of let us down again, three good signings, everyone excited then boom, sell Song and RVP within days of each other with very little warning…you can say RVP was a saga but one second he was doing a U-Turn then suddenly he’s having a medical at United.

    Arsenal need to get back on track.

    Revenue from TV rights goes up 70% at the end of the year, our commercials are up for renewal as well so our commercial income should easily go up 6 times from the pitiful £5 Million a year deal from Emirates.

    There’s is no excuse not to go out and spend. That TV money is a massive bonus!! Every team in the league will see their cash go up 70% from the broadcasters – bet you a pound to a pinch of a shit we’re the only ones who don’t spend like it.

  42. adeghoke


    Infact am confused now and depressed when it comes to my beloved arsenal

    Maybe its about time I start cursing the day arsene joined arsenal

    We are becoming a laughing stock

  43. adeghoke

    Youv asked for almost 5 new players ontop of the 3 we have already
    Hav u forgotten who the coach is

    Ok..let me remind you..its arsene wenger(book must be balanced). a.k.a FFP crusader. a.k.a the dreamer.

  44. Thorough

    @Adeghoke. What do we need? A lot. But because we have an insane manager we invariably knew most of the needs won’t be met so rationally we tone down our expectations. For example I am sure as egg is egg he wont buy a striker. Why? Because if he was mad enough to play glassleg for a whole season without a capable backup then he wont think Giroud and Podolski are incapable/inadequate for a season of about 60matches. We also give up on defense because he’ll rather beat West Ham 4-3 than 2-0. But the most worrisome place last year was the midfield. Check our stats? Arteta missed 9games, we lost 4 of those, drew 4 and even the only one we won we would have easily lost if not for the god of soccer blessing us with Fulop (whoever snucked that ‘c’ into his name). So back to your question, I will say ‘Wat do we need in the midfield?’ 1st, a hardman who shields our defense, what Song was supposed to be but never was, a player whom Coquelin can understudy and learn from; a replacement/backup for arteta (which obviously should have been Sahin) and of course a back-up to Cazorla. You ask me why not Ox, Rosicky or Ramsey for the latter position? Ox is a wideman, takes on people well and crosses like a wideman, also played most of his career in Southampton as a wideman. But his conversion to central midfield is as a result of Wenger wanting to horde the praise that he created Ox, and that the boy is not the readymade wideman he bought from Sotton. Rosicky? He gets injured even while drinking tea. Ramsey? Let’s not go there! And you know why loosing Sahin (or seemingly so) is so painfull? We had 2 players in one. I don’t have a shadow of doubt that he can act as a backup for both Cazorla and Arteta. Now we have to endure watching Ramsey playmaking for Arsenal of our dreams. I dont get what this coach is getting paid for. I sure dont get it. Arsenal is so impossible to follow now.

  45. adeghoke


    I get your point..but the point is this
    We know wenger as a terrible man who lies for a living and The best he can do now is buy just one MF..

    So who will you rather have..the hard tackler DM or a Sahin who can cover and create?

  46. Thorough

    @Adeghokey. For the singular fact that there are no 2 Sahins its a no brainer that I’ll take M’Villa. Afraid i’ll even settle for M’Villa if I was asked to choose between the 2 of them because of the peculiar need of our team for a disciplined, commited beast that appropriately shields the defence. But ultimately we would have been better off with both and this team won’t move forward until we learn not only to replace but add to it. Night, night.

  47. Kripakar Marur

    I am one of Sahin’s biggest fans as I follow Borussia Dortmund. However if the latest reports are to be believed, they are paying a 5 million pounds loan fee. And on top of that, both Real and the player himself see his long term future at Madrid. Make no mistake, he could have made a real difference to any team in the EPL. But 5 million loan fee for a player in a position in which we are reasonably well stocked:
    diaby (if he plays against stoke, isn’t that a record or something)
    ramsey(who had a bad second half of last season. however he was decent in the first half)
    santi (has played there for malaga)
    the ox (wenger already said he sees him as centre mid)

  48. Jason

    Our small-club mentality and obvious lack of preparation for transfers has hurt us again, we’re dealing with Real Madrid and are trying to poach a former Germsn footballer of the year and we haggle cos of wages, the only thing that would make sense to me is if he personally didn’t want a permanent transfer clause inserted because if he did this just screams INEPTITUDE!!!
    Another emberassing Arsenal summer continues, no power to keep players we show loyalty to, zero ruthlessness in holding them to their contracts and no will in bringing in players we really want.
    It’s so farcical its getting hilarious

  49. Moray

    If the transfer window shuts with us signing Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud and M’Vila, and with notable OUTs including Song and VP, I think we will actually have a stronger squad. But, I also think Wenger will be seen to have dropped the ball somewhat. Particularly as the Sahin rumours were the source of such excitment, only to end with that familiar egg on the face, player to a rival feeling that we seem to get every year.

    Theo hasn’t resigned, and if he doesn’t do so in a week then expect him to be out too.

    Having said that, if Sahin goes to Liverpool then I do feel sorry for him. Not only will he have to play in a fading team alongside fading and overrated stars, but he will have his house burgled and most probably be carjacked too. And what is more, he hopes for a return to Real which simply will not happen. I don’t see how he can force a way back into that squad. On second thoughts, maybe Wenger is going to try another attempt at the sneak loan deal for

    Apparently David Villa is back scoring for Barca. Another one that got away…

  50. observer

    @ Jeff August 24, 2012 00:24:41

    Very very well assessed, Sir. You have just summed it up.

    There’s only one way left now to make Wenger to spend his pennies: lose to Stoke on Sunday. If Arsenal scrapes through with a win, then they are screwed for the season. Good luck, Gooners!

  51. ikon

    I dont see the fuss over Sahin really… there has to be a genuine reason why the club would have backed out…we all know how weedy Mourinho can be… so ***k it…. get a proper defensive mid ala M Villa and a defender if we can and get on with it.

  52. SG_Gunner

    I can understand the pent up frustration of fans boiling over this Sahin deal. But let us not get ahead of ourselves. We all are such suckers for transfer news. It’s like clutching at straws.

    1. Sahin wants to play so he can get into a proper rhythm and do good at a club so he can force his way back into Real Madrid’s first XI. No one can begrudge him that. He made a dream transfer an year ago which hasn’t worked out well for him and he wants to try and force his way back into the manager’s plans. Why would he be keen on a permanent transfer to a team which hasn’t won anything for 7 years and leave the Spanish champions where he anyway earns more than any Arsenal player. It is a no-brainer. He wants to come over to get fit and try and make his way back to Real. Also, look at it from Sahin’s perspective. He may be playing this loan move to put himself on the shop window. If he does well, Man City, Man U and Chelsea would be going after him next year. That would mean higher wages / more chances to win trophies. Arsenal can’t match those anyway. So why would he wanna get tied in with a buy out deal.

    2. I think lot of us are being unfair to AWon this one. I am sure Wenger would have liked to take Sahin on loan but if the player is not fully committed to a future permanent deal and the loan deal itself will cost 4-5 million then it is not worth it. Seems like Arsenal really want to have a buy out option while RM are not too keen on that. Maybe even Sahin is not keen to be tied down as well. So best is to accept that Arsenal and Sahin/RM have different ideas about the loan. Anyway, his signing was not a critical one. It was more of an “icing on the cake” signing. I would love to see him at the club and I can see how some of us are even willing to just have him on loan to ease JW back into the team. I would have loved to see AW take that calculated risk . But at the same time, I feel that 5-6 mil can be better spent. I would rather, we spend money on getting better squad players like Dempsey etc with that money. I feel the only area where Wenger has let down the team is in having weak squad players who just cannot step up when needed. Our first team is quite strong and to lot of Naysayers, I would say Giroud and Poldy will surprise lot of people in England.

    3. I think Eduardo made an excellent point in his interview to BBC. when he said that Arsenal always take ordinary players and turn them into extraordinary players. Unfortunately, Wenger ends up selling all those extraordinary players .I know lot of people here are pretty critical of his tenure now and I would get panned too for saying this. In my opinion, there is no better manager in the premier league who is able to mould players into becoming world beaters. It is a pity that financial constraints / debt / lack of ambition / high wages / oil money etc has blunted out edge and made other clubs more attractive for the young footballers. But we can already see how we are buying experienced players who are again in that same category as some of Wenger’s initial buys (most were either just beginning to flourish or stuck at wrong clubs). So Wenger is finally off to rebuilding his new Arsenal team. Lot of you guys think that the project youth was his vanity project. I feel that project youth was actually his way of tiding the club through these turbulent years when winning a trophy was more of a bonus. Staying 4th in the league was indeed his trophy (just look at liverpool as a sample of what happens when you drop out of top 4). Don’t label me an AKB because of this post please. I am pretty neutral in my stance regarding Wenger. I feel we do revisionism pretty fast when it comes to his tenure. So now, even his earlier success is termed as a non-event and attributed to GG or the back 4 from previous era. At the same time, I feel he is not a God like those Untold guys. He has made his fair share of mistakes but I feel the success far outweighs the negatives.

    4. Let’s hope we guys are patient with this rebuilding because I seriously feel a good vibe with this team. We will go far with them (hopefully after Theo is sold too because we really need out forwards to be a bit more rounded and not as one dimensional as Theo. It is pity about him. I really hoped he would succeed at Arsenal but he has not been able to kick to the next level from being a good player to a great player)

    5. Lastly, please no abusive responses. I know it a free world but how can we call ourselves classy fans and be abusive or racist (happens a lot of times here at LG in the name of free speech) in our comments at the same time. A lively debate would be great.


  53. Jeff

    There must be a million and one things that you can find annoying about how Wenger manages this club but I think for me it’s the blatant dishonesty and how he treats the fans as if they are idiots. I find statements like: “we are working hard in the transfer market” or “we tried very hard to sign top quality players” really infuriating. It is as if he’s addressing a bunch of five year olds in primary school.

    The Sahin saga is but the latest example of how success on the pitch comes a poor second to saving the pennies. If we didn’t need the services of the player we would not have gone for him in the first place. The fact that this particular episode dragged on for weeks means we had need for such a player and once Song’s departure became a certainty, it should have been a mere formability to close the deal.

    I’m sure we will now wait until the 31st of August to see what bargain basement deals are left when we will ask ourselves whom we can afford rather than who will make us champions. Is this really the way to run a premiership football club?

    It’s looking more and more likely that absolutely everything we have been doing in the last decade and all that we shall do while this regime remains in control is make money. The stadium, CL football, buying low and selling high, the wage structure, the youth programme; the entire ethos is bound up in one figure and one figure alone: income minus expenditure. There can be no other conclusion. It is pitiful.

  54. Sadam Mahessar

    some arsenal fans are definition of blind faith and being ignorant cunts

    sahin was dortmunds best player during his last season there and was vital to them winning the league.
    he would be a bloody handful for liverpool no matter what price or wages they are paying for him

    he would have taken us to a different level-no two ways about that.

    fucking wenger!!!!!!

  55. ArsenalManiac21

    I Don’t care if he fucks off to Madrid at the end of the season, but why don’t y’all see what he can do for us this season? THIS SEASON!

  56. Jeff

    The greatest irony (and we’re never short of those at AFC) is that Sahin will probably line up against us at Anfield on 2nd September. Something else to rub in our faces.

  57. Samir masri

    Hearing wenger talking about balancing the books makes me sick in the stomach. And now he is saying that every minute in the transfer is crucial. It will be a true dishonesty if he doesn’t bring anyone in.

  58. ArsenalManiac21

    I blame the fans in the UK, y’all just sit behind your keyboards and rant. Take some fucking action before these cunts runs our team to the groud.

  59. Iffy da goon

    ArsenalManiac21August 24, 2012 07:20:31
    I blame the fans in the UK, y’all just sit behind your keyboards and rant. Take some fucking action before these cunts runs our team to the groud.

    You are doing much better are you? Hiding behind your computer to put blame on someone else.

  60. lizardking

    5 Mill loan fee takes the piss. Yes Sahin would have made an impact but just as he got settled he would go back to Real. Use the 5 mill to buy a new player IN DEFENCE FFS!! Sounds like Jack will be back sooner than we thought and he will be raring to go!!

  61. adeghoke

    Did you hear wenger the dictator he can’t promise you signings but working on shows he is the general overseer of this club.what’s the point having gazidiz and co(useless)
    We are in for a bumpy ride with wenger.
    He talks like a god

  62. adeghoke

    Did you hear wenger the dictator say he can’t promise you signings but working on shows he is the general overseer of this club.what’s the point having gazidiz and co(useless)
    We are in for a bumpy ride with wenger.
    He talks like a god

  63. lizardking

    Wenger is the main spokesperson and public image of the management. I agree he has more power than he should but when he talks about transfers he says we meaning his team. He wouldn’t be the bloody manager if he didn’t over see the transfers.

  64. adeghoke

    We have Diaby and Oxlade-Chamberlain back now while Rosicky and Wilshere are coming back. They are all international-stature players. I focus highly on that. If we get these players back in good shape then we have a very, very strong squad.”

    Where was chamberlain before?he was never out longterm
    This man must be ill

  65. adeghoke


    Having more power than he should is the sole reason why wev gone barren for seven years..just that little extra power

  66. salparadiseNYC

    What a shambles this Sahin saga has become. Feels like were squarely back to
    August 24 2011. I’m happy with 3 signings we’ve made but were hardly ‘their’.
    Feels as settled as the good ship Wenger that sailed last August before a gas panic on deadline day.

    Would love to of seen Sahin, Cazorla, Arteta and Jack mixed in once fit, pretty rocking midfield.
    Curious whom the backup options are, feel AW has gone totally sour on M’Vila.

  67. dennisdamenace

    £70m+ in the so-caled transfer pot, £200m+ in the cash account, and yet Wenger still sniffing around for laons and bargains.

    No wonder our better players are stating to jump ship with alarming regularity.

    Needless penny pinching is holding us back yet again, but never fear Diaby’s new contract is secure, as is Gazidis’ and Wenger’s bonusses.

  68. lizardking

    He is a big reason why but some of it cant be helped. When we are competing against teams with endless pots of money who lure are best players away with increased wages and the chance to play with other big stars on big wages what can he do???

    Yes he has a vision and his main aim is to qualify for the champs league and more than anything win it?? The two come hand in hand though so in fact you could s day he aims for the biggest prize.

  69. Johnty79

    Sadeem, u r quite right. I’m afraid Geoff Pedro you and the rest of you r to blame for supporting wenger. No sahin means mid table and wait for it….al you lot saying koisceny is better then tv well guess who Chelsea r about to bid 25 m for and it’s not koisceny. Luis is leaving and Chelsea will spend it all on tv. Wenger will sell as that will I’ve another 10% profit very nice. Wenger will definitely leave at the end of the season but he will leave a city in ruin. It will take decades to recover with our unbalanced youth and first team. Ashame wenger used to care about arsenal but it seemed to change after 2004 maybe he thought he reached the pinnacle, now it seems every obvious decision is being ignored.

  70. Johnty79

    All arsenal fans just pray we lose heavily to stoke and Liverpool. Only then will wenger panic buy again. God help us but you losers will still cheer at the emirates at te next home game. You r all to blame and you will be responsible for diabys new contract.

  71. Iffy da goon

    I’m not even in the least bit fussed about the team since we’re only playing for fourth anyway, but it will be sad to watch wenger try to juggle this team to the almighty champs league spot without any further additions. Still he have a much better squad than lfc, thfc and newcastle so we should be fine

  72. Johnty79

    Lizard king you fool, we can afford 150k aweek. Players like Gibbs, park, etc should be on know more than 10 k. We waste 50 m of our wage bill on players who never play. A shame we finished 3 rd last season as then you could have seen real disaster this year.

  73. Johnty79

    With sahin Liverpool will finish above us. See you all on te next post. Don’t start moaning after stoke school us on Sunday.

  74. adeghoke

    Guillem Balague Tweeted yesterday, “Sahin choice should be made pretty soon. AFC and LFC agreed all with Madrid. Now up to player. At LFC they think he can still be convinced.”

  75. TheBayingMob

    Football is a season to season thing. We’ve just sold song (translates as ‘mugged barca stupid’) for 15m yet we wouldn’t do what it takes to get Sahin in. I understand the economics of football but sometimes Wenger’s tight fistedness just beggars belief! Sahin may well have gone back to Madrid, but we’re talking this season, not next season. Still remember that useless cunt Baptista we got from Madrid on loan? Wenger’s track record there is pretty shit isn’t it?

  76. Ash79

    Johnty79 August 24, 2012 08:24:37
    All arsenal fans just pray we lose heavily to stoke and Liverpool. Only then will wenger panic buy again. God help us but you losers will still cheer at the emirates at te next home game. You r all to blame and you will be responsible for diabys new contract.

    Johnty, im no fan of the way we conduct ourselves in the transfer market at times but i think i have a right to say here that you are a total fucking cunt. How can you call yourself a fan with comments like that – YOU WISH FOR US TO LOSE? You honestly believe that losing those 2games will benefit the squads and the fans morale in any fucking way?

    If we lose to Stoke, we will moan, thats football, thats life, thats the beauty of being a football fan but to wish us failure. Damn, what the fuck are you on?

    Seriously, fuck off son.

  77. lizardking

    Maybe I am a fool but I don’t know about how much money is available. Yes we have too many crap players on too much high wages, hopefully some are going? I’m all for a change of manager if we could get someone with proper caliber but ideally at the end of the season so they can sort the team out and buy new players etc. Now I want to just get behind the team we have and hope for the best. I may change my mind again after a string of losses but until then that’s my view.

  78. Ash79

    Arseblog –
    Arsenal might well have decided that the money could be better spent. If we paid 3/4s of his wages (£90,000 pw) that’s an outlay of nearly £5m, plus a reported £2m loan fee to Madrid, that’s £7m that perhaps we could spend on a player who, you know, we own. It looks as if it was our decision to withdraw from the deal. Maybe because of Real being difficult but maybe because we have something else in the pipeline.

    If the above is all true then fuck Sahin at £7m for one year. Lets get a perm guy in. Dont kid yourselves in thinking that we should have made a perm bid for him, Sahin wants to stay at real long term.

  79. Alex James

    The special one has to deliver La Liga or the CL this season, to keep his job. Big ask with Barca in the way. So, who knows what the Sahin/ Real position will be in a year’s time. The Spanish economic situation will have an effect as well. Sometimes risk has to be taken to help us realise our overall aspirations. And the Sahin cost is surely not prohibitive, even after taking account of the dross player salary drain?

  80. Thorough

    So really some people still think we actually have a better team than Newcastle, LFC and Totts, really? Arsenal most likely first 11 on Sunday: Schezny, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Verm, Per, Arteta, Cazorla, Diaby, Theo, Gervinho and Giroud. Totts: Friedel, Walker, Gallas/Caulker, Verthoghen, Assouekkouto, Sandro, Livermore, Sigurdson, Bale, Lennon and Adebayo. Newcastle: Krul, Simpson, Taylor, Colocini, Tiote, Anita, Demba Ba, Ben Arfa and Demba Cisse. LFC: Reyna, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Kelly, Sahin, Lucas, Gerrard, Allen, Luis Suarez and Downing. So really some people think Arsenal is the strongest among that lot? And even if by some unbelievable justifications we are, is been better than those 3 the height of our dreams?

  81. wenker-wanger

    @jeff, you see this situation exactly how i see it…its no coincidence that wenger makes profits on transfer deals every year is it!.
    I was hoping RVP, CESC and nasri would have been a bit more vocal about our lack of ambition, instead the world believes they are just mercenaries.
    Our club is a soul-less profit-making organisation that carries a football team with it. Any player looking to achieve success on the pitch will leave this plastic club. Its a disgrace and i blame wenger almost entirely.
    I saw a banner proclaiming the usual ARSENE KNOWS BEST scrawl on it at the sunderland game… do these idiots save up enough money to go to the game….surely they cannot be sane enough to work?