Andre Santos shows off new car to Police | Sahin deal done with purchase option set | Chamakh looks set to stay at Arsenal

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Alistair Stewart is believed to be the man who made the arrest... 1-0 ITV

Well we’ll start the morning off with the bad news. Andre Santos made the front page news for being an idiot this morning. A 130mph car chase with the Police ending in the eventual arrest just outside London Colney. The Sun reckon he could face two years, forgetting that to pick up a sentence like that in the UK, he would have had to kill the two policeman involved in the arrest, BBQ their bodies and sell the cooked remains at an organic food fair.

It’s a bit of an odd one really. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t stop for the Police if they were insured and licenced correctly. The liklihood of a professional footballer escaping the reaches of a police unit in a £150k a car is very low. All in all, a very silly incident. I highly doubt it’ll affect our plans going into the new season. Rumors have been floating about that the Brazilian full back has been training as a winger. I have no steer on that, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Some also suggesting he could step in at right back… that worries me, he’s a bit if a liability at left back. Shifting him over would make for interesting viewing.

In transfer news, The Daily Mail reckons we’ve snapped up Nuri Sahin for the year with the option to buy set at £14million. We’ve landed ourselves a serious midfielder there. I’m not sure we’ll be looking at a defensive midfielder going forward. To be honest, in our system, we perhaps don’t need one. Why? Well, the issue at Arsenal has been accountability. The three midfielders are supposed to cover the necessary ground to make sure everyone covers each other. When you have selfish players like Alex Song in you set up, you’re always going to end up exposed. Nuri Sahin comes from an extremely disciplined set up in Germany and he’s had time under the tactical dictator that is Mourinho. He’ll bring structure and stability to our midfielder. He’ll also bring a winners edge to the proceedings. We’re looking very strong in the middle of the park with Sahin, Arteta and Cazorla. That’s a seriously gifted trio who all know how to play the game.

In other news Everton new boy Kevin Mirralles claimed he turned down the chance to play at Arsenal because he wasn’t guaranteed game time. I don’t really know enough about him to be disappointed, but the chances of him getting in ahead of Jelovic seem pretty slim anyway. Who wants players who aren’t up for the fight? We’ve had enough of those over the past 7 years. We want winners and people who know they’ll force their way into contention. Still, if the story is true, it means we’ve been sniffing around new strikers. Shame it’s in the bargain basement, but I’m guessing we’re looking for a 3rd choice, so it’s not surprising.

Adebayor signed on for Spurs yesterday in a quite outrageous deal. Spurs will pay £5million to City for the Togolese striker. They’ll slip him a cool £80k a week with Manchester City funding the remaining £95k a week. Amazing. The guy has lucked out like a triple lottery winner. Now he has nothing to prove at Spurs, I’m looking forward to seeing him slip into Lazybeyor mode. Classic Ade… one season on… one off… move clubs.

Sadly for us, I’m guessing this means the chances of Chamakh moving to the darkside of North London have slipped away. He’ll have to settle for those heart warming rumours of Firorentina, maybe, just maybe coming in for him!

Things have gone terribly quiet on the Theo Walcott front. No deal announced, no clubs interested in his signature and a bad game under his belt to kick start the new season. I don’t think there’s much interest from anyone in the winger if I’m honest. It’d still be a bit of a slap in the face to lose a player we’ve invested in so heavily in to a free, but I guess that’s what’ll happen.

One player we might not lose on a free is Andrey Arshavin. Apparently Zenit have lodged a £7mill bid for the weighty Russian. I’d sell him, he looked very poor and uninspired at the weekend. Clearly we’re not the team to spark his potential being near the thrity mark, you’d have to imagine physically he’s not going to get any better. A real shame.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    what excuse will wenger use for our first defeat on sunday…

    the pitch…
    new players gelling
    the weather?
    the team did not have the belief …

    what years excuse will he draw on… 2006, 2007…200.8. u know da rest….

  2. Iffy da goon

    Madrid don’t want to be seen as a selling club so they are kind of making negotiations seem to save face. Facts are

    Spain is in crisis.
    They (madrid) are desperately trying to trim the squad costs by letting go of fringe players like kaka, sahin
    Arsenal will pay Madrid a fee of 2 m for his service because other clubs were interested in loaning him as well

    Knowing Arsene wenger i doubt he’ll take the player without a buy out option. The rumour is around £17m

  3. Bade

    Yep Lurch

    Think of it, & you’ll realise all those deals really are subject to the Sp*ds tying a Modric replacement. Then Real, then us ….

  4. Gooby

    Imagine for one second we win the league this season pissing all over shitty manure and chavski and all their money.
    It would be fucking epic after 8 years

  5. ikon

    Looking at how Southampton and Swansea are playing, it is going to be even tougher to finish top four. The quality of premier league is distinctly better than last few seasons.

  6. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    The dominos will start falling faster this week as they are spaced closer together. Transfer one will trigger number two, will trigger number three, and at the end of the week somebody will be left without a chair!

    We enter the final frantic week. Gentlemen, let the games begin!

    Reports’ of us interested in Jesus Navas as Theo’s replacement. Just daily star fodder for the column inches. But, the total silence on this issue (Theo) says quite a lot to me. It means there is no agreement between club and our Lad!

    Perhaps The Star have added two and two and actually got four!

    Could this be further evidence of Gazidis’ promise from the AST meeting to adjust our wage structure and redress the balance to be able to pay for the ‘top’ stars? Adios Theo, we’ll find someone cheaper and better and free up some cash!

    Jesus coming to Arsenal would be a headline writers dream and maybe we wouldn’t have to read this lazy sub-editors offering!

    Yeah yeah, we fuckin’ know. Now do some proper research and find out what’s really going on with those transfers instead of sitting on your arse and wondering what to write next. We already have this shit on Ashley Coles twitter..

  7. holden

    Fooking Chelsea got so lucky yesterday. Credit to Reading, they played with real passion. I would be over the moon if we swapped Theo for Sturridge.

  8. holden

    Let’s say these Navas rumours have some truth – which I highly doubt – do you think it could be possible that we keep Theo and use him as a striker? Would solve 3rd striker issue and give us a winger that can actually cross. Add Sahin and a versatile defender to the mix and we lookin’ good.

  9. Rockypires

    With Jordan Ayew and Loic Remy available, should we be after them?
    Ayew could be a Arshavin replacement somewhat simular to Theo/Gerv .

    Remy is becoming the new Seb Frey in terms of being linked to us but is a good fast striker, crisp finsisher, once called the new Henry?

  10. Lurch LeRouge

    Geoff Arsenal ‏@GeoffArsenal
    Be cautious on the Jesus Navas from Sevilla rumours, the reason that he hasnt signed for RM & Barca is he suffers from “Travel Anxiety”.

  11. Rockypires

    If we get our shit together I cant see why we cant win the league.
    Man U – will be main rivals but still dependant on Scholes,Giggs,Nani,Anderson,Carrick . None of which can be deemed reliable

    Man City – Mancini in bad form cant see him finishing season there, will throw his toys out of pram, too mmany big egos and minus De Jong they have lost their stability, expect Lescott,Clichy,Savic to be exposed defensively

    Chelsea – will struggle to score goals yet, very counter orientated and are minus the Drogba battering ram. They have only beaten teams who are naive defensively. Expect qiet a few 0-0 with Stoke/S’Land/Newcastles etc.

  12. dennisdamenace

    We’ve got more chance of finding rocking horse shit than of Navas joining us!

    He’s already stated many times that he wants to stay in Spain. and he’s had numerous chances to leave, but stays, another Reyes in the making imho.

  13. Moray

    It’s always a tough one to call – by all accounts, Wenger has been known to chase a player for weeks, months or even years, only to get cold feet when he’s about to sign. I think Mata was one such case. With Sahin it could spin on a few quid whether we sign him or not.

  14. Bergkamp63

    Players in the last 7 years who have left arsenal and gone on to win silverware whilst we have won nothing.

    2005 — PATRICK VIEIRA to Juventus: 3 Serie A titles (Inter), 1 FA Cup (Man City).

    2006 — SOL CAMPBELL to Portsmouth: 1 FA Cup. ASHLEY COLE to Chelsea: 1 Prem Lge, 4 FA Cups, 1 Lge Cup, 1 Champs Lge. SEBASTIAN LARSSON to Birmingham: 1 Carling Cup. LAUREN to Portsmouth: 1 FA Cup. JOSE ANTONIO REYES to R Madrid: 1 La Liga, 1 Portuguese Lge Cup (Benfica), 2 Europa Lge, 1 Uefa SuperCup 2007 — THIERRY HENRY to Barcelona: 2 La Liga, 1 Spanish Cup, 1 Champs Lge, 1 Uefa SuperCup, 1 Club World Cup. LASSANA DIARRA to Portsmouth: 1 FA Cup, 1 Spanish Cup (R Madrid), 1 La Liga.

    2008 — MATHIEU FLAMINI to Milan: 1 Serie A. ALEXANDER HLEB to Barcelona: 1 Champs Lge, 1 La Liga, 1 Spanish Cup, 1 Lge Cup (Birmingham). GILBERTO SILVA to Panathinaikos: 1 Greek Lge, 1 Greek Cup.

    2009 — EMMANUEL ADEBAYOR to Man City: Spanish Cup (loan R Madrid). KOLO TOURE to Man City: 1 FA Cup, 1 Premier Lge.

    2010 — FRAN MERIDA to A Madrid: 1 Euro SuperCup.

    2011 — CESC FABREGAS to Barcelona: 1 Euro SuperCup, 1 Club World Cup, 1 Spanish Cup. Gael Clichy to Man City: 1 Prem Lge. SAMIR NASRI to Man City: 1 Premier League.

  15. Rockypires

    What about playing SAntos as a CM? he has power hell of a shot,dribbling ability and a decent pass, would be powerful playing one-twos, give and go and would burst threw making space.

  16. Bade


    Will you ever learn to speak simple English? 😆

    Didn’t understand a bit & even my loyal dictionaries failed to help. I suspect they are not happy with the direction I went into & maybe there’s a little boy’s voice inside them telling some nasty talk ….

  17. Rockypires

    Is it unreasoanable to expect RVPs 30 goals to be covered by
    Podolski – 11 goals
    Giroud – 9 Goals
    Theo – 6
    Gervinho 5
    Oxo – 6
    Arteta – 6
    Sahin -5
    Wilshere – 5

  18. LAzer

    We all know the routine. Sell the stars, get lucky, hang on for 3rd or 4th based on relative strength of league. He went for Cups and even the Mickey Mouse eluded our cursed luck. Think we will focus on settling the squad and the league.

    Credit to Wenger for being completely unambitious and a brilliant accountant whilst keep us top 4. We need to avoid losses and gel in a hurry first 10 games then see where we are.