Alex Song was dying to sign a new Arsenal deal… yeah right! | Vantastic United result | Sahin and M’Vila deals up in the air

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Morning football friends of the globe. How are we today? Slightly smug I hope. Even if that smugness only lasts a week, it’s still worth actioning your worst behaviour. It’s not often we sit ahead of United in the league. You could do many things this morning, I’d recommend this one.


That’ll do the job. Simple simplicity. You could use many different strap lines, Vantastic, what a waste of money, you should have bought Fellaini… I’ll leave that up to you though.

I watched the game and United were absolutely garbage. Everton had the better chances and if it weren’t for De Gea, they’d have lost by a more substantial margin. Fellaini was on top of his game and unplayable at times. He’s a top, top midfielder. I’m surprised he hasn’t been snapped up by a team larger than Everton. United couldn’t get near him. Arsenal fans were calling for him as our new defensive midfielder, for me, he doesn’t really play that role anymore. He sits in a more advanced position. He’s everything we’d like Diaby to be. Strong, technically gifted and decisive. Arsenal have a habit of buying massive players who aren’t a threat in the air. Mertesacker is one of those. He seems to jump down. Which is a problem we have with Bendtner and Adebayor!

Watching Robin Van Persie come on late on in the game was a bit of a gut cruncher. He looked relatively fresh and he did create a couple of openings. I’m interested to see how he’ll fit into their set up. At the moment, it doesn’t look like Fergie has a plan. I’m sure he’ll do ok, but that doesn’t stop me enjoying United losing their first game.

In transfer news, Alex Song and his rag tag bunch of agents sent a story the way of Matt Scott. The opener reads like this…

“Alex Song was massively committed to Arsenal, he loved the club and was dying to sign a new contract.”

If you believe the above line, you’re probably of the belief that Samir left Arsenal for excellent Manchester beaches. I’ve been reporting the opposite since before the close of the window last year for a reason. People at the club had suspected he was on the look out for a new and better deal because according to certain officials at the club, he was pretty vocal about it. The fact it’s all come out in the wash now doesn’t mean there weren’t issues before this preseason. ‘Lazy in training’ doesn’t come from a gut feeling either. It’s well documented Arsenal use prozone and GPS systems to measure player capacity. If the suspicion is laziness, it’s not suspicion, I’d imagine it’s hard numbers on a computer.

All of the comments around Song being desperate to sign a new deal even when Barca came in are there to cover backsides of the Song camp. Don’t believe them for a second. There are other elements I’ll slip into the mixing pot at a later date (you have to be careful though, he has more expensive lawyers than me), but for now, all you need to know is that he wanted the move and he’s not the victim in this. Both parties have got a great deal. I look forward to seeing how Alex integrates into the greatest team on the planet.

The Mirror are reporting that Jack will be back in full training in four weeks. Pretty much what I told you a few weeks ago when everyone was reporting he’d be out until November. If all goes well, he’ll be back in contention for the end of September or early October. That’s great news. A lot can happen between now and then, but if all goes to plan, we’ll have a fully operational Jack heading into the busy Christmas period.

In transfer news, the Nuri Sahin story is really starting to drag its feet. Whenever we’re involved in a deal, it always takes twice as long. The sticking point is the buy back clause according. Obviously we don’t want to bring him in, spark world class form only to lose him back to Madrid next season. They don’t need him anyway! They should just sign over those rights and let us get on with our season.

The Yann M’Vila story is also in danger of causing a number of boredom fatalities around the globe. Spurs are apparently in negotiations for his signature now, despite ruling themselves out a few weeks ago. I’d be surprised if he moved there but if they are his only option, they’re an option that is better than staying with Rennes for another season. The Chairman had this to say…

‘For the moment, there are three offers”,

“There is no agreement. We enter negotiations this week and hope to find a solution.

“It’s a complicated project with clubs who are not even internally agreed [Tottenham], and clubs that Yann does not want to go to [Zenit].

“Arsenal? Maybe, you’ll have to call Arsene [Wenger].”

You can’t help but think statements like the above regarding Wenger mean that there is no interest from us. Maybe taking on another defensive midfielder who has gone on record as saying he attacks too often is too big a risk for Arsene. Especially when you consider the stories around his attitude. We don’t need selfish players. That said, Alex Hleb, Robin Van Persie, Robert Pires and Marc Overmars all game with distinctly bad reputations.

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Plenty to get stuck into this morning… see you in the comments!

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  1. Dan Ahern

    Draper-Corleone – Now ask yourself, which player do defenders actually expect to be trying to play through balls all the time? The offensive midfielder who is the hub of his team’s attack, or the defensive midfielder who always found himself with lots of space to work with?

  2. Keyser

    Song was a midfielder, we don’t need a De Jong type player, we need someone who can at least try to pass forward.

    Don’t know why people ask questions like that, Ramsey and Rosicky struggled at times, e couldn’t rely on Arteta who basically sat back because he didn’t have the legs and Song stepped up.

    It is weird with Song, supposedly the goals we conceded were down to him and his assists didn’t count either.

  3. Samir

    Ray Parlour said this before RVP left:

    “Let’s go out and make a key signing like Papiss Cisse from Newcastle and suddenly people will forget about Robin van Persie.”

  4. Paulinho

    Because Song’s assists were one-dimensional and he was given that platform because of the ‘total football’ philosophy of the team. Someone like Busquets could probably do that as well but he gives to real quality players.

    Song did deliver a few quality balls but the vast majority were top finishes by RVP , it’s not like he varied it up and slipped little throughballs along the ground. They were all chipped high margin for error balls and he tried about 5000 of them.

  5. Dimitri

    Song is in all honesty the most dopey cunt of a defensive midfielder. On what planet did he think he was worth a pay rise. Nobody, and I mean nobody believed in him as a footballer except for Wenger, who wasted dozens of games developing him, and what the hell for? So he could start getting lippy and think he was better than he actually was?

    Unless he was a good student (which I highly doubt) he’d be a street sweeper now if it wasn’t for Wenger, whose shoes he should be licking every day.

    You people who defend him are probably the same AKB’s who used Denilson’s completed sideways and backwards passes to try and justify him as one of the best in the business.

    Replacing him with Sahin is like trading in a second hand Ford Fiesta for a Jag, and I for one can’t wait to be done with all the dross.

  6. Keyser

    Haha, total football philosophy ? Erm, really ?!

    Think he slipped one through for Gervinho along the ground, there was the Dortmund goal, but fuck me that kind of sums it up really, double figures fora ssists isn’t enough, he has to vary it up, and also own up to every goal we conceded aswell.

    “Someone like Busquets could probably do that as well but he gives to real quality players.”

    “They were all chipped high margin for error balls”

    Eh ?

  7. Samir

    Wenger said this the other day:

    “We are looking to bring one more midfielder in, and maybe one defender as well because we still feel we are short in some positions.”

    So it’s Sahin and a defender…

  8. Paulinho

    Well they weren’t exactly pin point. They were lofted, floaty balls that RVP made the best of and used his body position to negotiate and then finish. They weren’t eye of the needle passes.

    And yes, total football crap we persist with, and the only ones who provide any real penetration are the ones who ignore it. Arshavin ignored it when he first came and was a revelation, and now he may as well be Denilson. It’s the only reason Song became a half decent footballer. Wenger basically gave him the ‘floor’ for four years and he finally found his little niche and by god did try to get as much out of it as he could.

  9. Keyser

    Paulinho – I swear you’ve been arguing against that for the past few years ? Now it’s total football again. We definetly didn’t play that last year, and Arteta is definetly not nearing his physical peak.

    Van Persie – Birmingham.
    Van Persie – Norwich.
    Henry – Leeds.

    Fuck knows what you mean about Arshavin, We basically gave Arshavin the floor, and told him to do what we could he could go to Anfield and score four, but because he didn fuck all else but run forward we also struggled defensively, once games became tighter and the pressure increased he cracked, he couldn’t hack it and it’s almost like he lost his legs over-night, Wenger even then gave him numerous games to try and get it back but by then his confidence was shot.

    Why ? Because he’d been indulged his whole career and finally in a Real league with Real pressure on him it was too little too late to change his game.

    Song was playing those passes several years ago, he’s just slow really, ther est is just invented bollocks from the minds of people with other agenda’s.

  10. Adz

    @ Paulinho

    “Song did deliver a few quality balls but the vast majority were top finishes by RVP , it’s not like he varied it up and slipped little throughballs along the ground”

    Are you sure about that statement, did u see Henry’s goal against leeds? Van persie vs Norwich? Van persie vs Birmingham last season? Ebour against Burnley?
    Get your facts right before making stupid statements like that.

  11. Harry Redknapp

    song played the greatest throughball iv ever seen, im sure it was in extra time v blackburn in the carling cup, eduardo scored. buts thats it lol

  12. Draper-Corleone

    First of all this ‘song was a defensive mid’ is bollocks.

    Today’s Arsenal don’t play with a fixed defensive mid. It is a role rapidly interchanged between at least two if not all three midfielders. And all three are expected to contribute to creation and attack. And Song stepped to the challenge admirably last year.

    Second, I am not saying Song is the ultimate midfielder with no weaknesses. But the way he is slated on this blog one would believe he must be one of the worst around which he clearly wasn’t.

    As for 49 goals, Arsenal attack with ten and defend with eleven, so every one on the field is responsible. IMO the biggest factor last year was we did not hold possession well enough, lost the ball upfield when moves broke down frequently allowing countesttacjs to develop. And then of course there were injuries, at one time we had no full backs for a month.

    But it is much easier to say Songwas responsible, no? Because it suits your witch hunt agenda?

  13. Samir

    We should always play Santos at left back at home…
    I don’t know why Wenger didn’t play him there against Sunderland!! It’s not like we needed a defence at all against them! Santos could of won us that game!

    Gibbs could never do anything like this:

  14. Paulinho

    We tried to play it, and with Santos in the side it actually worked for a bit, albeit our flair was on the flanks and it relied on him coming infield to be a midfielder.

    As soon as Santos got injured it all went to shit, and yet we still tried to play it but neither Arteta, Song, Walcott, Ramsey, Gervinho can’t do it with enough risk or penetration. When it’s all going wrong they play an extreme version of ‘total football’ which basically becomes an exercise in shifting responsibility. They shift to someone like Jenkinson five yards behind them and pretend they’re giving him the chance to express himself or something.

    The whole thing is ridiculous, which is why I’m skeptical of how far we will go regardless of who we bring in. Literally no one making runs into the box and there is this reluctance among the players to actually get into the area and do make something happen.

    All those players I mentioned above, they’re all the same ambition wise in open play. You can only trace it back to Wenger, who by his comments, doesn’t have clue as why we’re consistently paralyzed with indecision. Especially at home.

  15. Paulinho

    Fair enough. I sold him short with his assists. Problem was there was no defination to our midfield and overall game. Just watch Swansea, QPR away and numerous other games. Utter shite and Song was a big part of it. There is a wider problem though as I’ve just alluded to.

  16. Keyser

    Not too sure if you know what you’re going on about there, what’s your point ?!

    Think about it in terms of Santos, after he’s made a run forward, his fitness is shot to bits and he can’t get back to put any pressure on the opposing team.

    To play total football, you have to have an inate knowlegde of who you’re playing with or be comfortable enough to express yourself knowing that the team ethic is going to be able to cover the consequences of the choices you make.

  17. WengersSweeties

    I’ve heard that a buy out fee will be in the Sahin loan deal. We wanted it set at £8million (plus a £2million loan fee), Real wanted it at £14million and we’ve compromised on £2.5million loan fee and £10million buy out during that loan. Will have to wait and see on that I think.

  18. Keyser

    “Problem was there was no defination to our midfield and overall game. Just watch Swansea, QPR away and numerous other games. Utter shite and Song was a big part of it. There is a wider problem though as I’ve just alluded to.”

    This is exactly why you’ve sold him short, actually even that’s an understatement.

    When there was no definition to our midfield or overall game, the understandings or individual moments of brilliance from certain players or between two specific players became even more important.

    That’s why Song’s assists were soo important, with no fullbacks overlapping, there was extra pressure on the midfield and wide players to create, Gervinho who at times showed ridiculous stamina, plus with Walcott, you’re left with two players who carry the ball quickly and directly.

    The midfield has to keep up with that, or those players are left with limited options, Arteta couldn’t keep up and we already know Song’s slow.

  19. Kempster

    Wenger doesn’t play with a DM, never really has. Once Gilberto’s 50p foot became too unreliable for anything other than 5 yard passes he was shipped out.

    Song’s been sold because of his attitude and lack of pace, and we got a great price. Just don’t expect Wenger to go shopping for Makalele, cos he doesn’t believe in that formation.

  20. Paulinho

    I’m tracing the roots our aesthetic decline. Basically it all comes down to trying to play a certain style of football with players of limited ability. Those players try to cater themselves to that style and abandon their other assets which they believe have to be discarded within this style. As a result you end up with ‘watered’ down versions of those players that are only showing a certain side to their play, and that side isn’t really good enough to stand on its own.

    I’m thinking of Giroud, Walcott, Ramsey, Gervinho, Chamakh, Song, probably a few more.

    Giroud for example is a battering ram type, who can do a bit of everything, but is he now going to try and be someone he isn’t in order to fit in our so called beautiful football, and thus we get a flaccid Giroud who ends up reeked with self-doubt trying to be someone he isn’t?

    At least with Cazorla and Sahin this style comes naturally to them so we should improve alot just with those two.

  21. Keyser

    “Basically it all comes down to trying to play a certain style of football with players of limited ability.”

    It’s not though is it, it’s trying to get the best out of a varied group with their own set of weaknesses and strengths at some point you have to weight up whether it’s worth playing to Chamakhs strengths or Van Persies and you move on.

    Like Giroud on the weekend if he’s more comfortable in the air, rather than finishing the chance that Cazorla and his fine movement presented him with, then you’re left with a certain constraint that you have to work around.

    You’re looking at it the wrong way around, total football isn’t a hindurance, in it’s ideal it’s probably one of the most efficient flowing ways of playing football, likewise people who bleat on about formation, at the end of the day if the players were good enough the formation wouldn’t really matter.

    It’s why I have a particular respect for players like Koscielny, he doesn’t really have many weaknesses at all, at least none that stand out enough to hinder the team.

  22. Keyser

    But then you did mention his preference to tackle with his right foot, and I tried to point out how it didnt affect him as much as it does say someone like Robben.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    Oh dear oh dear.

    LB needed now for sure with one of our two banged up.

    Arrested 500 yards from Colney, embarrassing for the club!!

  24. Paulinho

    Well it’s a hindrance when you have someone like Ramsey trying to be clever and dithering on the ball when back in the Valleys he would just smack it from 25 yards instinctively.

  25. Paulinho

    Kozzer wouldn’t even make my first team.

    Mertsacker and Vermaelen for me.

    Kozzer sums up the modern rage of recovery defenders, and people forgetting why they are constantly recovering, which is often poor reading of the game and rash movements that mean they get turned. Vermaelen guilty of that but then he doesn’t have the physical idiosyncracies of Kozzer, who moves like both his ankles are broken.

  26. Keyser

    “Well it’s a hindrance when you have someone like Ramsey trying to be clever and dithering on the ball when back in the Valleys he would just smack it from 25 yards instinctively.”

    What’s a hindurance ? Our playing style ? Or the fact that’s there’s a massive difference in the standards of play between Cardiff reserves and playing Premier League football ?!

    I mean come on how is that a valid point ? It just doesn’t stand up.

  27. Paulinho

    If you’re 25-30 yards from goal, it doesn’t matter what league you’re playing in. It’s about decision-making, whether his decision-making is precise and he does what he feels comfortable doing. The difference between his body language back then and now is massive. Paralysis by analysis.

  28. Keyser

    Paulinho – Now it’s back into snide mode, “who moves like both his ankles are broken.” What is the point of writing shit like that ?!

    Also think you need to think more about why there is rage for such a defender, just how many times he does get turned, and how many times he fails to recover, because all three points diminish yours.

  29. incesc

    “Like Giroud on the weekend if he’s more comfortable in the air, rather than finishing the chance that Cazorla and his fine movement presented him with, then you’re left with a certain constraint that you have to work around.”

    he hardly scored any goals from headers last year

    big and tall and can head it, but he is good on the floor, he can play a bit.

    that chance on saturday aside

  30. Keyser

    Heh, you can’t just say it’s a problem, then add big, but there’s almost fuckall to back it up with unless you go with cheap shots reminscing about Carling Cup finals.

    Likewise Ramsey, you think Ramsey’s reluctance is down to our playing style rather than the fact that unlike Cardiff Reserves – You did actually watch the video right ? game stretched ball falls perfectly into his stride, is also bobbling just enough that you hit it sweet without fear or stubbing your foot.- You get less time, are under more pressure, have bigger faster defenders closing you down, more responsibility, and also have team-mates to be held accountable to ?!

    Seems like you’re tired.

  31. El Tel



    Kosser is the best tackler not only at the Arsenal but in the Prem. he is faster than TV5 too and carries the ball on equal terms. I would say He passes as good as TV5 and is better in the air defensively. TV 5 scores more goals and looks nicer to the eye.

    Kosser will probably up the scoring rate too this year now we have a proper corner and free kick specialist.

    I really don’t see how you cannot rate Him and for me he gets straight back in alongside the BFG when He is fit even if it does mean moving TV5 to either LB or into midfield.

    He will probably end up at RB though if He gets fit before Sagna as He really is the most versatile player in the team.

    Kosser also seems to love the playing for the Club.

    Lay off the player who was in our top four for consistency last season.

    I would love to see kosser the BFG and TV5 in a back three with two wing backs playing wide of a diamond shaped four in midfield and a striker with aerial ability and good movement who can finish.


    Kosser. BFG. TV5


    Cazorla. Willshere

    The Ox



  32. Keyser

    incesc – Just an example really, though if he’d scored I think it’d have had a massive confidence boost effect for everyone.

  33. El Tel

    Cazorla the Ox and Podolski can get wide if neccessary.

    The back three can revert to a four with Sagna and Gibbs on the bench or we can use the Head out wide left with either Jack or Sahin having a rest.

    I see many options for the team. Does Wenger see these things too?

  34. WengersSweeties

    bermy boy
    August 22, 2012 01:01:20

    I wonder if you all would still talk as much shit if Song had remained with us FUCK OFF.

    What does that mean?

  35. El Tel


    Giroud probably had less than a week of training with His new Team mates and because of the international matches they probably only had a day at most to set up for Saturday.

    Unsurprisingly the Manc cunts got the Monday night slot with players having at least an extra couple of sessionsmto get to know the one and only, He runs like a girl cunt Van money.

    I see plenty to be happy about with both Podolski and Especially Giroud. Cazor
    A is just awesome and if Sahin is as good as many on here say then we are in for a decent season.

  36. El Tel

    My song for the fairy Queen.

    He runs like a girl, He runs like a girrrrrrrrl. That cunt Van Persie, He runs like a girl.

    Bet you wont see them on the Monday night again for a long time.

  37. Keyser

    El Tel – Ah, I know, just with Manchester United dropping points you can’t help but think about these things, especially with slow our start was last year, a quick start this year and we might have a real chance as the team develops.

    Stoke is going to be really tough, but if we scramble a few wins together, we start to gel as a team, get Sagna back, Wilshere..

    Heh, getting ahead of myself. I can’t belieive this Santos crap.

  38. Iffy da goon

    Wonder why he felt he had to run from the police.

    I hope we’re in for a new LB because gibbs will break down and verm hates playing that position.

    Anyone know what his max jail sentence might be? What a way to ruin your career

  39. bnsb

    Barcelona vice-president Josep Bartomeu has revealed that Alexandre Song’s desire to join the club from Arsenal played a determining role in the Cameroon international being lured away from the Emirates Stadium.

    “It was not easy to bring Song to Barca,” the supremo said at a press conference.

    “As happened with Cesc [Fabregas], Arsenal did not want to sell him and were asking a high price, but we are happy with what we paid both for Cesc and Song.

    “The negotiations weren’t easy, but the player wanted to come, and that made things easier. It was tough, but it all went much faster than other negotiations have done.”

    Another little boy screaming inside!

  40. bnsb

    If you remember the first el-classico last season was a bruising affair. One bruiser and the other substantially bruised.

    may be those scars explain song signing.

  41. lizardking

    I think Santos was on his way to Manchester to be with you know who and Aw was chasing him in his Space Wagon.

  42. Nasri's Mouth

    Was Santos actually doing 130mph, or is it simply The Sun being vague with the truth. None of the other papers seem to mention it, unless its ‘according to The Sun…etcetc’

  43. Draper-Corleone

    A couple of days ago I was with a hardcore, lifelong Liverpool fan. He is in his fifties. Here’s what he had to say about Arsenal:

    “if you look at what’s happened to football, Arsenal is a miracle. The media people love ridiculing arsenal because of vested interests but to football people everywhere, at every club, Wenger is a hero. That man has had nothing to work with for almost ten years now and what he has done for Arsenal is nothing short of a miracle.”

  44. Draper-Corleone

    I then asked him why does he think some Arsenal fans hate Wenger with a vengeance. His response:
    “it is a philosophical disagreement. Sports and winning are not the same things.”

  45. Pedro

    I did Keyser, he’s boring…

    Bade, all I had was a midfielder and a defender… we might move for someone else considering the cash we have, but that’s not assured.