Arsenal vs Sunderland Report | Alex Song leaves with Sahin to replace | Maybe one more after that

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What a dream player...

What a day for a season opener yesterday was. Some seriously intense weather followed us around all day which made for a pretty positive attitude among most Gooners I was speaking to before the game. I made my way into the ground early to soak up a bit of atmosphere and find out what was going on. A few things I noticed. Firstly, the Indesit adverts for washing machines. Super bad. You can’t help but think the guys who tied up that sponsorship deal are just mad Arsenal fans. We’re also jumping two feet into social media. The club announced a hashtag for the game… kind of pointless as no one gets reception in the ground!

Then there were the players. Steve Bould has taken a totally new approach to the warm up before the game. Loads going on all over the pitch. It looks far more organised and far more technical. Giroud is a big lad when you see him in the flesh, there’s nothing gangly about the 6ft3 Frenchman. Podolski is quite small but powerfully built. Very similar in stature to Wayne Rooney. Cazorla is tiny…! Very slight in build!

The team lined up as I said yesterday. The main concern I had was around the full back positions, we looked quite weak on paper. I also wondered how our front three would work out considering the lack of size and the familiar issue we had last year of the Theo and Gervinho being a bit toothless.

Things were quite sloppy to begin with. We didn’t really get a foothold in the game. Stray passes and a lack of understanding made for quite awkward viewing. The first chance fell to them, I can’t remember who burst through into the box, but a smart save from Chezzer denied them a good opportunity. We started to wrestle back posession, down the other end Cazorla annoucned himself on the scene with high shot that was spectacularly tipped over by the keeper.

The team was quite comfortable knocking the ball around near the half way line, there did seem to be a reluctuance to really push forward. Sunderland had come to park the bus, but there’s still no excuse for being timid going forward. Gervinho was playing with a bit more guts than usual, he took the ball outside the full back, breezed into the box, cut back to Cazorla whose low shot went just wide.

Mertesacker found himself involved in some attacking player when he headed to Podolski who chested back for a snap half volley by Theo that just brushed wide of the post.

The only other time we really tested the keeper came when Diaby placed a low shot left of the keeper, sadly, Mignolet was down quick enough to tip it wide.

Overall, the first half was played with the handbrake well and truly on. We were like Swansea in our play. Too much build up around the half way line, not enough genuine penetration.

The second half was mostly dotted with time wasting, faked injury and frustration. We really didn’t move out of second gear despite the manager throwing everything he had on the bench at the issue. We were generally quite poor in posession and some of the players who should have been using the game to stake their claim on the first team didn’t really step up to the plate.

Theo Walcott was particularly disappointing. He just doesn’t have the basics there to become a consistent performer at the highest level. Speed is his one asset and he fails to utilise it to full effect. Well, that or tactically, Martin O’Neil recogised this and set up so Theo wouldn’t get the chance to run at them.

Ramsey, Giroud and Arshavin made it onto the pitch to try and kick us onto a goal, but their impact was minimal. Ramsey was particularly frustrating. He was a player who no excuse for being rusty. Giroud did look sharper than Podolski, he really does have the frame to make it in the league. He’s super confident as well, expect the spectacular from him this year. He was fed through on goal by Cazorla, but his shot with his right boot was just a foot or so wide of the far post. A real shame. He could have been a hero in his first twenty minutes!

The referree eventually blew up and we walked away from the Emirates with a disappointing 1 point. Not the ideal start to a season, but rest assured, Sunderland will take points of bigger teams than us this year.


The game lacked a certain punch I’d hoped for but there were certainly positives to be taken. I’ll get to worries out of the way before thought. I have a deep worry over the ability of Jenkinson. He doesn’t fit the mould of a right back and he really does look like a weak chink in our armoury. He’s quite clumsy and his final ball into the box is a long way off where it needs to be. On the other side of defence, I’m still amazed that Gibbs can be caught in posession and trot back like he’s an arrogant left midfielder who doesn’t need to defend. At the moment, without Sagna, we’re looking shaky.

In midfield, without really dazzling, we did ok. We controlled posession in the main, which against Sunderland is hardly an achievement, but considering Diaby, Cazorla and Arteta are completley alien to each other, it wasn’t a terrible performance. My key observation here is that Arteta and Diaby both played the holding role. We were far too deep. Someone needed to bomb on with Cazorla. Our system of rotating who sits deep needs to be refined so we’re not set up too defensively. I was pleased with Diaby though. Nothing amazing, but his ability to turn defence into attack quickly is still impressive.

Up top is where we really struggled. Cazorla is a very clever midfielder. He sees the passes no one else could last year, he loves to have a shot and he drifts into dangerous spaces with ease. I’m not sure the 3 up top were really attuned to his play yesterday. Podolski works hard but he’s still a way off the form that saw him score 19 goals last year. He’ll need time to adapt to the faster pace of the Premier League. Giroud looked more comfortable when he came on and he came closest to a goal. I have confidence both will come good at some point.

Gervinho looks like he’s made an improvement on last year. He has more confidence to run at people and he carved out a couple of decent chances. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a good year. What he needs to do is take more responsibility in front of goal. Too often we watch him play himself into good positions and not shoot. The same happened yesterday. He needs to be coached into snapping at opportunities if he’s ever to regain the form that saw him do so well in Ligue One.

Theo Walcott was very poor yesterday. Indecisive and full of bad decision making. If we could get some money for him before he decides to run down his contract, I think we’d be making a very good decision. There only seem to be a few teams that are suited to his style of play and those are the ones who let him run at them. Rumour has it he’ll be signing a new deal with us.

Overall, yesterday wasn’t the best start points wise, but I guess a disjointed performance is to be expected considering the lack of game time our decimated squad has had together. We need to gel fast though. We can’t afford 3 draws this month. We need to start putting points on that table and we need to be serious about challenging the top two. Nothing is more important than putting ourselves back on the map as contenders.

Transfer News

The big story yesterday was Alex Song agreeing terms with Barcelona. The move no one thought was going to happen (unless you’ve been reading Le Grove), happened. Good riddance to him. We’ll be stronger without him and hopefully we’ll be a more disciplined unit. Duncan Castles reckons we’ve all but tied up a deal to bring Sahin to Arsenal on a year long loan. The only thing holding up the deal is our insistence we have a purchase clause on the deal. We don’t want to be a shop window for the rest of Europe.

Outside that, don’t be surprised to see another new face. No idea who or where they’d play, but I’d imagine a back up keeper and a defender to be on the agenda.

I also heard a little snippet about Jack working very hard to get back to full fitness. He’ll be back well before the slated November date.

See you in the comments!

P.S. Sorry for the site outage yesterday, an air con unit went down server side and everything broke. What ya gonna do?!

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  1. Radio Raheem

    Royal Bludger fair enough. I’ll watch out for the poster with the familiar writing style using a different handle.

  2. Dan Ahern

    I think Giroud’s going to be immense for us. He’s a big guy, but his movements are top class. He knows how to get into space, he uses all of his body well, and he’s got a good shot on him too. It was pretty unfortunate that he wasted an easy chance against Sunderland. But he’ll bounce back. He’s played like an hour total with Cazorla, and that’s counting the Cologne game. He’ll gel soon.

  3. bermy boy

    Why does Arsenal wait until we are about to slice our wrists before they commit to a deal.Like i said before , bid on someone deal done add in cost of ride to the airport AW backs out of deal.MENTAL FORTITUDE code for we played like shit and got a draw.

  4. BOOZY

    we need another striker though.

    And if we want to ensure city struggle this season, then we should take dejong from them, and play at right back till sagna returns.

  5. Royal Bludger

    I’m backing Arsenal.

    Gambon betting against us at 50/1.

    HP betting against us at 100/1.

    Done – 50 pounds a piece.

  6. Radio Raheem

    This is nuts Levante V Athletico (11pm CET). Actually it does make sense since everyone’s unemployed in Spain…they’ll probably be thieving otherwise

  7. Royal Bludger

    Gambon – just say you accept the bet. That’s enough. Are you a man or a fucking liar?

    I notice little piddle-pants boy has disappeared.

  8. Royal Bludger

    Gambon – you and HP offered odds. I accepted the offer. 50 GBP each – you offered 50/1. HP offered 100/1.

    We’re on. Acknowledge please.

    Otherwise don’t show you’re face here again.

  9. bayo

    It is understood Song’s advisers tried to initiate contact over a new contract in January. However, sources close to Song insist Arsenal delayed attempts by the 24-year-old to negotiate, leaving the player disillusioned. Song is said to have been desperate to commit his long-term future to the club, but felt his salary should have been on a par with other top earners.
    Ultimately, Arsenal felt offering Song fresh terms was not a priority. Also, club sources claim Song regularly arrived late for training, took a half-hearted approach in sessions and did not follow instructions from the management staff.

    Read more:

  10. BOOZY

    Finally, 2 cold cans of booze, says last season was a fight between the manchester clubs.

    This season would be between 2 london giants, at the end the season, the streets of london would be painted RED.


  11. Phil

    Royal bludger,
    If you took this bet from a bookie, or a betting shop, you put up the money.
    The bookie doesn’t need to put anything in escrow.
    Afraid of losing the £50?

  12. Royal Bludger

    Hey BIG.

    Gambon offered 50/1 against Arsenal winning the league. I accepted the odds and placed a 50 pound bet on it.

    Firstly, I’m backing Arsenal. He’s offering odds against us. On an Arsenal blog.

    Secondly, the spineless cunt is avoiding accepting the bet. As far as I am concerned the bet stands.

    If he weasels his way out of it, all of Le-Grove should condemn the lying filth.

    As for HP who offered 100/1 – he’s gone all mute … but should be treated the same as the filthy welch.

  13. Marko

    Must say M’Vila would make sense cause as good as Sahin is and as bad as some thought of Song we’re lacking a ball winner in midfield now that he’s gone and Sahin isn’t really that. M’Vila wants out and Rennes want rid cause they’re bringing in Makoun and will have to accept less than the exaggerated 20 million they wanted last summer. Him or Biglia to come in I think but more importantly I think is another forward I hope the Llorente rumours are true we need another striker

  14. Royal Bludger

    Hi Phil – the spineless cunt hasn’t even accpted the bet yet on the odds he offered.

    I’m happy to give you the 50 pounds if he’s willing to acknowledge he’ll pay the odds if he loses.

    You betting against Arsenal too?

  15. Phil

    Actually he did accept the bet, suggest you re read.
    as for me,
    I think we have no chance if winning the title, but I don’t bet against my own team, unless I am laying off.

  16. Royal Bludger

    OK – great – thanks Phil – you are the witness that Gambon has accepted the bet.

    50 GBP at 50/1: Arsenal to win the League.

  17. Royal Bludger

    This is great – I’m getting around three-times the odds from the spastic Gambon than any bookmakers odds.

    They are all 14-16/1 – Gambon is offering 50. HP is offering 100 (but no-one has heard from him since) – the bets still stand.

  18. Marko

    Bollox to that incesc we don’t sell to Spurs ever. No in all seriousness loan him to Everton or sell him to Fiorentina

  19. SDE

    This is absolutely funny..

    This Royal Bludger guy..LOL..

    You’re like a pitbull sinking your teeth into someone’s ankles& just won’t let go..

    Must say,your bet& your comments have me in stitches..

    You won’t let it go..!!

    Never laughed so much today!!lol


  20. Samir


    “It’s clear that he [Van Persie] is a great player, a spectacular player, and obviously we would all have preferred it if he had stayed,” said Cazorla.

    “Song has gone as well and there are still 10 days left in the market.

    “I do not know if we will sign anyone but obviously it’s important to replace players like that because they were so important for the team.”

  21. Royal Bludger

    SDE – Gambon and HP laid the odds – I placed a bet with them at their invitation.

    They either accept the bets or they are complete fucking drivelling liars.

    I support Arsenal and I’m willing to back them. These cunts offer odds against Aresenal and then disappear when someone wants to accept their bets.

    Weak spineless cunts.

  22. Marko

    Honestly it doesn’t matter who takes him as long as he’s gone and Park too they had ample chances (park aside) and failed. It’s good that it seems we are getting rid of the shite at the club still expect Sqib, Cham, Park, Bender and Arsh-you-havin-a -laugh to get gone.

  23. SDE

    i thought you were giving up football to watch syncronised swimming because of the lympics



    I think I said if I rightly recall,that I was taking a break from football..not giving up football altogether-twat!!

    Moreover,I mentioned that I was going to enjoy the Olympics(which I did) & indulge myself in watching swimming(not synchronised swimming you pratt),fencing,athletics..

    Don’t try to be funny,not tonight anyway..

    Are you happy with the signings & the sales by Wenger so far!!

    From SDE(AKA-The oddball in the room-until Wenger& the BoD fornicate off))

  24. Royal Bludger

    Bermy Boy – I’m happy to donate my winnings from Gambon and HP to Stan Koenke.

    He’s about as much a supporter of the AFC as Gambon and HP.

  25. incesc


    happy with everything but rvp

    sahin and cazorla are top notch but wish the sahin deal was a purchase and not a loan.

    jury is out on the strikers, we need one more imo.


  26. SDE

    Royal Bluger

    LOL..You’re a funny dude..

    Just re-reading your posts..I’m in total hysterics..

    Funniest post of the day..

    Would be curious to see how you would apply pressure,or psychological warfare to your opponents in a game of Texas Hold’em..?

    Do you just bludgeon your opponents into submission..

    Question their manhood,their heart ,amongst other things,when things don’t go your way?


  27. Dan Ahern

    Mates, now that Pedro’s asleep, I’m going to link a piece I wrote up on a few facts we can be sure of in the upcoming season. Phil Wall was kind enough to post it to his blog ( despite its obviously higher standard, and even kinder to only edit it lightly.

    Get some comments going there, eh? Thanks!

    Oh shit, I think Geoff’s about, gotta go!

  28. SDE


    Well I’m supposed to be the oddball in the room..Well that’s what I’ve renamed myself..

    You know the oddball in the room,when you’re at a social gathering..& all the blokes start talking about football& start trading war stories about games gone by,offisde traps,formations..The goal scored by Ronaldo,the best goal,etc,etc..& there’s always one guy that either has never played football,or has no interest in football& does not have the foggiest idea what the guys in the room are talking about..

    Well that’s me for now-“The Oddball in the room”..

    Until Wenger & the BoD fornicate off!!

    Now b/w..The selling of RVP has taken the shine of the signings of Carzola,Giroud,Poldoski…

    The imminent loan signing of Sahin,would be a great signing if it were a permanent deal..

    I can guarantee that if Sahin does well(as a loanee),either he will refuse to sign a permanent deal with Arsenal come the end of the season..Once he realises what a shit manager Wenger is..

    What with his tactics,lack of analysis of other teams& mentality of 4th is a trophy,will come as a massive culture shock to Sahin….

    I mean Mourinho-the perfectionist who demands the highest of standards from his players..Where winning is what counts..Where his attention to detail,is unmatched!!

    I think Sahin will see it as a step down from Mourinho & Real Madrid,after some months..

    In fact he will be begging for Mourinho to take him back,by the time Wenger misuses him..

    Or, Wenger will not take up the option to buy..

    When has Wenger ever turned a loan signing into a permanent deal?

    Even if he tried,you can be rest assured Wenger will try to move the goal posts..(i.e.possibly trying to get 2 players for the price of 1 from Real Madrid)..

    That said..I’m still screaming” DEFENSE”..

    GK,RB,LB,DM…Areas that should have been addressed seasons ago..

    What’s the point being top-heavy upfront,scoring 70 odd goals,when you’re more than likely to concede 80 goals at the other end!!

    If he addresses the areas I’ve mentioned,with quality purchases,then I will say,not a bad summer!!

    & get’s Sahin on a permanent deal..

    But I’m not supposed to know this..’cos I’m the oddball in the room

  29. Marko

    I believe the Sahin is with the option to purchase incesc which makes sense cause what do they think will happen in a year they’ll still have Modric, Ozil, Alonso,Granero, Khedira and maybe Lass. In fact they might have more so I think the reason the deal took so long was the ability to buy at the end of it

  30. Jamal

    So did Giroud had a handbrake fitted when joined? no fucking wonder he missed. Wenger teaches his players to play with the handbrake on, What a cunt…

  31. Matthew Thomas

    I really can’t fucking stand what is happening to Arsenal. We have become the first middle class football club, The ultimate sanitized match day experience, A fucking tourist attraction where our football is as fake as anything in any other theme park.

    We are all being conned, the con is so good that a lot of people don’t even see it. We have gone from the invincibles to fooling ourselves that we can win the league and now we are fooling our selves into beliveing we can finish 4th, Even our delusions of grandeur have become mediocre.

    We are sold the lie that we are the best run club and are a model for other teams to follow when in reality we stuck in a nightmare, we pay the higest prices to watch our team and we get the lowest investment in the squad, all the money the club generates is used to increase the equity which the share holders then extract, one after another, while the yes man wenger pockets his share and keeps the whole con going.

    Right now there is nothing good about Arsenal, the club is rotten to the core.

  32. Zeus

    Used toturn my nose up at drogba. Didn’t want his bully boy sort at Arsenal. We are a Thierry Henry, easy on the eye swagger sort of club.

    Now I don’t have such luxuries. Bring on Llorente. Barely seen him, but people say he is a drogba type.

    Liked the look of jovetic, but he doesn’t look a winner. Its not in his eyes.

  33. HP

    I said we wouldn’t win the first match, now we have stoke and pool away. Really wouldn’t be suprised if we had 5 points after the first 5 games.

    Ofc the 8-2 won’t be repeated but don’t count out how crappy our defence can be? City might put 5 past us

  34. SDE

    Matthew Thomas

    I agree..It’s what I’ve been saying all along..

    But you’ll get attacked by the AKB’S,questioning your loyalty to the cause&that you’re not a fan..

    ‘Cos you’re being objective& rational in your assessment..

    As they say the truth hurts..& many a fan on here does not like being confronted with the truth..

    Easier to bury your head in the sand, than face yourself in the mirror..

    Funny that every top class player that has left Arsenal,suddenly get’s gagged by the club& unceremoniously bundled out through the back door..
    Only to then receive a backlash from fans,labelling them traitors,mercenaries & other unsavoury abuse..

    e.g.Ashley Cole,Vieira,Helb,Flamini,Cesc,Nasri,Clichy,Toure,RVP..all money grabbing c**ts..

    Don’t know of many other teams,where their captains all jump ship consecutively for like 5 seasons..


    Surely that should set some alarm bells ringing,amongst fans?

    Don’t see it happening at other top clubs,let alone at the lower-tier clubs..

    While the real mercenaries,asset strippers(Wenger & the BoD) are lauded by some sections of the fans,for doing what’s best for the club..

    For having the best interests of the club at heart..

    Delusional & warped…

    The real villains of the piece,come out of this continuous saga relatively unscathed..

    It’s like a pantomime time at the emirates I tell you..
    Difference is,the fans have labelled the actors wrongly..

    It’s Wenger & the BoD,who are the real villains!!

  35. SDE


    Royal Bludger has been looking for you..

    He’s got a bee in his bonnet,about you welching on your bet..
    100/1 for Arsenal to win the title..

    He’s not a happy

    He’s been calling you out!!

  36. El Tel

    Night time doomers are out in force. I would dearly love to meet you all at the seasons end but I doubt your Mummys would let an adult talk to you.

    Lets give it a few games before assessing the team.

    Another fucking Nostradamus predicting we get thrashed 5-0 by Citeh.

    Yadda Yadda Yadda.

    Dream on you muppets

  37. El Tel


    Why bothering yourself with us. You do have the right to opt out. Do you have a season ticket?

    If not then dont query the prices of them as you sure are not contributing. If you do then give it in Mate.

    MT you make good points but do you know if they are true?

    Paying for the Stadium could be why we are stuck in this situation. No other top teams have done the same so hard to compare.

  38. SDE

    El Tel

    I think we’ve had this conversation before..

    I told you almost about 6 months ago,how I grew up supporting Arsenal,played tennis at Highbury when I was a kid.& used to bump into GG & co……

    My father is a season ticket holder,& so am I..

    I think I have just as much as a say to voice an opinion about what I think is going on at the Emirates..

    Our opinions might differ somewhat..

    But it doesn’t make me less of a supporter than yourself,or any other blogger on here!!

  39. SDE

    El Tel

    Paying for the Stadium could be why we are stuck in this situation. No other top teams have done the same so hard to compare.

    When you look at the financials of the club,I’m afraid the stadium debt does not wash..

    Estmiated-£100M from match gate revenue receipts..
    Estimated-£50+ million from commercial sponsorships,
    Estimated-£90 million from TV & CL money..

    Then the Queensland Property Deals £26million

    & we’ve not taken into account player sales revenue that we generate every season est £50 million..

    After all this,you say stadium debt,could be the possible reason why we are stuck in this situation?

    Sorry it doesn’t stack it up..

    When you see the considerable warchest we are sitting on..

    Even if you were to overlook the above financials & just focus simply on the wagebill & the sizeable squad we’ve acquired..

    There is a lot of deadwood eating up a significant portion of wages& transfer spend..

    Just freeing up about 15 of the players out of 70 odd players we have on the books,would release a sizeable amount of money-£30 million to compete in the transfer market for quality players..

    I’m not buying the stadium debt argument in the slightest.

    If anything more from a rational viewpoint!!
    Just look at the figures..

  40. Jamal

    Do you guys think Man Utd fans are bothered about the amount of debt they are in?
    Are they fuck. so why the fuck are most Arsenal fans.???

  41. LJB

    Matthew Thomas,totally agree ,mate,the Emirates is full of middle class ponces; most of the old school working class fans have been priced out.This is just what the board and Wenger want.The working class are too much trouble;they demand trophies(urgh,how vulgar),are less inclined to spend £££s in the Armoury,and are liable to do dreadful things like “protest” if they are not happy. One only has to look at Untold,a blog run by someone who runs a publishing house.The number of pages devoted to ref reviews and suchlike.WTF? Since when did the Northbank or the Kop care about fuckin graphs,weighted home biases and the like.All fans (used) to care about is whose coming in,whose going out and winning stuff.The New Breed are as obssessed with balancing the books as Wenger and co.Me,i don’t give a monkeys,i just want Arsenal to win football matches.All the scaremongering about Rangers,Portsmouth and Leeds is garbage.Arsenal have got one of the richest men in the world waiting in the wings;if not Usmanov there would be literally dozens of other rich folk wanting to buy a PL club in London with its own 60000 stadium.Fuck,do you think David Dein would sit back and let Arsenal go into administration? Like bollocks he would.

  42. El Tel

    Because the Man Utd debt isnt right. How much debt can they be allowed to be in before it stops?

    Why cant everyone have unlimited debt?

    I hope the shit cu ts go to the wall.

    Strangely the top three teams have no sanctions on what they can spend. Yes we have debt too but we are not stretching it beyond our means.

    I agree we are paying stupid money to too many average players and see how that relates to poor Management but I dont want to see playersnat the Club earning 200k per week no matter what. If they can earn it through their own means like twathead Beckham then thats fine but why should we give anyone that sort of dosh?

    Does this mean I dont want to win anything? No it fucking doesnt, I just want us to win things fair and square.

    Do I want Superstars at the Club? Of course I do as long as they are not their just for the money.

    Am I a Wenger fan? Not at all, read my posts of three to four years ago andnyou will see. I havent changed my mind?

    I would love a Manager like Klopp who builds teams with both youth and astute signings.

    This is what Wenger wants too as He did this before but I think He is fighting a losing battle with all the anti Arsenal and anti Wenger trash the media and other footballers are brainwashed to Believe.

    While Henis at the Arsenal though I will support him becuase I love the Club.

    If that makes me a loser then sorry about that. I really believe we will have a good season though.

  43. El Tel


    I am working my 19th year atnthe Club and have been going to the Arseanl since 69/70 season.

    I can assure you all the old faces do still attend. I see them every game. I also see many new faces and tourists at the Stadium and guess what they wear the replica shirts they got from the Armoury. Not fucking Sport direct.

    The problem is these people are all over the Stadium now as it is so difficult to be seated in a section with all your old Mates.

    I can assure you too that many people do care that we get shat on by the Refs. It has been going on for donkeys years and if you cant see this then thats fine but to me and many many others looking at how an average Manc cunt team wins with support from the authorities is important.

    I suppose you think all is rosynin the EPL, we English dont do cheating do we old bean. Thats strictly only for those Italian chappies.

    I saw a penalty on Sky Sports news tonight for the Chavs. Look closely and you will see the great Hazard already in dive mode before he gets caught. For sure he did get caught but he was already going for the dive with both feet off the ground and without control of the ball.

    I would bet that we wouldnt have got that pen if it was one of our boys going over.

    I dont look at the graphs on that web site as I dont understand them to be honest but it is a good site with good points being raised and no vitriol against fellow fans.

    Because we have a French Manager who was the first foreign Manager to be successful in this country we get beat up by all others.

    That Jock cunt isnt exactly English now is he and he is a nasty bit of work too, yet the media adore the prick.

    They are bent, no two ways about it. Hopefully we wontnhave to wait till the Jock cunt dies before we get the truth.

  44. SDE

    El Tel

    but I dont want to see playersnat the Club earning 200k per week no matter what.

    Sorry to burst your bubble El Tel,but we have a manager-in the form of Wenger who earns that anyway,close to £200k & has delivered bugger all for 8 years..

    You don’t mind having Wenger on that kind of money,but not a world class player in a similar wage bracket to tilt the odds in our favour of winning a trophy?

    How do you justify that massive outlay in wages to a manager-who has attained 3rd-4th place finishes over the past 5+years..
    Who preaches about prudence,sustainability& how the new wave of oligarchs have handicapped him.
    When he’s one of the highest paid managers in the world..

    It reeks of hypocrisy & a do as I say & not as I do mentality..

    The whole club is rotten to the core from top-to-bottom..

    As I said before,name a club,any club albeit a Bayern ,a Real,a Barca,even a Liverpool,Wigan,Everton..where 5 of their respective captains over a 5-6 year period have all left,or jumped ship,or tried to buy their way out of the club..?

    At Arsenal let’s see…Vieira,Henry,Gallas,Cesc,RVP..
    They’ve either jumped ship,or attempted to buy their way out..

    Does that not tell you something?

    It reeks like a rat-infested sewer,the goings-on behind the scenes!!

    & why are the players gagged & bundled out of the back door?

  45. zeus

    The winger, who signed for the north London club from Malaga at the beginning of August, made his Premier League debut on Saturday in 0-0 draw with Sunderland at the Emirates.

    And, despite the disappointing result, the 27-year-old enjoyed a superb game in which he came close to scoring Arsenal’s first goal of the new campaign on three separate occasions – and also nearly assisted fellow debutant Olivier Giroud in getting his name on the scoresheet.

    And manager Arsene Wenger was quick to heap praise on his new signing, telling the club’s official website: “He played very well and looks like he could be one of the buys of the season.

    “He has everything you want in the game. He can play short, he can play long, on the right or left, he can play the final ball and works hard as well. He is a fighter so it is very positive for us.

    “[He settled quickly and] that shows people who say you need to play a long time together. Great players do not need a long time [to settle].”


    This will be followed up by Wenger telling us that Giroud and Podolski need 6 months to bed in.

  46. Caribkid

    @El Tel,

    Sure, Man U has debt. So what? Every major corporation I know has debt and want’s to have debt because it reduces their tax exposure.

    Debt only becomes a problem when, like most member Governments of the EEC they are unable to generate enough revenue to service their debt. When that happens you go bankrupt like Greece with Italy and Spain waiting in the wings to follow suit. Even after servicing their debt, Manu still ends up with substantial profit.

    On the other hand, we at AFC accumulate profits which is kept in the Banks and then pay a 27% tax premium to the revenue service which can never be recuperated.

    Go figure.

  47. observer

    @ LeedsgunnerAugust 19, 2012 22:03:08: Very well commented. Bang on, man.

    “might just squeeze ourselves into the top three as mentioned above… I doubt it though”…this is a classic line.

    With more and more ppl commenting here accepting that 4th in PL is our goal, i think the Arsenal management has successfully psyched us to accept that we have become 2nd tier. You take an honest survey: you will find 90% of us having accepted that deep inside.
    You know, statements in public like: this cannot go on..clubs cannot be spending so madly in the market…” are just sealing and locking that acceptance deep inside us. This slide will continue till the Uzbek comes one day. Lets enjoy the rape till then. Few others can keep faking orgasms too. Good luck, folks.

  48. BacaryisGod

    By the way, anybody know why Mannone was back-up keeper yesterday and not Fabianski? That Mannone boy terrifies me…

  49. observer

    read this piece from Mark Brus @ Arsenalinsider:

    ….And how many years have we put into developing Song? For so long he looked a lost cause, like the Premier League was simply a level too high for him. It’s strange to think now, but it was only a couple of years ago he was still pretty much at the level of Eboue and Denilson. And yet, we stuck with him and finally in 2010/11 and 2011/12 he showed himself to be reliable, and added goals and assists to his game. He wasn’t perfect, but he had finally improved and could surely only continue to do so under Wenger’s guidance?
    But, once again, as soon as we start to see the fruits of our labour, we let the player go. Even when we don’t have to. He won’t be the biggest loss, but he’s another player of ours in this pattern that simply can’t continue. Even if we bring in M’Vila, Sahin or De Jong, there’s going to be another adaptation period before we see the best of them. And what example does it set to our other players? If you somehow think you might be good enough for Barcelona, we’ll make sure your dream comes true!…..

    Read more:

  50. mjgooner

    Pedro, can you please do a poll that goes something like this

    Where do you realistically think Arsenal can finish this season?
    a) First
    b) Second
    c) Third
    d) Fourth
    e) 5TH or below

    The poll would be more realistic after the transfer window closes and all business done. Would be nice to know what the expectations of gooners ahead of the season. Thanks in advance

  51. bnsb

    Spurs want Chamukh? We can sell him to anyone but them. Wenger be firm, Send the offer back. You cant sell one of ours to them. 🙂

  52. SFGiants

    We’re in it–that is, the board and the front office–strictly for the money. It leaves us fans sucking wind.

  53. baffooon

    Arsene Wenger sanctioned the £15million sale of Alex Song to Barcelona after becoming infuriated by the midfielder’s lack of commitment in pre-season.
    And it has emerged that the Cameroon midfielder’s exit has been in the offing for months after a breakdown in the relationship between player and club over an improved contract.
    As Sportsmail revealed last Thursday, Song will complete a switch to the Nou Camp on Monday — sealing the departure of a second key Arsenal player in less than a week.

    Out: Arsene Wenger sanctioned Alex Song’s sale

    But unlike the £24million sale of Robin van Persie, who was in the final year of his contract, to Manchester United, the Gunners were under no pressure to offload Song, who had three seasons left on his £55,000-per-week deal.
    Club sources claim Song’s levels of professionalism had dropped significantly in recent months and Wenger decided enough was enough earlier this summer. Having established himself as arguably the club’s second-most influential player behind Van Persie, Song felt he was entitled to an improved contract and tried to open talks over a pay rise.

    Tardy: Club sources claim Song was late for training
    In seven seasons for Arsenal he made 138 appearances — 121 starts — with 122 in the past four seasons.
    Pinpoint passing — Made 7,312 passes and 85.46% found target. PL average last season was 79.65%. In his own half, his rate was 91.25%
    Tough tackling — Attempted 402 tackles and won 309 or 77%. In 50-50 battles, won 831 of 1,596.
    Creative core — 120 scoring chances and in a more advanced role last season had 11 goal assists.
    He will earn around £70,000 a week at Barcelona.
    It is understood Song’s advisers tried to initiate contact over a new contract in January. However, sources close to Song insist Arsenal delayed attempts by the 24-year-old to negotiate, leaving the player disillusioned. Song is said to have been desperate to commit his long-term future to the club, but felt his salary should have been on a par with other top earners.
    Ultimately, Arsenal felt offering Song fresh terms was not a priority. Also, club sources claim Song regularly arrived late for training, took a half-hearted approach in sessions and did not follow instructions from the management staff

  54. observer

    yeah yeah…keep Chamakh. Prized possession. He is Giroud’s back-up. Aguero’s back-up is Tezez. Giroud’s back-up is Chamakh. So much for winning a trophy after 7 seasons.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    A couple of the football sites sayi9ng Arsenal to sign trio of Sahin, M’Vila and Llorente this week.

    It’s one of those horrible situations where you think ‘that’s never going to happen then your brain gets in the way like ‘hold hold on, what if it did though??!’

    If it does, I’ll go to work naked for a day.

    Especially seeing as Juve have declared they’ll hit the £30 Million required to trigger Llroente’s release clause.

  56. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Giroud already talking the Arsenal speak!

    “However, I am under no more pressure than that, because if I think about that when I go onto the field, I will play with the handbrake on…” !

    Will someone who works at the club please undo the nuts on the handbrake and cut the wire!

    Relax Girouuu, it’s only one game son. Thierry didn’t score until his 8th!

  57. bnsb

    Especially seeing as Juve have declared they’ll hit the £30 Million required to trigger Llroente’s release clause.

    Llorente – Juve offered any where between 16 to 18 million Euros. We offered 20 million Euros the day Van Persie deal was signed. IF sources are to be believed.

  58. bnsb

    holden – We are signing Loorente, MVilla AND Sahin on loan, IF sources are to be believed. And also let Bendtner go for free and get Mexes for free. Chamukh on loan to Spuds 🙂

  59. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    I could handle seeing Cesc in a Barca shirt last season although with huge disappointment. I could do the same with Nasri.. Even Adebayor at Spurs was tolerable with the help of my counsellor..

    . But I will have great difficulty watching Utd tonight and Robin in that shirt and thinking about the little boy inside me quotes! Is it just me?!

  60. bnsb

    We can now surely afford to export Squill to Debt stricken Turkey. As well send Park to Dubai on loan with a buy out clause.


  61. marcus

    In my opinion, we currently only have three decent midfielders. Arteta, cazorla and Wilshere. With Jack injured for god knows how long we only got the two. The rest are garbage and should be shipped out at the first opportunity.

  62. Moray

    If we sign mvilla, sahin and llorente then I think we will all start to hope again. It seems unlikely however, but you never know…I think the prem is preferable to Italy now for players. And spain too as there is no guarantee they will get paid.

    More than likely however it is Titus bramble and Michael owen that we are about to introduce…

  63. Ric

    bnsbAugust 20, 2012 08:48:29
    Bruce Wayne
    John Mcclane
    Clark Kent

    And Llorente- in the order of possibility

  64. goonerboy

    Since when has Wenger ever gone out and brought the absolute minimum number of players we need?
    He has talked about getting one midfielder- probably Sahin and a defender before the end of the transfer window. There was no mention of a forward- in fact he has admitted that we have already brought VPs replacement. He has also said we aren’t in for Mvila- wish we were like everyone else.
    Llorente will go to Italy, Mvila will go to Spurs- who will have Modric money to spend. Agents and selling clubs are just talking up our interest in order to increase the sale price.
    Wenger will buy a cheap defender if he can- and still have made a profit on transfers- and all the AKBs will cream their pants.