Ligue One left back approached | Song deal looking a formality | Bartley leaves | Who is excited about Arsenal?

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Who keyed my Mondeo?

Did someone just open the retail arm of the Arsenal business to include players? One minute we’re struggling to sell players who are out of contract, the next the floodgates open!

Yesterday saw the comfirmed departure of Kyle Bartley. How this happened is a total mystery. One minute he’s being welcomed into the first team squad, the next he’s thanking the club for their support? I do hope he wasn’t shipped on because we couldn’t shift £52k a week Johann Djourrou? That really would be a poor judgement call. Kyle barely got a kick for us. Instead of persisting with potential, we’ve opted to stick with tried and tested ‘not good enough’.

In other news, Alex Song leaving is pretty much a certainty. ANR announced he was saying his goodbyes and I was told that was right. I’ll try and get some detail today. Rumours were circulating that he’d told the manager he’d strike if he wasn’t allowed to leave. I’m unsure about that, but like I’ve said before, we’re best off without him. You need everyone pulling in the right direction… he hasn’t been and that’s been going on for a very long time. Interesting that I was told a few years ago the two players you’d least like to hang out with at Arsenal were Denilson and Song.

I’ll give you more detail when he goes, but it’s looking like a formality now. Curve ball departure of the summer if it happens eh? What did I tells ya?

The big question is what we do next? I was speaking to Arsenal Addict yesterday and he said we don’t really need to replace a defensive midfielder because Song didn’t really play that role. He was supposed to but was so heavily indulged by the manager he avoided his responsibilities.

So do we bring in someone new for the sake of squad morale and the certainty that comes with experience? Sahin has apparenlty slowed his move to Liverpool waiting on what we do with Song. A Turkish international with experience and a hard assed approach to the game (thought not sure he’s a DM as such). Or do we share out the role between Coquelin and Frimpong? I mean, I love Coq as much as the next man… but can he rise to the challenge? Can he hold his own for 90minutes? Can he control himself and maintain discipline until a satisfactory result is achieved?

I just don’t know…

New on the left back front has literally just hit the newswires. Cheikh M’Bengue, the left back from Toulouse had this to say.

“To be honest, I did not expect. When a big club like that think to you, it’s nice, but we are surprised more than anything else. (…) I have my agent who deals with that and I think he has discussed with President (Olivier Sadran). I had not planned to leave, I have two year contract, but it would be difficult to accept (to stay). (…) Arsenal, it can not be refused if everyone is benefiting. J hope that if there is an interesting proposal, it does not block me. should also see the player’s interest. Arsenal, it would be great. ”

Either my translation is sh*te or his English is chronically underwhelming. Could be agent talk, no offer yet, just an expressed interest.

Squad morale will be rocked from losing Robin. The summer cycle of misery has continued. The only way Wenger will convince the players we’re not a selling club is to buy. He has a deflated market of sellers. We know he can do it.

Talking of Robin, one of the guys I sit next to at Arsenal, let’s call him Steve for anonymity purposes, spoke to me this morning and highlighted a very valid point about Robin. When has he ever played well with a strike partner? He plays with one for Holland and he’s always under-performed. So unless United turn Wayne into a midfielder, you wonder what’s going to become of the £64million man!

Now the dust has settled… I’m not that fussed about another striker, I’m just worried about midfield and our massively under resourced full back positions. If we shape up there, this squad could be contenders. We have two strikers who know where the net is, we have a creative midfielder with world class pedigree, Arteta is a performer, we have Jack coming back into the mix and possibly this could be the season Aaron Ramsey makes the step up. We also have Chamberlain who will no doubt have a big impact on what we do this year, plus the emergence of Ryo and maybe we’ll see a great season out of the Theo. The starting back five are all very talented individuals, under the guidance of Steve Bould, they could be a talented unit. We just need to plug a few of the  holes elsewhere in the squad… because if we’ve learned anything over the last few seasons, it’s a squad that wins you the league, not a starting 11.

Ok, ok, I might be getting carried away here, but I point blank refuse to let Robin Van Persie and his move to United sully a thousand pound purchase I made. I don’t want to head to the stadium tomorrow under a cloud. I want this year to be exciting for the right reasons. Right now I feel like I’ve just bought a brand new Ford Mondeo and I’ve discovered a scratch… I’m still pleased with the purchase and the joy / women it’ll bring me, but I need to address the scratch. Arsene is literally addressing a scratch, this time last year, we were trying to repair the aftermath of a car bomb.

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Does Arsene have the cojones I go against his irrational fear of spending what he has available? Does he know where the t-cut isle is in B&Q? I hope so guys…

Update from Arsene:

‘We have massive squad and I believe we have what’s needed.’

Plus, he as good as confirms the departure of Alex Song.


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  1. SUGA3


    whatever mate, anyone who thinks that we HAD TO sell RvP needs his head examined…

    demotivated? he would have to have a massive season to get that last payday, plain and simple!

    keeping him would send out the right message, now we might have as well put up a big fuck off ‘Everything must go’ banner outside the stadium!

  2. gambon

    So many mentally ill retards on here.

    So let me see whsat i missed:

    – VanPersies a cunt for wanting to leave a selling club with no ambition
    – He will fail at UTD
    – He actually isnt any good
    – Arsenal will win the league
    – I cant wait to see “Boulds defence” (LOLOLOLOLOL)

  3. Radio Raheem


    Can we save the whining for the next time we lose or when we are losing? What has happened has happened and no one has done anything about it.

    Going by our recent history of finishing a position higher after losing a big player I predict we’ll finish second, might seem like a mad prediction to make but I’ll stick with it. I’ve been right about everything else so far.

  4. andy

    mayank maybe you´re right, maybe you´re wrong … nobody really knows if he plays again 30+ games or if he´s injured soon … it´s a big gamble for SAF … and he is injury prone – and if a player isn´t 100% motivated you can bet on many injuries during the year – so keeping a player tending to get injured against his will ends in injuries for sure

  5. Mayank


    No-one hates RvP for wanting to leave Arsenal. They hate him for slagging off Arsenal and fucking off to Utd because he has a little boy inside of him.

    No-one thinks he’s no good but few have seen him deliver in any system outside Arsenal. And they wish he fails at Utd.

    No fucking one has said that they objectively think Arsenal will win the league. They want us to though.

  6. Radio Raheem

    MayankAugust 18, 2012 09:26:20

    I said the same thing to my manure supporting brother. RvP has got a good 4 or 5 years left in him at the top level.

  7. SUGA3


    it’s not ‘whining’, it’s a statement of fact, some people seem to be living in cloud cuckoo land, but if they like being served such shit sandwich every summer, I guess they don’t deserve any better…

  8. bnsb


    Only one theres only one, thank God, he created only one Gambon.
    But the Devil has the last laugh, even Geoff cant ban him.

  9. Mayank


    Yeah he does but I doubt it’ll be at Utd. Rooney’s going to want to play CF eventually. Close to 27 now. In another year he’s probably want to stop the donkey work on the wings or behind the striker and actually get some goals under his belt like he did last season.

    Who leaves then? I’d say RvP.

  10. Draper-Corleone

    Since he has just raped the club that made him, and will almost certainly rape us again when we meet in the season, albeit in a slightly different way, and he has history, so here’s a song I give you to honour the great rapist whenever you can gents….


  11. Radio Raheem

    I’m not sure how many players who move at that age go on to match their previous performances at their new club. Henry played well at barca but nothing like his Arsenal displays, same for Vieira…RvP’s long lay-offs might count in his favour in this regard. Who knows?

  12. andy

    suga3, I´ve never said we HAD to sell him but I doubt he would have been able to play at the same level he did last year … I am just a little bit confused when people saying we are that much below the level without him – in fact if we have kept him he wouldn´t have been able to repeat the season IMO.

    and gambon – van persie is a cunt … you can´t say I LOVE ARSENAL and join man united … you are blinded by your hate of AW as I told you so many times before

  13. Mayank


    I’d hardly call +Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski and -RvP is a shit sandwich.

    It’s lesser than we expected but not by much. RvP had probably decided to fuck off last season. I believe if we get M’Vila/Sahin and LB in we’ll have little to whine about except the fact that RvP fucked off. Something that was inevitable for a bit as it turn out.

  14. gambon


    So Cazorla, Podolski & Giroud are cunts as well then, cos they moved for exactly the same reasons as RVP.

  15. andy

    radio nobody knows and that´s why I´ve said buying RVP for so much money is a real real gamble of SAF … funny to say player of the year is a gamble but it is IMO

  16. Mayank

    Figo’s a cunt cause he moved to Real.

    Sol’s a cunt cause he moved to us(he’s our cunt though)

    RvP’s a cunt cause he moved to Utd.

    It must be hard living with asperger’s and not being able to understand basic human emotions.

  17. Radio Raheem


    Yeah that could be a problem. I can see RvP dropping deeper then playing as a squad player. From the recent quotes made I think Fergus sees a long term value in keeping RvP…he compares him to Scholes, Giggs…so he might take on the mantle of elder striker bringing players like Welbeck and Hernandez through as his legs give way.

  18. gambon


    Yes there is something to whine about….we are fucking miles behind our rivals.

    We dont have a single world class player. You just cant win this league, or the spanish league without world class players.

    I said this a few weeks ago, and its 100% correct…..No team without a £200k pw player will win the PL ever again.

    Not cos paying £200k pw wins you the PL, but because without a certain calibre of player you aint gonna win it, and that type of player costs that much.

    City have Tevez, Aguero, Toure & Silva

    UTD have RVP & Rooney

    We have…..erm?

  19. gambon

    “radio nobody knows and that´s why I´ve said buying RVP for so much money is a real real gamble of SAF”

    £22m is not a lot of money.

    Wenger the wanker paid £13m for Wiltord 12 years ago, which is much more relatively.

  20. andy

    gambon what the f*** are you talking about? I don´t talk about players leaving a club for a “better” one, a more ambitious one … you can do this at any time of course … but you can´t join a club like manure if you said I LOVE ARSENAL before … there are some no-gos for every player and one of them is JOING FU**ING MANURE IF YOU ARE AN ARSENAL PLAYER SAYING I LOVE ARSENAL … it´s like you are JT and fu** mrs bridge … it´s no excuse if you say she´s hot … you just don´t do it

  21. Radio Raheem


    You know what we all know what the problems at Arsenal are but we haven’t done anything about it. We are not blameless in whatever malaise there is…

    But right now I’m buzzing for the start of the season. I think we’ll have a decent squad if we make the 1 or 2 additions we envisage. As for today’s match we have enough to beat Sunderland and whatever has happened in the last weeks, months or even years can be left until after the match.

    I’m buzzing so much that I’ll give you my right cheek if you slapped my left one…it’s that kinda day

  22. Mayank

    Yeah Gambon I agree with the essence of that but not the implication.

    Having a player on 220k itself is not what wins you the league. Having a balanced squad with world class players in a few positions is.

    Now I’m not sure whether AOC, JW, Cazorla, Giroud, Podolski or Verm are world class but they might turn out to be.

    We had RvP on 85 k last season, if he was at Utd on 85k they would’ve won the league. Was he world class? Yes. Is it possible that one of our guys may be this season? Yes.

  23. tomb

    Looking at RVP next to Fergie in a ManU kit makes me sick. It should never have to get to this .

    Thjs is the one that really hurts.

  24. gambon

    “Now I’m not sure whether AOC, JW, Cazorla, Giroud, Podolski or Verm are world class but they might turn out to be”

    Heres the entire problem summed up in one sentence.

    If they do turn out to be world class they will join a better team.

  25. BOOZY

    arsenal WILL win the league.

    One game at a time.

    Other teams won’t see us coming, until it’s too late.
    no defence in the league should hold our attack for 90mins.

    My only problem, are the refs in this league, if they let the better teams win, then we stand a chance.

  26. Leedsgunner

    Arsene Wenger “We are trying to extend the deal.”

    TRANSLATION: We are waiting for the 20M to coming in from Man City, Chelsea, Man United or Liverpool. We need to top up our balance sheet.

    Like Song, Walcottt was vastly over rated as a footballing talent. 12 million to buy the brightest talent over the past seven years and where has that got us? 19 points behind our rivals. Nothing in our trophy cabinet. Highest tix in the league. Laughing stock of the Premiership.

    Personally I won’t be sorry if Wally leaves but the damage will be done because Dear Leader Arsene will not pour the resulting money into the squad. So we are again, 1 or 2 injuries from joining the mid-table mediocrity club. No quality, no depth and no clue. Oh only if Wenger went to Real Madrid in 2006!

  27. salparadiseNYC

    Regarding RVP.

    130k per week or 220k per week playing for a team whom finished 19 points ahead and has played in 3 of last 4 or 5 Champions league finals.

    A manager whom knows and actually implements tactics vs a manager whom does neither.

    A manager whom considers winning the league a victory not finishing in the top 4.

    Fergie would of kept RVP had he been Wenger… he understands the value and dignity it would of given the club.

    The points are endless don’t hate RVP for wanting to end his career a high note, point the anger squarely at those cuts running AFC like a Bank without the balls to pull the trigger towards victory.

    Radio.. I am. Its pretty immense and I highly recommend it.

  28. SUGA3

    Kroenke is blatantly asset-stripping the club, it’s about time someone informed him that a club can get relegated from the league for sporting reasons, no?

  29. Mayank

    Yeah if we struggle for 4th place they’ll leave.

    Utd had one WC player(Rooney) in their ranks but they had a balanced team and squad. They lost on GD.

    We can make 1-2 addition to make our squad more rounded. If that squad comes second by only a few points do you really think the best players will pack up and leave? Of course for that to happen we need 1 or 2 players from my list to make the step up. Not impossible.

  30. SUGA3

    and oh, Radio,

    ‘we are not blameless’

    what a load of tosh, what are WE supposed to do?

    if we say that a protest is needed, there is always some smart arse saying that ‘it’s not a good moment’, be it the start of the season, the end of the season, January, Wenger’s birthday or fuck knows what else…

    so, again, I guess the fans deserve their annual shit sandwich afterall…

  31. SUGA3


    this team needed one or two additions before we have shifted RvP and Song, now it needs a RB, a DM, another striker and preferably a backup GK…

  32. Radio Raheem


    Yeah I’ve heard good things about Turkey. It’s on my ‘to do’ list. My hope is that the streets are laced ‘female volleyballers’.

  33. SUGA3

    Kroenke is fattening up the club for sale to Usmanov, who will take over in the next 24 months, but the damage will already be done and Uzbek will have his work cut out trying to take us back to the top, just ask Liverpool…

    let’s just pray and hope that it will happen before the new sponsorships are signed!

  34. Leedsgunner

    I’m glad as the next man that the deadwood like NB52 is going but will this mean more monies will be spent? No, that’s why it’s so infuriating. We spend money like water on dross but tight the purse strings closed for proven real talent to add depth to our squad as a whole. Like I’ve said before outside the 1st XI our squad is dangerously thin and nothing to write home about. We needed to keep our existing stars and add to them not replace them! Why is it not blindingly obvious to the board?

  35. Radio Raheem


    So you listen to the ‘smart arse’ who dissuades you from protesting against your ‘better judgement’? So moaning on an internet site achieves what exactly?

    You eat the sandwich you deserve… whether it is shit or not YOU DECIDE

    Seriously dude can we do this after a defeat or shit performance? I was more up for this yesterday even

  36. SUGA3


    OK then, speak to you tomorrow then, as we are going to lose to Sunderland today…

    but hey, look on the bright side, if Wenger gets his arse handed to him on a plate today, perhaps he will stop dithering, otherwise God help us all…

  37. SUGA3

    and if two test subjects are fed the shit sandwich and one of them does not think it is a shit sandwich, which one is the delusional one?

  38. Radio Raheem


    Agree today’s match will be closer than many think. O’Neil implements a simple game plan that relies on commitment and fight something he is good at instilling.

    I’ll be happy with a 2-1 win today.

  39. SUGA3

    taking into the account that we have a few good players missing, ironically, the worst that can happen today is a resounding win, all things considered…

  40. Radio Raheem

    and if two test subjects are fed the shit sandwich and one of them does not think it is a shit sandwich, which one is the delusional one?

    it depends…what if the person feeding them suffers Alzheimers or the one that tastes shit suffers Ageusia, Hypogeusia or Dysgeusia…LOL

  41. Michael Fournier

    salparadiseNYCAugust 18, 2012 10:07:22
    Your wrong on one thing if RVP was at ManU and Real Madrid wanted him he would have been sold just like Ronaldo was. Or have you forgotten that deal already. I Do agree SAF is a good manager and lately I feel Wenger is having ahard time adjusting to the fact he no longer has the squad to play the style he wants in every game he buy Strikers that are known for scoring from headers when given good early crosses into the box on a team that NEVER crosses the ball like that and half the time can;t get a corner kick past the first defender, But on the RVP deal I think it was planned long ago to sell RVP while he was a hot as the board of Arsenal FC is more interested in making good business of balancing the books then Winning titles Wenger had NOTHING To say about it. But to deal with the aftermath.