Ligue One left back approached | Song deal looking a formality | Bartley leaves | Who is excited about Arsenal?

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Who keyed my Mondeo?

Did someone just open the retail arm of the Arsenal business to include players? One minute we’re struggling to sell players who are out of contract, the next the floodgates open!

Yesterday saw the comfirmed departure of Kyle Bartley. How this happened is a total mystery. One minute he’s being welcomed into the first team squad, the next he’s thanking the club for their support? I do hope he wasn’t shipped on because we couldn’t shift £52k a week Johann Djourrou? That really would be a poor judgement call. Kyle barely got a kick for us. Instead of persisting with potential, we’ve opted to stick with tried and tested ‘not good enough’.

In other news, Alex Song leaving is pretty much a certainty. ANR announced he was saying his goodbyes and I was told that was right. I’ll try and get some detail today. Rumours were circulating that he’d told the manager he’d strike if he wasn’t allowed to leave. I’m unsure about that, but like I’ve said before, we’re best off without him. You need everyone pulling in the right direction… he hasn’t been and that’s been going on for a very long time. Interesting that I was told a few years ago the two players you’d least like to hang out with at Arsenal were Denilson and Song.

I’ll give you more detail when he goes, but it’s looking like a formality now. Curve ball departure of the summer if it happens eh? What did I tells ya?

The big question is what we do next? I was speaking to Arsenal Addict yesterday and he said we don’t really need to replace a defensive midfielder because Song didn’t really play that role. He was supposed to but was so heavily indulged by the manager he avoided his responsibilities.

So do we bring in someone new for the sake of squad morale and the certainty that comes with experience? Sahin has apparenlty slowed his move to Liverpool waiting on what we do with Song. A Turkish international with experience and a hard assed approach to the game (thought not sure he’s a DM as such). Or do we share out the role between Coquelin and Frimpong? I mean, I love Coq as much as the next man… but can he rise to the challenge? Can he hold his own for 90minutes? Can he control himself and maintain discipline until a satisfactory result is achieved?

I just don’t know…

New on the left back front has literally just hit the newswires. Cheikh M’Bengue, the left back from Toulouse had this to say.

“To be honest, I did not expect. When a big club like that think to you, it’s nice, but we are surprised more than anything else. (…) I have my agent who deals with that and I think he has discussed with President (Olivier Sadran). I had not planned to leave, I have two year contract, but it would be difficult to accept (to stay). (…) Arsenal, it can not be refused if everyone is benefiting. J hope that if there is an interesting proposal, it does not block me. should also see the player’s interest. Arsenal, it would be great. ”

Either my translation is sh*te or his English is chronically underwhelming. Could be agent talk, no offer yet, just an expressed interest.

Squad morale will be rocked from losing Robin. The summer cycle of misery has continued. The only way Wenger will convince the players we’re not a selling club is to buy. He has a deflated market of sellers. We know he can do it.

Talking of Robin, one of the guys I sit next to at Arsenal, let’s call him Steve for anonymity purposes, spoke to me this morning and highlighted a very valid point about Robin. When has he ever played well with a strike partner? He plays with one for Holland and he’s always under-performed. So unless United turn Wayne into a midfielder, you wonder what’s going to become of the £64million man!

Now the dust has settled… I’m not that fussed about another striker, I’m just worried about midfield and our massively under resourced full back positions. If we shape up there, this squad could be contenders. We have two strikers who know where the net is, we have a creative midfielder with world class pedigree, Arteta is a performer, we have Jack coming back into the mix and possibly this could be the season Aaron Ramsey makes the step up. We also have Chamberlain who will no doubt have a big impact on what we do this year, plus the emergence of Ryo and maybe we’ll see a great season out of the Theo. The starting back five are all very talented individuals, under the guidance of Steve Bould, they could be a talented unit. We just need to plug a few of the  holes elsewhere in the squad… because if we’ve learned anything over the last few seasons, it’s a squad that wins you the league, not a starting 11.

Ok, ok, I might be getting carried away here, but I point blank refuse to let Robin Van Persie and his move to United sully a thousand pound purchase I made. I don’t want to head to the stadium tomorrow under a cloud. I want this year to be exciting for the right reasons. Right now I feel like I’ve just bought a brand new Ford Mondeo and I’ve discovered a scratch… I’m still pleased with the purchase and the joy / women it’ll bring me, but I need to address the scratch. Arsene is literally addressing a scratch, this time last year, we were trying to repair the aftermath of a car bomb.

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Does Arsene have the cojones I go against his irrational fear of spending what he has available? Does he know where the t-cut isle is in B&Q? I hope so guys…

Update from Arsene:

‘We have massive squad and I believe we have what’s needed.’

Plus, he as good as confirms the departure of Alex Song.


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  1. Mwas

    How come one minute you claim to be an Arsenal fan and the other minute you are caught saying it’s an honour playing for an arch rival team?

  2. Iffy da goon

    SAF has been covering up and making excuses for Arsene wenger recently, so i’m not surprised at his statement. What did he say on the day? “Oh fergie you know i don’t want to sell”? If he didn’t want to sell then he shouldn’t have sold.

    I would not feel this bitter if i caught my girlfriend in bed with my bestfriend. I feel absolutely burnt and humiliated

  3. BOOZY

    gambon better late than never.

    And flogging a player with 3 years left sends a clear message to all those fucking agents ruining the club.

    if the club thinks you’re a good player, and offers you a contract, take it or you’re are gone.

    That’s the new arsenal.

  4. Iffy da goon

    MwasAugust 17, 2012 12:22:03
    How come one minute you claim to be an Arsenal fan and the other minute you are caught saying it’s an honour playing for an arch rival team?

    It’s statements like these that make me wonder about arsenal fans. What’s he supposed to say in a united shirt? That he loves Arsenal? Maybe Wenger should have scripted something proper for him to say as part of the 24m deal

  5. fanboy

    Tim August 17, 2012 12:20:25

    What are people’s thoughts on Coquelin out of curiosity?

    Potential world beater? Or not good enough for Arsenal?

    Some where in between perhaps?

    in a few years City will come calling for him

    arsenal tom

    how about Giroud? thought he was our starting CF

  6. Leedsgunner

    How do we stop the cycle of our best players leaving us at the end of the season?
    Sadly it’s starting to have a tinge of inevitability about it now… but I can only see two answers to this huge vicious cycle our club has gotten us into.

    1. Wenger out with the wholesale clear out of the board, and bring Pep in.
    2. Do a Chelsea and scrape the Champions League trophy.
    Sadly our defense is still too fragile to park the bus.

    Frankly I don’t know which option is more unlikely. The Emirates is AW’s personal kingdom at the moment.

    Incredible to think AW built and presided over the Invincibles now isn’t it? We must be the only team in world football who has gone backwards since opening our new 60000 seater state of the art stadium. What a joke… shame no one is laughing (unless you are in Manchester).

  7. bnsb

    Iffy, The point is Dutch boy wanted to join Manu long back, Red nose knew it, Mancini knew it, PSG knew it, Juventus knew it. Wenger still did not want to sell. Red nose begged. Wenger out of respect for old *art couldn’t say no. Rest is history 🙂

  8. Honest Bill

    “wenger sat in the stands that day and didn’t say a single word to his team”

    That right there was the moment i lost respect for Wenger.

    He just rolled over and let the poor lads like Jenkinson just get roasted without offering any help..

    Then there was the substitution of Ox.. Absolute piss take.. Probably to do with not wanting to pay and extra few grand in appearance bonuses.

    You all saw RVP’s frustration that day.. Can we really be surprised that he didn’t want to stay?

    He just couldn’t take it anymore.. Can’t blame him… That still doesn’t excuse going to the mancs though, fucking cunt!

  9. Johnty79

    It’s a shame arsenal allegedly make departing players sign confidentially contracts. Rvp probable would something like this….
    ” stay at arsenal r u crazy. They pay average players 4 times to much and we have the worst defence inthe league. I mean really Santa and Gibbs? I’ve waited 5 years or song ,walcott and diaby to turn into average players. Really none of he current arsenal team would get in this man u side. U think it was bad last season arsenal fans wait this season when we beat you 9.0. I use to respect the arsenal fans but you r just like a punch bag. The boss kept telling me koscieny was the new vidic when we signed him not half of a vidic. At least you have a new shiny stadium to keep te rain off your heads. Lastly I must thank arsene my new wages of 240k aweek it makes up for the lost years of my career at arsenal”

  10. goonerboy

    Arsenal are a selling club and Wenger is a selling manager- who by rights should have been sacked 5 years ago because he is an incompetent lying buffoon. Gazidis is an administrator out of his depth in a proper competitive league. Kroenke is a nice guy- a smart operator but the wrong owner of Arsenal and not a guy who will re-invest in a failing set up.

  11. Khalid Mahmood

    Re. Sahin

    What a waste of talent. Alonso is at his peak. He left too Dortmund at his peak.

    Are we after Sahin because Wenger wants to move Wilshere into an AM? I’m not convinced that Wilshere can play AM, I think he found his home at CM where he really excelled. I would give Arshavin & Oxo the AM role, it suits their natural skill set. This would be my team.




    ————–Back 5

  12. Iffy da goon

    But manchester united existed when he joined us from feyenoord, why didn’t he join them instead. Why isn’t he pictured in a manchester united jersey instead of an arsenal jersey as a 10 year old boy if he loves them so much?

  13. Johnty79

    From the invincibles we r can now be known as the unwinnables! No chance of a trophy,no passion from the fans just a feeder club. For the big boys.

    Come on the unwinnables, we can do it( I mean not win) this season. Go arsenal.

  14. Ric

    We might as well hope the few decent players we have left play like shit this season, or else they’ll be sold next year too, and then where are we?

    Afobe for el capitan? Why not make Fabianski captain? He’ll have to up his game then, won’t he?

  15. Chamz

    I dont understand the selling on Song, he is a good player, no wonder Barca wants him. One thing I can say is that it is difficult to believe what Wenger says, he is a big liar

  16. Iffy da goon

    In this 24 million deal, the club gets the money, Wenger gets his kudos, the mancs get a world class player, a shot at the title and the chance to mock arsenal, robin gets an improved salary and a chance to win silverware. What’s in it for us as fans? What do we get from robin leaving us?

  17. Dom

    Well there’s one less prick at Arsenal. If Song goes then we might have a collective harmony better than at any other time in seven years. The class of 2007 was always a very weird team. TBH glad it’s been dismantled.
    Mark my words Wenger was always at his be
    st getting the best out of more experienced than he ever was bringing up kids. I think we’ll surprise a few this season. There’s fight in us, a good spine is emerging and Verm and Arteta is great Captain combo. Both fight and both want to be here. Thats what you build teams around. The talent will come.

  18. Khalid Mahmood

    The signings we need imo:

    CB who can play RB naturally

    I believe Coquelin needs more time, he hasn’t convinced me that he will take the spot in the short term, he’s a good utility player.

    We need to ship out the 2 clowns, Mannone & Fabianksi. If we can see they are rubbish, why doesn’t Wenger do something abt it? Can’t shift them because they are on silly contracts? Get in a old hand, because imo Chesney is getting found out a lot.

  19. Ric

    Khalid MahmoodAugust 17, 2012 12:41:32

    No we are buying Sahin so we can sell Wilshire as soon as he is able to run again.

  20. Johnty79

    Khalid mahmoud, what makes you think arshavin should be anywhere near our first team? He has a 1 in 5 goal and assist ratio. Never had a good game against a big team? Even played badly when he scored 4 against Liverpool.

  21. Gbenga

    It seems pretty much clear that we still need another striker after RVP left…whats the availability of soldado..the guy scores goals against big teams and wont take long to adapt to premiership..I prefer him to Llorente.

  22. Kempster


    If you’ll put your money where your mouth is I’ll take £1k on your 50-1 odds please. Let me know.

    Regardless of all the crap guys we need to get behind the team tomorrow. They need our support.

  23. Ric

    ZARgoonerAugust 17, 2012 12:42:40

    No but I have a auto typed transcript… However it won’t record lies so all we got was.

    Wenger: Hello, good day … “Removed due to improper conduct”… And in conlusion I’d like to add that although I realise this has been a long speech, half an hour just flies by so fast when you are having fun. I hope you are looking forward to a good season. Thank you, good day.

  24. Oluwagbemiga K.

    An audacious move for a proven DM will signify our ambition and buy us back some honor…
    song ventures too much forward leaving d back exposed…though i dont know if he would hv adjusted this season wt Santi in d team. That’s wy i wd hv loved him to remain one more season b/c he’s premiership adjusted. If he goes to barca we’d need a DM dt wd bed in immeadiately. Cq and frimpong are still too fresh imo. who is dt DM battler dt can fit d bill?

  25. Radio Raheem

    I don’t know why, delusion or blind optimism I suppose, but I have the feeling that Theo is going to have a blinder this season. He looks bigger in the upper body and he knows that he has to deliver the goods on a consistent basis.

    …on our marketing trip to the far East, Theo stopped by at the world famous Xiaoming Clinic. if you are not aware this clinic is known for performing ‘miracles’. They specialise in increasing penile girth (and sometimes length)…well, as you all know Theo does suffer erratic form. Some have put this down to low self-confidence. What you may not know is that after several trips to the shrink Theo figured out that his erratic form was down to an insecurity about the size of his ‘package’.

    To cut the long story short Theo arranged a meeting with Dr. Bo Xiaoming, the head of the clinic. I must remind the reader that this by no means an easily surmountable task as the people on the waiting list are as many as they as important. What counted in our hero’s favour was, perhaps, his charming smile and the fact the doctor supports Arsenal…Theo’s case turned out to be quit a difficult one. You could tell by the strains and sheer volume of perspiration exuded by the doctor as he went about addressing the curse meted out by nature on our poor hero. After 3 hours of toil, which was 2.5hrs longer than the times spent on the average patient, Theo was discharged, although, our hero was in deep sleep at this point.

    Theo awoke the next day and was ecstatic with the results of the procedure. The result surpassed his expectation even though they were pretty high to begin with. As he looked into the mirror, caressing his new ‘best friend’ contemplating the adventures they’ll embark on he felt a sudden surge of confidence travelling like lightening through his spine to all parts of him. This sudden surge caused an expansion of his diaphragm that made him appear as though he was pumping his chest out, the way fowls do when confronting an opponent. He has been this way since.

    Now you know why his upper body appears bigger than before. It’s a surge of confidence!

    (It will be remiss of me if I did not inform the reader that long parts of our hero’s journey have been left out in this account of the story. The author must apologise for exercising such temerity in deciding what parts of the story to tell and what parts not to without consulting the reader. However, if the reader is interested in reading more about the epic journey of our hero do send me an email on

  26. gambon

    So with the new season here lets look at how well Arsene did in the summer:

    – Keep hold of best players

    Massive failure. We lost the best player in the PL, the top goalscorer in the PL and our captain, and even worse we sold him to a team already light years ahead of us. Walcott has 10 months left and hes still not signed up.

    – Sell the dross

    A huge failure. Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Jenksinson, Gibbs, Diaby, Denilson, Chamakh, Arshavin, Bendtner, Park all still at the club, along with many youths that will never be close to good enough.

    – Sign top class, experienced players

    Hmm, he hasnt done badly here. 3 good signings. However we needed a lot more than 3 attacking players, and 2 of them were only signed to replace our best player. In general this isa big failure as well. Wheres the full backs, wheres the keeper? Wheres the DM? Wheres the top class winger?

    So all in all Wenger has butchered yet another transfer window.

  27. Nick

    Wenger comunicates with the board more then the fans via the press its the board that calls the shots at the end of the day wenger is a good company man and realistic to lose rvp to the mancs and get 24mill hurts he would go next season to them and we get fuck all…… Deep down we all know it makes sense you cant bash wenger for this taking ox off yes this situation no imo

  28. Nick

    I would also go for cabaye from newcastle over the other players we are linked with…..saw press confrence with pardew and he said after signing mid from ajax that they may need another cm but went to elaborate and held back so maybe one of their cm are on the move toite and cabaye are good and prem proven

  29. mystic

    Khalid MahmoodAugust 17, 2012 12:41:32
    So you would have no place in your team for Oxlaide-Chamberlain? and because of your formation you would drop Wilshire?

    Depending on how they they progressed, I would also be looking at:
    Attack: Walcott (hmm maybe not) / Gervinho (1st season adjustment?)
    Midfield: Santos (clearly isn’t a LB) / Rosicky (a great tackler)
    Defence: Mertesacker (1st season adjustment?)

    Arsenal are fucked at RB cover – which at best is all Jenkinson should be.

  30. Alex James

    As I have said before, the only thing that would change the current club fiancial philosophy is a half empty stadium every home game. Hoaever, the board know that the fans will always get behind the club, even at the prices being charged. I recognise that time has moved on but they should not lose sight of the fact that our attendances were pretty poor during the dark days of the 60s (5,000 for one match) and some of the 80s. Once fans start to lose faith, attendances drop. And I am not talking about the floater fans.

  31. BOOZY

    iffy i honestly don’t know who you’re refering to, but if you mean, cuntin cunt cuntie.

    Then i say he has nothing to lose but everything to gain.

    but when he retires, he has no club to his home.

  32. Gbenga

    Its difficult to take but gooners live on the borders of pain…arsenal…d most painful club in the world to support…but dts wht makes us tick…we v learnt to move on…i believe very soon, when we turn ds corner, when ds cup passes over us…we shall laugh again and laughter is sweetest after a cry…then it will all make sense and we’ll be back, and remain for along time, where we belong – the top. COYG…

  33. Radio Raheem

    Man Utd footballer Rio Ferdinand fined £45,000 by FA after being found guilty of improper conduct over “choc ice” tweet

    that’s alotta dough for two words…I mean Rio should know what he is talking about being the son of Janice Lavender and Julian Ferdinand, and married to Rebecca Ellison. If anyone can recognise a “choc ice” then it should him…pfft

  34. Red&White

    It looks like Sahin for Song – is that a good deal. and possibly M’vila – that deal could still be done.

  35. Kempster

    Jesus Gambon, you should be on Betfair piling into laying Arsenal at 15s if you’re ready to take bets here at 50s. You can’t really be on here doling out the financial advice if you’re going to make such more judgement calls yourself.

  36. Gbenga

    Sahin’s agent left the Bernabeu without reaching an agreement. Real have accepted Liverpool’s offer, but Sahin wants Arsenal move. [Marca]

  37. Bergkamp63

    The most scary thing is we have exactly the same defence as we did last year when we conceded 49 !!

    Even if we manage to get under 40 we still can’t win the title, we would need to half that number to have a realistic chance.

  38. Arsenalone

    Terrible shame what AW is doing to our club,he was once the greatest ever,he’s now becoming the most hated.

    If it’s the board telling him to balance the books and sell all our best players,then AW should have some morals and balls and walk out.
    Just watched him on Sky sports news,he’s hair looks whiter and whiter every year.

    With any luck the man might have a heart attack soon and put us all out of this misery.

    It’s difficult to see RVP in a utd shirt.

    I’m an old school gooner,utd don’t bother me at least he ain’t joined the spastics down the road.

    Imagine what the yids were thinking when sol Campbell joined us,totally gutted I bet.

    Perhaps we have to accept being a top 4 club brush our selfs down and get on with it.

    A for Arsene I lost all respect for the man when he lied to us all on national tv claiming Cesc and nasri won’t be sold,whilst secretly selling them both,the mans a liar how can we believe him.

  39. Radio Raheem

    It’s difficult to see RVP in a utd shirt.

    Get a telly or specs or be sober and you’ll see him soon enough

  40. OhThatJohn

    I have no claim to be snywhere near IKB, but it ooks to me like we are finally getting rid of a generation of players who grew up with a culture of entitlement after being paid high wages and told they will be the next best thing while being totally protected from accountability by the club. . It started to change with Denilsons exile and Song will be about the last of this generation out the door, and a formal, unemotional ‘good luck to him’ on his way out the door but I only care about players who are at Arsenal snd how they sffect the team. RVP screwed himself and ended up being shoved out the door to United shen it didnt go right for him. Comdey tragedy all around, but of his making and thats a result in my book.

    I hope they sort it out this time around so we buy or develop players who know they have to perform and want to be at Arsenal to win. looks like *finally* some lessons have been learnt about the midtakes of project youth, but so many times bitten I’ll believe it when I see it. And if they change the salary structure. But it’ll take a couple of years to turn this mess around completely.

  41. gambon


    You dont seem to understand…..We absolutely cannot win the PL. There is 0 chance.

    At fair price the odds should be:

    Man City – Evs
    Man Utd – 5/4
    Chelsea – 19-1

    Everyone else – No bets

  42. Gbenga

    Radio RaheemAugust 17, 2012 13:22:00
    It’s difficult to see RVP in a utd shirt.

    Get a telly or specs or be sober and you’ll see him soon enough

  43. gambon

    “it ooks to me like we are finally getting rid of a generation of players who grew up with a culture of entitlement after being paid high wages and told they will be the next best thing while being totally protected from accountability by the club. . It started to change with Denilsons exile and Song will be about the last of this generation out the door,”

    Erm Szczesny, Fabianski, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Diaby (Worst culprit of all). Incase you hadnt noticed we still have cunts like Arshavin, Bentner, Chamakh & Park earning huge money for doing nothing.

  44. Benny Blanco

    “Right now I feel like I’ve just bought a brand new Ford Mondeo and I’ve discovered a scratch… I’m still pleased with the purchase and the joy / women it’ll bring me”

    I’m intrigued to know what kind of women a Ford Mondeo brings you?

  45. Radio Raheem

    If we sell Song who is going to fend off players with his backside. That’s an important skill a CL team needs.

  46. adeghoke


    Any trophy will do right now..atleast for now..we just need something to lift us a lil bit then we can push further

  47. Alex James

    Have got behind a bit. In addition to Sagna and Jack, how many of our primary first team squad are injured before the season starts? Counting those two, am I right in saying six? But we have a massive squad, so everything should be OK! Right? And are we expecting Song to play?

  48. Bergkamp63


    Any idea how long these twats contracts have to run ?

    We are probably going to spunk the £24m from RVP covering their wages.

  49. adeghoke

    Thanks a lot le-grove…if not for this blog..only God knows what my life would have been like with all d #dutchboi switch..I read legrove to have strength to keep me 3 cos of the passionate bloggers here..I feel thesame pain as iffy…he looks to me d most affected since wenger hit us again with the usual august rocket of high profile sale..I am a christain..please permit to say it is well in jesus name cos what we need now is divine favours.

  50. bayo

    Am tired of just buying players…we need better players….Cant we just sign a player like Hamsik……Just splash the money….This method is not going to work in another 8 years.

  51. Radio Raheem

    “It’s such an honour for me,” he told “Getting the No 10 shirt again at the Club means so much to me as I wore it all through the youth teams at Arsenal.

    “It has a special place for all attacking or creative players. I feel proud to wear it now after some real Club legends have worn it, such as Dennis Bergkamp.

    “Now I am even more excited about returning to action and honouring the shirt.”

  52. Arsenalone


    If Arsene continues to work money before players he will become the most hated.

    Gorge Graham to the yids was poor because of the history of gorge and the 1971 team.

    I don’t go on any other arsenal forums but I do wonder what other arsenal fans think of Arsene,I drink in the 12 pins on match days and last years transfer window fuck up was divided amongst the fans,some want him out some want the board out and some AKB’s kiss he’s arse

  53. useroz

    Update from Arsene:

    ‘We have massive squad and I believe we have what’s needed.’
    What?? A squad full of sickie, junkie, wannabe, olympian medalist…collectively called deadwood or dross that we cannot shift because no one wants them…

    Case in point… the world-class-and-only-three-demands-bendtner!!!

  54. chopper4001

    This may already have come up (I’ve not read any of the comments today), but whats the chance of us highjacking City’s bid for De Rossi?

    Zero? Good, just so long as I dont get my hopes up.

  55. adeghoke

    I look at the squad and I shake my head.
    Bendtner(better than messi though), park(tourist) squillacci(waiting disaster), chamack(jelly fish,always playing like someone that came from pluto), jenkinson(plays like someone trying to steal something) djorou(shud be a broadcaster/presenter),fabianski(a plane about to crash)…I shake my head

    There is no squad depth like wenger claims. Unbeleivable

  56. Radio Raheem

    Arsene won’t be with us in 2014 hope not,or if he is we will have Mr Usmanov pumping money in,and not pulling money out.

    Facking hell have you found a way of extricating the human centipede that is Kroenke,Gazidis and Wenger?! You’re on the verge of ascending to the apex of gooners’ affections the world over.

  57. Honest Bill


    About as much chance as RVP suddenly realising he’s made a huge mistake, and handing in a transfer request to the mancs tomorrow.

  58. Alex James

    If anyone is still in doubt about the efficacy of VP going to Utd, just read the comments from their fans on Skye. We are being ridiculed, just like the post 8-2 situation. I detest the player for what he has done to us. Of course he is entitled to move but to them! My Manc friends now quote the treble, the 8-2 hammering, the defeat of the invincibles, the CL humiliation and now VP.The only response I have is Wiltord, the FA cup penalty shootout steal and the invincibles record. Apart from the last, we come a poor second”

  59. Odd Rituals

    “Wenger is terrified of competing, he hates the pressure, he hates when people like Mourinho & Fergie completely mug him off in public.He just wants to settle for finishing 4th and raising kids who he can sell on to Utd/City/Chelsea/Barca”

    This is a bit daft. The main pressure comes from fans who are rightly unhappy about the fact we are not competing as we should be. Settling for 4th each time increases that.

    The problem is not that he doesn’t want to compete, but is still living with the fall-out from his failed youth project. He is still saddled with a wage structure that does gives us one of the highest wage bills in the league, but an inability to pay stars wages.

    He spends an increasing amount of time on the bench hunched over in that shite bubble coat, or pacing around kicking water bottles at Pat Nice. He feels pressure alright and he wants to compete. He’s just backed himself into a corner.

    Of course he doesn’t want 4th. Don’t be a numpty.

  60. useroz

    Without a new striker/ forward, we are two injuries from a world beating combo of the-polished-Chamakh and the-bench-in-a-park!!!

    That’s depressing…

    Song can F off if we replace…sick of his losing the ball,failing to track back and his signature body-checking-outside-the-18-yard-box trick that never quite worked!!!

  61. bnsb

    About as much chance as RVP suddenly realising he’s made a huge mistake,

    He would if he finds a zero less in the 220,000 he’s been promised

  62. pj

    And as far as “good business” goes, Amy Lawrence of The Guardian has it exactly right when she says that “£20m-plus for a 29-year-old with a shaky injury history, replaced by three younger international attackers, does not sound such a terrible piece of business.”

  63. Radio Raheem

    No no that should be Kroenke, Wenger, Gazidis or should it be Wenger, Kroenke, Gazidis….help me out here

    The first eats the food, shits it out for the second to eat then shit out for the third body of the human centipede

  64. Honest Bill


    Now there is a fair chance of us bidding for him, but i’m not sure if Real Madrid would meet our valuation of 1 Arsenal season ticket and a packet of scotch eggs

  65. Radio Raheem

    And as far as “good business” goes, Amy Lawrence of The Guardian has it exactly right when she says that “£20m-plus for a 29-year-old with a shaky injury history, replaced by three younger international attackers, does not sound such a terrible piece of business.”

    If Amy didn’t look like an ugly man I’ll agree with her. What is with ugly women and football in the UK?

  66. Johnty79

    I will 1 million to 1 on arsenal winning the league. No chance. Kos out against sunderland we have half a chance now.

  67. Radio Raheem

    An example of a spastic on twitter,

    @AFCAMDEN Sorry to be a proper whingy so and so D, but have you heard any more on Sahin? I want it to be finished as tension is killing me.

    Why not take 10 tablets of valium to ease your tension huh? It’s less expensive than a trip to Dignitas

  68. useroz

    Some presumably AKBs need to wake up… Santi cannot count as part of robin’s replacement…

    Santi at best replaced Cesc!! So where’s Nasri’s replacement? Sahin??

    Wenger needs to move the deadwood on NOW

  69. OPG

    Spastics on twitter? Like those tweeting profits and other bollocks to make them feel better after seeing RVP in a United shirt and the Song news.

  70. Johnty79

    Why don’t we demote our selves to the championship we might have chance of winning the league and still get a full house. Still make a profit so everyone wins.

  71. gambon

    Odd Rituals

    Pressure from the fans?

    You man the fans that respond to his lying, unambitious bullshit by singing “theres only one Arsene Wenger” and make websites calling him “the lord Wenger”?

  72. Radio Raheem

    Why don’t we demote our selves to the championship we might have chance of winning the league and still get a full house. Still make a profit so everyone wins.

    That actually doesn’t sound that silly, Wenger always talks about winning the championship

  73. BOOZY

    I’m sure DHL are very proud right now, money well spent.

    manure are being very aggresive, almost bordering on desperation.

    Heaven save us from refs this season, who knows how much has been invested their.

    i urge gooners all over the world never to use DHL again.

  74. Johnty79

    Wenger keeps Djorou and squid but sells a young talent like Bartley. Wenger doesn’t even know how arsenal got third last season. He is making every wrong decision possible but knows e can get arsenal fourth blind folded. Te dark times are hear to stay. Don’t support arsenal people at least the glazers aren’t trying to hide what thy are doing to man u. Worst team to support on the world. Boo the ell out of them tmw or don’t call yourself arsenal fans.

  75. Royal Bludger

    Bendtner, Squillaci, Denilson, Arsharvin, Fabianski, Djourou, Rosicky, Chamakh, and Park all still on the first team payroll.

    And Wenger is some financial / economics guru?

    Well at least we got rid of Cesc, Nasri, RVP, and Song.

  76. adeghoke


    Don’t be suprised if we still fail to win d championship..winning mentality is gone already cos all wenger sees as good now is 4th..

  77. gambon

    “manure are being very aggresive, almost bordering on desperation.”

    LOL, so now signing world class players is called ‘desperation’.


    Signing Cazorla was desperation.

  78. oota

    Couldn’t win anything with RVP, Cesc, Nasri and Song – trying to look on the bright side here but maybe we’ll be better off without them; with players that actually want to wear the shirt…..

  79. CH30

    RVP will be missed, no doubt. And I for one do think we need an other striker! I’m not sure Poldi and Giroud can replace the goals RVP did last year. Simply cos they are new to the PL. And what if they get injured? Chamakh?? No way..

    We need someone with a proven PL record. Clint Dempsey for 10 million is not such a bad idea. Not that he will score the same amount as last year, but 12 to 15 goals is a certain. 29 as RVP so I don’t see a problem there..

    With that I also want Arsene to address the DM role, together with a Defender, and we would look much more solid.
    Very surprised Bartley was sold..

    Dempsey, Sakho, M’vila and Sahin on loan is my wish-list!

    OR… This is a BIG gamble.. If we don’t buy a striker, why not take Michael Owen on a free for ONE year! Gamble but could work…

    Finally, Difference between Arsenal vs United?

    Arsenal = Business First, Football second !
    United = Football first, Business second !

    Titles are the difference!

  80. kapslock

    Mike Jefferies‏@mikejefferiesL4

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Sahin wants to join AFC. Has given them til Monday to make a deal or he’ll join LFC. We’re 2nd choice

    Sahin would be great but as I said earlier if Song is off we need a proper DM – Capoue/M’Vila. Can’t expect Sahin/Arteta to fill in that role

  81. OPG

    oota some of them took time to develop 2 of them are world class and the rest good fairly young players I don’t think you can call them out as culprits of failure to win anything.

  82. Radio Raheem

    If we sign Sahin then that’ll be it for the summer. If Diablo is fit then he’ll start a one of the midfield three, So it’ll be either Sahin or Arteta, we can’t can’t have 3 midgets in the middle. Even barca try to compensate by playing Busquets in there.

  83. Keyser

    I think Le Grove should build a commune in the Wilderness, and when things get tough we could re-enact Jonestown.

  84. Marko

    I’m gonna wait till sept 1st to hold judgement but if the window passes and we’ve brought no one else in and he comes out and say we’ve 10 quality midfielders and all that other shite I might just give up. The ins have been great so far let’s keep it going

  85. arsenal tom

    Gambon, you should get yourself on the liverpool forums taking bets you’d make a killing. Some scouser put £44k on liverpool to win the league a couple of weeks ago!

  86. cynorix

    Isn’t there a way to terminate the contracts/pay off dead woods such as Djourou, Chamakh, Park, Bentdner, Fabianski, Squillaci

  87. Khalid Mahmood

    I was wondering why Wilshere has been given the no.10 jersey, because v.rarely CM’s get given that no. its always a striker/AM/Winger. Wilshere has been playing as a CM since he came into the side, mainly because Fabregas was playing as the AM. I looked into his youth videos and I found myself wondering whether Wilshere can play as AM for the senior side. Or like Schweinsteiger who was a good RW but then became a worldbeater at CM.

  88. Keyser

    “those cunts are the equivalent of women who queue outside prisons to suck off serial killers….”

    Whereas you’re what ? Someone who snowballs their spunk, swills it around his mouth, keeping his nose close enough to the sweaty ballsack tos avour it’s ‘Bouquet’.

    Then rushes off to blogs like this to moan about the taste ?

  89. RockyPires

    Under Steve Boulds guidance Arsenal have decided to sell Bartley, then I m fine with that. Seen him a few times playing for Rangers and to be honest he was turned easily by Stokes and Samaras so wasnt exactly Maldini we sold.

  90. baffooon

    “From my side and Arsenal’s side, there is no hard feeling. No one is angry with me and I’m not angry with them”

    vanpersie to reporters

    cud somebody explain me the last part….why the hell he shud be angry towars us??????? is it for paying him wages wen he was a massive crock????

  91. zeus

    Been on the Manc website, and he who shall remain nameless, is saying ‘his inner child was screaming Man Utd.’

    Bastard. Him and Wenger and the board.

  92. Danish Gooner

    Hahahahahaha massive squad !!! Yeah of underachieving filth like squid,bendtner,chamakh,flappianski,gibbs,santos,walcott,arshavin etc,nice one uncle Arsene.No proper defensive midfielder,no decent left back,no decent right back,two decent strikers short.