Ligue One left back approached | Song deal looking a formality | Bartley leaves | Who is excited about Arsenal?

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Who keyed my Mondeo?

Did someone just open the retail arm of the Arsenal business to include players? One minute we’re struggling to sell players who are out of contract, the next the floodgates open!

Yesterday saw the comfirmed departure of Kyle Bartley. How this happened is a total mystery. One minute he’s being welcomed into the first team squad, the next he’s thanking the club for their support? I do hope he wasn’t shipped on because we couldn’t shift £52k a week Johann Djourrou? That really would be a poor judgement call. Kyle barely got a kick for us. Instead of persisting with potential, we’ve opted to stick with tried and tested ‘not good enough’.

In other news, Alex Song leaving is pretty much a certainty. ANR announced he was saying his goodbyes and I was told that was right. I’ll try and get some detail today. Rumours were circulating that he’d told the manager he’d strike if he wasn’t allowed to leave. I’m unsure about that, but like I’ve said before, we’re best off without him. You need everyone pulling in the right direction… he hasn’t been and that’s been going on for a very long time. Interesting that I was told a few years ago the two players you’d least like to hang out with at Arsenal were Denilson and Song.

I’ll give you more detail when he goes, but it’s looking like a formality now. Curve ball departure of the summer if it happens eh? What did I tells ya?

The big question is what we do next? I was speaking to Arsenal Addict yesterday and he said we don’t really need to replace a defensive midfielder because Song didn’t really play that role. He was supposed to but was so heavily indulged by the manager he avoided his responsibilities.

So do we bring in someone new for the sake of squad morale and the certainty that comes with experience? Sahin has apparenlty slowed his move to Liverpool waiting on what we do with Song. A Turkish international with experience and a hard assed approach to the game (thought not sure he’s a DM as such). Or do we share out the role between Coquelin and Frimpong? I mean, I love Coq as much as the next man… but can he rise to the challenge? Can he hold his own for 90minutes? Can he control himself and maintain discipline until a satisfactory result is achieved?

I just don’t know…

New on the left back front has literally just hit the newswires. Cheikh M’Bengue, the left back from Toulouse had this to say.

“To be honest, I did not expect. When a big club like that think to you, it’s nice, but we are surprised more than anything else. (…) I have my agent who deals with that and I think he has discussed with President (Olivier Sadran). I had not planned to leave, I have two year contract, but it would be difficult to accept (to stay). (…) Arsenal, it can not be refused if everyone is benefiting. J hope that if there is an interesting proposal, it does not block me. should also see the player’s interest. Arsenal, it would be great. ”

Either my translation is sh*te or his English is chronically underwhelming. Could be agent talk, no offer yet, just an expressed interest.

Squad morale will be rocked from losing Robin. The summer cycle of misery has continued. The only way Wenger will convince the players we’re not a selling club is to buy. He has a deflated market of sellers. We know he can do it.

Talking of Robin, one of the guys I sit next to at Arsenal, let’s call him Steve for anonymity purposes, spoke to me this morning and highlighted a very valid point about Robin. When has he ever played well with a strike partner? He plays with one for Holland and he’s always under-performed. So unless United turn Wayne into a midfielder, you wonder what’s going to become of the £64million man!

Now the dust has settled… I’m not that fussed about another striker, I’m just worried about midfield and our massively under resourced full back positions. If we shape up there, this squad could be contenders. We have two strikers who know where the net is, we have a creative midfielder with world class pedigree, Arteta is a performer, we have Jack coming back into the mix and possibly this could be the season Aaron Ramsey makes the step up. We also have Chamberlain who will no doubt have a big impact on what we do this year, plus the emergence of Ryo and maybe we’ll see a great season out of the Theo. The starting back five are all very talented individuals, under the guidance of Steve Bould, they could be a talented unit. We just need to plug a few of the  holes elsewhere in the squad… because if we’ve learned anything over the last few seasons, it’s a squad that wins you the league, not a starting 11.

Ok, ok, I might be getting carried away here, but I point blank refuse to let Robin Van Persie and his move to United sully a thousand pound purchase I made. I don’t want to head to the stadium tomorrow under a cloud. I want this year to be exciting for the right reasons. Right now I feel like I’ve just bought a brand new Ford Mondeo and I’ve discovered a scratch… I’m still pleased with the purchase and the joy / women it’ll bring me, but I need to address the scratch. Arsene is literally addressing a scratch, this time last year, we were trying to repair the aftermath of a car bomb.

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Does Arsene have the cojones I go against his irrational fear of spending what he has available? Does he know where the t-cut isle is in B&Q? I hope so guys…

Update from Arsene:

‘We have massive squad and I believe we have what’s needed.’

Plus, he as good as confirms the departure of Alex Song.


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  1. Arse&Nose©

    It would be stupid to sign M’villa, a man with a worse reputation than Song off-field.

    Wenger doesn’t sign disruptive characters, they just turn disruptive after a few seasons with us.

  2. Johnny5


    Don’t facilitate the hate!!! Lol

    I really do think that if we get in a DM and say debuchy we could push united all the way. I think city will not cope with the pressure and Chelsea will bomb too. Our attacking options look good too if we use Walcott as an impact player arshavin too start with gerv and ox on the wings pod and giroud up front. Cazorla feeding them
    And we will score for fun.

  3. Ulster gooner

    The truth is, Giroud is a bit of an unknown quantity. He could be the next Henry, or (God forbid) the next Chamakh. I believe he will be great. If he hits form like he had in France, alongside an in form Podolski, we will be fine. I have a hunch RVP will be another Hargreaves signing for Manure. He was superb, then moved to united and failed to live up to his reputation due to injury etc. still feel we can win something this season. Sahin would be great. We can only wait and see.

  4. holden

    2 minutes on Google and you will. Thinking of throwing one for my daughters birthday. She’s already turning 3, so proud.

  5. Geoff

    Arse&Nose fuck what he does off it, it’s what he does on it.

    Driving without insurance at his age is stupid, smacking someone in the mouth for being cocky is different.

    On the field Song is a liability. M’Via has the potential to be a Vieira.

  6. Iffy da goon

    Fuck you deal with it….that’s what wenger implied when he sold robin to manchester united

    “‘There’s no news on van Persie. Our fans want him to stay so you can understand they are excited. Anything I could say about Van Persie would be a lie because he’s our player and that’s it. Robin scored 30 goals last season and you want to keep your best players. He was player of the year in England. We want to keep him. I cannot tell you more at the moment because I don’t know more.

    We have not bought the players to replace Van Persie, but to strengthen our squad with the thinking Van Persie will stay. That’s still my mind at the moment.'”

  7. Dimitri

    I really don’t care less about M’Villa’s personality problems off the pitch. Song is a saint off the pitch… I want someone on the pitch who gives 2 shits. God I miss having a man mountain like Vieira in the middle dominating the midfield like years of old. We need someone established to go in there. I’m praying to god we sell Song.

  8. Bjonan

    Now RVP has gone he thinks he can win the league with no world class players, no experience of winning, and a demotivated squad of players

    Gambon…since when does RVP have experience of winning beside be a bench warmer for the invincibles. And Carzola,Arteta world class compared to Carrick and Hand-erson or Anderson whatever that bum is called.

  9. Geoff

    bnsb I was just having a tinny!

    Logical thanks for that, so Holden, a nice party with topping poured over noodles, sound like fun!

    I prefer chips myself.

  10. darrenC

    Everyone at the club knew RVP was off, so have had time to deal with it. Song is better in his own head than on and field so goodbye and good riddance.
    We have signed Internationals and strong players with heart and i hope will get a couple more. We have players that want to play for the club now for the first time in years. I for one am more positive than ive been for at least seven years.

  11. holden

    The worst part of this whole thing is all the shit I, and certainly all Arsenal fans, have to put up with from dumbasses who think they’re clever regurgitating some witty post from twitter or a random article they read.

  12. Sleek

    Can’t wait for tomorrow.
    Predictions anyone?

    I’ll go for Arsenal 3- 0 Sunderland. Goals from Poldi, Giroud and Santi.

    Fantasy stuff eh?

  13. Geoff

    Iffy, quack, quack.

    That’s the sound of my arse turning into a Kipper if we win the league with this team.

    I know it sounds like a duck but I can’t do Kipper noises. Anyway they are dead by the time they become Kippers.

  14. gooner87

    Sahin would be immense. Of that there is no doubt.

    He is similar to Xabi Alonso. Sits deep, reads the game well and sprays passes

  15. Ric

    Pedro has finally just lost it, hes in la la land hoping cesc scores a blinder in the final… The final of what I hear you asking… Who the hell knows, its all in his head.

  16. Arse&Nose©

    holden, good point. Still , I think he will have a pretty high ratio of fouls to minutes on pitch. The way he tackles (using his body to bump players) is allowed in the Premier League but in La Liga it is punished.

  17. @K_Swiss147

    LOL at those who want to make Pedro stand in the corner!
    Can we stop talking about how RVP is going to get injured in Man U? Its getting old…!
    Our team is looking good with a couple more signings but we have no hope of the title bar a miracle!
    I think M’Vila will come… I hope he does! Coq will get injured if he’s thrown in the deep end. And if we’re getting only one full back, then it has to be the RB position… Its more pressing there because Jenks is not up to scratch whereas Gibbs and Santos are currently fit!
    Anyone who takes Gambon up on those odds is still bound to lose… Miracles don’t just happen in football. You need the required depth and quality to achieve anything in modern day football!

  18. holden

    A&N, yeah, that’s very probable. Song’s idea of tackling is getting in the way of players, wiping his disgusting leg sweat on their bodies and throwing his hands in the air while looking around innocently. That is the secret behind his rolled up shorts.

  19. fanboy

    you cant sell your best two players and say you are ambitious

    last time it was Cesc and Nasri
    now RVP and Song

  20. Tomtomtom

    I’d think if we buy another full back they’ll have to be able to cover right & left, Wenger doesn’t want to trust Santos in LB, but would still like to play him.

  21. Johnny5


    I’m starting to think its nit that wenger wants to sell them it’s that they want to leave and having players in the squad who don’t want to be there just cause unnecessary tension in the dressing room. Don’t get me wrong some of them wenger has been a cunt and done the wrong thing ala cesc but to solely blame wenger is moronic and who’s to say the board haven’t sanctioned the sales and wenger has no option but to go along with it. I’m not trying to stick up for wenger coz he’s a cunt who can’t manage players or use effective tactics but some in here seem to literally blame everything that happens on him like gambon for instance.

  22. Alex James

    Waiting for the first mention of mental resilience from Wenger. One player certainly has it; and he used it and left! Leaving aside Wenger’s daft ideas about loyalty, the sad fact is that his tactics have been far off the pace for years that it irritates. To succeeed in the PL, a team needs a cadre of hard men, to ward off attacks at Orcland and to break up the flow of teams like Swansea and Norwich who play like us. The first match is a day awaŷ, and yet we still have no ‘presence’ in such a vital area.

  23. Johnny5


    Song has never been close to being one of our best players. Walcott is a bumbling mong of a footballer but was still better than song last season.

  24. gambon

    Kroenke never takes money out of his clubs. He has been known to invest into clubs, but rarely, but he isnt taking money out as some people seem to insinuate.

    We have a lot of cash, that is a fact.

    Wenger is terrified of competing, he hates the pressure, he hates when people like Mourinho & Fergie completely mug him off in public.

    He just wants to settle for finishing 4th and raising kids who he can sell on to Utd/City/Chelsea/Barca

    Unfortunately its our club that suffers from this little man.

    You can be unlucky and lose the odd player (Ronaldo) but when you love all of your world class players its clearly much more than that.

    Anelka, Overmars, Petit, Vieira, Cole, Henry, Hleb, Diarra, Toure, Adebayor, Nasri, Cesc, Van Persie, Song

    You cant get unlucky that many times.

  25. Charlie Boy

    Why RVP had to go!

    Some of his demands:

    1) £5m loyalty bonus
    2) £13m a year
    3) a new right back
    4) a new centreback
    5) his own Dutch physio shipped in to work with him full-time, paid for by the club!

    Good riddance to TPD (The Prima Donna).

    And as for the new boy, Santi Cazorla – check this out:

    This boy is, um sweet!

  26. HP

    I hope we don’t qualify for the top 4, nothing more than what the board and manager deserve. Maybe the idiots who are excited for the new season finally accept how shit we are.

  27. Iffy da goon

    Wenger on title winning spanish team:

    “They have betrayed their philosophy and turned it into something more negative. Originally they wanted possession in order to attack and win the game; now it seems to be a way not to lose.”

    Fabregas reaction:

    “No. I can’t believe he said that.”

    The players are not the problem at Arsenal

  28. Iffy da goon

    Don’t believe that shit about robins demands, its pr. He’s earning less than 13m at united now. If this sort of info leaked then it’s arsenal wanting us to soak it up.

    Even so, why can’t we give special privileges to a player? Its just one special player for fucks sake

  29. Iffy da goon

    bnsb they adapted their tactics to a new formation in order to win, it’s called creativity.

    Wenger has a set of rules that he abides by, he is predictable and always gets found out by the opposition

  30. fanboy

    Pedro August 17, 2012 11:01:09
    Fanboy, Song isn’t one of our best players…
    He’s a problem for the club. Get rid… that’sa good move.

    i know. i know… but i believe the media think different. all they see are the assists

  31. Arsene's Nurse

    holden August 17, 2012 10:17:23

    No, I’m more of the bukake party type.

    You’re the one with a face like a painter’s radio?

  32. bnsb

    Sorry, iffy in my football dictionary its still called negativity. That could be valid tactic in tournamant like Euro, but still negativity.

  33. Bouldy's Left Testicle

    @ fanboy,

    Nuri Sahin/ Biglia is an upgrade from Song, and both Pod & Olly have already replaced RvPussyboy.

    What about that Wanyama dude… he seemed the best thing since sliced meatloaf – they said.

    Anyway, I’m not too fussed. Someone will join, and that someone is probably good enough.

    Not liking the RB issue though(!)

  34. kapslock

    Even if we sign Sahin we are in desperate need of a DM. 2 more signings possibly a RB and DM and I’ll be happy. Still would love another ST but it’s not going to happen.

  35. Iffy da goon

    bnsb Arsenal had some of it’s best years playing a brand of negative football under George graham. Negative football is what made Arsenal what it is today. That is our history as a football club and you can’t just do away with it

  36. ZARgooner

    No one got anything o say about Bosingwa joining QPR… Surely that would have been an easy signing as back up…

    too easy for AW i suppose

  37. gambon

    MVila and Martinez are an upgrade, Sahin isnt even defensive, and i have no idea about Biglia.

    The difference is Song has been at Arsenal for 6 years and knows our play inside out.

    Its absolutely stupid that we’re looking at changing a key position in the first XI the day before the season starts.

  38. gambon

    Mark Hughes has done very well on a budget.

    Rob Green, Ryan Nelson, Ji Sung Park, Andy Johnson, Jnr Hoilett & Bosingwa for a total of £2.5m

    Certainly dont expect them to go down with that experience.

  39. Radio Raheem

    The difference is Song has been at Arsenal for 6 years and knows our play inside out.

    This is what people are failing to appreciate. Like I said yesterday, whoever we sign will need some time to adapt and in that time we’ll have t depend on Diaby. I think Diaby is a more talented player than Song but it is a big risk betting on his fitness. To compound matters we have a couple of big matches against Liverpool and City in the next month.

  40. K.C.

    Reasoning is a very powerful coping mechanism when dealing with traumatic events and all. But expecting Aaron Ramsey to come good this season is too ridiculous to even comprehend. If we’re already down to this even before day 1, we’re screwed.

  41. mystic

    Interesting how many commentators on here decided YESTERDAY to believe the rumours that Sahin to Liverpool was a done deal – may still turn up in merseyside, but suddenly not quite so done and dusted.

    I have been saying for ages that Arsenal should consider moving Vermaelen up in to Song’s position. While in theory he should still stay back as a DM, it would give him a little more license to do what he does anyway and be further upfield. Wonder if these rumours concerning this french LB (never heard of him) might indicate AW wants to push Santos and Vermealen more as midfielders?

    Would still prefer a RB to a LB. Jenkinson is ok to be pushing for a place, but not as an automatic starter whilst Sagna is out.

  42. Ric

    Okay so we have an entire first team that doesn’t know each other… nice… We’re winning everything this year no doubt. Fuck I actually hope Sunderland demolishes us.

  43. bnsb

    The fact that wenger cannot adapt makes him a one dimensional manager on the pitch and makes the game seem like a chore

    Yes iffy, that’s how Mancini brought his million Pound team, parked the bus and lost 1-0. We went to Chelski, put 5 past them, Seems like chore, my arse.

  44. gambon

    Radio Rentals

    This is why you add players, not replace.

    Im all for signing a DM. Ive been calling for MVila all summer, but to play with SOng, not replace.

    Just like Giroud & Podolski should have played WITH van persie not in place of.

  45. kapslock

    That picture Jamie Sanderson put up of RVP signing the contract with Red Nose has to be one of the worst pics I’ve ever seen.

    It’s strange though, I thought it would hurt much more but I guess we’re used to all of this now.

  46. Radio Raheem

    Interesting how many commentators on here decided YESTERDAY to believe the rumours that Sahin to Liverpool was a done deal – may still turn up in merseyside, but suddenly not quite so done and dusted.

    That might have something to do with the report by Times journalist, Oliver Kay. Besides,news fillers suggest it is between Liverpool and Arsenal so not such a leap in imagination to make.

  47. Kurtis

    If we go through with the ever inevitable transfer of Alex Song then there is no doubt in my mind that we must bring in another midfielder. Relying solely on Coquelin to fill the gap left by Song would be sheer negligence on Wengers part. Even though he would play a more disciplined role and bring maybe more stability into the midfield i just don’t think he has what it takes to bring to the table the type of performance we need week in week out for a full season. Yes he’s blessed with blinding pace, yes he can keep the ball well. But, when the time comes for him to put his foot where it hurts and command/ take a game by the scruff of its neck will he begin to hide ? I look at that Arsenal starting eleven and although it posses everything exciting we need going forward, do we have leaders and people who are willing to step up and be counted ? What we need is a formidable central midfielder, which is something i’d much rather see Sahin going for than Coquelin.With the latter being for cover and rotation purposes instead of the starting eleven. Maybe they could split the bill ? Please Wenger strengthen in this area, don’t go into yet another season without using your resources to bolster the team as much as whats within your power !

  48. Henry Kwaku Abutu

    One thing i love aba le-grove is that it turns to rate linked players, unproven as they may be. Example abounds…. Chamakh, Park, etc. What makes it humorous is that it turns to see nothing good in those that have proven themselves for years. Learn to appreciate what you have for once! Would you choose Ramsey over Song in your team??? Am having a laugh!

  49. gambon

    “that’s how Mancini brought his million Pound team, parked the bus and lost 1-0.”

    What Mancinis team that scored the most goals in the PL, created the most chances, conceded the least, won the PL with a very high number of points nd had 4 players in team of the year?

    Lets not pretend we are a better or more exciting team than City.

  50. Radio Raheem

    Im all for signing a DM. Ive been calling for MVila all summer, but to play with SOng, not replace.

    We agree on this point. This would be the ideal situation gambonehead.

  51. Iffy da goon

    same way we lost 8-2 bsnb, i don’t want to belabor that result but it’s the same difference. It could have been a little better if we could do tactics but wenger sat in the stands that day and didn’t say a single word to his team. The end result was the worst result in our history. Why did we have to play out the worst result in Arsenal’s history at the home of our most bitter rivals, then end up selling them our captain and best player. It’s wrong from every conceivable angle

  52. BOOZY

    Wenger isn’t selling song b’cos he’s a bad player, because song is a good player, one of the best dm in the world.

    if song agrees to sign a new contract now, wenger would happily keep him.

    The problem is, a player with 3 yrs left on his contract at arsenal is as good as having 1yr left.

    Wenger is sick of having the gun held to his head, this is the new ruthless wenger.
    If koscielny and vermalean had not extended, they’d have been on the shopping window now.

  53. bayo

    [Selling to a rival] is not what we wanted but there was not much choice. We had only one club really interested at the level we thought would be acceptable and that was Manchester United.

    You had an option to sell him for 15 million to Juve……All u want is for any club to meet the fee even if it was spurs.

  54. baffooon

    you cant sell your best two players and say you are ambitious

    last time it was Cesc and Nasri
    now RVP and Song

  55. baffooon

    we are turning out to be joke of a club…..after persie its song following…..a deluded bunch f cunts are ruining our club….

  56. bnsb

    We beat them 1-0, we beat Chelsea 5-0, fact Gambon fact. That is why Arsenal are more exciting than 19 other teams in EPL, that is why I am an Arsenal fan. If it is your full time passion to bash Arsene and praise Red nose it is your choice.

  57. K.C.

    Javi Martinez is the answer if Wenger and Co. could pucker up their assholes and use both the Robin and Song money on one extraordinary player. Word is Bayern have offered 40 million already, but Martinez’s agent denies. This would be one move that could make us contenders again this season. Never going to happen tho as that type of move would show ambition. That’s a four letter word to this club.

  58. mystic

    Radio RaheemAugust 17, 2012 11:38:42
    ‘That might have something to do with the report by Times journalist, Oliver Kay. Besides,news fillers suggest it is between Liverpool and Arsenal so not such a leap in imagination to make.’

    Point is osme peole were only too happy to jump on a bandwagon as early possible. The possible driving factors in the equation at the moment are:
    1) If Wenger lets Song go, would he rather consider spending to allay disgruntlement, or getting a freebie on loan;
    2) If Song goes would Sahin figure he will see as much 1st team football at Arsenal as at Liverpool, but the bonus of Arsenal being the CL.

  59. kapslock

    RR – Oliver Kay went back on his word. Said Arsenal intervened last minute. Could still end up at Anfield but not definite.

  60. K.C.

    I would have preferred we sell Robin to Juve for 10 million less and still have our pride. Selling your best player to a league rival is indefensible!

  61. Alex James

    Sorry but the sight of that man signing for Utd sickens me. I still remain anti Stapleton after all these years, and he wasn’t anywhere near as important a player as the Dutchman. One mention from him of always having Arsenal in my heart, a la Fabragas, and I will jet off to Mars. Only one way to strike back, and this is for us to sign Ronaldo at some point. But this is not a playstation fantasy world.

  62. gambon

    “We beat them 1-0, we beat Chelsea 5-0, fact Gambon fact.”

    You probably need to look up the word FACT bnsb

    Cos if fact means ‘lie’ then youre right.

    Got any links to that 5-0 win against Chelsea?

  63. Leedsgunner

    “It’s an honour to play for United… can’t wait to get started.” RvP on signing for The Scum

    Is nothing sacred anymore? I understand his reasons but does he have to rub it in so? Gutted. For some reason this transfer hurts so much more than Nasrigas. I just can’t bear Wenger’s sorry excuses that caused this mess!

  64. BOOZY

    Though its a shame that with 3yrs left our good players can hold the club to ransom.

    All our good players run down their contracts, in other to graduate to more serious clubs.

    its a shame, but at least now if any player refuses to sign, wenger is not sticking around to find out if they’ll sign next season.

    That is RUTHLESS from wenger, and i like it.

  65. Iffy da goon

    bnsb we just sold the person who scored 3 of those 5 against chelsea. I’m beginning to think wenger is sadistic. Like when he subbed ox vs manu even though he was the best player on the pitch and we were a goal down. Or when he says that Arsenal fans are excited for robin to stay then sells him the next day. I don’t understand these things.

    I’m beginning to ask myself how much i actually know about Arsene Wenger, and why it feels like so much negative energy comes from him.

  66. gambon

    So lets get this right about “new ruthless wenger”

    Hes been managing football teams for 28 years, and hes just realised that he cant wait until a player is in their last year?

    And this is the man you want running our club?

  67. bnsb

    I’m beginning to ask myself how much i actually know about Arsene Wenger, and why it feels like so much negative energy comes from him.

    Thanks iffy, you enlightened me. I just put Gambon in lieu of Arsene Wenger and voila!

  68. fanboy

    bnsb August 17, 2012 11:48:00

    We beat them 1-0, we beat Chelsea 5-0, fact Gambon fact. That is why Arsenal are more exciting than 19 other teams in EPL, that is why I am an Arsenal fan. If it is your full time passion to bash Arsene and praise Red nose it is your choice.

    er, are you feeling well? if thats you definition of exciting then how is manure not more exciting than us? or have you forgotten the 8 – 2?

    plus we beat chelshit 5-3

  69. Stan Donkey

    Sahin wants us not Liverpool…. make sure it happens Wenger.

    We NEED him. It should not be dependent on Song’s (hopeful) departure or the “nine or 10 midfielders of top-class quality” because that number is only 3 (Jack, Ox & Santi).

    Sign him up NOW.

  70. baffooon

    Robin Van Persie first United interview: “It’s an honour to sign for Manchester United. I am looking forward to following in the footsteps of so many great strikers, bringing my experience and playing my part to help the team compete for the biggest trophies in the game. I can’t wait to get started.”

  71. Ric

    Iffy da goonAugust 17, 2012 11:43:17

    Yeah its borderline suspect, a more logical notion would be if Wenger was a secret Manc supporter, and just really hates Arsenal, but then again that wouldn’t make much sense either. No I’m afraid the most plausible explanation is simply that he’s long past caring, he thinks his way is the best, anyone that tells him differently has never “made 50000 substitutions” and deserves nothing but his contempt. It really is a case of the emperor buying new clothes at the Arsenal.

  72. bnsb

    and hes just realised that he cant wait until a player is in their last year?

    Nope one year left you make the player captain, flog him off for a amount that can pay his next three years salary.

  73. wardo

    So RVP has gone…..oh well.

    Good luck for the future, Robin. Thanks for everything you did for Arsenal mate………

  74. gambon

    “help the team compete for the biggest trophies in the game”

    What are you talking about Rapist Van Persie.

    Is the Emirates Cup & Amsterdam Trophy not enough.

    Actually good point, I wish you well.

  75. bnsb


    You didn’t enjoy us beating chelsea, enjoyed manu beating us 8-2. Whose fanboy are you?

    … and thanks I am fine.

  76. bnsb

    “help the team compete for the biggest trophies in the game”

    Only help the team compete? pfft, I thought it was a done deal ManuU+Dutch boy = 3 trophies, as simple as that.

    Gambon “We will ring the trophy back”

  77. Radio Raheem

    Yennaris or Coquelin for RB, someone should kidnap Jenkinson don’t want him anywhere near the stadium.

  78. Marko

    Get new players in before Stoke. The sunderland game we should be ok with Diaby, Santi and Ox or Arteta but the games after that we’ll need some bodies in for sure

  79. Arsenal1886-2006

    I don’t know why, delusion or blind optimism I suppose, but I have the feeling that Theo is going to have a blinder this season. He looks bigger in the upper body and he knows that he has to deliver the goods on a consistent basis.

    Fuck sake I have finally gone mad……

  80. fanboy

    I enjoyed the victory alright but this still doesnt make a lick of sense:

    bnsb August 17, 2012 11:48:00

    We beat them 1-0, we beat Chelsea 5-0, fact Gambon fact. That is why Arsenal are more exciting than 19 other teams in EPL,

  81. bnsb

    “It’s not been an easy one, Arsene Wenger didn’t want to sell, but the boy wanted to come and that’s important. He wanted the challenge of coming to the biggest club in the world. The boy was desperate to come to Manchester United.”

  82. wardo

    RVP will actually do well at Maan Utd i think………hope he smashes them in against Man C, Lpoo, Spuds and chavs.

    Come on RVP !!

  83. Iffy da goon

    bnsb do you know that SAF wrote to wenger after the 8-2 to apologize. The letter was scripted to mostly seem like an apology for the behaviour of fans that day, but we’ve seen worse behaviour vs united before

  84. Arse&Nose©

    Mourinho won’t let us have Sahin, he is a bitter twisted asshole. You would think that someone as successful as him would have some humility but he still holds a grudge against Wenger and Arsenal even though we are in a different league,

  85. Tim

    What are people’s thoughts on Coquelin out of curiosity?

    Potential world beater? Or not good enough for Arsenal?

    Some where in between perhaps?

  86. Rhys Jaggar

    Arsene Wenger looking forward to his £3m summer bonus then (10% of profits on RVP and Song, I”ve heard rumours that’s his contracted cut).

    Latest news from the BBC is that Harry Redknapp and Mick McCarthy made viscious threats to BBC executives about naughty past goings on by their miscreant reporters and have miraculously lucked their way into contracts for MOTD. Mark Lawrenson has been airbrushed out of the latest article, although whether he’s been airbrushed from the show is anyone’s guess.

    Sir Alex Ferguson threatened to boycott the BBC if they didn’t savage Savage for saying Paul Lambert would get relegated this year. McNulty was deputed to use BBC speak for saying: ‘shut the fuck up you Welsh twat!’ by saying Lambert would do very well this season.

    David Cameron breathed a deep sigh of relief as for one moment he thought it was a threat to his leadership of the country.

    Roberto Mancini was ordered by Cesare Prandelli to buy Jack Rodwell as part of Italy’s plans to stymie Roy Hodgson in 2014. It remains to be seen whether his contract allows him to leave on a free if he doesn’t get enough game time in the first season. Other conspiracy theorists worry it presages Jack Wilshere being tapped up next summer.

    Robbie Fowler thinks Liverpool are ‘where we want to be’, which does suggest he found his cocaine habit hard to give up.

    Andre Villas-Boas had his first meeting with senior players who told him they got rid of the last Dago who tried to sideline them and his career wouldn’t stand making the same mistake twice. He expects Jermain Defoe to have a testimonial when he is 45.

    David Gold was horrified by the crowds at the Olympics and absolutely poleaxed by the noise they made. He has become the prize prat of OPLC after saying that nobody did athletics (latest figures reveal 2 million participants in athletics, 2 million in football), nobody was interested in athletics and a stadium with an athletics track would have no atmosphere. Boris Johnson has used this idiocy to up the annual payment by £5m to teach pugilistic directors to act with more decorum in public.

    Roman Abramovitch has sent his daughter Anna to see Vladimir Putin to find out what swearing little brats end up experiencing in Russia. He’s worried that a summer at all the UK rock festivals is turning her pussy riotous…..a request to take his yacht on a 24 month shagfest with all her buddies from the world of zillionaires didn’t go down too well…….

    Finally in cycling news, the Friggin without the Bradley Wiggins show is going on the horny Tour of Denmark, starting in the well known municipality of RANDERS……..