Ligue One left back approached | Song deal looking a formality | Bartley leaves | Who is excited about Arsenal?

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Who keyed my Mondeo?

Did someone just open the retail arm of the Arsenal business to include players? One minute we’re struggling to sell players who are out of contract, the next the floodgates open!

Yesterday saw the comfirmed departure of Kyle Bartley. How this happened is a total mystery. One minute he’s being welcomed into the first team squad, the next he’s thanking the club for their support? I do hope he wasn’t shipped on because we couldn’t shift £52k a week Johann Djourrou? That really would be a poor judgement call. Kyle barely got a kick for us. Instead of persisting with potential, we’ve opted to stick with tried and tested ‘not good enough’.

In other news, Alex Song leaving is pretty much a certainty. ANR announced he was saying his goodbyes and I was told that was right. I’ll try and get some detail today. Rumours were circulating that he’d told the manager he’d strike if he wasn’t allowed to leave. I’m unsure about that, but like I’ve said before, we’re best off without him. You need everyone pulling in the right direction… he hasn’t been and that’s been going on for a very long time. Interesting that I was told a few years ago the two players you’d least like to hang out with at Arsenal were Denilson and Song.

I’ll give you more detail when he goes, but it’s looking like a formality now. Curve ball departure of the summer if it happens eh? What did I tells ya?

The big question is what we do next? I was speaking to Arsenal Addict yesterday and he said we don’t really need to replace a defensive midfielder because Song didn’t really play that role. He was supposed to but was so heavily indulged by the manager he avoided his responsibilities.

So do we bring in someone new for the sake of squad morale and the certainty that comes with experience? Sahin has apparenlty slowed his move to Liverpool waiting on what we do with Song. A Turkish international with experience and a hard assed approach to the game (thought not sure he’s a DM as such). Or do we share out the role between Coquelin and Frimpong? I mean, I love Coq as much as the next man… but can he rise to the challenge? Can he hold his own for 90minutes? Can he control himself and maintain discipline until a satisfactory result is achieved?

I just don’t know…

New on the left back front has literally just hit the newswires. Cheikh M’Bengue, the left back from Toulouse had this to say.

“To be honest, I did not expect. When a big club like that think to you, it’s nice, but we are surprised more than anything else. (…) I have my agent who deals with that and I think he has discussed with President (Olivier Sadran). I had not planned to leave, I have two year contract, but it would be difficult to accept (to stay). (…) Arsenal, it can not be refused if everyone is benefiting. J hope that if there is an interesting proposal, it does not block me. should also see the player’s interest. Arsenal, it would be great. ”

Either my translation is sh*te or his English is chronically underwhelming. Could be agent talk, no offer yet, just an expressed interest.

Squad morale will be rocked from losing Robin. The summer cycle of misery has continued. The only way Wenger will convince the players we’re not a selling club is to buy. He has a deflated market of sellers. We know he can do it.

Talking of Robin, one of the guys I sit next to at Arsenal, let’s call him Steve for anonymity purposes, spoke to me this morning and highlighted a very valid point about Robin. When has he ever played well with a strike partner? He plays with one for Holland and he’s always under-performed. So unless United turn Wayne into a midfielder, you wonder what’s going to become of the £64million man!

Now the dust has settled… I’m not that fussed about another striker, I’m just worried about midfield and our massively under resourced full back positions. If we shape up there, this squad could be contenders. We have two strikers who know where the net is, we have a creative midfielder with world class pedigree, Arteta is a performer, we have Jack coming back into the mix and possibly this could be the season Aaron Ramsey makes the step up. We also have Chamberlain who will no doubt have a big impact on what we do this year, plus the emergence of Ryo and maybe we’ll see a great season out of the Theo. The starting back five are all very talented individuals, under the guidance of Steve Bould, they could be a talented unit. We just need to plug a few of the  holes elsewhere in the squad… because if we’ve learned anything over the last few seasons, it’s a squad that wins you the league, not a starting 11.

Ok, ok, I might be getting carried away here, but I point blank refuse to let Robin Van Persie and his move to United sully a thousand pound purchase I made. I don’t want to head to the stadium tomorrow under a cloud. I want this year to be exciting for the right reasons. Right now I feel like I’ve just bought a brand new Ford Mondeo and I’ve discovered a scratch… I’m still pleased with the purchase and the joy / women it’ll bring me, but I need to address the scratch. Arsene is literally addressing a scratch, this time last year, we were trying to repair the aftermath of a car bomb.

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Does Arsene have the cojones I go against his irrational fear of spending what he has available? Does he know where the t-cut isle is in B&Q? I hope so guys…

Update from Arsene:

‘We have massive squad and I believe we have what’s needed.’

Plus, he as good as confirms the departure of Alex Song.


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  1. The_ProphetZA

    Bring on the weekend and our first game BABY!!

    Excited to see our boys back in action, and even more excited to see our 3 new players make their first start for us.

    This year still feels different to last year. Although we lost RvP and in the throes of losing Song, I still feel a shit load more optimistic than I did last year!!

    Let’s see what the Wizard (AW) has in store for us….There are still 2 weeks to go and all those names were in for might come to fruition (not all the names obviously, but the better ones of course!)

    Ps: Biglia…..from Anderlecht…..anyone keen on him joining? Apparently rumours surfanced yesterday…

  2. ZARgooner

    “Juicing Ferguson for £24m is only the good business it is being trumpeted as if we use it to make ourselves stronger. There’s an old saying about there being little point in being the richest man in the grave yard and that old adage applies here. The only way to come out is to come out fighting. Invest the money and invest it well and win football games. We’ve been slapped in the face here and we all know it. The only riposte is to come up swinging.”

  3. Futsal-Futbol

    If Song is off then he must be replaced…

    I don’t care how well we do this season I want those guys (Gazidis and Stan) out of our club…

    Would I want Wenger under Usmanov??? Id like to give it a try

  4. Arse&Nose©

    Wenger after the 23 year old Montpellier captain:

    Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa (born 15 May 1989) is a French footballer who plays for French club Montpellier in Ligue 1. He primarily plays as a central defender, though he can play along the entire back line. He is the current captain of Montpellier.

  5. Gunner 5678

    We all knew that RVP is leaving, no matter what we do in the transfer market but there was always hope that he will move to Italy. Moving to ManU practically killed our chances for the title if there were any in the first place.

    I have promptly downgraded my season expectations to fight for 4th (or 3rd if Chelski mess up again this year) IF we sign full backs on either side and one or two CM including Sahin. My biggest worry is our worsening defensive record and inability of midfield to help defenders. Our midfielders like jogging back while oppostion playing on counter are sprinting like it’s olympics.

    It is essential that we hang on CL spots for next two years till the sponsorship deals are renewed. It is worse enough to have no trophy to show for but without CL, any chances of getting some serious cash to spend are as good as gone.

    As I said yesterday, I am looking forward to 2014 when Wenger leaves. Till then, lets stick together for the club we love. not players, not mananger but the ARSENAL we love

  6. Dplanet

    More loser mentality…

    ‘We have lost world-class players before and we have always survived’ .

    What about winning? We’re admitting defeat before we even start. He has to go. Enough is enough.

  7. holden

    @bsnb hahaha great article.
    The Barça cunts’ arrogance is overwhelming, they are so thick it’s incredible.

  8. Pleb

    Sky were reporting Lucas Biglia off Anderlecht and a move for him wont scupper a deal for Sahin who wants champions league football

  9. holden

    John Cross ‏@johncrossmirror
    AW said: “we didn’t to sell to direct rival. But we’ve already invested the money. We have massive squad and I believe we have whts needed.’


  10. Geoff

    trouble is we need 4 strikers, 2 is not enough. Song going if true will massively improve the team even if we play with 10 men.
    Go and buy Falcao or Llorente, at least make it look like you care.

    We need to get Sahin or Martinez or at the very least M’Via.

    We need another defender for sure but Ramsey is a disloyal cunt who can fuck off back to Cardiff.

    As for Ryo and all the others you mention, I doubt they’ll ever make it, just like Freeman and Bartley they are indulgences and what we need are ready mades, fuck me the Mancs are excited about a 29 year old.

    I really hope he doesn’t get injured and prove to be a waste of money, before last season the previous 7 years saw 112 starts, how awful is that? Gosh I hope he stays fit for them.

  11. Arse&Nose©

    Worryingly Wenger has conceded that Man Utd are not a direct rival, doesn’t say a lot about the clubs ambitions this year.

    “We didn’t to sell to direct rival.”

  12. Daniel Wong

    A new season brings hope. Hopefully Arsenal will start to win games and do more to hold on to leads. No more slip ups of letting go two/three or even four goals leads.The things all the players must concentrate 100% and give 150% to force hom a win.
    To do this ,Wenger must hold his attack on a leash and not go berserk and get hit on the break as was the case the past few seasons.Then the gunners can really climb up the table to the top.No point getting 2nd/3rd/4th. Finishing no1 must be the club’s ambition.If not,Wenger better go.

  13. holden

    Sell that prick Song, get M’villa or Sahin, a versatile defender and maybe a winger/ST and we’re golden again.

  14. willie

    Nice post, and quite agreeable. Two days later, I’m also not very concerned about the central striker position. If (a very big if) Wenger does spend the money in the DM and full back positions, it’ll go a long way in fixing the scratch on the Ford Mondeo. If the stubbornness of the last five years shows up again (the lies showed up in the not replacing RVP bit) and he banks money (I guess it’ll be about 40mil plus song’s), then we’ll be presenting an engine-less Ford Mondeo (or is it a Prius, given our concern for sustainability) to race with a super-charged bugatti (City), a renovated McLaren F1 (Utd), and an STi (Chelsea). Our noisy neighbors have scooter XD

  15. Johnty79

    Dont worry lads will will lose the next 3 games and wenger will be gone. But the foundations r rocky. Wenger makes me sick. He’s always made shocking decisions even far back as 1999 when he preferred remi grade to Stephen Hughes. Tosser. You r all to blame for this dictatorship. All cross your fingers and pray for a Sunderland win. Wenger out.

  16. Radio Raheem


    Give the dog a bad name and hang it


    didn’t impress at all in pre-season…will be interesting to know what Rangers fans think

  17. Arse&Nose©

    Apologies, John Cross made a typo. The quote was actually:

    “we didn’t WANT to sell to direct rival.”

    sounded odd to me, glad he didn’t say what we thought he did.

  18. Geoff

    We start the season with what 10 months to go and already knowing we have no chance of winning the league.

    What a cunt Wenger is.

  19. Johnty79

    Daniel Wong what have you been sniffing… Mid table is our target just look at our team…

    Jenks verm kos santos
    Ramsay Carzola coqelin
    Walcott giroude poldolski

  20. Englishmik

    I am quite excited. Podolski, Giroud, Cardoza for Van Persie. Who would you rather have. I think our last years imports with a year under their belts. Walcot improving, the OX really arriving on the scene and the clincher Jack coming back from injury (please, please, please) We also have Gervinho, even Arshavin is still here and warrants a chance.
    This time last year we were in disarray, this year Wenger prepared and we are ready to go. We will be a much better team this year and I am feeling title. Our only problem will be injuries at the wrong time.
    Postscript on RVP: Of course he was going to score all those goals, everybody kept feeding him, hardly anybody else was game to take a shot. How many direct free kicks did he score after demanding to take most of them. Most ended up high and wide. Please correct me if he actually scored one. Wasn’t this greatest goal scorer of all time the one that missed the 2 foot sitter that might have kept us in Champions League. I quite believe Wenger saying he was about to try to do a U-turn and Wenger saying “you are not in my plans, you will be sold” Not quite fuck off but close.
    All of this crap about wanting Trophies. Would you play for a trophy at $50,000 per week or not get a trophy for $200,000 per week. Do we really need to do a poll.
    My favourite joke:
    Answer: Cock Robin
    Question: What’s that up my arse Batman

  21. silentstan

    good article. though I dont thnk Ryo will make the breakthrough as he is out on loan. Ox and Carz however did look ace at Koln.
    Dissapointed but not devasted by RVP. I have defended his words and right to leave. But its a good deal for us. Nigh 30, injury prone RVP was turning into the next be-all and end-all, whereby every player, every attack, was searching him out, rather than consider better options. This brought him the goals but not sure it is best for team performance overall. I like the buys we have made.
    As for Song, always felt him over rared the odd assist aside, he was supposed to offer more defensive cover than he did, regardless of some peoples assertion he was developing into a more rounded m/f. The way we play, the attacking culture, we need better protection for the back 4. No top side merely defends with just the back 4. So let him go, and get a dedicated d/m in

  22. willie

    The press conference is depressing! Wenger reckons we have a massive squad! Can’t see we have a large but shit squad (outside the 1st eleven). At least we are looking at Sahin.

  23. Sebastian

    I do still think we need a 3rd striker, we always had 3 or 4. Henry, Kanu, Wiltord Berkgamp, then come left, Ade and RvP came, and Reyes, Bendtner and Eduardo. Chamakh isnt good enough, so another striker would still be nice, Pod and Giroud will no doubt both be injured at some point!

    i’d also get Sahin in now, he plays deeper than people realise and could replace Song. A full back that could play on either side would be ideal if he exists!

    So…Pato, Sahin and Debuchy? I’d like that times loads!

  24. Johnty79

    Mvilla is joining the spuds. There team

    Walker caulker frenchy ekoki
    Lennon santos mvilla bale
    Defoe Rvv

    There team is big , strong and will destroy us. Thanks wenger you ………

  25. holden

    I think making Vermaelen captain was a good decision. He is the type of character that will only thrive with the added pressure/responsibility that comes with the armband. Positive move IMO.

  26. Guvnor

    if the truth be told, the start of the season fills me up with nothin but worries.. if we muck it up on the get go then we’re stuffed, if we somehow win the first 2 games then more worries, Arsene wont buy what we obviously need and we’re back to the false start of last season.. as for Song, not so sure how l feel but l know l’m gonna hate it if he comes good with better coaching. l refuse to believe he didnt have the Arsene’s blessings whenever he went bombing forward looking to make one of those Hollywood chips to Van Cunt

  27. Hunter

    We are the laughing stock of the Premiership with all thats been going on lately and until we get rid of the buffoon of a manager who constantly lies to us and a BOD that always think of their pockets we will never return to the glory days.The ghosts of Highbury will be turning in their graves after whats gone on.Who the hell is responsible for letting contracts run down?Who is selecting our transfer targets?Who has made us a second tier club?Who is running our club like a dictatorship?Who hasn’t won a trophy in 7 years?…yup one person is RESPONSIBLE….wenger!!!And now he is trying to convince us that we ‘have what it takes’ to challenge!!!…he obviously means for 4th spot,because there is NO way with what we have got in squad terms do we have enough!!I detest the man even more than seeing RVP’s smug face on Sky Sports shaking hands with the Manc scum!!

  28. Geoff

    Logical we’ve already seen the team perform, Chamakh was shit, Song was shit and we already know that Djourou is, what more do we need to see before we get what we need?

    Pedro I don’t understand, he is following Sahin, where? last season he was following Mata, the season starts tomorrow.

  29. cromieolumide

    We have had enough of these boys with cocky attitudes. Let Song leave and let’s have players who want to really play for The Arsenal. How good was he when all the confidence of a starting place was bestowed on him?

  30. wambam

    If Wenger is looking for T-Cut in B&Q that’s half the problem. You go to a specialist store like Halfords for what you need.

    Dont get me wrong, B&Q will stock it, but Halfords will have one for specific applications, colour variants and paint types. ie. you’re more likely to get exactly what you need, not something that might do the job.

  31. Johnty79

    Oh we do have a massive squad full of shit players, wenger is quite right on that. Come on the blackcats that would be the dream. Wenger to scratched out from the history books. Cost us more titles than he won.what a deushe.

  32. gambon

    UTD arent a rival……the worrying thing is Wenger probably thinks we are.

    This is the problem, Wenger is utterly deluded.

    Now RVP has gone he thinks he can win the league with no world class players, no experience of winning, and a demotivated squad of players.

    He is fucking insane, and needs to be sectioned.

  33. WengersSweeties

    Wenger has just come out and said this:

    “We thought his could (*sale of Van Persie) happen so we bought in Podolski and Giroud… We have a team that can score goals”

    When asked about Song leaving Wenger confirmed “It could happen”

    So there you are….

  34. gregg

    Wenger, pull your head out of your arse. We have a massive squad numberwise, quality wise it’s poor, very poor.

    To expect Podolsky & Giroud to play in every game is ridiculous. There is no one of quality to give them a rest and if one gets injured then we’re exposed once again. To expect them both to hit the ground running and settle immediately is overly optimistic aswell
    Walcott and Gervhino simply cannot perform centrally.

  35. willie

    Hahaha! Englishmik reckons we are in for the title! It really is joke Friday! At my most positive, we are in for the cups this season, but light years away from the EPL and the CL.. you don’t win the title with Fabianski, djourou, ramsey (hope he proves me wrong), diaby, chamack, park, etc so close to the starting XI.

  36. Arse&Nose©

    We are starting the season with


    All of whom we have failed to sell, all of whom are on massive contracts and unwilling to move to clubs offering less money.

  37. gambon

    “I think making Vermaelen captain was a good decision.”

    I dont think it really fucking matters.

    If he improves and becomes world class Wenger will sell him.

  38. Pedro

    Geoff, you’re still going on and one about Chamakh and JD… leave it. It’s over. We know they’re shit.

    We’ve signed Giroud, Cazorla and Podolski… all top players you said we wouldn’t get citing Mata as your case and point. We brought in a defensive coach and we might get Sahin in. We’ve also sold Alex Song.

    You cannot possibly still be moaning. You’ve basically got all you want this summer bar Robin leaving.

  39. TT

    I hope no one with suicidal tendencies or manic depressants reads the comments here….they would slit their wrists………

  40. Geoff

    He is a lying sausage of the first order, last week he says RVP was being held to his contract, then this week he sells him and then says we don’t need a replacement.

    So last week we had 3 top strikers and that was fine, this week we have 2 but that’s alright????

    Does he not get reminded of what he last says? He really is too old for the job, he should just fuck off back to France.

  41. gambon


    I dont even think its that they refuse to move half of the time.

    Wenger is well known for being an absolute lunatic when it comes to transfers. He probably cant make up his mind who he does & doesnt want.

    He probably calls Park to tell him he’s free to leave, then calls back 2 minutes later and says he wants him to stay.

    He is a mess of a man and a manager.

  42. LogicalAKB

    I don’t understand how him changing his mind over RVP has any bearing on whether or not you think this team is ready for the season Geoff?

  43. Geoff

    Pedro, don’t be a dipstick, Cazorla replaced Nasri or Cesc, a year too late, Podolski and Giroud replaced Ade and Park.

    How have I got what we wants? Fucking hell one step forward and two steps back, you really are turning into a Wenger disciple, Joppa was right.

  44. gambon


    Last year he said we cant call ourselves ambitious and sell Nasri & Cesc.

    Then a few days later he sold both.

    Then John Cross brought this up and he denied ever having said it, to which JC said “Arsene I was in the room with you”.


  45. Leedsgunner

    The focus of the entire club is no longer winning titles and trophies but qualifying for the Champions League. Financially you can see the force of the argument. The thing I don’t get is this. If the Champions League is such a desirable premium why aren’t we fighting for the same calibre of players as our other Championship rivals? Instead we are fighting for scraps with clubs like the sorts of Liverpool, Spurs and Newcastle who don’t have Championship League football and losing to them with respect to our targets? What’s the point then?

    I don’t rate Song but to sell him after such a high profile departure will do more harm than good for the squad morale. In such a time like this, you need a manager who is willing to inspire his troops to a fight but I can’t see AW inspiring anyone but a room for of beancounters (aka the Board).

  46. Geoff

    Logical, he didn’t change his mind, he lied, just like he did this time last season.

    We sold our last two captains with a combined 4 years on their contracts to rivals, and for less than we could have got, how can that be smart in anyone mind?

    That’s how.

  47. Gavlaar

    I think personally RVP is not as versatile as Other players at man utd so he isn’t guaranteed to start every game and his injury list is massive so a big gamble on a 29 year old to be honest !

    I think nuri sahin , Fernando llorente and a left back should be signed at all costs then you are talking about a major force at arsenal , the only other player I could say that would fit in is iker muniain from the same club as llorente he’s class on the ball can beat people can shoot works hard and is very hard to mark maybe we need someone like him to add even more invention in the final third of the Pitch ?

  48. Arse&Nose©

    Gambon, I don’t think he changes his mind on selling players. We know he does it when signing players but it’s been made pretty clear that Bendtner and co. are available! The only one I think he might want to keep is Djourou from that list.

  49. Hunter

    I would love to know what was said between RVP and the dutch national manager last week,according to Van Haal it was one of the ‘most interesting’ conversations he has ever had with a player.I also hope that we get to know from RVP’s own mouth just what was said to him by that twat WENGER!,but I guess we will never know as you can sure bet that robin’s mouth was ordered ‘shut’ if he wanted and got his transfer.This would definately underline WENGER as a lying decietful man and they can stick that bloody sign ‘IN ARSENE WE TRUST’ right up their bottoms!!

  50. N21 Tone

    When I watched Bartley play he reminded me of Gus Caesar – not good. As for the outstanding issue “Walcott” we should tell him to sign or fuck him off. Lets keep up this ruthless streak – its what has been missing form Wengers management for years now!

  51. gazzap

    Got to say. i’m more disappointed about another young English player not even being given c chance when the same looking quality foreign players are. Miquel over Bartley? Not sure I agree with that at all. And I would ave liked to have seen him this season instead of JD who has really had a poor year.
    We need a left back and a DM. Coq is good but the question remains whether he can step up week in week out.

  52. Geoff

    I would love to know how much Wenger’s salary has been since we won a trophy last, I wish someone would make that public, then you would see why he buys shit players cheap and sells good ones for a ton.

  53. Doublegooner

    Look Gooners.

    Lets be proud that Arsene continually grooms players annually for big clubs & makes the club lots of lovely cash & he gets rewarded with £7m a year.

  54. ikon

    I think RVP is going to play off the main striker at united. United have a habbit of forming attacks over the wings then either crossing it or at least opening up the midfield for their mid fielders to make runs…. RVP most prolly will play behind Rooney and considering his first touch, control and distributional skills, Rooney will concentrate more on finishing positions and RVP will have lesser goals but will prolly be given shoot near the edge of the box orders from Fergie. Unlike Arsenal Fergie doesn’t inhibit a player from shooting from range if he thinks he is gud enough to score… ala Gibson. All in all the united side is going to get stronger definitely if RVP plays off the striker, and Fergie is way clever to not realize that.

  55. AFCDaveGee

    Sometimes it feels like I support a political party always spinning the story or making contradictory statemens.

    One minute we have not replaced RVP the next we have and now we have a huge squad and what is needed.

    Its not a numbers game Arsene its about quality. I feel we have a foundation but why not spend (does not have to be all of it) the money which can help the development of players like Jenkinson and Coquelin instead of putting loads of pressure on them.

    Always doing it the hard way!!

  56. mitchmunch

    wot song the brazilian midfielder oh no..the team will miss his defensive capabilities and his one in 25 pin point passes…iam over the moon is he really going????????

  57. gambon

    “we should tell him to sign or fuck him off. Lets keep up this ruthless streak – its what has been missing form Wengers management for years now!”


    So ‘Ruthless streak’ is a euphemism for ‘sell our best players and fail to sell our shit players’.

  58. LogicalAKB

    I’m going to explain explicitly why I think the squad is ready for the season ahead.
    Assumption: Giroud + Podolski + Cazorla >= RVP + Song
    Now look back at the second half of the last season. Did we or did we not make a remarkable comeback? Even then, the games we lost…WHY did we lose those games? I think it boils down to two reasons:
    1: Lack of drive in the team. THIS is why selling song is such a good move . Anyone who has stopped believing can fuck right off. That is why the new additions that we’ve made will bring a new drive to the team. I think this is entirely psychological and I am sure Arsene has this covered this time around (with his willingness to sell RVP and Song).

    2: Lack of attacking prowess outside of Van Persie. Does ANYONE think we didn’t solve this problem?

    3: Horrible Defending. This is where bould comes in. And we’re already looking at another fullback.

    Another benefit we didn’t have last season: Injured players returning ala Diaby + Wilshere. IS IT TALENT THAT WE LACK?
    So I ask ALL of you. Where do we need strengthening? DM? Isn’t Wenger looking at Sahin? WHERE ELSE? Left Back? Is that the entire crux of why this summer has failed? That Gibbs + Santos cannot do an adequate job? Do you all really think so?

    FORGET what has happened. Look at the squad…we’re all set. If we get SAHIN, we’ll be more than SET. LET’S GO AND WIN THE FUCKING LEAGUE.

  59. Bush Gooner

    Is Wenger following Sahin on Twitter or something ? Or is he following Sahin in his yellow 3 wheeled Robin Reliant hoping to get a cheap deal?.

  60. gambon

    “Assumption: Giroud + Podolski + Cazorla >= RVP + Song”

    Erm, we were 19 points behind UTD last year, and they have signed huge players without selling their best, unlike us.

    Tell you what, we are 14-1 for the PL, I will offer you 50-1, put your money where your mouth is.

  61. ikon

    I would say if we get M’Villa and a proper defender we will rule this league.
    Sahin should be a bonus signing as he is not a completely defensive mid which is the real necessity.

  62. BHGooner

    How can anyone possibly get excited about Arsenal anymore?

    I know I can’t. Couldn’t care less what happens to them in coming season. One thing is for sure, there will be plenty more embarassements.

  63. ikon

    Gambon: either way , but dont see rooney and rvp playing side by side in a dual forward system.

    i have to say for a neutral it is a tasty partnership upfront.

    for us, i hope cazorla is the signing of the season coz he needs to be if we are to have any chance to…… finish in top four (sigh)

  64. gambon

    This ‘logical AKB’ uses no logic, and is a bit of a retard.

    Last season, after the blackburn game, where we made this ‘remarkable comeback’ we were 11 points off of UTD & City.

    By the end of the season we were 19 off of both teams.

    So if by ‘remarkable comeback’ you mean ‘fell a further 8 points behind the title race in 33 games’ you would be a lot more accurate.

    So what shall we name you? ‘Retarded blind AKB’ or maybe ‘Very thick Wenger fan boy’

  65. Geoff

    Bjonan he hasn’t signed yet.

    Logical, 2: Lack of attacking prowess outside of Van Persie. Does ANYONE think we didn’t solve this problem?

    So he sells the one player that scored the goals and keep the two useless cunts that didn’t, Park and Chamakh.

    Hmmmmmmmm see your point there!

  66. Kripakar Marur

    we need to buy a striker. not necessarily top drawer. but someone to prevent chamakh from playing if giroud and pod are unavailable. we need fullback and gk cover urgently. i am afraid gk cover is already a no no. song out sahin in will improve the squad. if we get sahin and a full back cover we may return to the good old days of a title challenge till february where an injury to giroud or sczcz will fuck our season up completely and we will probably end up 3rd or 4th.

  67. Bergkamp63

    “We already recruited to replace him,” claimed Wenger on French TV station TF1. “We have already recruited since we bought Giroud and Podolski, who originally were intended to offset the departure of Van Persie.”

    One week before “We will do everything possible to keep RVP”

    Will the real Wenger please stand up !!

  68. bnsb

    I have a feeling Manu players are lot more selfish. Mostly RVP will find ball at his feet in a scoring position hard to come by. I would also be curious to know if he will take spot kicks and corners.

  69. DUIFG

    Coq will inevitably get injusred and we will be left with the bull in the china shop frimpong as our DM. Why is this club so fucking predictable.

  70. LogicalAKB

    I do not claim we’ll win the league but I DO claim we’ll be in the thick of things and will be competing for it. I do not place bets Gambon but I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll give you $50 if we’re not within 4 points of league leaders, otherwise I’ll donate the $50 to charity. How does that sound? Unless you claim within 4 points is not competing and then I’ll tell you you’re deluded because football is an unpredictable bitch and no matter our preparations, we may still lose the odd game for unforeseen reasons.

  71. Bergkamp63

    There is one thing you can absolutely count on with Wenger and thats the fact that he never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity !!

  72. Johnny5


    I think wengers a cunt for what he’s done to the club but I honestly don’t think he wanted RVP to go. I think he forced the move probably threatening to tell the media about project youth being a cover for wengers paedo rent boy business.


    I’m inclined to not listen to what you say anymore bud because lately your hatred of wenger is bordering on obsessive even if it’s fuck all to do with him you still always pin something on the wanker. And also you lost all credibility with me when you came out with the peach about wenger wouldn’t sign cazorla or any other player lol.

  73. Skandibird

    The Dutch Boy is gone, won’t ever be remembered as a “gooner” but a ManUre player for the rest of his life, so move on, don’t mention that name again it’s absolutely no point at all going over what’s already happened, we can’t change it. Song possibly going is brilliant news, never thought he was any good, in fact I can recall many exchanges with Geoff on this blog over the years agreeing the same view. Sahin would be great, Llorente would be great but exactly what will happen we won’t know until it happens, so until then I look forward to Saturday with immense excitement.

  74. Johnny5


    Great post by the way bud I am one of the few who thinks that a half decent lb and a DM and we’ve got a potentially title winning team. After RVP going no one is expecting us to do well even most fans. I think you’ll be surprised as to how competitive we are gonna be

  75. Bergkamp63

    Looks like RVP cost Manure a bit more than £64m !!

    Following the £24m deal to sign Robin Van Persie from Arsenal, Manchester United’s shares fell to their lowest level since listing in New York a week ago. Shares traded below their $14 offer price yesterday, falling 2 per cent to $13.77 by the close in New York.

  76. holden

    Careful, say one positive thing about Arsenal and you’re either mentally ill or having bukake parties with Wenger and the board.

  77. gambon

    Logical AKB

    We wont finish within 10 points of the leader.

    I tell you what, if we dont finish within 4 you donate that $50 to charity with a note saying “Much love from the mighty Gambon”

    For every point under 10 we are away from the leaders I will give £20 to a charity of your choice.

    ie- If we finish 4th 6x£20 = £120 to your choice.

  78. Skandibird

    Ps. Can we pleeeeeeease stop using that name and instead from now on use the term Dutch Boy, can’t stand seeing his name in Dutch……

  79. gambon

    “Following the £24m deal to sign Robin Van Persie from Arsenal, Manchester United’s shares fell to their lowest level since listing in New York a week ago. Shares traded below their $14 offer price yesterday, falling 2 per cent to $13.77 by the close in New York.”


    Youve never worked in finance then?

  80. andy

    gambon maybe I am the only one but selling nasri last year looked unfamiliar to me … I am still convinced it was an order from above … if you take a look back you will found out AW only STARTS player in pre season who are going to be at the club on 01sep … normally he doesn´t play players at all if he thinks they are on their way … nasri played more or less every game in pre season from the 01 minute … I am still convinced he got an order from IG or somebody else to let nasri leave …
    buying sahin would be superb … hopefully – I doubt it though – we will be able to put a buy-out-clause in the loan contract … he is a real good player, I´ve seen him many times playing at dortmund and he is a real boss in midfield – he knows what has to be done, defensively and offensively … in reality he was the reason why bayern was so far away last year and came a way closer this year …
    as I said before I would love to see some full backs coming in, at least for right back as nobody knows how sagna is going to perform this season after 2 broken legs last year

  81. Iffy da goon

    LogicalAKB August 17, 2012 09:28:40

    “Great post here LeGrove. Let’s be optimistic until we actually see the team perform.”

  82. Sleek

    AVB has admitted they won’t be getting M’Vila. Arsene says Sahin is one of the players he’s following. Song is off to Barca.

    That adds up nicely. Sahin on loan, M’Vila as Song replacement. Looks pretty good to me.

  83. LogicalAKB

    How are you guys forgetting that our losses against the “lesser” teams was what cost us in the end?! We beat City, we spanked chelsea 5-3, we spanked spurs 5-2. REMEMBER? I’m not making a point that we didn’t lose against these teams as well. I’m just making the point that we had the POTENTIAL to win. We need consistency more than we need talent! That’s not something you can bring in. I’m all for replacing Arsene for tactical reasons (despite my username) but I think the squad TALENT WISE is ready!

  84. fuckit4thwilldo?

    I’ll put a tenner on that Gambon.

    Do you honestly think Wenger WANTS to sell his best players?

    Even Gambon’s team UNITED have lost some of their best players. If a player wants to go now days thats it, they go. RVP wanted to go, RONALDO wanted to go, TEVEZ wanted to go, GIROUD wanted to go, FABRAGAS wanted to go. Infact i can’t think of any top players that were sold even though they did’t WANT to go.

    Modric wanted to go to Madrid, guess where he’s off to??

    If a player wants to go all a club can do now days is get the best price they can for the player. You can’t barrate Wenger in one arguement by saying all he’s interested in is money, and then get the hump in another arguement saying that he sells players too cheap ala Cesc.

    You then start moaning that we buy nobody’s, and then get the hump again when we sell them as our best players. Without directly saying it you’re implying that Wenger is really good at getting the best out of a player.