Hernandez as part of the Robin deal? Would you? | Alex Song suitors in town to do a deal with Arsenal

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Morning Grovers, apologies for the late posts over the past few days, I’ve been struck by illness. This is new to me. But fear not Geoff has had words and I will be manning up.

Onto the football. BARCA are in town to nab their man. Yes, they want Song and yes, we’re willing to listen to offers. If this deal goes through I’ll give you the lowdown on him and why we’re listening… and please, don’t think for one minute we’d consider selling him off if there wasn’t a reason. This will be mutual if it happens. My only hope is the solution to his sale isn’t Coquelin. That said, in a proper defensive midfield role, maybe Coquelin has more discipline. He certainly appears to have a range of passing that could match Song’s in a season or two… Most importantly he’s not docile and he’s super fast.

Sometimes losing a good player is for the good of the team. We lost Thierry and arguably saw the best football of the post Highbury era. If we lose Song, sure we’ve lost a talented footballer, but…

1) In your heart of hearts, does Alex Song look like he cares?

2) Do you think a defensive midfielder with no discipline that contributes to us conceding 49 goals in the league is a player we need?

I mean, the fact that we’re considering selling him rather than moving him into a more advanced ‘Keita’ position tells you all you need to know about the situation.

Onto the most boring story in the universe. Boring Van Persie and his dull transfer saga appears to be rolling on. Come on, someone put this protracted story in a bag, drop a bowling ball in for good measure, strap it up and throw it in the Thames. I have to say, a saga like this fusses me little when we’ve got two capable back up strikers at the club. Chamakh and Park are a reassuring safety blanket if the worst happens. That this messing around is disrupting United’s preseason is mighty satisfying.

There were some rumours flying around yesterday that indicated Hernandez might be thrown onto the mixing pot. Hmmmm… that’s interesting. Would that deal work for you? I think it’d take the edge off the sale for me. Younger, fitter… Premiership experience. If we sold Robin, what exactly would we be looking for in our next striker? We have a 6ft3 power house in Giroud. We have a short pacey striker in Podolski. Could we do with a fox in the box type player like Hernandez… or would we look for a player similar to Llorente to take care of Adebayor duties with far more skill and control?

Whatever goes on with Robin this summer, I think I’m past caring*.

*Providing we sign a replacement of equal excellence

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P.S. I was invited to talk Robin with Darren Lewis and co on Sport TV Tonight, the video is here if you’re interested. Excuse the shirt…


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  1. Cygan's Left Foot

    This year transfer…..

    Spent 10m Podolski + 11m Giroud+ 12m Santi= 33/35 mil top.

    Gained 24m RVP+15m Song+3m Vela+6m NB+4 Arsh= 53/55mil top.

    The annual 20m for Stan the Yanks to go into saving until the day he attack it all or take it all as he is refusing to open the account to the 30% share holder. Also wining the top four trophy.

    How many times do this board and our rich 7m a year socialist Frog Manager treat us like idiots and always next year and the idiot fantasist keep believing him. Any other supporters worth their salt will go out and ask to suck the board, as a result the Frog Manager will go with them, Now. Just look what has Liverpool supporters done, we can take Stan the yank to court with the support of AU.

  2. Chigooner


    this isn’t a date with some bitch. it’s football. rvp was getting paid a shit ton of money to do a job. if he pulled a cesc, i could blame him and not the club. not to mention it would make absolutely no sense for him to have a shitty season in a contract year…

  3. mystic

    curdy duntAugust 15, 2012 21:59:33
    ‘Well hed always had an amazing goals to game ratio……’

    Actually prior to the last couple of seasons it wasn’t spectacular:
    Apps Goals Ratio
    2004–05 41 10 0.244
    2005–06 38 11 0.289
    2006–07 31 13 0.419
    2007–08 23 9 0.391
    2008–09 44 20 0.455
    2009–10 19 10 0.526
    2010–11 33 22 0.667
    2011–12 48 37 0.771

    But just for the record, unlike some of the doubters on this site, I wouldn’t have flogged him when things were looking abject.

  4. Cowleygooner

    Hope we sign Niang. Just imagine how much we can sell him for in 8yrs when he’s scoring 30 goals a season and is europes most prolific striker.
    Fuck AFC, fuck the fans just think of Wenger and the board.You selfish cunts.

  5. nishanth

    Absolutely gutted..United of all the fucking clubs out there..One of our most hated rivals..Wenger better a buy a top class replacement

  6. paul mc daid

    Robin our best player and captain asks Ivan and Arsene what their ambition is and they tell him they have none,we are not going to compete,he tells them he wants to win and will have to move on,club get 24 million,Ivan and Arsene secure there bonuses and the fans get it in the arse again,the cunts in this deal are Ivan,Arsenal and the rest of our gutless board,good luck Robin and thanks for the memories,our last world class player has left the building,whats the plan?

  7. Cygan's Left Foot

    Lord Bergkamp, your “grammar” is better but your football knowledge can be compared to an idiot. WTF you doing in a football forum if you don’t understand football is all about pride and wining. All you care about is profit!!!!. Shouldn’t you be in the fucking financial times forum talking about how Arsene The Frog is god like at making money????.

  8. follow the money

    I’m with kwik fit, people need to relax. We’ll be okay with the traitor. We were too unbalanced last season anyway, depending on one player for goals is a bad idea. I will however jump right back on the anti-Wenger wagon if he doesn’t re-invest. Get Sahin and we should have increased goal production from the midfield with Santi, Arteta and Sahin, and if Song goes get M’vila to shore up the defence. Project youth backed Wenger into a corner and I think he knows it. I think he knows that unless the squad gets a little tougher defensively and mentally and stronger against the big teams he would keep losing his best players year in and year out. I’m not even sure we need another striker. Get M’vila and we will concede fewer goals and with Poldi, Santi, Giroux, Walcott and Gerv we have a balanced attack. That’s the best strategy against the really good teams. Having one goal threat makes it easy for teams to mark them out of the match. Take a look at many of the big games between the best teams. Often it’s a header from a defender that is the difference because the defence has the goal threats marked.

  9. JT

    ‘Gook’ gets through the Le Grove filter (it’s ok to call people that) – the equally heinous ‘N*gger’ doesn’t – fuck these guys are total hypocrites. England Uber Alles.

  10. kwik fit

    Van Persie will complete his move to #MCFC within two weeks. Fee of around £22m. Contract worth £225k per week already agreed

    Money grabbing bastard.

    Lost to the gunners …Never a Manc

  11. zeus

    Never heard the term ‘g*ok’. Actually thought it was a typo.

    No need to be offensive guys. Better than Robin has left and we’ve done well.
    When TH14 left, Adebayor scored 30. Dare I say that Giroud and Podolski are more talented players than Ade was.

    Plus Cazorla has a touch of the Fabregas about him.

  12. kwik fit

    RVS wanted to go to a team that showed ambition a team that could win trophies
    so he went from the team that finished third to the team that finished second.

    Money talks Robin but it don’t dance or sing and it don’t walk!

  13. Marko

    How the fuck hasn’t this absolute joke of a human being Gambon not been banned yet. He regularly calls for the manager or certain players to be killed or to die and if you disagree with him he calls you a cunt. Now I realise if he was banned he’d have to go back to his pathetic life but that’s for the best at least then he can finally move out of his grandmother’s house and find happiness. The Gambon worshippers are just as bad.

    In all seriousness unless by sept 1st we’ve brought no more in I’d hold off on the mass suicide. Oh and people saying RVP RIP Arsenal RIP are idiots he’s no Bergkamp, Henry or even Cesc.

  14. LeMassiveCoq

    225K a week…..

    a week.

    It takes me roughly 7 years to earn that on my current salary.

    So obviously, 135K a week is not enough. When i think about these figures i become more and more disconnected with football. If he really wanted to win trophies, do you think he would of gone to united? I honestly cant see them winning anything other than a domestic cup.

    Yes I’m pissed off with the club, but I’m pissed off with him too, so RIP RVP, youre dead to me. I hope we can rub his face in it by doing better than them this year…need to spend that cash though, and lets face it, in the name of sustainable business models…that aint gonna happen.

  15. Cygan's Left Foot

    You know and I know deep down that NOT one penny will spend of RVP and Song. And, once we sell Theo, Arsha will stay and that is why we kept him in case Theo don’t sign or we want to sell him to balance the book.

    I think our next move to be a FEEDER CLUB for more than just The Manchester Area and Barca. Selling Theo will make us a FEEDER CLUB to even Liverpool. what is next move as a FEEDER CLUB Newcastle coming for Sagna??????.

  16. Pabs

    “Cesc is a twat, Adebayor is a dumb cunt, Nasri is a rat cunt, RvP and Cashley ARE HIGH ORDER TWAT CUNTS”

    Why do I bother getting pissed off when Van Persie says he wants to leave arsenal? Im 100% sure if I met him he would turn out to be a massive cunt anyway.

    He could have stayed at Arsenal, challenged this year and become a club legend. Instead hes just proved hes like every other cunt footballer in the premier league. The problem is I need to think about the club always and the players are just assets. Most dont give a shit which club they are at unless they are winning.

  17. JT

    Can’t wait to see all those blown up British soldiers in the Parasite Olympics with their empire arms and legs blown off in the wheelchair finals up against the gooks who blew their limbs off!

    Laughed my ass off with a gook in Hong Kong!

    Hahaha – bet the British amputees have got third-rate wheelchairs because of austerity. How are we supposed to beat those gooks in NHS wheelchairs?

    We’re white, but it ain’t right.

  18. Boozy

    There’s really no point bashing wenger and the rest of the muppets at arsenal, we’re stuck with them all season, there would be plenty time for that.

    But as for ‘what’s his name again?’ , he’s commited the greatest ever treachery in an arsenal shirt.

    That guy is now lower than dirt. He’s made cashley look like a saint.

    Where the fuck is the loyalty? Imagine gerrard joining manure, or terry joining city, and he just ruined his after football career, because he wont be remembered anywhere.

  19. kwik fit

    RVS is just another player who was lucky enough to have played for Arsenal in his career….just like Jimmy carter Eddie Mc Goldrick and dare I say it Gus Ceasar.

  20. mystic

    curdy duntAugust 15, 2012 22:19:03
    ‘His first cupla years were mainly sub appearances – being above the 1 in 2 mark is great for a striker – as youd be lokin at 20 plus a year – which any manager would snap up – especially with his link up play. .’

    In his first 5 seasons his average was below 1:2,. In his final 3 seasons he was over 1:2.

    No question that he developed in his latter years, but had he have pulled his weight earlier maybe the team would have remained a stronger unit and silverware might have been more forthcoming.

  21. follow the money

    Boozy you’re probably right. RVP has shown himself to be not quite the man we thought he was. He was happy to collect wages and be mediocre and spend months on the treatment table, but last season whether it’s accurate or not it’s going to end up looking like he played for a transfer and not for the team. AND a person like that isn’t going to give all for his team. Which is now UTD. They may regret signing him. But we shouldn’t care. We have new players and we should get behind them

  22. Lordbergkamp

    Surely somebody should ban JT.

    Racism AND abuse of the disabled in one post. Truly are the voice of JT…

  23. Marko

    Thing I wonder is (assuming we do 4 year contracts) why didn’t he come out with this shite 3 years ago when he signed a new contract? We were still a bit shit 3 years ago. Or was he happy that we kept faith and kept paying him when he was out for 3-4 months everytime he got a kick to the ankle. Was he as good at Fayenoord? No did we help make him the footballer he is today? Yep. And the first chance he gets he’s gone much like Ade and Hleb and others. Shame really

  24. Kempster

    “2nd goal against farca in that 2-1 win”

    RVP’s legend is already growing. Such a hero that he’s even being given credit for other goalscorers.

    We’ll get by. But I’m sick tonight. The only positive is that we’ve got max price. Very small consolation.

  25. Gary T

    Curdy….great Cluoseau clip earlier, just about spot fucking on!

    This club was never about to turn down that sort of cash for an injury prone 29 year old, no matter how good he was last season. A far better deal financially than that pathetic Fabregas debacle, there will be corks flying Stateside tonight & Gazidis will be basking in his perceived glory, the cunt.

    Who’d bet against us ending up on a transfer net profit again come August 31st? We’ve probably done enough to get 4th but challenge? Not a fucking chance and everyone associated with the club will know it.

    Will people please stop mentioning Llorente ffs, he aint coming & neither is any other striker, our forward deals are long done so get over it people. Just hope Giroud brought his flippers & snorkel coz he’s well & truly being chucked in the deep end.

    Going for a shit now….

  26. Lordbergkamp

    Follow the money – agree RvP is yesterday’s news. Gone. Left. Departed.

    Forget him.

    We have a better squad than at year. The season isn’t over, it hasn’t even fucking started and people are writing us off.

    Fuck off dormers!

  27. LeMassiveCoq

    It really is shit or bust for united this year i reckon.

    1/2 million a week in wages for shrek and RVP. …..and thier shares are not worth the paper they are printed on. Lets hope they win fuck all.

  28. Higz

    This feels disgusting right now. Do arsenal have no pr intelligence?

    I have said before that if we sold rvp straight away at beginning of window and then bought giroud, pod and cazorla (and possibly Sahin), that most fans would be a lot happier. Granted still not over moon, but after previous seasons of not replacing Henry, ade, cesc or nasri, we would have not been in complete uproar like we are now. Finally selling 2 days before season fucks off fans, and prob kills morale in changing room too. We have to add 1 more big signing, or the club could see a major backlash.

  29. Boozy

    For the past 3 days, a little voice in my head has been telling me, usmanov has paid’ whats his name’ to do this.

    It sound stupid, but i have come to trust that little voice overtime.

  30. Lordbergkamp

    Curdy dunt – would you have paid top dollar for a player that’s played more than 30 games in a season ONCE in his arsenal career. ONCE.

  31. Alex James

    With City failing to strengthen to any great degree to date and Chelsea having to absorb a number of new signings, Utd have a good enough squad to win back the PL. Ferguson has done it time and time again. I have no doubt that VP will make the difference. Utd have a solid defence and fast wingers to feed him and Rooney. A good business never sells it best assets to a competitor and survives. People should not forget that the overall strngth of our squad is poor. Jack, Arteta and Sagna are already out, and given our bad luck with injuries we sre a heartbeat away from JD and Fabianski! And Diaby has yet to pull something walking up the stairs. A few years ago, I thought the dark days of the 1960s were gone for good. Couldn ‘t have been more wrong.

  32. JT

    Hi Pedro – just to confirm … on Le Grove, ‘Gook’ is an acceptable way of referring to Asian people. Right?

  33. Cygan's Left Foot

    Lord Bergkamp,

    You enjoy being fourth, losing your player every year and being called a FEEDER CLUB or THE MANCHESTER ACADEMY?????.

    I just hope I didn’t turn you one by typing that.

  34. mystic

    No question that his scoring ratio was improving over the past few years, however those who are stating he will go on for another 5 seasons are ignoring a simple fact, in his 8 seasons at Arsenal in only 3 did he make more than 40 appearances:
    2004-2005 * 41
    2008-2009 * 44
    2011-2012 * 48
    Assuming he signs for utd in a 4 year deal, they will be expecting 40+ appearances every season – some players might be able to do that, RvP isn’t one of those.

  35. Richard

    What do you reckon the chances are that 60,00 gunners will face away from the pitch and bend over at half time to offer Wenger, Ivan, and Kroenke the chance to physically screw us after the financial and emotional screwing we have had?

  36. follow the money

    Alex James, yeah that’s possible. But UTD are kind of desperate at the moment, because of their debt, and losing out last season, to regain their status. Making moves from a position of desperation is never a good idea. RVP could go down injured, Rooney could have one of his dry spells, and they still haven’t found anyone to do what Giggs and Scholes USED to do, it could all go wrong for them this year.

  37. Gokez

    Rvp out…… 1 Proper DEFENSIVE midfielder in, 1 WORLD CLASS LB/RB in……….happy days.

    I would have rather sold to juve for 15mil then united for 25!!!

  38. Dan Ahern

    We all know Wenger lies to us. But what’s worse is the lies we tell ourselves:
    “He had one good season.”
    “He’s almost 30, he won’t be good next year.”
    “He only scored so much because all our offense went through him.”

    People, I’m sorry, but we’ve just sold the Premier League’s Player of the Year. The hands-down best player of 2011-2012. And we sold him to the team that were 1 goal from winning the league.

    Stop trying to rationalise it. It sucks.

  39. Arsenal1886-2006

    Boozy August 15, 2012 22:48:29

    I had a similar feeling not quite the same after yesterdays podcast with Alex Fynn, I reckon Darren Dein is getting back at the club for doing the dirty on his old man. They hung him out to dry knowing that he would not have allowed us to get to this point where we are being seen as a selling club and non competitive.

  40. Dimitri

    What I don’t get is why is everyone going on about being lied to? At what point did anyone say RVP wouldn’t be sold?

    I personally thought hanging on to him to prove a point would have been a much better thing to do other than making a quick buck. But I will wait till September 1st to judge.

    In years gone by Podolski would have been the sole signing bought in, but we have been quite active this year and we don’t seem like we are about to stop yet.

    I get why people are pissed but most Grovers are whiny cunts who wank off at the opportunity to complain the way the Arsenal board does at a potential profit.

  41. Jeff

    Just heard. Never thought it would happen. Shame on him. Shame on the board. I have to say though that Van Persie has just murdered his career and legacy for 30 pieces of silver.

    I really, really did not think it would happen. All my logic was based on his statement and the belief that Van Persie is not a liar. I was utterly and completely wrong. Shame on me as well.

    Well done to all those who predicted the entire thing being about money (for it could not be anything else after today’s revelation) and seeing through the lies he put out.

    Again shame on him. All hell will break loose now whenever he plays against us and the fans will not forgive that easily or at all.

    It just goes to show that we have no balls, no integrity, no courage, no desire for glory and money comes above everything else all the time, every time. Horrible news.

  42. Johnny5

    Some of you mugs are fucking sad cases ripping each other apart over greedy van cunty. So what he’s gone it’s done some cunt will
    Do him on the pitch anyway he won’t play 20+ games for united. Instead of bitching at each other people should be on every forum going demanding the money is reinvested not necessarily on a striker we have a few options there. The powers that be do actually monitor fans forums blogs etc to gauge the general feeling among fans. Demand a DM. Demand a RB and LB because jenks and Gibbs won’t cut it. Either that or protest but for fucks sake don’t rip the shit out of each other over shit we all knew was coming anyway. We sold Henry we sold cesc. Why the fuck would they not sell the dirty cheese eating weed smoking brothel running rapist who has had the best season
    He will ever have. He won’t
    Ever replicate last season and united won’t win the league.

  43. dreadsurf

    It is understood Van Persie was encouraged by the arrivals of Germany forward Lukas Podolski, France striker Olivier Giroud and Spain midfielder Cazorla – to the point where he was open to the idea of staying with or without a new contract.

    But Wenger pulled him aside shortly before Sunday’s friendly victory over Cologne, told him he would be sold if a deal could be reached and informed the Dutchman he was no longer part of his plans.

    Ruthless by AW 🙂

  44. Dan Ahern

    Ornstein’s piece:


    The deal is a 22.5m transfer fee, plus 1.5m one-time payment is United win a PL or CL in the next 4 years.

    The article says that Wenger told van Persie ahead of the Cologne game that he was no longer part of his plans, and that if he could reach a deal with Fergie he would sell him.

    Oh, and we never offered a contract.

  45. Out On Loan

    Dan Ahearn you nailed it:

    ” We all know Wenger lies to us. But what’s worse is the lies we tell ourselves:
    “He had one good season.”
    “He’s almost 30, he won’t be good next year.”
    “He only scored so much because all our offense went through him.”

    People, I’m sorry, but we’ve just sold the Premier League’s Player of the Year. The hands-down best player of 2011-2012. And we sold him to the team that were 1 goal from winning the league.

    Stop trying to rationalise it. It sucks.”

  46. Johnny5

    Also anyone who thinks we need a striker to replace fergies new rent boy think about this


    All the above players are strikers 4 of which are capable of 15 goals a season.

  47. mystic

    Hey people lets all hope he passes his medical tomorrow. If he fails we will be left with a crock for the next 11 months.

    Better he passes and then, fingers tightly crossed, someone hacks him down in his first game for utd and puts him out for a few months.

  48. Bade

    I think I just threw up

    Arsenal sold their tradition for pittance

    Van Persie is just another disrespectful cunt

    The ultimate traitor

    Really thank you for clearing that

  49. Jeff

    Of all the sodding clubs he could have chosen; could there be a greater slap across the face. The unthinkable has finally happened. It is a sad, sad day. Is this to be the final nail in our coffin? How many more times are we going to be bullied by the likes of Man U, Man City, Barcelona and Real Madrid? We must be real pushovers.

    I haven’t the slightest trust in the board or Wenger to re-invest the £24m. I think it is going straight into Kroenke’s side pocket.

    Just thinking of it, we really are between a rock and a hard place. A player does well, he gets sold. A player flops, we keep him because he can’t be sold. I suppose you have to hand it to Usmanov. He called it straight away (as many here did) and I can see now that the scathing attack on the club straight after Van Persie’s statement was well placed. He knows exactly what is going on and it isn’t good.

  50. Gary T

    Song to Barcefuckinlona? Are they serious, they sure they’ve got the right guy?
    The one who can’t cushion a ball, his 1st touch is generally poor, he won’t track back & he lunges into fouls when beaten. He’ll get a red every other game even with the customary Barca refs assistance. What fucking use is he going to be to them, he’s nowhere near their usual quality?

    Aaaah, I get it, it’s just his agent trying to renegotiate pay parity with the likes of Bendy, Diaby & Walnuts. Makes sense now.

  51. amjalice

    He wanted ambition and we’ve shown plenty with the 3 players we signed, it’s not like united chances were better than us had he stayed.

  52. Arsenal1886-2006

    Can’t understand Gazidis getting some flak, his job is to return a profit for the board and he does this with ruthless efficiency.
    And with new deals to be signed in the coming years the dividends will grow substantially. The board see a successful club while we the fans see a borderline top club with minimal on the pitch ambition.

    Better get used to it as his son will be next in line to the throne.

  53. Graham O'Keeffe

    i hope the story re robin wanting to stay has no truth in it as if it does then wenger and our board have sunk to an all time low and that means song and rvp wont be replaced…..

  54. Jeff

    Hadn’t read this on the BBC but if it’s true, Wenger is just as much to blame as anyone else:

    “… Wenger pulled him aside shortly before Sunday’s friendly victory over Cologne, told him he would be sold if a deal could be reached and informed the Dutchman he was no longer part of his plans”

    I don’t know, maybe I was too harsh on Van Persie. The BBC are claiming that he was offered a high salary but not a contract. This is so bad.

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    can i say, well done the board superb piece of business, 24 mill for a fella thats 30 next bday….sorry its good business….robin willl need the aa again soon the recovery team… it willl happen…

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    jonny sieve the excess away in a drainer.. maybe the new lads… maybe a good second season fron the forehead,…. walclott,,,still not sure the rest lad buy them a lidl…

  57. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    are we really sad….. one good season in 7 ? plurease…

    we should applaud the board have done good business….

  58. Alex James

    I quite accept that the season has not yet started and some of us are already complaining. But think about it. Utd have bought a proven PL asset. We have three players who are new to the PL. The Spaniard looks good but can he adapt to the rigours of the league? The trip to Orkland should tell us this. Giroud has a superb reputation but just how good is the French league these days? Podolski I like the look of but the fact that he would seem to no longer be a first choice for Germany is a little worrying.

  59. Jeff


    It would not surprise me at all that money is always the bottom line. The BBC even says that Van Persie was willing to stay with or without a contract (encouraged by the new signings) but was told he had no part to play. That’s the picture the BBC are painting. Don’t know what to make of it. Why didn’t any of this come out sooner?

  60. Kempster

    I think RVP destroyed his relationship with Wenger the day he released his statement. How could Wenger rely on him from that point on. Captain of the club ajd he released anstatement like that, puling the rug out Did he really expect him to try to woo him into staying?

    I am hoping that Wenger has planned what to do with the cash and lined it up – and made the decision that it was bett to take the money and move on than hope that Robin got back on board and didn’t fuck around any more. I know how this hope will be regarded by some – but let’s see how it turns out. If there’s no further spending then it’s a major problem.

    Regardless of everything, I can’t believe we sold him to them.

  61. incesc


    apparently wenger is looking at sahin as a back up for jack if he has a set back

    mourinho is also more interested in loaning to liverpool

    but you never know, should be sorted this week.

  62. marcus

    Terms agreed for Van Persie transfer

    Arsenal Football Club can confirm that terms have been agreed for the transfer of Robin van Persie to Manchester United.

    Van Persie will travel to Manchester on Thursday in order to agree personal terms and complete a medical ahead of the proposed move.

    Further updates will feature on Arsenal.com in due course.

    2,847 people like this


    Who are these 2,847 people?!?!?!??!

  63. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    you seem to forget we beat united to him signature 8 years ago… now we have transformed 2.8 mill in to 24 million and the fellas best years have passed,,, where have the club done wrong?

    rvp him gone ….. and good…

  64. BOOZY

    Dan i had not even seen that article when i commented that it was probably wenger’s intention from the onset to sell him.

    I don’t think any club fan, has ever been treated with so much disrespect like arsenal fans, the fans of this club have been through so much misery than all the clubs in the EPL put together.

  65. Johnny5


    You can write chamakh off obviously. Gervinho is a good forward defo good for 10 to 15 as are
    The new boys. Like you say walcotts a maybe but he was a good striker at Southampton but not had the chance because wenger thought he would do an Henry with him but it never sort of came together. Bendtner is good for 7-10 and let’s not forget no one wants arshavin but he did pretty good in front of goal while RVP was in the sick bay.

  66. Arsene's Nurse

    What is it with the fucking dickheads on here saying, “if we sign a replacement”? Can you not read?


    Even if Wenger himself came round to your house and said “We already recruited to replace him” and then wrote a sworn statement and signed it and then carved “I already have a replacement we are not buying anyone else” in your dumb mouth-breathing forehead, I can guarantee the next day you’ll be on Le Grove asking if we are going to sign a replacement and then speculating about who it will be.

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    jonny … bendtner please mate he is dire, not to be relied on, ok in a hastily arranged fic-xture but not our class….

  68. K.C.

    Arsenal fans don’t care about how much money we pocketed on the deal. We want a quality football club that tries every year to get better and compete. In the last two seasons we’ve sold our best player and Captain just days before the start of the season. And this time we sold to a league rival. It’s fans like you that hurt this club. Perfectly fine with being a loser as long as we have money. You can have your glorious balance sheet.

  69. incesc

    robin wasnt offered a contract because he said he didnt want one

    it never even got to that point the guy is a fucking cunt, he went from arsenal to man united as captain, and it was entirely his decision

  70. amjalice

    Everybody saying it’s a good business have clearly forgotten the joy fans get when their team wins something. In reality we just sold our chances of winning the EPL for that price.

  71. Gary T

    Sahin will be loaned “if” it is thought Wilshire’s another long term injury? My hairy hole! The boy’s just been out a whole fucking season and we’re still dealing in “ifs” and maybes. Something very fucking wrong there, dirty rumours aside, we are being fed crap. Don’t believe a bloody word this club come out with any more.

    Half expecting to see Wilshire motoring it up the home straight of the mens Paralympics 100M final.

  72. BOOZY

    wenger WANTED to sell whatshisname.

    Yesterday i said having confirmed wenger as a chronic liar-

    ‘I wonder what wenger mean’t when he said he wanted to keep whatshisname’

  73. incesc


    i dont think wenger will sign a replacement but then he did also say this

    ‘We have not bought the players to replace Van Persie, but to strengthen our squad with the thinking Van Persie will stay. That’s still my mind at the moment.’

    its not like hes trustworthy is it

  74. Dan Ahern

    I see your:

    And raise you:
    van Persie

    Still think we don’t need a replacement?

  75. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    kc… lad what you on about,,,

    players are commodities,,, you buy and selll and it all down to timings, the longer a player is with you the worse it is for the club, …. watch trading places some time….

    looking good billie ray…. feeling good valentine…

    RVP’s price had never been higher!,

  76. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    sadam….. mhwaarrr

    who could they be signing messi!

    lord they need midfielders more than us.. rip has jumped from the frying pan to the firs,,,,,lord…

  77. Sadam Mahessar


    According to someone who usually offers solid United news, he said Chicharito told his agent and Fergie he would hand in a transfer request if they sign RVP. So there is some smoke.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    not a great follower of the recently deceased on stage macca but let it be… speaking words of wisdom let it be……

  79. Sadam Mahessar


    pretty sure its a sale for United if it means understandable, or a signing for Arsenal.
    Don’t think we are anywhere close to signing anyone though but United are close to selling Chicharito

  80. Doublegooner

    I hate Song but he’ll be next then we’ll have spent around £33/35m on 3 players & recouped £39 on Van Cunty & Lazy Bollox.

    Just what Uncle Stan ordered …More lovel cash in the bank.

  81. Sadam Mahessar

    Manchesters Red Army ‏@ManUtd_RedArmy
    Could be some bad news for #MUFC tomorrow, Naming rights of Old Trafford might get sold…

    Ok so this is the news and where they got money for RVP from.

  82. BOOZY

    Again we have to look at Usmanov again, this guy got rich in the dark.

    why would whatshisname not even consider a contract.

    There’s more to this, than wanting to win a trophy.

    why would he not even consider a new contract?

  83. Gary T

    Sadam…..most likely an announcement that Asda will be offering 2 for 1 on KY Jelly. They’ll be free to all those able to show proof of purchasing an Arsenal season ticket of course.

    Such a generous cunt that Stan you know.

  84. sam

    we don’t want a half-arsed mexican, we just sold one.
    no chicorito, no berbatov
    we sold them our best striker then take one of their second rate, genius!

  85. Doublegooner

    Wenger knew VP was going weeks ago (fact, I emaiked Geoff the source),

    Why then did Wenger let him wear the captains armband against Koln ??


    Anyways Grovers..It’s just another same old summer.

  86. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    But Wenger pulled him aside shortly before Sunday’s friendly victory over Cologne,  told him he would be sold if a deal could be reached and informed the Dutchman he was no longer part of his plans.

    I simply cannot believe this! And the BBC story that he was prepared to stay. I’m desperate to hear Robin’s version now that they can’t fucking gag him once he is sold.

    If this is true we seriously need to question where this club is being taken by the muppets at the helm. Captain John Smith?

  87. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    dont cry afc fans/we are arsenal here us roar,,,,,,,,in numbers to big….

    its all good…… bet on paddy p that rvp wont score 20 goals…..

  88. Thomas

    Wenger is such a fucking liar. Can’t stand that child snatcher. So now all the sudden Giroud and Podolski were RVPs replacements? What a cunt…

  89. sam

    why did he even let him train to get fit for another club?
    btw, unlike some here i am trust giroud and poldi will be good
    but chamakh has to go, someone who can actually shoot and score.
    abdul twat can’t do neither

  90. Dan Ahern

    Sadam – Agree, so foolish. But, Mirallas? Jovetic? We’re talking about replacing Robin van motherfucking Persie here. Damiao is okay, but I’m setting my sights even higher: Falcao. Get him and at least we’ve maintained our quality.

    The other option I would pursue is to spend the money on Martinez. But it looks certain he’s going to Bayern.

  91. incesc

    of course he was prepared to stay, if man u didnt cough up hed have too.

    and if wenger told him he was selling him its probably because man u upped their offer.

    van persie refused to sit down and sign a contract, he refused to even look at one.

    im pissed off we sold him to man u and that we cant keep our players happy but rvp isnt some innocent hard done by chap. Hes a fucking traitor who told arsenal he wanted to go to man united

  92. follow the money

    The announcement on Arsenal.com is odd. When has that ever happened before a deal was done and dusted??? I’m inclined to believe the stories about Wenger taking VP aside and saying “We have moved on mate. Don’t need you anymore.” The signings of Santi and Giroux and Poldi tell me Wenger is tired of hearing this shit from players about leaving for trophies and I think he’s going to spend every penny of the transfer money in order to prove them wrong. Probably also why he’s getting rid of Song. He wants loyal players and anyone that hints at going elsewhere is shipped out. It’s a good policy. He’s also trying to get rid of the players who aren’t good enough, which is something else he hasn’t done in the past. The defection is RVP to UTD sucks for sure, but I’m not as depressed as I have been previous off seasons because I see Wenger actually addressing problems in the team, rather than crossing his fingers and hoping. UTD’s midfield is still a mess, and with Santi and Arteta ours is much better.

  93. sam


    selling van judas to man utd is a very bad business.
    barca sold ronaldinho, ibra and eto’o to non spanish clubs.
    fergie and rooney were dead and bury we revive them.
    the only way to make amend is to replace him with a top top striker.
    i just hope wenger will spend the money

  94. incesc

    “Probably also why he’s getting rid of Song. He wants loyal players and anyone that hints at going elsewhere is shipped out. It’s a good policy.”

    i hope so

    we cant have this turnover of players all the time

  95. Gary T


    Was a bit fucking daft playing him at all if that’s the case, does like a gamble eh.

    Tonight I’m getting shit from Manure fans that had long since taken pity on my sorry Arsenal supporting arse. Rekindled all sorts of bad memories.

  96. Sadam Mahessar


    Got to be realistic here, don’t think Atletico would sell him at all after having had him for one season only, Falcao is as expensive as strikers come.

    Jovetic is a brilliant player, no doubt, he would flourish under our system plus has a lot of years in him.
    Mirallas over Park and Chamakh any day of the week for me.
    Schurrle and Damiao are two others to look at, 25m would be enough to land them, young and obviously there is a lot of quality we are talking about.

  97. Johnny5


    Rooney is shit and a fat cunt
    Young is pony
    RVP won’t play 20 games and won’t score more than 15 goals
    Valencia is a winger not a
    Striker good for maybe at a push 5 goals
    Nani I’ll give u nani he is pretty damn good on his day
    Chicarito is a one season wonder
    Wellbeck is alright but not great.

    Our attacking line up minus chamakh is easily capable of 60-70 goals assuming they all have a good season I’m not so sure the way man utd play they are quite so capable of as many goals. There strength is not throwing away a lead with shite defending or no real DM inexperienced lb and no tracking back in midfield.

  98. Sadam Mahessar

    My brother came to me a little while back and started laughing at me, he is a united fan, and the reason he gave was not that we sold them Van Persie but because Theo fucking Walcott is our senior most player in the squad.

    Got to laugh at the management we have, seriously.

  99. Doublegooner


    You make good points. I said the same thing, Wenger is now selling all the ‘old guard’. Song & Walcott will be next.

    Giroud & Podolski are making all the right noises. Lets hope they really are the start of something new.

    My cynical side says Kroenke wont want anymore more spent.

  100. Danish Gooner

    If it goes belly up om saturday i hope someone have enough courage to invade the field and tell that lying french scum and his croonies that we have had enough.