Hernandez as part of the Robin deal? Would you? | Alex Song suitors in town to do a deal with Arsenal

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Morning Grovers, apologies for the late posts over the past few days, I’ve been struck by illness. This is new to me. But fear not Geoff has had words and I will be manning up.

Onto the football. BARCA are in town to nab their man. Yes, they want Song and yes, we’re willing to listen to offers. If this deal goes through I’ll give you the lowdown on him and why we’re listening… and please, don’t think for one minute we’d consider selling him off if there wasn’t a reason. This will be mutual if it happens. My only hope is the solution to his sale isn’t Coquelin. That said, in a proper defensive midfield role, maybe Coquelin has more discipline. He certainly appears to have a range of passing that could match Song’s in a season or two… Most importantly he’s not docile and he’s super fast.

Sometimes losing a good player is for the good of the team. We lost Thierry and arguably saw the best football of the post Highbury era. If we lose Song, sure we’ve lost a talented footballer, but…

1) In your heart of hearts, does Alex Song look like he cares?

2) Do you think a defensive midfielder with no discipline that contributes to us conceding 49 goals in the league is a player we need?

I mean, the fact that we’re considering selling him rather than moving him into a more advanced ‘Keita’ position tells you all you need to know about the situation.

Onto the most boring story in the universe. Boring Van Persie and his dull transfer saga appears to be rolling on. Come on, someone put this protracted story in a bag, drop a bowling ball in for good measure, strap it up and throw it in the Thames. I have to say, a saga like this fusses me little when we’ve got two capable back up strikers at the club. Chamakh and Park are a reassuring safety blanket if the worst happens. That this messing around is disrupting United’s preseason is mighty satisfying.

There were some rumours flying around yesterday that indicated Hernandez might be thrown onto the mixing pot. Hmmmm… that’s interesting. Would that deal work for you? I think it’d take the edge off the sale for me. Younger, fitter… Premiership experience. If we sold Robin, what exactly would we be looking for in our next striker? We have a 6ft3 power house in Giroud. We have a short pacey striker in Podolski. Could we do with a fox in the box type player like Hernandez… or would we look for a player similar to Llorente to take care of Adebayor duties with far more skill and control?

Whatever goes on with Robin this summer, I think I’m past caring*.

*Providing we sign a replacement of equal excellence

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P.S. I was invited to talk Robin with Darren Lewis and co on Sport TV Tonight, the video is here if you’re interested. Excuse the shirt…


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  1. mystic

    Johnty79August 16, 2012 09:50:42
    Team at start is season….

    Jenkins verm Merts Gibbs
    Chamberlain Carzola Santos
    Gervinho giroud poldolski

    Not afraid – baring Right Back

  2. rizal

    Why ManU, AFC could had sold RVP to Bayern, Real Madrid or something with fire sale price of 10Mil upfront (we only get 15Mill + installment from MU). Plus RVP$$$ had said that he is not looking for $$$ so if the buyer and seller club had agree then RVP have no other option to accept the wages that is on the table unless if he is a truly made out of money, then this would be testament of a money grabber. At least with this we would have our dignity intact and at the same time nick some money.

  3. Rhys Jaggar

    Where Coquelin is concerned, heed the 2004 words of Ali G to Sven:

    ‘me is fully understanding that you was in need of good time with cock up, in order to get da England cock up out of da system…..’

    Not what I want, but Kipling does mention about others ‘twisting your words’ and all that……..

  4. on-the-edge

    Mancini, dont be too upset about the RVP deal. Arsene could be putting his wife/ mother/ granny on sale for your chairman’s harems. You may contact their agents – M/s Stan Kroenke & Co