Hernandez as part of the Robin deal? Would you? | Alex Song suitors in town to do a deal with Arsenal

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Morning Grovers, apologies for the late posts over the past few days, I’ve been struck by illness. This is new to me. But fear not Geoff has had words and I will be manning up.

Onto the football. BARCA are in town to nab their man. Yes, they want Song and yes, we’re willing to listen to offers. If this deal goes through I’ll give you the lowdown on him and why we’re listening… and please, don’t think for one minute we’d consider selling him off if there wasn’t a reason. This will be mutual if it happens. My only hope is the solution to his sale isn’t Coquelin. That said, in a proper defensive midfield role, maybe Coquelin has more discipline. He certainly appears to have a range of passing that could match Song’s in a season or two… Most importantly he’s not docile and he’s super fast.

Sometimes losing a good player is for the good of the team. We lost Thierry and arguably saw the best football of the post Highbury era. If we lose Song, sure we’ve lost a talented footballer, but…

1) In your heart of hearts, does Alex Song look like he cares?

2) Do you think a defensive midfielder with no discipline that contributes to us conceding 49 goals in the league is a player we need?

I mean, the fact that we’re considering selling him rather than moving him into a more advanced ‘Keita’ position tells you all you need to know about the situation.

Onto the most boring story in the universe. Boring Van Persie and his dull transfer saga appears to be rolling on. Come on, someone put this protracted story in a bag, drop a bowling ball in for good measure, strap it up and throw it in the Thames. I have to say, a saga like this fusses me little when we’ve got two capable back up strikers at the club. Chamakh and Park are a reassuring safety blanket if the worst happens. That this messing around is disrupting United’s preseason is mighty satisfying.

There were some rumours flying around yesterday that indicated Hernandez might be thrown onto the mixing pot. Hmmmm… that’s interesting. Would that deal work for you? I think it’d take the edge off the sale for me. Younger, fitter… Premiership experience. If we sold Robin, what exactly would we be looking for in our next striker? We have a 6ft3 power house in Giroud. We have a short pacey striker in Podolski. Could we do with a fox in the box type player like Hernandez… or would we look for a player similar to Llorente to take care of Adebayor duties with far more skill and control?

Whatever goes on with Robin this summer, I think I’m past caring*.

*Providing we sign a replacement of equal excellence

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P.S. I was invited to talk Robin with Darren Lewis and co on Sport TV Tonight, the video is here if you’re interested. Excuse the shirt…


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  1. Sadam Mahessar

    Johnny 5

    Rooney – 2nd highest scorer only behind RVP last season
    Young – Winger of the season, won shit loads of penalties, scored lots of goals and assists.
    Valencia – My favorite winger in the league, bloody brilliant with setting up goals, lots of end products, less goals because he is not selfish but always high on assists
    Welbeck – Just had his first full season for United, expect a lot more from him.
    Nani – might be off.

  2. azed

    K.C.August 15, 2012 23:46:03
    Perhaps someone can help me, does the F in AFC stand for Feeder or Financial?

    If you call it football then it means feeder but if you call it soccer its financial.

  3. thumz

    you must be out of your mind if you think Mvilla can replace song!.. last season arsenals back bone were song + arteta + rvp

  4. Gary T


    Self sustaining model says your probably right. I don’t even hold out too much hope for this Sahin on loan either if I’m honest. M’Villa for Song if Barca are really that fucking crazy and possibly Niang if cheap enough, although I can see the Spuds nicking him at an inflated price.

  5. Johnny5


    Rooney won’t do as well this year giggs and scholes won’t play as much to feed the fat knob Valencia isn’t a great winger he’s just a half decent winger. Wellbecks needs another year and young is a dirty cheating scumbag who is fucking shit. Hoilett was easily winger of the year for me

  6. Honest Bill

    What a cunt.. Going to the mancs of all places….

    Of course strengthening the teams ahead of us will win us the league… It’s genius..

    I hope RVP is injured in their first game and warms their physio bench for the season…


  7. sam

    no he won’t get injured so soon,
    arsenal is like goat shepherd, feed the goat well and clean it properly for the buyer. we trained to keep him well fit and even gave him minutes on the pitch while we know well he was going.
    would fergie do that? nope

  8. Gary T

    Johny 5

    Just wait and see how many pens Van Persie finally gets now he’s in a Manu Shirt. I expect he’s already had a congratulatory call from Howard Webb & the Refs Association.

  9. sam

    he will surely avoid injury because united and city rotate their strikers.
    we play one striker all season, welcome to arsenal poldi.
    your number 2 striker chamakh is so shit, no point resting you and play him. enjoy your number 10 shirt.

  10. BOOZY

    follow the money
    I’m inclined with what you’ve just said.

    I know i’ve called him all sorts, but their’s something ruthless about wenger now.

    This guy has been ‘let down’ by an entire team of players.

    The fact that he’s looking to get rid of a player with 3 more yrs says it.

    And giroud is whatshisname’s replacement.

    And he’s as good as they get.

    And podolski is the back up.

  11. Dan Ahern

    Johnny5 – I included wingers because you did. You think Theo and Gervinho can play central? And I’m sorry, but all your assessments save Welbeck and Nani are horrifically biased. I could do the same thing for Arsenal.

    Giroud – never played in the Prem, 1 season Ligue 1 wonder
    Podolski – past it, was on a relegated team, looked shit at Euros
    Chamakh – human garbage
    Park – same
    Theo – has a heavier touch than a Shawcross tackle, glorified sprinter, dribbles like he’s got a rugby ball at his feet
    Gervinho – worse vision than Stevie Wonder, worse decision making than Piers Morgan, passes like a six year old with cerebral palsy

    See how that works? (Okay so I was truthful about Chamakh. Still.)

  12. Gary T

    Hope your right there Boozy, coz he’s going to fucking have to be isn’t he.

    Van Pursey just played a whole English league & cup season then went off to the EURO’s. Couldn’t manage 10 games without breaking down previously so can’t see him playing over 30 games this time round. Hope not anyway, the cunt!

  13. It's over

    Btw ur spending over for this season………u couldn’t make this up…….only thing is some young Afro kid gona get it from wenger tonight….lol

  14. Johnny5


    I get your point bud and yeah my opinion is completely biased as I hate the mancs anyway just don’t think they are that far ahead of us. I think I was alluding more to our need of defensive reinforcements. Not conceding so many goals is the key.

  15. Dan Ahern

    Sadam – I would definitely like to get Schurrle. Class player, though he needs time. Jovetic is good too, don’t get me wrong. But we’re talking about replacing RvP here. That means players that are elite right now. We already made United a better team. The least we can do is try to bring in an actual top-drawer replacement. I’d be happy with Schurrle or Jovetic, but what I really want is one of the best strikers in Europe.

  16. follow the money

    M’vila won’t go to Spuds. he wants CL football, and with Totts there’s less a chance of that. M’vila will play for us this season or if something fouls it up he’ll come next season or maybe even this winter

  17. Pollux

    RVP for 22min-24mil,
    Song for 16mil- 18mil.

    Thats 40mil in the bag.
    Self substainable model. We have make profit again!
    Wait a min. Are we a MNC? or are we a fucking footballing club????
    Lucky Stan kroenke.

  18. Dan Ahern

    Johnny5 – Well you’re right in that regard, we do need to shore up our D. And it’s not that our offense is woefully behind United, it’s that it’s woefully thin due to United’s. And that’s what makes the difference. If we can play Poldi, Giroud, and Cazorla every game we can produce. But who are our impact subs? Who are the players that give our first XI a rest? Basically we have Gervinho, and that’s it. And I can’t say I would count on Gervinho for much. (Though I hope he steps up this year. In the Cologne game he had a mean dribble but disturbingly little creativity and vision.)

  19. Dan Ahern

    I’m going to try to reserve judgement until the window’s over. Wenger has always disappointed lately, but he bought early this time. I dare say it almost looked like he had a plan. Even if that plan had the retarded tactic of selling v. Persie to MUFC, I’ll try to give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he does with his remaining 2 weeks. So help me God it better be fucking good.

  20. Honest Bill

    Here’s a great RVP quote from a year ago…

    “I don’t have the inclination to go anywhere,’ he said. ‘This is the best team for me to be in. The bottom line is that I want to win trophies with Arsenal, not with anybody else. I know you can win trophies in many countries and in many ways, but I want to do that in our way and in an Arsenal shirt.

    I’m sure I could win things at another team in another country, but would it feel like our trophy, my trophy? I’m not sure it would. Anything we win here will come from the heart and that’s what I want. It’s my dream and I see no point in speaking about other teams when I have these dreams. I think other people know that about me; I’m just hungry to win with Arsenal and that’s it.”

    Well go ahead then and win your hollow 2nd place trophy you cunt.. You’ll never finish ahead of City anyway..

    And he expects us to believe it’s not for the money… hahaha

  21. Cygan's Left Foot

    No true Gunner would be able to sleep tonight. But our French Frog 7m a year cunt will sleep like a baby knowing that, he can lie to some blind sheep every fucking year without being questioned.

    I comfort myself now and think to myself “ok, under this French cunt and Yanks blood suckers, I have to accept we are just a FEEDER CLUB for all the big teams”

  22. Cygan's Left Foot

    our four strikers are …..

    Podolski (striker/winger)
    Not to forgot our number 9 Park going to stay now.

    Four strikers that can win you the league according to the our French Idiot.

  23. BacaryisGod

    Non-Homegrown Update:

    Last season we still managed to cap out at the limit of 17 non-homegrown players. Of that list, 10 players look nailed on to return (Diaby, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Rosicky, Santos, Fabianski, Gervinho, Arteta), 3 have left the club (Van Persie, Almunia, Benayoun), 2 have been announced to be sold or loaned (Park, Squillaci) and 2 are up in the air (Arshavin, Chamakh).

    So we’ve added 3 players (Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud) which probably means Chamakh and Arshavin are staying. I just can’t see that much business getting done in the remaining time to move all four players on nor to bring in another four players).

    The good news is that we’ll be adding two more non-homegrown players. As much as I’d like to see an experienced right-back cover, I think more likely is that Arsene will get through the handful of games before Sagan returns with either Coquelin, Jenkinson or even Koscielny, who was very impressive in that position. More likely is that Song will go to be replaced with M’Vila and we’ll add another striker considering Bendtner and Park will be off.

    This is how the primary squad is shaping up, and if so I think we can still be reasonably optimistic for the coming season:

    GK: Sczcesny, Fabianski, Mannone (although I hope he moves him on and promotes Martinez )
    D: RB-Sagna, Jenkinson (Coquelin/Koscielny additional cover), LB-Gibbs, Santos (Vermaelen additional cover), CB-Koscielny, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Djourou
    M: CM-Arteta, Cazorla, Diaby, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky,Coquelin (with possible signing of M’Vila), WM-Walcott, Gervinho, Podolski, Oxlade-Chamberlain (unless used centrally)
    F: Giroud, Chamakh, (plus one other)

    Those two new signings could make a crucial difference in determining how successful this season will be.

  24. BacaryisGod

    Missed Arshavin on the final squad, which would make sense if Oxlade moves into the middle.

    Almost perfect sense now, as Arshavin will want to impress suitors for next year. If Song is sold, it will almost certainly mean one more striker and one more defensive-minded midfielder. My money is on M’Vila and Hernandez. Hernandez gives us something different to Giroud.

  25. sam

    Honest Bill,

    are you sure you didn’t know?
    grovers live in denial, we unusually bought 2 left footed strikers. and grimandi said it like a month ago, i am not sure that was arsenal PR to prepare for the worse.
    i am sure giroud wasn’t going to sign if he was told he was going to be van persie’s lil b!tch. he was promised a starting line up, not bench.

  26. Honest Bill


    Of course i knew.. I’m just pointing it out for those who think it was a coincidence and are actually beleiving we will invest the money in a top replacement..

    They will only end up disappointed.

  27. SUGA3

    I am so pissed off it is not even funny anymore 👿

    the only hope we have is that the players will come out with a point to prove, something like 07/08 after Henry had left…

  28. oota

    Totally confused and not sure what to think……

    Gutted to be losing RVP but sick of our boys walking the whole time.

    That said, Ferguson wouldn’t keep a player that publicly spurned United and honestly I don’t think we should. You don’t want to play for the shirt – then get out.

    We’ve sold out to prima donnas recently and I want to see it end. You either want to play for Arsenal or you don’t. On that basis, I’m glad we’ve got a decent fee for a mostly crocked player who isn’t a fan and who has chosen to rub it in our faces by going to one of our bitterest rivals. Let’s get some passion back, lose the reputation for being a feeder club and stop recruiting kids that see us that way. Home grown or proven quality for me from now on and if you want to leave or just sit on a fat cheque, you’re out; if you want to fight, you’re in.

    I had high hopes for RVP as an Arsenal legend but sadly, whilst I’m happy for the memories, they will now be forever tarnished – truly a shame.

    That’s life though but please Wenger, sign a decent replacement, a DM and possibly another utility defender…..

  29. oota

    and by the way, supporting this club has largely been a labour of seriously one way love since West Ham / Valencia 1980……..I know Wenger has brought us some success and at times gorgeous football but I’d love to win the League this year in the ugliest, most boring way possible with grit, determination and more than our fair share of shanked goals…..bring back the spirit of Martin Keown a la Shakhtar Donetsk, 2000 – Legend!!!!!

  30. mjgooner

    ‘In Arsene We Trust’ members(AKBs) will rejoice today that We sold a 29-year-old player for 24 million pounds in the last year of his deal when in reality We just sold our chances at winning the Premier League for that price

  31. mjgooner

    ” Many have speculated that the arrival of Robin Van Persie would hinder the development of both Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez “……………………only Arsenal fans bother about development of players. What has Wenger turned us into?

  32. ikon

    He should have joined any other club but united. This whole saga just decreases my hatred for Adebayor who at least told the truth after switching. In my opinion Van Persie will definitely give united a level ground against city. That is the way to answer in a rivalry, while our board and manager stay busy in figuring out how to run the company…

  33. ikon

    “Now I want to continue my progression with this club. I know I played a good season last year, but I want to do more for Arsenal this year. I want to win a trophy.”

    It is bound to be Koscielny next season demanding a transfer. The board have set a dangerous precedent with this summer and last summer transfers. At least dangerous and painful for the fans.

  34. Goonerhaea

    I know a lot of people here blame Arsene for everything and I mean everything. Even when it’s quite obvious he’s been let down. Look, Arsene’s a great coach. A really great one, and if anything he has carried us and not van Persie.

    Now, let’s be honest, what manager would’t want talented players like Fabregas or even Messi. They all would, but if you’e not managing Oil and Mafia FC, you’re given much less to work with.

    And how many big players have you seen go for free? Not many because if they get to their last year and won’t sign, they are sold. No team will accept to make such high losses. You might say it doesn’t come up often as their player usually re-sign but hey why is that? Loyalty, to the money that is. So please, you are just being dumb blaming Wenger or even the board for selling because they had few choices. Re-investing on the other hand, you can blame the board for that one.

  35. gnarleygeorge9

    Make no mistake about it. If Manchester utd stop winning Titles they are fucked. They are so highly geared and living on the edge of financial oblivion they have to beat man city this season or the cracks will appear.

    Sobering isn’t it 😈

  36. El Tel

    Gnarley Old Bean.

    I hope that shit cunt Van Persie is a virus to them Cunts. They have some decent forwards but are lacking both in defense and certainly midfield.

    I hope Wenger does buy a couple of decent players otherwise I think all the promise the three muskiteers have shown in their 45 -60 mins will be wasted.

    I think the Ox will explode as a player this season and Giroud showed everything I like about a striker with those 45 minutes in Cologne.

    We will have a real free kick taker from now on with Arteta and Cazorla capable of better than that one and only shit cunt gave us.

    We will have aerial threat up front now and a player who looks like He will challenge for those long balls from keeper or defence.

    We have players who are not 6 feet plus taking corners and judging by Cazorlas first for the Club with much better accuracy too.

    We have strikers who look like they will play up front instead of midfield and they both look like they will be as clinical as wonder goal Van Persie.

    The cunt scored loads last year but could have been on par with Ronaldo and Messi with the chances He had. Will someone find his free kick stats and success rate to prove me right?

    I am worried anout our keeper to be honest although he is just as good as the traitor cunts new teams keeper, we are behind Citeh and the Chavs with Chesney in goal.

    Think our CB three are decent but we do need another for cover and I think we should look at a right back not only to cover Sagna but to replace him when he is off form too.

    A DM will definately be required and another striker or a WC AM.

    We are not there yet but could be with a little fine tuning.

    By the way, I wonder what the betting odds are on Wenger getting the boot.

    I reckon He has gone from you cant get odds to 3-1.

    If He thought last year was bad, I hope He is prepared for the start of this one because each and every game we lose will see the vultures soaring.

    Quite right too.

    Lets hope for some positive news very soon and no excuses about the League starting and needing to concentrate on this.

    Lets hope the fat pikey gives RVP a bad time or even starts to kick him in training and it all turning sour for the cunts.

    It could turn out for the best. Intersetingly we will have to be patient and see the outcome of them no good northern cunts treating our Club with contempt.

    Up the Arse.

  37. GodOfGunners

    Holy fuck.. RVP confirmed to manure cunts. Goodjob wenger you brought in so many exciting players this season but still maintain the tradition of selling your best players you shitfaced cunt.

  38. El Tel

    Although I am really angry that we sold the prick to the Mancscum I must say I am pleased that we didnt give him the 200 grand per week the greedy cunt wants as He is wor probably just a bit more than half of that amount.

    I also dont care if we sell one of our socalled stars every season as long as a better replacement is signed.

    Thats the annoying thing with Wenger, he sells these so called superstars. (Cesc is the only real Superstar form the lot of them) and either doesnt spend the loot or He buys inferior reinforcements.

    Wenger if it dont work out early doors I think you will find that you might be looking for a job.

    Us Arsenal fans have had it with you Pal.

    Sort it out or ship out yourself.

    No more chances.

  39. El Tel

    By the way take the Yank with you.

    Russian footballers might be useless playing in Blighty but their Ogliarcs are not poor owners. Well Abraham ov a bitch isnt anyway.

  40. El Tel

    Would be great irony if Wenger was to sign the Hunter Huntelaar and He plays so well that the Dutch drop the traitor prick and give Hunter his place.

    There were those wanting this to happen in the Euros. How great if we bought Him and He took centre stage.

    Our strike force would be sorted out too.

    Is the Hunter up for transfer and would Wenger be interested?

  41. El Tel

    We could bid for Sneider too and use the Traitor money to purchase him. They hate each other apparently so now the one and only over rated tosser has gone there is room for Sneider in our team.

    Anything to hurt that twisted cunt and his new team mates.

    Wonder what the mouthpiece Evra has to say about the, signing one of our babies.

  42. El Tel

    Hope it rains there for a year and is always as grey as his hair. Hope he gets SAD disease.

    I bet it wont take him long to shoot his gob off about the Arsenal and Wenger. Shit cunt with no back bone.

    He ran like a fairy and behaved like one too. When Lawrenson called our team pansies I am sure the traitor was the reason.

    Runs like a woman always injured and never getting stuck in. I read a piece about how hard He was because he played street football as a kid. Cant say I ever witnessed this steel from him.

    Great player maybe but soft as babies shit and a shirker. Who needs him for captain.

    Our new leader should be TBFG

  43. El Tel

    Going to get a sleep now after a night at work and dreaming of waking up to read that Song has fucked off too and we get Sahin and a couple of others coming in.

  44. ikon

    If we get M Villa and Sakho, I would easily forget Persie’s loss. That tally of 49 goals conceeded needs serious improvement. Process improvement can reduce maybe 5-6 goals but overall i feel both Mertesacker and Vermaelen are auxillary defenders. Mertesacker will be needed against Stoke and similar sides, Vermaelen will do well against sides with non physical frontline. We will not have problems scoring goals this time I am convinced of that.

  45. salparadiseNYC

    Looks like the Javi Martinez ship has sailed and he’s headed to Bayern.
    Massive Miss, game changer in my opinion.
    Old grey your not looking so smart this morning, unless you pull something out of the hat which is about as likely as Neymar ending up at Arsenal.
    Which should not feel like an impossibility but does.

  46. Jeff

    There can’t be many mistakes left in Wenger’s quota. If we drop out of the top 4, his time will surely be up.

  47. Jay2oh

    We never even off feed him a contract which I can’t get my Head around. At least try and keep him of you want to.

    All the positive feel with the new signings, all gone!

    Would be satisfied with a top DM purchased with the money but I’m sure I’m not alone when I feel it will banked.

    Come on wenger, show you want to win.

    Message for you Robin.

    Thanks for last season, now fucking do one, you are now the enemy.

  48. follow the money

    El Tel, ikon, yes! We got 24 mill for a crock with greying hair in the last year of his contract, who will prove to be downgrade from Berbatov in the UTD system, got big cash from a team who people say will be better than us but who has NO midfield (and we do now with Cazorla) .. I donb’t

  49. Geoff

    What a hopeless, hopeless cunt Wenger is, he said he had a year left on his contract so we had no choice.

    So 5 consecutive captains have been sold or moved on. Vieira, Henry, Gallas, Fabregas and now RVP. He sure knows how to pick loyal captains doesn’t he.

    And Cesc, he had what? 3 years left, so why did we sell him them?

    So it was £20mil plus add ons if he’s successful, so we earn more money if they win trophies that we don’t, what fucking madness.

    All the good work down the drain, RVP isn’t the mercenary cunt, Wenger is.

  50. ikon

    More than Persie leaving, I am sure most of Arsenal fans are scared that the whole 22 million will again go un invested. IF the manager and board invest that amount in the next 3-4 days in the defensive setup, people will easily forget this transfer and will be easy to look forward to next season.

    This is not to say Van Persie will not get the hate from the fans.

  51. Leedsgunner

    Geoff @ 709

    Hit the nail on the head… Utter madness. We are fools for believing that Wenger had changed. He’s looking out for Arsene FC. Season in chaos before we’ve kicked and squad unsettled — we’ve learnt nothing… So utterly depressing it’s unreal.

  52. Geoff

    So we buy in Giroud and Podolski and sell the doublefootballer of the year to a EPL rival. Clever.

    Then we keep useless cunts like Chamakh, Park and Squillaci.

    And have players like Arshavin, Bendtner and Denilson who don’t want to be around still on the payroll.

    This manager should be in a mental home, he has no idea how to manage.

  53. Geoff

    I would never wish ill of a player but I hope he gives them the same fitness levels he gave us.

    If however we add some money and buy a better replacement it would make Fergie look a bigger cunt spending that much on a £29 year old crock.

  54. lizardking

    Ill miss those magical volleys and last min goals to save our bacon. Ill miss his ability to raise level of all the players around him and and never say die attitude. Fuck why oh why did it have to be to the scum!!!! Another masterstroke by Fergie! It hurts so much because deep down I thought there was a chance he would at least stay on one more season. Maybe the combination of Poldolski and Giroud can make up for his loss, after all they always seem to be joined at the hip but hopefully they have an understanding and a connection to make a wonderful goal scoring partnership. Last but not least maybe TV can step up to the captain role and take responsibility for the defence, it can’t get any worse can it?

  55. Iffy da goon

    It’s now a routine every summer, lie to fans about wanting to keep a player while you’re negotiating his transfer. Then sell him near the end of the transfer window without replacing.

    Where are we supposed to get another van persie now for fucks sake

  56. Iffy da goon

    What exacly is Arsene Wenger’s legacy at Arsenal? Does he care about it or is he just about money too? If he cared what his legacy would be like would he keep selling all our best players every season?

  57. Geoff

    The man has no shame with his bareface lying, he says RVP will see out his contract then he sells him and says he had no choice.

    Did the same with Nasri and Fabregas, perhaps lying is just a French trait.

  58. Gliners

    I was speechless last night. This morning I’m angry. I can’t remember recently a pre-season when we haven’t sold a key player and not replaced them…like-for-like. Wenger must replace RVP with a proper world class striker!

  59. salparadiseNYC

    You won’t miss the magic it will be at the emirates in a Manchester United kit playing in front of Rooney, with Valencia providing the cross.
    Wenger has just done what i’d consider to be our worst deal ever, fucking shame.

  60. lizardking

    Money cant buy you love but it can buy you loyalty, well at least until someone else comes along who will pay you more!

  61. Doublegooner

    Shite Stan is one happy Yank this morning.

    4th place come May and it’s been the perfect 12 months.

    Then it starts all over again.

    Brilliant football model !

  62. Sadam Mahessar

    The worst part is we are not even linked with anyone barring Llorente. Everyone fucking knows Wenger won’t spend a penny now and say he has good squad options with Chamakh, Giroud and Podolski

  63. Iffy da goon

    What kind of board thinks selling it’s best players every year is a good business model when you’ll get even more from good sponsorships if you have a great title winning team

  64. Jeff

    You’re right Geoff. AW is a serial liar and as it turns out, so is Van Persie. I’ve given up taking at face value anything the players or the manager say from now on.

    There is no loyalty unless it is paid for. Greed, dishonesty and hypocrisy reigns supreme in this game and no better example of that is to be found at AFC. Players and managers will say anything to put themselves in favourable light right up until they release the guillotine on the fans. They are all culpable, from top to bottom.

    It is a sad day and we’ve been here before, many times. No end it sight to the vicious circle perpetrated by egotistical megalomaniacs whose only interest lies in bank account balances rather than trophy cabinets.

  65. ArsenalManiac21

    I want us to drop out of the top 4 maybe then Wenger would leave but I’m scared are we ever gonna make it back if we dropped out of the top 4?

  66. Iffy da goon

    I feel robbed and used so once again not a penny of mine will go to this useless board, let them sell all the players till there aren’t any left then they’ll turn on each other and start selling themselves

  67. Geoff

    The top 5 goalscorers in the EPL since 2007 and we sold two of them, RVP and Ade.

    Podolski not having a number 3 weeks ago meant Wenger always knew he was selling him.

    Horrible lying cunt.

  68. lizardking

    Your right all the lies he is like a politician but what can he do? He has a mutiny on his hands the only way to solve it is to get rid of the ring leader. If RVP had stayed it would have only got worse and worse. At least we have 2 very experienced mature players who come in fresh to start a new crew? Obviously RVP’s head was turned a while ago maybe why his form tailed off towards the end of the season and why he was shit at euros. The big question is how do we stop it happening like a viscous cycle every season? The only way it will end is if we actually win something this season and can be considered winners again or if the BOD/manager goes.

  69. Iffy da goon

    If lfc sign sahin and keep players fit you can be sure they’ll be in with a shout for fourth. It will be difficult this year. We still have quality just not enough to win the league anymore.

    Only radamel falcao can adequately replace robin van persie now

  70. Leedsgunner

    So was this the exciting news that Ivan promised us at the beginning of the transfer window? Exciting for who? For Man U? You could not make this up…

  71. Cesc Appeal

    Jovetic, Lewandowski or Huntelaar not right?

    One of them, M’Vila and Sahin on Loan with a RB/LB.

    They’ve got to do it now, Arsenal fans were bang up for the season now Wenger in a way only he can has destroyed that feeling.

    Needs to addressed before Sunderland, get the players in now Wenger, you would’ve had warning he was going. Giroud is NOT a replacement for RVP if the guy can’t score we’re stuffed.

    Really sucks seeing all the wank mancs talking about RVP, RVP/Rooney. Talk of them now going in for Modric again, him playing in behind those two, wow.

    They were looking spent, missed out on Lucas, only signed Kagawa we go and give them a massive injection of class because we wanted the £24 Million.

    Well either you spend it or people at Arsenal should have to live by this decision come May. If you get £15 Million for Song that’s another £40 Million you should be spending, three more players in and Sahin on loan with that. Huntelaar/Jovetic/Lewandowski, Sahin, M’Vila and VDW/Rangel/Taylor/Kolarov etc

    Horrible day

  72. Bergkamp63


    It was you that said about a week ago that there is no way on earth RVP was going to Manure in addition to my comment of we would get around £25m for him, your comment was what on earth made me think he was worth anywhere near that amount !!

    The naivity of some on here is staggering.

    I was laughed at by some when I said we would be looking to recoup the outlay of the £35m spent and that there was no way we would spend the queensland road money all in one go if any at all.

    When will it sink in with you idiots, this BOD & Manager have already replaced RVP and conned people into renewing season tickets by shutting him up at the Euros.

    If we are lucky we might see one more player in (possibly on loan).

    Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of the above blog.

  73. Hunter

    I am totally disgusted by this whole RVP episode and have simply had enough of excuse after excuse from that french maniac WENGER.He knew RVP was off and yet still gave him the captains arm band in the second half on Sunday!!Unbeleiavable,what message does that send out?What example is that to our younger players,RVP said many times over the last few seasons of his inwaverring love for AFC,thanking them for standing by him throughout all his injury hit seasons only to piss us off when someone waves a large wad of cash under his nose!Mancs wont win dick this season and I hope we rub his nose into the ground by beating them home and away and finishing above them too.Wenger needs to go….and go quickly,he has lost all respect and buying POD & GIROUD is only paperring over the cracks.We have lost a so called ‘world class’ striker and have replaced him with untried(in Premier league) players.Hopefully they will respond and make us all forget the traitor however more are needed and soon!.This is like ‘groundhog Day’ every year,selling our best players to our rivals and its got to stop.At the next home game we should invade the pitch and make our feelings known to the club,perhaps that will get through to the dictators?We are the laughing stock of world football now,looking weak and problematical,the money men are winning and the real football fans have had it!I have never seen such fury as recently on blogs with venom aimed at BOD,WENGER

  74. Iffy da goon

    Nothing to stop wenger selling wilshere but a change of ownership. Stan kroenke is a stupid cunt that doesn’t respect tradition. He proposed moving one of his teams from their town to california for money. He will sell his own mother if the price is right.

    When did we start selling our captain and best player to manchester united. When did we start losing 8-2 to rivals. Someone is sitting too comfortably at Arsenal and it’s up to us fans to shake them up

  75. dennisdamenace

    This isn’t about selling our best player (YET AGAIN), it’s about selling our best player to ManUre……

    I feel betrayed by the player, but moreso by Wenger & Gazidis.

    The cash cow rolls on £200m+ in cash reserves, and STILL we sell out best players.

    Now we hear all the useual suspects defending this crass stupidity, And, we hear what a cunt RvP is for leaving and going to the Mancs, well why aren’t the Arsenal management just as bi a bunch of cunts for selling him to the Mancs in the first place?

    People banging on about player loyalty, fucking divs, what about manager loyalty eh? The only loyalty that French shit has is to himself, and his salary. £8m a year to protect Kroenke’s fucking investment.

    And, as for all those deluded fucks who think that the money will go to Llorente or whatever other random mug, really? You really still believe the lie?

    Adebayor, Toure, Nasri, Clichy, Fabregas, to name but a few, remember the names?, remember the fees? Well add that total figure to the adjective ‘disappeared’.

    Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger all sicken me to the core. This deal is like a dagger in the heart of all Gooners, and they are just as complicite in this sickening affair as RvP, because when it comes to money they have no honour.

  76. Leedsgunner

    “Will we be getting a statement from Mr. Kronke about the RvP transfer to Man U?”

    “No…. He’s too busy counting his mon…. He’s busy on business.”

  77. RockyPires

    29 year old who only gave one good season to Arsenal, cost us points in his early days, impending court cases, tempermental but on his last year of contract we make a 22 million profit. Bare facts, done best we could out of him, he pushed through the transfer remeember, telling us he’d stay last season, looking for a new house in London etc, so settled, Bullshit, his nose got turned by money, was hoping for Real or barca but ends up at Man Ure. Man Ure are in decline, Old fucked up defence in Evra,Ferd,Vividc, and Rafael is shit. Piss poor midfield which Ramsey dominated in Carrick,Anderson 50 year old Scholes and Giggs, overated Cleverly, nonexistant Nani, over rated Welbeck, fat Rooney, little Pea yet to see his qualities after inital season . Oh and scared Goalie, they will do well to finish 3rd . WE WILL FINISH ABOVE THEM.

    Ok I am hurting by this transfer but just breaking it down it, it makes it more bearable. Dirty Dutch Cunt,,,,,,

    And remember Old Trafford where 70,000 of them sang ” Robin Van Persie, the girl says no Moleste her ” We backed him through that chanted as loud as we could and clapped Robin Van Persie, clap clap Robin Van Persie……. Never again though.

  78. Graham O'Keeffe

    quote …… When asked if he would spend on new players, Wenger said: “We’ve already recruited to replace him.”

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4489602/Robin-Van-Persie-in-22m-Man-Utd-deal-as-Rooneys-partner.html#ixzz23gv2hGgS

    so if the highly unreliable sun is right…WENGER YOU LYING SACK OF SHIT.

    Get ready for the usual end of summer dejection people as we go into the start of the season with another fire sale.

    Wenger.”roll up roll up get your quality signings here…roll up roll up everything must go with the exception of my morrocan love child, our korean posterboy, russian doughnut eating champion and nb52 2the greatest striker to have ever walked NB52’s head”

    Come on arsene and the rest of the shylocks on the board prove us all wrong…..

  79. Cesc Appeal

    Jovetic, Huntelaar or Lewandowski…if you has to choose.

    Part of me would want Huntelaar because Rvp and Klaas hate each other

  80. Iffy da goon

    Even yesterday Arsenal we’re still lying about van persie. This is a copy of an email i received after imploring them not to sell to united:

    “Thank you for your email. We appreciate the time you have taken to contact us.

    With regards to Robin van Persie, We are obviously disappointed that he may not be continuing his career at Arsenal in the future, However we have to respect Robin’s decision not to renew his contract. Robin has one year to run on his current contract and we are confident that he will fulfil his commitments to the Club[lying cunts].

    As always we are planning with ambition and confidence for next season. We are once again looking forward to challenging in the Premier League and the Champions League, as well as the FA Cup and Carling Cup. The transfer window is not closed and we have already made some significant changes within the squad for 2012/2013 and we look forward to their Arsenal debuts in the near future.


  81. Geoff

    Bergkamp I trusted Wenger this time and didn’t believe he could be that stupid, he is a cunt of the first order, a cunt and a lying cunt at that.

  82. angeausarsenal

    Hopefully he will be getting loads of these today,
    @Persie_Official Well done arsehole, my 9 year old son is in tears and inconsolable , hope you fail your medical, shameless whore

  83. Sadam Mahessar

    I want Song to be sold as well now. Revamp the whole team.

    Jovetic, Schurrle, Damiao, Huntelaar for RVP
    M’Vila for Song.

    Sahin ship has sailed by, he is at Liverpool.
    Angel Rangel, the RB from Swansea should be our 3rd and last buy of the season.

  84. goonerDNA

    Fuck RVP for pushing for the move TO UNITED

    All you RVP apologists need a head check he’s gone to united which is a fucking sin in my book

    Wenger and the club need to buy a replacement or re spend the money otherwise they cunts too


  85. Leedsgunner

    Finally we achieve some sort of depth in quality in the attacking department and we go and strengthen Man U’s bench… *slap head*

  86. rizal

    Stop with those argument of which player is better or ManU player or good or shit or etc, all of AFC petty current state is because of Kronke supported by PHW and his gang. If we don’t sign 1 or 2 quality player for our DM or striker or any truly make different player before the transfer season end then a HATE campaign to Kronke need to be underway.

  87. ikon

    On a different note, will RVP make a similar impact as he did with us next season? I doubt it .. very much. He had much success last season because of Theo’s runs. On his link up play attributes, doesn’t Rooney play this role for United? And although his tally of scored goals looks great for the last 18 months, he was never a finisher. The Arsenal system was very complimentary to his skills.. I doubt if united’s attack would suit him that much. Having said that, no denying the fact that we lost out on a imperiously talented player because of money lusting pigs that run the football club.

  88. Geoff

    Anyone who wants to leave is allowed, Wenger is a gutless weak man who is also a lying cunt.

    Who’s next, Jack?

  89. Ash79

    Lizard – “The big question is how do we stop it happening like a viscous cycle every season? The only way it will end is if we actually win something this season ”

    do you honestly believe that? do you honestly believe that IF we win the title or ECL that
    a) the usual poachers wont come in for our players?
    b) we will be bale to fend them off?
    c) our player sheads wont get turned?

    Ivan, Stan and Arsene would have a massive spunk party if we won the title knowing what sort of sums they could generate!

    all irrelevant anyway, we wont win shit.

  90. goonerDNA

    I would of been ok with RVP if he left for top wages for the top club in the country man city but its united a club that only succeeds because of a aging manager who somehow is able to get the business done with a weak squad that surely can’t be sustainable.

  91. RockyPires

    Ya I truely behind the fuxk RVP arugment, Wenger tried to keep him, tried to meet his demands, I mean signing Cazorla, Podolski,Giroud, is trying, RVP wanted out end of, so he had to go. Fuck him end of.

    Arsenal can move on sign a few players to give squad depth and we will be all the better for not having RVP sulking on the bench.
    Come on Arsenal.

  92. Arsenalone

    Last season i suggested on le grove that the best thing for arsenal was that we Lost to west broom on the last a of the season ( we nearly did).

    I got slaughtered by many for even thinking it.

    The only way Arsenal FC can move forward is by starting this season with a few losses in our first few games then the wheels will start to roll on the board and manager.

    They have been lying to us for years,Kronke is just interested in money.

    So this could be the beginning of the end for Kronke and he’s mates.

    Then we can get our club back,so don’t kill me I’m a massive Arsenal fan.

    An x season ticket holder for 6 years a son named after Liam Brady,daughter named after Charlie gorge and a huge huge huge arsenal heart.

    The best thing for us to go forward is to start losing games

    The pressure that is required to

  93. gambon

    Today is gonna be a nightmare on here.

    Look how many complete fucking retards are already trying to make out selling the leagues best player isnt an issue.

    Complete and utter denial.

    I remember people saying Cesc would sit on the bench, that Nasri would never win anything, that Clichy would be a failure.

    Then theres the spastics saying “Replace him with xxxxx”


    This sale has been planned for months. We spent £39m, and we are now going to make a profit by selling RVP, Song, Vela, Bendtner & Park.

  94. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Man I’m so diappointed with my club this morning. In fact I’m steaming at them!

    Disappointed was after losing the CL final to Barca.. Low

    Disappointed was losing to that fucking Gazza goal in the FA Cup Semi in 91

    Disappointed was losing to the only fucking Brooking header in History in 80!

    Disappointed to see Chippy leave for the lure of the Lira..

    and so on… Many ups and down but much joy also. Now this is anger.

    Some late night posters insinuating that this is Wenger finally playing hardball with wantaways! Like the attitude is “ok boys, you want out? Right then piss off. No place for you here. I’ll replace you.”

    Sorry I don’t see it that way at all. That’s not going to have one bit of impact on any player who wants out. In fact it’s music to their ears!

    Playing Hardball is telling the players: “you want out? Sorry you have a contract. You are not for sale. Get the fuck on with it son.”

    We will announce in Sept another profit of around 60-70m. Our cash reserves will hit 200m. Our interest payment and capital payment on the stadium will be 18m approx. we will have to maintain 30m as security and need some working capital for cash flow and outgoings. The future is bright with income from CL revenue increase this season. EPL TV money in 2013-14. All the sponsorship deals coming up that year and we have to sell to cunts who just sold shares to raise cash? Bullfuckingshit!

    We finished last season with 160m. Spuds 20m. They had a wage bill of 90m+ and only went into overðraft to the tune of 7m throughout the season. Yet they were the ones playing hardball. Telling Chelsea to shove their 40m up their arse!

    They are still a financial midget compared to us. But that is playing hardball with a player. Not caving at every decent offer. “oh we won’t take a penny less than 25 m.. ” Real tough negotiations there boys!

    Why oh why do we ‘need’ to take the 22.3m or whatever the fuck we are getting for Robin?

    The BBC report indicates that NO contract was actually offered to Robin and he was prepared to stay and was impressed with the new signings? It may be bullshit of course and there are still some facts to emerge on this saga. But, for a club in our financial position and with the future revenue streams down the line this is nothing but a god damm financial decision!

    Afraid to lose 20m on a free next season when he (RVP) is the very man who could have brought 50m to the table with his goals taking us the the CL places. No way were Liverpool and Spuds going to overhaul us with the squad we had yesterday morning.

    Now we hand one of our rivals our best player! Bollox!

  95. Ash79


    ditto, fucks sake wake up people.

    RockyPires – Ya I truely behind the fuxk RVP arugment, Wenger tried to keep him, tried to meet his demands, I mean signing Cazorla, Podolski,Giroud, is trying, RVP wanted out end of, so he had to go. Fuck him end of.

    NO ROCKY! Wenger signed them cos he knew dutch boy was going.


  96. Jeff

    I now fully believe AW would sell his own grandmother if it meant making a few pennies profit and that goes for the entire board.

    We are a weak, gutless, soulless outfit. There is no drive, no real passion for success on the pitch. Just a money making machine that has lost its way and wouldn’t think twice about selling our best to the highest bidder, whoever it happen to be; even Man U.

    No wonder all the managers heap praise on AW. Because he’s the loyal shepherd. Fattens up the merchandise and waits for the real football managers to come looking for a good buy.

    We get what we deserve each year because we don’t aim any higher and we certainly won’t break the bank to buy the necessary players to do the job. This episode proves that without question. I do not care what Van Persie said or didn’t say. I don’t care what Wenger said or didn’t say. The choice was ours to make. We could have simply said NO to Ferguson. We could have stood firm and sent out a different message.

    As it is, and I know people here are saying it’s good business, but I cannot see it like that. It’s only good business in financial terms. In footballing terms it is very bad business. It sends out a horrible message to other clubs, to players of other clubs, to our own players and all the fans and would be fans around the world. That message says, in no uncertain terms, that we rate money over and above everything else; even the club. That money invariably ends up in the pockets of the scavengers who only spend to maintain the money machine AFC has become in their hands and they are not about to loosen their grip.

    Scavengers, liars, hypocrites and snake oil salesmen, the whole lot of them. The only real loyal parties are the fans who pay through the nose to suffer the stresses and strains of supporting a football club being led to its doom by a bunch of losers. They are all in it for the money and nothing else. I don’t know what other verdict or conclusion there can be.

  97. gambon

    Arseblog talking a load of shit as always:

    “but in February 2011 Arsenal fans and van Persie were singing from the same hymn sheet. He understood, he knew what we felt, he wanted to do things the Arsenal way, yet in just over 12 months his mind has been changed completely and he’s willing to flush all those great moments down the toilet.”

    What great moments?

    The reason RVP wants to leave is that there werent any great moments.

    8 seasons, one trophy as a bit part player, and a club that wont buy world class players, wont pay world class players, and are obsessed with selling there players.

    This move isnt about RVPs desire to leave, thats just what Arsenal want the fans to think. This is about Arsenal wanting to cash in on their best player.

  98. fuckit4thwilldo?

    Arsenal squad as I see it

    Chez – young promising but prone to error

    Sagna – best right back in the league currently out with 2nd broken leg in 12 months
    Yennaris- Looks ok, no premiership experience
    Kos – happy with
    Per – happy with
    Verm – happy with, he will be captain and we have sold 5 of them in the last 6 years. This will be his last season with us.
    Gibbs – could be good if he wasn’t constantly injured
    Santos – fat
    Miquel – Young/ probably going out on loan

    Coc – little/no premiership experience
    Song – probably off
    Arteta – Good injury prone
    Rosicky – injured
    Diaby – don’t get me started
    Jack – out for 13 months and counting
    Ramsey – not good enough
    Ox- happy with still young and developing/will probably be captain next year after Verm is sold, and aold the following year.
    Cazorla – looks decent, first season in the prem though

    Gerv – think he could have a better season, hit and miss – usually miss.
    Walcott – still not signed, could also be off to balance the books
    Arshavin – not interested
    Pod – Looks good, first season in the prem will be tough for him.
    Giroud – same as Pod
    Chamakh – even my Blackburn supporting college was disappointed to hear a rumour he was linked with a move to them.
    Park – played 6 minutes of premier league football since we have had him. I have no idea if he’s any good. I guess Chamakh getting in the team ahead of him tells you all you need to know about Park.

    And we can’t even sell this lot

    How many of those players would you honestly say are good enough to be in a premier league winning squad? I count 4 including a fit Jack which isn’t going to happen any time soon.

    People keep saying to me You’ll be alright without RVP. Yeah we will be “alright” 4th in the league, last 16 in the Champs league, Quarter finals of the League Cup/ Quarter finals of the FA Cup (if we’re lucky).

  99. Arsenalone

    Fuckit4Th will do

    Mate trouble is w won’t finish 4th this year no way the team ain’t good enough our rivals for 4th are Liverpool and spuds,we will struggle to fin ins 4th

  100. salparadiseNYC

    Ivan wanted a settled club before the pre season tour said it was imperative in his post season summation, pointed to the fact we’ve brought Podolski in early to prove this point as we did not want to go into season unsettled like last. How does selling our best player/epl player of the year/ skipper to one of the leagues top two teams whom finished 19 points ahead of us fit into this equation?
    It was so simple to puzzle this together, keep him and he needs to play for a contract heading into his 30th year. Would of been and epic sight to see.
    NO replacement of remotely his quality coming in if any at all.
    ARSENAL = AJAX selling clubs.

  101. Boozy

    However no football fan in the world, has been through what arsenal fans have.

    The club has zero regard for the fans. Shameful

  102. Gary T

    So Gazidis reckoned we’d be in for some very exciting news did he? Fucking joker!

    Next AST tea party how’s about some starstruck fucker actually question the man’s integrity, the way he just sails through them is offering false hope is disgusting. The AST need to grow a pair!

  103. Johnty79

    Wenger makes 10% on all profit on transfers believe it people. Just wait against Sunderland arsenal players are deliberately going to lose to show there fury….I have this from a great source. Put any money you want on Sunderland beating arsenal…trust me.

  104. Johnty79

    Team at start is season….

    Jenkins verm kos santos
    Ramsay coqelin Carzola
    Gervinho giroud poldolski

    Be afraid people be very afraid. We r in a whole world of trouble!