Le Grove Fantasy Football League – Get joining!

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Right everyone, second post of the day, this one isn’t for commenting on.

This is about Fantasy Football, I’m sh*te at it, but some of you are pretty talented at the game. I hope your parents are proud.

So, here are the instructions.

  1. Click ‘http://fantasy.premierleague.com
  2. Sign up to it
  3. Design your team
  4. Join the league by entering this pin into the ‘Join league bit’ ( League Pin 1099637-264428)!

Now, if there are any businesses who want to sponsor this  with an iPad or something equally exciting, do let me know. We’ll do an update a month with your brand emblazoned across it. I’m not accepting any payment for this… all I want is some prizes for the readers!

Get in touch with me at peter @ le-grove.co.uk if you’re interested. It’s a sound investment for the coverage your brands name will get off the back of it.

Anyway, get entering, we’re always one of the most competitive leagues out there, it’d be great if we could finish inside the top 100 again this year!

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17 Responses to “Le Grove Fantasy Football League – Get joining!”

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  1. Johnty79

    Spurs have a big team full of strong big players. We will struggle when we play them. Physically we r to small.

  2. Gooner63

    My defence looks a bit short, do i sell a midfielder and bring in a DM, or should buy another unknown striker from Belgium to replace selling my main striker to the opposition.

    decisions decisions

    Ps – its ok though as i got lots of money saved in my FF bank