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Alex Fynn, back with a podcast

Good morning Grovers! We have plenty to churn through today. The Olympics might be over, but the football season is nearly upon us. Why the hell there are internationals going on is totally beyond me. The people running the game seem to have not one ounce of common sense when it comes to scheduling. There is absolutely no need for a friendly now and it’s totally detrimental to most sides preparation…. and don’t even get me started on another African Cup of Nations. How many do they need? What is the purpose of another one? How long does Africa need this tournament to promote prosperity?

Onto other news. Arsene Wenger has come out and said Spanish papers make stuff up. This b*stards, I knew it. I swear I knew it all along.

“There’s nothing going on with Song. There’s nothing in that. Song has three years’ contract – he’s not in the same situation as Robin van Persie.

“In Spain, the newspapers are not really serious. We’ve had the experience of that. We’ve never had any contact with anybody from Barcelona.”

Now people, I’m not one for ever doubting the versacity of an Arsene Wenger quote, but I can tell you now for free, there might not be any truth in the Barcelona interest, but there is a whole load of truth in Alex Song wanting to go elsewhere and being quite public about his desires.

Still, the man from Cameroon was pretty categoric and forceful with his words about staying at Arsenal for the rest of his career.

‘I am not going to lie if I said there is no interest but I am at Arsenal and I am happy at Arsenal.’

He is happy at Arsenal if no one comes in for him. Well, so he’s told his friend Kameni.

‘We were together on vacation. He would like to go to Barcelona, any player would like to. Barcelona are not one of the best in the world, but the best’

It’s amazing what your friends tell you in a hot sticky bar in Benidorm. Anyway, there is no smoke without fire. There is no Darren Dein without player agitation. Expect this one to roll on and on. He might not go this window, but it’s disappointing we’re even talking about it. Hopefully we’ll push before he does and bring in someone who will die for the cause. I’ve always had my doubts as to whether Alex Song would do that.

Nik B is having a bit of a nightmare summer. It’s just sunk in that the Balon D’or his girlfriend awarded him in a mock ceremony in a Monaco hotel room was in fact, not real. No one is interested in his signature because apparently no one has met his three demands.

‘Yes I have and there are a lot of different reasons for that. I have three demands and I won’t sign a deal with a club who aren’t prepared to fill those demands.’

What could those demands be?

1. A car parking plaque that denotes – Master of the Universe

2. Sexual access to Chairmans wife

3. The shirt number ‘52,000’

In Robin Van Persie news, things just continue to get more and more bizarre. The headlines this morning report that Alex Ferguson took to the phone himself to persude  Arsene to let his man go. I’m really not sure what that would achieve. I can’t believe the manager would be involved in the negotiations. I like that fact we’re making it tough for United, however, with Llorente sparking interest from Juve, we must be careful we don’t miss out on players then eventually sell Robin with no replacement to buy. Do we force a player who doesn’t want to be with us to stay for a season and miss out on £25million? Or do we flog him and bring in someone who wants to prove themselves and kick us onto trophy glory? It’s a big decision for Arsene and one that will certainly affect our trophy push this season.

Finally, before I go. I’ve recorded another podcast with Alex Fynn. I haven’t been very good at keep these things going on a regular basis, something I’ll look to do more as the season goes on. However, Alex is always an excellent guest and he can bring far more to the table than me just jabbering on about Alex Song and his orange trainers. In this episode we cover off the Premiership, Arsene Wenger and his change in tact, David Dein and his Premiership influence, Darren Dein and the Arsenal approach to football and spending moving forward. It’s a great listen even if the sound quality isn’t quite 100% yet!

As part of the podcast, we’ve got a special offer on the book. If you use the special code ‘Grove’ and buy the book at Vision SP you’ll get your very own special signed copy. Again, I can’t speak highly enough of the book. I’m pretty immersed in Arsenal as it is, so to read something as detailed and educational as this was truly was a pleasure. It’ll also give you the hard truth on the club, it’s finances and what’s been going on in modern times. You can also pick it up on the Kindle here.

Right, enjoy the podcast below, it’ll be on iTunes tomorrow. Let me know what you think on Twitter or in the comments!

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  1. BOOZY

    Suga, Arsenal are big, wenger made us massive, we have no idea how big arsenal are, but we are a massive brand.

    Let’s just get our house in order.

    if we win the league this season*cough* the commercial potential could be record breaking.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    It’ll be Tello who comes the other way I rekon, £15 Million and one of their talented little youngsters

  3. Stan Donkey

    Gambon “If we sell Song and sign MVila AND Sahin, i would be fairly happy.”

    I’d be ecstatic!

    Park & Bendtner are out of the squad at least.

    We’ve suffered 7 shitty years’ i’m just hoping wenger has turned the corner. I think we’ve lost RVP already, it’s purely a case of what wenger does in response / who he buys.

  4. JT

    SUGA3 – I was there – it was the same scam as Sydney … awful.

    London just bankrupted the UK.

    See you next century … and how much is that Castle?

  5. SUGA3


    ‘we have no idea how big Arsenal are’ – speak for yourself…

    the house not being in order is a one of the reasons why it is so much harder to strike a good deal, being the one paying the money, you would prefer to be certain that the sponsored entity will not spunk the money on giving Diabys and Djourous new impoved deals, wouldn’t you?

    I know I would…

  6. dave


    Yep, and we can train that Barca littlun for few years, let him make his mistakes in our 1st team and then he can claim Barca DNA, force a sale for a reasonable price.
    Everyone’s happy

  7. BOOZY

    surely if song goes then Mr M’vila must be brought in.

    But wenger’s words are starting to lose credibility everyday.

    it makes me wonder what he means, when he says –

    ‘ i want to keep rvp ‘

  8. SUGA3


    er, next century is in some 80+ years, could not give a fuck less if I tried 😉

    UK is not Greece, my friend, to say that the Olympics have bankrupted the country is laughable…

  9. Iffy da goon

    @Stan D…excerpt from R&W open letter to the board

    “…..Secondly, OJSC MegaFon (Russia) received a cold call letter from Mr Gazidis requesting a meeting to discuss a possible international partnership deal including shirt sponsorship. “

  10. GoonerAU

    Gambon – what does Arsenal have/do/will do that makes you a fan?

    This club does not represent any of your ideals or seems to give you any satisfaction at all supporting it.

    Why do you then? History?

    I’m not going to say “go support Mancity or Chelsea”, but really, all you do is seemingly agonize over everything this club does.

    Are you a masochist?

  11. Samir

    Trouble is…With all these players leaving and coming in…We may have a shitty start to the season!
    Not sure on Tello…He has Barca DNA. Probably use us as a stepping stone like the rest of them.

    Sahin+M’Villa instead of Song has to be a big improvement though!

    I just RVP is kept.

  12. Marko

    Seems the Barca VP is in london for Song talks. I can see it going one of 3 ways one we take straight cash homie for the homie or two we sell and get one of Rafinha, Deufoleu or Affelley as part of the deal or three we try sell em Van Persie. Ah no either way if he goes expect Sahin to be pushed and or Capoue or M’Vila.

  13. BOOZY

    tello’s a good prospect, but i’ll prefer the MULLAH. 15 bigguns.

    That should placate the board and some money sensitive fans.

    suga i was only trying to be modest, i would have said ‘you’.

    I know how big arsenal are – the most supported club in the world.

  14. reality check

    Pedro geoff gambon ect how can one listen to podcast using blackberry. The link directs me to itunes format audio.

  15. Dan Ahern

    How about Song for Isaac Cuenca and £12m?
    To me it looks clear Ox will be almost strictly midfield this year, so the added RW depth will be helpful.
    And the £12m is most of M’Vila’s fee.

    (somebody CC Dick Law please?)

  16. marcus

    RvP is the last great one left in our team. If we sell him, there is just a variety of average dross – some might have their great moments. But no one is outstanding. The magic would have disappeared. Please let him stay on, I don’t care if it’s just for one year. The things RvP can do in one year, the rest of our players couldn’t do during their entire careers.

  17. Confidentgoner

    Why do I see comments saying RVP will turn 30 and so will not be effective!! I beg to disagree. His game is not based on pace, but on positional play. I know of many players beyond 30 years who were more than effective for their clubs. I guess people just can’t stop living off AW bull**t.

    It’s a bad idea to sell VP. Just like Rooney, I hope that there are people in Arsenal who should give him as much as he can get elsewhere. With him in our side, and adding 2 more players , we stand a fighting chance.

  18. Goon from BD

    Song wants a move fuck him. If we can get Sahin on loan and replace the mong with M’vila/Toulalan it would fucking great.

    Don’t go RvP!!!!!

  19. ArsenalManiac21

    Gooner from Bd: ” Song wants a move fuck him” Van Persie wants a move too or you didn’t get that memo?

  20. Draper-Corleone

    Any of you into stories, movies that kinda stuff? Joseph Campbell , Booker, Vogler, Boyd et al? Aristotle’s Poetics? The Bard even?

    Who do the plebs root for? The underdog always. The hero is almost always the underdog. If you understand that you will understand the power of the Arsenal brand. Do you think City or Chelsea will ever win global fans by buying titles? But being the underdog is not enough. The hero must have redeeming, noble attributes. Things that make him / her intensely likeable. Arsenal have it by the spades. Beautiful attacking football, self dependent, youthful teams, a club that creates superstars out of nothing. All these make people want to be part if the journey, the endeavour. Ours is a real story – the struggle against money power etc. etc. When it comes to sponsors, winning or losing do not matter. What matters is how many people WILL you to win.

    So let’s not worry about sponsorships. When the time comes to renew there will be plenty available.

    And as for the economic viability of Asian and African nutters, every market has its own brands. Airtel has come on board not because of those who live in Islington. Similarly loads more will come.

    Last point, it is utterly mindless to compare deals done 10 years ago with ones being done this year. Upfront payment or not, today’s deals are likely ten times bigger than those struck by arsenal for the sake of building the stadium. Our deals will be bigger than all bar United, and that’s because they have a bigger fan base.

  21. Phil

    When it comes to sponsors , Winning or losing does matter.
    3 reasons.
    1/ Ask anybody working in sponsorship what is it like trying to sell sponsorship when the team is losing. arsenal or anybody else.
    Losing teams lose supporters and decline in tv audience, if losing is continuous.
    2/ as a result the amount charged for the sponsorship invariably drops.
    So financial results are definitely affected.
    3/ The big brands like to be associated with successful clubs, not also rans.
    so if you want to attract the big sponsors, corporate partners—

  22. Dan Ahern

    Draper-Corleone – Even if that half-baked theory were true, people want the underdog to triumph. If he never learns from his mistakes and falls on his face for seven years, people start to get fed up.

  23. Zeus

    I just ha to share this and I hope nuri Sajin does his research. It’s from a Liverpool blog’s comments section. Hilarious…….

    1 wk, 4 days ago
    I tell ya what, if we off-load, or loan, or part-fuckin-exchange Shelvey before the start of the season……..I dont know, I really dont know what I’ll do but I imagine it wont be pretty. I think that could just be the final self inflicted LFC fuck up that breaks this camels back and an LFC induced mental breakdown will occur. I dont think I can watch the club that enchanted me as a child and gave me some of the greatest moments of my life, continue to perpetually shoot itself in the foot. It just hurts too much and is beyond frustratingly infuriating.

    When our mistakes are catalogued, its enraging. We are a joke of a club, run by jokers and have been for some time. I hope against hope that Rogers is all that he says he is. And more. Because he’ll need to be to right this club and steer it back to where we all want to be. I must confess however, these Shelvey stories are beginning to gnaw at that hope.

    Surely to fuck theres enough schleps at the club we can fuck off to Swansea with whatever cash we can cobble together without having to go – paraphrasing Robert Downey here – ‘full on classic Liverpool FC retard’ and offer up arguably the brightest prospect the club has.

    Ok, ya want the Swansea squad, we get it Brendan, but ffs Shelvey? Ya do know Coles still on our books Right? Spearing? Wilson? Hell, even Bellamy would be a good fit for them and him despite it being an unwanted hit……but it would make more sense offloading a 33yr old with dodgy knees than possibly your midfield general of the next fucking 10yrs!!! Jesus christ do we not do it to ourselves or what? Seriously? And people wonder why we are where we are.

    I read a stunning statistic on another site the other day and I swear ta fuck I just closed the laptop and stopped reading about Liverpool for a few days. It just knocked the shite out of me, just fucken depressed me.

    The source for the stat is that transfer forum one if I recall correctly and it states that since the premier league was formed Liverpool has spent 562million pounds on transfers whilst manchester utd has spent………500million over the same period. And have 13 titles to show for it. We on the other hand……
    Thats not net spend, or ammortized or whatever the fuck else, just gross outlay on transfers. Now,

    I dident cross check the figures or research it any further – as I said, I just logged off in a fit of despair – but I have no reason to disbelief the figures and in fact, given our track record in the transfer market, they are probably, frighteningly, 100% accurate but once again they do beg the question; should we really wonder at where we are at all? I’d say its a fucking minor miracle we’re not down with Leeds and Forest this years to be honest.
    Liverpool Football club: A 20 fucking year case study in mis-management.

  24. Lurch LeRouge



    It doesn’t take 7 years to see the ‘underdog’ in a work of shakespeare turn the tide, no the balance is usually restored within about an hour.

    Yes the books you mention take longer, though only a couple of days unless you read at the pace of a degenerate like Song.

    we’re time based creatures, ignoring this is naive in the extreme.

  25. SUGA3


    what a complete load of tosh, first of all, the companies that are able to put enough money on the table want to be associated with success, not with the also rans who don’t even appear to make an effort to give themselves a whiff of chance for the fairytale ending, an this is why we seem to have abandoned the project youth that brought no results, leaving only a number of players whom we won’t be able to sell due to them being overpaid and having questionable attitude at best…

    and really, the underdogs? it somehow does not go together with the ticket prices that happen to be the highest in Europe, if not the world, this is a premium product, not some pleb jolly you are referring to…

  26. Jeff

    If RVP goes to Man U with or without the club’s blessing, it will prove one thing and one thing alone. His reason for the decision not to sign an extension being based on the lack ambition for glory will have been proved to be a total lie. It would mean he betted on Arsenal not signing anyone of worth and carrying on much like last summer with a team of mostly mediocre players. That is clearly not the case so for him to still leave Arsenal (if he goes) is both a travesty for AFC and a huge black mark against the legend that he’s grown to be at Arsenal.

    Who in their right mind would ever envisage Scholes or Giggs leaving Man U for another premier league club? It is preposterous.

    I do not believe nor take any notice of the gutter press or the silly websites who keep telling us “the deal is close” until it actually happens. Until then, for me, RVP is till an AFC player and will remain so at least for one more season. Anything other than that, the player, unfortunately, will be at fault and it will be very difficult for the fans (including myself) to forgive him should he leave for Man U.

  27. SUGA3

    I reckon RvP will be immediately hated by the fanbase if he goes to Yoonited, IMO, he is the last symbol of the Arsenal of old, the last one that is remembered for playing with Bergkamps and Henrys…

    I went to that CC game when Nasri first came to play us and I booed the cunt until I was blue in the face and I would expect much worse towards RvP, should he leave…

  28. Lurch LeRouge

    I’d expect RVP will get the Toure/Clichy level of abuse, which is to say not much.

    in 6 years time watch him haunt the club for freebies etc… when he’s sick of living in the shit hole of Manchester.

  29. SUGA3


    neither of these two was anywhere near as important to the team and quite honestly, going to Citeh is not as bad as going to Yoonited…

  30. SUGA3


    the away kit looks much better on the TV than on the website, need to see it in the store on Saturday to know whether it’s as gash as on the website pics or not…

  31. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Suga.. I tend to agree with u.. But not condone it however. It will leave a very bad taste in the mouth.. It will just sadden me up to my tits and depress me to see him in one of ‘those’ shirts!

    I’m not sure that I also subscribe to Lurch’s theory.. Much as I like it and want to believe it, that he is playing poker with the club.

  32. SUGA3


    well, there is only one worse kit than our away one and that’s United’s home, looks like an old man’s PJs, if that does not convince RvP to stay, nothing will!

  33. SUGA3


    as much as I am fully with him that he should be paid what he earned, the idea of him going to MU is just too much…

    as you can see, it was enough for me to get out of the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ state 😉

  34. Lurch LeRouge

    fair enough Suga3

    over the years I’ve learned to not get too attached to player hence my detachment manifests itself accordingly.

    I want him here for the good of the squad and image of the club. I don’t much care for who plays at other clubs.

    Looking at it philosophically, if/when he plays against us Verm & Koz will have his number, more so than any opponent they haven’t trained with for years.


  35. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    No suga. I cannot and will not! He’s worth it. End of. Either we can afford it or we cannot.

    However, I do think he would stay with us for a bit less on offer at City/Utd.. But only a bit less.. He won’t stay for 130. We’ll have to go north..

    RVP is a club ‘asset’; a most valuable one!

    There’s a lot of emotion attached to this discussion on Robin and I also am guilty of that. For some reason I feel this is a monumental moment for the club. Keep him and we make a huge statement (with our new signings) . It would for me, signal that The Arsenal are back, watch out!

  36. SUGA3


    it’s not about being attached to any player in particular, it’s more about the BoD bending over every time a suitor comes in with a sum in excess of £3.99 and it’s United, who, despite some peoplesaying otherwise are actually our rivals as it is…

    why is Fergus so hell bent on buying him? because he knows that we have got a squad that is on par with his, if not better, given that Giggs and Scholes are 100 years old, buying RvP is the same as Barca buying Hleb and Henry, they didn’t really need them but it created a massive disruption…

    MU may have won a lot of trophies in the last few years, but now they have the same problem with Citeh we had with Chelsea all these years ago, I don’t think they are any more suitable to be called ‘title contenders’ that us at the moment…

    selling RvP will disrupt this balance massively IMO and this is why it can’t happen!

  37. Nasri's Mouth


    But if we reinvest the money from selling him, then we can re-balance the…err… balance with them

    As long as we do reinvest it…

  38. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    I agree! Putting aside Robin’s motives etc the club now has a massive opportunity to publicly display the size of its testicles!

    I’m firmly in the camp that we should say No, he’s not for sale. (at any price). End of. Robin, get on with it son! We’ll talk in Jan or anytime before that if you want to discuss a new deal. We value you and love you but we are The Arsenal and your contract is with us!

    I hope Ivan and Arsene have sufficient testosterone in this matter!

  39. SUGA3


    it’s all in the context of why it is wrong and should not happen 😉

    and this is why RvP will get plenty of abuse, IMO, it will be worse than Nasri because it’s United…


    now tell me, how many players you can think of that can adequately replace RvP?

    if Rooney = 1 and RvP = 1, the balance is 1:1, if we sell RvP to them, it’s 2:0, so, in fact, we would need two players of this calibre to restore balance…

  40. Draper-Corleone

    Lurch, Suga

    Success is absolutely a part of getting sponsorships.

    But from the sponsors perspective, success is only indirectly about trophies. Their prize count is width and depth of engagement of fans with the club. How many fans, and how deeply engaged. Not very different from any successful brand that is.

    And Arsenal do have a huge global following with deeply engaged fans. So that’s that. Sponsorship taken care of.

    The bit about the underdog was my attempt to explain the appeal of the Arsenal story. We have a great story, one that we are all familiar with. It goes by the name of David v Goliath.

    And you know who is David personified in the Arsenal story? Not Persie, not Cesc, not even Henry. They are just the slings that David keeps fashioning to bring down Goliath. Yup, I am talking about a certain Mr. Wenger. That is why the Arsenal story does not lose its appeal when these players leave.

    Wenger leaving however will be very different. It would’ve hugely critical for Arsenal to manage that transition well or the story might lose some of its appeal.

    And someone like Usmanov coming in would completely alter the story and the brand.

    Not saying any of these events will irreparably harm the club, but the story will need to be adapted

    Heck, with these long posts everyday, why am I not writing my own blog? :).

  41. Nasri's Mouth


    I think everyone accepts that neither Podolski or Giroud is likely to be as good as RvP is, however we don’t have to spend the money on another 1st choice striker to improve the team. We could bring in players in other areas that will increase the overall quality more than replacing RvP with Giroud will lessen it.

  42. Lurch LeRouge

    exactly Thomas,

    The clubs entitled to play hardball, as is the player – its his career after all. We will always be scapegoated in the mele but I don’t get why suddenly the ‘faithful’ interpret RVP’s ‘hand’ as a signal that he wants to go, ironically it smacks of disloyalty if i’m honest and it plays right into the owners cocked hat.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Song really is a tool.

    He’s acting like some kind of big shot on and off the pitch, ‘I’ll play how I want to…..I’ll do what I want to.’

    No messing around now Wenger, £15 Million for Song, get M’Vila for £12 Million (that’s apparently now his going rate) get Tello included as part of the Song deal and then get either a RB or LB.

    Song leaves and we get M’Vila – I think most Gunners would be happy with that, let alone perhaps getting Tello as aprt of the deal, maybe Sahin or Loan (us or Liverpool…UCL has to swing it surely) and then a Taylor, Rangel, VDW, Kolarov type full back.

    It’s not an art form Wenger, there is no complicated equation to doing things, you sell a player and then reinvest by significantly strengthening that position.

    Lose Song (supposedly a defensive player) get M’Vila and VDW. Defence massively improved. Get Tello as part of it and Sahin on loan, attack massively improved.

    I honestly do not get why Barcelona want Song – most ridiculous transfer they’ve made since Hleb.

  44. Ice

    What a great result if Song goes to Barca….lame duck

    Now all that’s left is to bomb Gaybum from Le Grove

    BTW Song’s departure has been common knowledge at the club all close season

  45. SUGA3


    you are forgetting about one thing: you need a constant flow of new fans to make the model successful and the father-to-son stuff will not suffice here!

    and please, we are the fifth most valuable club on the planet, how anyone consider us to be David is beyond me…

  46. SUGA3


    er, how is that supposed to work?

    getting rid of a world class player is never good, even when he is replaced like for like, as the new boy has to gel with the team, etc.

    if RvP does not want to sign a new deal, fine, we will carry on using him on the wage he is currently on, which is excellent value for money…

    if we sell him, the money will not be reinvested anyway, watch this space…

  47. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Nasri’s mouth.
    I do see the logic in your argument, but it would carry more weight if Robin moved abroad and did not strengthen one of our fiercest domestic competitors. Our club will also move forward. But quicker with Robin staying IMO!

    We have two big six-pointers against them and Robin with them rather than us is a big swing on the old swingometer!

    It is my opinion that City and Chelsea are lead dogs in this pack. I believe that Utd are fair game this year with our squad, and with RVP in it. Those six pointers could very well decide a place or two near the top and that is so important to us.

    I don’t ever recall players moving between Utd and Liverpool in the past.. Maybe with one or two exceptions. (Owen aside who didn’t transfer directly)

    It’s just not done! Robinnnn? 😉

  48. Iffy da goon

    This shit is so simple but Arsenal makes it seem so difficult. Robin van persie wants something, we’ve gone some way to giveit to him by signing new players, now increase his wages to a suitable market determined wage for the best striker in the prem lge and everything will be fine. Its not like we have 5 players on massive wages, he’s our captain and will be the only one. End of. Jeeeez!!!!!!

  49. SUGA3


    and one of these six-pointers happens to be played three games fro the end of the season…

    Schadenfreude is a horrible thing, but I will come back to haunt every fucker who said selling him to United is no biggie when he scores the winner against us, which, let’s say, will result in us being mathematically out of the title/4th place trophy race 👿

  50. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Lurch.. I have no issue with Robin and his career decisions! Good luck to him. Although I do suspect his statement was a bit economical with the truth. He has now had ample opportunity to redress the issue and the massive SILENCE from both parties is worrying also. (of course we have the gagging order too!). I strongly suspect he actually meant he wanted to move now. But he couched it in the language of I won’t sign another contract. Hence the cranking up of the fax in his agent’s office on a super-size Tesla coil!

    I hear you when u say it is gamesmanship and I keep this door slightly ajar. A crate of your chosen nectar to u if this is so!

    Notwithstanding all that. I am firmly on the side of the club if they decide to play hardball and pin him to that contract. I believe he will repay the ‘loss of any fee next year’ if he gives us another fine season! CL revenue is heading for 50m with the new TV deals! Although we of course aim higher!

  51. gambon

    Sorry Jeff, cant agree with this:

    “Who in their right mind would ever envisage Scholes or Giggs leaving Man U for another premier league club? It is preposterous.”

    If Scholes or Giggs were in their late 20’s having never won anything and their club was finishing 3rd at best, and 4th most years, then im pretty sure they wouldve looked to move.

    Even Henry, our best ever player, the best ever PL player, who had won numerous trophies, and was the best payed player in the PL looked to moveonce it was clear we were becoming an ambitionless also-ran.

    You cant expect top level players to play for a lower level club.

    Why isnt Messi at Blackburn rovers? Why isnt Ronaldo at Fiorentina? Exactly the same reason RVP isnt gonna be at Arsenal.

  52. gambon

    If Arsene Wenger was in Formula One racing he would wor for McLaren, design an revolutionary new engine, sell it to Ferrari and wonder why they beat him comfortably the following season.

    He would also have 2 Africans as the main 2 drivers.

  53. Nasri's Mouth


    How is it supposed to work ? Well, we’ve all noticed how open our defensive play is. Massive room for improvement. If we spent some of the RvP money on a player who can help there, we could improve the team an awful lot. Spend the rest on a decent backup striker (Mirallas for example), then we’d replace
    RvP, Chamakh, Park
    Giroud, Podolski, Mirallas

    AND be stronger in defence


    I agree, but unfortunately, Juventus was never really on the cards. I don’t know whether Wenger was assuming he’d move to ManC, (which wouldn’t have bothered me any more than Juve) but Marwood seems to have hidden the pennies.

    Again, it all comes down to how much we’re going to get for him vs how he’s going to be if he stays with us. None of us know the final figure, nor do we know how hard he’s pushing behind the scenes and what he’d be like if he stays, so’s it’s pure speculation to say whether it’d be better to keep him. Likewise, those 6 pointers against ManU may well be harder, or its possible it might inspire our lot out of their sometimes insipid displays to have a proper go at them.

    Of course him moving to ManU really hurts. Next to Spurs, I can’t think of a worse club for him to join. So I really don’t want him to go there, but I’ve always thought he’s more likely to leave than stay, and if ManC can’t sort themselves out, there’s only place left. I hate it, but that’s the way it is

  54. Iffy da goon

    Imagine if United had sold rooney when he agitated for a move, what message do you think it would have sent out? I doubt they’d have acheived what they have since then.

    This is the same situation, if we sell robin we can forget about calling ourselves a big club. Cl place just won’t cut it anymore

  55. Moray

    Nasri’s mouth, if Robin goes to Man Utd then maybe we will lose 10-2 or 10-1 more likely instead of the 8-2 last term. It’s not much difference, to be fair. Once you get past 4 then it is utter humiliation!

  56. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Nasri’s Mouth.

    I see that! There are two distinct issues. Robin and his motives/wishes and the club’s reaction. I would absolutely cring at him turning out for them. But I wouldn’t go and burn my RVP shirt all the same!

    I’m not criticising Robin. Like I said I do think he is angling for a move personally. However, that’s just my opinion. We have no idea what is really going on behind the scenes. But the silence is deafening. Wenger has said of course we want to keep our best players… No side has said negotiations are ongoing and this is the telling point.. Maybe they are and not saying!

    But the club are not powerless in this situation. Levy showed what can be achieved against the modern footballer last year. Its a risk but a risk worth taking. Ok maybe he got only one more year from Modric but he told all-comers to piss off. No sale under any circumstances. I think most Gooners however they feel about Robin should back that stance.

    I would back the club in that situation! And hoping they can offer him an acceptable contract to stay longer.

    It would be appalling to see those gits in the Stretford end singing his name after he knocks one in!

    Pedro! Where’s da fucking post? We’re rehashing old ground here!

  57. Jeff

    Gambon, of course club success plays a big part in a player’s loyalty but you have to weigh that up against the fact that Van Persie has been with us for 8 years and is the captain and is the highest goal scorer last season by a mile. It is difficult to reconcile those things with the decision to “up and go” and what is even worse, to leave for Man U. There are arguments and counterarguments but the sheer thought of such a player leaving for a contender who has been bullying and wiping the floor with us for so many years is simply too deep a cut to be healed any time soon.

    As I say, I still do not believe he is going because I have very little faith in the gutter press and the “look at me please” websites. We shall see.

  58. Gooby

    gambon isn’t a racist, even if he was it’s not blog post that will tell.
    He’s winding you up and you’re falling for it.

    Plus he probably loves a bit of dark humor.

  59. gambon


    My opinion with RVP is that he is leaving due to long term disappointment at the direction of the club.

    He joined an unbeaten team who were champions. He won the FA Cup in his first season, and he was surrounded by world class players, such as the best striker in the world, his childhood hero & idol, absolute monsters in Vieira & Campbell, the best LB in the world, Pires & Ljungberg. Since then he has seen us sell them all, the club somewhat rebuilt only for his mates Flamini, Cesc & Nasri to leave. We are in a constant state of transition and are unwilling to buy top class players. People seem to think he woke up 6 weeks ago and suddenly decided he didnt want to stay. I would be willing to bet he knew his decision 6 months ago. He certainly knew he was going after we lost 2-1 to UTD at home.

    Of course the money is hugely important as well. It does make me laugh when people throw the “mercenary” thing at him, without realising that Podolski, Giroud & Cazorla are just as mercenary.

    If he was a mercenary why hasnt he signed for City or Anzi?

    The difference between £120k pw over 3 years and £200k pw over 4 years is £22m. Even after tax thats £11m+

    Now when a football players career is over by age 35, £11m is a huge difference, its the difference between him living the life of luxury or the next 3 generations of his family never having to worry about money.

  60. Iffy da goon

    Gooby i’m not wound up, i just dont think bashing Africans should be the recurring theme of a football blog. We had that through yesterday, there’s no reason to keep going on about it

  61. Lurch LeRouge

    “its the difference between him living the life of luxury or the next 3 generations of his family never having to worry about money.”

    doubt £11m would stretch much beyond his lifetime and a house/education for his kids – at a high standard of living obviously.

    His Grandkids would only see the benefit if their parents maximised opportunities made available by good education and open doors, they wouldn’t live a life of riley.

  62. gambon


    His own life is probably covered anyway.

    Any extra is just more money for his kids/their kids etc.

    I just think people dont know what theyre talking about when they say “he doesnt need the money”.

    It helps if you talk about the total amount rather than £x per week.

    If Arsenal are offering RVP £18m and Man Utd are offering £40m, then it starts to become a bit clearer than £x pw vs £y pw.

  63. Iffy da goon

    How is it that Arsenal are now selling their best players to manchester united, how did we sink so low. How come we now have a board that don’t give a fuck about our traditions and are only concerned with money. I can’t lie i am sunk emotionally right now. Perhaps i’ve invested too much emotion into this football club

  64. Phil

    I Am sure there are more appropriate biblical references to compare Wengerto, than David!
    has to be a few false prophets scattered amongst the pages.

  65. Lurch LeRouge

    agreed Gambon

    folks have little concept of what it costs to maintain that standard of living, and the compromise to security and privacy and what this entails financially.

    and we aren’t even talking about a guy near the level of say Beckham’s potential wealth.