Top, top performance from new stars but poor, poor showing from some of the fans.

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I watched the game full of anticipation and to be honest a little excitement. Our new boys started with Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski all looking very impressive.

Cazorla, although short looks like he will be the player we have always wanted, like Cesc but without the shite DNA.

Giroud could have scored 3 if not for the acrobatics of their keeper and although Podolski started slowly, he came into it when he stepped up to take the penalty, sending the keeper the wrong way.

After that he looked the player Robin was crying out for last season.

Then halfway through the second half Robin came on and I heard a few boos. Bad form boys, that’s just the sort of thing that will send him packing, Robin if you are reading this the vast majority of fans want you to stay.

What was apparent in the second half was Chamakh is complete rubbish, Song we really don’t need and Diaby needs a lot more practice.

Yes we won comfortably against a team last year that we didn’t, 4 zip is a good score anywhere, 4 nil away is even better, but with 12 odd changes I was absolutely delighted.

If we can get in that DM we so sorely need and keep Robin, I can see us getting better and better this season.

What really pleased me apart from the potential of Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla was the first goal, it had Bould and Graham all over it, a flick on at the near post from a corner, taken be whom? Yes that’s right, Cazorla them bam in the back of the net from Vermaelen!

I think we need to sort out Robin fast, if he’s staying great, if not then we need to replace (who was glad to hear Wenger say Giroud and Podolski weren’t replacements?) him with a player of equal standing, that or get Martinez in and show the fans we mean business and spend the money, all of it.

Before anyone asks, yes I did write this post and no I haven’t been kidnapped.

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That’s it for today Grover’s, Rory won the USPGA followed by 3 Englishmen, the Olympics saw us finishing 3rd at the best ever games. Let’s hope it’s an omen for this coming season.

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  1. bnsb

    there is no way we would be getting embarrassed every season.

    Even easier would have been appoint SAF as our manager in place of Arsene:

  2. Al

    gambon August 14, 2012 09:56:02

    “so lets cut the club some slack”

    Its fair weather fans “cutting the club slack” that has seen us go from being unbeaten PL winners to rivals with Spurs.

    Stop picking out sentences to make your argument stronger….

    I said All that matters is that the club takes precaution and finally this season they have shown intiative and actually reinforced before the conclusion of the RVP saga.

    so lets cut the club some slack

    (as they seem to be doing things right this season)

  3. Ric

    I don’t think we should hold any of this over RVP’s head, as a captain and integral part of this squad, he made a consciouss decision to speak out against the tide at Arsenal. That on its own was brave, and I both think we are better off for him having done so, and that it needed to be said. I’ve said before that even if he did go I would not blame him. I’d hate it if he went Manure, but before the last weeks transactions took place I would have fully understood his reasoning. However I read what he said, and I translated that as a diehard wish for us to succeed not him diehard wanting to leave. These idiots now trying to push him out of the club ought to get both the facts and a “best of Robin VHS tape” stuffed down their throats.

  4. Zoran

    I just though it loud.
    Better cash :
    -£25m for a player who anyhow doesn’t want to play for us anymore, and might be injured soon, as still without fitness, and even to the red nose from Old Toilet,
    -Teo for £20m , overrated and enough options in Cazorla, Ox, Gervinho, who btw all 3 knows what to do with the ball having one oponent in front
    -All the very known deadwood on sale for £20m, sawing another £20m on wages

    And buy all the mentioned plus maybe also Isco and Mirallas.
    Dont you think we would be strong enough for any title?

  5. fuckit4thwilldo?


    Van Persie has said he won’t sign a new contract. It’s in black and white.

    This is not Arsenal putting a player up for sale to raise some cash. Or as you put it “our plan” .

    We want to keep him. Simples.

    You can see this right?

  6. Lordbergkamp

    And Gambon you do talk utter shite.

    The rise of the billionnaire investor has made the prem into a race to spend the most. Truth is until we have a billionnaire backer who wants to spend, we are a balance the books kind of club.

    You can ge angry about it, but it’s true. We can’t carry the losses that the chavs and shitty carry year in year out.

    The truth is that without a bottomless pit of money behind us, we will always sell. It’s sad and frustrating, but what would you do mr know it all?