I am finally a happy camper again, it looks like we got our Arsenal back, well done Arsene.

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Before all the AKB’s get too excited, what Wenger has finally done is what people like me have been begging for, for years. Buying some grown ups, getting what we need and spending our budget.

He hasn’t done it because I’ve been blogging, he’s done it because he wants to win trophies, he’s done the right thing. He’s finally seen the light.

So today I’m writing a post that will save Pedro getting Tweeted all day as this will please all sides of the Arsenal debate, if anyone gets upset with this post then they can’t be Arsenal fans, there’s something in this for everyone!

I really think we can now at last contend, we finally have a team full of talent and experience and not a team of kids. Hallelujah!

A team I can look forward to watching at last. With a defensive coach, coaching.

We have now bought 12 new players since last pre-season. 12!!!

That represents a seismic shift from a man that said buying 3 players or more was dangerous and would upset the balance of the team.

It remains to be seen of course if this mob can gel quickly but I believe they can, we have finally got competition where we need it.

This is what we have got in since last summer, Oxlade Chamberlain, Gervinho, Arteta, Mertesacker, Park, Santos, Eisfield, Gnabry, Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla, Jenkinson and Bennayoun on loan.

Ok I realise there are a couple of duds in there but it shows intent!

Of course Yossi went beack to Chelsea but we may now get in Sahin from Madrid.

Selling RVP would be stupidity personified, we won’t lose £25mil on a free because if he signed another contract it would cost a lot more than that, also him staying another year would make us unbeatable and that alone would be worth the money.

I have consistently said on here Robin didn’t want to leave, if he stays he will be remembered like Bergkamp and Adams as a real Arsenal legend, if he goes to the Mancs they will always see him as a Gooner.

He’s made his point, time to pull that armband back on Robin and tonight would be good timing.

The reason he is wanting out was because we feebly let Cesc go last year, and all the others in years gone by, it’s time to make a stand or next year it will be Jack Wilshere and so on.

Selling Robin would negate so much of the good work Wenger has done this summer so please, please don’t Arsene.

If we need money then ship out Chamakh, Bendtner, Denilson, Squillaci, Arshavin and Park, for me they all represent massive outgoings and they all take up valuable squad space. None of them have a future so all of them are draining our self sustaining business model.

It amazes me how difficult it is to get rid of them!

Okay, here’s the contentious bit, Alex Song can go with my blessing, Rennes say a bid has been lodged for M’Vila, lets hope it’s us, I would sooner have Martinez but M’Vila would do me ahead of Song.

Before people say if Barca want him he must be good, remember for every Cesc they have had, there are two Hleb’s and for me Song is a Hleb, they even share the same name, Alex Hleb Song!

I gave Pedro a scan of the Marca headline but he didn’t use it, believe me it looks serious, sort out the DM role and we sort out the defence. Sort out the defence and we will win the league.

Tonight we get to see our beloved Arsenal again at long last, we also get to see our new signings and I hope we get to see our double footballer of the year Captain RVP lead them out. I think our new look team will be his best yet, Cazorla will be like getting Pires back and a forward line of Giroud, Podolski and Robin will be like having Dennis and Thierry back.

I’m so excited, Robin got what he wanted so credit to him for asking and Arsene for listening.

4 nil to the Arsenal tonight, the first real test and a chance to see what we have in store for us ahead.

Massive congratulations to Gooner Mo Farah for winning the 5000 last night and good luck to fellow Gooner Ian Poulter who leads the USPGA. And not forgetting David Rudisha from Kenya who I’m told is also a big Gooner!

Have a great day Grovers, we’ve waited 8 years for this season.

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  1. RockyPires

    Wow see the difference experienced top quality makes. I am buzzing bout this new season. We have a squad at last and and the experience to bring the best out of the likes of Gibbs and Coquelin.

    How impressive was Oxo in CAM . Perhaps we cant play that attacking in EPL but the interchanging between Walcott__Oxo___Giroud__Podolski was sensational. I didnt think Giroud was that nimble on his feet dam good player.

    As ye have already said Verm and Mert look comfortable together, lets play Kos RB against Sunderland but Yennaris showed well I much prefer him to Jenks.