United using Robin as IPO pawn? | Vela leave… so do the good times | Theo stag do

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So little going on in the world of Arsenal. I’m not going to lower myself to hammering through pictures of the players at training camp like some sort of pervy school girl.

I don’t care if Robin didn’t go in the pool, nor do I care about Andrey Arshavin’s cellulite problems. They’re of no interest.

As you may have guessed, I don’t have a lot to write about today. Someone made a suggestion that United are going in for Robin Van Persie as a way to boost their IPO. Much in the same way Facebook spanked out an ill-advised billion on Instagram. I’m not sure I buy into it, but it was certainly worth telling you.

I could also tell you me and a pal ate £28 worth of Chicken Cottage last week and were applauded by the chef when I
we left. I know, mad props to us two. A truly awesome feat of eatineerring. Olympian some might say.

Wow, this really is hard work.

Oh no, wait, I do have something interesting to talk about. Nick from the Executioner Bong has written a blog about pressing and passing. The conclusions are interesting. We’re the 5th fastest passers of the ball in the league behind Swansea, City, United and Fulham! That is shocking. We need to up that pace. We’ll never be better than Barca if Fulham are tanking us for speed. What might please people is we’re the fastest pressers in the league when not in possession.

That kind of flies in the face of many people’s views that we don’t work very hard on the pitch! What it does tell you is that we’re not very good at pressing. Blue assed fly springs to mind.

Wenger has been making astute predictions about China.

Yes [it can grow as fast as its economy],”

“In my experience economical power always attracts football power. Why? Because it is mathematical.

“For a country to be successful you need an elite but you also need the basis of [future success to come from within] your own country.

“If you want to build a forest and you only take trees from Europe, the forest will never grow. You need some trees from your own country.

“Therefore it is important that while [China] brings some great players in and create an elite, the basis comes from your own country through education.”

Football in China in 15 years. I’m not sure I totally agree with what he’s saying there. The thought of our footballers over there with their behaviour doesn’t quite work. Nor does the assumption that being a power house equates to having a good league or national set up. Look at the USA, Australia and India. I think you need more than money to make a league work.

Two other bits of news. Oyakzup has left us. Shame. I had high hopes for him. Someone else who has left is Carlos Vela. No more hookers for the boys on tour. Not a shame for me, but definitely always a gutter to lose the life and soul of every party. First Eboue… now Vela. Being fun does not go down well at Arsenal. Imagine Theo Walcott arranging a stag do? I mean, bar the tour around the kitchen of McDonald’s, it’d be pretty poor.

Games line up

  • Who can eat the most Maltesers in a minute
  • Strawpedo (with Fruitshoots)
  • Strip poker (down to your t-shirt / no girls allowed / poker played with match sticks)


Seriously Theo?

Anyway, that’s it for Saturday. Have a good one!

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P.S The Star reckons Song has agreed terms with Barca.

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  1. Samir

    I REALLY hope Wenger sends out a clear message tomorrow…
    Starts RVP wearing the captains armband! I hope the crowd cheer him…And he signs a new contract!
    It would definitely send a clear message out to the shit stirring media/Fergie atleast!

  2. Samir

    I bet it’s Spurs who are close to signing M’Villa…It’s exactly the sort of thing they’d do! Cunts!

  3. Sadam Mahessar

    Louis van Gaal “Robin will play his first game this Sunday. He has told me he is at least going to play 45­ ­minutes this weekend.” (Mirror)

    If we are playing him tomorrow, I don’t think Wenger is planning on selling him.

  4. sam

    tomorrow will be like auction and arsene will be holding that big hammer.

    if robin put on a great performance,

    did i hear 22, juve…..


    fungus……..25 millions!


  5. Arsene's Nurse

    @caribkid 18:46.

    You are absolutely correct, we haven’t played with a DM for years. There is very little intellectual analysis on fan sites which is a shame.

    I was alluding to the fact the other day that if we play with aggressive wingbacks and a high defensive line then you require a DM or a better transition from attack to defence that is fluid and allows the team to keep it’s shape.

    Lots of fans are brainwashed with football wanker, I mean manager or sky sports crap when it comes to actually reading or analysing what’s going on on the pitch.

  6. Samir

    Sam’s ideal Arsenal would be to play our youth team…
    Never buy another player again. Only promoting players.
    He’s already said our youths would get into Evertons first team easily 😉

  7. incesc

    dutch manager says rvp will play for at least 45 mins tomorrow

    dont believe the rumours going round he signed for man u tonight

    fucking hate those manure cunts

  8. sam


    why do you want to keep a player who’s not happy at arsenal?
    its amazing after what cesc did in his last season you are wishing the same thing to happen again.
    if tottenham could afford 200k a week van persie would flirt with them

  9. Arsenal1886-2006

    Don’t believe any of the rumours going around, the agents (parasites) are trying to drum up interest in the hope of making money, they know that this is a bad summer for them and with FFP possibly coming in and working they will see a drop in transfer activity and transfer fees in coming years.

  10. sam

    no dave,

    debuchy won’t come to arsenal for sure no point talking about him.
    unless he just wants to triple his salary and join his fellow friends chamakh and squillaci in reserves.
    you think its easy to fight jenkinson and yennaris to be sagna’s lil b!tch.
    no thanks!

  11. dave


    You need to chill. RVP pretty much got us to 3rd place last year. He has come out and said that the board and him do not agree with the way forward and to be honest that is what most Arsenal supporters think. He has said that he won’t sign a contract extension. Personally he has been a great captain so calm down.

  12. sam

    i have a good idea,
    wenger should lie to debuchy that he will sell sagna as soon as he’s fit
    just to get him to sign, he’s a master deceiver
    if he can nick park chu young after medical this surely is piece of cake.

  13. Phil

    So RVP says he isn’t signing a new contract. he has never stated he won’t see out his existing contract.
    if that is your definition of a traitor, you need a new dictionary.

  14. dave


    You are so random. I am going to make you my personal monkey butler and make it my mission to calm you down. You just make me laugh with your angry posts. Keep them coming buddy

  15. Samir

    @sam, youre mad!!!!! RVP still loves the club and would play his heart out again next season! did Man U dump Rooney when the same thing happened? NO!
    Great player win you things.. So we need to keep RVP!
    Only idiotic fans would want RVP out.

  16. dave


    A monkey dressed as a butler is funny. Don’t look too deep into it, it ain’t racial, it makes me laugh just like you

  17. Arsene's Nurse

    dave August 11, 2012 23:51:34


    Are you angry?
    It’s a going through puberty thing.

  18. sam


    what i want doesn’t matter
    footballers don’t reveal anything till the last minute.
    they love toying with fans, like i said we should just wait and see.
    only 18 days left.

  19. dave


    See ya buddy. I will try to catch up with you tomorrow. If I don’t respond to your mad random posts straight away it’s because I’m doing grown up things. Don’t worry though I’ll catch up with you later.

  20. Harry Redknapp

    staying or going is in robins hands.i didnt want him to go but if he does its because he wants to. the club cant just up and sell him if he dont want to go. his love for arsenal is one thing, but his love for the fans is clearly not that much if he is willing to sign for united

  21. Caribkid


    Not saying we shouldn’t play without a DM Pabs. In fact, unless you have two great BTB’s like Viera and Petit, I prefer the use of a DM as it makes defensive rotation and organization much easier.

    I was merely commenting on how we have done it in the past few years.

  22. ArsenalManiac21

    I want robin to stay, we have a bigger chance of winning a trophy with him but what if he really wants to go? What if he just used the lack of ambition talk to have an excuse?

  23. Zacharse

    looks like PSG might lose to man city singer liam gallagher – Chelsea al saud and Zenit are putting in last minute bids to try to convince the rabid alcoholic and “songwriter” to pursue his fortunes elsewhere

  24. Iffy da goon

    “Mvilla receives very concrete English offer”

    Surely that’s from the chavs not Arsenal. Our initial bids are usually somewhere between derogatory and downright insulting