Arsenal stuck in the failure loop | Robin and United deal no closer | Make him stay…

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Nothing more boring than waking up and the world of news hasn’t moved.

Robin Van Persie is still no nearer his move to United and we still have to plough on with this story hoping for a conclusion that doesn’t leave us in a worse position come the start of the season.

Everyone has a different comment on this story, the most prominent one appears to be about money. It is difficult for a business like Arsenal to risk losing £25million. That’s basically a seasons worth of Champions League money down the toilet. On the flip side of things, losing Robin Van Persie could be the difference between Champions League and Europa Cup. Sometimes you have to stop thinking like a business. This is football. How much more potential do we have as a club with Robin in the side?

The answer to that question is loads more.

How much potential to earn big next summer does Robin have if he sulks all season should we keep him? Well, probably a lot… but that’s not the point for me. If he wants to earn mega, he’ll have to have a great season. He’ll have to be professional and he’ll have to continue his fitness and form. We’ve got him over a barrel if we want to play that game. Why not I say? If we were serious about keeping him, we can’t have needed the money that bad… we were about to plough £32million a year into him over 4 years.

I don’t understand why we don’t make stand for footballing reasons for once. He’s our Captain, that’s a commitment, he should see it through. What’s the point in this massive TPA fund and the additional Queensland Road money if we can’t use it to bolster the squad? We’re not spending any money. We don’t spend any ever. Teams like Bolton lay out more than us on players. That’s shameful when you consider how much money we generate. By selling Robin, we’re admitting that it’s all about the bottom line as usual.

Someone once told me you shouldn’t chase money in a work career, chase success and the money will follow… Arsenal could learn from that. Chase the success. Forget about the pennies all the time because while you’re always obsessing about the financials, you’re never progressing. We’re stuck in a failure loop. Each season we sell our best players, then fail as a result. Then because we fail, our best players want to leave. The only way you break that cycle is by not selling your best players. Make a stand. See what happens. It’s the one thing we haven’t tried!

Anyway, I don’t want to keep hashing over old comments. Simple fact is, we shouldn’t need to balance the books after spending £35million. If we’re putting rainy day money aside, we’re heading down the route of self fulfilling prophecy. I’m not saying we need to be outrageous in our outlay – but for gods sake – being scared of buying players just in case we miss out on Champions League sends out completely the wrong message to players and the fans about the faith the board have.

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… and please, if we missed out on the Champions League, do you really think Stan and Usmanov would allow us to go under? This strategy is all about Stan not having to ever dip into his pocket. Keep us batting around 3rd place every year, pay off the debt, have a nice big saleable asset at the end of it all

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  1. Harry Redknapp

    chi gooner, anyone who gets 30% has to make an offer for the remaining shares. i think stan would be mad to walk away from the fortune coming his way especially with usmanov paying 3k per share more than stan himself did. stan must be sick of that cunt PHW as well

  2. Harry Redknapp

    as long as usmanov guarantees a fan share scheme im on his side,sole ownership would be a disaster, no one should be allowed to own over 70%

  3. andy

    chigooner IF barca does not get every help from sponsors and mainly from spain as country you would have made a good statement there but let´s be realistic here – barca and madrid having around 1 bn euros tax debts and it does not look like they have to pay it fast … they have a wage bill which looks interesting within the next years as – like many of you know – spain increased the taxes and the consequences will be seen in the next years. although there may be some possibilities for players to avoid the real high tax you can be sure players earning 10 million for example are looking to earn the same or higher with their next contract after tax – which will end up barca and real paying far more money in total which will again increase their debts … it´s just a matter of time until this system won´t work any longer

  4. Iffy da goon

    Chigooner i don’t think Stan is interested in any more arsenal shares, he got his @ 11.5 k, current market value is about 14k, shares confirmed sold today for 17k. For someone who doesn’t give a rats ass about ‘soccer’ stan would not turn down the chance to make about 300m pounds by selling to usmanov.

    He’s still not repaid the loan he used to buy the shares so i assume that there’ll be pressure at some point in the future for stan to get bulk cash from his investment in Arsenal.

  5. Chigooner


    why doesnt he sell then? usmanov would give him a bag of cash tomorrow.


    you said it yourself, it’s just a matter of time until the system doesnt work. apparently there is talk of another player’s strike in spain over distribution of tv money (as well there should be). my point is i think barca realize they are operating under some financial constraints. i agree with you though, if they need to come up with 30m to buy someone they can but i don’t think you will see that as often as you have in the past. it will be interesting to see what happens.

  6. Iffy da goon

    Andy the spain situation is crazy, and more so because of the high level of unemployment (1 in 5). Under the circumstances you named, the consumer is usually the final bearer of the burden, but i don’t think that will go down quite well in spain now, hence the deragotary bids and tapping ups from barca. They don’t have money but they still want the best players like a spoit child in a family living on welfare

  7. Iffy da goon

    Personally i’m all for usmanov, his ideas interest me, not just because he talks a good talk but because he’s got the money to back it up as well. I think he’ll probably just set Arsenal off on the right footing with a bit of investment, but will maintain our current business model of self sustainability by substantially increasing our revenue base. He’s a shrewd business man so i’d expect nothing less from him. Arsenal could easily become a club like no other in the world under Usmanov, while the mancs are sinking and the chavs and citeys are busy buying trophies

  8. Iffy da goon

    There’s no reason why he won’t sell tomorrow. Currently maybe the pressure isn’t that much, but it will come and when it does i believe he will sell. There were rumours going round twitter on the day we signed santi that usmanov had made an offer for Arsenal, obviously they were overshadowed by the cazorla frenzy, but it seems that usmanov is ready to make his move for Arsenal. It was reported that a number of shares have been traded this week way above the market value (abt 17k per share). Usmanov’s camp denies buying any, claiming that they will not pay over 14k for a share, but that they may have ‘friends’ who are buying these shares.

  9. Dan Ahern

    It’s a myth that Barcelona don’t have money. They can absolutely afford Alex Song. Having debt doesn’t prevent you from spending. They must service their debt but they generate enough revenue that they manage to do that and still have funds for squad investment.

  10. Harry Redknapp

    i think that barcelona just throw a load of player names into a hat and sign the first one they pull out. some of their signings are as bad as arsenes, i mean we signed bischoff, they signed hleb and made him look like bischoff, now they want song,he will just be their ramsey IF he gets a game

  11. Iffy da goon

    Excerpt from the Kroneke interview (where he’s talking abt the glazers)

    Kroenke said: ‘Since they took over they have won and they have increased revenues by a huge amount. If I was a fan of that club, I would go there and go “Wow!” because how could you do it any better?
    ‘We have a whole different philosophy I think in the States, maybe, but I think it’s time maybe for everybody to think a little bit.
    ‘I think they ought to think about who invests in these clubs.
    ‘He (Glazer) took money out of the club. So what? (LA Lakers owner) Jerry Buss takes money out of his club. A lot of owners in the US do. No-one ever says anything about it

  12. SDE

    Chigooner/Harry Redknapp

    Re..ManUre-Dodgy IPO

    Just to clarify a bit on the Man Utd IPO ..It is a travesty of major proportions..
    Even more so,when compared to our plight at Arsenal with the current BoD..

    Either way I noticed there were some glaring omissions in your comments about the Man Utd IPO..

    Firstly the pre-IPO shares were initially priced at b/w $16-$20 per share..

    In light of the recent FB-IPO & Groupon-IPO debacle,Man Utd’s bankers decided on the eve of their IPO launch,to slash the share price to $14.00..

    More so given that investors recently have had their fingers burnt,coupled with a slowdown in global economic growth,eurozone crisis,etc,etc..There is little appetite for a stock that is quite frankly a dud..i.e.A shit stock,with shit fundamentals..
    (when I say a shit stock,with shit fundamentals..I mean in its current state,being saddled with huge debt)

    The business has no organic growth..(see my comments about this last week..I’ll post the link later)

    Any investor worth his salt,will not touch this stock with a barge pole..This stock is for the gullible fans out there,who want too own a piece of Man Utd,as a collectible turd,rather than as a value investment..

    Secondly,they have tried to list on the Singapore&Hong Kong Excchange,but investors their baulked at the terms& conditions being offered by the glaziers..The Asians, as we know,know a thing or too about deals..& they saw this a mile off& gave the glaziers short shrift..

    In essence,the glaziers were offering a dual class share structure..

    Where the Class A’ Shares would be offered publicly,with no voting rights for the owners of these shares..

    Whilst the Glaziers would own Class B’ shares given them retained control&10 times more power than owners of Class A’ shares(who will have no voting rights)..

    You can see why the Asians told the Glaziers too fornicate off..

    Off the back of this IPO,the Glaziers will be rumoured to have raised $330million,of which roughly around $100 million will be pocketed,or trousered by the glaziers..So really you are looking at roughly a 1/3 rd of the money raised from the IPO deal going into their pockets,not the majority of the money raised as you alluded to..

    Now here’s the sweetener..the Club will not be required to file quarterly reports,or be subjected to the same level of financial scrutiny,as other US-listed firms for 5 years..

    Why you ask?

    Simply because the Glaziers,are taking full advantage of recently introduced US laws,that were passed under President Obama,limiting financial disclosures for so called “BUSINESS STARTUPS”..

    Yep the Jumpstart Our Business Startups,or Jobs Act..

    So the Glaziers have registered Man Utd,as an “EMERGING GROWTH COMPANY”..LOL

    Could not make it up..

    A bunch of billionaires,register their company that is valued at $2.3bn,with a global fan base of almost 660million,with 20 odd titles accumulated over a 20 year a “START-UP COMPANY”..

    Quite hilarious from one viewpoint,but quite sad& tragic from another viewpoint..

    This is the current state of football today..
    Daylight robbery..pillaging of the masses,to make a select few obscenely rich..

    Coming to a club near you soon..

    To sum it up..from the viewpoint of a diehard Man Utd fan,who wants to own a piece of Manure stock-$14 is an absolute steal for your very own slice of that debt mountain..LOL

    I’ll try & find my comment from last week,talking about this in more depth

  13. Dan Ahern

    Chigooner – Javier Faus said that they have a 40m transfer budget. They’ve spend 14m on Alba. You think 26m isn’t enough to bid on Song? (And let’s not forget the players they could throw into the deal, or sell to boost funds.)

    He said *overspending* will hurt them medium- and long-term because they need to be paying off debt (which they are, having reduced it immensely last year).

    That doesn’t cancel out all transfer spending.

  14. Chigooner


    never said they couldn’t “afford” song. i know they can. you stated they are servicing all their debts and everything is peachy, which is far from true. they have massive debts and the spanish government has been giving them a pass. the government needs the money now more than ever so we will see what happens.

  15. Chigooner


    thanks for clearing that up. everything you said is spot on with what i’ve been reading. although i did read the glazers would be pocketing 50%. in any event, incredible stuff. i will never not find it completely shocking that this is allowed to go on.

  16. Harry Redknapp

    i told you animal park aint a bad player arsene just didnt want to upset robin by playing someone else who might shoot

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Does anyone else think we should be looking at De Rossi? He had a good Euro’s and is a vet, I was impressed with his passing in the Summer as well

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    Some more details on the ManU IPO here:

    He hasn’t included the cost of the initial IPO in Singapore that didnt off the ground, so it may be longer than 2 years before ManU breaks even on the deal.

    (I’m not an expert on this so I’m going on other peoples numbers)

    It’ll be interesting to see what Wenger says about RvP on sunday, we might see whether the RvP to ManU was simply a bit of a publicity stunt.

  19. JT

    Thanks for that SDE – brilliantly incisive!

    Please keep posting in detail …

    Now I remember why I came back to Le Grove – the intelligence and the sophistication … and talking about football and Arsenal.

    Recently it’s descended into cesspit Gambon and his arse-licking brown-nose boys and their insults, invective, verbal violence, and juvenile racism (“what – who me?”). Ghastly junk from unemployed nobodies who spent all day and night trolling on a blog. Life in England today.

    In a chatroom, one can turn off the offensive twats – why not be able to escape their violent abuse on a blog by turning off their comments, escape the turgid filth, and enjoy the literate and intelligent.

    Thanks again.

  20. Sadam Mahessar

    Been reading on a few blogs and websites and surprisingly, if Arsenal squad remains the same as it is today, most of them see the PL as a 4 horse race between Chelsea, City, Arsenal and United, more so Arsenal than Chelsea even because of the quality and established players Arsenal have brought in, Cazorla is the signing of the summer by any English club, followed by Kagawa, Hazard and Podoski, and Roberto being unproven whereas Wenger has done it all before.

    So much so, that they have actually started hating us again, but most believe they might just sell Van Persie which will send us back to competing for 4th. Come on Wenger, keep Van Persie, loan Sahin and sign a versatile defender for heavens sake please.

  21. Sadam Mahessar


    Brilliant post and thank you.
    Being a Finance student, I can tell how dodgy it is and I think more so than debt, they might be using United as a name to raise money for some other purpose of their own through the 1/3rd of money raised being pocketed.

  22. Stan Donkey


    Barca had EUR150m of bank debt and a 50m tax bill– much less than AFC!

    Javier Faus was just highlighting the debt built up by the previous regime.

    Don’t worry about them, everything is ‘peachy’ at Barca…. except for their new manager maybe and the fact he rates Song! Still, they’ve had a good run.

  23. Harry Redknapp

    you have to also take intoaccount that if barca have 150debt they also pay wages quarterly in spain. would that affect barca further?

  24. Dan Ahern

    Chigooner – First of all, I wrote in response to Iffy saying “They don’t have money”.

    This is my EXACT reply:

    “Dan AhernAugust 10, 2012 20:03:55
    It’s a myth that Barcelona don’t have money. They can absolutely afford Alex Song. Having debt doesn’t prevent you from spending. They must service their debt but they generate enough revenue that they manage to do that and still have funds for squad investment.”

    So show me where I said “everything is peachy” or lied about their situation.

    (And, I know you never directly said they couldn’t afford Song. But you DID say, “that’s just not true” directly after the above post, which includes the statement “they can absolutely afford Song.” What, I’m supposed to know which bits and pieces of my statement you mean by, “that”?)

  25. Stan Donkey

    Barca can afford to service all their liabilities (debt,tax,wages,etc.) due to their high income.
    The previous regime borrowed money to finance player acquisition, which isn’t particularly clever. The repayment of this ‘mortgage’ is obviously reducing the funds now available to the manager, much to Faus’ displeasure!

  26. Nasri's Mouth


    depends on your definition of debt

    Barca wont have any massive problems though. They, along with Real Madrid are probably in a stronger position than the rest of the Spanish clubs

  27. SDE

    Chigooner/Harry Redknapp

    With regards to the Man Utd IPO debacle comment..
    I’ve copy & pasted,my comment below-1st August 2012

    SDEAugust 1, 2012 18:11:22
    Only a mug would buy those shares if the valuations are to be believed..Any rational investor would see those valuations & laugh their asses of..

    Why invest in a company that is completely saddled with debt,over leveraged in an environment where there is investor fear& caution.
    I think this offer will go the same way as FACEBOOK’s will tank..

    Investors are looking for long term value…I don’t believe there is room,or appetite in the market to absorb this kind of investment..

    Unless there is some serious magic numbers in the galzier’s plan
    Forget it!!

    Too add further,the club is unable to grow organically as mentioned..

    Where’s the potential for future growth& if there is,where is that growth coming for..?They’ve pretty much sewn up the Asian Market..So growth opportunities there have plateaued I assume,or flatlined..
    The valuations smell somewhat,combined with limited voting rights…..This issue must be aimed @ man utd fans & pansies in the room..

    Any rational investor would rather sink his money in a S&P 500 Telecoms stock ,where the sector is trading @ 22.6 times earnings..& has a high P/E ratio & low growth at around 3.00%with no risk attached,or alternatively invest in a S&P500 index that has low p/e ratios& high growth trading@13.6 times earnings..against a backdrop of a slowdown in global economic growth,consumer & investor fear..

    Or if you want high risk, go for tech stocks..Where’s there room for companies like Apple,Amazon to continue to grow organically,which pay a dividend,have strong balance sheets& are trading at what some believe to be a discount to their fair price..

    So begs the question..Who in the right mind would take up the man utd offer?I feel for Man Utd fans..

    At the end of the day,no matter which club you support..The fans will always be on the receiving end of a shafting..

  28. Chigooner


    ya, but im done arguing about it. arsenal is in a much better position financially, they operate at a profit which basically no other big club, including barcelona, do. of course then again we haven’t won a trophy in over 7 years!

  29. Harry Redknapp

    and growth relies on success, with such debts and man citys shiekhs about things are not gonna be easy for man united.

  30. Chigooner


    interesting. i imagine they were hoping american fans would jump at the chance to “own” a piece of man u? somebody pretty smart must have done the math and thought it was a good idea, no?

  31. Samir

    Can’t believe Liverpool have WASTED (again) 15M on Joe Allen!!
    A 5ft 6 midfielder…He’s useless!

    Sometimes I’m thankful Wenger is in charge 😀
    Cazorla was cheaper 😆 and 100 times better!

  32. Chigooner

    oh and then there’s the tv deal. apparently there is talk of a strike over the disparity in the tv revenue. if barca and real have to share that they will be in even worse shape. but then again if they don’t we can have a two team spanish league where barca and madrid play each other 40 times a year.

  33. sam

    park chu young did not get any chance last season because arsene rate greasy abdul twat ahead of him.
    and he has no intention to send him back to france so park has to find a new team.

  34. Chigooner


    ya i was suprised too. rodgers knows what he is getting though. he did some great things with swansea but it’s going to be an uphill battle at anfield. cant imagine joe allen is going to help! gotta imagine he knows better than us though.

  35. sam

    he got sent in reserves play 6 and scored 6 still not good enough
    abdul twat is still our second striker as far as le weirdo is concerned

  36. JT

    The SDE post gives the lie to brainless idiots like Gambon and his arse-rimmers with their stupid “it doesn’t matter what a player costs”, “it doesn’t matter what the wage structure is”, “it doesn’t matter what a transfer fee is” …

    Wenger’s time is up for sure – but Gambom’s time will never come …

  37. Dan Ahern

    Samir – I know, right? Joe Allen! 15m!! You wanna talk reckless spending? Liverpool are the worst offenders, in my opinion. At least Chelsea and Man City buy stars, yeesh! Don’t get me wrong now, they all throw out stupid money. But if you’re blowing 100 million, you better have something better to show for it than Andy Carroll, Joe Allen, Stewart Downing, Jordan Henderson and Charlie Adam.

  38. sam

    thats why i kept saying here
    it doesn’t matter who we sign, le weirdo is the problem
    btw, diaby is fit now so cazorla will need adaptation period.
    he will probably kick the ball for us by xmas . he’s the boss he will tell you santi is not ready to play. what you gonna do? nothing

  39. incesc

    yes we’ve signed carzola, podolski and giroud

    and go rid of vela, possibly negotiated the sale of squilacci today and almunia as far i know so far

  40. Samir

    Exactly….Give Wenger or Moyes that 100M and their teams would be top of the table…Not fighting for Europa League!

    This is, Joe Allen was playing for Wrexham a few years ago…He really isn’t anything special at all! More of a 2-5M player.
    Sigurðsson was alot more instrumental for Swansea last season…And he went for 7/8M didn’t he?

  41. SDE

    Sadam Mahesar

    Sorry for late response..No worries..Hope the post helped

    No worries,hope the post helped too..


    Worrying times indeed for most football fans..

  42. Samir

    Spurs have confirmed that Scott Parker has undergone surgery to his right Achilles and will be out until mid September.

  43. Samir

    According to reports on Sky Sports News, Arsenal have agreed a deal with Olympiakos which will see Sebastien Squillaci leave Arsenal!

    GET IN THERE 😆 😀 😀

  44. Sadam Mahessar

    Squillacci, Vela, leaving, probably Park and Bendtner too would be as good as signing Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud.

    We need to get rid of deadwood to make way for some better prospects who at least have something to offer and are willing to fight. I think there are a lot of bargains available for us to pick if we make the necessary sales.

  45. Sadam Mahessar

    Vela, Bendtner, Park, three strikers who should be replaced by just adding one more to the current lot, we would saving 100K per week surely with the three of them out.
    Go out and buy just one who replaces them. I wouldn’t mind if we sold the three and took Dempsey or Demba Ba in.

    Then, you come to defenders, Squillacci out surely now, sell Djorou and loan out Miquel, sign someone like Sakho, the money raised by sale of Djorou, way better defender, can cover emergency LB too and has age on his side, which means he can only get better.

    Midfield, sell Lansbury, he will never cut it with us, loan out Ramsey for a season, get Sahin on loan with an option to buy at the end.

    GK, sell Fabianski and Mannone, make Martinez 3rd choice and sign someone like Gordon who is available on a free.

    At the end, you have a smaller squad, but way better in quality, saves you wages that you are actually wasting and provides a lot of competition in the squad.

  46. Radio Raheem

    I’ve been re-watching Arsenal’s matches last season and I’ve gotta say anyone who honestly thinks Koscielny and Song were crap needs to be lobotomised

  47. Sadam Mahessar

    GK – Wojciech, Gordon, Martinez
    Def -Sagna, Jenkinson, Veramalen, Koscielny, Sakho, Mertesacker, Santos, Gibbs
    Midfield – Song, Arteta, Coquelin, Wilshere, Diaby, Sahin, Cazorla, Rosicky
    Attack – Chamberlain, Walcott, van Persie, Giroud, Podolski, Gervinho, Dempsey/Ba

    A very good squad which can compete on four fronts and land you something for sure.

  48. Sadam Mahessar

    Radio Raheem

    couldn’t agree more, Koscielny was our best defensive player by a mile.
    I know Song might not be the best DM around but he was massive for us last season.

    Ramsey had a good first half of the season, unfair to be made the replacement for Cesc, the blame should be on Arsene, not the player. A loan move to Swansea now that they have lost Joe Allen sounds mightily impressive for him I think

  49. Sadam Mahessar

    Just read this somewhere

    Arsenal have agreed the fee with Olympiakos and the club are talking to Squillaci for personal terms. Same the case with Arshavin, fee of 6m already agreed by Arsenal.

  50. Radio Raheem

    Sadam I hope you’re right so we can get rid of these renegades. So far nothing for Bender, the best striker in the universe? Surprise surprise.

  51. Samir

    Ramsey can’t go on loan to Swansea…He’s a Cardiff boy!

    It’d be like us loaning someone to Spurs!
    He would be hated!

  52. Harry Redknapp

    personally myself i think ramsey is better than swansea, i think we could offer to liverpool for 40mill

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Hopefully Wenger is trying some kind of deal with Olympiacos for Mirallas if he’s looking to sell Squillaci to them. Squillaci and a few million

  54. sam

    how about keeping park chu young?

    i am sure next summer giroud and podolski, maybe even cazorla will be your hate target.
    park is a good player, just victim of wenger’s dictatorship
    how many time do you have to be told about this.

    you are so boring!

  55. Cesc Appeal

    John Cross makes a good point, if Song can’t curb his attacking intent then we should cash in and buy a proper CDM. Otherwise our middle we get pulled apart all year.
    Would rather get in M’Vila (£10-15 Million) and Sahin on loan….it’d be nice if Song could just defend but I don’t see it, he wants to be centre stage

  56. Harry Redknapp

    song is too slow to do a defensive job, and far too clumsy. we need a water carrier, no frills. just win the balls pass it simple and give away the freekick on the halwayline not chase tryin to win the ball and then foul on the edge of our own box. GILBERTO was no great shakes people used to slag him off and wonder what he did till he got injured. we just need one of those donkeys,golden donkeys

  57. Harry Redknapp

    the thing thatpisses me off most with park and chamakh neither of them made a fuss about the bench. i find that unambitious. park should have done a tevez and refused to come on for five minutes

  58. sam


    giroud and podolski are not match fit, if van persie is sold we will face sunderland with chamakh.

    i’d rather have park chu young coz he’s match fit and can shoot.
    2 goals in 3 matches, when was the last time chamakh scored a goal?

  59. Harry Redknapp

    sorry sam but how comes rooney is playing pre season friendlys and bolton tonight played a player who was in team GB at the olympics, explain to me why its arsenes losers that are never match fit at the start of the season? should we just field the resevres again and concede another 12 in 2 games because the eruo players needed a 4 week break before training? lets not talk about park and the start of the season, lets talk negligence by the manager then

  60. Harry Redknapp

    lets just rest our stars, if we dont win our first two games its title race over because we aint gaining 6 points on city lol so arsene better get them well paid cunts fit

  61. Harry Redknapp

    if arsene is forced into playing chamakh and park due to anything other than the worst injury crisis ever then he is the biggest cunt ever. what a sad convo to be having

  62. Harry Redknapp

    sam they have to be fit, the season always starts a bit tough but either way its wengers job to make sure i dont see why they shouldnt be. every year cesc used to return like 3 weeks into the season, but the whole barca team were playing at the start of the season, i think wengers an idiot

  63. paul mc daid

    How could professional footballers coming of the Euros uninjured not be fit,will United line up without Rooney?Chelsea without Terry?City without Hart?, will they fuck,this is just more complete rubbish coming out of Wenger,he really is a crying pathetic bastard.

  64. nigel tufnel

    Sadam and raheem always make sense. Btw I also rewatched most of last season. People were a lil harsh on ramsey and gervinho. They were ok in first half of season. Bfg also pretty good before the injury. He might have helped with those ridiculous goals we allowed in the last few matches

  65. Gregg

    What stikes me is that this team is in perpetual transition. When will ever get ‘Arsensl stalwarts’ again ? – Will we ever see an Arsenal player hit 200 league appearances again, let alone 400, as we did when we won titles etc.

    You look at our squad and when Van Persie leaves, we will be left with Djourou, Diaby and Walcott as our longest serving players. Please,That is staggering when you see the lack of impact and effect and indeed game time that those three players have.