United don’t sign players over 26 | Is Robin Van Persie about to face the Nasri treatment?

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What’s that sound? Oh right… Gooner expectations crashing back down to earth like a meteorite.

Football is an emotional rollercoaster, one minute you’re on top of the world, the next minute, the Manchester Evening news is telling everyone Robin Van Persie is going to sign for Manchester United today for a substantial fee. We can all wave him off with arrogant contempt because we’ve signed some new players, but let’s face it, if we flog our captain to one of our fiercest rivals over the past 20 years, we’d really be sinking to a new low.

Why would should this upset you so much? Well, he’s our captain. Not only is he our captain, he’s probably the best iteration of a captain we’ve had since Patrick Vieria hung up his boots with Arsenal after banging home the winning penalty against united way back when in the FA Cup Final.

Simply put, this would probably be up there as one of the most disappointing modern day sales we’ve ever encountered. I hate to think what it’ll do to squad morale only a week from the start of the new season. By letting him go this week, we’re not even making things awkward for United which tells you something very important if that happens.

We need to money to balance those books.

Well, it could tell you that. Or it could tell you we need the money to go out and sign a replacement quick time. That’s when we’ll really find out what Arsenal are about this summer. That’s when we’ll find out whether we’ve really turned the corner. You can mitigate some of the loss of Robin by bringing in a shiny new striker who has world class pedigree. I don’t think we’ve quite got that in Giroud and Podolski. Top players don’t get me wrong, but they’re not cutting it when compared to Robin. No one would really, but someone like Llorente would certainly go some way to doing that.

What Arsenal have done so far this summer is prove to the fans that they do mean business for once. We’ve bought extremely well. So well, you have to wonder exactly what Robin is thinking moving onto United. The squad that we have now with Robin Van Persie involved is near enough a title challenging side. Without him, it’s slightly  back to the drawing board, but again, if we pull something out the bag, we could still be up there.

I think the lack of faith from Robin will rile a lot of fans off the back of this whole debacle… I guess what grates me looking in is that I don’t feel Robin has the right to moan about the state of our squad and its ability to compete. He’s literally had one season in seven playing in it. It’s not like he’s been let down by poor team mates every season and finally he’s buckled. He’s been one of the team mates letting down players like Cesc with his poor fitness. He’s never really given us a chance. That’s the blight on his personality CV. He gave up.

On the United front… well, this is an interesting move. Robin is the first player in years that I’d describe as a great re-sign for a home team and a pretty poor overall signing for a new club. In 2009 I read an article from The Guardian that stated United had a new policy of not signing expensive players over the age of 26. This stopped them going in for Ribery. 3 years on, in a distinctly worse financial position, they’re spunking a huge amount of their transfer budget on Robin Van Persie. Not only is it a huge risk for them to take, it also represents little long term value. He is a £25million short term stop gap. His fitness isn’t going to get any sharper as he decends into his thirties. Have a read around some of the United Forums, they’re not rounding on this signing like you’d expect, they know the pitfalls just like we do.

Still, it’s not our problem what they spend their money on. What is an Arsenal problem is explaining to our fans how we’ve lost another captain to another rival. So very, very disappointing.

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It’s not over until someone signs on the dotted line… let’s hope our Captain sees some sense and that if the worse case scenario occurs, Arsenal remedy it with a big name replacement.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    RVP just should not be sold now, except for Juventus who now seem to be looking at a £20 Million bid for Llorente.

    This has dragged on too long and we should set an example.

    We don’t need the money, commercials are coming in the next 12-18 Months and we should easily multiply our current shirt, stadium and training kit deals by ten, adding another £45 Million per year to the pot.

    Arsenal are not a club that needs to sell to buy aside from squad space.

    Van Persie won’t sulk, he won’t throw a tantrum, necause he’ll be 29-30 come the end of the year and he’s a crock. He’ll need a another excellent season to ensure that £200k a week.

    Perhaps that’s why his agent might push him so hard to move, knowing that one injury in October ruling him out until January and boom….there goes the deals…..possibly even Arsenal’s offer will climb down.

    Right now RVP has a £155 000 a week in his hand with Arsenal’s offer. He might get £200 000 a week at Utd (I doubt it) but he might hate it there, might get injured and they don’t take care of him the way we have, he might not fit their team, he’s quite a confrontational person – perhaps he finds someone in the United ranks Nani/Rooney he blows out with.

    If I was on that Arsenal board I’d tell United cash+Nani and then perhaps we’ll talk….possibly.

    But mostly I’d tell them to stick it, sign Van Der Wiel, M’Vila, Mirallas and Shaw that’s about another £20-22 Million of spending and then tell RVP like it or lump it you’re here now.

    Start to make him feel insignificant, you’re here RVP until we buy a better striker next summer. Then as soon as we have that player you can go wherever you want we won’t stop you. The grass isn’t always greener and fair play to Arsenal this summer they’ve made some great signings.

    We do need defensive help though

  2. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    I agree with 90% of what you say, but this looks like it came straight from Untold:

    “but he might hate it there, might get injured and they don’t take care of him the way we have, he might not fit their team”

  3. gambon

    Speaking of Untold if you want a laugh i would definately have a look at their last few posts. Absolutely hilarious, like reading the memoirs of a complete mentalist.

  4. gambon






  5. ikon

    Sam, I don’t think Pires, Henry and Viera were winners before they came here. Imbibing a winning mentality is down to the manager’s way of things. Cazorla’s past is just a sign that our creative plays in the midfield will be far far better than last year. If we keep RVP, we just need to sort out the defense which I think Bould will in all his capabilities and it would be great to have a beast of a center back. If RVP goes, we will need someone in the mould of Falcao really and nothing less will do.

    On another note, I say why not play Vermaelen in the defensive mid role, keep Song even if he whines about moving, buy Sakho so that we can have rotation among the three of Koscielny, Mert and Sakho.

    Somehow I feel Vermaelen will own that central defensive role.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Ikon: I don’t think Pires, Henry and Viera were winners before they came here. Imbibing a winning mentality is down to the manager’s way of things.

    I suspect all those players had a winning mentality in them. However good a manager is, if the player hasnt got it in the first place he never will

  7. ikon

    Maybe you are right, but you cannot tag a player with or without a winning mentality before he actually plays a part in his team winning. Take Borussia Dortmund for example. That is a winning team forged beautifully by Klopp. Kagawa, Sahin, Hummels, Goetze and others. You just cannot pick up whether a person is a born winner or not. That is where managers earn their money. So no point discussing on it. Over the length of the season we have to have players
    a) who are consistent
    b) who are fit
    over a decent period of their playing career till date
    Cazorla has a good record in both these parameters. Sagna does. Arteta does. RVP, Diaby, Arshavin don’t.
    As a manager if I find 10 players of the same levels of consistency and fitness records, I do not need to worry too much on whether they have the winning mentality or not.

  8. Alex James

    Spme facts about the VP situation: Utd always get their man. pRoved again and again over the last 50 years. The player unsettling process has began. The player wants to win medals and judges that Utd are better placed to do this. They have a habit of reclaiming the Premiership, the year after losing it. Our board will never, ever let him go for free. In my view, 18M will seal it, and don’t put any money on us spending it. And Bentner and co are still with us!

  9. bazza

    From http://mixturesport.com/football-news/why-rvp-should-not-join-united.html

    Rvp’s injury record :

    Groin Strain 2012 February 29th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2011 August 7th
    Knee Injury 2011 February 28th
    Hamstring Injury 2011 February 22nd
    Flu 2011 February 8th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2010 August 28th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2010 June 1st
    Sprained Ankle 2009 November 14th
    Knee Injury 2009 September 13th
    Groin Strain 2009 April 18th
    Groin Strain 2009 March 30th
    Hamstring Injury 2008 October 6th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2008 August 31st
    Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 May 2nd
    Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 April 4th
    Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 January 11th
    Thigh Muscle Strain 2007 December 24th
    Knee Injury 2007 October 18th
    Metatarsal Fracture 2007 January 22nd
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2006 November 19th
    Hip/Thigh Injury 2006 September 14th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2006 February 10th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2005 December 22nd
    Knee Injury 2005 October 17th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2005 February 5th
    Sprained Ankle 2004 November 26th
    Sprained Ankle 2004 August 27th