Barca pleading poverty with £15mill Song offer | Cazorla signs & heads to Germany with Arsenal | Nik Bendtner left at home

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Arsene can eat one of these in 14 seconds.

Good morning Grovers, things are moving in a decidedly positive direction. We’re winning the summer as things stand and we’re getting ever closer to kicking off the new season.

The losers this morning? Well, they’ll be Nik Bendtner and Squillaci. No trip to Germany for them. No hanging out with Arsene in the bar until one in the morning slapping German girls backsides whilst downing jugs of Hoffenhein powering through bratwurst. Oh no. It’s early to bed to pray to the god of transfers.

‘Please lord, let this mythical major club come in for me and pay me what my ego feels it’s worth!’

As for Squillaci, I’m pretty sure he’s not praying to anyone. He’s done with football. He’s just sitting in watching box sets of friends getting fat off Wotsits and Hagen Das.

Who is the final loser? Well, depends on what you determine as a loser. You could say Robin has lost. He’s not found a club willing to match his wage demands or his transfer fee… so far. He’ll be heading out to Germany with the rest of the squad. From there, it’s up to the rest of the boys to make sure they work on him. Pull those heart strings, share those pringles on the coach on the way over, let him use your game boy. Make him feel special.

Who are the winners? Well, everyone who is over there. Cazorla has been given permission to join up with the rest of the squad, which will be great for morale. He’ll get to know the players, understand our style and club culture. Hopefully he’ll be fit to play the friendly as well.

Another winner is Andrey Arshavin. He’s been given a ticket to Germany which must be a real postive for him. The last place he wants to head to is QPR. My worry with Andrey is he can’t even motivate himself to play for his country. What hope has Arsene got of kicking him into gear this season? He’s such a talent who has allowed himself to go to waste for no reason whatsoever. He could have been one of the best in the world if he had the focus and the drive you need to make it at the top. Such a shame.

In other news, the Alex Song rumours won’t go away. Barcelona are willing to bid £15million for him which is typical of them. If they want him, they’ll have to do better than that. I’m not a massive fan of Song in our system, but if they want to play him in the Keita role, he’d probably be ok. He’s in his mid-twenties playing for a top English club, he’s worth £7million more than the mooted bid price in my opininon. Like I’ve said before, people need to get over Alex Song and how amazing he is. Two seasons ago Wenger saw him as a centre back, now I’ve got Gooners telling me he’s better than Modric. Do me a favour everyone. Spraying chipped balls into the box to the most clinical striker on the planet is commendable, but remember that he’s playing balls into Robin. When Cesc was here, he was landing 20+ assists feeding in Adebayor. Also think of how many bad passes he plays, think of the total lack of focus he has on doing his piece for the team. He sacrifices none of his game for the team… unlike Arteta who gives up a big chunk of what he’s capable of in the name of discipline.

Anyway, I’d still be surprised to see him go, but if we received a decent bid and we could replace him, I’m pretty sure we’d sell up. He’s got no interest in us. He’d be fine with a move. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. His silence says it all.

From what I’ve read we’re still working on Sahin. That would be a great addition considering how injury prone Wilshere , Arteta and Diaby are. Other than that, it’s all guns blazing heading into the new season.

How are your lines ups looking this season? How are we going to fit all these players in?

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Let us know in the comments!

P.S. How could I miss the Usmanov interview out?

He’s back in the press bitching about how he’s being bullied by the nasty folk on the board. The don’t like him and they don’t even know him. This is like a bad episode of Big Brother.

“I was also disappointed, and very much regretted, that Danny Fiszman, who at that time ran Arsenal, dealt with me on the basis of totally unobjective opinions and assertions of a few individuals.”

You can’t argue with the above. It was all rather childish if you ask me. However, I’m not sure Usmanov is doing a good job PR wise complaining again. He should have waited until September 1st before he came out again to round on the board. We look like we’re doing exactly what he requested the board do at the start of the summer… invest in the squad. If it’s all gone tits up by September 2nd, then have a rant. Still, the most important thing for Gooners is this quote.

‘We plan to continue to buy shares in the club’

‘From the point of view of investment, this has already been a successful policy: the value of the club has rise from £300-400million to £700-800million.’

‘But this is not the point. I am a fan and I am not going to sell these shares at any time, since this is the club that I consider the best in the world.’

Nice on Alisher.

Also, before I go, the amount of planks that kicked off about Alisher because of the ITV headline that had no relevance to the story was embarrassing. Makes you wonder how many people bitch about Le Grove without reading the content. Web 2.0 people, so little time they can’t even be bothered to read the content before making an outlandish judgement.

UPDATE 2: Cazorla signs.

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  1. Dan Ahern

    Josip – Surprising indeed! I mean, that’s just what Marca says. Who knows what the truth is. I think their article claimed he was upset with how fans treated him in Madrid. So from that standpoint I could see the “journalist” reading into it as “I wanna go home”. At any rate, yes, hell of a player. Can’t see Arsene even thinking about him. Maybe I’m wrong though. Maybe he’ll phone them and ask if 7m is enough.

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    LeMassiveCoq: Rogers trying to use his sway with J.M to gazump us….Why would he go there otherwise though? No CL, mid table team.

    If he believes he’s only going somewhere for a season for regular football to get his form back, before heading back to RM, he might not care too much.
    However I’d have thought he’d want to be coached by Wenger more than Rogers

  3. bayo

    Arsenal do not need tello…..happy that we signed carzola..shows that you can be wise in the transfer window. Just wondering is hazard (34Million) better than sahin ( say we make it a permanent transfer of 10 million) ???

  4. sam

    stubborn wenger need to adapt to many things and buy out clause is one of them.
    if cesc had 70 millions buy out clause things would have been different.
    maybe barca wouldn’t even think about tapping him.
    if xtian tello is available i say take him then put his contract under lock n key.

  5. salparadiseNYC


    Photography has no schedule, random as my ladies sex drive. I’ll be in city this fall for sure, we can attack my local just as I suspect Cazorla will be doing to those twats down white hart lane way.

    Sahin would be silly going to Liverpool instead of us; AC Milan its get stickier.. it becomes a 50-50 i’d think.

    LB/DM needed not sure were going to see them though, what a rocking summer it be if we did.

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    1) Cazorla had a buy out clause of 45m euros.
    2) Fabregas was nowhere near the end of his contract.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Well we’re looking close to Sahin on loan, just figuring out who’s paying what in wages for him.

    Then you’ve got Mirallas £6.4 Million, Suarez £7 Million or Tello £Few Million probably. Anyone of those could be our wildcard attacking player, young, fast, agile, skillful.

    Mirallas scored 20 goals last season in Greece and some of them really were for fun, skinning five defenders and then smashing it in. Beach stuff. Looks good. I’d go for him, Belgium is looking hot with the youngsters right now!!

  8. Samir

    Buy out clauses are a load of crap!
    If the player wants to leave (Barca DNA) then they will…Simple as that!

    Didn’t Cesc refuse to come to training? Refuse to play in our games? That’s why he was supposedly “injured” for so much of his last season with us!

  9. kay

    wow!!! is it Arsenal FC??? all the last summer panic buys and this summer signings have been really experienced heads… project fucking youth for 1 st team dead…

    just add m’vila, van der weil, sahin on loan with bentner,squid,shitmak/park out and i will go mental!!!
    that will be cherry on top and we will seriously be after the title…


  10. kay

    ffs sort out the up the long ball between gibbs/verm and get a goal issue and we can give any team a footballing lesson in epl!!

  11. Nasri's Mouth


    There is a rumour going round that Liverpool might nick Sahin from us. The stronger rumour however seems to be he’s coming to us. Deal seems pretty close to being done, but it’s not quite definite yet. Let’s see what happens in the next day or so.

  12. kay

    control the midfield for city, pool – we win
    use theo against chavs, spuds – we win
    control the flanks against utd – we win

    so many option.. suddenly our squad with RVP in it seems so so good.. this is what we ve been crying out for the past few yrs..
    we were always 3 players short to challenge..

    add to that wilshere, diaby, ramsey to play well after their fucking injuries..
    my god what a team we have!!

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    Samir: Didn’t Cesc refuse to come to training? Refuse to play in our games? That’s why he was supposedly “injured” for so much of his last season with us!

    The stuff about him refusing to train seems quite likely, not so sure about refusing to play in games though. I think those injuries were genuine

  14. Ian

    I’m not surprised at all by Barca’s tactics with regard to Song. We have seen this all before, they did the same thing with Henry and Cesc. This is the way they do business, when they find a player they want they start coming out to the press early and maybe they place a bid this summer maybe they don’t. During the whole season we’ll have to listen to Xavi and co. talking about how they need Song in the press and then next summer he’ll have one year left on his deal and they will hope that his head will be turned and he’ll hand in a transfer request.

    They don’t ever want to meet clubs’ evaluation of players so they use the press to try to push moves through. From a club who claims to be so righteous and properly run it’s really embarrassing but that’s their game.

    But from an Arsenal perspective this time it is different, they aren’t chasing our best player. If Song wants to leave I have no doubt that we can replace him easily enough, I imagine that is why Arsene is looking at M’Vila and Sahin. It is refreshing that he finally seems to be preparing replacements BEFORE the player leaves.

    And one last thing on Alex Song, don’t forget that one of his best friends in football to this day is Adebayor, Pedro covered it a bit in the post but he absolutely is the type of player to leave without a second thought.

  15. on-the-edge

    Arsenal needs a RB and GK before Sahin. Will Wenger leave out these positions to be filled in by Jenks and Flappy? Or will he buy two more? Can’t believe he will buy anymore after having spent close to 30 Mill Pounds in a single window.

  16. Harry Redknapp

    i thought cesc just went on striker last pre season and refused to train or turn up. anyway are we seloling that fat slow lazy cunt song or not? anyone have any idea?

  17. OhtobeaGooner

    Sadam Mahessar
    August 7, 2012 19:52:28
    On Tello frontBarcelona are looking to loan him, in talks with Liverpool and one more English club.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if we are targeting him as plan B to Sahin move.

    Tello cannot be a plan B in case we miss out on Sahin. Totally different players… besides, we have more than enough guys who can play on the wing…. don’t see what we will need Tello for… He’s not even as good as Gervinho…

  18. Samir

    Nasri’s Mouth –
    Either way, that wasn’t a very nice thing that he did to us! I’ll never forgive him!!

    Barca refused to meet Cesc’s valuation….But Cesc forced the sale through anyway!

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    Apparently we’re not planning to sign a new keeper. Happy with what we’ve got. No idea about a RB, though personally I think we’ll gamble with Jenkinson for a few games until Sagna is back. (I’m assuming Sagna is definitely back for Southampton, just missing the first 3)

  20. Nasri's Mouth


    Yep, if true, its pretty poor. Whether it was a way to push through the deal, or whether he just thought it was pointless training if was convinced the move was on we’ll never really know.
    On the plus side he’s effectively paying us back his loyalty bonus, something I doubt RvP will do.

  21. LeMassiveCoq


    IF…we sign Sahin, and AW plays him at RB…this could be a very strong team
    come CL time…

  22. tippitappi

    despite the positives STILL too many knobheads at the club sponging our resources…………and Kay forget diaby he’s dead in the water but that won’t stop wenger trying to give him the kiss of life UGH

  23. dave

    Don’t care about the reasons for the 3 signings so far – it’s a good start buying 3 good internationals at the right age. For me, I would shift Verm to LB, buy a RB (Jenks is never going to make it at the required level),and get 2 dm in. Shift Song out, keep RVP and keep Theo as impact player. DJ / SQIL / BEND / SONG out


  24. Dan Ahern

    LeMassivCoq – I think Madrid said he could play LB to subtly let him know there isn’t space for him. He’s not out to sign as an LB somewhere now.

  25. sam

    coquelin is favourite to start at right back ahead of jenkinson
    even yennaris could be considered for the position
    who da f!ck is debuchy?

  26. SUGA3

    but then again, one has to help those less fortunate 😆

    so, dear sam, Debuchy is a French RB, played in the most recent Euros and looked the part, pisses all over Jenkinson and taking into the account that Sagna had to be played against the doctor’s recommendation (due to Wenger trying to be a clever cunt and signing Jenkinson who had predictbably turned out to be fucking useless), we are bound to lose him for longer than the predicted first 3 games, signing him would be a great move…


  27. Marko

    Doctors order? He was back a while and then he got the new break right? Anyway forget Debuchy when Sagna’s back he wouldn’t get a look in and at 27 he wouldn’t wanna play second fiddle for too long. The Rosales or Van Der Wiel might be a decent shout. Eventhough at the euros Van Der Wiel was dog shite.

  28. sam


    i am probably more french than you so i know debuchy more than you but i don’t fantasise on fifa games like you.
    we signed cazorla for 2 reasons:
    1. diaby, wilshere and rosicky are not fit and ramsey is pretty much useless.
    2. he was cheap for 16 million euros not pounds so we acted quickly and grabbed him.
    we cannot sign debuchy on the cheap for many reasons and lille probably hate arsene wenger. unless you have inside knowledge that he has a cheap buyout clause, maybe we can talk.

  29. SUGA3


    Sagna was rushed back with the metal plate still inside him and that’s what caused the problem he has now…

    Szczesny played last 5 weeks with pain killing injections…

    do you know the common denominator here? in both cases, the deputies were fucking wank and there was too much at stake!

  30. sam

    if malaga stuck to their guns kept asking 18 millions we wouldn’t have signed him.
    if mourinho put a price tag on sahin, wenger will shy away and probably go for that kenya bruiser from celtic.
    thats the harsh truth bro, no need to get pissed off

  31. SUGA3


    seriously, my friend, you need to see a specialist about this trolling problem of yours, you seem reasonable enough if you try…

    but this ‘he does not play for Arsenal, so I don’t want to discuss it’ nonsense is boring as fuck as well as out of place, as you simply have no say on what is being discussed on here, my man gambizzle has told you already which site may be more up your street if you want to wank over our youth superstar prospects, yeah?

    and seriously, you are not in position to be condenscending with the FIFA nonsense, all things considered…

  32. SUGA3

    and if my auntie had a cock, she would be my uncle…

    thank fuck that the youth project bollocks seems dead and buried, which should have been done a year ago, but hey, better late than never!

  33. Marko

    Don’t they keep the plate or the screws in for a long time after? Anyway Debuchy’s good not great I prefer to bring in a left back as opposed to a right back cause Coquelin and Yennaris have shown they can do a job there. Santos I’m fine with but Gibbs is dodge and they both really should be back ups

  34. sam

    thanx for the advice

    who’s gambizzle? that racist biggot idiot guy that looks down on people
    i don’t read his posts

  35. Dan Ahern

    sam August 7, 2012 21:44:11
    “who da f!ck is debuchy?”

    sam August 7, 2012 22:27:59
    “i am probably more french than you so i know debuchy more than you”

    Sam, please.

  36. sam

    van persie is not all that
    one season wonder that believe in his own hypes.
    good he just found out he’s not cesc
    SUGA3 you are also very abusive like your idiot friend, you are ignored from now.

  37. gambon

    “that racist biggot idiot guy that looks down on people”

    Thats me 🙂

    Although i would say ‘fanatically racist’.

  38. SUGA3

    joking? I believe the word you’re looking for is ‘trolling’…

    but what the fuck, we have done away with willymotherfuckingclownshoesbilly, we’ll handle you too 😉

  39. sam

    that traitor better leaves,
    if he stays wenger will give him number 9 coz poldi will take number 10.

    our new park chu young next season, only 5 minutes of action.

  40. sam


    i know you are right but i have to say this to these arsenal hating cult lunatics.
    their spiritual master tried to blackmailed arsenal and failed miserbaly. he will be shipped out anyway

    arsene who?

  41. eboue

    so sam how does it feel afobe scored a hattrick against tranmere rovers i must admit this has justified why you believe he is better than van persie.

  42. zeus

    Whats going on with Man Utd kit sponsorship. Hearing that people hav been getting the sack and the Man U IPO is off the tebale now.

    What is going on?

  43. eboue

    you gotta feel sorry for liverpool so far they will lose for the new season kuyt bellamy, Aquilani look like they will also lose carroll and agger, and they are not close to signing any1 haha. they must be jealous of our squad now!

  44. Moray

    @eboue…I don;t feel sorry for Liverpool. Not one bit!

    It just means fewer players’ houses for their fans to burgle, that’s all.

    Liverpool have a huge overseas following, which was helped by their lucky CL success of recent years, but to be honest their style of football now is execrable, and their foreign purchases recently a joke. I don;t like their attitude or their sense of entitlement and can only wish the worst on them.

    Also, they screwed us around over Alonso and Reina. We would have been a real contender with those two in our team.

    Now they are closer to signing David Bellamy than they are Craig Bellamy.

    Long may their slide continue. Same goes for those losers down the road in kebab shop land. Modric will no doubt leave and they will be paying way over the odds for a last minute replacement.

  45. ArsFan

    Is it just me who is horrified at the prospect of starting the season without Sagna. Or worse starting it with jenkinson!!!

  46. El Tel

    Good business for the Arsenal. I heard that cunt Durham on talksport slagging us off agsin. Yesterday.

    I used to love listening to talksport a few years ago but rarely listen any more.

    Just wanted to hear a bit about Cozorla but overheard that cunt Durham and Stewart Robson later on giving us another kicking.

    Hope we have a storming season to teach the pricks a thing or two. We would also earn zillions when other teams would be in for ALL our players.

  47. El Tel

    My team for the start of the season would be.


    Koscielny. Merteseker. Vermaelen

    Arteta. Sahin/Song

    Gervinhio. Chamberlain

    Robin Van Persie

    Giroud. Podolski

  48. Moray

    El Tel, I want to see us with really effective wingers and strikers who can move into position in the box to receive them, either on the volley (RVP) or head (Giroud). Podolski and Cazorla will be able to make teams pay from distance if they hang back in their own box to defend.

    All in all, we have a good squad now. A couple of defensive signings (and ideally an experienced GK in his mid 30s) will ensure a really good challenge for all competitions.

    Maybe also we can start to be an effective counter attacking team again. It all relies on flying strikers and wingers and clever heads and quick feet in the middle.

  49. SUGA3


    rage? you, sir, are clearly an idiot, what rage?

    it’s not me calling RvP a ‘traitor’ merely for calling a spade a spade, is it?

  50. Cesc Appeal

    I can see Wenger going for Van Der Wiel – £7 Million so nice and cheap and yet another ‘name’ to appease the fans.

    He isn’t going to replace Gibbs as he thinks he has another Cole on his hands and that suddenly young Kieran will come good.

    I think we might get another attacker, either Mirallas or Suarez after both their transfers fell through, both are about £7 Million as well so Wenger territory and then Van Der Wiel or a utility defender that can play RB and CB.

    I would be shocked if he signs a LB.

    I still have a feeling we might see M’Vila. Though Wenger is putting stock in Diaby and Song as his midfield tough men and any deal for Sahin would surely put an end to M’Vila.

    Perhaps that’s what the loan deal is about, M’Vila will be watched again this season see how he progresses and then a move will be made next summer for him.

    Next summer should see more spending as all the commercials will start to be renegotiated and Gazidis should easily be able to get five-six times more from Emirates who right now pay £5 Million a year for the Stadium, Shirts and Training kits. I’d tell them £20 Million for the stadium, £20 Million for the shirts and £20 Million for the training kit’s. £60 Million a year…if they don’t like it dissect that into three and find three separate companies willing to pay £20 Million for each one.

    Time to start whoring ourselves on that front