Jack back for Arsenal in November? | Happy Olympic day! | Cazorla competing with Jack? Not for me…

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THE OLYMPICS START TODAY. I’m so damn excited. It might be the calm before the storm, but London, despite contant rumour, did not explode this morning. It’s not even busy. I must say, I can’t wait until it’s all over and this conversation can stop happening…

‘Trains were busy today Dave’

‘Really? Can you imagine what they’re going to be like over the Olympics. I don’t know how we’ll survive’

If I had a pound for every time someone has rolled that line out over the past 2 years I’d have enough to sign Santi Cazorla and give Robin a £238k a week 4 year contract.

The Olympic spirit is in fine fettle. I went to see the flame head through Shaftsbury Avenue yesterday only to have my pocket picked. That’ll teach me for putting my girlfriend on my shoulders and for caring about seeing someone run with an enlarged gold plated Bunsen burner down the street with someone of the most cringe worthy sponsorship floats I’d ever seen. Samsung and Coke rolled along with their million pound spaceships… then the Banking Crisis Mobile rolled in. Lloyds TSB literally rolled up in something that looked like it had been salvaged from a runner up team on Scrap Heap Challenge.

So worth the wallet...

Anyway, be careful with your wallets. People steal them even if they have no money in them.

Onto football news. There was a lot of talk about Jack and his return from injury. Some stating a November return date. Things change pretty rapidly on football, but as far as I’ve been told, there’s been no change to the schedule for Jack. He’ll start training when the new season starts, he’ll be treated with kid gloves and eased back in. Late September / early October should be as late as it goes, unless he’s had a relapse. I think the issue with dates from Arsenal’s point of view is that they’re tempering fan expectation and Jack’s. I’d personally be gutted if it slipped out to November. That’s a seriously long term injury we’re talking about. That said, he’s young… far younger than Vermaelen was when everyone was predicting his career being over.

The Cazorla story rumbles on. Some saying he’ll sign, some saying he won’t, others saying it’s a money issue. John Cross reckons he’s central to Arsene’s plans next year which casts doubts over Jack as that’s his role. I’m not sure about that. Jack for me isn’t a play maker in the same way Cesc was for us. If he resembles anyone at Arsenal, it’s Arteta. Maybe with a  touch more flair. He’s too rough and ready to play the furthest forward, so I don’t really see Cazorla coming in to compete with him, rather compliment what he does. Great to hear that we’re still monitoring M’Vila as well. If we do move for a holding midfielder, I’d be interested to know what the future has in store for Song. If we sign Cazorla for £20mill, it won’t be behind the striker, if we sign M’Vila it won’t be as a DM… where oh where does he go? Watch this space I guess…

Arsenal take on Manchester City today, I won’t be watching, but hopefully we’ll put in a good performance. It might be preseason, but you really don’t want to be giving your rivals a one up this early on in the season!

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Have a great day, see you in the comments… and if you have my wallet, there’s an amnesty box in the comments section. No questions ask.

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  1. Johnty79

    Chelsea team next year,,

    Ivanovic Cahill terry cole
    Lampard Ramirez mata
    Oscar Torres hazard

    This team will probably score at least 10 goals past us next season over two games. Not signing Cahill great move wenger. Not!

  2. Kripakar M. Marur

    @johnty 79
    so the team which finished below us in the league and got beat 5-3 at their home by us is suddenly going to put 10 past us by playing a new good left winger and a central midfielder on the right wing.

  3. Radio Raheem

    I was busy fulfilling my neanderthal origin while it was on …

    Lol what does that mean? Were you bashing one off?

  4. Kripakar M. Marur

    who else thinks axel witsel is whom we need more than cazorla! if we are going to stick with tiki taka lite, he is the closest we can get to replacing cesc. but Wenger will probably get a stroke when he hears transfer fee quotes from the Portugese clubs. They are like Daniel Levy on crack!

  5. OPG

    There are more than just 3 top defenders.
    Very funny Kripakar Samba would have been a good signing though, don’t know how he’d fit the philosophy though no matter the coaching when many of them are/were ex defenders.

    Countdown for the Ceremony is a bit cringe worthy.

  6. Radio Raheem

    Great the Olympics is here and I’ve got tickets as well but boy am I bored of it all. It can’t finish quick enough so we can get back to football

  7. Kripakar M. Marur

    he is a good defender. but he is more backs to the wall kinda defender. i like proactive football teams. i am a romantic that way. attacking football philosophy is most important for me. i can never bring myself to support a team that plays like Chelsea or Stoke or Blackburn. they suck the joy out of watching the game. too cynical.

  8. Kripakar M. Marur

    @radio raheem
    witsel is not a defensive midfielder. he plays a hybrid of centre mid and trequartista for benfica. which is where wenger wants cazorla to play according to reports.

  9. sam

    if arsenal really wanna sign someone from spain that will fill cesc boot should be thiago alcantara and he’s worth the money.
    nothing against this carzola but he can come just as addition to the squad.
    its embarrassing the way we are being teased in the papers by linking us with anyone. they know how desperate gooners are waiting to see new signings.
    personally i will prefer to only talk about players who are already in arsenal shirt.
    yeah i know, today is nuri sahin. has he signed yet? nope ok! are we ambitious enough for him? or he just wanna use us escape mourinho’s jail?. maybe !
    that means we have to compromise the progress our emerging youngster to accomodate this mercenary. as soon he’s back in the limelight he’ll be off.
    yes we will have him if he’s free or cheap loan just to see how it goes.
    otherwise its time for chuks aneke to taste first team football, he’s been our best reserve player for the past 2 years, he deserves it.

  10. Radio Raheem

    They should have paired Gabby Logan with Linekar instead of Sue Baker. This Jake Humpreys kid gets on my nerves he should be presenting Blue Peter

  11. Kripakar M. Marur

    the problem is they have all their new signings point to a shift to a possession based game. but that means they have to play a high defensive line. and please please let them try that against arsenal with john terry and gary cahill at centre back. walcott will have a field day. high defensive lines and slow centre back combo is the only place where walcott is effective. hence my feeling is that roberto de matteo is just warming the seat for a high profile manager. his stints at west brom and chelsea till now do not indicate that he can implement a possession based game. and they can implement the new style of play only if they rid themselves of that bastard Terry. he has no place in a footballing side.
    p.s. won’t support chelsea even if they get messi and ronaldo with riquelme feeding them. they are scum.

  12. Radio Raheem


    Although, I admire great DMs I’m not convinced you always such a specialist player in your side. Witsel from what I have seen is one those energetic CMs with good technique that does a fair bit of tackling. So his more like a Flamini with far better technique. I wouldn’t compare to Totti or Baggio as I haven’t seen him play that role for Benfica or anyone else.

  13. Kripakar M. Marur

    totti and baggio were classical trequartistas as in no defensive duties. just stay in space to receive the ball in the final third. he plays as a cross between a trequartista and a central midfielder. the closest to his role i have seen in epl is moussa dembele for fulham who would also be an excellent cheaper alternative for us.

  14. Johnty79

    Nasri’s mouth, samba is everything we need in a defender and what your mother needs in a man. No your right the under 12’s captain koscieny is much better. I blame you personally for all goals conceded next season… I’m guessing 45 plus I suppose that’s a improvement.

  15. Radio Raheem

    No he plays deeper than that Aimar or the other geeza I can’t remember his name plays ahead of him

  16. Johnty79

    Wiesel was available for 4 m euros in 2009 after we lost flamini.. I said sign him. It’s embarrassing that I know more about players in Europe than the entire arsenal scouting network.

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m guessing you’re trying to be funny with your man love of Samba and your dislike of Koscienly because if not I really dont understand where you’re coming from. Anyway, good luck with it 😉

  18. Kripakar M. Marur

    aimar plays as a traditional number 10. witsel moves between centre mid and aimar’s position especially against weaker teams where he is given more freedom to drift. against tougher opposition, he plays a stricter centre mid role like arteta does for us.

  19. Radio Raheem

    Flamini with better technique or a better version of Flamini is the best description I can muster for Witsel …Flamini could also break ahead of our strikers too

  20. Jordan

    Talking about Witsel, anyone seen destroy some dudes leg and then act surprised when he gets sent off?

  21. SDE

    This Olympic opening ceremony so far is sleep-inducing..

    I know we are going through history & all that..but boy..

    It’s got a long way to go..if it wants to match Bejing 2008..

    This poxy ceremony better build up into a climax..

    Oh I’ll shout Wenger please stay!!Please come back!!

  22. Zacharse

    Nobody on here especially ‘Dave’ who has probably been coming here since May should be talking shit about El Tel. Man is the real deal. All you new fuckers go somewhere else, you’re turning this board into shit

  23. Radio Raheem


    You called that right what a load of shit. I might not watch any more Danny Boyle films after this bollocks

  24. Radio Raheem

    Jerusalem, God Save the Queen what next Monty Python?? I’m sorry but where’s the creativity here

  25. Dave


    My apologies, thought that this was an Arsenal blog. Let’s discuss other players that will never play for Arsenal and their techical abilities. Who do you suggest next?

  26. Radio Raheem

    It’s all going in this ceremony…all kinds of bullshit. Now Trevor Nelson is trying to tell us that this big lump of turd is pudding..AGONY!!

  27. Dave


    Thought that, due to your defence of El Tel, that I amight have been a bit harsh and so I went back a re-read his opinions. Turns out that I was wring…… He’s a complete knob

  28. SDE

    This is a face palm moment…

    This is what we deliver to the world…

    Oh my gosh….

    1hour into the ceremony….& this shite is going downhill,faster than Greece being bombed out of the Eurozone..

    This is the worst olympic ceremony I have ever seen..

  29. SDE


    How are you doing?


    Arsene is off the agenda for me today..Hopefully the next couple of days,or weeks..Haha..

    That said,looking back on some of the comments..

    I felt drained from just reading them..

    Same shite..different day..hey!!

  30. Dave

    Hey SDE

    I’m ok . How about you?

    I’m just having some fun because I’m a bit bored. You must have read some of the comments that I did. Apparently that makes me a new fucker that should fuck off elsewhere

  31. SDE


    How are you doing?

    Hope you’re well?

    Hope you haven’t been getting into any heavy arguments..

    After my arguments with Keyser the other day..
    I’m done with getting involved in petty squabbles..

    Especially with peeps-like keyser,who get their kicks,or sick pleasure from winding peeps up…

    Life’s too short..

    All I’ll say is screw Wenger!!

  32. SDE


    Yeah I saw that..Thought it was quite funny!!

    Becks,just won’t let this olympic torch thing go…

    He’s such a tosser!!Rather his wife is a real pain in the ass..

    I bet she’s behind him throwing a temper tantrum about not being able to carry the torch into the stadium!!

    Bunch of tossers!!

    The olympics are for olympians..

    What the heck has the olympics got to do with the Beckhams..

    His stage is the CL,World Cup& Euros..

    What the world is not big enough for them..

    What is it they want-those Beckhams..?

    World domination..?


    A position as secretary General at the UN

  33. SDE

    Dan Ahern

    How goes it?

    What’s the feedback from the states,about the London 2012 Olympic Ceremony?


  34. SDE


    Don’t you think these Beckhams are a bunch of selfish twats?With regards to trying too dominate the Olympics?

  35. JT

    Dear God – the first Gold Medal in Archery has gone to a blind person!

    This whole things is a laughable charade.

  36. Radio Raheem

    the organisers are too lazy to think of something different…the beckhams benefit from that.
    probably cheaper to pay a big name and put up a shit show than actually putting up a god show, i dunno

  37. SDE


    Shows what you can do if you apply yourself,regardless of your handicapp..

    Shame on Arsene& Arsenal FC..
    Shame on Walcott & Shame on Song!!

  38. SDE


    You might have a point..

    Quite sad..

    If the best we can come up with ,is a semi-illiterate past-it footballer..Who says nothing,just stands there& smiles& trots out cliches….

    What does that say about the mentality of the British & our ability to think outside the box?

    I had a funny feeling Boyd,was going to crucify this Olympic Ceremony

  39. JT

    Aarding the first gold medal in Archery to a blind person …. the mind boggles – for example IOC rules dictate that if any athlete receives external assistance, they are immediately disqualified. Think of runners, walkers, weight-lifters etc etc …

    Surely someone must have told the blind guy *at least* the general direction to shoot in …

    The whole things is a hlarious comic scam!

  40. Radio Raheem

    Well this is a crucifixion that’ll take more than 3 days to resurrect from. You can all thank Danny Boyle for this, 7 years in the making

  41. SDE

    I’m expecting Greece to be waving a white flag,made out of shirts,skirts,table cloth,etc,etc..

    After all they will be warming to the Olympic theme..

    The “Austerity Olympics”

  42. SDE


    It’s terrible…
    The Olympics should have gone to France..

    Bet your bottom euro,they would have done a fantastic job!!

    Tomorrow’s headlines from around the world should make for interesting reading..

  43. Mystic

    Going on hol, wearing Arsenal shirt with pride, though christ knows what I will be comming back to – most likely another sell out by the bod.

    Got to track down tv for match on sunday that isn’t being commandeerd by the bloody olympic brotherhood!

  44. SDE

    Going on hol, wearing Arsenal shirt with pride, though christ knows what I will be comming back to

    A reality check!!

  45. Dan Ahern

    SDE – Hey sorry, jumped off for a while. I can’t tell you what the US is reaction yet–we’re watching the taped ceremony later so people will be home from work. But I’ve been on twitter and following all these Gunners has basically spoiled the whole thing for me. Haha not really though, it sounds pretty epic. I’m sure it’ll be grand.

  46. Dan Ahern

    Did watch bits of GB-Senegal today though. Butland is amazingly good for a 19 year old. Always impressive when a goalkeeper is good that early.
    Can somebody explain why Craig Bellamy is on the team though? You passed up Becks for this?

  47. Dave


    I’m in Manhattan at the moment. Can’t speak about the opening ceremony but they have been taking the piss about the security situation, the traffic difficulties and mosquito’s on the “tube”.

  48. SDE

    Dan Ahern

    It was about finding a balance..The Welsh number count!!
    for the GB team

    Either way the Olympics is for Olympians,not for the Beckham brand to dominate the event..

    His big stage was the World Cup,Euros& CL stage..

    The Olympic football team is supposed to be a showcase for the U23’s generally speaking..

    How Beckham managed to hijack these Olympics,is quite a shame& pitiful..

    The ceremony is woeful..The worst I’ve ever seen!!

  49. Dan Ahern

    SDE – Ah, but I thought that was Ramsey’s job?

    You’re right, but generally the over-23 exceptions go to your senior ambassadors. Players like Ryan Giggs. …Wait a second, that’s another Welshman! See? You’re full-up on the Welsh. No need for Bellamy.

  50. SDE


    Oh cool..lucky so,so&so..

    Whilst you’re over there say hi to Ben Bernanke for me!!
    & Obama…
    If you bump into TH14..tell him to pick up the phone & tell Wenger your director of NY Bulls will make him an offer he can’t refuse!!A name your price salary to come & coach the NY Bulls on a 1-way ticket to the big apple!!


  51. SDE

    Dan Ahern

    Given the scottish do not want to be part of the GB team.

    It still was an attempt to balance out the numbers& find a reasonable balance b/w the home nations that wished to compete& those that opted out!!

    Beckham tried to use his influence& PR team,to turn it into the Beckham roadshow& force Stuart Pearce via media pressure & fan sentiment into giving him a place in the team..

    Quite disgusting tactics..personally speaking!!

  52. SDE

    What a diabolical opening ceremony!!

    Made worse,with the GB chavy outfits..


    What’s your bet,the GB football team,have already scored with half the female Olympic GB team already..?

    & Ryan Giggs is leading the table ,as top scorer& top assists man?

  53. GoonerM

    Guys I’m in East London, this ceremony compared to China is an absolute joke.
    Firstly, transport was smooth I think we will cope. People still gloomy as fuck on transport cheer the fuck up before a hoodie smacks the living daylight out of you.
    Secondly, I don’t know if I’m going mad but did you see that German doing the Nazi salute(heil Hitler)..? On the big screen Camilla and Charles were laughing their uppety ass off.

  54. Dan Ahern

    SDE – Yeah, honestly I don’t feel bad for Beckham. I’m just saying, Olympic football is all youngsters and token ambassador showings. Point is, the tournament doesn’t matter. It’s just in good spirits.

  55. Dan Ahern

    GoonerM – Not a joke. Just not a serious tournament in the scope of international football. You are right though, for the players it’s an amazing opportunity.

  56. SDE

    Dan Ahern

    Point is, the tournament doesn’t matter. It’s just in good spirits.

    Are you sure..?

    Try telling that to the Brazilians who take this competition seriously..?Or the Argentine’s ?Messi& co came through this..

    Or the Africa countries,like Nigeria who won in 1996,with the likes of Kanu,Oliseh& co…

    It’s GB that have never taken it seriously,until now(host city)..
    & even then they have approached this GB football selection team in the wrong manner..

    It’s meant to be a springboard for young talent coming through & preparing them for the transition to the senior team…

    Instead these twats have turned it into fielding the strongest team& having a national debate as to whether Beckham should be included,or not?

    Just a completely wrong mindset..That defeats, the whole Olympic spirit ideals..

    Apologies I’ve gone on a bit!!

  57. SDE

    Dan Ahern

    They’re deluded…Honestly it’s absolutely dire..

    I think they are just saying that,simply because it’s being held in London.

  58. GoonerM

    Well it was a big let down I personally think the best part was the timeline from the 1960’s-2012 apart from that they could have done a much better. Each to their own I guess everyone has individual taste so what I liked someone else might have disliked visa versa.
    SDE your right aswell us as a nation have the wrong mindset, if the best player in the world busts his guts to get Gold with people his age, what makes us any different?

  59. SDE

    Have the Spice girls been on yet..?

    If not,they probably will be,singing “spice up your life” “& zig a zig aah!!”& “say you’ll be there & all that..”

    Thanks but no thanks,on the evidence of this clap trap opening ceremony

  60. SDE

    Gooner M

    Are you still in East London?

    If you are..what’s the sentiment?

    Are people generally happy about the ceremony?
    Mixed bag?Or disappointed?

  61. SDE

    I tell you something..

    IG talking about FFP, Sustainable models,ticket prices& Wenger kicking the poor evian water bottle generates more excitement,than this piss poor Danny Boyle opening ceremony!!

  62. GoonerM

    I just got to Woolwich arse. I think the people that attended definately enjoyed it, most of the time . I haven’t heard any complaints to be honest it’s just just an bubbly enviroment. If anyone has the chance check out the Macdees my gosh!
    Let the games begin.

  63. goonerboy

    I am currently in Australia-and the majority opinion from the mainstream and social media was that the ceremony was amazing and imaginative, one of breathtaking artfulness-but not everyone loved it-Aussies are not all known for their appreciation of culture-or Britain!

  64. SDE


    I know the Aussie’s detest the whinging pommies with a passion..

    But if the word on the street down under,is that it was amazing..!!All I will say is strewth..

    Well blow me down..

    The world must be going mad..

    Actually looking at some of the comments in the tabloids here & on BBC radio 5 ..They are all talking it up..Like it was one big extravaganza…& spectacular show!!

    I’m sorry I think people are either being polite,or disingenuous..

    This was the worst opening ceremony I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch..

    It was neither a patch on Bejing,Athens,or even Sydney..

    It was a hotch potch of bygone era’s mixed in together,with the contemporary era..

    It was neither artful,imaginative,or inspiring..

    Far from it,it was coma-inducing..

    It was like going to a kebab shop,just before closing time& having a ton of left over meat.. i.e.the scraps piled into the pitta bread,soaked in vinegar,lemon juice,mayonnaise& you know what!!

    In short,inedible…Not good for the palate..

    It lacked pizaaz,.& a certain je ne sais quoi.!

    The world has gone mad,for other’s to suggest otherwise!!

    That said,the fireworks were ok& the 2nd act of the Artic Monkeys with the birds,on the bikes circling around the stadium was different..

    Those moments contributed about 10 mins to an otherwise 4hr tedious show..

    To be fair,when Brunel came into the picture,reflecting the industrial revolution..I thought it would really pick up momentum..Nope, I thought wrong..It just went downhill from there!!

  65. El Tel

    Sorry to dissapoint you Dave.

    Cant be Mates with everyone I guess and being called a knob is not the worst thing that has happened to me.

    Glad to see you actually opposing what the others were writing about rather than just slaggging people off.

    Whatever dissapointed you lets discuss another time. I wont be hurt if you just cant at least acknowledge my opinion.

    Good day to ye.

  66. El Tel

    @el tel
    his running was contributing 37 goals and 12 assists. no other cf (traditional or otherwise) scored more than the one you consider not good. it also contributed to him winning Players and Writers Player of the Year. Most Arsenal fans are already acting like how Man Utd fans did when CR7 went to Madrid. They tried to make it as though he scored because Rooney and Tevez worked and gifted him tap ins. We shouldn’t be petty like that. If he leaves, it is not the end of the world. Arsenal will move on. But that won’t change the fact that RVP was magnificent last season.

    I dont know anything about the Mancs and what their fans think. And of course its foolish to want to talk down RVP.

    He deserved the Player of the Year awrds and scored plenty of goals whilst creating many more.

    I dont think we would have been relegated without Him last year and we wont be this season either.

    I still maintain that as good as RVP is He doesnt scare defences enough for them to panic when He runs amongst them. He is a poor free kick taker and for Me a six foot plus player should be adding height to corner kicks instead of taking them himself.

    Lets see if Giroud or Podolski work hard and get forward much quicker whilst defending higher up the pitch. Lets hope Giroud challenges for the aerial stuff when our Keeper or deep players hoof the ball up.

    I think you will find the whole team ethic change with hard working but technically good forwards.

    I might be wrong of course but I know for certain we will not be fighting a relegation dog fight without RVP.