Arsene, there’s nothing logical about a business model which hinges on losing your best players every year

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We meet again...

Morning Grovers! So it looks increasingly like my story about our transfer budget being under £25million was true. Wenger has barely spoken to and he’s ankle deep in Groundhog crap (Time Out Hong Kong… are you serious Arsene?). So let’s pick through his comments…

‘Firstly, I must say that not being able to match the spending of the richest clubs does not mean that you can’t compete with them on the pitch’

This is true. The richest don’t always win out. We’ve seen that many times throughout history. However, if you’re not rich, you have to be smart. I’m not sure the Arsene way of playing football is the smartest these days. I’m not sure his recruitment policy is the sharpest either. We could compete 15 years ago because no one had seen training methods like Arsene’s. No one had a scouting network like the one he put in place. No one had a defensive base so drilled and disciplined as the one he inherited. No one could pick out talent like he could.

Nowadays, we’re not spending money efficiently and most have caught up or surpassed on the training front. Both with ideas and with technology. This is an area we’re looking at. We’re playing catch up with everyone else. We’ve got GPS people, we’ve got an amazing medical centre and finally, we’ve got an assistant who has his eyes wide open to the issues we have at the back. So we’re on track there. Trouble with Arsene’s comment is it’s becoming more and more obsolete. The richest nowadays do tend to dominate. In the main because we play so many games. You can’t out think richer more heavily resourced teams over 70 odd games. We have the biggest squad with the fewest ready players in the league. City have near enough a full 25 of top class players. They can deal with almost any eventuality. Spending money isn’t the be all and end all, but after 7 years of suffering because we don’t spend, I find it a little ridiculous to once again say we can win the league on a tiny budget.

‘We need first to see how effectively financial fair play can be enforced before we can fully understand the impact but I believe it will make for a more exciting Premier League’

… and there we have it. What that comment actually equates to is…

‘Stan Kroenke won’t put his hand in his pocket and we’re hoping that when FFP comes into play everyone will be screwed bar us. We’ll dominate and that’ll make for a more exciting league’

It’s not going to happen. Why would the richest clubs in the world bend over the to the Arsenal business model. In fact, how can any of this matter anyway? All the worst offenders in the money stakes are FFP compliant already!

‘I think that it is right that you balance your books – to accept the one basic principle for every company – and that’s that you can spend the money which you make.’

‘That principle just seems to be a common sense and logical one’

This comment is the best one by far. If Arsenal spent the money they earned. You know, the money outside selling your best players every year… we’d have ZERO money to spend! We break even as a business. So much for a sound financial footing. We can’t function as a club unless we’re selling out major assets every season. What a joke. You wonder how much we’ll have to spend even when the new TV money and sponsorship comes through… that’ll get eaten up immediately with new players contracts.

Arsenal are fighting a long term losing battle against the principles of modern day football. Just in the same way we’ll never revert to calling each other on our house phones as a primary communication method, my guess is we’ll never go back to the good old days of football. Arsenal need to deal with that. Our negative attitude to spending money is driving away our best players away… surely Arsene doesn’t see any logic in that?

On the transfer front, we’ll all get to see Ganso in Middlesborough on Friday. He’s stepping up against the Great British team. We’ve also been linked heavily linked with Llorente again. He’s 6ft 5 tall and he has great technical ability. Kind of like a more cultured Spanish version of Adebayor. He has a £28million buy out clause. I’d love to be part of the negotiations there…

Ivan: ‘Will £4million do?

Chairman: ‘No, £28million’

Ivan: ‘Ok, ok… how about £6.5million and Chamakh?’

Chairman: ‘Get out of my office.’

For me, Llorente would be one of the few strikers who would actually cushion the blow. He’d show the squad we’re ambitious and he’d lift the fans. We can’t go out and replace the Dutchman with a 14 year old sheep farmer from Tibet. It just won’t cut the mustard this season. However, if we could get him in and loan him out to Beveren for a season, I wouldn’t make too much fuss.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. In fact, it’s all I have for you for until Tuesday. I’m mincing it up at a Festival so Geoff will be taking over to tell you what’s what.

Have a great weekend!

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P.S. If you’ve been moaning about the purple Arsenal kit, check out the Spain Olympic kit… truly incredible! Thanks to Ela for e-mailing it over.



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  1. incesc

    haha its not funny zeus

    fucking hell, how can every player we have hate playing for arsenal?? even the shit ones

    its not funny really, fuck

  2. incesc

    cheers wengersweeties

    went to arsenal all his life.

    no idea what hed think about football these days. Jumed up when arteta scored against man city though.

  3. WengersSweeties

    I don’t care about Theo Walcott believing he’s bigger than what he is……

    What will get me is if we sell Van Persie to Utd. I don’t think even Wenger will fuck around with the fans that much……but if we did that would be the biggest fucking, depressing disappointment.

    Selling to them cunts would, and should be a sackable offence in itself! almost as bad as selling him to Spurs!!!

  4. incesc

    the worst thing is with a settled back four and with wilshere and arteta in midfield, if robin stayed we are pretty equal to man u next year.

    he is a snidey cunt

  5. sam

    van rapist?

    not need to be bitter if he’s leaving, arsenal will survive.
    i am pretty optimistic that we will do better without van persie.
    well if we enforce the midfield, if oh oh another if! news of ganso is true, you add m’villa.
    in the past few years, man utd also got rid of backham, van nistelroy,stam etc…. the only difference sir alex makes sure he rebuilds a winning team. our ambition doesn’t go beyond cl group stage, sadly.

  6. incesc

    to be fair ive called him van rapist on here for years, makes me laugh….

    doesnt take much

    on a seruis note

    ganso and mvilla are even worth 25% of van persie

    diaby is probably better than both for us next year

    robin is a world class striker, ganso and mvilla are unproven kids.

  7. Moray

    incesc, I will have a drink tonight for your grandad. 97 is a good age and we can only be jealous of the amount of great football he has seen in that time!

    For RVP, I don’t think we need to sell him to either Manchester clubs but I think the sticking point is the salary – if Juve or AC Milan can’t come up with the cash then I think we should keep him. If he helps us stay in the CL it’s 35m right off the bat, and more importantly he can help to bed in the new players without so much pressure…

  8. goonerboy

    When it comes to the question of showing ambition-its a no brainer- Would Gazidis, Wenger and the Board have sold 4 first choice players to a main rival if the club prioritised ambition over maximising cash income? Wenger is preparing to sell the best player in England to the same mob for the same reason.

    An ambitious club does not make its main opposition stronger.

    Any business whose financial strategy involves selling its assets to a rival will eventually run out of assets to sell-and selling RVP is reaching the end of the road-then watch its market position disappear.

    No other top 5 club in the EPL would sell their best asset to another rival club.

    The difference is we have a manager so arrogant, so over-confident, that he has convinced himself that it doesn’t matter who the club sells its best players to as long as the club gets their cash. He even convinces some naive fans who believe it because they want to believe it- but the truth is Wenger can’t convince his own captain- which is why they leave each year.

  9. Dan Ahern

    gambon – That, and he transparently uses the captain’s armband as a sort of psychological ploy which ends up never working. It’s a bit insulting to the player and Wenger himself.

  10. Moray

    @goonerboy: this is exactly the point. The quality of our kids is decreasing rapidly. VP and Cesc are two good examples of players bought young and developed at the club. But they had the chance to play alongside and learn from Arsenal greats. Who, now, can gibbs or our young keepers learn from? Add to this the fact that good young players are being snapped up earlier and earlier (or else they remain on buy back clauses), and you see that the Wenger MO is no longer viable…

  11. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Respect for your Grandad.. He saw it all… Except one thing.. Us lifting the CL. Hope you and I see that day.. And when we do we’ll lift a glass for him and all the Gooners who dreamed like little boys in old men’s bodies.

    One nil to The Arsenal!

  12. kay

    incesc.. goosebumps on thinking about what ur grand dad has seen.. is he the oldest fan of arsenal?? cheers to him!! he is also a legend!!

  13. Gooner S

    Yes I get it you are critical of Wenger. Jolly good, so am I at times.

    The angle that very few players left Arsenal before the end of their contracts and its all Wengers fault is tenuous to say the least.

    Of course one of the reasons why few left Arsenal early (as you say ) might be because the quality was poor! We didn’t have a lot of world class talent did we? I’m not saying all of the following were world class but they all left early……..Charlie George, Ray Kennedy, Brady, Brian Kidd, Stapleton, Martin keown, Stewart Robson. Michael Thomas, Andy Cole…christ even Peter Nicholas, Vladimir Petrovijc, Viv Anderson……..

    The other reason is there was less money in the game, no foreign players (to begin with) and then a limit of foreign players…in other words the game was totally different. You cant compare. Different times.

    I’m as fed up as anyone else with players leaving but of the recent departures we didn’t win anything with them (Cesc, Clichy, Ade, Nasri, Helb etc) so it’s a bit rich for them to say I left to win something. Same goes for Van Persie. The players have to take some responsbility as well. RVP has spent a fair chunk of his time on the treatment table, if he hadn’t we would have arguably one the league at least once in the last 5 years. I do think Arsenal could have tried harder to keep Ashley Cole but he didn’t exactly cover himself with glory did he? We should be trying harder to keep Walcott…perhaps we are. Perhaps he wants to go to Liverpool?

    If Van Persie wants to go…sell him. Get the best price you can and then get a repalcement in.