Robin to United? That would kill me…

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Morning sports fans. It’s sunny, I’m on a train to Wakefield, life couldn’t be better!

Well, it could be, Robin could sign a contract, the papers could stop talking about these irritating showdown meetings we’re having with all of our players and we could go out and spend some money to bolster our set up.

In the papers, Fergie has been speaking to friends. I know, Fergie has friends. Anyway, he’s been telling them Robin is joining United this season.

He better not be. Seriously, that would be shameful if we sold him to United. City I can deal with for some reason, perhaps because of their lack of class and history. United though? Our arch rivals over the last 20 years! The thought makes me feel queezy.

I could understand the move from a neutral point of view. Great club, great history with a manager who knows the game. However, bending over to a team you are trying to topple at the sustainable business model would be a step too far. Surely the money isn’t important enough for us to sell to them?

Unless of course we brought in Llorente off the back of the sale? Even then it would kill me…

There were plenty of destabilising rumours about Nasri going to United last year that failed to amount to a bid, so we’ll see.

There’s not much else on today, so I’ll leave you to chew on this question…

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Is there any situation that would make the departure of Robin to United acceptable?

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  1. Dan Ahern

    I like Llorente but I feel like Wenger already bought Giroud to be CF, so honestly what are the chances we go for him. Besides, having Llorente with Theo supplying crosses is a bit like buying a Ferrari when the only petrol station near you only has diesel.

  2. Harry Redknapp

    of course usmanov and dein are not after wengers head. but why would they start knocking the manager right now? give usmanov a year of failure and he will shake it up bigtime.

  3. Marko

    Llorente is super but to be honest he’s quite similar to Giroud or Giroud similar to him I think a more mobile centre forward a plan A to your plan B would be better. But who? Whhhhooooo???

  4. peanuts&monkeys

    i would be GUTTED if RvP is allowed to join United. It would feel like being slapped by your worst enemy in front of a crowd. Gimme a gun and i can shoot down the entire Arsenal board if they do that!!

  5. peanuts&monkeys

    I would be GUTTED if RvP is allowed to join United. It would feel like being slapped by my worst enemy in front of a crowd. Gimme a gun and i can shoot down the entire Arsenal board if they do that!!

  6. Pollux

    All these Llorente discussion are kind of pointless. Look at his size, we already have that in Giroud and we havn’t gotten rid of Paddy Power Bend yet, Not forgetting we also have Afobe who is just as massive in size. NO CHANCE we are looking at him.

    If there are anymore recruitment, realistically speaking, it should be the midfielders. Rosicky is getting on, Diaby is injury prone, Wilshere is not really a CAM. We need a playmaker if we are sticking to our current formation. Also, Arteta and Song needs competition from class player..Someone in the mould of M’Vila.

  7. GoonerM

    Pedro and Geoff
    Pre-season has started (last week), today is the 20th of July and our first prem match is August 18th. That’s less than a month. Wenger has time to give interviews to Canal+ aswell as his latest gibberish to Time magazine about us winning the league on budget. I find that not only repetitive (7 years Arsene) but disrespectful. Why you say?…… Our captains future is up in the air and we have not purchased one midfielder, which make no mistakes we absolutely need, the balance of the squad is poor just attack attack attack. In layman’s terms if Arsene’s over rated love child Song gets injured we are actually FUCKED.
    First things first, can someone from the board elaborate on the plans that the silent one has for AFC because his silence is not only deafening but it’s demoralising for the squad and especially for the fans because we’ve been left in the dark. When I ask about the future of the club I don’t want to hear the words self sustainable in any shape or format from now on(I’m talking to you Ivan ‘still on holiday’ Gazidis). 3 billionaires own us so stop lining the boards pockets with this model rubbish.
    So glad I’ve got a membership and not a season ticket, and I feel sorry for those that do because no matter what happens I will never give up my season ticket if I was in receipt of one due to my love for the club. The Arsenal board know this and are raping the fan base in broad daylight.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    That analogy was brilliant i.e Llorente being supplied by Theo. LOL!!!

    Can just see him on his first game turning to Wenger pointing at Theo after a cross has hot someone in Row Z in the face like ‘who the fuck is this guy? Paralympics are over aren’t they??!’

    Still waking up this morning reading heavy rumours about Ganso, Afellay and Llorente are going to send me to work in a good mood. We all may know that they’ll never happen but still….it’s nice to dream sometimes. Like imagining Scarlett Johansson will just creep into your room at night and you’ll be all ‘no, no Scarlett piss off, I’ve got work early and….oh for fuck sake, if your going to cry about it fine, get your trousers off!’

  9. Cesc Appeal


    I agree, at the moment there are still a lot of Arsenal fans who back Wenger.

    Attacking him wouldn’t be smart for Usmanov, he’s attacked one of the most hated owners in football Kroenke and the Glaziers and that was genius, but it in the minds of fans that our owner is like United’s but without the signings and trophies.

    A United fan put it on The Sun comments:

    ‘Release RVP from his hell, everyone knows Wenger is a stubborn old goat. And saying don’t sell him to a title rival is pointless because you are Spurs and Newcastles rivals not Utd’s, Chelsea’s and City’s. We win Titles, Arsenal gave up on that concept years ago.’

    100% accurate.

  10. mystic

    I appreciate this is a hard concept for some of you to get your heads around, but there could actually be a far more simple reason why people like Dein still don’t doubt Wenger. DD apparently spent sometime when he was turfed out persuading Wenger to stay on – maybe he considered that the ONLY person wtill at the club who might be able to keep the team going in some way was AW.