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Good morning Grovers, I hope you’re well on this sunny day. Speaking of which, if anyone works at a product development lab for a deodorant firm, how about you stop thinking of ways you can keep people smelling fresh for longer and longer periods (if you’re not washing for 72 hours, you’ve got a problem) and you develop a mix that doesn’t decimate white shirts in a few months.

Anyway, that’s really a question for my product development blog. Today, we’re here to talk about Arsenal. This is after all an Arsenal blog.

Straight into it. Robin Van Persie rolled into work yesterday to face the music. That music will have been Wenger singing an East 17 cover of ‘stay now’ on an acoustic guitar (this is where Wenger snatched the chords from).

Or is he?

When I spoke to my contact of tea room persuasion earlier in the summer, she intimated that Wenger will know what he wants to offer and he’ll be basing that on history as much as anything. Maybe we’re not pushing the boundaries because this decision on Robin is based on more than just emotion. A £180k a week contract will not look good if you’re only getting 60 games over 3 seasons. I’m struggling to believe a manager who booted, Vieira, Gilberto, Pires and Thierry Henry out when they hit 29 is going to look at a player who hasn’t offered us half the games and bust out the special contract (you know, like the one he gave to Thierry in his final season).

It’s interesting that some of the newspapers are now talking about Robin favouring a move over to Juventus. I wouldn’t be against that if I’m honest. He can fade off into obscurity in a league that I’m hoping to buy once you lot start clicking the damn adverts.

I’ve lost interest in him as a player. As far as I’m concerned, he’s dead to me. I’ll always love him for what he did for us last season, but right now, he’s pulled the, ‘I’ll always love you,but I’m not in love with you’ card.

Screw you Robin… screw you and your lame excuses and your lack of commitment to true love.

A clubs spokeman said this…

‘Robin returned to training on Monday as expected and made it clear he wants to sit down and resolve the matter of his future, either way, as soon as possible. No date has yet been agreed for that meeting.’

Our whole summer has been about f*cking meetings. Get it over with. Do a google hangout if you have to. Stop procrastingating and make a decision.

In other news, this Niang chap who we had on trial seems to be courting quite a lot of attention from other clubs. Apparently his fee could go as high as £6million. Manchester City are rumoured to be interested in him. Their scouting method appears to be tracking tracking Grimantubes Youtube account and making moves based on what he’s looking at. This guy is only 17, but he’s French and he has a mowhawk hair cut. He must be good right?

I’m also sure the local gangster wannabes from my hometown used to use the word nang to denote something they found sh*t hot. Things are looking good. Very good.

The Times are linking us with a move for Paulinho. He’s a creative midfielder for Corinthians and his stats point to a man who spend large parts of last season benched… or more likely… injured. If it’s the latter, I can’t rule out a move for him. Also, it makes sense that if Ganso is the most exciting name in Brazil outside Neymar, we’d move for Paulinho (actually the pseudonym of one of the Grovers). The Times reckons we’ve made a £9mill bid, Wikipedia reckons he’s known for his extreme mental toughness. You can’t help but feel a cheeky Arsenal fan has had an involvement there!

Two more stories to go…

Theo Walcott is set to sit down for crunch talks with Arsenal. Crunch reminds me of a product idea I had for Kellogs during the recession… I proposed they brought out a line of  cereal call ‘Credit Crunch’. Anyway, back to the story. Theo wants a load of money we’re not going to pay him. Will Liverpool? I doubt it. Are they a step up? Absolutely not. If you’re not a great player is there a better place to be than Arsenal? Doubtful. Theo, do what’s right for your career, not what’s right for your wallet. You’ll become a far more accomplished player with us.

It’s up to you though… I’m not going to lose any sleep if you do decided the grass is greener (it’s never greener than the Emirates hence all the awards).

Last story is one that’s been milling around for ages. Apparenlty we’re sniffing around Lewis Holtby, the German midfielder.

Half English?

He has one year left on his deal with Schalke and we might want to take him onbaord as we don’t have enought blonde players to have the right balance in team photos.

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That’s all I have for you today. See you in the comments!


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  1. Radio Raheem

    It might all be bullshit but this is the best rumour I’ve heard so far…if it is shit then it’s a good shit journalism.


    Why aren’t we signing Andy Carroll ? He is cheap and can do a far better job than the hopefully outgoing gelhead and paddy pants.
    Plus we would only be paying his wages. That’s right up wengers street

  3. Marko

    He scored what 20 or 30 goals last season albeit in a poor league. I remember him causing us problems last season in the champions league with his pace he played on the left then

  4. Radio Raheem

    Giroud CF; Mirallas left/right; Poldi right/left
    Theo, Gervinho and Chamberlain subs

    If Diaby’s fit then he’ll start in front of our two holding midfielders, otherwise Poldi plays behind Giroud and Theo/Gervinho starts right

  5. Gunner2301

    Mystic LMFAO

    When are you gonna pull your head out of Wengers ring piece? You really believe you can defend Wenger? He’s a blatant liar and contradicts himself constantly for you to try to defend him with all the evidence there is in the public domain makes you either a fool or Wengers love child.



    Why is it shite people talking about Berbatov and Carroll ?
    It’s certainly better than talking about unproven prepubesant unknowns who either don’t make it and drain a fortune in wages or actually come good then fuck off on the cheap to “win trophies”

  7. Radio Raheem

    Espn are full of shit

    Season Team Comp
    2011/2012 Olympiakos Piraeus SUL 2131 25 25 0 11 2 20 6 0 0
    scored 20 in 25 starts

  8. Radio Raheem

    Gunners agree striker deal
    But Manchester City rival Arsenal for Frenchman

    Sky Sports understands Arsenal have agreed a fee with Caen for hot-shot M’Baye Niang, but face competition from Manchester City for his signature.

    Arsenal don’t mess about with their kiddy signings don’t they

  9. azed

    I said it earlier today, when it comes to under 18”s Wenger seems to forget we can’t compete with $ity.

  10. BertrumWeaks

    jesus legrove has been dead so far this summer,

    Even the vp affair only agitated people for a few days, its like we need constant drama in order to have something to fill our lives.

    Just think about it!! Gambon would probably need therapy as he wouldnt be bigger than jesus anymore. Sde may just become a serial killer or indeed a jehadi suicide bomber (easily lead you see). Keysar would have to use his intelligence in the real world!! and this is just the surface!! Hundreds if not thousands of peoples lives would become meaningless, pedro would lose his status as a mini celeb, geoff would er…… be the same i guess but stilll!!! THINK ABOUT GROVERS
    If Arsenal suddenly turn into what you want them to be, bye bye le grove

  11. patthegooner

    Berbatov or Carroll.

    Personally I don’t rate Carroll at all and I don’t think he would fit in with our style of play

    I would take Berbatov though as a squad player. Not all of our players can be top top class, and Berbatov would be a huge improvement on our current squad strikers.

    Wont happen though, not when there are cheapo Belgian strikers available for peanuts in the Greek league.

  12. sixx pac

    Not sure if this has been posted but new Chelsea energy sponsors GazProm is owned and chaired by Alisher Usmanov.

  13. The Poldi Prince

    I would love mirallas. Crap league but dominated a crap league, which is more than we can say for chamakh, park etc. I would sell walnutt to the chavs for 25 mill and take mirallas for 10. Good AFC business. 15 mill to to toward Martinez.

    I would certainly take Carroll at a cut price. Came into form late in the year, and is excellent in the air. So much better than chamakh and park.

    Berbatov is an adequate reserve also, and an upgrade on what we have at reserve striker levels.

    Really want to see poldi play behind the striker. Most people say he is better centrally.

  14. sam

    if you want to prosper in the league don’t take rejects.
    berbatov and caroll would suit tottenham, home of rejects. not arsenal.
    remember arsene wenger is not longer a motivator, not sure he loves his job players who are suffering from lack of form should be left alone. we already have chamakh,park and arshavin who will be better off elsewhere coz arsene is not bothered.

  15. sam

    maybe i am wrong
    or maybe steve bould is our new mr motivator
    maybe not coz taking these kind of players could cost us

  16. OPG

    So Vela bites the dust he has the talent (chips) not the attitude during his time in England but managed less appearances than the likes of Bendtner and Denilson as he spent his early years in Spain to get a work permit and went on loan last season after not impressing at West Brom after playing 4 games in the 1st half of that season although he should have gone to Bolton if it weren’t for his agent.

    Then again he had a decent season on loan last season but probably suits La Liga better and would be better in a 442.
    Might have to loan them all and hope they impress enough to pay up unless they’re expiring or reduce valuations alot especially to open up squad spots.
    In other news the Knicks don’t match the guy who brought excitement after their terrible start to season Lin..