Time for decisive action from Wenger before these two get away.

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Am I the only one that doesn’t mind the away kit? I know Pedro sort of said he liked it but I really do!

I really dislike the home kit but the away one is different. In fact the home kit has this Arsenal board obsession with navy blue that is beyond me. And you all now know I like hooped socks!

Still now that Grimandi has exposed another lie from the management that Giroud was bought to replace Robin Van Persie I can give you my  take on the situation.

Normally the lies start in August (if we sold Nasri and Cesc we would have no ambition) so at least thats something else we’ve done early this season, so I can’t complain!

I would tell Robin that he has to see out his contract with no extra money and no armband, if he doesn’t like it, tough. He won’t play like a Lemon as if he does no one will want him the season after, well not for £250k a week they won’t.

For people that say we can’t afford to lose what we’ll get for him, if we didn’t have it in the first place, we won’t miss it will we.

Its way past time we set examples here, otherwise next up will be Theo and Jack, Wenger has to man up for the first time in his life and treat his turncoat players the same way we all get treated in the real world. Its not even tough love, its called a contract.

I dreamt last night Theo agreed to do an exclusive for Le Grove, I told him he was bordering on being disloyal and even though he was starting to show his worth, we’ve seen 6 years of him stumbling around like Bambi on ice and he should be grateful, he agreed, what a dream!

I know, I know, why am I dreaming about another bloke…

Even though Robin spent most of his career in either a prison cell or a treatment table I make him right in saying he won’t renew until he sees player changes, he knows Wenger is so weak he’ll get his ticket out and once again we’ll lose our best player.

Time to show the players that the club comes first. Time to make a stand. If you want to give Robin what he wants then spend some of our money.

If we did decide to sell him then we should go out and replace him with Llorente. Right now, no messing about. Add Martinez to that and I think we will be the most feared team in the league this season. Funny thing is had Wenger done that in June we may have kept Robin, think of the forward line options we’d have then!

We do however have 7 players that will barely feature again for Arsenal and I for one cannot see why they are still here, giving some of them away would make more sense as it gets them off the payroll.

Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamakh, Djourou and Denilson are surely players we could sell. Squillaci and Park we should give away and if Diaby picks up another injury then pack him off in the January sales, I do have a glimmer of hope that if he does manage to keep fit, he will be like a new signing.

Oh and apologies to any other crap and overpaid player I may have missed off the above list.

Pre season starts tomorrow but a lot of our team will be rested, still our third choice team will see off the weekends competition and it will be nice to see if Kyle Bartley has stepped up.

I would still ask about Gotze and Vertonghen had he not already signed for Spurs but he did and we missed out, both would have been great additions but if it were just the two then Llorente and Martinez are the ones for me. I also like David Villa but I don’t think that would happen.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow it all kicks off again.

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  1. Samir

    Belhanda is garbage.
    I’ve watched him and he isn’t impressive at all! He’s also Moroccan…(Likes abit of the shisha with Chamakh) + ACN

  2. kapslock

    Vertonghen? Erm, he’s gone to the Spuds.

    Afellay is a tidy little player but so so injury prone. No more cunts on the treatment table please.

  3. Radio Raheem


    Vela is on his way out and I think Chicharito is twice the player Vela is anyway. Chicharito is a polished version of Vela in my opinion. Why aren’t you counting Bendtner and Chamakh? They’re still with us and we are having problem shifting them out. If one or both stay then we’ll have 2 or 3 strikers with similar characteristics.

    I don’t think we do slow build-up, watered down tika tika stuff any more, at least, not to the extent that we used to. Our attacking is more down the wings and you could argue that having a poacher would be better in turning crosses to goals. I agree that having a ‘playmaking’ striker is better in knitting our other players’ strengths together but having some variety in our forward line can only help.

  4. kapslock

    PSG & City to pretty much rule Europe within 5 years. Meh

    Why the fuck couldn’t we have been bought by some Saudi oil family instead of some American cunt who doesn’t have the foggiest?

  5. kwik fit

    Why do you guys think that chico time is happening any time soon? Was at Old Trafford this week and believe me when i say he is worshiped by the united Marion faithful.
    Me …I just believe that he is a one season wonder.. but heh what do I know?

  6. Ric

    Radio RaheemJuly 13, 2012 12:38:57

    On the breeches with you Raheem, been thinking the exact same thing ever since this farce started.

  7. ardentgooner


    Its cheaper to buy a club like PSG/ManCity/Malaga etc and turn it into a super power than buy an expensive club like Man Utd /Arsenal etc.

    The amount of investment just to buy the club is a big big difference. Hence the preference to buy a medium sized club and invest big on players..rather than buy an expensive club and then also throw money on players..

  8. ardentgooner

    I have RVP on the back of my jersey and thinking of wearing it to the Arsenal vs Koln game. Any chance he is still there by Aug 12?

    Also any grovers going to that game??

  9. V o K z i i

    Is the Tevez ro Milan deal likely? I thought he had made peace with Citeh and he is an awesome player so even with MB, SA and RvP (if they got him) Tevez is one they should keep is he not? I would get rid of Dzeko and as they have Greedybyslag.

  10. Gooner63

    After what Grimandi said about Giroud

    Giroud is a replacement for RVP

    Podolski replacement for Vela/Bendtner

    Dont expect any other players – all gone way too quiet and too many good players are going to our competition

  11. Kurt F

    If he has to go then RVP to Juventus (or anywhere else abroad) is obviously the preferable choice) but if he does go to Man City then I’d say a swap deal for any two out of Dzeko, Johnson, Richards or De Jong and we’ve got ourselves a good deal.

  12. V o K z i i

    God I wouldn’t want Dzeko, Richards wouldn’t want to move to warm another bench and as Sagna will be his main rival thats what he would do, Johnson no thanks but De Jong plus cash would be acceptable, that guys a fucking animal!

  13. Kurt F

    Think Dzeko is underrated – 19 goals in 40 appearances last season (thanks Wikipedia) and I’m assuming a fair few of those were as sub. Him and De Jong in and we’ve got two of our potential problem positions covered.

    Also getting the feeling that Wenger might let VP go and persuade Theo to stay by promising him a shot at a strikers role this season. Whether Walcott stays or goes though, I’d like to see Moses bought into the squad, and for god’s sake let’s get a playmaker in – Rosicky’s four decent games a season aren’t going to be enough.

  14. Marcus77

    Sadam MahessarJuly 13, 2012 12:02:42 wrote:

    You have got to be kidding, do you honestly think he would move to United? Not in a million years, wages he is going to be offered are going to be way less than what he can get at Milan, Juve or City.”

    Milan!? Higher wages!? There’s no way he’s going to end up in Milan. They are basicly forcing Ibrahimovic and Silva from the club because they can’t afford their wages. Man united has got bigger economic muscles than Milan.
    And they are now trying to get a younger squad. Ibrahimovic is 30, RvP is 29…

    RvP wants to go to a club with ambition. Milan just sold their two best players. Thiago Silva is probably the best central defender in the world at this moment. Thats not ambition.

    Rvp will end up in Juve or City.

    Fun facts:

    Carroll & Henderson= £55 million. Ibrahimovic & Thiago Silva= £51.3million

    Torres=50 m £. Ibra och Silva= 51.3 m £

  15. The Poldi Prince

    Yeh, I agree.

    If I was worth 45 billion, id buy fulham, and get:

    With backups like

    And I’d have the best team in the world for 5-10 years. Market it adequately and fulham gets a 100k stadium on east london.

    The talk of england for the forseeable future.

    We got fucked by our ultra rich owner.

  16. V o K z i i

    I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that they have smacked a massive price on Moses to prevent or put off potential buyers!

    Is he really that good? from what I’ve seen he doesn’t seem like he would improve anything in our squad and to me the only reason to buy a player is to improve! I know that isn’t our way though.

  17. Ric

    Why don’t we try and throw both Bendy and Cham at Newcastle in exchange for Demba ba? They don’t want to loose him, but he has a max 7 mill clause, which means they might seriously consider that offer when you think that if either of them succeed up there then they would have made back the fee they’d loose on Demba Ba anyway.

  18. gambon

    John Terry not guilty, Racism is awesome.

    f he had said Alex Song was shit would he have got away with it?

  19. SalParadiseNYC

    Geoff agreed the away kits are good.

    Anger towards RVP is silly, was fed a load of nonsense from Wenger and Gazidas and called their bullshit. Regardless if he made this decision last summer or after that meeting he ran opponents ragged and led by example keeping us a float and in the champs league money collecting EPL player of the year along the way. I’d wager a guess he made this decision once Cesc and Nasri called time and nobody was brought in to replace them and he stood on the old trafford pitch looking at scoreboard which read 8-2.
    Disagree with Geoff, unless he signs new Arsenal deal sell him and spend the money, all of it otherwise its recipe for a very ugly situation over the coming months and I don’t see Wenger being able to manage that situation. JOSE M yes, Arsene not a chance.

  20. Ric

    Well who cares what the Coons think anyway huh? They only make up over 70% of the playing staff in the two major football leagues in England, and 0.1% of the coaching/managerial/officiating staff. So to imply there is any kind of racism in England would naturally be completely incomprehensible.

    Almost as incomprehensible as accuasations that a member of the London Met would ever stoop to racial profiling. IT WOULD SIMPLY NEVER HAPPEN! Or at least according to a judge…

  21. Ric

    V o K z i iJuly 13, 2012 14:36:36

    Sorry I’ll use the accepted “Black cunt” next time, I wonder how that’ll look in the dictionary though.

  22. Harry Redknapp

    so it looks like afobe could be goin on loan again. same as joel cambell. most probably bendtner as i cant see the bids flyin, and carlos vela. chamakh gets yet another season. seriously arsene promoting youth is a load of bollocks, they get thrown in when he makes a sale but not really a chance to addapt

  23. Marko

    Seems the capt of England can do no wrong. He could murder a prostitute tomorrow and they’d blame it on Jack the Ripper

  24. Samir

    I don’t know why any of you would want to sell to City?
    Are you stupid? Have you not had enough of selling to our rivals? Selling our players to City basically won them the league!
    What a joke of a club we have become…

    I only want RVP to go abroad…Juve/Barca please.

  25. goonerkitt

    John Terry is an absolute shitcunt. The bloke is so vile that Hitler and his mob would have denounced their racist beliefs rather than be compared to him. What a family, he is a racist cheating scumbag and his old man is a drug dealer.

    Mind you if he had been banged up and the prison team had just won the interprison cup I’m sure he would have quickly put on their kit and got himself involved in the celebrations. The Cunt!

  26. Herkules

    i would be disappointed if we sell RVP.. I’d rather he sit on our bench for the next year. Wed on’t really need the money – 80k a week won’t be a big hit on the books – and I think it’s critical that we change the tone of player negotiations at this club.

  27. gambon


    I agree. The only way we can come out of this with any dignity is if we keep RVP on a new contract.

    -If he runs it down we look amateur
    – If he goes abroad we look amateur
    – If he goes to City/UTD we look pathetic

    It wouldnt surprise me if Wengers trying to tie up a deal for us to be a feeder club for City, like their Beveren.

  28. Kurt F

    Samir, it’s quite simple – by getting rid of one (slightly injury prone) player we could get two new players in who would potentially give us a better chance of winning the league than we’d have if that one (slightly injury prone) player remained.

  29. SalParadiseNYC

    I’m not sure we can still have our dignity in tact even if RVP signs new deal considering this lot is still on our roster and pulling serious coin.
    Diaby and Im tempted to put Gibbs on this list.

  30. Rhys Jaggar

    I can see a very good reason why the shareholders would sell players to Man City or PSG: they’ll pay more than anyone else in fees.

    I can’t see a good footballing reason for it.

  31. Samir

    Exactly, we should be buying in quality to convince RVP to sign…Kroenke should have read RVP#s statement and got the next flight over to sort this pile of shit out! But he didn’t…Because he doesn’t give a shit! I bet he was dancing around the room when he read RVP’s statememnt!
    “YEEESSSS, darling, that’s another easy 25M in my pocket for sitting on my arse-Aren’t I a genius”

    Exchanging players with City is also a no no in my opinion. That’d be helping them – we take their shit players in return for our world class captain? It’d be giving them a hand – we take players off their wage bill and allow them extra space in the squad to buy even better players.
    I don’t know how Adam Johnson and De Jong would help us anymore than RVP to win anything. He single handedly got us champions league football!

  32. kel

    Only in England can John Terry get away with such shit..
    As usual wenger always almost buys the wrong player the right player would be right under his nose and we won’t see
    with the price range we work in we can get really good players BUT we somehow always end-up buying shit, the next set of signings if any are taking so long because they have some 16 years old kid lined up.

  33. Bush Gooner

    BREAKING NEWS: ‘You f***ing black c***’ is not consider a racist term!
    Knew he’d get away with it!

  34. sam

    maybe afobe is going becos van persie is staying
    but on his twitter he said he cannot wait to start training with arsenal.
    birmingham possibly made a bid and arsene is thinking about it

  35. Samir

    Fuck the larger fee…Selling to our rivals may mean we lose out on trophies due to it. And with trophies comes prize money as well as extra supporters with the success. (Younger supporters)
    Therefore, selling to our rivals (just for a larger fee) may mean we actually lose money in the long run.

  36. V o K z i i

    I would knock these swap deals on the head, the only players you’ll get in a swap is the rubbish some other team doesn’t see as good enough to be in their 1st 11, they take our number one choice and give us there 3rd or 4th choice plus a few quid, sod that! hard cash for RvP or jog on and trade your Pascal Cygan’s + £30 with some other team.

  37. Harry Redknapp

    i dont think van persie stayin or going should have any effect on afobe. you dont know how he will do until he gets a chance. you can send him wherever and you wont be sure how good he is. wenger thought squilachi was gonna be great . just give the kid a chance instead of havin that fucking cunt chamakh hangin about, completely freeze him and park out. it will say everything about them if they decide to stick around

  38. zeus


    I was just skim reading, stopped at Vertonghen, can’t be bothered to read anything championship manager.

    Mentioning Goetze and Vertonghen however, is just you padding to make the post longer, you’ve been doing this long enough to not have to resort to that.

  39. Geoff

    Zeus, first of all I’m not even in the country, secondly what you did is what women do after a man has spent all day wallpapering and she spots a bubble.

    I don’t need to pad out posts, I could talk Arsenal all day.

    If you feel the need to criticise, write a letter to Arsene Wenger and ask him if earning £7mil a year is acceptable when winning fuck all.

    Or losing all your poster boys from project youth and failing to change course, you choose.

    Just a thought.

  40. Geoff

    Gambon sometimes I do wonder what people are thinking when they have to have a bitch, its so fucking girlie.

    Anyway, I have never played Championship manager as I’m an adult, so I have no idea what he means.

  41. Harry Redknapp

    i really dont feel chamakh has any hunger, and puttin him on when you need a goal is just not effective, put a hungry player on who looks like a striker at least. and yeah why not give the kid a go in the carling cup. maybe he speaks the wrong language and wenger aint got a real injury crisis upfront

  42. Marko

    Perhaps an edit job Geoff.

    They’re setting themselves up big time now you’ll have everyone saying what he said and there’ll be fuck all they can do about.

  43. Radio Raheem

    Facking hell…have I walked into some KKK wankfest or are you lot from the same loins that birthed John terry and Joey Barton?

  44. zeus

    Why the fuck are you soooo tetchy!!

    Mentioning any player who won’t leave his club especially after they’ve said as much is padding as far as I’m concerned. Why not throw in Messi while your at it.

    As for Wenger’s salary, which one of us in the real world would walk away from that kind of money when our employers seem to be content with sub standard work? Exactly.

    If you want Arsene’s salary to go down, stop dragging 60 thousand of your friends down there every weekend.


    Terry was slick as a mofo. He’s such a media whore, I wouldn’t be surprised if he orchestrated this whole thing.

    ” Are you saying I called you a fucking black cunt. I assure you I didn’t call you a fucking black cunt. Why would I call you a fucking black cunt? You’re fucking black. You certainly are a fucking cunt, but never EVER would the words fucking black cunt leave these lips and go in your direction.”

    It was a rubbish case though, much like the ‘arry one. Misappropriation of public funds. Terry’s case probably cost 10m.

  45. Marko

    No wonder your national team is shite you put so much emphasis on keeping players like Terry happy and playing and no emphasis on being able to string together more than 3 passes.

  46. Harry Redknapp

    whose national team? wouldnt make a difference if it was terry or upson or shawcross. the ball will still skip the midfield

  47. Harry Redknapp

    i agree its a sham, terry spent 600k on a defence, now i think tax payers have to cover those costs

  48. Marko

    The whole thing is why call him a “black” cunt why not just cunt. And with regards to Suarez it seems it was his word (even though he changed his story apparently) against Evra’s and he got 8 games while Terry clearly can be seen saying something at the very least totally unacceptable. And they’re basically saying he didn’t

  49. Radio Raheem

    Cashley might be Chicken George but Terry is innocent today because the judge found him so. From the little I’ve read of the case it might have been better kept out of the courts.

    Leave it out gambon.

    Anyway I’m off

  50. Harry Redknapp

    their not sayin he didnt, their just sayin they cant prove he did so innocent till proven guilty. cashley played a major role in this, he was the only supposedly neutral witness and he was defending terry even moreso that terry was defending terry

  51. Ric

    So the rule is if you are partially of African descent, (As Suarez is) then by all means he can be convicted a racist, but if you don’t have black bone in you, then the courts rule that you naturally would never resort to offending those that do.

  52. Bade


    Ask those who suspended Suarez for 8 games

    This case was a boring setup, it was so obvious he was going to be acquitted

    It was never a “criminal” case, he should have been facing a nice ban by the FA disciplinary act

    But they didn’t want to ban him so they took him to a court where the burden of proof much higher & they were never going to meet it

    Oh, and that case he would have not been banned, the maximum punishment was a 2500 quids fine


  53. SalParadiseNYC

    Only worth while thing JT has done in past year is praise RVP on his knees at theBridge.. and i’ve a feeling thats not the only time he was caught out on his knees this year.

  54. Marko

    I thought it was Negro Gambon. I agree though it was pointless going to court and pushing it back past the Euros (thanks slimy cunts at the FA). But he should of gotten a ban at the very least

  55. Radio Raheem

    Liverpool has until Jan. 13 to decide whether to appeal against the Uruguay forward’s eight-match ban and 40,000-pound ($62,000) fine, with both on hold since the Dec. 20 verdict pending the outcome of any challenge.
    Justifying the severity of the sentence, the commission said that there is likely to be a “corrosive effect on young football fans” if players are seen to racially abuse opponents.
    “It also has a potentially damaging effect on the wider football community and society generally,” the judgment added. “Every professional footballer should be able to play competitive football in the knowledge that references to the color of his skin will not be tolerated.”
    Suarez’s defense centered on a claim that the use of the word “negro” in Uruguay and other parts of Latin America is inoffensive in certain situations and used as a “friendly form of address to people seen as black or brown-skinned.”
    But the panel found that Suarez’s argument was “unsustainable,” while Evra, a black France defender, was described as a “credible witness.”
    Suarez was condemned as giving “evidence (that) was unreliable in relation to matters of critical importance” over the incident during the 1-1 draw.
    The trouble flared when Evra asked Suarez why he had been kicked.
    “Porque tu eres negro,” Suarez replied in Spanish, which translates as “because you are black.”
    When Evra challenged him to repeat the answer and said he would “punch him”, Suarez responded in Spanish: “I don’t speak to blacks.”
    After Evra threatened to hit him again, Suarez replied with a phrase that the report said translates as “OK, blackie, blackie, blackie”.
    The FA called in linguistic experts to assess Suarez’s defense. They determined that his language on the pitch “would be considered racially offensive” anywhere.
    “Mr. Suarez said that he pinched Mr. Evra’s skin in an attempt to defuse the situation. He also said that his use of the word ‘negro’ to address Mr. Evra was conciliatory and friendly. We rejected that evidence,” the report said. “To describe his own behavior in that way was unsustainable and simply incredible given that the players were engaged in an acrimonious argument.
    “That this was put forward by Mr. Suarez was surprising and seriously undermined the reliability of his evidence on other matters.”
    The report says Suarez failed to offer a “satisfactory explanation” for inconsistencies in his evidence from the initial statements to those made during the hearing.
    Suarez has consistently denied being racist since the incident and the FA and Evra accept that. But the report concludes by saying that Suarez pledged he would “not use the word ‘negro’ on a football pitch in England in the future.”
    If he did continue to be racially abusive, the FA warned Suarez that there would be “consideration of a permanent suspension.”
    Liverpool has previously questioned Evra’s reliability as a witness while continuously backing Suarez. The whole squad wore T-shirts with Suarez’s face before a match at Wigan after the verdict.
    “The club can confirm that they received the written reasons from the Regulatory Commission at short notice last night on the evening of the game against Newcastle United,” Liverpool said Saturday in a statement. “The player, the club and our legal advisers will now take the necessary amount of time to read, digest and properly consider the contents of the 115-page judgment.”
    Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  56. Johnty79

    Wenger is a cancer eating the club… When he leaves relegation will shortly follow due to the damage. I don’t think he is doing it deliberately but has some mental problem. I blames the board. Dempsey and vertongen didn’t join as they weren’t guaranteed first team football. Wenger thinking koscieny is better than vertongen is laughable. I look forward to the season collapsing the only problem is it didn’t happen last season. I stand by that if Rvp broke his leg after the 8.2 game we would have got relegated. Also Cut out the racism no need for it.

  57. gambon


    Fair enough, i didnt know that, and Evra likely didnt.

    Like I say, its hard to say calling someone a black cunt is racist.

    If someone called Terry a “white cunt” would any legal proceedings take place? Absolutely not.

  58. mystic

    RicJuly 13, 2012 11:37:57
    ‘Mystic as I told you yesterday, Arsene sells his players at 29 no matter what…..’

    BERGKAMP – although I guess as he was signed before AW joined so he won’t count!

    kwik fitJuly 13, 2012 12:05:55
    ‘RVP is staying guys, you heard it here first. Remember Guys Staying. It was all a wind-up.’

    I don’t think it was a wind-up, but I do wonder whether he was given poor advice by his PR guys as to how the fans would receive the statement. As I said yesterday, I think he will stay basically by default, I don’t think there are as many buyers out there as some of you think. The media have mentioned Utd / Citeh / Milan / Juve – of whom only Juve have actually bid anything

    gambonJuly 13, 2012 12:31:55
    ‘RVP is our 8th highest scorer, and would probably become our 2nd highest or highest ever if he stayed.’

    Only 96 short of equaling TH, you honestly think he would be fit often enough to score another 97 goals?

    RicJuly 13, 2012 12:32:25
    ‘It is sad to say but I am afraid, the club is no longer bigger and better than the player, this time its the other way around. The player is quite simply to big…….’

    Based on ONE season, ffs there is no trend to suggest last season wasn’t unique – I think he has no end of class, but a single season performance needs to be taken in context.

  59. gambon


    If I had to put money on it I would say he will end up second best scorer ever

    Theres absolutely no evidence to suggest he will struggle with injuries. He had his problems, and he has now been fit for 56 consecutive league, and about 70 overall games.

    If you have real injury proneness im not sure its possible to go 70 games without injury (80 including internationals).

  60. Ric

    This whole thing really is a disgrace both for the league and the nation as a whole, first of all it should never have been made a court case. If the FA had just acted and slapped a five match ban on him right away all of this would have been long forgotten by now. But no instead it just becomes a field day for equaletists, and anyone proporting the fact that the league is rascist in on its own.
    Suarez has an afroamerican grandmother yet he is made out as the shining example of rascism in England for saying “Porque Negro” which literally means “Why blackman”. It is beyond ridiculous to slander a player who comes from the first american country to liberate all its african native slaves. These slaves all helped secure the nation against foreign oppressors and hence nowhere in the world are people less racially devided today.

    Yet FA slap a 8 match ban on him for saying an expression that is commonly advertised on childrens television in his home country. Seriously they advertise for all kinds of “Negro” – named items. Check a map of Uruguay I doub’t any of you’ll ever see a nation with more places named “Negro – this or that”, it is a word that has completely lost its derogatory effect in that nation.

    So Englishmen judging a Uruguayan national as rascist for saying a word that in his country has long since lost its derogatory meaning just reflects quite negatively on England. Enforcing the view that it is in fact England that is shying away from its own history on this matter.

  61. Bade


    Of course it is racist, no difference between N*ger & F*cking Bl*ck C*nt

    As for “White c*nt”. Who said it isn’t a racist?

    Try & call someone like this in a black’s community, and he will kick you

  62. Ric

    mysticJuly 13, 2012 16:31:58

    Well the questions you didn’t answer yourself,Gambon was kind enough to answer for me mystic, have a good weekend gunners! I’m off work!

  63. mystic

    For once we agree on something, given fitness and long enough I too would think RvP could be Arsenal’s 2nd highest goalscorer.

    Just don’t agree with your ‘……or highest ever if he stayed.’

  64. BOOZY

    The truth is ferdinand is a fucking pussy, who just wanted to ruin the career of his fellow mate, just like evra.
    They pounce on little things just to ruin peoples career – and all that being hurt because of being racially abused, PLEASE, i’m sure his cunt of a cousin was also in on this – its a manure thing: ruining peoples career.

    Fuck, i say hi to my friends sometimes by using explicits.

    Like – ‘ how is your cunt of a sister ‘ also mean ‘ how you doing’

    simple, btwn mates. you don’t have to run off t

  65. gambon


    The guy has scored 57 goals in the last 18 months, and you think he couldnt score another 97 in the next 5 years?

    Dont be so silly.

  66. zeus

    Honestly, I don’t really like how politically correct things have become.

    Listening to Anton Ferdinand’s testimony where he said, and I’m paraphrasing, …..its alright to call someone a cunt, but its not okay to call someone a black cunt was just embarrassing.

    Race should never come into it, because we know how touchy the subject is, but when did it become acceptable to call someone a cunt.

  67. BOOZY

    what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch.

    just like it should between men.

    guys like evra, and the two ferdinands are a disgrace to their colleagues.

  68. mystic

    ‘The guy has scored 57 goals in the last 18 months, and you think he couldnt score another 97 in the next 5 years?’

    Or 75 in his first 6 1/2 years.

    You are making a hell of an assumption. Bearing in mind that the comment made to me a couple of days back about Shevchenko not having much success at Chelski might be due to his age and being towards th end of his career – he was a year older than RvP.

  69. SDE

    Well,well,well….Teflon Terry get’s off again!!

    I agree the case should never have gone to court…

    But let’s look back at Terry’s colourful past…

    Get’s caught taking £10,000 from an undercover reporter for being a generous tour guide& showing him around the chelsea training ground..
    Then get’s busted& comes up with some excuse&says he’ll hand the money to charity..

    Gets busted as England captain,for trying to illegally sell his wembley executive box..

    Get’s busted for shagging his team-mates missus,causing disruption to the team in the build-up to the 2010 WC

    Allegedly mounts a mutiny to get his captaincy back& challenge Capello@the time in SA!!

    Get’s stripped of the England captaincy& eventually get’s it back..

    Get’s busted deliberately kneeing a Barca opponent in the CL semi-final&denies it..Only to retract his original statement,when confronted with TV evidence..

    Get’s busted for calling Anton,a derogatory name!!& in the process indirectly denies Anton’s brother of a chance to go to the Euro’s..

    Goes to court& he is acquitted of a racially aggravated public offence..

    Yes Teflon Terry,is an angel…He means well..He is the victim,he is misunderstood..

    Football..bloody hey!!

    Leaves a bitter taste in your mouth sometimes!!

  70. SalparadiseNYC

    BOOZYJuly 13, 2012 16:50:15


    I fucking LOATHE Terry, think most of us do and I’ve no doubt he is a racist but the fact this case went as far as it has is a SHAM. Leave it on the pitch amongst men. You bang a stripper in Vegas, it stays in Vegas, call Anton Kunta Kinte it stays on the pitch along with the result.
    Fans and Racism whole lot different and there is no place for that kind of behavior.
    Think Wenger may want to sign this Kunta Kinte after his daily review of Le Grove.

  71. mystic

    I know it is a cliche that what said on the pitch stays on the pitch, but lets be honest if Terry had referred to Barton as a ‘dirty, thuggish cunt’ no one would have blinked or If he had called Crouch a ‘lanky tosser’ it wouldn’t have ruffled anyone. Because a racist comment has come into the equation it has been blow out of proportion.

    Have no time for Terry, think he is a wanker, but trying to rile other players up is regretably part of the game and has been since god knows when.

  72. goonerDNA

    Like RVP has another 5 years of brilliant football in him.

    As for Terry well Gerrard got let off for beating up some poor DJ for stupidness so I’m not surprised

  73. HerveDeNerve

    For those of you who caught my bit of inside info on spuds future plans 2 days ago on Le Grove, here comes another one which involves one of our players. This is from the same source, Nico Van Ditmar, who is a director at the Tavistock Group which is owned by spuds sugar daddy Joe Lewis.

    Apparently Spurs have requested permission to speak to Theo Walcott!!

    AVB must still be having nightmares about the mauling Theo gave Cheatski last season!

    This is just another indication of their intent, fucking scary!

  74. Arsenal1886-2006


    Joe Lewis is a passionate spurs fan and he is desperate to see them achieve trophy success.
    Stan Kroenke is not an Arsenal fan and is desperate to see them achieve monetary success.

  75. Johnny5

    Today is a sad sad day for arsenal football club spuds look like getting Lopez over us. Doumbia chooses WBA over us and RVP looking almost certain to go.

    Good news though is we’re apparently in talks with negredo and wenger is thinking of signing affelay.

    This is all paper/Internet buzz anyone know anything concrete.

  76. SalParadiseNYC

    Arsenal1886-2006July 13, 2012 17:50:28


    Arsenal is the most competitive of any team Kroenke is involved with, all about the bottom line and profit. He will rape us for every note he can earn and cash out, Cesc, Nasri, RVP… Walcott.
    Like a leech with a bad wig.

  77. Jeff

    As it stands, we probably won’t buy anyone else but of course the window doesn’t close till we’re 2 weeks into the season which was plenty of time to shore up after the Man U beating last season. This time, we don’t have Man U or anyone else who’s going to beat us to a pulp in those two weeks so we’ll probably end up buying no one even on the last day. The first two games are against Sunderland and Stoke. If we lose both or draw both of those it might kick Wenger down the bargain basement again to see what he can fish out this time.

    I think after 8 years of predictable apathy followed by nine months of agony, pessimism becomes a difficult habit to drop. It is such a horrible vicious circle. Everyone says it is not a good idea to get rid of your manager mid season. Then comes the end of the season, the club loses more high profile players and replaces them with low profile ones with no redress of our existing problems. During the summer everyone waits to see how the manager is going to tackle glaring problems. Day after day passes and hardly anything happens. We’re all shouting “WAKE UP, DO SOMETHING”. But all we get is “Don’t worry, things will be fine, judge me in May”.

    Wenger will not do what is necessary to win titles. He won’t. It is plain as day. You can wait another 100 seasons and he still won’t change and all those people who continue to have faith in him to do the right thing will be waiting a very very long time if he’s still the manager after 2014 which if all things remain the same, he certainly will be; even if we finish 10th between now and then. That is how deep this hell hole is.

  78. HerveDeNerve

    I’ve absolutely got no reason to doubt this source, 2 days ago he confirmed Ade would be joining spurs and today its confirmed, he also said 2 days ago that Modric would not be going for less than 40 million and that was confirmed yesterday and that they would replace Modric with Moutinho, VDV has now done a complete u turn and is staying.

    They were facing a complete mutiny when Redknapp was sacked and in the space of 2 weeks they’ve got an owner whose turned that completely on its head.

    It’s shameful! and they do this on crowds of 36,000 and 1 season in the champions league!! What a joke we are becoming and those new kits look like something out of “The Beano” The entire squad will look like “Minnie the Minx!!”

  79. Bertrumweaks

    Geoff, obsession with navy blue? the Arsenal badge has percentage wise more blue on it that the kit! so is there a problem with a tiny bit of blue on the kit? NO, unless you crazy or overtly grumpy!! 😉

    Geoff you are really on form, today I have only read two paragraphs but each one has given me the compunction to retort. Saying we cant lose cesc and Nasri WAS NOT A LIE. The board sanctioned the Nasri move over wengers
    head, clear as day. It is not even really a lie even if it was intended to mislead (its a statement of fact)
    but there is no way on earth wenger would make comments like that knowing he would sell them and most reasonable people would agree with me.

    Ever considered a job on Talksport Geoff?/ your brand of journalism would fit in well there 😛

    OUr Stances on the robin thing are similar, I too think he has done the club a huge service for what he said, and i will always respect him for it, whatever happens, barring on van persie using chemical weapons on the arsene fans or something of that ilk

  80. Radio Raheem

    Here we go again…

    when asked to name his top three strikers in the world by a fan during a video segment called ‘asksergio’ for the club’s official website, Aguero didn’t hesitate to mention the Arsenal man.

    “Messi, Messi and Messi,” Aguero initially said.

    “Van Persie, and if I have to choose another, [Cristiano] Ronaldo.”

  81. SalParadiseNYC

    Bergkamp bought in 1995 for 7.5 million, a record at the time I believe. Football’s current inflated transfer fees whats the modern day equivalent?
    Immense signing.
    Time for another – Wesley Sneijder in if you can get his wage down via transfer fee, would be sick.

  82. BacaryisGod

    Decisive action? So signing Giroud and Podolski wasn’t decisive?!

    I think there’s no doubt that Arsenal would prefer to keep Van Persie. You don’t offer a contract of that size to a player you don’t want to keep, and also prepare for a contingency of holding him for his final year. I actually think that they believed he would re-sign and are shocked that he hasn’t. If you recall, Wenger said last season they needed to find more support to ease the pressure on RVP, and it’s exactly what they’ve done. Giroud was brought in possibly to allow RVP to alternate between the lead striker role and a deeper one.

    RVP has had his head turned. It’s as simple as that. The mystery dinner companion from Man City who RVP called a ‘great man’. The veiled comments about Nasri always being a gunner implying that he himself would always be a gunner when he leaves. For his sake, I truly hope he’s smart enough to go abroad than force a move to Man City or United.

    For me, I’m not convinced that we will be battling it out for 4th behind City, United and Chelsea. Chelsea have brought in Marin (unproven in the Premier League), Hazard (comes across as a little selfish and a prima donna) but will be without Drogba. Terry, Essien and Lampard will be yet another year older. In addition, I don’t think Di Matteo is a great long-term fit for them. AVB and Rodgers are certainly unproven at large clubs although my gut feeling is that AVB will have an easier time of it with Spurs and they will be a big threat.

    Early season predictions are:

    Man City: 1st
    Man United: 2nd
    Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs: Dogfight for 3rd, 4th and 5th
    Liverpool 6th

  83. Cesc Appeal

    If Pedro is right and only something like £25 Million is available to Arsene….where has all our money gone??

    Why is no one asking this?

    £26 Million Highbury Square…gone.

    Fabregas and Nasri money….gone

    Toure and Adebayor money….gone

    Records profits year on year….gone

    So we’re scraping around and using money from a player sale (RVP) to replace him already.

    What a pathetic club

  84. SDE

    Well what I can deduce from this JT case is that next time,a police officer apprehends me for speeding,or allegedly going through a red light..

    I can simply turn around & call the police officer a fornicating c***t
    & subsequently be charged with the relevant office..

    Rock up in court & simply say in my defence:-

    “I was merely repeating what I thought the policeman in question said to me!!
    I simply asked if he called me a fornicating c***t…It’s all in context you see”..

  85. BOOZY

    from a hot sauce

    from a guy, who knows someone who knows the inside guy.

    arsenal our transfers deals are already tied up.

    to be announced in two weeks.

    fresh from the oven.

  86. zeus

    Johnny5July 13, 2012 18:02:24
    Today is a sad sad day for arsenal football club spuds look like getting Lopez over us. Doumbia chooses WBA over us and RVP looking almost certain to go.


    Sometimes I wonder if people read their statements b4 they post them.
    1. Who the hell is Lopez
    2. Who the hell is Doumbia and if he is any good, why is he ending up at WBA?
    3. Why would you think we were in for either?

  87. Cesc Appeal

    We could land Hoilett for Free, Afellay for a cheapy and then M’Vila. That would carry a strong buzz into the season