Time for decisive action from Wenger before these two get away.

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Am I the only one that doesn’t mind the away kit? I know Pedro sort of said he liked it but I really do!

I really dislike the home kit but the away one is different. In fact the home kit has this Arsenal board obsession with navy blue that is beyond me. And you all now know I like hooped socks!

Still now that Grimandi has exposed another lie from the management that Giroud was bought to replace Robin Van Persie I can give you my  take on the situation.

Normally the lies start in August (if we sold Nasri and Cesc we would have no ambition) so at least thats something else we’ve done early this season, so I can’t complain!

I would tell Robin that he has to see out his contract with no extra money and no armband, if he doesn’t like it, tough. He won’t play like a Lemon as if he does no one will want him the season after, well not for £250k a week they won’t.

For people that say we can’t afford to lose what we’ll get for him, if we didn’t have it in the first place, we won’t miss it will we.

Its way past time we set examples here, otherwise next up will be Theo and Jack, Wenger has to man up for the first time in his life and treat his turncoat players the same way we all get treated in the real world. Its not even tough love, its called a contract.

I dreamt last night Theo agreed to do an exclusive for Le Grove, I told him he was bordering on being disloyal and even though he was starting to show his worth, we’ve seen 6 years of him stumbling around like Bambi on ice and he should be grateful, he agreed, what a dream!

I know, I know, why am I dreaming about another bloke…

Even though Robin spent most of his career in either a prison cell or a treatment table I make him right in saying he won’t renew until he sees player changes, he knows Wenger is so weak he’ll get his ticket out and once again we’ll lose our best player.

Time to show the players that the club comes first. Time to make a stand. If you want to give Robin what he wants then spend some of our money.

If we did decide to sell him then we should go out and replace him with Llorente. Right now, no messing about. Add Martinez to that and I think we will be the most feared team in the league this season. Funny thing is had Wenger done that in June we may have kept Robin, think of the forward line options we’d have then!

We do however have 7 players that will barely feature again for Arsenal and I for one cannot see why they are still here, giving some of them away would make more sense as it gets them off the payroll.

Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamakh, Djourou and Denilson are surely players we could sell. Squillaci and Park we should give away and if Diaby picks up another injury then pack him off in the January sales, I do have a glimmer of hope that if he does manage to keep fit, he will be like a new signing.

Oh and apologies to any other crap and overpaid player I may have missed off the above list.

Pre season starts tomorrow but a lot of our team will be rested, still our third choice team will see off the weekends competition and it will be nice to see if Kyle Bartley has stepped up.

I would still ask about Gotze and Vertonghen had he not already signed for Spurs but he did and we missed out, both would have been great additions but if it were just the two then Llorente and Martinez are the ones for me. I also like David Villa but I don’t think that would happen.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow it all kicks off again.

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  1. ardentgooner

    Haha Geoff is back!!!

    Like the away kit too. its different and I am tired of the blue/yellow away kits.

    Same shit about same shit players. Can we just not waste word space on them. I don’t see Djorou going anywhere.

    Denilson is off on loan. all good there
    Vela if off surely.
    Chamakh & Squillaci are the problem.

    Park and Djourou are staying so might as well accept it! 🙂

  2. Bush Gooner

    Welcome back Geoff.

    Wenger wont buy another striker just as Giles Garibaldi stated “Giroud is RvP’s replacement”.

  3. Guns of Hackney

    Walnut is beyond shit, so who gives a fuck. As for Wilshere, one ok season, then a season out – big deal.

    Arsene won’t ‘man up’ because there is no ‘man’ in the man…got that, man.

    Man, I am tired.

  4. Moray

    Good to see you back, Geoff, It seems the summer rains might have dampened your anger a bit? I hope not.

    I know Wenger resents signing players early, as he then has to pay their wages over the summer. Crazy, but it explains a bit about his mentality. That, and the idea he will screw a bargain out if he waits till the last minute.

    I agree with you on Robin. I don;t think we will get a big money offer for him, so it’s probably not worth selling him, and I think after next year then he might consider staying as his stock won;t be so high. Plus, we will be able to bring through Poldi and Giroud gradually and support Robin through the year. If we are offered 25-30m AND the club will spend it, then let;s get in a Llorente, Huguain or Falcao or someone of that ilk.

    I hope Wenger takes his chequebook to the Olymipcs, though he should be careful around Stratford with all that cash…

  5. Bush Gooner


    Making a stance on RvP and saying that we will not play him stinks of that rat Nasri when Wenger tried to convince the masses that Nasri would be staying by playing him in the pre season friendlies then next minute he is wearing a man $ity shirt.!

  6. Ryan

    As we all know players come players go… We all get over it! There’s no loyalty in this game just like life, cos when it comes down to it, it’s about number 1! Thats just how it goes… If you dont realise it now..you will…

  7. willie

    Nice post. Geoff, You like the pink on Chezzer? I like the away kit except that colour choice for the goalkeeper.

  8. Bergkamp63

    I read a report that Milan have agreed to sell Ibrahimovich & Silva to PSG for £51.3m.

    A Milan bid for RVP imminent ?

  9. karaul

    so this is the most feared team in the league for upcoming season?


    coquelin (sagna wont be ready) – koscielny – vermaelen – gibbs

    martinez – arteta (or song)

    rosicky (or ox because wilshere wont be ready)

    podolski – llorente (giroud) – walcott

    even if we buy martinez and llorente (hahaha) we still desperately need cam

  10. rebelgooner

    each to there own when it comes to kits, i dont buy them anymore so nike-arsenal will get fuck all off me except for maybe a nice polo shirt but i do think its disgusting the purple and blue .

  11. Ben Donnelly

    I was thinking gof investing in a Chamakh shirt, a one off like that could be worth thousands one day..

  12. gambon


    Of course there will be big bids for RVP

    He scored 37 goals last year. He has 48 in his last 56 league games & he’s in his prime.

  13. Rob The Goon

    The purple kit is an absolute eyesore along with the terrible marketing…

    “Purple reign” should be changed to “Purple Pain”

    On Vertonghen, hes gone to use the toilet up the road and quite frankly I think we’ve dodged a bullet…

    As for Robin…sell him and replace…

  14. V o K z i i

    I really like the away kit too, not so sure on the Keepers kits though, I imagine he’s going to get some stick wearing that to places like Liverpool and Manchester!!

  15. Moray

    gambon, if that were the case then I would have expected some big bids already.

    how many big clubs which could afford him actually NEED him?

    As far as I can see, any club that takes RVP will have to build the team round him, and at a Man City, that could really put some noses out of joint. Plus, he’s a spiky bastard so you’d need to be careful who you put him in the changing room with.

    I am coming to suspect that he might stay. Which, with the additions and potential additions, would be like a velvet wanky glove. Although I’m sure Wenger will find some way to fuck it all up in the end, just as the season starts…

  16. Ron

    Agreed Geoff. I absolutely love the new purple kit, can’t wait to see it in action.

    Also I’d love us to buy Llorente or even Loic Remy and Martinez or M’Villa but I think we’ve already bought our replacement in Giroud and AW will be happy to blance the books with the sale of RvP. Just cannot see another striker coming in (especially with some of the prices quoted – 20M and I lose interest straight away)

    Trouble is, how many years have we complained that AFC are only 2 quality players away from winning something.

  17. gambon


    Mancini is apparantly desperate for him, Milan need a centre forward, Juve we know are keen.

    He hasnt moved yet as it will be a big transfer, which doesnt happen overnight, the window has only been open 12 days and his statement was only a week ago.

    He may stay, i think theres a chance he was always intending to see his contrct out.

    What all these people getting angry with him forget is that at no point has he says he intends to leave, at no point has he disrespected the club, he merely said at this point he wont be signing a new deal.

  18. Skandibird

    Ahh, how I have missed ‘my’ Geoff. Words are as per usual same as I think, especially re RvP seeing out his last year. And, I really like the new away shirt in purple, not sure yet about the home kit, but, maybe it will grow on me….

    According to those who ‘know’ supposedly M’Villa is in the bag, and, allegedly Llorente is being pursued , as for Martinez, I have not read anything about him to Arsenal as yet, but maybe someone might have some ‘inside’ info? If they do arrive, this season will be exciting. 🙂

  19. Rob The Goon

    What all these people getting angry with him forget is that at no point has he says he intends to leave, at no point has he disrespected the club, he merely said at this point he wont be signing a new deal.


    Well said Gambon

    Obviously I’d like him to stay, but if a sizable bid comes in then we should accept providing we spend that money on a world class replacement.

    As ive mentioned on here before, I respect RVP more for releasing that statement because at least we now know where we stand

  20. SDE


    Hooray….Geoff is back….!!Long overdue mate…

    I had a dream…It was that I’d logged onto Le-grove one day&Geoff would be back posting his no-nonsense musings..And I woke up&voila!! Here you are!!

    Good to have you back…It’s been a nightmare of a week,or so,with your sidekick’s unhinged postings of all things wonderful@ the Arse!

    I think the kit is crap!!

  21. Rob The Goon

    I thought people on here were being sarcastic about the kit but i’m starting to realise they’re not joking…

    What has the club done to the fans!!

  22. Ric

    “Still now that Grimandi has exposed another lie from the management that Giroud was bought to replace Robin Van Persie I can give you my take on the situation.”

    Thank you Geoff! I got persecuted yesterday for saying exactly the same thing.

  23. ZAR_Gooner

    I reckon we should sell RVP to the highest bidder and beef up the starting XI (two more signings will do) after Pod & Giroud I’m sure Wenger is spent. If City offers the most, so be it because what’s the point of selling him to Juve for less. Rather let’s cash in and hope RVP and Balloteli have a bust up on the first day.

  24. Moray

    In my opinion, Mancini would be nuts to sign RVP. The pressure is too great over at Man City, and I can;t see RVP fitting in there at all.

    I agree though, I wouldn’t criticise his behaviour. Regardless of his injuries, he has given many years of his career to Arsenal, and he is our captain. It is his role to speak out when he has concerns. Especially as we know any concerns expressed within the club probably just echo round the (empty) walls of the trophy room…

  25. DUIFG

    We need to face facts, we arn’t going to get more than 16 mil up front cash for RVP, Landing a llorente or somewbody of that calibre LOL would require us to fund most of the fee internally. I would probably look at a 10 mil loic remy bid as our more likely out ball post RVP. In Giroud we trust.

  26. gambon

    “In my opinion, Mancini would be nuts to sign RVP. The pressure is too great over at Man City, and I can;t see RVP fitting in there at all”

    Dont agree with that at all.

    They create the most chances in the league, RVP is the best striker in the league.

    Footballs an easy game. “Pressure” is a load of bollocks.

  27. Sadam Mahessar

    milan are after tevez, not RVP gents.

    That tells me two things, that either his future is already decided at city or juventus or the clubs aren’t really interested due to his age and injury record!

  28. Sadam Mahessar

    I don’t think we are looking to replace him man for man, we’re going for a creative forward type, not a striker, someone who can create as well as score.

    something tells me Chamakh or Bendtner might be staying put at arsenal for next season at least!

    I expect Gervinho to have a solid next season!

  29. Sadam Mahessar

    I am not really fussed about barcelona offering Afellay to us, I think he was very average at the euros but come to think every dutch player was pretty average.

    at 4.5 million, I’d take a shot though, not at expense of theo though.

  30. Evan

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has rubbished claims the club could be prepared to sell star striker Robin van Persie to Premier League rivals Manchester City.

    The above is guna come back and bite him in the ass. The only way a sale to City is acceptable is if we get player part exchange.

  31. michael

    milan have money coming,juve want him,city and united want him ,the club should get the best deal either straight cash and/or player deal

    hes not cesc so he hasnt got a preferance

    dont let the door hit u in the arse on the way out

  32. SDE

    The kit is crap..The pink gk jersey is even more horrendous..

    Can imagine Alumnia wearing that pink GK jersey with pride,along with his poodle..
    With Pedro(the blogger) in tow,down at the Colney training ground,locking arms with Alumnia & singing -The Weather Girls”It’s raining me” as Bould puts his defensive team through their paces!!

    Or Alumnia&Pedro,singing Culture Club’s-“Do u really want to hurt me,do you really want to make me cry” in the direction of Wenger!!

    Or Alumnia& Pedro singing George Michael’s”Don’t shoot the dog”,with Pedro hiding behind Alumnia!!

  33. the holy san

    I wonder what the milan supporters think about losing two of their best players…jesus, what a mad football world. and I think ibra and thiag go to psg because of glory and winning trophies…

  34. Omoniyi Ismail

    Arsenal is a great club to the core.If RVP wants to leave us,Let him go.But i pray his career shouldnt be like that of Hleb and Flamini.We should rather get Llorrente or Martinez 4 his replacement.Up gooners…………

  35. RockyPires

    Affellay in would a positive move and would help settle RVP. at 4.5 he is worth a punt. Can play off the front man or on the wing. Should free up the Ox to play CAM.

  36. mystic

    ‘I would tell Robin that he has to see out his contract with no extra money and no armband, if he doesn’t like it, tough. He won’t play like a Lemon as if he does no one will want him the season after, well not for £250k a week they won’t.’

    100% agree

    ‘He hasnt moved yet as it will be a big transfer, which doesnt happen overnight, the window has only been open 12 days and his statement was only a week ago.’

    Sorry, but we all know that players agents are at it well before hand – there is absolutely no reason why someone, other that the £8m bid by Juve, wouldn’t have popped their heads above the parapet.

    Grimandi might have said something that he shouldn’t have – let s be clear he is a scout, not the management – but regardless of who he is, AW would get slaughtered over the fact that RvP was holding back on signing a new contract and he hadn’t got cover in case things went belly up.

    If Wenger had said up front we have bought in Giroud to replace RvP, everyone would have been complaining that not enough was being done to keep the player,

    I’ve said before slate the manager and club for their fuck ups, but on the odd occasion that something is done right accept it rather than just look at it as another opportunity to complain.

    If Grimandi is correct of course AW his the fact, it is only os he allows RvP to leave that one can say he has lied on this occasion.

  37. UmBongo

    It’s simple, we can’t sell the dross you listed because they are all on inflated wage packets – way beyond their market value. Even giving el Squid away, he would have to take a cut from 50/60k a week, French football only really pays that to the top notch.

    For all of Wenger’s predictions about the European financial collapse, he did nothing to ensure that we wouldn’t be stuck with untransferable players which other teams, with increasingly tight budgets, just wouldn’t be able to afford. In fact it’s something he enjoys criticising Real, Chelsea and City for. I get the impression he ignores his own indiscretions because they derive from his ideals – player wage parity and squad harmony. Still wrong, bro.

  38. RockyPires

    I would have though Ibra would have moved to Citeh but they must be sticking with Tevez and Batotelli and RVP must be their no1 target. Bugger.

    Disappointed with Thiaho Silva going to PSG would have though he would have moved to a big team however money talks

  39. UmBongo

    karaul @9.24,

    Too right. Either we stick with players lacking form/fitness/quality or we push an untried in there (Arteta/Wilshere). Problem area for me.

    Love the purple kit by the way.

  40. mystic

    RockyPiresJuly 13, 2012 10:44:42
    ‘I would have though Ibra would have moved to Citeh but they must be sticking with Tevez and Batotelli and RVP must be their no1 target. Bugger.’

    Tevez, Balotelli, Aguero – unless they off load one of those RvP isn’t going to be gauranteed a start, but would he care?

  41. gambon


    Until RVP met with Gazidis/Wenger and heard their embarrassing plans he didnt even know he was moving.

  42. K.C.

    Selling a star player to a league rival is a move made by a club with no intention of challenging for the title. Not only does it demoralize the players/fans, it also makes that rival club a stronger side all in one move. How many dodgy moves can this club make year after year until the fans get fed up?

  43. gambon

    RVP would start 40 games at City.

    The only players they need to offload for it to happen is Ade & Dzeko.

  44. Evan

    Rooney & RVP upfront fucksake, that’s Eric Cantana type signing.

    Does Wenger honestly give a dam? Footballers are mercenaries i accept that, its about time he stopped rapping players in cotton wool hoping loyalty will prevail,

    RVP is gone sell to City, get cash and player exchange (De Jong, Micah or Dzeko in exchange)

  45. John A

    If that’s true Doublegooner, then the board need to step down immediately. How the feck can we keep selling our best players to strengthen our rivals, hence make the gap between us even larger?

    Arsenal board = Complete Waste of Space !!!

  46. K.C.

    So RVP expresses that he will stay with Arsenal if they go out and buy the proper player to fill some the holes in the line-up to be competitive again and what does Wenger and Co do? They go and buy his replacement instead. Fucking Hilarious.

  47. Sleek


    Arsene you won’t get a player of his quality as cheap as £4.5m. Sign him up asap!

    Maybe he’ll convince Robin to re-sign.

  48. Elvis Was a Gooner

    Geoff Vertonghen signed for the Spuds

    Walnutt can fuck off to Chelsea he wont be a big loss

    Cant believe we are allowing Liverpool to sign Dempsey.An experienced premiership player who would get us 15-20 goals a season

    And Newcastle making another great signing from France in Debuchy.

    Tevez to AC Milan RVP to City

  49. Byo

    Finally, a synopsis that is not knee-jerk, but coherent;
    One that is more analytic;.
    One that expresses the sentiments of most sentient beings.

    Maybe more “experts” will do well and take the time to think.

  50. Marko

    On that last paragraph alone you’d know it was a Geoff post he wants us to sign 2 players who’d combined cost 50 million give or take or one player who’d cost 35 million and a player who joined Spurs. In all seriousness love the away kit

  51. mystic

    gambonJuly 13, 2012 10:57:27
    ‘Until RVP met with Gazidis/Wenger and heard their embarrassing plans he didnt even know he was moving.’

    Do you really believe his agent hadn’t already been sounding out?

    gambonJuly 13, 2012 11:00:01
    ‘RVP would start 40 games at City.’

    Which player(s) is he starting ahead of Aguero / Balotelli / Tevez? – it is going to be extremely difficult for all three of them AND RvP to start 4o games each.

    Assume they win EVERYTHNG they enter, what is that 60-65 games? (I’m assuming there is not a ton of replays).

  52. Johnny5

    Affelay is a very talented footballer. He’s a bargain at triple the price. We should get him. He’s right up wengers street too. Cheap as fuck.

  53. kwik fit

    Agree that Chesney needs well paid to wear that goalkeeper outfit. Its so gay its unreal. Obviously picked by Ivan gazidas ( the all american reject)

  54. gambon


    He will start up front with Aguero or Tevez slightly withdrawn.

    They play 4-4-2 remember. Unlike Wenger, Mancini has realised you need top quality depth, not a first XI backed up by a load of shit.

  55. gambon

    If RVP goes there he will be their number 1 striker, so yes, he would start more than Balotelli, Tevez, Aguero, Dzeko or whoever else is at city.

  56. @K_Swiss147

    Geoff, this post seems a little off… You didn’t rant as much as usual and the part about Vertonghen, did you somehow miss his signing for spurs?

  57. Paulinho

    I think RVP has known he’s leaving for a while.

    It was clear to me when he said “trust me, Theo will 20 goals a season” after a match back in January or something. You only come out with crap like that when you’re leaving and trying to soften the blow by bigging someone else up.

  58. Marko

    How much did they pay for Aguero? Like 38 million or something and he’s been banging in goals consistantly for a few years now and Madrid really want him. He’ll be their main guy cause if they don’t show him love he’ll be off to Madrid.

  59. gambon


    It wouldnt surprise me if he decided it was time to go after he basically mugged Wenger off infront of 1bn people when we played UTD at home in Jan.

  60. Bouldy's Left Testicle

    Vertonghen is overrated, that’s why Sp*rs wanted him.

    Gambon says “at no point has he disrespected the club” about RvP… No, he just pissed on the badge as captain and pissed on his whole 8yr career at Arsenal. Can you smell the pussy in your face? Your not a fan, you’re a fan-atic, rambling about all things as if it’s fact like a random studio guest.

    Arsenal is a fookin joke now. We have to wait for JW, Ox & Rambo to come good before we’re capable. Theo can piss off with his retarded childrens books, then get in Moses and we’re sorted.

    I hope the backstabbing piece of shit RvPissypants gets injured and STAYS injured his while time @ Shitty Enterpeices.

    Have a nice day!

    You too Gamberinho.

  61. mystic

    So let me get this straight, despite winning the league last season, with the most goals scored, they need to overhaul their strike force and bring in someone to act as the main striker.

    If RvP goes there it will not be for gauranteed starts, but then maybe that is not what he wants, perhaps he is quite content to be on the bench (football or medical) at a club winning silverware – I don’t know how he thinks in that respect.

    Personally I still hope if he is going to be a bench warmer, it is at Arsenal – he would be very good quality competition and back up for Giroud.

    Right I’m off for a while, enjoy your arguements – or simply AW slagging off if you prefer.

  62. Ric

    mysticJuly 13, 2012 10:43:40

    Mystic as I told you yesterday, Arsene sells his players at 29 no matter what, he intended to sell RVP long before the summer started and every comment he has made to the contrary is just an effort to drive up his value.

    Gimandi was being honest and just didn’t consider that revaling this would also imply revealing Wengers negotiation methods.

  63. Radio Raheem

    Now Ade’s moved to the spuds City now need to sell Dzeko/Tevez to make space for RvP. I reckon they’ll sell Dzeko instead, Losing Tevez will weaken their strike force. A strike force of RvP, Aguero, Balotelli and Tevez is pretty tasty stuff it’s got the right mix of youth, experience, physique etc.

    I think we’ll only buy an attacking player if we sell not just RvP but 2 from Bendtner, Arshavin and Chamakh.

  64. Paulinho


    Yeah if you look back the signs were there. RVP’s reaction to Ramsey going off betrayed all the Wenger like spiel he used to come out with when interviewed.

    Wenger is probably seriously getting on everyone’s tits in that dressing room, at least the experienced players who are carrying everyone. The likes of Bartley, Miquel, Gibbs etc however will be his mouthpiece until they themselves get into a position to move onto better things and then they will say what they really think.. Same cycle with all the players who improve.

  65. Radio Raheem

    know ur all probably think it ballshit, i heard from good authority also, Van Persie is signing for Man utd

    that wouldn’t surprise me. My prediction on here few days ago was that he’ll move to manure or the chavs.

    at manure he’s more less guaranteed a starting position. Rooney, Welbeck, Chicharito and RvP.
    Berbatov is on his way out. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if we took him on loan as part of the deal to play behind Giroud.

  66. Ric

    jay4741July 13, 2012 11:46:25

    If this is true then Wenger should be hanged, you can say what you want about RVP no longer being committed, but its partially if not totally Wengers responsibility to make sure we can compete. Selling our best players to our direct competition is counter productive. It doesn’t matter if Man utd is willing to pay 1 mill more than the rest. If you ended the season ahead of us then you should have to pay five fold what anyone below us would have to. That is just common commpetitive sense. Wengers greed really is like a slow train ride to hell.

  67. gambon

    I can see RVP going to UTD.

    They are much bigger than all the other reportedly interested clubs, no longer really considered our rvials (dont think anyone wouldve made this move 10 years ago…..although Vieira nearly did) and its a big challenge as well.

    Rooney & RVP upfront, doesnt get much better than that.

  68. Sadam Mahessar

    – Adebayor fee agreed.

    – Borini off to Liverpool.

    If we get Afellay, Wenger wouldn’t make a move for Belhanda who is his top priority for CAM I still believe, he is just waiting for cash from the Persie deal before making an offer, Belhanda has been offered a new contract but he hasn’t put a pen to it yet.

    Debuchy to Newcastle might be off, there was news of him signing an extension at Lille, but the club might just be doing a Silva to get a greater price for him.

  69. Radio Raheem

    Straight swap for Chicharito will be a good deal for Arsenal. We need a striker like that, one that is speedy, mobile and a poacher. We have one too many ‘big man in the box’ strikers. I could never have thought I’ll be saying that about Arsenal 10 years ago.

  70. on-the-edge

    With the team in its current shape (without RVP) two things are certain:
    a) Arsenl will not win anything this season too
    b) Arsenal will not slide down below 7th/8th….thats OK with Wenger and Stan.

    Only with TOP QUALITY additions can Arsenal fight run the league. And, only some TOP TOP QUALITY additions can charge up our current players to GO FOR IT!!

    Hence, there is no more place left for mediocrity,i.e; If Wenger buys anything now, it should be of TOPMOST QUALITY or nothing.

  71. michael

    whether its affelay or someone else its not about keeping rvp happy its about the club,OUR club and keeping us at the top level

    heres a thought
    sign affelay, mvila,dempsey ,whoever else, couple of players from last season have a good preseason n start the season well
    robin changes his mind ,wants to stay for the meagre sum of 130k plus 5mill

    wenger turns around and says just accepted a 22mill bid from city , au revoir

    thats what id do, and we all know its what a top club would do when a player stirs the pot

    the club has to come before any player, funny thing is he’ll be back in 3 yrs on a 12 week loan from the mls

  72. Ric

    Name one of the top managers in England (and I mean top managers, not best paid) that would risk selling their best players to one of their main rivals?

    None thats who – why?

    Because you cannot call yourself a top manager if you are either “forced” or wantonly sell your best players to rivals.

  73. Sadam Mahessar


    You have got to be kidding, do you honestly think he would move to United? Not in a million years, wages he is going to be offered are going to be way less than what he can get at Milan, Juve or City.

    Wenger would never sell to Fergie.

    Fergie would not buy someone who is 29 and has an injury record as bad as Van Persie’s.

  74. Matchy


    Wenger believes in the youth project, In developing the academy. They want to do what barcelona does. He knows that only 2% of the acdemy players make it.

    1. Van Persie
    2. Fabby
    3. Nasri

    All youth investment … And he knows players get to top notch around the 25 years old bracket.

    And so why would he want to destroy himself by selling these very players he invested in. He didnt sell them when hell broke lose from people like you to add experience in the team when these players were younger. And now they reached their 25 brackets he sold them off?????????

    Was Nasri sold off by Wenger?
    Was Wenger the one who sold Fabby? Fabby was his child. His very first and only super star from the youth acadmey. And he knew very well Fabby was only 1 of very few players in the world in his position that cannot be replaced easily.

    So he just went out and destroyed his project when they reached the 25 yrs old bracket?

    Wenger doesnt know what players contracts are about? He has dealt directly with 1000000000000 players and players agents around the world for how many years?

    Maybe the board told him SELL nasri, sell fabby, and will in this case sell Van Persie when they receive and offer for him they cannot refsued.

    in the last 5 years arsenal spent on average $16m per year.

    in the last 6 years arsenal spent $24m per year. It was last year they spent $50m.

    Every player has a price. Didnt you say if arsenal were serious they could have gotten

    and million are others?

    if they showed the money?

    Well if Man City showed Gadzis the money it is the same deal. Arsenal will sell.

    Just like Rednose Sold Ronaldo to Real Marid.

    And just like Spurs will sell Modric.

    And just like AC Milan sold Kaka.

    And just like Van Persie will love his $230k a per packet. (who doesnt?)

  75. gambon


    We’ll see, but i tink you are too quick to rubbish the idea of RVP going UTD.

    Lets not pretend they are a poor club.

  76. Sadam Mahessar


    Dempsey deal looks off, he is being offered to Liverpool as a part of Andy Carroll deal. He is being guaranteed playing time, I think his agent and him met our representatives and I don’t think Arsenal guaranteed him to start all games he is fit to play.

    Could have been a great addition to the squad, we all saw how crucial Yossi Benayoun and Arteta were for us last season

  77. telarse


    Course you love the new kit – Ugg Boy!

    Personally I think it’s less football club more Blue Oyster Club!

    My Liam Brady 70s 80s home and away jerseys are the mutts for me and see no reason to change, I even consider wearinhg them a “fuck you” to the club and it’s moneygrabbing, the epitome of which, I believe, was the “new/old” shit badge!.
    I still love the jersey I grew up loving and hate most of the style’s since but this is the worstest ever – I hated 1982 away jersey but it looks fucking good compared to this new shite! http://uk.images.search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0PDodkOAABQSVkAChRWBQx.;_ylu=X3oDMTBpcGszamw0BHNlYwNmcC1pbWcEc2xrA2ltZw–/SIG=12ra2e01j/EXP=1342206094/**http%3a//italianlads.fotoblog.it/archive/2009/04/26/football-fashion.html

  78. Ric

    Sadam MahessarJuly 13, 2012 12:02:42

    The Wenger of yesteryear would never sell to man utd, today he has realised that he is far off competing with them anyway, and he wants his money!

  79. Marko

    Need a quick resolution one way or another. Either we sign the players needed to convince him to stay or we sell him and replace him but it needs to be done fairly quick it can’t affect the pre season

  80. Ola Soulchild

    I love the away jersey…..reminds me of the gold striped jersey of the invincibles era!

    I am the least bothered about the RVP story…..preseason starts tomorrow. lets look forward with zeal gooners…..no player will hold the club to ransome.
    In my opinion, RVP will never get as good a season as the last one anywhere he goes and should he pick up an injury, will never get from anywhere else, the support he got from this club.
    Honestly, i-d rather he goes anyway. And Theo oh Theo, its easy for a young man to see what hes really worth when his heard is in the clouds, its only at arsenal you get so much of a runout in a bid to help you improve. Leave and its downhill for you mate! no hard feelings but truth hurts….!

    Now time to support the guys who have their hearts setout to make the arsenal proud.

    Come on Vermaelen……come on you gunners!

  81. Alex James

    I have been saying for ages that Utd are always going to be our biggest rivals. No matter their current financial situation and the emergence of Chavs and City, they are enduring. Signing RVP would be a typical Ferguson move. He is always audacious, whilst our lot dither. In his eyes, he would get a proven talent at a cut price, as he did with Cantona. I just hope RVP realises what a kick in the teeth a move to Utd would be to Arsenal fans. I could take a transfer to City but Utd would add a new dimension to what constitutes loyalty, sadly.

  82. michael


    you missed my point just saying wenger buys ,rvp’s head gets turned and le prof still says see ya

    at this stage i dont know who or if we’ll sign anyone,but the board n wenger only have themselves to blame for this every summer

  83. Sadam Mahessar


    I know football has turned into madness of late but I still have some belief left in the game and its players.

    On the other hand, if he does move to United, my personal love for the game, our club and and its reputation would take the final blow.

  84. j

    So, Le Grove officially likes the purple away kit, along with the pink goalkeeper’s kit… and would also like Arsenal to sign Jan Vertonghen.

    Le Grove has quite clearly been’ hacked’ by an underground cabal of satirical soccer situationists. Oh, the humanity!

  85. Ric

    Raheem we have no physicality let up top apart from Giroud, all our other options only offer speed or technicality, (not counting Cham and Bendy) Chicarito in my mind offers nothing we didn’t just turn down with Vela.
    So whats the point? Chicarito will never score any of the goals RVP provided, he is a typical poacher, and a useful addition to a team like Man utd that scores a bunch of poached goals. We on the other hand build up to it, and need a complete orward ffor that role. So no I believe Chicarito would be a huge dud.

  86. Hunter

    It makes a whole lot of sense to me if RVP signs for either of the Mancs,that way he dosent have to move his family,they can stay in London,he can commute to and fro during the week,he pleases his missus and mother/father and the kids remain in their respective schools.So all this crap about Juventos/Barca or anyone else abroad is nonsense to me.The fact that Tevez is probably off leaves a big whole to fill at shitty,regardless or not that he may bench warm a certain number of games,would he really care when he is raking in mega bucks each week?.He would fare a whole lot better at Utd but even there he would be in direct competition with a few younger and probably fitter players(wellbeck and chicarito)but for a season or two would be a great signing.If he stays at AFC I would hope the club get firmer with him,if its only for the last season,strip him of the captaincy immediately and use him when and where it suits us NOT him!!But one thing for sure,its starting to drag on and on and its time we called in the chips and demanded a resolution to this whole sorry affair.Lets face it the club is bigger and better than any individual,we have survived before and will do it again and again in the future,players come and go but AFC is forever!!!

  87. michael

    btw grovers nothing is written in stone yet

    rvp released the statement to force the boards hand in the transfer market he could still stay,give his all and leave next year on a free

    just thought was rvp talking about the new away kit in his statement, “the board and rvp differing on the direction of the club”

  88. Body Bag T Shirts

    I have to say I think the new away kit is a great looking kit as is the training kit, cant see why all the negative comments – we are showing some style. Expecting good things from Bartley, as for Diaby he has the talent could be important to us this season, I know, been here before- but he’s gotta get fixed sometime!

  89. Leedsgunner

    Re away kit — especially the the pink goal keeper outfit. At least with that pink costume on, Chezzer should have a clean record versus penalty takers as they’ll be too busy rolling on the ground laughing rather than concentrating on taking a decent spot kick.

  90. gambon

    Not really an interesting choice

    RVP is our 8th highest scorer, and would probably become our 2nd highest or highest ever if he stayed. He has 8 years in the team and scored 37 last season.

    Jovetic & Belhanda are completely unproven young talents, neither have ever played a PL game, both have only ever had one decent season, and are both miles behind RVPs current level.

    Belhanda doesnt excite me in the least.

  91. Ric

    HunterJuly 13, 2012 12:18:06

    It is sad to say but I am afraid, the club is no longer bigger and better than the player, this time its the other way around. The player is quite simply to big for a club deadset on laguishing in mediocraty.

  92. WengersSweeties

    Im telling you now VP will NOT be sold to UTD.

    They wanted Nasri last season and Wenger came through Terminal 5 where I work and told a mate of mine they we wouldn’t sell to them.

    Thats one of Wengers comments I actually do believe!!

  93. Radio Raheem

    Final comment on RvP’s statement (boy what a borefest it’s been so let’s it make more interesting on this slow news day).

    I said on the day the statement was released that the Board & Wenger knew of RvP’s intentions a long while back and a deal was already done or was on the way to being done. Grimandi’s latest statement re-affirms that view.

    RvP’s statement was mainly for the fans not to force any move or whatever else people have been fantasising about. He needn’t write a statement on the net to force a move or draw attention to his availability, all these things are done between agents and his goals last season speak for themselves.

    I think in RvP’s mind he feels he has a strong connection with the fans and felt he needed to explain his reasons for leaving without actually breaking that connection by saying he is leaving, hence, the ‘…will not extend my contract’ instead of I’m off.

    Frankly, he shouldn’t have bothered.

    And that bizarre announcement earlier in the year of the meeting at 10.30am in Wenger’s house was just a charade conjured by some dreamy PR guy that attempted to convey the perception of the club trying it’s hardest to keep it’s best player.

    RvP’s statement has been interpreted as ingratitude by some fans which, all in all, makes RvP’s sale easier to execute in terms of PR.

    Usmanov’s letter put a spanner in the works somewhat by focusing the attention back on the board.

    Gentlemen, I give you the PHANTOM OF THE ARSENAL OPERA