Time for decisive action from Wenger before these two get away.

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Am I the only one that doesn’t mind the away kit? I know Pedro sort of said he liked it but I really do!

I really dislike the home kit but the away one is different. In fact the home kit has this Arsenal board obsession with navy blue that is beyond me. And you all now know I like hooped socks!

Still now that Grimandi has exposed another lie from the management that Giroud was bought to replace Robin Van Persie I can give you my  take on the situation.

Normally the lies start in August (if we sold Nasri and Cesc we would have no ambition) so at least thats something else we’ve done early this season, so I can’t complain!

I would tell Robin that he has to see out his contract with no extra money and no armband, if he doesn’t like it, tough. He won’t play like a Lemon as if he does no one will want him the season after, well not for £250k a week they won’t.

For people that say we can’t afford to lose what we’ll get for him, if we didn’t have it in the first place, we won’t miss it will we.

Its way past time we set examples here, otherwise next up will be Theo and Jack, Wenger has to man up for the first time in his life and treat his turncoat players the same way we all get treated in the real world. Its not even tough love, its called a contract.

I dreamt last night Theo agreed to do an exclusive for Le Grove, I told him he was bordering on being disloyal and even though he was starting to show his worth, we’ve seen 6 years of him stumbling around like Bambi on ice and he should be grateful, he agreed, what a dream!

I know, I know, why am I dreaming about another bloke…

Even though Robin spent most of his career in either a prison cell or a treatment table I make him right in saying he won’t renew until he sees player changes, he knows Wenger is so weak he’ll get his ticket out and once again we’ll lose our best player.

Time to show the players that the club comes first. Time to make a stand. If you want to give Robin what he wants then spend some of our money.

If we did decide to sell him then we should go out and replace him with Llorente. Right now, no messing about. Add Martinez to that and I think we will be the most feared team in the league this season. Funny thing is had Wenger done that in June we may have kept Robin, think of the forward line options we’d have then!

We do however have 7 players that will barely feature again for Arsenal and I for one cannot see why they are still here, giving some of them away would make more sense as it gets them off the payroll.

Arshavin, Bendtner, Chamakh, Djourou and Denilson are surely players we could sell. Squillaci and Park we should give away and if Diaby picks up another injury then pack him off in the January sales, I do have a glimmer of hope that if he does manage to keep fit, he will be like a new signing.

Oh and apologies to any other crap and overpaid player I may have missed off the above list.

Pre season starts tomorrow but a lot of our team will be rested, still our third choice team will see off the weekends competition and it will be nice to see if Kyle Bartley has stepped up.

I would still ask about Gotze and Vertonghen had he not already signed for Spurs but he did and we missed out, both would have been great additions but if it were just the two then Llorente and Martinez are the ones for me. I also like David Villa but I don’t think that would happen.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow it all kicks off again.

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  1. Samir

    Is this guy G Star by any chance Boozy?

    @ Cesc Appeal
    We all know where that money has gone – into Kroneke and the boards pockets.

  2. Johnny5


    Do your homework son, Lopez is an up and coming athletico badboy and we’ve been linked with doumbia for a couple of months now (he’s French, it makes sense). He is not top quality but defo could be (or will be).

  3. SDE

    Kwik Fit

    Feel sorry for the Ferdinand family @ this point..

    Rio gets excluded from the England squad,to avoid disruption to team unity&spirit!!& the most divisive character to ever wear the england shirt&wear the captaincy goes to the Euros..

    JT,by the fair british justice system is made to look like the aggrieved &acquitted& Anton is made to look like the perpetrator!!& his reputation sullied!!

    The beautiful game,not as we know it!!

  4. Johnny5


    I agree them fuckers are getting stinking rich selling off everything of worth at the club. What counts as embezzlement where business is concerned?

  5. zeus


    The ‘who’ doesn’t mean I don’t know them. If I link Arsenal with Walter Boyd from Wadada FC, does that mean we should go get him.

    Doumbia is French, so that means he should play for Arsenal?

    The guy is going to WBA for crying out loud. If that is his level, I want him nowhere near my team.

    You can’t call for him as a signing and then bitch about Chamakh and etc………..

  6. Johnny5


    I didn’t call for him to sign you idiot look for yourself he’s come out and said he picked them over us. And I didn’t say because he’s French he should sign for us I was making reference to wengers penchant for French players obviously. And we’ve been linked with doumbia and enquired about Lopez so it’s a fair assumption to say we’ve been in contact with the players, clubs etc. That’s now transfers work.

  7. sam

    chamakh in the squad for tomorrow,
    that tells you everything about arsene wenger, he has not changed.
    if you think all the deadwoods will leave this summer you are just kidding.

  8. sam

    nope its easy to get rid of a lame duck
    you tell him to f!ck off, you take his shirt number and only allow him to train with the reserves. believe me he has an agent and he will find a new team. he will even negotiate a paycut to be able to play.



  10. zeus


    And fucking what. That speaks to his ambition than ours.

    Would he get playing time over RVP, Podolski, Giroud?

    What a fucking waste of a post. There is plenty of things to doom about, you don’t need to make waste comments. Fool.

  11. Johnny5


    Well seeing as podolski will probably be used as a winger I’d say from the little I’ve seen because last season was his debut for athletico he’d probably get the nod over giroud. As for doumbia I was saying that if we can’t get a player were supposedly after over WBA then were fucked for getting a top draw signing you mug. As for it being a waste of a post its not dooming I also put about us in the hunt for negredo. What I was asking before was if anyone heard anything concrete on the possible signing of negredo you fucking melt. I was after facts instead of rumour. No shut it mong.


    English justice .I think not.John Terry is a disgrace and a coward it was clearly seen on TV. I hope the Ferdinand brothers kick his ass one day. In the US they call his type a racist cracker in England what is it ,a racist wafer?

  13. G STAR

    from a hot sauce
    from a guy, who knows someone who knows the inside guy.
    arsenal our transfers deals are already tied up.
    to be announced in two weeks.
    fresh from the oven.



  14. zeus

    ” As for doumbia I was saying that if we can’t get a player were supposedly after over WBA then were fucked for getting a top draw signing you mug.”


    Again, whats your source for saying we were after him? Goalfucking.com

    You don’t know, and I don’t know. So throwing out that statement to beat the club over the head is rather silly. We are linked with hundreds of players EVERY transfer window, do you think Arsene wants all of them? Sheesh.

    And again, him going to WBA, speaks to his quality as a player and his brains about his own development. He’ll walk into the West Brom team. He won’t here.

    And why the fuck are you on here asking for facts about any possible transfer. None of us work for the fucking Arsenal. Go to twitter for that shit. Yet another waste of a post.

  15. tippitappi

    Its Friday I hope this signals the end of the Evening Standard’s love fest with spurs all this week. Just another pointer maybe to how little is going on at Arsenal or maybe wenger and the board are satisfied with the summers business. On another matter what was the thinking behind giving control of the club to a man with no interest in the footballing side of the club and no desire or intention to part with any cash and whats behind the almost phobic attitude towards Asminov from the board ? maybe more to do with their own personal off field interests than anything to do with football.

  16. zeus

    Walcott on Asian trip……..

    “There was a young lady who we saw at every training session,” he said. “Her boyfriend spoke to me and said, ‘She loves you more than she loves me’! She was everywhere, following the coach, everywhere. It was crazy!”


    How long before that goes to his head. Bet he wants 100k pw now.

  17. Robin's Choco Leg Special


    jenkinson vermaelen djourou gibbs

    arteta coquelin


    gerboue chamcack fatty


    yennaris bartley squillaci miquel

    eastmond aneke


    lansbury niang ebecillo

    others; martinez, martinez, shea, henderson, olfsson, meade, angha, watt

  18. telarse

    Why’s there an old lady presenting Sky Sports News????????
    Can I claim a refund of my subscription?
    I have certain expectations when I tune in to Sky Sports and she ain’t doin it for me!!
    (and they haven’t got their jubblies out on the 900 channels yet!!!)

  19. Johnny5


    It leaves him out on his arse lol.


    It’s clear your just an argumentative cunt looking for a row. Not today son grow up. Short angry man syndrome or what. Cock.


    Something tells me Spurs are on the rebound. They seem to have steadied thier ship in record time. Sad thing is, we are and will be stuck in the Arsenal fiscal mud.Read my lips , no new signings of any championns league talent.ps i have a 16 yr old you can, O, wait sorry he can’t speak french darnit.

  21. zeus


    Hahaha. Your new to this site. I don’t get into pointless arguments with anyone, but when fuckry is being thrown left and right, sometimes you have to call it.

    From the horse’s mouth as I’ve said…….’I felt more desire there [at West Brom],” Doumbia said. “Obviously, it is less glamorous than Arsenal but I’ll be able to continue my progress. I will have more chances to play.”

    There you go. The fact that you have to resort to name calling, speaks volumes about the quality of your argument.

    Yet another waste post. Skidaddle.

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    how comes aa23 (fatty) is in the squad…. then again watt, eastmond…

    we are weak…… worringly.

  23. Johnny5


    Still Not getting the point I was making if a player feels he will develop better and that WBA are ambitious (insinuating we’re not) that speaks volumes about the state of play at the club. Too many muppets like you on here who nitpick and focus on the wrong things not getting the point. Again not a wasted post. And I wasn’t throwing ‘fuckry’ ( not even a word) around I was asking other well informed
    Grovers some of whom are privvy to the odd bit off info have heard anything similar to what’s making the rounds all over the Internet you douche.

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    i see that david nobele has joined rotherham on a free from exteter…..

    i rem,ember when he was touted as the next big thing…..

  25. zeus

    Hehe, fuckry isn’t a word. Thanks for that. lol.

    And also cudos to you for misconstruing quite straight forward quotes to suit your ridiculous argument.

    ”I felt more desire there [at West Brom],” Doumbia said. “Obviously, it is less glamorous than Arsenal but I’ll be able to continue my progress. I will have more chances to play.”

    At what point did he mention Arsenal’s ambition in that statement? I, I, motherfucking I. His only concern, as it should be, is his development. How the fuck do you develop when you have limited chances to play.

    Have our standards fallen so low, that your eating yourself up, over a player you only heard about like a month ago, who decided to go to West Brom.

    Hehe. FFS. For that, I truly blame Wenger.

    Another wasted post on your part again.

  26. zeus


    No one on here is privy to anything. Of that I’m sure. Pedro has a few links inside and at the AST, but any transfers will come down to 3 men, Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis.

    The only time we know anything before it happens is when some official from the selling club starts talking to the press.

    Arsenal are notorious for the Mugabe Media Lockdown.

  27. Johnny5


    I don’t care if he signs with us WBA or newco rangers dude you’ve misunderstood my original post. As I’ve said it just shows we weve gone from once being the club almost everyone would have loved to play for to doumbia and Lopez choosing other clubs over us. I do conceed that we might not have actually been after them just what goes round the Internet hence why I came on to ask others if they’d heard anything to validate negredo and affellay possibly signing. I get what your saying in relation to very few people knowing the inner workings of our tranfer deals but there’s no smoke without fire as they say.

  28. Johnny5


    I am a bit but I’m hoping we do keep RVP and if we buy a DM flog Walcott and buy affellay I think we would be looking pretty good. Just not convinced if we will buy anyone else but fingers crossed

  29. Johnny5

    I agree RSPCA the dross needs to go for the sake of my sanity lol. I’d rather my mrs played than some of them. Squillaci must be the first multi millionaire in history to have done so little for so much.

  30. Marko

    If anyone thinks a player chose West Brom over us they’ve not all there. I’m sure the media got this Doumbia confused with the very good Seydou Doumbia who plays for CSKA Moscow and who we’ve been linked with

  31. Samir

    As it’s joke Friday…I’ll throw one in there:

    A woman visits her doctor complaining of a strange feeling in her lower stomach. The doctor examines her and states;
    “Well, I can tell you that you’ll need to be buying lots of nappies in about nine months time.”
    “Am I pregnant? That is wonderful news.”
    “No, you have bowel cancer.”

  32. Johnny5


    Must have been the wrong doumbia then so my and zeus’s exchange earlier was moot lol.


    I don’t know all that many scum players. Not heard of him tbh obviously another cheeky cunt.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t get why the club hasn’t tried to sign Afellay yet.

    Yes he has injury problems, but so do 50% of the Arsenal squad assembled by Wenger.

    For his price (£7-12 Million) he is a steal compared to his talent and the levels he has the potential to reach.

    RVP’s best friend, his wife is Bouchra’s best friend as well.

    Gives the supporters something to buzz about.

    Grab M’Vila, Afellay and Hoillet for about £25 Million maximum.

    We’d all like massive signings, but realistically those three are easy signings for Arsenal. M’Vila is better than what we currently have in CDM, we seriously lack AM’s so Afellay will stroll in and Hoillet is better then Theo and is Free.

    Even IF and it is a huge IF RVP is purely motivated by £200k+ a week and moves to City/PSG/Chelsea I’d still feel we’d then have the squad to see ourselves alright until R&W get’s on the board.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Liverpool are sniffing around Lewis Holtby as well.

    If he’s up for a reasonable price I’d rather see him in the squad than Aaron Ramsey.

    And listening to Gazidis going on, the club have increased A Band tickets whilst decreasing C Band tickets, profiteering on London Derbies whilst trying to fill the empty seats for the Wigans etc of this world.

    ‘Trying to striker a balance between reasonable prices and making sure we have sufficient revenue to reinvest into Stan Kroenke’s bank account….I mean the board’s private accounts…..I mean the squad….yes, that’ll do.’

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    samir… poor taste however humour is humour…. and reallly should have no boundries…. very jimmy carr

  36. Cesc Appeal


    I disagree on that one, the sheer weight of sources saying we’re done on the M’Vila deal reminds of Podolski in January.

    No other clubs in for him.

    No negotiations.

    A steal of a price.

    Wenger territory.


    All those useless players we are trying to get rid,

    of they are like,astreet gang blood in blood out.

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    so cesc… what is the delay in announcing….unless we are selling a midfeilder…song? maximise the price….how much are we allegedy getting mvilla for?

  39. sam


    podolski already agreed to sign for arsenal but couldn’t leave germany for fear he will risk his place in the national team.
    as for m’vila, surely man city might need someone to replace de jong so please don’t be so sure that no one would want him. thats the mind game wenger is playing with rennes but he will lose.

  40. Radio Raheem

    was listening to Auclair last week and he sounded pretty sure that Arsenal have never been interested in M’Vila. His club wants to sell ‘cos they need the money. He intimated that M’Vila was kinda over-hyped for £17M but for £12 or less maybe something can happen. Overall nothing special about him

  41. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    mugabenger will not go for mvilla,,,, if he was going to he would have by now…..
    dream on fellas…. as roy orbison sang… our hunt for mvilla is over da dad dah.

  42. Radio Raheem

    I’m getting high on caffeine wish it was cat piss though

    are you lot gonna fight on here? get it on

    I think we should organise a fight night in some warehouse every weekend between le grove posters

  43. Radio Raheem

    we can tag team fights, get skandi to flash a bit of tits in between fights, oil, latex, mud and al that icky yicky

  44. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    only dubious internet links match us with afferlay and mvilla…. personally i dont think either will happen,,,,

  45. SDE



    The Doomers vs the AKB’s??

    Imagine Geoff vs Pedro?

    Gambon vs incesc/aa23/daledagooner?

    Cesc Appeal vs LeGroveisintheAss

  46. Harry Redknapp

    seriously who the fuck would sign for us after the goings on in the last few weeks? no one with ambition, i bet podolski is seriously thinking what a cunt big per is lol

  47. Radio Raheem

    I’ve just watched Big Brother, South Park and still watching Geordie Shore mixed in with a bit of Tinnie Tempah. I hate those cunts on that MTV commercial who call themselves artists. I feel like my life is slipping away…

  48. Arsenal1886-2006

    Radio Raheem July 14, 2012 01:19:52
    we can tag team fights, get skandi to flash a bit of tits in between fights, oil, latex, mud and al that icky yicky.

    That made me chuckle, thanks for sending me to bed on a high.

  49. Radio Raheem

    If we did get down to organising fight nights I’ll come as Ultimate Warrior…

    Why do these fucking geordies sound like Gollum

  50. Radio Raheem

    that south park episode was funny as fuck…i learned something tonite…angry men are only angry ‘cos they’ve got a small penis…sorry geoff…it was gonna come out eventually

  51. Radio Raheem

    What da fuck do guys like about big juggs…you lot are driving these whores into looking like genetically modified cows…what da fuck!!! check out the creature on 934

  52. Radio Raheem

    facking hell the pair of fannys on 927 are sweeeeeet….fuck i’m off to soho…smell you later folks

  53. Moray

    Crazy! (Disclaimer: I may have changed the Gazidis quote a little)

    The most expensive ticket at Arsenal next season will be £126, the club have announced.

    Ticket prices for “A” category games, of which there are two before the end of the year against Chelsea and Tottenham, will be on average £62, an increase of 23%.

    However, the top price of £126 will apply to around only 1% of available tickets in the “A” band.

    The regrading of games into “A”, “B” and “C” categories will create approximately 90,000 lower-priced tickets for non season-ticket holders during the season.

    Prices in the “C” band will be on average 28% lower than last season’s equivalents with tickets against Sunderland on 18 August down to £25.50 compared to £35 last term.

    The lowest priced matchday ticket for next season will be £25.50.

    “We constantly aim to strike the right balance between screwing fans out of their money, while ensuring we have sufficient income to reinvest as little as possible back into the squad,” said the Arsenal chief executive, Ivan Gazidis.

  54. Pharo9ja

    Radio,you’re a cool guy and all,but I wont have you talk about Skandi in such manner. you better apologise or we probably take this to the Rocket!!

  55. Sadam Mahessar


    I would love that deal.

    Ganso would come for around 20 million, Capuoue should do for 8-10.

    30 million invested and you have a great squad to start off the season. Take a punt worth 4.5 million on Afellay too.

  56. Sadam Mahessar

    I would be really glad if we let Van Persie run down the contract. at 80K per week, he shouldn’t be too expensive for the board.

    Allow Giroud and Podolski to get some PL experience and time to bed in, let Afobe continue his progress and Van the man can leave for free at the age of 30. He will have to put another very solid season if he wants good wages at that age from his next club.

  57. Sadam Mahessar

    I am assuming Arsene at least has 20 million more to spend. Sell Theo Walcott to the highest bidder, should be around 15-18, Djorou for 4-5, Vela has already been sold for 4, Bendtner would make you around 7 if he agrees the deal with Malaga and Arshavin around 6-7 from Zenit.

    This gives you around at least 55 million to spend.

    Julio Caesar for 6-7m.
    Capoue for 8-10.
    Ganso around 20.
    Afellay for 4.5
    Sakho for 7m

    Move Gervinho and Ox to the right wing to replace Theo Walcott.

    Result, within your very own budget you have a squad which can compete for the league title and you get to retain your captain and best player for one last season. Totally worth it.

  58. goonerDNA

    incesc, haven’t smoked for 3 weeks now

    RVP for Ganso and Capoue is the realistic option, if I had it my way Cavani and Gotze and Yaya Toure

  59. goonerDNA

    Sadam Mahessar, According to pedro the budget was 25 million meaning we don’t have a remaining transfer budget

  60. incesc

    Can a guy from brazil that hasntt played that much come in and have a real effect.

    not sure if wenger would even play him till after xmas

  61. Radio Raheem

    You scrotes are missing out not following RadioRaheem2 on twitter, he is an endless fountain of wisdom

    Ganso is one injury prone goat who has failed to live up to the hype in the big competition he’s played in so far…so yeah he sounds like a player we’ll be signing

  62. Gooner S

    The day has come…I agree with Geoff! Well partly anyway.

    The away kit is great and I really don’t care for the home kit. I love the hoops.
    Also agree on RVP. Don’t agree it was lies…just a sensible business precaution (risk management) and you would have slaughtered Arsenal and Arsene in particular if they hadn’t done it…wouldn’t you?

  63. SalParadiseNYC

    I love the transfer window

    El Mundo Deportivo via Irish Setatanta Sports say’s we’ve put in bid for Afellay
    to help lock RVP down to new deal as their mates and Barca need money to fund Javi Martinez bid.

    Sounds like bollocks to me, my sister could fabricate a better story, BUT it’s a story! I’d take him as we need the cover but hasn’t Affelay had a horrible run of injuries?