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Usher doing the U-turn

Ahhh, nothing like harking back to the days when your music taste was truly abysmal. Why are we looking at a picture of Usher doing a U-turn this morning? Well, the famous song and dance reminded me of the possible manouverou Robin is considering at the moment.

Here’s how the the tale goes… Sky release a story indicating Robin is about to make a u-turn on his contract dilema. This story goes viral… Arsenal fans clickling away at that story like they were playing on of those early athletics computer games. The story went viral.

Look at all the site trying to make money off the back of the story


The story was looking good. Then something strange happened. Sky pulled the story.



Now, I’ve had to pull stories before. There’s nothing more embarrassing than posting out your your cookery blog on Le Grove by accident, regardless of how delicious your cinnamon swirls taste. But Sky? Why would they do such at thing? It’s not like veracity has ever been their thing. The only thing I can think of is agent issues? I think I told you a few years ago I met a SSN presenter at an AGM and he told me that he’d run an interview for Sky with Wayne Rooney. The England striker spoke about United in past tense, Paul Stretford (his agent) caught wind of this and demanded Sky pulled the story… which they duly did. Could this be an off the record story that went on the record? Possibly…

I made some calls this morning and there was no news Arsenal’s end (at ground level at least). So I’ll take this whole incident with a massive pinch of salt. It’d be nice though. I’m not sure he’d get an easy ride from some fans. Adebayor didn’t after his disgraceful flirting with any club that was within a 5000 mile radius of him. Still… one thing is for sure, a few goals would bring the love back. It always does. This is one I’ll keep an eye on!

He's landed...


The boys started training yesterday. Well, the ones that weren’t invovled in international duty during the summer. Steve Bould was there for his first training session along with Neil Banfield. He has a presence about him as well as a relevancy with the young players we have at the club. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the set up this year. It was interesting seeing that tall lanky guy who looks like Will Smith hovering around the ground. Not sure who he is, maybe he’s that trialist everyone was talking about?


I like the training gear… it’s kind of ninties retro. The sort of thing you’d wear in Shoreditch matched with a a pair of vintage Nike hi-tops whilst instagramming a cup cake balanced finely on your fixed gear bike. I might buy one.

In transfer news, there doesn’t seem a lot to go on. I’ve read that Juve have been told £30million for Jovetic. That immediately rules him out of a move to us. Robert Lewandowski rumours have also died. It just seems to be the same websites rehashing stories they think we’ll want to read every morning. I honestly have no idea how some sites survive on literally taking a newspapers story, inserting a paragraph, dropping a ten paragraph quote and posting it out. Scandalous.

One quote I did dig out that I found quite amusing was this one from the Fiorentina coach…

“Have we made an offer for Chamakh? We have not made one because he earns three million euros (per season).”

Well, at least we know why we’re not shifting the Moroccan on. At least we know where his priorities lie. Not in football… that’s embarrassing for a guy who still has 4 years left at the highest level (if he can motivate himself).

Other than Jack Wilshere being given smacked wrists for announcing his betting habits on Twitter, there’s not an awful lot to discuss. So I won’t bore you. If it’s this dull tomorrow, I’ll start giving a run down of the squad and where I think we are.

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Until then, have a f*cking amazing day people!

P.S. Check out my article on the players we could have signed


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  1. Dan Ahern

    Current best available AFC lineup:


    Offensive potential, defensive shambles.

  2. BOOZY

    life is not all bad sporting wise.

    My b.ball team, the heat, just signed ray allen and rashaad lewis on a free.

    the league couldn’t handle the big three, and we go and take one veteran from celtic’s big three.

    I think league should just handover the title to the heat at the start of the season, and save everybody time and energy.


  3. Goon from BD

    If Robin goes we should sell Theo as well and a few shit ones along with what we have to finance Jovetic, Cazorla, M’vila,Nagatomo(good enough to play both full backs) and Storari. We will have a “potentially” better team at least. Certainly much more balanced with depth and much attractive to watch till the commercial deals are renewed.

    If and hopefually Robin stays we should still sell Theo to buy Jovetic or Cazorla.

  4. Alex James

    Herve. Thanks. I wonder whether R&W have picked up on something and this is why they have raised their profile again. Their calculation might be that the Kroenke regime would not survive falling behind Spurs. It msy all be about positioning.

  5. BOOZY

    And since arsenal is gradually becoming boring, i took some time to go through the USA dream team. Though not as frightening as barca 92 or atlanta 96, but ahem..
    Lebron james
    kevin durant
    kobe bryant
    carmelo anthony
    chris paul
    russell westbrook
    blake griffin…

    just to name a few.
    its like assembling your best real madrid 11 of all time, may be not, but close.

  6. BOOZY

    speaking of real madrid greatest 11 of all time, would cristiano ronaldo make it.

    why is it so easy to list an arsenal greatest team.
    But very difficult for teams like barca, real, a.c milan, ajax, bayern, inter even manure.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    If RVP went for £30 Million would people rather see a direct striker replacement or it spent elsewhere (i realise it’s irrelevant as it will end up in Kroenke’s bank account but…)

    Auclair and some Italian agent (I forget who) say Sneijder would go for as little as £20 Million this summer. So how about Sneijder and throwing in a little extra to get M’Vila as well? £32 Million for the pair?

    I’d rather that if I’m honest. Wenger can live or die by his choice of Giroud and Podolski then…

  8. LJB

    Bertrum weaks,Wenger has NEVER been offered the Brazil job.Tim Vickery.World soccers South American correspondent confirmed that today.He said that Wenger is not rated as a coach in Brazil(those Brazilians know a bit about football!) and that the coach of Santos recently said that he couldn’t believe Wenger wasn’t bothered about winning trophies and that he would last five minutes in Brazil with that attitude.The Brazilians think Wenger is a joke. RE Spurs,i wonder if when they overtake us,build a new staduim(paid off before ours! )and splash the cash on world class players,those AKB and Board loving fans will start crying out for Usmanov?I tell you ANY Arsenal fan happy to sit back and let it happen isn’t a proper Gooner and should fuck off and support Fulham or suchlike.No offence to overseas LeGrovers but i am fucking pissed at being told i’m not a “true” fan by pricks from Belguim or the US who go fucking once a season and have never known anyone but Wenger. Just because they write ridiculous articles on stupid blogs they think they are Pseudo celebs whose opinion is more valid than people who go (or used to go) to every match,home or away. Sorry,rant over,i’m just pissed off at the moment.I’m fed up of watching my club decline season after season,i feel isolated from many of my fellow fans and i am not looking forward to the coming season.Looking at the photos of preseason was so fucking depressing,there are better squads in the championship.

  9. BOOZY

    i’m not as old as alex james, so i never saw puskas and di stefano play, this would be my greatest madrid 11.





  10. sam


    its belhanda and yes he’s good but louis nicollin wants him to stay at lest one more year at montpellier.
    he’s a nice guy who gets along with his players unlike peter hill-woods.
    after one more season he will probably command a big fee so belhanda agreed to stay.

  11. WengersSweeties

    With regards to Gazidis asking Megafon (Usmanov) for sponsorship, was he asking for money for ‘sponsorship’ from a man who already owns a 29% stake in the club? a deal that would have been just as ethical as the delightful Etihad Stadium deal?

    Or did he just not know what he was doing?

  12. sam

    @cesc appeal

    van persie won’t go for 30 millions, you will be lucky to get half from man city and there is no guarantee he will pass medical.
    juve were not joking when they offered 8 millions

  13. Samir


    I think Usmanov’s letter made out that Gazidis did not know what he was doing…
    He didn’t know Usmanov largely owned megafon.
    I.E. not very professional.

    That’s how it read to me anyhow…I may be wrong.

  14. WengersSweeties


    The more I think about it the more I find it hard to believe.

    I think he did know what he was doing and Usmanov was exposing him for being unprofessional?

    If, you’re right and he didn’t then that’s very frightening….. and embarrassing.

  15. LJB

    I see Kyle Bartley is officially part of the first team squad (sigh) Watching him play for rangers last season,he was fuckng awful (double sigh) Still hes probably TV5’s replacement,should please all those who say hes no good and get rid.Norveit is loads better yet Wenger,the supreme spotter of talent (HA) got rid.Useless wanker.

  16. BertrumWeaks

    LJB major news outlets are reporting the wenger brazil story and so far noone has denied it, be a bit random not to have any shred of truth to it dont you think?

    and the rest of your post was basically a bit of a joke basically saying no offence to overseas gooners then proceed to marginalise them and somehow say they are not true fans.

    YOu are foolish, you want arsenal to be a huge “worldwide” club, yet only locals over 40 are “true” fans?? YOU talk alot but say nothing

  17. LJB

    Bertrum Weaks,Brazil do not want a foreign coach,they have never had one and they are not starting with Arsene bloody Wenger.Are you saying that WORLD soccers south american correspondent who lives in fucking BRAZIL doesn’t know what hes talking about? Brazil want to win the world cup and they think Wengers shit.Is that simple enough for you?Everytime people start questioning Wenger stories always appear in the press about him being offered other jobs.Its Arsenal propaganda to make everyone grateful hes here.Well i wish he’d fuck off.

  18. BertrumWeaks

    atleaset show me a link t to the vickery thing,

    wenger stories always appear in the press linking him to jobs as some sort of propaganda,?? mate have you read most papers? they slate wenger when ever they can. Are you really telling me that arsenal could get their propaganda in to the main stream media? Talksport ffs! What a ridiculous argument

  19. zeus


    Incidentally I just listened to the vickery commentary on talkshite.

    Essentially he said he was flabbergasted at the story. Brazil have never had a foreign coach, and to use one would be revolutionary. And it wouldn’t be Wenger, maybe Guardiola.

    In brazil, he continues, don’t believe the hype that its all about samba skills and blabla, winning is major. And while Wenger is respected, he hasn’t won anything in years.

    Then he quotes a Brazilian. Oa h, I believe from santos, who said that Wenger could never get away with not winning anything for years and not being bothered by it in brazil.

  20. zeus

    Also, vickery said he was flabbergasted because Wenger has never expressed any serious interest in international management, he sees himself as a club coach.

  21. BertrumWeaks

    cool thanks Z. So basically he is just stating his opinion and saying things we already knew then?. He didnt say it wasnt true?

    Npbody official has denied the story yet and it would be rather random to have appeared from nothing, especially as most major outlets are reporting the original story from le parisien (sp?) dont you think?

    So he thinks the stories appeared from thin air, wierd i cant find a link to anything about that interview.

  22. sam


    please be honest,
    last season rangers mostly played bartley as right back
    he was excelent in his first season cos he mostly played CB or DM.
    still, wenger sends players on loan to keep match fit, their performances don’t count.

  23. zeus


    He also said while the story has gained some traction this side of the Atlantic, in brazil, no one is really running with the story.

    Like we all know, Wenger isn’t interested in international footy, and his first live would be France.

    Vickery also said its highly unlikely that brazil have lined up a replacement before the olympics footy tournament.

    Man manez has his job on the line, since brazil as WC hosts, have very little competitive games between now and the 2014 WC since they automatically qualify.

    He needs those games to form the team properly. But again, very unlikely that they’ve lined up a new manager, if one is even needed already.

    Posted a couple articles in full from vickery on page, worth of a teas I think.

  24. zeus


    He also said while the story has gained some traction this side of the Atlantic, in brazil, no one is really running with the story.

    Like we all know, Wenger isn’t interested in international footy, and his first live would be France.

    Vickery also said its highly unlikely that brazil have lined up a replacement before the olympics footy tournament.

    Man manez has his job on the line, since brazil as WC hosts, have very little competitive games between now and the 2014 WC since they automatically qualify.

    He needs those games to form the team properly. But again, very unlikely that they’ve lined up a new manager, if one is even needed already.

    Posted a couple articles in full from vickery on page 2, worth of a teas I think.

  25. BertrumWeaks

    just heard it zeus and tbf he said he hadnt heard anything “from the brazil end”. I dont know if that means no newspaper is reporting it, or just he hadnt heard anything from his contacts.

    He does provide a compelling case as to why it would be strange, the fact that having a foreign coach would be revolutionary in istelf and that the public could have doubts about his last 7 years
    But that didnt stop madrid chasing him 2 years ago when the drought was still long , and those fans are pretty demanding. I could imagine some forward thinking member of the brazil fa thinking wenger could be a useful punt as a foreign coach. but who knows, will be interesting to see if pedro writes about it tomorrow or not 😀

  26. sam

    this anti wenger talk is really getting childish
    obviously he has an agent and whoever wants to hire him won’t call him straightaway.
    whats brazil national team anyway, one of their coach got sacked at stamford bridge just after few months.
    why waste time on some stupid rumours? maybe wenger’s agent lied or maybe the brazil fa also are lying but who cares?
    real madrid board said it publicly that they wanted wenger and he said no.

  27. Reality Check


    Its true what your saying. Can’t help but think he said no to madrid because he’s got a good thing going at arsenal. I mean would madrid directors fans accept barca winning cup after cup for seven straight years and madrid winning nothing under wenger. He’d get fired. I think he knows it. So stay at arsenal, continue with the ‘project’ under no pressure. Its sad really. He could have been a true legend.

  28. Reality Check

    I agree with mourinho. You can’t be considered a great manager until you’ve won the champions league. (I think its obvious he meant club manager)

  29. Bade

    Good morning Grovers

    The intense court hearing end today for me

    I will be back posting in the morning on here, as I did before

    It’s a statement of intent, so be ware

    It will come come in the next few days …..

  30. Dan Ahern

    Reality Check – I agree to a degree with what you’re saying, but I don’t think it’s so much that he knows he’d lose. He just wouldn’t fit in at Madrid in general because it’s a win-all-the-time culture, and therefore he wouldn’t have total control of the squad. That also means wouldn’t develop as many players, which he enjoys doing. I think he’d do pretty well, actually. His style of play combined with their calibre of player? I think that would work quite well. But it’s not what he wants to do.

  31. Reality Check

    Just scrolling through all the winners of ucl till now. Its obvious you need to have had success in other areas in your career as a boss, but there’s something about that ucl win. Its like the cherry on top, the last piece of a jigsaw, just seems weird scrolling through those names. Not once. Mr. Arsene Wenger.. It doesn’t make sence. He should have won it by now. Even for himself. For his own sence of achievement. Sigh:

  32. Reality Check


    Yh could be right. I just can’t see him spending 32 on figo 50 on zidane. 80 on ronaldo. These are ruff guess of there price but I’m sure I’m close give or take. You can bring young players in. No prob. But you must continue to win. Mabey not the 1st year. Even the 2nd. But by the 3rd year. The heat is on. Jose already won 2 is it? Two cups with new young players mixed with experience

  33. Reality Check

    Van der vaart has had his best days. I’d pick the ox over him. He’s to vocal to sit on the bench. Tbh I think that’s why crouch left spuds. It was either RVV or peter crouch. Harry went dutch

  34. sam

    @reality check

    its just like joey barton story
    wenger was right, he wasn’t interested in him
    barton was not wrong either, someone in the middle was trying to make something happen

    the agent!

  35. sam

    imagine this time last summer we were linked with ricky alvares, kevin doyle, joey barton.
    had he signed these 3 we would have ended in mid-table below tottenham for sure.

  36. Reality Check


    So what u saying wengers agent trying to stir up rumours so that we all appreciate he’s still with us. Shady movements. Football eh! How much does wengers agent get paid

  37. sam

    @reality check

    chalke is struggling to match van der vaart’s 70k a week salary
    we have players here getting that kind of money for doing nothing

  38. Reality Check

    Also, just wondering. What’s the mood around the gunner table these days. As long as we finish above spurs. Its all good? Yes? No? Lol. Wtf happen to us!
    All I know is it doesn’t matter what the agent does. If wenger goes. He goes. Persie walcott all of them. I’m loyal to the badge. People come and go but the badge remains the same.
    You know that feeling you get.
    When you put on the shirt.
    And you look down and you see those cannons.

  39. Reality Check

    Is he on 70k! Faarkin hell these prem footballers sure do milk the clubs these days. Just wondering why did they change the direction of the cannon for? Shortly after Everything slowly started to go down hill after that. Bad omen?

    Sam – RVDV could do a job for us but, would he switch to spuds sworn enemies? I thought the fans there liked him

  40. Reality Check

    In the next 5 years germany could be the place to be. These things go in cycles. Once upon a time every1 wanted to play seria A. Even bergkamp went inter. He doesn’t suit italian football, but he went. Then it was spain now its england. Mabey germanys time coming. They got more money than spain and italy these days. Or so the news would have us believe. How do you say bailout in spanish

  41. Lurch LeRouge


    not sure Fanny’s attitude is any better than Shava’s. It might be linked to the lack of motivation from playing thursday nights but he’s marmite to the spuds.

    his stats aren’t bad but do we need another mr 65%?

    tough call, its down to Diaby really. If could give us a 25+ game season I’d say no. If he can’t maybe we should…

    so thats a yes I suppose.

  42. Reality Check

    We love you persie

    We do!

    We love you persie

    We do

    We love you persie, we do!

    Oh van perise we love you!

    Now fuck off..

  43. Reality Check

    Oh man. Just read some of pedros old posts. Funny shit man. Around the time we just got per and park lol. Oh the enthusiasm it was all the usual. If we just get this one. If we just sell that one bollocks lol cahill was still at bolton. All those rumours about how we could be in for hazard! Seriously funny stuff. Pedro. The best post you’ve done has to be the recent one about how much wengers really got to spend. You got info from your source. No bullsh it. No positive or negative. Just tell it. Like it is.

  44. Jeff

    The only reason AW would say no to managing another top club or coaching a national side is that he knows like the back of his hand that there is no other club or nation on the planet that would tolerate failure for such a long time.

    No other club would give him free rein to do absolutely anything he wants. He’s been experimenting on Arsenal for years and a combination of financial changes in the football world and the lack of buying or keeping top players has meant that we have lost the ability to compete with other big clubs and often struggle against smaller ones.

    The medicine with which he’s been injecting Arsenal for a long time now has left it with a large collection of unsaleable and unplayable footballers who are themselves trapped in a club that they can neither leave nor advance their skills. We call these players rubbish and incompetent but in another club, under a different coach and playing tactics, they may well flourish. The problem of course is that while they remain at the club on long contracts and a first team pay grade without actually playing more than a handful of games or at all, drains what resources we have available and prevents us from bringing in the number of good players we lack in almost every position.

    Now, the argument that we should buy ready-made world class players is easy to understand because we’re all fed up with the notion of buying cheap or young players in order to build for the future because we’ve seen the results of that philosophy. The future has come and gone and all we get is a steady exodus of our best players, mostly for lack of club success. Either the ones you buy turn out to be useless or if you are fortunate to have one or two turn into world class players, they leave in search of glory or higher financial reward. We have seen this happen over and over in the last decade and it really is no good denying it is the major cause for the lack of trophies.

    We argue on here constantly about who we should buy and talk about the myriad of players with whom we are “linked” but everyone knows by now that 99% of those rumours are just bait to keep people visiting the “news” sites and buying the papers. There is a definite pattern to the way AW operates and he’s not going to change the habit of a lifetime. Every summer we buy new players but we don’t replenish quality; we keep losing what little we have and diluting whatever remains.

    Wenger himself is also trapped. He can’t leave and start over in another club because he knows full well that no one in their right mind would let him do what he’s been doing at Arsenal. Is he a good coach? Yes he is but he lacks a very important personal quality that makes good coaches into great ones; humility. It prevents change, which prevents success. We’re in a terrible situation where everyone is locked in, including, the manager, the board and most of all the fans. I don’t know when the prison sentence will end but we can’t have much longer to serve. The only person who can effect a change is the owner and he won’t do it as long as AFC remain profitable.

    Now we can all sit here and debate whose fault it is and try to absolve AW of the failures by saying “his hands are tied”, “he cannot buy expensive players”, “the board are to blame”, “no one could have done any better given the circumstances” and comments like that. But these are nothing more than rationalisations and the last bastion of a die hard Wenger follower who cannot bear the thought of another manager. If you absolutely do not want a new coach, the obvious thing to do is convince yourself that the present one is the best we could possibly have. And that, my friends, is how you fall into the guru’s trap and lose your objectivity. Many fans can no longer distinguish between Arsenal and Arsene. To them, they are one and the same.

  45. sam

    jeff and reality check

    i have 2 words for you:


    if you want wenger sacked because of failure this is your man

  46. sam

    even the boy from france mbaye niang who’s actually training at arsenal could end up at another club.
    wenger wants to pay less than the asking price
    this man is addicted to bargaining

  47. Dan Ahern

    Lurch – Hm, interesting. I dunno, I just think he’s a superb player. I’d have him despite those concerns. We’re missing dynamism in midfield right now. With all due respect to the artist formerly known as Diaby, there’s no fucking fitness to be found, with him or anybody else in that role really. I mean, we were lucky Arteta was around so long last season. How long until Aaron Ramsey is our AM again?

  48. Johnty79

    Morning gooners. It never ceases to amaze me of wengers failings. Hoilett going to qpr for 4m. This is type the of player I gurantee will have a storming season and will be sold for 10m plus next year. As I’ve said before wenger is trying to destroy the foundations of the club so there is no legacy when he leaves. When he goes he secretly hopes we will collapse. This will rise his stock even greater. Let the protests collapse even greater. And demba ba 7.5m hello we have until the end of July to sign him.

  49. bazza

    It’s taken me a week or so to digest RvP’s statement but I’ve now come to a considered conclusion. The man is an absolute CUNT – I feel much better now.

    His statement was calculated to maximise damage to the club. RvP is clearly a nasty piece of work. For fuck’s sake, the arsehole is supposed to be the club captain. Why does he feel such bitterness towards the club that made him? easy to answer – the man is a worthless, self opiniated, overly ambitious piece of shit.