David Villa is the perfect Robin replacement | Clint Dempsey in at Arsenal?

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How are we all feeling?

So the story we ran yesterday caused quite a lot of debate in the social space. In the main, most people understood the point I was trying to make, those who didn’t generally all fell off the concentration bike in the same place. Just a quick recap.

A. I wasn’t questioning the accounting of people like the Swiss Ramble or the AST. The projected spare cash that could be available for transfers isn’t in question.

B. The revelation as such was the fact that Arsene isn’t given all the money he generates through transfers to spend on players. So basically the deal is he has to sell to spend, but even then, he can’t have all the sale money.

This would make sense if you consider how little we did to replace Cesc Fabregas last summer… and then in January. This would make sense if you consider how little we’ve done to bolster our midfield this summer. This would make sense as to why we always ask what the price is then shave 70% off for our first offer.

Much of the debate yesterday centered around what Stan was earmarking the cash for if it wasn’t for players. Potential loan repayments perhaps? One for the AST meeting on Monday I feel…

Anyway, that was yesterday’s news. Let’s deal with the issues on hand because of our lack of ambition in the transfer market today.

Robin is rumoured to be interesting FC Barcelona. Sky and John Cross are pointing to Juve and PSG as potential front runners. I’ve said it plenty of times before, playing to empty stadiums in Italy in a league more corrupt than a travelers dog fight meet cannot be appealing to a player who is among the top 5 finishers on the planet. Joining a project like PSG should only really appeal to a 29 year old when they’ve won everything. That for me only leaves a few clubs that would be acceptable to host talent like our Dutchman’s.

Barca and Madrid are the perfect fit.

Now I can’t understand why we don’t look at what these clubs have on offer before we accept the hard cash. City have at least 3 strikers who are transferable and maybe even a few midfielders. Barcelona must have a surplus youngster we can borrow for 4 years. Word has it they’d look to sell David Villa to fund the purchase. Why don’t we just do a swap? Villa was interested in moving to us when he was at Valencia. We play a similar style of football to the Spanish… he’s such a good finisher I doubt he’d need too much time to adapt. He’d be the perfect player to come in for Robin. He’s also the only elite striker I can imagine we have a chance of snaring… there have been rumours abound for years that Villa isn’t much liked by Messi.

(Remember we when we sold Anelka and brought in Suker… like that but better)

In other transfer inbound news, apparently Victor Moses is interesting us. I remember we were sniffing around him when he was at Palace. I’d heard we eventually cooled on him because there were rumours about his actual age. Maybe I made that up? Anyway, if he’s as young as he doesn’t look, I wouldn’t be that disappointed in his signature. That might have something to do with how low my standards for a winger have dropped. After watching Theo for so long… they basically need to be able to stand up, complete on 6 yard passes more than 40% of the time and shoot. Victor Moses can do all these things and more. He’s very powerful, he caused us plenty of problems last year and he has a fair amount of skill.

Again, please take that last paragraph with a pinch of hungover and a dash of deflated expectation.

Another signing  which has apparently depressed a lot of Arsenal fans is the rumoured one about Clint Dempsey signing for us for £10million. The signing was fine by me until I read it was based on guaranteed playing time.


Surely no one get’s guaranteed playing time at Arsenal. He’s a great squad player, I’m not sure he’d be one for a start every week. I’d see him playing out wide rather than centrally. If he was playing centrally, I wouldn’t imagine he’d play ahead of Giroud or whoever we buy in to replace Robin.

Hold on.

Please don’t tell me Dempsey is Robin’s replacement.

Say he’s Theo’s.


Anyway, he’d be a great squad buy. I like his work ethic and I love the type of goals he scores. The one he floated in against Juve a couple seasons ago was quite spectacular.

What I’m worried about is that all of our signings or mooted signings are simply good players. They’re not club direction changers. Where is that ‘wow’ signing? Where is the player that forces a song like… ‘who needs Anelka when you’ve got Kanu?’… I can’t see one in sight. I can’t see one being linked. I’m getting worried. Because to topple City or United, we’re going to need one of those and we’re going to need one before the disruption of preseason kicks in and Arsene has a whole raft of excuses as to why we’re not signing players.

Sorry I don’t have more to report on this morning. Things are little dry. One positive I can leave you on is one I mentioned in a post the other day. Apparently Steve Bould is already working on what he can bring to the squad next year. He’ll be taking ownership of the defence. That means he’ll be looking to push more video analysis, that means he’ll have the boys practicing defence separately and that means you’ll see a more old school approach to accountability. From the people I’ve been speaking to… Steve Bould is still by far the most exciting signing we’ve made this summer.

Good luck to Andy Murray at Wimbledon today. I’m not a huge fan of him. However, this tennis hoodoo needs to be addressed. If you’re indifferent to the result, check out this site (Murray site) for updates on what you should be thinking.

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Have a great day, see you in the comments.

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  1. paul mc daid

    Arsene Wenger would not off lasted seven trophy less years at any other club in the world,we are being run by a bunch off losers.

  2. sam

    good news my favourite lame duck is staying
    park chu young said he’s not considering leaving arsenal

    hmmmm like a new signing huh, arsene?

  3. ikon

    If Theo was able to perform only till this level with the sole purpose of demanding a new improved contract , then we should actually replace him with victor moses. Moses was very impressive last season.

  4. Clown Shoes

    What a misrable bunch you lot are on here….

    To moan about something you have no control over, something that is no complusary is the definaition of stupidity.

    If all you want is a Billionaire to payroll the club, just go and support Chelsea or City…. it really is that simple. It appears some only follow Arsenal to complain that there not run like a computer manager game.

    Get a life. try supporting the club

    the negativity has done more to assist the likes of Van Persie justify their decision.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Clown Shoes

    So now the AKB’s have changed their mind as why to RVP wants to leave.

    First it was all money money money….now, it’s because of all the negativity with the fans. The cause of which is baffling right? I mean, it’s nothing the club have done.

    Negativity could be understood if the club was making massive profits, charging fans far and beyond the highest prices int he country, loosing it’s best talent, not win anything for 7 years, not buy any top talent even when losing your own, sell out to an American who wants to bleed the club just so they can get rich quickly on their shares, then completely fuck the fans over……oh wait

  6. James

    We don’t know what happened with the RVP situation all I know is that (this is a fact) that the contract has sat ther since the beggining off the season but not the apparent lucrative offer that’s available now cause with Mr thanks for the medical care now I’m off you never know how long he would stay fit for and because we offered him I minor wage rise and he has taken offense and decided to up sticks

  7. El Tel


    You sound like a broken record Mate.

    Clown shoes is right, there are too many FM players on the site.

    We are all Arsenal fans and we are being made a fool of again because of whats happening but to keep talking about the biggest ticket prices again is only ok if you are actually paying for one yourself.

    Do you pay to go watch the Team Cesc? If not then why moan, its not your cash is it?

    If you do go to every game and you don’t like the cost, then stop going. I bet you can’t stop. If you love the Club you just have to be there if you can.

    I read you know all calling Rico a C..t yesterday, and He wonders why she banned Him.

    God knows why Pedro and Geoff let Him spew His bile on here for so long.

    Rico seems to be a lovely person a true Gooner and a lot of the Le Grove old School use Her site.

    I still look at Le Grove first and last every day but there are some real idiots posing as Gooners on here.

    I have more in common with Geoff but Pedro works hard at this site and always puts good posts in.

  8. El Tel


    Arsenal are to blame for letting Him sit on signing that contract.

    They could have been waiting to see Him put in a proper season and watch His value rise.

    He would have been worth less at the end of last season than He is now, not due to Is technical skill but die to His injury record.

    Don’t blame RVP for all of this, the Arsenal might just have been playing with Him too.

    Strange how we bought Podolski months ago.

    If He

  9. James

    And if anybody thinks that silent Stan is the type of investor that plows money into the team you are very much mistaken he is a business man, he brings commercial development to the table he will develop the club as a business clear the debt when we renew our major sponsors this is why the board were so keen for him to invest than the Russian. Once this is done most likely 2014-15 he will sell the club on for £17,000+ a share £6000 a share profit then that’s the last we will see of him the club will be debt free and things should return to normality at last or let’s hope

  10. James

    @El tel true were Arsene or Arsenal to know he would stay fit for the entire season and hav a cracker but who the hell knows what went on as I said at the top of my comment were just supporters and we will never know the truth the Podolski signing was the beginning of the end for RVP at the Arsenal for me too and then we signed Giroud which all but confirmed it

  11. BOOZY

    As much as i’ve always defended him, if theo walcott thinks 70k a week is too small for him, and insist on 100k, then he should just fuck off to another club and kiss his england career goodbye.


    I told you all , outside of those who are happy to sit on their ass picking splinters on the bench and getting a paycheck , all else will leave for glory. For some its not all about the money. Once thats gone , and for some it will, you at least want to see your memories in the form of trophies and medals,