That £52million you thought Arsenal had to spend… well, think again.

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Where is the money?

Welcome to Saturday. Flood warnings in 100 places around the UK today. Stay safe people. Stay safe and stock up. The water will be fresh and you never know when they might whack a hose pipe ban on us next. If in doubt, sell it with a 70% mark up and donate the profit to Arsenal, sounds like they need it.

So having a futher think about the Usmanov letter and reading many hundreds of Tweets you all sent me yesterday, I think it’s safe to say that perhaps the timing of the letter wasn’t actually that bad. Someone succinctly pointed out to me that I was slating the opportunistic nature of Usmanov whilst at the same time praising his incredible capitalist pedigree.

I’m such a hypocrite. I apologise for that. The timing was perfect. Why? Well, it wasn’t during the season. It hasn’t interrupted our preseason and the contents of the letter were pretty much bang on.

I made a few calls yesterday to a few choice people and one of the people I spoke to flagged the bit about Arsene Wenger.

‘Wenger hasn’t had City’s billions to spend but let’s not pretend his remit has been to pay down stadium debt. If it has been, I’d find it pretty disgusting that he’s lied to us about the situation. We’d all be far more lenient with him if we knew his primary target was debt repayment.’

Now let’s take you on a little story here before we get into what was intimated… as this is a big u-turn by me in the face of fresh conversation.

Red&White Holdings may sit on the outside when looking in at board meetings, but let’s not forget that they have some very deep ties within Arsenal. The letter that they posted up yesterday was bang on in every sense. There were no revelations in that post for anyone who has been reading Le Grove over the past 5 years. It was like a condensed version of 1900 posts. Absolutely bang on the money with almost everything.

Now, if there was a part about Wenger not being given the funds he needs is in that letter, the chances are, that’s a verified fact. How do we know this? Well, a group like Red & White will know that putting false information out into the open will only end in one way. A loss of credibility and a loss of support… something they have a lot of at the moment. Something that is growing day by day.

That information has come from somewhere and it doesn’t take a genius to work it out. David Dein is still bitter about being removed from his life long passion. He lives next door to Arsene Wenger. The manager still hangs out with him. The information has clearly been fed in from Wenger.

This ties in with what I was told yesterday. Told from the place all my decent snippets come from.

Apparently the £52million we’ve been told is hidden away in the Transfer Proceeds Account is actually not available for use this summer. That’s just a massive cover for the club. What Ivan puts out into the public forum with regards to funds being available is true. There are funds available. But when Ivan says £10million is a massive fee, he means it. According to what I’ve been told, the amount Arsene has available this summer is less than £25million. There’s no war chest. Apparently, it would have been far, far less had we dropped out of the Champions Leauge.

Stan was told he wouldn’t have to invest in the playing side of things if he bought Arsenal, and he hasn’t. Which, like the letter said has affected our ability to compete. The vibe I was getting was that if Wenger was given £100million to spend, he’d go out there and do it. He knows who the best players are, he’s just not allowed to buy them, so he has to go out and sign players like Gervinho instead.

So this Giroud signing; if this whole story is to be believed, most certainly looks like a replacement rather than a squad supplementation.

Why would Arsene tolerate such a situation I wondered to myself? This is farsical. He’s one of the best in the business (or certainly was). Loads of managers with his sway would come out and make the point they’re hamstrung.

Well, I guess it comes down to a few things. Namely power.

Arsene is a developmental manager. He likes to bring through young players. He’s probably enjoying that side of the job. He has full and total control of the playing side at Arsenal. He’s on a salary which is higher than Sir Alex Ferguson. He’s being well compensated for his silence.

There’s also the employer / employee relationship that’s going on. Nick Barmby was recently sacked for gross misconduct when he came out and slated the board for not funding him in the transfer market. Different situations I know, but you should never bite the hand that feeds you. Especially if that hand is feeding you the finest caviar serverd on the lightest most delicate blini, whilst the other hand intermittently sends your e-mails from your blackberry as well as rubbing your thigh.

There has also always been the mass appeal for Wenger in toppoling Goliath. He’s come close a few times, but we know he doesn’t like the money side of the game and he believes he can beat the likes of City on a budget.

This whole issue does rankle with me. It’s dishonsesty from all sides here. The clubs PR machine have been spinning out stories of funds being available when they’re not and we’re all here lapping them up snapping up new season tickets like there will be an impact on the squad this summer.

I don’t blame Robin for leaving if he’s been informed that the club aren’t investing in the squad. at adequate levels. I don’t blame him for going if he’s been told we’re going to take on the might of City through self sustainability. Which actually means… no risk for Stan Kroenke.

I have no defacto proof that the above is all true. All I know is that I’m  rarely led astray on stuff like this. If I didn’t trust where it had come from, I wouldn’t post it… this whole story goes against what I usually write. Our corporate team are world class at PR. You have people from Nike and Barclays running the show, so this is all entirely feasible. It’s just so disappointing we can’t get a bit of genuine honesty and it’s a huge shame we don’t have an investor who has a passion for the game.

On the Arsene Wenger piece. This news doesn’t take away from the mistakes he’s made. It doesn’t mean he couldn’t have done something about the assistant managers lack of interest in the last few  years. It doesn’t mean he should have passed up the bargain basement deals that could have given us a far more stable platform last year and it doesn’t mean he can avoid criticism for the shambolic contract situation we’re in.

What it does do is shed a bit of light on what’s going on this summer. It tells you that the people at the top are just doing a job and they’re being paid to protect the main man in the states. Everyone inside the club is getting paid. That’s a key thing to remember when trying to unravel what’s going on.

Anyway, one for you to chew over today.

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What do you think?

P.S. Interesting that Peter Hill-wood is straight back out telling the world we give Wenger as much as he wants. How much did you earn Peter? What’s your retainer? What would happen if you stepped out of line? Hmmm…

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  1. Radio Raheem

    It’s not whether there’s a difference, it’s whether they’re capable of adapting. Villa may adapt to the general principle, but what makes him key is that in essence he still has an indivisualistic selfish streak, the cutting edge Barcelona missed at times throughout the season and especially late on in the Champions League.

    I dunno if Villa is more individualistic than RvP. That sounds like quite a vague observation to make. Anyway, I think Villa is more suited to the barca system because he does appear to be faster or has more acceleration (something that is very important in the attacking third); he’s more versatile can play SS, LF, RF, & CF; is better with the ball in tight areas (as he benefits from being physically smaller) etc.

    Given a choice between the two I’d pick RvP for Arsenal. RvP, I feel, will get more out of our other players and suits the premier league better.

  2. gambon

    No incesc

    We need to give world class players a reason to stay.

    We need world class players, and world class wages. Not to mention a world class manager.

    We cant say to these guys “look you wont win anything, you wont play with world class players, you wont earn what you deserve, but we want you to commit your career to Arsenal just because we’re Arsenal”.

    Its pathetic.

    Ive supported Arsenal since i was 5, and if my best mate was a world class footballer and had the choice between Arsenal & City I would absolutely tell him to go to city at the present time.

  3. sam


    i know junior hoilet is not world class player but it’ll be a better signing because of epl experience.
    its not coincidence that arteta was our best signing last season then yossi benayoun.
    thats why i will have free transfer hoilet as squad player

  4. Gooner63

    I agree Gambon
    We were ONCE a top club – now we arent
    Just because we are called Arsenal – doesnt make us great these days
    We were good when it was just us versus Man Utd – but now other clubs are going past us – City, Chelsea – wont be long before Spuds too.

  5. sam

    i mean arteta and yossi were our best newcomers last seasons because of epl experience.
    we should not buy too many players from outside it could slow down our progress while they are trying to adapt.

  6. gambon

    Couldnt tell you incesc, Robin obviously knows a lot more about whats going on at the club than any fan.

    Put it this way though, if it wasnt for Istanbul 2005 Stevie G wouldve left Liverpool long ago and fans dont get much more passionate & loyal than Scousers.

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    For those that are saying Robin did the right thing by releasing his statement, that he’s breaking this news for the good of Arsenal and it’s fans, you’re living in cloud cuckoo land. He’s done it purely and simply for himself. He’s done it purely for money.
    He wants to leave for more money and more chance of medals. OK, but the statement is all about having to avoid putting in a transfer request and losing his loyalty bonus. If you think he’s being altruistic you’re bonkers

  8. Goon from BD

    A change of direction is vital. If it is the current owner or Usmanov isn’t the issue but the key is that we need to be ambitous. When there is a will there is a way. The only pressure is to qualify for the CL-exactly why we are in title winning form when that is under threat but crumble under pressure of winning because we don’t target trophies and prepare for it in the first place. As simple as that. The cunts aren’t going to change so USMANOV IN.

  9. sam


    wenger said he gives a player 1 year adaptation period.
    we might think mertesacker, santos, park chu and gervinho are rubbish, he doesn’t see it that way.

    he expects them to show some progress next season

  10. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    So it was for the money?

    What happens if he sits tight for 12 months?

    Well, he gets a £10m signing on fee AND £200k pw.

    Everyone who has a fucking clue about football knows that you can make insane money as a free agent, so youre talking bollocks.

    If money was his agenda he wouldnt have said a thing and just waited.

    Love to hear what utter bollocks you will try to wriggle out of that one with.

  11. andy

    signing hoilett as a squadplayer is a must imo – I doubt he will be able to say no if we are in for him due to champions league football and our image to allow young players to play a lot … btw walcott will leave imo to 99% if rvp leaves (which is more or less the case) so we will get around 40m and 140-150 k wages available, hoilett is free and definitely no worse player than walcott and he will join us if we pay him around 40? or 50? … so we have 40m + 100k wages available which looks like we are able to get a good player but what is our priority now? a striker? we have podolski and giroud who are strikers and able to play that role up front, we have wingers (gerv, pod, hoilett, ox, ryo?), midfielders (song, jack, arteta, le coqu, ramsey, ox, rosicky, diaby (if he is fit once)) and defenders (gibbs, santos, sagna, le coqu, merte, kos, verm, djourou, jenk) … we are missing a good 2nd choice keeper but which department is the one who needs strengthening most right now? as pedro said (which is also my opinion) we will improve defensively with bould, so I would think we simply need a CAM, which can’t be that hard to find for 40m + 100k wages? we can try and get goetze once again, maybe kaka or I don’t know

  12. gambon

    Also, if its all about money, why did RVP say money was never discussed.

    Nasris Mouths embarrassing reply “Well he would lie wouldnt he”

    OK so why have the club neither officially, or unofficially (PHW in guardian) responded to that?

  13. Jack

    What do I think… I think you’re talking nonsense. You want to know where all the ‘missing’ transfer budget has gone? PLAYER WAGES!

  14. Nasri's Mouth


    The only alternative agenda I can think of is he’s trying to goad the club into spending more money on either him or other new signings (or both) at which point he’ll admit he was wrong, and sign an extension. Now I’ll admit it’s possible, but really bloody unlikely.
    So, unless you can come up with another agenda, Im sticking with my last post.

  15. kwik fit

    I read some where that Usmanov was not allowed on the board because of the cost needed to reinforce the steel structure around the board room.

  16. Jeff

    I’m sure AW has become a father figure for every AKB on the planet. He is the spiritual leader, the guru whose word and deed is always wise and good and cannot be questioned. If anyone shows dissent or dares to stand up to him, they must be a heretic with ulterior motives like money and greed. They shall be banished to other clubs and their names will become dust. Sodom and Gomorrah shall fare better than these vile and evil defectors that question our Lord and saviour.

    I wish people would just snap out of it and get a life instead of thrashing about with useless nonsensical ill-conceived arguments, clinging to their long-held beliefs that smack of religion more than anything else. Goodness me.

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    If he sits tight for another season, he’s losing out on over £5 mill in wages from his new club, and at his age risks getting a much reduced new deal from them. If he goes this summer, he’ll probably get 4 years, next year, he might only get 2. Next year he might be injured.

    Gambon, if money wasnt an issue, he would have just put in a transfer request. Simple.

    And I think you misunderstood my point. Im not saying Robin wanting to move is purely about money, I’m pretty sure its about money AND medals (as I wrote) but the STATEMENT is all about money.

    However if you want to think he’s written it for the good of the club, you go and embarress yourself

  18. Lurch LeRouge


    I won’t be able to convince you any more convincingly than Gambon is currently I’m afraid.

    I deal with semantics, he deals with facts and figures, and I concur.

    so be it.

  19. gambon

    Haha predictable appalling response there.

    It is an absolute FACT that free agents earn phenomenal money.

    That is absolute proof that he cant be in it for the money.

    He would be missing out on £5m? Haha, do you have any idea how big a signing on fee he would get in 12 months.

    Clue: It would dwarf £5m.

  20. Nasri's Mouth


    Predictably you avoided the other points about only being offered a shorter contract in a years time,(thats another £5 mill)and the possibility of being injured in the next 12 months, could be many many millions. You avoided them because they dont suit your argument

    You just keep on believing he’s done it for the good of the fans.

  21. Lurch LeRouge


    on the embarrassment issue…

    how many times did you find yourself clinging to the image of RVP as our talisman last season?

    I ask because right now if we’re talking about embarrassment, i’m struggling with your hubris and contempt for a guy that dragged us pretty much singlehandedly into the Champions League.

    Your ‘loyalty’ seems short lived if I’m honest and a little cowardly, do you usually give up on your clansmen so easily? or is this cowardice commonplace?

    I don’t feel embarrassed in the least to suggest the club could be central to his agenda.

  22. sam

    how rosicky signed his extension without demanding trophies.
    because robin van persie thinks we will not make it next season without him.
    he forgot we made it in the past without him( in the physio room). even chamakh did the job while he was out injured.

  23. kwik fit

    What do you guys know about Federico Fazio?

    Local media in Seville claiming that Arsenal are negotiating with Sevilla for 25-year old centre-back Federico Fazio.

    I still haven’t forgave Seville for doing the dirt on us with Squid.

  24. BOOZY

    A real statement of intent for Vanpersie would be.

    Thiago alcantara and Yann m’vila.

    but a very doable option- Mousa dembele, hoilett and M’vila.

  25. kwik fit

    아스날 관계자는 지난 며칠간 조엘 캠벨의 레알 베티스 임대를 마무리 짓기 위해 스페인 세비야에 왔으나 그들은 또다른 계획이 있었음. 세비야의 센터백 페데리코 파지오에 대해 문의함. (엘데스마르

  26. Goon from BD

    Don’t be a cunt to RvP fellow Gooners. All this talk of one great season is bullshit and disrespectful as if it is consistently achieved by other players in the league. Not his fault if people expect him to be the best in league every season. Not his fualt either that people who run the club only want one quality forward instead of a few like clubs who want to win. Why hasn’t he gotten injured since working with the Dutch guy who worked for Citeh and Wales NT? Constant injuries to Arsenal players is hardly breaking news,isn’t it?

    I agree that statement shouldn’t have been released but I do not disagree with what he said. I don’t think its because of money and what the fuck is wrong with wanting to earn more money?

  27. gambon


    1- Why exactly would he be givena shorter contract? He will be 29 in a year, 4 year contracts are standard for top players. Whether he goes this year or next he will be on the same contract.

    2- Since he started looking after his own fitness he has been the fittest player in the entire premier league. He played every game last season. Im pretty sure fitness is the last thing on his mind.

    3- You avoided this one before……why havent the club called him out on the fact he said money hasnt been discussed? Why havent the club said they have put an offer to him? How can he be leaving for money when he doesnt even know what Arsenal are paying?

    You have absolutely no idea what youre talking about.

  28. sam

    salomon kalou signed 4 years deal with lille.
    they have now learned their lesson, medicals are now happening at a secret location. the player should hand over his phone to the bodyguard till everything is signed.

  29. Johnny5

    My mate said he’s heard that usmanov is in cahoots with RVP dein and wenger to get the board gone. Could be bollocks Because he heard it from someone else who said he knows someone at arsenal. anyone else heard anything of the like.

  30. Chigooner

    Been reading the blog for years and posted a few times. Have always thought most of you were pretty spot on, but that something was missing in the analysis. It didn’t add up. I think today’s post is the most clearly stated and logical summary of the situation at AFC I’ve seen. And it’s a goddamn shame. Unfortunately I think we’re stuck with Kroenke. Awful decision putting all the shares in his hand. No oversight or dissenting opinion with any power now. Tough to be a fan of a club run like this. Almost worst than what citeh is doing.

  31. Jeff

    Here is the loose translation of the link Kwik put up from Spanish to English. Don’t laugh, it’s not my translation its Google.

    “Some emissaries from the Arsenal have come to Seville these days to close the assignment of the Costa Rican player Joel Campbell to Betis. Therefore, the representatives of the London Assembly have thought take advantage of your trip for some other task.

    In fact, they want to ask and probe to the Seville about Federico Fazio, according to the be. The Argentine is a footballer who, despite not finishing curdle in the joint nervionense and arouse doubts, draws attention to its tremendous conditions and his youth. And it is not the first time that the Arsenal is set in the nervionense quarry. Already be led Kings paying a substantial amount by and already followed even to Jesus Navas.

    That’s why they want to sound out and know the price of the Argentine to at least know their conditions.”

  32. SDE

    Fair play to RVP ,he commands my respect..more so than any other captain of recent times..

    He exposed the club’s ambitions for what it’s worth..He questioned their motives/ambitions..This man truly loves Arsenal..

    How many ex-captains have questioned the club?
    Cesc,tried to screw the club in his last season& did he not say mid-season that RVP should stay at Arsenal?Hypocrite..

    The golden child-TH14got a bumper pay then buggered off to Barca?

    PV04,was always holding us to ransom,with his “should I stay ,should I go” scenario for 5 years,whilst getting a pay rise in b/w..

    RVP has laid bare what many a true arsenal fan has known& questioned for many years..

    This is the true value of the man,to lay bare his reservations& raise questions,rather than to simply take the money,keep quiet&run like his predecessors..

    I believe he spoke as a fan first& a player second..

    Maybe,his statement will be the catalyst for change,with him present,or not..

    Either way,he’s gone up hugely in my estimation!!


  33. SDE

    All the venom,being directed at SK&Gazidis is somewhat misplaced..Though they deserve it..The main protagonists that should be subjected to criticism are the directors that sold out to SK,or were press ganged into it..

    They are the main reasons for the current malaise@ the club..Enriching themselves whilst showing pure contempt for the history&fanbase of the club!!

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Spuds on Facebook have set up a group Arsenal relegation party 2012-2013

    I know they’re stupid yids, but this is what people think of our club now

  35. SBP

    Listening to “another one bites the dust” a lot thanks to RVP.
    After watching the video, I thought Robin with a mustache .looks like Freddie Mercury Or may be I need to stay off the grid.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    No he’ll probably be writing to Metalloinvest asking if they want to sponsor Arsenal next year

  37. Keyser

    “Why exactly would he be givena shorter contract? He will be 29 in a year”

    He’s 29 in a month or so.

    Also if Van Persie leaves for a paycut then obviously he won’t care about money.

  38. Bade

    Reading your superb post Pedro, made me wonder again about some pleasant connections between Arsene, Robin & Alisher

    Yesterday I raised the pondering of possible relation between Robin & Alisher’s statements, a pondering that was expanded by Gambon to include Arsene

    Now yesterday I had my doubt about Arsene being in the mix, but your post, your tea-lady treats, makes me wonder, he might be in it

    If Arsene hands were tied this summer & he already said he wanted to keep Robin at all costs, while we saw some shift on the transfer policy (back to experienced players, than unproven youngsters), some hard balls statement followed by a slapping in the face letter from a billionaire who owns almost 30% of the club, could do him a little help there

    And the Dien family is wired all over those three, and Dien loved & loves the club dearly I believe, and always believed in spending money on players

    I don’t know, somehow I find all part falling in the right places for me

    How did Iker say the other day? Like Tetris?

  39. Bade


    Reading quickly (Heh, quickly… it took me about an hour & half) through the comments, I must say I agreed most of the points you raised, some of I raised in a broken English like I can only do

    One thing bothered me though, I saw you agreed with Keyser on a point? That must have been devastating for him …..

  40. Keyser

    This is Van Persies fucking peak point soo far in his career, he’s had a good enough season to be wanted by almost any club in the World, he won’t get a better oppuruntity for a fatter contract or the chance to move to a top club.

    The only way the statement benefits us is if he stays and it was an attempt to put pressure on the board, other than that it’s all in his BEST interests.

    If Van Persie moves for a paycut, money won’t have been a factor.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    yes. If he picks someone in the EPL over a deal with PSG that would be whopping and he’d hardly have to break a sweat to play in Ligue 1 we’ll know it’s about status and winning things.

    It’s easy for all those Arsenal fans who don’t want to confront the scale and severity of our problem to say everything is about money.

    I find it amusing when our board are the most crooked, bent, money orientated fucktards on planet earth!!

  42. Bade

    And just to add to my comment about the Arsene-Robin-Alisher, If I’m not faulting Arsene seems quite, very very quite, since Robin’s statement. No?

    If he’s being quite, why then?

    1. Is he being locked down by the club?
    2. Is he agreeing with what Robin’s said by silence conduct
    3. Is he so disappointed from Robin / shocked from the move that he’s still needing day to recover & respond

    Take your pick on it, I know the 3rd isn’t mine at the moment

  43. rayan

    i believe robin vanpersie is more brave then Wenger, and he is trying to tell us(fans) the truth about the club we love, and I never doubt his love for AFC for a moment, why arsgne Wenger did’,t sign kagawa and he is in our reach financially, but he prefer to stick with ramsey, why he doesn’t go for a defensive midfielder which we need most, song is heading to AFC next January, and he think frimpong will do the job, as a fan I have to know the truth about the club I love.

  44. marxdrive

    Simple the best Arsenal related articular I’ve read in years. The nail on the head has finale been hit.
    Well done Pedro.

    I hope fans who have put 100% of the blame at Wenger’s door don’t simply dismiss this. In order to berate the only person they have vocal contact with.

    If the FFP proves to be nothing more than a feeble attempt to comply with government policies, a protest on behalf of Usmanov should follow.

  45. Bade

    “If Van Persie moves for a paycut, money won’t have been a factor”

    No Keyser

    Even if he doubles his wages, money could still not be the issue

    He’s on 80-90k a week, a player of his stature worth AT LEAST double of that, and with $ity/Chavs, he exceeds over the 200k barrier I guess

    I think we’re already offering him almost double of what he earns right now

  46. Keyser

    “whisper it but I think Keyser isn’t as retarded as you make out”

    I resent, even if I was a retard, which I am probably, Bidet wouldn’t have a clue either way,

  47. SDE


    If Van Persie moves for a paycut, money won’t have been a factor.

    Csec took a paycut& screwed us over!!

    What medication/drugs are you on..?Marzipam??Morphine?

    Even if you thing what RVP did was in his best interests,don’t you think his releasing of the statement has indirectly,or directly opened up a pandora’s box…Or set the catalyst for change?

  48. Bade


    I don’t think he’s that retard after all

    I just find it amusing to get in a row with him at times, where he loses his composure. I even sympathise the lad 🙂

  49. Johnny5


    I’ve heard the same about all this being some kind of attempt to oust the board and kroenke. Dismissed it as bollocks at first but not so sure now.


    I used to think you were just another wenger bashing anti arsenal scumbag but over the last couple of days I’ve read your comments and agreed with nearly all of them. I think it’s time all the arsenal fans took off the rose tinted glasses and see us for what we really have become. A second rate feeder club obsessed by profit not success

  50. Keyser

    Bidet lose my composure ? What you do is the equivelent of someone poking you in the ribs thinking it’s hilarious, when it’s a child you let it go, when it’s a grown man trying to have a mature conversation at some point you’re going to go Boston Crab on him.

  51. Kempster

    RVP = real man? First time he’s had the should I stay/should I go dilemma and he couldn’t get out quick enough. Dropped some opportunistic “disagree on strategy” comments to try to have some moral high ground rather than just say it like it is. Funnily enough at his last contract negotiations a few years ago he wasn’t quite so demanding, why so? Because Arsenal still backed him despite his injuries and petulance, and no other fucker at the top level would have him if he begged.. He falls some way short of real man for me.

    There is one person at Arsenal who knows what loyalty is, and unquestionably loves the club. Having turned down numerous advances from clubs with more resources, offering more money, guaranteed trophies. He’s turned them all down time after time – despite occasionally being vilified by the clubs own fans, being accused of arrogance, greed and lack of intelligence by fans on blog sites who quote what they’ve achieved on FM12 by way of asserting their credibility. That’s the mild ones – others wish him harm, call him a cunt, suggest he’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to the club. . He’s been let down again and again by players who say they love the club and remain committed while instructing their agents to sound out offers with the competition, and then he has to listen to fans who say that it’s the players who are the loyal ones.

    Through all this he stays, sometimes coming good, many times making mistakes, but always trying to do the best for the club. Because he is the one man you cannot accuse of not loving Arsenal. He’s been at the club longer than many Internet chat-merchants have been a supporter.

    He might not always know best, he might not always get it right – but who does? Fergie’s made plenty of mistakes in his time, they all have. But when posters on here and other sites imply that Wenger is knowingly putting himself before the club’s welfare, is intentionally damaging the club, then they are way wide of the mark and it’s shameful. Wenger should be lauded like Dalgleish is in Liverpool. That crazy bastard spanked 35m on Andy Carroll and nigh on 20m on Henderson, yet they would never for one second suggest that he didn’t love the club. Of course, the scousers are pretty loyal supporters.

    Regardless of the rest of the set-up, Let’s get behind our manager. He’s the best we’ve ever had. He loves our club and if anyone can do it in the middle of all this ,Andes then it’s him.

    We will miss him when he’s gone.

  52. Keyser

    SDE – Cesc took a paycut ? You don’t think he’s made that back ?!

    I don’t get why you get all hyserical.

    Van Persie could’ve said that at any point in the last few years, and to do it now tells me that his motives aren’t quite as ultruistic as people would believe.

    Wtf’s the point now, the only way it’ll be good is if Van Persie stays.

  53. Keyser

    Is money an Issue ? Yes, fuck yes.

    The question is, is it the only Isuue ? and there you’d have a point.

    We’re not the richest club in the World, what we offer will be defined or scaled in relation to what he’ll get elsewhere.

    Also to say ‘We’ve offered this or that’ kind of undermines his point about not even having discussed money.

  54. Nasri's Mouth


    Im not denying that RvP did an awful lot for us last season, and yes his goals were vital to us getting CL football this coming season, albeit in the same way, each player that gave him an assist contributed too. But yeah, he was basically our best player for us last season, and quite possibly for the 6 months of the previous season. I’m most definitely grateful to him for that. As a player I think he’s been superb and a pretty decent captain too.

    And I dont exactly blame him for pushing out this statement, (though I suspect his agent had a lot to do with it too). If I was in a similar position, I can’t say I wouldnt do the same thing.

    What I think is mad is this appreciation by people of what he’s done as though it’s for anyone’s benefit other than himself.


    1. You’re less likely to give a 30 yr old the same deal you’d give a 29 yr old. Simple as that. He’s going to be a year older, you’ll be paying for another year when he’s in decline and worth less on the pitch. Basic stuff.

    2. As for his inury record. If you’re going to say that, then we’ll just have to disagree. The Arsenal medical staff seem to think he’s going to suffer in the future, maybe they’re wrong. I just think he’s at risk.

    3. Didn’t see this one earlier. But anyway, why should the club call him out on that ? They haven’t called him out on the fact that Gazidis wasn’t on holiday for 2 weeks either. Getting into some 2 way point scoring argument with him is a) petty and drags the club down and b) something they dont want to do, because as we all know, Robin does have a point.

    BUT and this is important, you’re still arguing against something I haven’t actually said

    I DONT think Robin’s motives for leaving are ENTIRELY money driven. I’ve never said that. Ive said the reason for his STATEMENT is ENTIRELY money driven

    So lets do it step by step to make it clearer for you

    The agreed consensus is that he wants to win things, and he doesn’t think he’ll win them with Arsenal. And I agree with that.

    Now look at the timing of his statement, just after both PHW and AW have said they want to keep him for next season.

    Now the simplest way out after reading that would be hand in a transfer request and if he wants to keep the fans on his side, he can put out a nice fan friendly statement to accompany it. Hell, if he loved the club and wanted to try to push the club forward, he could even put in the same reference to the direction the club is moving in.

    But no, instead of a transfer request, he puts out a provocative statement criticising the direction of the club. Ok, maybe he’s trying to force the club into spending more cash. But then why the snide little comment about Gazidis being on holiday at the end ? Because the whole thing is designed purely to drive a wedge between him and the club and to make his stay untenable.

    Which means Arsenal have to sell him without him putting in that transfer request.

    Which means he keeps his loyalty bonus.

    Which means this statement is all about the money for him.

    For what it’s worth I’d bet his agent had a hand in it too, but at the end of the day Robin pays his agent for the benefit of his career.

    That statement IS all about money, his motives for leaving are not ALL about money.

  55. Bade


    I’m not knowing anything there, it’s only makes sense to me

    My starting point was, Robin loves Arsenal, so why to go on with such a statement?

    As for Gambon, if you learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, you’ll find out he’s a decent poster with some sound & valid points.

    But no one’s perfect I guess 😉

  56. gambon

    Typical fucking AKB cunt Kempster comes on, and in a discussion that has fuck all to do with Wenger starts sounding like a jehovas witness cunt.

    As for Robin jumping at the first chance? Hes been here 8 years you clueless cunt.

    Now fuck off back to your gay little fucking Wenger love-in site, i know for a fact its one of 2.

    The day cunts like you die is a great day for Arsenal & the world.

    In 2009 RVP turned down numerous clubs, after a fantastic season.

  57. Keyser

    Same question I asked yesterday, Usmanov despite not being on the board or in full control.

    Can he do anything to make our lives easier, like buy Neymar for the club ?

    Neymar’s been linked quite a lot over the past few days, I hope it’s true.

  58. Higz

    Ironically I bout fazio on footie manager before. Think last years version he was decent. Which surely means he is amazing!!! Surely!!!!

  59. Bade


    Money wasn’t discussed might indicate that he wasn’t asking for more than what he was offered, or that he wasn’t that worried about the financial differences

  60. gambon

    “They haven’t called him out on the fact that Gazidis wasn’t on holiday for 2 weeks either”

    Are you saying he isnt on holiday?

    He hasnt said anything about the RVP situation, he hasnt said anything about the Usmanov letter, Podolski came to the emirates on Wednesday and he was nowhere to be seen, instead Ken Friar had to be present even though its his job to deal wth the property side of the group.

    There is absolutely nothing to suggest Robin is a liar, the club has an extensive history of lying.

  61. Bade


    At least get your facts right

    Robin was sought-after & appealing to top teams even then

    As for Arsene, I can’t see any other top club letting him on the pay roll with 7 years & 0 trophies. Most of top teams would have sacked him even through his 1st season if he wasn’t delivering.

    Ask Perez & Roman ….

  62. Dan Ahern

    All I can do is shake my head right now.
    Mostly I’m upset with the board. Something is going on there, and we’re all caught in the dark speculating.

    And I’m still angry at Peter Hill-Wood’s comments. The most telling is his remark at the end that he thinks it’d be hard for a younger person to be on the board. Why, it would be so tough for some youngster with a job to commit his time, he reckons. No, no, everything is just fine how it is, he says. A lovely power arrangement that never moves, never does anything. What a disgrace.

  63. Lurch LeRouge


    I see your disfunction now.

    no ones suggesting he’s purely altruistic.

    In no way am I or Gambon suggesting that his actions are only for the betterment of the club.

    Of course a significant portion of his motive is one born of self interest, but is his Interest so misaligned from ours?

    let me word it another way, is it your money he demands Wenger spends?

    because if it isn’t, whats the fucking problem?

  64. Kempster

    Gamby baby, don’t be upset that my post had not to do with your rants. You get enough attention for your fragile ego.

    As for being an AKB, I even point out in my post that he doesn’t always KB, so off base a little bit there. Don’t fret, you don’t need to categorise everyone.

    On the Robin subject, don’t see how he can be called a liar as such, as he hasn’t really said anything of substance to get into a lather about. Just that he “disagrees”. I’d have more time for him if he were to elaborate as to what he disagrees with. Otherwise I don’t care what he says, he’s still leaving so he may as well just jog on and let those who care that bit more just get on with it.

  65. Keyser

    “As for Arsene, I can’t see any other top club letting him on the pay roll with 7 years & 0 trophies. Most of top teams would have sacked him even through his 1st season if he wasn’t delivering.”

    That’s like your money theory.

    He’d have 7 years, no trophies, constant Champions league place with the club turning record profits,

    We even made a Champions League final in those 7 years, not to mention build a new stadium.

    Real Madrid went several years without making it past a quarter final.

  66. Bade

    Nasri Mouth

    Zidane was a legend @ Real

    He was bought at the age of 29 and played there until 35-36 I think

    Bergkamp was phenomenal even in his 30’s

  67. SalParadiseNYC

    Get over it, the rot is deep and finally someone went public with there dis-pleasure of the path Arsenal has been on and is on heading into the future, better yet it was our skipper. EPL player of the year, hungry for victory; trophies he rightfullly thought would be won when he joined the club in 04 on the heals of the invincibles. Project youth is a failure, it’s time to admit that and purchase some EXPERIENCED quality to compete in a league only getting more competitive.
    Wenger is the highest paid Arsenal man at the emirates, of course he’s loyal. Makes a shiteload of money to win fuck all.

  68. SDE


    We’re not the richest club in the World, what we offer will be defined or scaled in relation to what he’ll get elsewhere.


    Another retard comment..

    Not the richest club in the world,but pay a manager who is the 4th highest paid manager in the world&the highest paid manager in the EPL..

    I suppose according to you-what Wenger earns is defined by what others in the current market earn-right,with the inclusion of trophies won?

  69. Mark the Gunner

    Great post buddie

    RVP is 100% right what is the point playing for a club who’s first intrest is money.

    If he is a true fan of the club (which I believe he is) he wants trophys epl and fa cups etc. This club so going no where fast we are been fed lies and “The Arsenal Way” is bollocks tripe they expect us to believe.

    I am sick to my stomach football is a break from every day bullshit.

    Our club needs a new owner welcome mother Russia

  70. Johnny5


    Take off the blinders mate and smell the coffee We’re on a one way train to Europa the way it’s being run. Wenger is either doing the best he can with little or no funds actually being given to him or he fucking lost the plot.

  71. Cesc Appeal


    Why would he buy Neymar?

    He’s takes the £40 Million hit and brings in a player that helps us win things and boosts us commercially for those fucktards on the board to embezzle all the money made out of it and claim it was their brilliance that steered the club in that direction.

    No, i think Usmanov is playing a smart game here, in one move he’s got most of the Arsenal fans on his side. I’ve never seen him so popular all over the net

  72. Bade


    1. “That’s like your money theory.” Can you explain?

    2. Don;t be naive to think Real would let a manager to stay 7 seasons on the job. They might go into a run of several years without any formed success, but one thing I can assure you is, this won’t be with the same manager. I’d bet my money on that

  73. Bade

    “Can he do anything to make our lives easier, like buy Neymar for the club ?”

    Are you seriously suggesting he should pay 40m for a club that it’s owner wouldn’t even set a meeting with him, not to mention giving him any influence or, god forbid, seat on the board?

    Would you do that for a club you love?

  74. gambon

    Has anyone actually thought that there actually wasnt any agenda behind what Robin said? Maybe he was just being honest due to all the speculation?

    What he basically said was:

    “I love the club, I love the fans, Im not signing a new deal due to the club lacking ambition, i will speak further with IG about this”

    Has anyone thought that they might be over analysing it, and what he meant was:

    “I love the club, I love the fans, Im not signing a new deal due to the club lacking ambition, i will speak further with IG about this”

  75. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Can he do it though ?

    Do you honestly care if he’s playing a smart game ? We’re still losing our best player aren’t we, supposedly deteriorating.

  76. Ralf Falkenmayer´s hair-dresser

    Cesc Appeal July 6, 2012 19:43:25

    “The most damning evidence? They don’t want Usmanov to see the books! They’ve gone to UEFA to change the 30% rule! That is am much proof as I need that something underhanded is going on at Arsenal PLC”

    Cesc, where did you get this?

  77. Keyser

    Bade –

    Because you’re generalising when it suits you.

    Would Real Madrid put up with no trophies in 7 Years ? Maybe not, who cares anyway it’s Real Madrid, they’ve spent half a billion pound on their squad.

  78. Jeff

    Given all the evidence and what has transpired, the idea that Van Persie’s statement was about money holds no water and the reason people use it is to deflect blame away from AW. The accusation that RVP disrespected the club leads to the same conclusion. What is really meant by that is that people are upset because perhaps, just a little, he disrespected the manager. But let’s just lay it on the table shall we.

    If a player simply wants to leave for money, why would he risk antagonising the fan-base by putting out that statement? Think about that for a minute. If he didn’t feel strongly about what he was saying and didn’t care, why bother at all. It’s not like that is what players usually do. It’s not a trend. In fact it is somewhat rare for players of his calibre to speak their mind on the way out.

    Consider for a moment how he must have felt. Here is a player who has godlike status among the supporters, is loved and revered by Arsenal fans everywhere but feels that he will rot here if he signs another four year contract. He can see the futility of the situation (as can we and most other sensible people) and knows full well that there are no trophies or titles on the horizon.

    He simply couldn’t bring himself to simply say “I’m not signing” and leave it at that. I’m sure he felt the needed to explain his decision. That is all he did. You can read between the words, between the lines. There is nothing fake about it and no deception that I can detect. It is an honest, from the heart, statement.

    To the average fan who cannot see the forest for the trees, every leaver is a defector and a traitor. His motives are always greed oriented and that player, in their eyes, can go from being a god to the club’s worst enemy in ten seconds flat. That is how fickle and disingenuous fans and some people on here can be. They jump to the first conclusion that fits in with their preconceived, intractable ideas established long ago.

    There is plenty of evidence and logical inference that points to money most definitely not being his priority and yet we witness here grown men trying to push quite a different agenda by accusing him of such doing. What is that agenda. It is first and foremost protecting the men in charge because to them they are blameless and beyond reproach. Who do we know that comes with such a label having a three letter abbreviation, begins with A and ends with B?

  79. Dan Ahern

    Here’s a better translation of the Federico Fazio piece for you.

    Arsenal wants to know Fazio’s conditions.

    Some representatives from Arsenal have arrived in Seville these past days to finish the deal sending the Costa Rican player Joel Campbell to Betis. But the group from London are thinking of taking advantage of their trip to run another errand as well.

    They want to ask Sevilla about Federico Fazio, according to ‘Ser’. The Argentine is a footballer who, though he doesn’t quite fit into the team and who gives rise to some doubts, calls attention with his extraordinary conditioning and youth. And it’s not the first time that Arsenal has looked closely at Sevilla’s younger players. They already took Reyes for a significant sum and were tracking Jesus Navas.

    They want figure out the price of the Argentine to at least know his conditions.

    That’s probably not 100% accurate, but it is 100% better than whatever google spit out. I can’t figure out why they’re talking about his youth though. Dude is 25.

  80. SDE

    STD – Mate, and he still says he could’ve got more elsewhere, greedy cunt.

    & in your infinite wisdom & fountain of knowledge gained from playing FM12 ,you actually believe the words of this duplicitous champagne swilling socialist-Le Professor?

    I take it the Morphine they are drip-feeding you has not worn off!!

  81. Bade


    I didn’t get the generalise when suit point. But anyway

    No other top club would offer massive wages to the manager without any immediate end product, something Arsenal’s offering Arsene almost bounds free

    Industrial peace.

    Real was only a mere example. But you can look at all the top clubs in Europe & conclude the same conclusion.

    Real, Barca, Milan, Inter, Juve, Bayern, Mancs, $ity, Chavs, even Liverpool

  82. Honest Bill

    Maybe RVP really did mean what he said… Or maybe he just heard how much Rooney made by doing exactly the same thing..

  83. Keyser

    STD – I don’t really care, whatever I say, you’re going to go off on another childish tangent.

  84. Bade

    “Or maybe he just heard how much Rooney made by doing exactly the same thing..”

    Honest Bill

    He didn’t do it this way

    He did “in his special way” as red nose described it

    Slamming the door, shouting he wanted more F*cking money or he’ll leave

    And even before the last pay raise Rooney was on double or more of what Robin earns with us

  85. Harry Buckley

    With our GK situation, Inter have told Julio Cesar that he is surplus to requirements, he is an international Brazil keeper with experience, challenge for Chezzer, encouraging more from the guy.
    For the CAM, he could get Sneider too as he cheaper than last year considering he didn’t win anything this year, everyone wants him, but no-one is willing to make an offer

  86. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    “He didn’t do it this way. He did “in his special way” as red nose described itSlamming the door, shouting he wanted more F*cking money or he’ll leave”

    lol: Bade are those the actual events or the ones you just dreamt up? Not even Keane had the balls to talk to Fergie like that, or rather he did, and then he ended up at Celtic.

  87. gambon

    “How the fuck did Ji Sung Park – QPR slip under the radar?”

    Cant we just send Chu Chu Park there, no-one would notice, they all look the same.

  88. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Gambon – Now, now. That is racialist..

    Who remembers Inamoto? yeah, the bloke who was here for a season, sold a few shirts in the middle east, played a couple of cup games, then was sold…

    Park = Inamoto mkII

  89. Bade

    Robin’s Choco

    Red Nose himself said the “special Rooney way” & it was all over the news then. You know Rooney isn’t the politest of creatures.

    Then you must remember Rooney was demoted for a fat two months AFTER he signed that contract. That was his punishment, or sort of.

  90. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    juve are playing the same game as we did to bolton over gary cahill…offer low….

    got what they deserved the board….hope he goes for 8m….