That £52million you thought Arsenal had to spend… well, think again.

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Where is the money?

Welcome to Saturday. Flood warnings in 100 places around the UK today. Stay safe people. Stay safe and stock up. The water will be fresh and you never know when they might whack a hose pipe ban on us next. If in doubt, sell it with a 70% mark up and donate the profit to Arsenal, sounds like they need it.

So having a futher think about the Usmanov letter and reading many hundreds of Tweets you all sent me yesterday, I think it’s safe to say that perhaps the timing of the letter wasn’t actually that bad. Someone succinctly pointed out to me that I was slating the opportunistic nature of Usmanov whilst at the same time praising his incredible capitalist pedigree.

I’m such a hypocrite. I apologise for that. The timing was perfect. Why? Well, it wasn’t during the season. It hasn’t interrupted our preseason and the contents of the letter were pretty much bang on.

I made a few calls yesterday to a few choice people and one of the people I spoke to flagged the bit about Arsene Wenger.

‘Wenger hasn’t had City’s billions to spend but let’s not pretend his remit has been to pay down stadium debt. If it has been, I’d find it pretty disgusting that he’s lied to us about the situation. We’d all be far more lenient with him if we knew his primary target was debt repayment.’

Now let’s take you on a little story here before we get into what was intimated… as this is a big u-turn by me in the face of fresh conversation.

Red&White Holdings may sit on the outside when looking in at board meetings, but let’s not forget that they have some very deep ties within Arsenal. The letter that they posted up yesterday was bang on in every sense. There were no revelations in that post for anyone who has been reading Le Grove over the past 5 years. It was like a condensed version of 1900 posts. Absolutely bang on the money with almost everything.

Now, if there was a part about Wenger not being given the funds he needs is in that letter, the chances are, that’s a verified fact. How do we know this? Well, a group like Red & White will know that putting false information out into the open will only end in one way. A loss of credibility and a loss of support… something they have a lot of at the moment. Something that is growing day by day.

That information has come from somewhere and it doesn’t take a genius to work it out. David Dein is still bitter about being removed from his life long passion. He lives next door to Arsene Wenger. The manager still hangs out with him. The information has clearly been fed in from Wenger.

This ties in with what I was told yesterday. Told from the place all my decent snippets come from.

Apparently the £52million we’ve been told is hidden away in the Transfer Proceeds Account is actually not available for use this summer. That’s just a massive cover for the club. What Ivan puts out into the public forum with regards to funds being available is true. There are funds available. But when Ivan says £10million is a massive fee, he means it. According to what I’ve been told, the amount Arsene has available this summer is less than £25million. There’s no war chest. Apparently, it would have been far, far less had we dropped out of the Champions Leauge.

Stan was told he wouldn’t have to invest in the playing side of things if he bought Arsenal, and he hasn’t. Which, like the letter said has affected our ability to compete. The vibe I was getting was that if Wenger was given £100million to spend, he’d go out there and do it. He knows who the best players are, he’s just not allowed to buy them, so he has to go out and sign players like Gervinho instead.

So this Giroud signing; if this whole story is to be believed, most certainly looks like a replacement rather than a squad supplementation.

Why would Arsene tolerate such a situation I wondered to myself? This is farsical. He’s one of the best in the business (or certainly was). Loads of managers with his sway would come out and make the point they’re hamstrung.

Well, I guess it comes down to a few things. Namely power.

Arsene is a developmental manager. He likes to bring through young players. He’s probably enjoying that side of the job. He has full and total control of the playing side at Arsenal. He’s on a salary which is higher than Sir Alex Ferguson. He’s being well compensated for his silence.

There’s also the employer / employee relationship that’s going on. Nick Barmby was recently sacked for gross misconduct when he came out and slated the board for not funding him in the transfer market. Different situations I know, but you should never bite the hand that feeds you. Especially if that hand is feeding you the finest caviar serverd on the lightest most delicate blini, whilst the other hand intermittently sends your e-mails from your blackberry as well as rubbing your thigh.

There has also always been the mass appeal for Wenger in toppoling Goliath. He’s come close a few times, but we know he doesn’t like the money side of the game and he believes he can beat the likes of City on a budget.

This whole issue does rankle with me. It’s dishonsesty from all sides here. The clubs PR machine have been spinning out stories of funds being available when they’re not and we’re all here lapping them up snapping up new season tickets like there will be an impact on the squad this summer.

I don’t blame Robin for leaving if he’s been informed that the club aren’t investing in the squad. at adequate levels. I don’t blame him for going if he’s been told we’re going to take on the might of City through self sustainability. Which actually means… no risk for Stan Kroenke.

I have no defacto proof that the above is all true. All I know is that I’m  rarely led astray on stuff like this. If I didn’t trust where it had come from, I wouldn’t post it… this whole story goes against what I usually write. Our corporate team are world class at PR. You have people from Nike and Barclays running the show, so this is all entirely feasible. It’s just so disappointing we can’t get a bit of genuine honesty and it’s a huge shame we don’t have an investor who has a passion for the game.

On the Arsene Wenger piece. This news doesn’t take away from the mistakes he’s made. It doesn’t mean he couldn’t have done something about the assistant managers lack of interest in the last few  years. It doesn’t mean he should have passed up the bargain basement deals that could have given us a far more stable platform last year and it doesn’t mean he can avoid criticism for the shambolic contract situation we’re in.

What it does do is shed a bit of light on what’s going on this summer. It tells you that the people at the top are just doing a job and they’re being paid to protect the main man in the states. Everyone inside the club is getting paid. That’s a key thing to remember when trying to unravel what’s going on.

Anyway, one for you to chew over today.

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What do you think?

P.S. Interesting that Peter Hill-wood is straight back out telling the world we give Wenger as much as he wants. How much did you earn Peter? What’s your retainer? What would happen if you stepped out of line? Hmmm…

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  1. Deep Shankar Karmakar

    the part you wrote about arsene’s silence has been bought by the club is the main point. he just helps the club in repaying the club’s debt and make money out of transfer dealings and gets paid handsomely for his efforts. he has been a finance manager not a football manager all these years……..


    Progressive change.

    In a way the board got lucky with the CL qualification. The squad we have isn’t a million miles away but even so it’s time to replace the likes of PHW and silent Stan.

    Usmanov will get his way. You will see. That day cannot come soon enough.

  3. Arse&Nose©

    Well done Pedro, took you nearly 5 years to work out what me and other grovers have been saying. Each time we have said that wenger has his hands tied we get shouted down by the usual suspects and labelled ‘akb’.

    Hopefully now we can all agree that wenger is not the only man responsible, and stop the childish abuse aimed at him on a daily basis from many grovers.

  4. Dom

    That’s what hurts the most the bare face lies.

    To think RVP’s picture has been plastered all over the new kit for the past two months.

    The continual bullshitting from Ivan and Wenger(although looks like his hand is forced).

    Here’s a new Motto for Arsenal:


    Total disrespect to the fans that have been funding Wenger’s
    brand of Champagne socialism football.

  5. goonerDNA

    “He’s on a salary which is higher than Sir Alex Ferguson. He’s being well compensated for his silence.”

    These were my thoughts exactly he puts up with crap from the board for top dollar,

    JOPA, to right he said “we’ve done alright, its not like we’ve been relegated” so the new trophy is to avoid relegation REMOVE HILL-WOOD at once SACK Wenger for the cash for silence but the shocking truth is if he is sacked no one of any worth will be hired as the board want a manager they can control and which top manager wants that. Are we Everton in disguise?

    25 million has already been spent the vela deal which is around 4,5 million leaves us with exactly that left for transfers

  6. andy

    well in my opinion the sell of nasri did never look like AW had the last word on that one – I really never believed the stories about he has the power and nobody has anything to say except of him -> I think the story last year was AW wanted to keep nasri even if he was on a free a year later … so anybody, maybe IG, definitely has the power to overcome AW in cases of funding transfers and selling players
    I don´t really like the fact we are still in for some players and showing the whole world about our internal problems – I wonder if some players who really thought to join us decide otherwise due to this situation here
    well if it´s true pedro and we had 25m to buy we are more or less on 0 now aren’t we? nobody really knows how much we paid for pod and gir I think but it will be around 10 + 15? so that means we can reinvest money that will come from selling rvp to barcelona or anywhere outside UK (hopefully) or doing some funny player for player + cash deal like getting agüero for RVP hahaha – won’t work I think 🙂
    I would love to see an old guard joining us for 2 years to take a little pressure of gir now – I thought about raul, pizarro, forlan but they all have already agreed terms with other teams unfortunately. I am not really happy about the fact buying a younger striker as I really think gir will be a wonderful player in half a year or a year but I doubt he will be there from the start. does anybody know a striker 30, 31 or 32 with a lot of experience and talent to buy now? I recently read anelka has a big problem with the fans in shanghai so maybe we can get him? would be a nice transfer imo. and in one year gir will be ready to play regular I think

  7. Mark C

    2 simple questions

    1- Where has all the money gone?
    2- why do we still have this large squad full of dross?

    We have all said selling Bentdner Arshavin and Vela will bring in money and would the sale of RVP

    Players like Chamakah park Squllaci Denison and Fabianski might have to go on a free but that would free up loads of cash

    The real criticism of Wenger is that he is offering the wrong deals to the wrong players.

    Why are Diaby Denilson and Djoruou all on long deals but not first team players and the likes of RVP and Theo have a year left? He focused on the easy ones and took his eye away from the challenge which is his biggest mistake and the reason we are in this problem.

  8. Alexander

    He’s not the only one to blame, but he still has a fair amount…

    Almunia as our no1 for 3 seasons…
    Selling experienced players that didnt agitate for a move (gilberto etc)
    Signing shit. The squid, park etc

    Yeah he didn’t have the money to spend 30 mil on aguero, but he had the money to get Parker or Given or Schwartzer.

  9. David Embelton

    If this is right, my bet is Arsene will take the money (and the flak) for another two years before bailing to Real Madrid to try and win some silverware before retiring.

    Arsenal will then appoint a young and up and coming patsy manager, and give him the same budget as Arsene. Arsenal will then fall out of CL.

    The pressure will then become too much for Kroenke and he will sell out to Usmanov, making a cool $100mn profit while doing so.

    Meanwhile the fans are continually bled dry (financially and emotionally) with high ticket prices and no trophies.

    We are f*cked with Kroenke in charge.

    Keep digging Pedro, keep motivating the army. We gotta oust the fucker.

  10. TJKing

    Here’s one for you, Wenger loves Arsenal perhaps that’s why he is keepimg his mouth shut. Perhaps he believes no one else can do what he does on a shoe string budget. It’s not my oppinion, just a possibility.

  11. Mattj

    I am coming to the opinion the board are allowing the contracts of Rvp / Walcott to run down on purpose they indicate they won’t sign the board sell them pocket the proceeds and its all the player and his greedy agents fault. After the nasri situation last year it’s unforgivable that we are in this situation. Next year it will be the turn of song to be the bad guy. Kronke and Gazidis are cunts of the highest order and need to fuck off back across the pond. Rant over have a good weekend peeps

  12. Josip Skoblar

    Are you now saying that we were wrong all along when we were criticising Arsene for not spending? He wasn’t spending because there was no money to spend! This is extraordinary news. The cheek of the Board. Wenger’s silence all those years is bizarre but you give a plausible explanation.

  13. Jed

    Morning all.
    Things are going to have to get a lot worse before this situation gets resolved. Kroenke has control, is making money, and has no reason to sell.
    Maybe I have an imagination deficit but I don’t see what us fans can do to get change. Time to get the creative side of our brains going.
    Ivan sells the sustainability idea really well. But it doesn’t work in the age of oligarchs.
    How come we’ve ended up with the tightest billionaire in the world?

  14. gee

    The 25m is the money from the property sale.

    You’ll see now that the only transfer business we do from now til Aug 31 will be sales of out players.

    All the purchases are done. Don’t kid yourself

  15. GMR

    People only ever choose to believe what they want to be true. Maybe Wenger has covered, but he has also made statements such as the one 2 years ago now, where he clearly said “I have to sell an expensive player each year and replace them to cover the stadium repayment”. Everybody chose to ignore that and say he was talking crap, that the figures didn’t back him etc etc.

    None of this changes the fact that our defence is crap or that the team never learns, the board cannot be blamed for that. Its entirely down to the attitude the players display and that blame stays with Wenger and the coaches.

  16. Weedz

    This has been the case for over 6 seasons. He`s had to sell off his prized assets since the `Invincibles`

    This has happened before, in the past at Arsenal. What happened to the 1st `Double` team.

  17. Dale

    Money has never been brought into a club with as big a football base as ours. At Chelsea and Man City, the clubs were bought and huge investment was needed to make them competitive. Arsenal are already competitive. A massive 200mil spending spree would not be required. Why PHW says we can’t spend money due to FFP when all the other clubs are doing it is beyond me. Keep Van P and get 2 ( even 1 ) Marquee signing that every big club is trying to buy and the “selling club” Perception will be quashed!!!!!

  18. Bob N7

    If we get a net spend of £25million this transfer window….I think our squad would be radically better. Let’s be positive and get Arshavin, Chamakh, Bendtner and Vela out for say £15-20 mill. Add £35 million for Theo and RVP. That would mean we would have approximately £50 million to spend having already taken into account Podolski and Giroud’s fees.
    That would allow us to bring in 3 ‘proper’ players….say M’vila, Muller(?) and one other AM or whoever?
    By my reckoning we would have lost 2 important players and bought in hopefully 5.
    I’d be really confident for the new season.
    Of course those dreaded words ‘breaking even’ will probably be used and we’ll have gone two steps forward and then two steps back- and be a team simply fighting for a CL place.
    I don’t want a sugar daddy, I just want reasonable expenditure. 10-15 million outlay a season but I fear Kroenke is all about his exit plant when he eventually sells and not caring if we’re not competitive as long as he doesn’t have to come up with any more money!

  19. Marko

    Good post Pedro and I’ve gotta say if the bit about us haveing only 25 million to spend is true then something major has to happen to change that. People have to start a protest or write to Usmanov or AST and demand action cause a club at the top having only 25 million to spend is a joke and we’ll barely be able to compete for a top 4/5 spot let alone a championship.

  20. patthegooner

    GMR welcome back, it has been a long time.

    I honestly have no idea what to think about what is happening about the club.

    The only thing I do know is that Arsenal will remain silent over the whole matter.

    But if Usmanov really is serious, I don’t know why he doesn’t make an offer,

  21. Lurch LeRouge

    excellent post Pedro,

    It leaves me pondering how Swiss Ramble’s figures are out by some £30m.

    The old timers on the board were always retained as transitional furniture.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    It is interesting that I wrote on the Le Grove site precisely what Usmanovsaid immediately after Van Persie announced he was not signing a new contract.

    It is absurd to suggest that Arsenal are not capable of competing with trophy winning clubs in transfer market or wage structure.

    Not all clubs are owned by Oil Sheikhs or Russian Oligarchs. The likes
    of Real Madrid, Barcelona,Manchester Utd,Bayern Munich,AC Milan
    and Juventus are not. The current German Champions are Borussia
    Dortmund who operate on a fraction of our budget.

    The fact is that Arsenal is run by people who are frankly lacking in
    ambition on the playing field. They are self satisfied with what the
    club are doing and in Wenger they have a Manager who will frankly
    accept second best. Can you imagine Alex Ferguson allowing his best
    players to walk out of the club year in and year out?

    There is something fundamentally wrong with owner, board and md
    who allow contracts to wind down to one year before attempting a
    renegotiation. This puts the player and his agent in driving seat and
    not club. Most agents encourage young players to move on, because
    of the fat commission they earn from sale.

    As one other thread suggested Kronke is only interested in his investment increasing in value and not how they perform on field. People
    who know what he does elsewhere suggest that he is never going to
    invest in the team and that is clearly the problem now.

    The player who set the trend of departures from club was not Henry or
    Viera, but in actual fact Flamini. Since then Arsenal have looked like
    a selling club or perhaps more importantly one which is a ‘stepping’
    stone for others who are more successful or willing to pay more.

    I have been a season ticket holder for almost 60 years. Last year I considered giving up my 2 tickets, because frankly I have grown fed up
    with the club’s lack of ambition and willingness to change.

    This year will be my last season unless there is a serious change of
    policy at club. Arsenal publish attendances based on seats paid for,
    but anyone who has attended games will have seen the growing number of empty seats. It will be only a matter of time before many of these
    stop paying for seats and then the club will have a problem.

  23. John Gee

    As you said “no de facto proof”, just more fiction. Everybody has an opinion and I happen to think you are wrong. None of us like being hamstrung with the buying of players compared with City or Chelsea, and I am sure we would all become hypocrites if Mr Usmanov gave AW £100m for players, but I still believe that AW’s principles are right. We all said the same after the loss of DB, TH, Cesc etc and many more before , but tomorrow will bring new heroes. It always has and always will. Keep trusting in AW. God forbid if he left.

  24. Pollux

    Kroenke- biggest dickhead around enjoying life in states while getting muppets to run the show at AFC and rolling in the $$. Those heartless souls who sold their shares to him are the biggest cunts in the entire universe. Now Arsenal will have to play the role of a bridesmaid for the foreseeable future. A few mens gain is a million fans pain!

  25. Jeff

    That the board have been totally complicit in all the woes inflicted upon the club for the last 8 years is not in question. But does Pedro’s revelation completely absolve AW of everything? No it does not.

    The manager’s first and foremost responsibility should be to winning football matches. If he is prevented from doing that he should come out and say so because any other course of action will eventually bring into question his integrity and honour; if not now, it will certainly do so later.

    Arsene Wenger is not exactly short of personal wealth and nor would he stay jobless for long if he did speak out and got the sack. So I don’t really buy the “he’s in it to nurture talent” argument. After a long period in any job, if you become so venerated by others, it becomes much more difficult to leave a post. You know all that adulation will instantly cease and disappear. I believe the reason for not leaving or speaking out is psychological on a personal level as opposed to it being for the greater good of the club.

    Does it also redeem AW from all the mistakes he’s made? No it does not. It is human to err but it is not acceptable to keep on keeping on just for the sake of it with the full knowledge that the chance of winning anything major is virtually zero.

    The insane wage structure and the unwillingness to change tactics or formation in order to suit the particular game are still at manager’s discretion. There is a lot that could have been done differently that might have given us a better chance to win something even with the lack of funds at his disposal; but it wasn’t done.

    I suppose it is water under the bridge now and no amount of talking or posting is going to change the past. If what Pedro wrote is true, which direction should Wenger take? We know we can’t change the board or the owner so the only variable in all of this is AW’s actions. What should he do? I guess he faces the same dilemma of carrying on or quitting every season and his answer is always to stick to his contract and see it out come hell or high water. I’m therefore expecting business as usual this and next season at least.

  26. Josip Skoblar

    AW is s very wealthy man. So I don’t think that’s money that motivates him or ‘buys his silence’, but PRIDE and CONTROL over the footballing aspects of the club. So if AW is a dictator in our club, he’s a relatively weak one, with limited aeas of control and restrained decision-making.

  27. Lurch LeRouge

    Kroenke’s a cunt no doubt, but the board members that ‘sold’ him a project that required no investment deserve keel hauling.

    No wonder they ejected Dein, no way he’d have stood by such a foolish proposal and barefaced lie.

  28. GEE-ROO

    Giroud’s release clause was triggered by a bid of under 10 mil. Poldi cost us around 11 mil . Best case scenario after the sale of Vela and WORLD’S GREATEST IN HIS OWN MIND we will have around 12 mil to spend in the market. We need to sign a reasonably priced combative DEFENSIVE midfielder and for me that’s Etienne Capoue of Toulouse. We have had a ridiculously soft centre since Paddy and Gilberto Silva have left and I’m fucking sick of it.

  29. colonel mustard

    well posted but can you believe the 100% change about in optimism since RvP’s statement. It undid all the good work in 1 minute. BUT you must admit that buying both Pod and Gir early on retrospect are red flags to how this played out.

  30. Ash

    If AW has been all about the finances, and we came third, i wonder what would happen if he actually tried to manage the team for glory.

    without facts everything is speculation.

    Spin your stories all you want.

  31. Johnty79

    Wenger says nothing because he only cares about money now. In his mind and I think he’s right arsenal finishing 3rd last season was more of an achievement than man city winning the league and chelsea winning the cl. Only Rvp would get in either the Chelsea or city teams. Talent wise our players are awful. Just see who koz next plays for. It will be a second decision French team.

  32. Hitman

    Pedro – you dont ask or answer the obvious question – where has the Ade, Kolo, Nasri, Fab, money gone? Yes we bought some panic buys last season and Pod & Giroud but where is the rest? Do we need to call in the fraud squad?

    Wenger is not blameless. Had he not wasted £25m per season paying deadwood -we would have a war chest every season to compete in moderation.

    PS: Defensive drills, tactics, formations do not cost any money.

  33. Henry Kwaku Abutu

    So folks, if indeed Wenger has for years been handed so much cash n he had refused to buy world class players which wud av put us into competition, then he needs to begin writing his resignation letter. This is pure wilfully causing pain within the fan base of the Arsenal. Its pathetic!!

  34. SUGA3

    good post Pedro

    I have always been saying on here that it’s one of the two: either Wenger is given the money to spend and refuses to do so (100 million? I would give it back to you!) or is happy to take the flak for the board whilst being handsomely rewarded for doing so…

    the former smacks of insanity, the latter smacks of complete lack of integrity, don’t know what is worse…

    we have to rally to get the mute toupeed cunt out of here before he plants his douchebag son as club’s chairman!

    #CampUsmanov #UzbekiSpy

  35. BOOZY

    I dont agree.

    Firstly, with the squad we had in previous seasons, a better manager would have won loads.

    Secondly, with the squad we have now, a better manager would still win loads.

    if we are that broke, give the job to pep, tell him his funds are limited and his highest expectation is champions league qualification. No pressures.

    Watch him bring out the best out of this squad.

    As for maureen, he’ll win the league with this squad, without any futher additions.

  36. colonel mustard

    Johnty79 – talent wise thats very untrue statement. our players are’nt as world class as City etc but untrue to say that. there is talent there but you need the experienced quality with it crux of RvP argument. makes such a difference. he would have been warned by Cesc that Wegner and Gazidis would try to sell him a pup.

  37. SUGA3


    the funniest thing about it all is that the greedy fuckers would earn much more money, had they triggered a bidding war between SK and AU and there probably would be no issue of the ‘no need to invest’ shite, as Super Ali would blow Toupee out of the water, plain and simple!

  38. Radio Raheem

    Good post Pedro. I say good post because I have been saying the same thing since I started posting on this site in 2008. I must be a genius though as I didn’t need anyone on the ‘inside’ to tell me this.

    I remember having a debate on ‘constraints’ with a couple of grovers recently on the same issue.

    Good post nonetheless.

  39. Marko

    Something has to give though a petition, an occupy at the emirates or something that let’s the media and the current board know that their fanbase isn’t gonna accept it anymore. It’s not about being pro Usmanov or anti Kroenke at this point, it’s about being lied to and finally seeing some real investment and change after all these years of over paying.

  40. Josip Skoblar

    Well said. The Board for sure sold the ‘project’ to Silent Stan. They are the main culprits.

  41. gambon

    Cant agree with this post. If you said it 5 years ago i would agree.

    – Wenger has said NUMEROUS, and i do mean numerous times that we have a lot of money, that there are only 10 players in the world we cant afford. He tried to sign Schweinsteiger last year.

    – Pretty much every member of the board has said Wenger can spend. Fizsman was saying he could buy a £30m player in 2008, PHW says every year in the financial report that he didnt spend his budget, Gazidis has said it numerous times and also pointed out that the AST are roughly right in their analysis.

    – Where is the money going? If wenger isnt allowed to spend it, and the board openly state that all money is made available for reinvestment, what is the plan? Stan has taken £3m out of the club, no more, so why are they just letting the money pile up?

    – If Wenger isnt allowed to spend why is our wage bill rising so heavily? Our wage bill has gone from £90m to £140m in 5 years. Why are they tying his hands over transfer fees but letting him completely run away with the wage bill? It makes no difference to them how the moneys spent.

    I have no doubt that the board are more than happy with the low spending, finishing 4th nature of Wengers management, but you cant say he isnt given any money cos its not true.

  42. higz

    Experienced striker 30 or over? How about David villa? Take a swap with rvp and 5m. He fell out starting 11 before getting injured. We would then atleast get some sort of replacement instead of cash in bank. Only way I can see us being remotely happy with situation. Villa, Giroud n podolski still be very good frontline.

    We can then sell nik b, park, vela and arshavin. That should come to 15 to 20m. Enough for mvila and hope we can get some sort of acm. Wanted to aim higher but hoilett could be good deal.

  43. Terry

    To summarise: Kroenke is in it for the money – Hill-Wood and the rest of the board are in it for the money – Usmanov is in it for the money – Wenger is in it for the money. Where does the money come from? Us, the fans. Take away the fans and you have an empty Emirates stadium, and then you have no Arsenal F.C. Hence, the ‘mathematics’ of the situation says that we, the fans, are Arsenal. Without us, there is no Arsenal. So why don’t we own it?

  44. Hitman

    Yes forgot about that Le Rouge. Just shows how vital it is to get player recruitment and wages correct.

    We cant afford to make mistakes in buying and selling. Unfortuneatly Wenger made too many over the last 5 years.

  45. davesraves

    You hven’t given your sources of informaton which makes this meaningless also
    RVP + WALCOTT+VELA+ BENDTNER+SQUILLACI+ARSHAVIN+DJOUROU = how many millions possibly add Vermaelen and Ramsay to that list

  46. optimistic Gooner

    I don’t believe Wenger has been bought, rather I think he has the power to shape the board. The board would not give Wenger the sack if he spoke out against them because they know there will be an uproar. Look at it this way; we the fans know where we want the club to be and Arsene knows it as well as the board. But Arsene is like an intermediary who knows what both party wants. The board is a group of old idiots who hide behind ‘we are not able to compete with Mancity’. If Wenger spoke out, there will be direct uproar but he is not speaking out because he does not want a change.

  47. GEE-ROO

    PHW’s view on the matter- I don’t know what all the fuss is about , it’s not as if we have been relegated. Well that just sums up the lack of ambition that has filtered down from the top throughout this once great club. Ties in with your view Pedro, we have got a self perpetuating cycle on our hands here. A shit storm of epic proportions.

  48. BOOZY

    There good managers, and there are overrated managers.

    under AVB, every one said chelsea were finished, they needed a massive clear out, they were heading for their worst season in years – Only someone high on very dangerous substance would say they were capable of winning the FA and champions league.

    Step up RDM – same ‘rubbish squad’- BAAM – champions league winners and FA cup winner( destroying sp*ds enroute).

  49. BOOZY

    There are good managers, and there are overrated managers.

    under AVB, every one said chelsea were finished, they needed a massive clear out, they were heading for their worst season in years – Only someone high on very dangerous substance would say they were capable of winning the FA and champions league.

    Step up RDM – same ‘rubbish squad’- BAAM – champions league winners and FA cup winner( destroying sp*ds enroute).

  50. Jerry Warren

    Been, reading the blog a while now but never really commented before. I have to say I think Pedro is probably right with his assertions it would make a lot of sense, and I agree that it doesn’t take away from AW’s mistakes.

    how realistic is that Usmanov comes in?

  51. Арсенал Гана Болельщ

    i said it , yea most fans can’t take the truth ?
    Before Stan took over the club was rund by passionate fans ?
    Leme ask this , do u think If you say you love your club will come out and say Champions league qualification is not important ?
    Pls can someone tell whether Gazidis was born supporting Arsenal ?
    I want my higbury Arsenal back.

  52. GoonerJoe

    When do we finish paying off our stadium debt? Because lets be honest, that will be the next time we can compete with anyone in the transfer market and therefor start winning something.

    Also, I don’t like the idea of the club relying on our next sponsorship deal in 2014 to be the factor that brings in loads of money since:
    a) it probably won’t be used to invest directly back into the squad
    b) I don’t think we will get as much as the likes on Man Utd since we havn’t won anything for a good few years now.

    Sorry for the long comment.

  53. Johnty79

    Team next year…..


    That is our probable team line up. Wilshere I don’t think will ever recover, Walcott has gone with Rvp. If wenger gets that team in the cl then that will be the greatest achievement ever in football. Because we will concede at least 50goals next season. I

  54. sean harmon

    I think we are deluding ourselves if we think that a AFC, effectively a multi-million pound ‘business’, will ever admit that they are in a financially weak position.

    Think of the implications; commercially, who would want to associate themselves with us, and on the football side, it highlights that we are not (Financially) a ‘top 4’ club, but in the tier below with Newcastle, L’pool and Spurs etc.

    I am completely convinced that Wenger is part of, and is driving the strategy and pretense that we have transfer funds, but in fact he is holding out for the ‘jackpot’ in 2014.

  55. fertzy

    I’ve been selling my season ticket since the 2nd season at the Emirates. If they won’t spend on the team, I won’t spend on the club.losing our captain every year is a major embarrassment.

  56. Radio Raheem

    It is quite interesting though that the last few who blamed Wenger exclusively have now shifted their stance…they have finally seen the light some of us saw a long long time ago.

  57. Lurch LeRouge


    yup, though a bidding war would have torn at the very fabric of the club.

    Plural ownership has always been the mandate and there are plenty of examples of clubs suffering as a result of a single owner so we can understand why that wasn’t done I suppose.

  58. Ras

    £52million – £24m (Giroud & Podolski transfer fees) – their combined wages for 4 years = ????

    You’re not stating that we only ever had 20 odd million pounds to spend and we’ve now spent it, are you? Makes sense that we only have £20m or so left to spend this summer.

  59. John

    AFC fans at crossroads here. We either carry on with status quo and accept clubs strategy. Or we put pressure on the board. So so sad it’s coming to this, but it’s the reality. Fans do have a say, we do have power, we just need to channel it in a unified and positive manner. It’s up to us……

  60. Jon Orme

    Hopefully through the sales of Bendtner, Park, Squillaci, Vela & Arshavin we can generate at least £20M for transfers on the midfield… Then if RVP does go we can also use that £20-25M on a replacement.

    Hopefully Theo stays – I’m not sure Chamberlain is ready to be a regular-starter but I wouldn’t be too suprised if he does start pulling up trees next season. Gervinho needs to kick-on, the jury is still out on him!

    Hopefully Jack comes back and can pick up somewhere close to where he left off… Crucial that we don’t expect too much from him though… Look at Ramsey this season. I think Ramsey will have a much better season next year, the Olympics could do him good!

    A lot of hoping… Such is the life of a Gooner these days!

  61. goonerDNA

    BOOZY, Our first team is ok our squad is crap

    RVP – Chamakh and Park
    Chesney – Flappy
    we’re 2 defenders away from JD when all fit and Squilaci is next
    1 midfielder away from Ramsey thank fuck Rosicky found some form.
    Ox is our best winger and he’s not even a winger.

    Thats not the board fault AW has fucked up too with signing quantity over quality.

  62. Leedsgunner

    Honestly… I wouldn’t pay PHW any notice. He’s just an embarrassment. If the response of the Board to the Uzbek’s letter is PHW’s statement… it just shows what an out of touch, bunch they really are. With IG and AW continually talking about how the club’s vision is to be the best in the world and not spending the money to do it is… pathetic.

    Whether it is AW’s reluctance to spend, the Board’s refusal to sanction the spend, the result is the same. The club is being bled dry from the inside. Our best players are leaving. This will affect results on the pitch, which will affect how we can attract the best players, which will lead to our best players leaving… etc. So the circle of BS continues…

    If the club spent say £15M to £20M a year for the past three years on solid proven talent we would not be in this mess. Before anybody corrects me and says we don’t have that kind of money to spend, I ask thee, how many pros do we have our books? Didn’t we pay £12M for Theo and the Ox each? What’s the use of buying good young talent if they are going to p*** off once they are entering their best years? How is that taking the club forward?

    How many millions have we lost to paying fringe players like Diaby, Gibbs, Denilson, Vela, Bendtner, Chamakh, Squillaci, and Almunia? (just on the top of my head). Imagine instead of Diaby, Vela, Bendtner and Chamahk, we spent all their transfer fees and wages accrued so far on one player, say, Hazard or Goetze… what a difference it would make to the quality of the squad. I know hindsight is 20/20 but surely you get my drift?

    It’s not about crying what others have! It’s about using what you have effectively. We are the top London with one of the best stadiums in the world. We have a passionate global fanbase. We have a great legacy. As I’ve been saying for ages now… first and foremost if AFC is to reach the pinnacle of the EPL again, we need a change in attitude, attitude, attitude. The club has to initiate change and not wait for UEFA or FIFA to “level” the playing field for them; because if won’t. The big clubs are too valuable to them… they are ultimately conflicted out. That’s why relying on FFP will never work.

  63. SUGA3


    of course it is up to us, we can either at least try to do something, if it does not work, so be it, at least we will then be able to say that we did what we could with clear conscience…

    if we just sit back and do nothing, we deserve everything coming our way from these fuckers!

  64. Johnty79

    Dream team next season.

    Vermin actor

    Still not good enough to win the champs league, mind.

  65. vladiziv

    I never felt there was a “war chest” or that Wenger hasn’t spent it..
    The man is far form from perfect but can’t see why he wouldn’t make his life easier (better players) if he could..

    the bigger problem than transfer funds I feel is our wage structure and growing wage bill…
    and if you’re gonna blame Wenger for anything that’s probably he’s biggest fault.. and one he probably has most influence over..
    to equally spread.. not enough for the best performers and too much for the useless crap at the bottom..

  66. Dplanet

    We are owned by an American who doesn’t care about football. Winning trophies or bragging rights mean nothing to him – there is no emotional attachment, it’s just business. And football is a great business because the ‘customers’ have a powerful emotional attachment to the ‘brand’ and can be easily milked.

    Kroenke was sold a self-sustaining business – why would he put his own money into it just because a couple of players leave? He wants to make money, not spend it. He knows that Arsenal fans believe that ‘no players is bigger than the club’ and will continue to pay their money to support. We’ll be sold on the exciting attacking prospect of a Ligue 1 top scorer and a German international with 100 caps to replace RvP, despite the fact that we had one of the worst defensive records in living memory last season.

    The Gazidis charm offensive will continue – we’ll be fed the line that our brand of ‘doing things right’ will beat the big bad guys with their fancy petro-Dollars (which we absolutely don’t need) because the gods of FFP will eventually smile down upon us. We’ll be told that the club has the ‘highest ambitions’ but that we need to understand the ‘economic realities’ which mean we just can’t compete with the ‘ridiculous wages’ of the Man Citys of the world.

    We are being sold this bullshit as if we (the fans) and just childish simpletons – it’s what’s best for all of us, trust us. They conveniently forget that we have a shareholder who makes Abramovic look like pauper, who is desperate to provide what the fans want – investment!

    As Miranda C wrote, “Oh the joys of being owned by a single individual with the power to leech off us till we expire.”


  67. Simbo

    Well what can one say about arsenal and present level of support for a club. 4 years ago i was 47000 on the waiting list for a season ticket and yesterday i was offered a ticket. We are losing support due to our lack of investment and no trophies. Soon the ground will be less than full

  68. Dream10

    If Arsenal need to make a profit through player sales every window, and the board saying Arsene Wenger can buy whoever he wants, with the exception of the Messi’s and Ronaldo’s of the world. Someone or more than one are lying.

    Schweinsteiger, Mata, Cazorla, Benzema. 20m plus players we were rumored to be interested in the last few years.

    These players want six figure weekly salaries. Not going to happen

  69. ron

    first off, i dont like legrove attitude, i feel its always negative and devisive.
    that said, i feel this article is spot on.
    i do think wenger sees arsenal as a lifes work and im sure he wants to run arsenal as a self sustaining club but this doesnt allow for the shift caused by man city.
    debt payment is sensible in any walk of life but i think arsenal have failed to account for the human need to compete, the desire to win.
    not much point as a top player being a multi millionaire if you then live a life of regret.
    it might be out of the frying pan into the fire but i do hope stan sells out to red and white. arsenal will be also rans if we stay with stan.
    i remember the sheer joy of supporting arsenal but now were back to G Graham type, ‘we’ll kin show you, type attitude caused by the politics.
    all said, im quite hopeful for the season, i hope the add m’vila but what do i know.
    good article

  70. Johnty79

    Notice the Nigeria game has been cancelled… I don’t think any Nigerian actually wants to watch us anymore as we are full small weedy players. Jenkinson, rosicky, kos, Gibbs, Walcott. 10 years ago we had Campbell, Henry, wiltord, vieria, silva,Adams,toure, . Sorry wenger you messed up the invisibles could have made a fortune if they toured in the summer or 04. No one round the world cares about arsenal anymore.

  71. Negation

    I still think Wenger is just as responsible as the board for what’s going on. This money argument is consistently used to defend him. But, Wenger makes the decisions on how to use the little money he gets. He’s the one that makes decisions at the speed of a snail and forces his ideals on the club.

    Did the board ask him to pay the players similar wages? Did the board ask him not to buy any ruthless defenders or strikers? Isn’t he the one who is always harping on about ‘Complete’ players?

    Did the board make him pass up on cisse and the rest of the players that could have been playing for Arsenal? Or maybe, it’s the board that makes him say things like, “I don’t mind if we finish 2nd for 20 years)

    I don’t care if he’s covering up for the board, that doesn’t make him noble at all; it makes him a hypocrite, because he tries to pretend like he’s a man of principle, but he doesn’t mind keeping the fans away from the truth.

    It’s just scam after scam with those guys. “Oh he spends so little; look at what he’s achieved”, “If he had more money he’d do so much more.” I might be wrong, but hasn’t Arsenal’s spending been the 6th highest in the league for the last 9 years? And for the last 7 years hasn’t our average position in the league been 4th place? If that’s the case, why do people talk as if Wolves and Wigan spend more than us?

    Okay, in the last 5 years Arsenal have been the 8th highest spenders and yet we usually finish 4th…..that’s great, but in the same time period, Everton were 12th on the spending table, with an average league position of 6/7th. Again, my stats might be all wrong, but if not, what’s the big deal with the amount of money Wenger’s had to spend?

    Some people start great and stay great while some people start great, but get worse (of course, some start bad and get better/get worse/ stay the same and etc) – maybe we’re afraid to admit this is happening with our dear manager.

  72. bazza

    Finally you’ve got it Pedro, but well done anyway. I agree with everything you’ve said including Wenger’s weaknesses. But assuming the main problem lies with the owner (as I’ve been banging on about for years) then there really is a dilemma. The owner can basically do as he wishes including appointing the Board and manager, and in a strange way Wenger is encouraging Stan’s position by getting us into Europe every year on a shoe string budget. The question is how do we get out of this mess? My only suggestion is to put constant pressure on the owner in the same way that Man U fans did with the Glazers – Americans really don’t like to be hated.

  73. BOOZY

    At very least a better manager would have –

    won the champions league 05/06

    won the league 06/07 and 07/08

    In our 7 yr barren spell, maureen would have won
    2 champions lg titles and at least 3 EPL titles.

  74. Pedro

    Morning everyone, I have no idea where the rest of the money is going… all I know is Wenger hasn’t been given a war chest this summer.

    This has come from a very good source… so don’t shoot the messenger!

    Not that £20mill is a small amount for Arsene… it’s just not what we’d hope Arsenal would spend.

  75. Arse&Nose©

    The jewpacabra – David Dein- brought kroenke to the board. I don’t see how he is the solution when he has been at the root of boardroom problems

  76. Doublegooner

    Stan is stashing our cash.

    He can use it to buy another ‘franchaise’ somewhere whilst we all sit back & do fuck all.

  77. LeMassiveCoq

    According to Forbes Stan Kronke is worth 3.2 billion $. or roughly 2 billion pounds. That is 2000,000,000 pounds. So my question is this:

    Stan you deluded tight yank cunt, why are you ruining our club by not investing any money? Can you not see that if you don’t replace RVP and strengthen our squad this summer there will be a fucking fan revolt and you will lose money you prick. So either speculate to accumulate or step aside and let Usmanov plough some cash in and keep us happy and competitive again.

    Greedy fucking cunt.

  78. Hunter

    If Wenger had any morals left in him after reading all through the various posts and facts presented by bloggers,he would resign immediately.If he loved our club as he says he does then he should stand up and be counted.If he has continually lied and decieved us he should walk!Its all a big IF but as each day goes by you have to say to yourself ,is it only the money he really cares about?If he is working in collusion with this pathetic bunch of BOD’s just to line his pockets then shame on him.At least Robin said it straight from the heart…its fact, no vision and now if Pedro is correct …NO money!!!!,christ wheres it all gone?can only pressume straight into the pockets of the crooks on the board.How much longer are we to be duped?paying the highest St prices in the world,seven years without a trophy,being lied to every year and being run by a bunch of crooks!!.If Usimov is serious then being a billionaire he should act like Abramovich and treat rsenal as his love child,he can afford to make Kronke an offer he cant refuse surely,then spend his money on what he want to,christ with 18 billion in his current account whats the odd one or two billion to him,We can then clear the way for a new era and new hope cos if something dramatic dosent happen soon we are going to be lost in the wilderness for a long time.I still cant get my head around pedros post of only having 25 million to spend this season,well weve almost spent that already on Pod and Giroud,so on that basis we simply have to sell the dross b efore we can move again and lets face it who’s gonna buy them when they are on the wages we pay them.WENGER OUT! KRONKE OUT

  79. BOOZY

    If maureen took over from arsenal today.

    Strikers like giroud would give him a massive hard-on. Even if rvp stayed, giroud would be his first choice up front.

    Imagine what maureen would do to the likes of

    giroud,song, vermalean, diaby, koz, sagna, arteta, le coq.

    he’ll turn them to animals.

  80. SUGA3

    there is just one thing that does not tally as far as Kroenke being sold the ‘no need for investment’ vision is concerned:

    was not he brought into the picture by Dein who said something about the Russian tanks firing 50 quid notes at us beforehand? surely, he was meant to be the outside investor, someone akin to RA?

  81. Matchy

    I wrote many times there were no such thing as that $100m for wenger to go out and make a splash.

    Wenger has come out with snippets and said things like:

    1. we cannot be considered a big club if we sell nasri, etc etc

    2. i have spent money on transfer (big money). but he always end with a statement such as ‘in a responsbile way’……… That is to protect his own arse. And he did .. players as the former spain player from seville. etc etc ok it wasnt 50m big in at the time it was pretty big.

    He said things here and there at times for reasons.

    And i have written so many times here you can sack wenger and bring in another manager but he’ll have the same budget to work with. If you really want to change the policy at arsenal you need a new owner.

    But the thing is wenger keeps on producing miracles for arsenal. He sells the players and makes profits for the owner (thats why he has not been sacked and thats why he is on $7million pay package and thats why he gets to run his ‘vision’ at arsenal. Building youth academy, playing the style arsenal plays, educating the youth players in arsenal way. Just like barcelona. BUT barcelona youth academy made the changes and implemented CRUFF vision 40 years ago.

    Arsenal is 30 years behind. And they have to compete with youth players against westham, spurs, chelsea in the london proximity. and compete for youth players around the world with all these super clubs like real marid, barcelona etc etc. The world has changed, and people keeps on harping about there is no such thing as player LOYALTY these days. Well because these days one weeks wages is worth for some super stars in the 90’s 1 years of playing.

    And i wrote so many times why arsenal had to go the youth development area. But even with youth players they are buying second rated youth players.

    Man United bought Wayne Rooney for how much when he was 18?
    They Bought youth player from fulham for how much ? $10m
    They bought youth player from blackburn for $20million – Jones
    They bought youth player from sporting – Nani for over $10m
    They bought youth player whats his face the brazilin guy for over $10m

    Arsenal buy two youth player ‘walcot’ for around $9m with all these terms and conditions about bonuses and how many games he plays and arsenal fan gets high for paying him too much.

    They got the new wonder kid from southhampton for $9m last year and arsenal fan gets high for the amount paid for kids.


    I wrote many times if England team the under 21 teams goes plays against the senior team and loses 1-0 Sturart pearsce would be the new messiah in the bristish press.

    People talk about wenger tactical defiencies …. Lets put it this way. Arsenal plays with kids … in the last few years when they first started clearing out the invincibles team. these players are around 18-21. They are suppose to be in the youth team learning ….. the trade. You put an appretence playing against the men and for some of these years had chances to win the league but people make a fuss about wenger tactical defiencies…

    by now some will say i am akb kbg cia fbi mi5 … what the #!#@!

  82. Red&White

    The problem is the wages – Would you pay a player £150k and another player £40k in the same team. Wenger likes to keep salaries in a reasonable range and not get them skewed or is it the board doing this. Take RVP when he had 2 years left on his contract – his agent would be talking to other clubs to find out what salary he could get. If he spoke to chelsea or mancity or man utd – they could of said £150k to £200k. then the agent would ask arsenal to match that. Now RVP has an injury record and to offer a 4 year deal at £150k would cost way to much – it means other players would want £100-£125k. Now the wages would start to spiral and Wenger would then struggle with his utopian world. We need a Manager – not a boss who worries all players are being treated the same. I am sure no other manager cares what players are paid because if the sign to play for you – thats what they have agreed. If you make promises to increase there salaries if the meet targets then fine. just as Djourou took up his option.
    For us to compete we do need to spend more but sensibly and to me this was Usminovs point – We can do it but the board are only interested in spending what we generate and not willing to put there own money in. It has always been like this since way back in the 50’s and 60’s.
    If would just be nice if people from the manager to the board were honest. and not make statements we could sign anybody. Proof being we can’t even get RVP to sign.

  83. Freddie

    We’ve spent 11 on poldi and 12 on giroud so according to you we have 3 more to spend and we won’t be making much from selling. We are only 7 days into transfer window so why don’t you judge our spending at end, what you write is pointless if your be hypocritical all the time

  84. Lurch LeRouge

    no Suga3, we’ve been over this…

    Dein found Kroenke when ITV needed to sell and his corporate online delivery systems dovetailed with our digital expansion.

    He wasn’t brought in because Fiszman was dying.

  85. Emiratesstroller

    The lack of money is not the problem at Arsenal. Borussia Dortmund
    won two trophies last season without breaking bank.

    The problem at Arsenal is ownership of club and poor management. It
    is also the complacency and lack of ambition.

    We have now experienced the same problem of key players wanting to
    leave the club for several seasons. The fact that they are able to do so
    reflects on our management.

    Three things keep key players at club. These are:
    a] A club winning trophies eg Manchester United
    b] A club paying top dollar for their best players eg Chelsea
    c] A club doing both eg Manchester City

    Our Club does none of these things.

  86. arsene knows

    im gutted about our club, fizmans chicken is coming home to roost. i have been posting for years that fizman broke something that not only did not need fixing but was something of beauty, i was there behind the goal at white hart lane 8 years ago, life could not get any better winning the league at the lane unbeaten with sol, thierry and all… fast forward to today!!!

    arsene the coach with dein the visionairy and machavellian were pure gold, and with the ‘board’ running a world class business and a stadium to come what a future ahead of us but…. fizman fucked it all up, sold out to kroenke, dein bought him in and got sacked for it, he realised then that kronke was not for putting his money and so he found usmanov who does want to put his money in and now all the chickens have come home to roost and we are left with what?

    a lot of average players payed fortunes we cant sell / no trophies / players of any worth leaving / no future – fizman/gazides/kroenke last 8 years

    usmanov & dein want to invest and get back to where we were 8 years ago

    your choice!

  87. Dreamiest

    Briliant peace, Pedro. I used to read this blog but I’ve never bothered to comment until today.

    I always knew the availability of this yearly £50m war-chest was a PR thing from the board. There were an article last year on Arsenal Times about Wenger and the board being loggerheads on transfer funds and player sales. This was fucking true.

    Many people used to slag off Wenger for not spending. I always used to question the intelligence behind Arsene sacrificing his talent by saving transfer monies for the club, instead of buying top stars and showcasing his ability to compete with SAF and Moureen. Yes, Wenger is a liar by talking about the availability of massive transfer money, but he’s doing his job. He also did unforgivable mistakes by gambling on the small amount available to him to buy players; e.g. signing Gervinho when there were better and cheaper options.

    Peter Hill-Wood is hypocrite. He sometimes doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    His interview on the Guardian left me devastated.

    On the money they made at Arsenal by selling their shares to the highest bidder:

    “…I was never involved in Arsenal for that [money making] reason, I was involved because I have been brought up to love Arsenal and that is my only concern.”

    So why did you sell your shares if you love and care about this club? Isn’t it the same love RvP and Cesc Fabregas claimed?

    Oh, wait…

    “You wouldn’t say no to a few million pounds… It was nice to make that money…”

    Can you believe, the Arsenal chairman, PHW says this in public, and you expect your star players not to chase the oil money on offer at [Middle] Eastlands?

    On Usmanov’s accusations:

    “I do not know what he is trying to do really, I don’t think he is right.”

    On running the club:

    “We have run the club sensibly, and we haven’t done badly…”

    There’s no desire to win. There’s no ambition to compete for a championship. His words prove RvP was fucking right.

    No star player wants to end his career at a club where’s finishing a club where their ultimate success to finish above the relegation trap.

    “…It’s not as if we have been relegated.”

    So the club’s aim is to avoid relegation and qualification for Champions League is unnecessary bonus?

    On them running out of ideas, and the need for fresh minds to run the club:

    “It would be good to have some young people on the board, but it is not as easy for young people who have full-time jobs to do that now as it was when I was a young man. However I do not think there is anything different we can be doing in the running of Arsenal.”

    I thought Gazidis, Kroenke, Peter Hill-Wood, Sir Keswick, Lord Harris of Peckham and Ken Friar are paid full time by the club. I thought they earn anual sallaries of £670k – £1.2m.

  88. proud akb

    Pedro, your passion for all things arsenal tends to cloud your objectivity am afraid. Firstly you are not sure about most of the things you wrote on the inner workings of our boardroom. But you still pass judgement on that. You should’ve stuck to the fact that r&w holdings got the timing of the letter wrong. They waited after the van persie message to release their statement. . . .oh maybe it was timed right according to a plan.afterall we know van persie’s agent is seriously linked to david dein and r&w holdings.
    Why not write a balanced article based on some questions like do we have 50 mil or not?can we compete with city and chelsea wit 50mil? Is it ethical to to throw obscene money at football? Is arsenal imploding because van persie is leaving? Is arsenal in crisis because of r&w’s letter?
    As far as i know,the rvp and r&w situation is a rich vein of news for hungry hacks in the media in the post season.its fun.lets enjoy it, because the last time i thought about it, the healthiest club in england outside united(?) is arsenal.

  89. DB

    Morning all,

    My family are shareholders in the club and whilst that means fuck all apart from we sit on a nice little bit of money if we sell up, but it also means we have taccess to the accounts in full (which I know isnt hard for others to get hold of)

    According the to last accounts, we had around £180m cash in hand in the bank. Available for a “War Chest” was around £85m after you do the calculations. Stadium repayment was £22m a year and salaries was £120m a year. (I may be out a few mill as going from memory)

    The sales from Nasri and Cesc did not go into last years accounts so will appear in this years. so that is an extra £45m, although be aware that these days no team pays a transfer fee in full at the time of the sale, it is often spread across 4 – 5 years.

    I dont understand what has happened to the money and why it isnt available?
    I dont understand and at the AGM either the questions a vetted or the open mic they wont answer the questions or Gazidis will spend 30 mins to answer and not actually answer the question!

    one thing we do know is that we just got another £20m from the sky deal so where does this money go?

    If Usmanov is sincere and supports the club like he says he does (and I have no reason to doubt him) I will fully support him in a hostile takeover AS LONG as Dein is in charge……. no coincidence we haven’t one shit since he was kicked out

  90. Phil

    Take the fight to Kroenke.
    forget protests outside the ground, it will just create animosity between supporters.
    develop a fighting fund. reach out to celebrity supporters. run an advert campaign in his backyard. inundate his enterprises with mail, use the social media to embarrass him in the states., global electronic petitions, generate free publicity etc.

  91. Chris m

    Never trust a yank. Who was the last player to get a testimonial match for arsenal?

    Loyalty is no longer there!! Whether is the board or whether it’s the players

    You can’t knock what wenger has done for the club.

  92. Samir

    Why the fuck can’t Usmanov and the Yank work together?

    Usmanov should be given a seat on the board! But we all know he won’t because Ivan and Hill Wood know they will get sacked!!!

    Usmanov should pay of 35% of our debt….Kroneke should pay off the remaining amount!

  93. SUGA3


    I know SK bought ITV’s shares at first, but the timing of his initial arrival was after RA came to Chavs and DD figured we needed outside help…

    the board would not have it, so they sacked DD and started pulling wool over SK’s eyes that no investment was needed, so that they could sell to him more easily…

    custodians, my arse, if I saw PHW in the street, I’d punch the cunt’s lights out there and then!

  94. Samir

    Sadly, there is nothing we can do…

    The only thing we can do is watch the club get worse and worse every season! Until we are relegated…Maybe then, the Yank cunt will sell to Usmanov!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Usmanov had enough of this bullshit and goes off to buy another club….And turns them into the next Man City/Madrid.

  95. Matthew Thomas

    Are any of the current board, the manager or the owner fit and proper people to be running a football club, If the article is true then they are all involved in a massive conspiracy to rip off the fans of the club by consistanly spreading lies and dishonesty on every platform available to them.

    The only people telling us the truth are Usmanov and Dein and they have been slaughtered for it by the fans and excluded by the board for not taking part in the conspiracy. No wonder Arsenal supported the recent rule change to keep the books hidden from Usmanov.

    I guess for some Arsenal fans ignornace really is bliss, they would rather just abuse Usmanov and carry on beliving the big lie we have been told because i guess it makes them feel better.

  96. Arben

    Morning Grovers,
    Very good post Pedro, I wouldn’t put too much blame on Kronke or either Gazidis i’ll point my finger dirctly at Mr Wenger, Wenger has agreed with Kronke to continue bullshiting anyone in return of £7million a year in the other hand Kronke doesn’t have to worry about anything ,he just remain calm and happy that the Arsenal shares keeps going up.If Wenger didn’t agree with that he should have left the board will find it dificult to hire a managr of Wenger calibre ,that mean they can’t qualifie for champions league spot tow or three years in row ,club is going downhill Kronke is forced to sell . That’s why i point my finger to Mr Wenger becaouse he is another french mercenary tight cunt and Kroenke know this for fact and he will remain in charge at Arsenal until Wenger fuck off simple.

  97. Lurch LeRouge


    maybe, but with what we know now about KSE and his franchises and how Dein operates I’m not sure I come to the conclusion that KSE was ever considered a fatcat and success hungry sportsfan to rival RA.

    No, his profile reeks of bluechip investor. Which is why Dein sought out super ALI.

  98. Swedish Gun

    with Kroenke its europa league – here we come

    with Usmanov we could be kings of the world
    he may be shady but he is the best and shrewdest of the sugardaddies

    lets say it again:

    Kroenke, board and Wenger OUT!

  99. SUGA3


    I’d say Kroenke and board out, and Wenger to be given a war chest and told to spend it wisely, any more of the buying potential nonsense and it’s Wenger out too, how’s that?

  100. Hunter


    If you are what you say you are and have access to all this information then why don’t you as a shareholder ask the question to the board?’where has all the money gone?Did anyone at the Arsenal Supporters trust meeting stand up and ask the questions,as surely they were being asked at the time?And as shareholders you should also insist on an open forum where questions that are not vetted by that twat Gazidis can be asked,lets provoke them for answers as we surely need some transparency.

  101. Master P

    Arsenal is now a laughing stock for one and all.
    The club could counter and quash all of this with 2 or 3 top signings.
    Will they do it?
    Will they FUCK.
    Kroenke, Gazides and the BoD can you please all just FUCK OFF NOW. YOU ABSOLUTE BUNCH OF CUNTS.

    Great post once again!!

  102. SUGA3


    and then would proceed to urinate on him 😆

    nah, just kidding, but fuck me, as far as I am concerned, he is the football world’s equivalent of a war criminal!

  103. Swedish Gun



    wenger is THE worst matchday coach i have ever seen!
    i cringe every time i see his flapping arms and mouthing off to the 4th officiall(who prob will ref our next game)

  104. Matchy


    Usmanov is so smart and so rich and certainly richer then kronke???. if he was so serious why not make kronke an offer he cannot refuse?

    if he was so serious he could have made an offer to the previous owners (since they are sooooooo money minded people) they cannot refused. But why most of them sold their lot to Kronke?

    Sure if if Usmanov was serious and rich $1 billion for him is nothing i’m sure he could make an offer kronke cannot refused. After all its just money since kronke ‘invested’ in arsenal …. for profit. NO????????????

    So why usmnov didnt do it? dont do it?

  105. leon

    for me this is so old i am pretty much sick of talking about samething again and again as long wenger and hill wood is this club aint winning a thing. rvp not signing a new contract came as no suprise to me at all why would he.he can earn twice the money at another club and no thats being greedy most players careers end by 34-35 and he win some trophies.

  106. Phil

    suga3 , I am not talking fan websites , rather mainstream media. Or any form that he can’t ignore.

  107. SUGA3


    why would he? he is a businessman first and foremost, why would he unreasonably line the pockets of people who see him as an eastern savage?

    when the whole sad self sustaining project goes tits up (and it will sooner rather than later), they will come to him hat in hand!

  108. tomb

    On them running out of ideas, and the need for fresh minds to run the club:

    “It would be good to have some young people on the board, but it is not as easy for young people who have full-time jobs to do that now as it was when I was a young man. However I do not think there is anything different we can be doing in the running of Arsenal.”

    Wasnt Dein young and had fresh ideas. You didnt like that and F**ked him over..

  109. G787

    So Wenger is not fully to blame if I understand this piece. The problem as I see it is that we’ve got a rotten board, scrooge yank owner, incompetent CEO and manager who is towing the line while making big errors, which makes for a very bad mix. No wonder Robin wants out.

  110. SUGA3


    if you want mainstream media to get involved, you have to make it newsworthy, which means public protests outside the ground, ‘Kroenke Out’ banners inside the stadium (yeah, right) and all that stuff…

    good point on geting the celeb fans on board tho!

  111. incesc

    great article today pedro btw

    hopefully a few of the sundays nick it and this builds up a head of steam

    the fact that kroenke isnt a football man and is basically sitting on what is a sleeping giant of a club needs to be exposed.

    the gap in what this club could be and what it currently is is huge.

  112. iffy the goon

    Liars!! The lot of them. One thing for sure, the current board room tussle needs to end if we’re ever going to move forward from this mess. You simply can’t have a man as powerful as Alisher Usmanov as majority shareholder and just choose to ignore him

  113. Mattj

    Proud AKB how can we be the second healthiest club after Man U we have not won a trophy since 2005. Football is a sporting competition and with investment on the squad we would have been succesful. R&W letter has aske that Kronke clarifies the position of his loan with Deutche Bank is that being funded by AFC? if so there self sustaining model is a farce and we are being lied to by the board. Kronke needs to speak out or get out.

  114. incesc

    SamirJuly 7, 2012 10:57:19
    Why the fuck can’t Usmanov and the Yank work together?

    because the yank wants to keep on stealing our money whilst calling it seld sustainability.

  115. Marko

    Certainly at the very least the board, Usmanov and the general media need to know the fans want change. At boardroom level especially

  116. GunnerPete

    Sometimes I wonder and am shocked at the lack of basic intelligence of fellow gunners. If this article is correct , then AW has £25 mill to spend….this implies that this is new money from finishing third. Add to this any sales of the crap we have to get rid of…..Vela, Chamakh…Djourou, ..Sqillacci,,,Bentner…..Diaby….Fabiansky……and the vast sums saved in wages from this lot and the sale of RVP…..should give AW about…..£42 mill in fees and about £23 mill in wages.
    This money should be for AW…if he buys another two class players for £30 mill…..we will have some team to talk about and a bit more off the debt. Just add Jack to this lot and then tell me we are a club with problems!!!!

  117. silentstan

    all the faith and excuses for Wenger just beggar belief. He is completely complicit in the stratgey of the Board, or a weakling. PLus, he lets contracts run down, he bought chamack denilson park et al. There are cheaper, free, better options than his purchases over these past years. He has lied to fans and no doubt players. He has stuck by sick note players, he has sanctioned 40-60k wages to average players making it impossible to move them on.
    We have qualified for teh CL thru luck, because despite blowing up every end of season, we have had lasagne gate, the AVB affect at the chavs, Twitchy’s england and trial issues. etc etc.
    IT IS time to protest. support the team during the game but get very vocal and visible about getting t he owner, board AND manager out

  118. Arsene nose best

    So we got usmanov, who wants to give us money, kronke, who doesn’t give a fuck, you have to ask what this yank cunt is up to.

  119. Haroon Babashans

    PEDRO YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON …..Even the dumbest person alive knows that Diaby is Shit and a crock , why would Arsene tag him a new signing ,only if he knows that the club cannot stand the loss that He (diaby) has been for the past 6 years and most importantly will not replace him with a better player.
    Another reason to back pedro’s claim is how Arshavin’s transfer to Arsenal in 2009 pannned out. Wenger was keen on bringing him but the Board didn’t want to sign him because its going to cost the club around £15 to £20.
    “The transfer looked likely to proceed in a relatively straightforward fashion when the Zenit St Petersburg midfielder was pictured in Hertfordshire yesterday morning, having flown into England yesterday.
    However, sources close to the deal soon revealed Arshavin was on his way back to a London airport and the transfer was on the brink of collapse. But negotiations continued behind the scenes with the asking price, personal terms and a possible payment from Arshavin to Zenit all mooted as potential sticking points”

    Read more:
    Finally, Arsenal financial profit largely depends on Player sales and property sales. The property sold last month for £25 million is our transfer war chest for this season, Only God knows what it would have been if we didn’t qualify for the champions league.
    This analysis by swiss ramble gives more details about the current situation.
    “In the annual results for 2011, property played a larger role, providing the vast majority (£13 million) of the total £15 million profit with only £2 million coming from the football business. Furthermore, if the £6.3 million made from player sales is excluded, the club made a £4 million loss in the football segment. Even the enormous £56 million 2010 profit would only have been £7 million without £11 million property gains and £38 million player sales”.
    This is concerning, as property gains will come to an end at some stage, while Arsenal would not wish to be seen as a selling club, even though this has been a major reason for their recent profits, e.g. £94 million (or over 60%) of the £153 million made in the last four years. That’s good business, but it makes it hard to build a winning team.

    Incidentally, the graph above also supports Wenger’s mysterious quote about the club having to make £15 million profit each season, as this covers the annual interest payable. As the great man said, “We want to pay the debt back from building the stadium and that’s around £15 million, so it’s normal that at the start we have to make £15 million or we lose money.”

  120. leon

    well now this team have sold almost all of thier good players fab nasri clichy gilberto henry have not bought any real top world players so no i dont think rvp wont sign a new contract just becuase of the money.the fact is the club has gotton worse and worse every season and dispite rvp efforts the team was a squad was the worst i ever seen.the one thing this team needs is 2-3 great players but wenger would never spend the kind of money needed get suc h rvp chooses to leave good luck to him

  121. Samir

    Gazidis, 47, is Arsenal’s youngest director; Kroenke is 65 this month, Hill-Wood 76, Sir “Chips” Keswick 72, Lord Harris of Peckham 69 and the long-serving administrative stalwart Ken Friar is 78.

    No wonder we’re not moving forward…

  122. Jeff

    The fans will be ignored as they have been. Why? The majority are still flying the Wenger flag and by implication or proxy, flying the board flag. That will keep the gate money coming in, the merchandise will be sold and once we’re in the thick of it again come August, all this, the letter, RVP and PHW interview will have been a thing of the past.

    We will begin with the usual mental strength excuses, the ever-present list of injuries and the conspiracy by all referees to ensure we never win important games. We will be enraged and upset over the rough tackles, the missed sitters, the leaky defence and the clown we call a goalkeeper; and all because the board love a tidy sum.

  123. Arsene nose best

    Then you also have to question why, wenger, has bought 2 strikers when we conceded 49 goals last season if he only has a small budget, that again is outrageous.

  124. Samir

    Why don’t the AST demand to know Kroneke plans and vision for the club?

    Put his alongside Usmanov’s and there will be mayhem!

    “I want to make alot of money from the club without spending any of my own…”