Wenger begs Robin to stay at Arsenal | Yann M’Vila dancing alone | Lloris not coming… sorry

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... is this yours Robin?

Happy morning everyone. These summer days are just amazing eh? Knowing the reservoirs are brimming fills me with a huge amount of satisfaction. God bless the rain and the fine harvests it brings.

Onto football. If only the rain could supplement the growth of a decent football story to report on. It’s so quiet out there at the moment. Even Giroud has given up gassing to the newspapers. In fact, it has to be said that in general, football as a whole has been pretty quiet. What’s going on? Are we finally seeing a slow down… or are we just about to see an explosion of transfers? Time will tell people, there’s still a long way to go.

One player we’d hope isn’t part of the transfer back pages is Robin Van Persie. We love him dearly. We’ve only ever seen him play 2 full seasons. We hope he’ll stay. Arsene Wenger hopes so as well…

‘We want to keep Robin van Persie at all costs, because we depend on him offensively. I’ve always supported him even in the hardest times, and I hope he will end his career at Arsenal.’

I see where he’s coming from… but come on Arsene, you’ve been in the game long enough to know that supporting Robin makes no difference in the grand scheme of things. You can’t tell a footballer on his last contract that he owes you because you stood by him when he was crocked. You stood by him because you thought he’d come good. You stood by him because some might say you weren’t ruthless enough. This behaviour cost you trophies Arsene. But this isn’t Robin’s fault and sadly, he won’t feel he owes you a damn thing.

That’s life Arsene. What you need to do is take learnings from this. You need to think about individuals as part of a team. If they’re not serving the team properly, you have to replace them. By serving the individual, and costing the team, you’re not only costing the fans, you’re costing yourself when those players eventually reject you for greater riches.

Maybe Robin won’t do that…. But be honest, if you were a crock, if you’d just had the best season of your life, if you were 29. Would you risk one more season on £80k a week hoping you could replicate your form and fitness for a massive deal next summer?

Doubtful. Unless Wenger had pictures of you doing something like baking cupcakes.

The manager has been talking about Giroud to Eurosport…

“I have known Olivier Giroud for some time,”

“The first time I saw him, I found he had something intelligent and dangerous. I always said he could score goals and assist his partners.

“Our game is based on cooperation between the players in the offensive phase and he will integrate easily.

“I don’t like simple goalscorers, they must also add to the collective.

“He is good in the air which is rare. He is quite complete and has a great room for improvement.”

He doesn’t like simple goal scorers. You know, like Andy Carroll. He likes the cultured variety. A striker who knows the subtle differences between a Peroni and a bottle of Chateau Petrus when dining out in Pizza Express on an Orange Wednesdays 2 for 1 deal.

Looking at how Giroud plays, he does seem to have elements of Andy Carroll when he was playing well. He’s tall, awkward in the air… he’d slap the cheek of any woman who gave him a wonky eye. I think he’ll be a massive asset to us. He’s a craftsman in the box much in the same way Huntelaar is and he’s not afraid to get stuck in. An attribute not many French players have ready made when they first arrive in the Premiership.

If Robin does decide to stay, the most interesting aspect of that will be how he integrates his news forwards in with Robin. Obviously there will be rotation, but at 26, you’d imagine Girioud will have a big part to play in the first team. Will Wenger drop Robin deeper into that role he Bergkamp insists he’s best in. Or will he stick with the same set up but give Robin a breather every now and then?

Finally, I think we can put to bed the stories about Hugo Lloris. He’s not moving to Arsenal. The asking price is £18million. I don’t think he’s better than what we have and I don’t think as a club we have money to burn on positions that don’t really need attention. Chezzer needs competition. That will motivate his shot to save ration right back up.

Finally, no one has moved for M’Vila. This feels like Arsenal territory. It’s the end of the night at the summer time disco. Yann is dancing on his own. Arsenal are prowling. There’s still two months to go. But as those two months go on…. as more and more people leave the disco… Yann loses value. If we get to late August, expect Arsenal to make a move. Until then, let the music roll.

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On that not. Have a great day.


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  1. Harry Redknapp

    man we should have won two prem titles in the last 7 years but at the sharp end of the season robin was rubbin his legs with horse placenta and keepin diaby in the waiting room, now we all gotta cry after one good season, no way, propmote someone they will step up

  2. patthegooner

    RCLS, yeah I reckon we will be looking at 20m

    Maybe less if it is outside the PL.

    I actually think the best we could look for would be a cash plus player deal with Man City.

    I don’t think we could get Tevez, but surely some money + De Jong + Dzeko would be a good deal for all.

  3. mystic

    Whether RvP likes it or not, he can get his agent to negotiate with anyone he likes, but for the moment the ball is in Arsenal’s court.

    If they choose to accept a bid from a club that doesn’t suit RvP, then he can simply refuse to negotiate terms. Problem for RvP is that there actually doesn’t appear to have been that many suitors.

    The question is whether RvP is prepared to be a bit man to get silverware (like na$ri last season), or if he wants to remain the main cog in the engine. If it is the former then alas it suggests that he is placing gongs and money above ambition to play, however if it is the latter then he will need to eat bowlfuls of humble pie.

    If RvP can honestly say that he does not percieve a team in which he stars and also incudes the likes of Podolski and Giroud isn’t showing ambition, then I’m afraid it rather points towards another reason behind his decison to issue a public statement.

    I for one wanted to hear it from Arsenal first, the players feelings are of secondary importance to me. It is a shame the club allowed an individual to out flank them.

  4. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    follow the money – i’m going to blend back in with the flock of sheep on that and simply say, the market has really just opened and it won’t hot up for another couple of weeks. as players have a holiday and clubs and agents line up moves on their returns we have plenty of time to get rid of the dross and bring in reinforcements at the back and in midfield.

    I can only speculate from Robin’s statement that in their meeting he wasn’t reassured with the targets for the season and with what areas would be addressed with additional personnel.

    The statement does say ‘at this time’ (in regards to signing a contract extension), it may be a move to force the clubs hand on some conspiracy levels, but it’s a foolish move and by the captain, not just mere peasant. It’s treason to the shirt and, if i’m honest, he knows it and is half forcing it with room to manoeuvre if things change.

  5. BOOZY

    If rvp goes, then theo’s contract talk becomes more than crucial.

    How would arsenal explain loosing fabregas, nasri, rvp and theo in 2 seasons.

    Thats like united selling rooney, young, nani and valencia in 2 seasons.


    The arsenal 4 been better than united’s makes it even more criminal, yet possibility of ours happening looks scarily realistic.

  6. gambon

    “but it’s early in the window and to say we’re not ambitious when in the next month or so we could sign someone like M’vila and or a defender it’d just show him up”

    Jesus, have you got learning difficulties?


    The meeting with the paedo and uncle fester were to discuss exactly these issues.

    He came away from said meeting wanting to leave.

    2 + 2 = Another top player leaving

  7. AA23

    I’ve not been happy with the way things have been going at Arsenal for a long time now.
    But Van Persie has made a right mess of this.
    Thick Idiot

  8. Dimitri

    Still trying to find that article.

    In the meantime, seriously who gives a fuck if we lose Theo. I don’t like to insult people over the net but Boozy if I gave you my address and you gave me your paypal details you think you’d mind shipping me some of the incredible shit that you’re on?

  9. SalParadiseNYC

    AA23July 4, 2012 23:38:05
    fuck off cunt.
    you know fuck all about Arsenal or football.

    You know fuck all about me, don’t make blind statements you sound like AW.

  10. Doublegooner

    To stop the rot. Wenger MUST GO NOW.

    We have to show ambition & change the mood.

    Bring in Guardiola.

    Sign Llorente & Martinez for a start.

  11. LJB

    I am utterly disgusted by the attitude of some of those on here and on other blogs.RVP is a hero for daring to openly criticise the club. I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end for Wenger and the board.Also i’m sick and tired of those who are opposed to Usmanov repeatedly coming out with their scare stories about Leeds,Portsmouth and Rangers.The reason these clubs went bust was because they had owners who couldn’t afford to sustain them;this would NOT be a problem for Usmanov. There has not been one club owned by people with SERIOUS wealth who have got into financial trouble,and not one example of owners getting “bored” and fucking off leaving a club in the lurch. Its pathetic scaremongering . Reading Untold and Aclf makes me want to blow up the Emirates with all of them in it.We have reached the beginning of the end and things will get bloodier and bloodier..Wenger will not survive to christmas.He should resign now the fucking wanker and take the french job.

  12. Harry Redknapp

    robin aint sure anyone wants him thats why the attack on the club,disguised like love and care. he studied le grove thinking yeahhh all these cunts will fall for this note im writin. and suck my knob even if i dont get to leave lol what a fool

  13. Dan Ahern

    Made a mess of this? Actually, a good move by RvP is you think about it. What are Arsenal’s options now? Sell him (likely to title-winners City), or make a last attempt to appease him with signings. Basically he forced AFC’s hand while there’s still plenty of offseason to work with.

  14. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    pattg – dzeko’s wages = no chance.

    City offer the most £, but them, united or chelsea wouldn’t look a very smart move for us, nor him probably.. The city fans already have a bit of a laud and to give them even further feeder club ammo would be sacrilege. The media would absolutely weigh in and cain us something chronic if he goes there aswell.

    It’ll have to be abroad and maybe if we can get real or psg having a sniff we can probably creep the price up to about 20m straight or a decent player swap.

  15. AA23

    SalParadiseNYCJuly 5, 2012 00:03:33

    You know fuck all about me, don’t make blind statements you sound like AW.

    I know you are a cunt. We all do.

  16. SUGA3

    having single handedly won us the 3rd place trophy and ridiculously obviously so, RvP has every right to question the club’s direction, knowing full well that he may not be able to replicate the last season…

  17. SalParadiseNYC

    You sound like another cunt whom thinks he knows a thing or two about Arsenal.

    ‘We want to keep Robin van Persie at all costs, because we depend on him offensively. I’ve always supported him even in the hardest times, and I hope he will end his career at Arsenal.’

  18. peter

    How would arsenal explain loosing fabregas, nasri, rvp and theo in 2 seasons. its very easy we had them for 6 years and won fuck all with rhem.

  19. Marko

    Diaby is injured, Wilshere is injured and Rosicky has a possible achilles injury and Benayoun hasn’t signed so Gambon if you think Van Persie went to a meeting and found out we were signing no one else then I’m sorry but that’s crazy talk. Yeah I’d say he went to a meeting and didn’t like what he heard but exactly what he didn’t like I guess we’ll never know. He made his statement way too soon.

  20. AA23

    Sal you thick fucking idiot I don’t want to keep him.
    I know more than you about Arsenal, like you know more than me about aids.
    now fuck off.

  21. gambon


    I think rvp has more love for the club than anyone else in our squad, and most foreigners weve ever had.

    If he’s leaving then theres something seriously wrong. The club dont have a leg to stand on.

    If you remember Henrys departure it was exactly the same.

    They were even the same age and had played for 8 seasons.

  22. Harry Redknapp

    so gambon what you sayin in 5 years we will get robin back on loan for two months in jauary ?

  23. AA23

    Fair play.
    I think the way he’s done it is out of order though. He’s proved how much he really loves the club as well.
    He’s full of shit.

  24. Keyser

    Henry PLAYED for 8 seasons.

    Now you know gammy’s on a wind up, that’s worse than the Arshavin LEFT one.

  25. Keyser

    Didn’t the see leg to stand on bit, hah, clever, any other coverted ‘Van persie is a crock’ites on here ?!

  26. sam


    wenger should be sacked because of van persie
    gareth bale just signed new contract and steven gerrard is more likely to retire in liverpool shirts.
    man city just won one lucky, all of a sudden they are bigger than arsenal.
    yes we appreciate his efforts last season but he’s only a striker he can be replaced.
    sorry i stand by wenger with this one, van persie is even worse than cesc and nasri. i personally thought he was going to be humble and extend his contract but hey! backstabbing wenger is now like annual ritual, watch out for abou diaby next summer. it will be fun!

  27. SUGA3

    fucking two bob club mentality, making a modern superclub does still require the old school tricks like making proper legends and keeping them, some dumb fucks consider Cesc to be a legend and he was just a kid, no matter how good he was!

  28. Marko

    All I know is if in the next month and a half we signed Javi Martinez and Marek Hamsik Robin’s gonna look a right dickhead. Gambon too. Now that’s an incentive for the club

  29. mystic

    Wow I thought there were some emotional comments being made on this site, but some of the comments I have read elsewhere this evening!

    The views here seems to be pretty mixed, elsewhere I would say it is running about 80% / 20% AGAINST RvP.

    A lot of people seem to be saying pretty much the same thing, basically that RvP has gone about this in such a manner as to make it rebound in a way that maybe he didn’t imagine.

  30. curdy dunt

    Sorry that was a pretty mundane story – but not as mundane as Van Persie leaving ….who the fuck thought hed stay?

    Hed have more chance of winning the premiership with a team of spread eagled YMCA one legged retarded gimps than he would with Arsenal…

  31. mystic

    ‘Marko if that happens i’ll happily change my name to Arsene Knows esq.’

    Nice one Robin’s Choco Leg Special, or should I just start to call you Arsene?

  32. curdy dunt

    Anyone who is against Van Persie is against Arsenal….

    Why should he stay and put a gloss on the COMPLETE SHIT that Wenger has created!!

    Fuck that – lets bare to the world how truly fucktastic we are – and while we’re at it we can get Gervinho to do all our modelling now

  33. gnarleygeorge9

    All this RVP press talk is just deflecting from the real shite that is about to happen to manchester Utd. The press would rather batter a financial role model like Arsenal than question the last 8 years of their darling manchester utd as a financial run away train.

    I guess, apart from Geoff & co, most of u just don’t see the bigger picture. After the euphoria of the London Olympics is over, & the 10 year party & back slapping since the announcement back in 2004 or so stops, the sit will hit your sports fan. And guess which Club is set up to keep firing live amo 🙂

    Yes thats right Your Club.


  34. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    arsenal v sunderland;






    bench; gk, jenkinson, djourou, ramsey, rosicky, miyaichi, afobe

  35. BOOZY

    I can’t wait for diaby, after managing his first ever full season- refusing to sign, because arsenal don’t meet his ambitions anymore.

    Arsenal fc. been fucked over since 1914.

  36. Gaz the Gooner

    Fuck RVP!!!! Let him train with the reserves for is final year of his contract and see if he gets his 250K a week in a years time.

    If he leaves for footballing reasons then sign for city for the money we offered him. would he do that, would he bollocks!

    I bet he nearly crashed the car when found out what we offered!

  37. curdy dunt

    Boozy – if you want van persie to be “loyal” then why doesnt that vinegar faced chicken rapist be loyal back by buying some decent players and attempt to win a few trophies so van persie doesnt end his career with an empty medal drawer and a memory bank full of wenger doing BeeGee spins whilst gizzing water all over Diabys cunt….

  38. Matthew Thomas

    Van Persie, during a meeting with Wenger and Gazidis, it had “become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward”

    Sounds about right to me. I don’t know anyone that does agree with Wenger and Gazidis about how the club should move forward.

  39. LJB

    Robin,i suppose Poldolski is a cunt as well because he walked out on Koln because they couldn’t match his ambition or wage demands. I have just heard Vermaelens agent is negotiating with Barca as we speak and he will be putting a transfer request within days.So you can call him a cunt as well . That picture of RVP,his agent and that fella who was with the City lot at the Emirates WAS the night RVP was offered,and accepted an offer from City. Don’t people remember RVP taking photos of anfield after the game last season? Or the fact he stayed behind after the final home game,taking photos and saying goodbye to everyone.I can’t believe anyone would think he was staying; he might as well put a sign round his neck saying CU losers it was so bleeding obvious.

  40. Matthew Thomas

    Talk of loyalty makes me laugh, who here would be loyal to their employer if someone else offered to double their wages and give them better working conditions ?

  41. sam

    don’t worry gooners!
    neymar still available lets hope after driving robin to manchester, wenger and gazidis will fly to brazil with that bag of money.
    wow! number 10 is now available.

    surprise surprise

  42. paul mc daid

    Congratulations Arsene,you have finally rid Arsenal off all our World Class players,wonder what Ivan the Clown,Stan the Wank and MR 1 % are planning for your tenth anniversary off mediocracy,winning went out the door at Arsenal with the departure of David Dein,the heart off the club will be going out the door with the departure off Robin.

  43. Kevtheyid

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha.the pedo just ducked his head back under his sleeping bag coat,maybe there’s a kid in there.he leaves when he wants,he leaves when he wants robin van rapist he leave when he wants…..

  44. Tv next lol lol lol

    Barca in talks with tv,o dear arse anal the gifted that just keeps giving.your done#nothing to see hear anymore…………wengers to busy bucking French rapping sluts to give a fuck ha ha ha ha ha ha

  45. luke

    Good for you Robin,
    If Ivan & Arsene can’t catch the plot on this one then shame on them.
    All the folks on here who complain about Wenger not buying anyone or winning for 8 yrs and turn around and blame RVP for wanting to jump a sinking ship, then have fun venting your misdirected anger on to blogs and tvs you vicariously living idiots

  46. Dutchman

    What a disgrace of a club, we are. No topplayer here anymore. No fucking ambition. It’s all about profit. Don’t get it ,why fans aren’t protesting. We need to protest. This can’t go on like this. Every player who has one good season, is sold in the summer. Theo will be next, 100% sure of that. We just need to replace RvP with a Big, Big striker now. Someone like Llorente or Higain. We just bought Giroud and Podolski, but Chamakh, Park, Arshavin, Vela,Bendtner and maybe Walcott will all leave. So Podolski and Giroud aren’t enough!!! With the sale of RvP, we will have 30m surely + the sales from other players, we will have more than 50m. + big wages to sign players. We have again loads of money to strengthen, but will wenger do it?
    I won’t be suprised if m’vila is announced in the coming days to make arsenal fans happier. But it’s just disgusting that we can’t hold on to our top players. Something must change!! And we can make that happen. As the club is nowhere without their fans. I still have hope that we sign m’vila,dempsey and another CAM and attacker. But we will have to wait.

  47. Kempster

    A bad way to do your business Robin. I can’t support how you’ve gone about this.

    1 good season in 8 years. And now you’ve shafted your sell-on price. Low blow. Difficult to forgive. For shame.

  48. Johnny5

    Gambon and his muggy sidekick

    You fucking faggots why not kalou
    He’s good got prem experience and will be itching to stuff Chelsea plus alongside podolski and giroud that should easily cover rvps goals. And as long as we get a DM too we’d be alot stronger at the back.

  49. Dutchman

    Oh, and the club has lied to us AGAIN!!

    Oh , and what about wenger quotes ? :
    We rely on RvP, we can’t lose him……
    We will do everything to keep him, he is too important for us…….

    Now he is gone, will you make the big signing we need, french senile??

    Hope wenger says something about it tomorrow. I expect him to say that he will strengthen this team now, because he knows that we are nothing without RvP.

  50. Dutchman

    Kempster, agree. RvP is an arrogant cunt. Everybody in Holland hates his character. I know for a fact that he will be leaving for the money. And that he won’t be that good in another team. Just look at how he plays for Holland. He is nothing without Arsenal. Koscielny will have him with one finger. Believe me, he is not that good, without arsenal. The team was built around him.

  51. Johnny5


    He’s a better striker than what we have after RVP goes wasn’t given a run at Chelsea. He’s got the skill and talent to do well for us

  52. Matthew Thomas


    so in order to be better than Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Real Madrid, Barcelona

    we should buy the players that were not good enough to make it at those clubs and put them in our team. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  53. Johnny5

    He’s quality but was never given the chance with drogba there and when you spend 50m on Torres you can’t not play him but when he did play he looked good. I’m not saying by himself he will replace RVP but with podolski and giroud coming in too they should smash it plus I can’t see wenger getting a top top drawer player. We can’t even keep hold of our one season wonders.

  54. Pollux

    RVP RVP! There is only one RVP. The one and only True Arsenal Hero who dare to speak up against the direction of the club. Isnt he speaking up for all of us who have suffered enough humiliation for the past 7 years?

    Yes, I’m upset he may leave AFC but hopefully it should give those daydreaming directors and manager a kick up their teeth and wake them up to the new dawn for 21st century football.

    Without spending, Dont expect title.

  55. Pollux

    Any AKBs around? In Arsene we trust? What a load of muppets.
    Anyone here who slated RVP should just support the spud cunt.

    Dont forget without RVP, there is no way we would have gotten 3rd place and all the $$ that comes with it.

    Hail RVP. The one and only true Arsenal warrior who dare to speak up against the board!

  56. Ric

    Its funny to see how the Sheep all fall in line and start chirping the same tune.

    RVP has singehandedly saved both the season that where and the season to come, yet you cannot remember any of this. Complete blanks at this point. RVP = Traitor! You people are slap stupid sometimes.

  57. gnarleygeorge9

    Matthew Thomas
    “football isn’t about being financial role models which is probably why the press don’t care about it very much”.

    Your press is in Murdochs pocket & he owns the TV rights, correct. He aint going to talk about club financial crisis.

    Anyway, think what you want. Its always a good fit thinking that everything will stay the same, but manchester utd, the flag ship of the PL are @ the edge of deep crisis. Survival as a club will become more of an issue than 3 points.

    4 weeks to go, then the party is over in the UK 😆

  58. Ric

    Johnny5July 5, 2012 01:06:33

    If it was me you were refering to then I’d rather take it up the Arse then share one braincell with fifteen other inbred siblings like you do.

    Kalou is SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE! Quit propagating “Der untergang” of our club Johnny!

  59. sam

    i am not an akb but robin doesn’t like the way the club is being managed is not a surprise at all. i hope he likes the physio room wherever he goes.
    this is no news, arsene just bought 2 strikers i mean did you really think we were going to have 3 left-footed strikers in the line-up? 2 just arrived and one has to go, please do the math.
    especially walcott, who doesn’t want to see oxlade-chamberlain starting on the right next season?
    they can both f!ck off, we don’t pay 200k to anyone.
    we still need 3 new signings though

  60. Reality Check

    Robin. You done the right thing. You’ve got to think about what will he have to show for his career if he carrys on winning nothing. Either way here are his stats.

    2004-05: 41 games, 10
    2005-06: 38 games, 11 goals
    2006-07: 31 games, 13 goals
    2007-08: 23 games, 9 goals
    2008-09: 44 games, 20 goals
    2009-10: 20 games, 10 goals
    2010-11: 33 games, 22 goals
    2011-12: 48 games, 37 goals

    goalsVan Persie at Arsenal

  61. Moray

    Well, RVP is not renewing his contract. No big surprise.

    Wenger doesn’t buy early unless he is trying to placate fans: they knew RVP was leaving before the Euros and this is why they asked him to keep shtum. So we could sell a few more season tickets and tour tickets.

    Also, Wenger doesn’t add to our threadbare squad. Just buys replacements who are normally not as good.

    Interesting though that RVP claims Gazidis is on holiday for 2 weeks and the clubs claims not. I think there is a big internal power struggle going on.

    Does it strike anyone else that RVP leaving might be the final nail in the coffin of the Wenger philosophy? All of his kids have upped and left in their prime: from Cole to now RVP. The ones who stay are overpaid and underperforming. If RVP stays in the UK it is a huge slap in the face for the club. But I don;t blame him….

  62. Moray

    “I’d be more disappointed to lose Walcott than RvP.”

    This is a real comment on the Guardian comments section.

    I am beginning to think that, despite the left feet, Giroud and Podolski are direct replacements for RVP and Walcott. It is at least consistent to Wengernomics…perhaps we will play a narrow 4-3-3 with the Ox stepping up.

    Say RVP goes for 20m (we never command enough for our good players for some reason) and Walcott for 15m, we would be quids in. A +2 sustainability factor.

  63. gnarleygeorge9


    I’d love to see the shit hit the fan @ OT 😆 I’d bloody love it!

    I don’t blame arsenal fans for being grumpy about Arsene Wenger/The Board/Ivan/Stan coz of lack of trophys, but my point is as Arsenal sits right here right now, they are looking ok. Going forward they are in a strong position, & that is a comfy fit for me. In the scheme of things, all that matters for me is Arsenal Football Club., stuff the rest 😈

  64. Bacaryisgod

    The infamous sushi dinner with his agent and the Man City delegate in the middle of the season tells us all we need to know about RVP’s loyalty. It’s now clear he was playing out of his skin in order to drive us his wages and not much else.

    He also thinks he should have more control than he deserves over player decisions. He also sulked about us not signing Van Der Vaart (I can see why we didn’t) and now he wants to dictate our transfer policy. Unfortunately, he has us over a barrel and he knows it. Either we keep him or we sell him to an RVP-approved team.

    We’re essentially screwed for next season as we’ll need time to establish a different system or keep the same system with new players. A tough start could see us too far behind to catch up in the new year.

  65. Moray

    gnarley, what’s to say the Glazers don’t simply raise the cash they need from the ipo or whatever they’re planning and continue with business as usual? I don’t necessarily see that we are in a better position than them, considering the increased value of the tv rights contracts, our capacity to bleed our best players and captains every year and our desire to do everything on a shoestring.

    For instance, after decades of wastage, underperformance and general cuntiness, I see the Spuds have started splashing out already while looking to hold on to their talents. Our buys seem to have been to patch over the players we can’t hold on to. Notably the one player without who we would probably have finished mid table or worse.

  66. El Tel

    So it looks like we are losing our Star player, the only striker we have who. An score goals, a player who wants wants wants.

    Let me start by saying that I don’t dislike RVP and I really do think He is world class but as I have said for years and you can read back on Le Grove, that imo He is a part of our Clubs problem.

    He joined as a kid at a time when we were the best of the best, The Invincibles with Kings and Princes all over the park. He showed promise but was. Eryraw and arrogant with lots of hissy fits on the park which saw Him getting booked or sent off.

    At an early age I guess He believed He had made it because He was at a Club full of wonderful takented players.

    They all went either through being too old or the Club wanting to cash in on them. Since then we have gone backwards as RVP and many others in the years after 2004 automatically believed they are Kings.

    Thats the bollocks out f the way.

    Now I believe the reason we concede too many goals is not just about the defence being poor as our defenders are decent players but because our strikers are ok going forward or with the ball but totally shit at winning it back or putting pressure on the Oppositions defence.

    So we have a forward line with too many attacking midfielders then the defence. Do Barcelona have the best defenders? Imo NO. Do Spain have the best defenders? Again for me NO they don’t but they have attackers who chase everything. Attackers who scare defences shitless with or without the ball.

    I am sure RVP worries defenders when He gets into certain positions bit does He scare them? For me NO. His stats show that He runs more than all HiS team mates but I rarely see Him give a defender something to worry about when they play the ball around. There are of course odd instances like against the Chavs when Terry fell over but do you see Him harrassing opponetns like Drogba or Rooney do?

    RVP reminds me of Wrighty, a truly great striker scoring truly great goals but without those goals leaving the team short. All the other players look like they look for Him only and rarely does anyone else shoot from distance.

    The fact He want s to take most of the free kicks has een a joke for years as His success rate is criminally poor from them, the fact He takes corners when His six foot plus frame and chances of scoring an header is another joke. Maybe its because He doesn’t like it up Him at corners as the English game resembles a Rugby scrum at all corner kicks.

    Having Giroud and Podolski up front could be a blessing as I have read that they chase the defenders down and although Poldi scores thunderous goals Girouds seem to be scrappy and picking up the pieces.

    This in Turn will help the defence as our opposition won’t have as much time on the ball and we might be less susceptable to counter attacks.

    The aerial threat from Giroud alone gives us a new dimension as we waste any long ball from Keeper to front man with our darling Robin usually offering little of a challenge.

    Lets see if Arsen signs anybody else to compliment our new signings before really letting the Club feel our anger and then if things still look as they do today lets think about how to take action against Wenger, Gazidids but most of all Kroenke.

    I want all these presents too but looking at how ther might never be a Glasgow Rangers again I will be prepared to wait the day we return to former glories.

    It might never happen but we are The Arsenal.

  67. DwanGoon

    One step forward, two steps backwards again?

    Don’t know yet… Arsenal still has time to make 2-3 signings, including a RVP replacement.

    Good clubs need 3-4 credible forwards… we only have Podolski+Giroud now.

  68. El Tel


    I take it you don’t rate Theo then either and would Chamakh willing to sit on the bench not be able enoguh.

    People on her say Chamakh is shit but He scroed plenty before RVP mysteriously got fit again.

    Maybe a Dempsey and or Kaloue coming in as squad players might make a difference and we can always keep Arshavin instead of letting the KGBget their hands on him.

    Arshavin is playing for His own life now as the Russians have condemned Him.

  69. Moray

    DwanGoon: Good clubs need 3-4 credible forwards… we only have Podolski+Giroud now

    True. But, we also have Park, Bendtner, Chamakh, Campbell etc on the books…this is our problem.

    El Tel: Interesting angle you have here. RVP is actually a very difficult guy to fit into a team. Also, I think he has a spiky character that makes this even more of a challenge. He will discover this at his next club, particularly if it is a Man City club where he will be one of the many, and where he isn;t the focus for every attack. I don’t agree with the mentality thing though. I believe RVP is a fighter and I do think he has been a good captain for us. Him leaving is a good opportunity, however, to change our rather tired and flat formation. With some movement along the flanks (either from LB and RB or LM and RM, either is fine) and some handful players in CM and up front and we could be a tough team to keep out and to score against, even by those teams that park the bus.

    The Spain and Barca phenomenon for me is categorised by two thngs: 1) keeping he ball when they have it 2) attacking the opposing player when they have the ball. Realistically, their defence is pretty weak, but as they defend as a team, there is less opportunity for the opposition to come at them. It is hard to imagine some of our fancy dans having this drive and commitment, but here’s hoping a future regime can instil some discipline in them.

  70. El Tel

    Players I would prefer from all the rumours, not who I personlly would want would be as follows.


    If I was Manager now they would be.

    The Italian defender with the pony tail beginning with B.

  71. El Tel


    You are right about RVP and Barca/Spain but the formula worked for us when all the players were fighting together like the chav match and Milan Home first half and Spuds home second half.

    My Pals think I hate RVP but I have always loved Dutch players and their football style.

    RVP for me though only fights for himself and not the team. We get called a one man team because of him and the joke about us finishing mid table without him will never get proven.

    Maybe Chamakh and even Nikki B before would be better strikers for US if they had got games and were played in their proper position.

    Wenger commented on Spain not having a forward yet I see RVP as a wide player or AM as its frustrating seeing him in midfield looking for the ball without trying to win it and then when we do launch a counter attack seeing him 30/40 yards behind Theo.

  72. El Tel

    This is not a dig at Robin for wanting out as I kind of understand His reasons but He was part of our failure, in fact He is a major part.

    The Man scores wonderful goals but without these goals would we be showing Him so much love?

    He will never be a DB10 for any Club or Country and as For TH14 forget it.

    Those two were our Kings playing with Princes like Vieira,Pires,Petit,Big Tone and even bigger Sol.

  73. DwanGoon

    I rate Walcott, but I rate him on the wings.. Anyway he was waiting for RVP to sign, and since he did not… chance of Walcott leaving now is much higher than say, last week.

    Attackers: Giroud
    AM/Wings: Podolski, Gervinho, Wilshere, Rosicky, AOC, Walcott
    CM/DM: Arteta, Song, M’Vila***, Ramsey, Coquelin

    *** Add M’Vila
    * Add 1 Versatile Defender, 1 Goalkeeper

    *RVP leaving: look for Dempsey/Lewandowski/Demba Ba/Llorente/Luuk De Jong/Huntelaar/Loic Rémy/Dzeko

    *If Walcott leaves: look for Belhanda/Ganso/Iker Muniain/Dzagoev/Adrián López/Rondon/Doumbia

    Getting rid of deadwood is important, but missing out on quality players that are currently in the market will be even more costly. It is still early July and some time left. Looking at things, it is possible to get rid about 5 of them if Arsenal don’t be anal.

    However, if the board does no more from now… then we’re really screwed and they must be shown the door!!!

  74. on-the-edge

    If Wenger had got this settled earlier, which we believe he had, he should have bought Drogba. Was he not going for free??? Drogba is the only credible replacement for RVP. Period. Go, get him Wenger!!!

  75. gnarleygeorge9


    manchester utd owe plenty. That is a giant size receipe for disaster under the current euro climate. And serve them right. The Glazers are going to the stock market to rally for some cash injection. When Ferguson goes and his replacement stuffs up, their shares will go south. Ferguson is a one off, blokes like him don’t come round all the time. and the thinking manc knows it, and they are worried 😆

  76. LJB

    El TEl,Balzeretti (shit spelling) was the pony tailed LB;plays for Palermo and stood out IMO.Would love to have him instead of Gibbs and Santos but far too obvious a signing for Wenger.I mean we need a good LB who can attack AND defend , he fits the bill so naturally Wenger will ignore him and try to convert yet another midfielder into a full back.Problem is Wenger’s a hopeless coach who produces hopeless fullbacks.Do you think he realises that the football world have begun to regard him and Arsenal as a real joke? Always ready with an opinion for the press but incapable of getting his own house in order. Why are the Arsenal fans such sheep?I swear it will be like Jonestown the day he finally leaves.The Emirates will be littered with the bodies of the Aclf and Untold crew who have committed Hari Kiri at the thought of Arsenal without Wenger.

  77. sam

    van persie or not, arsenal doesn’t need to buy a new striker.
    we just need to spend on a playmaker or maybe one more winger.
    maybe this year we could see walcott in the middle if he’s not sold

  78. Mark

    I have been following the discussion since day 1 of Le-grove and although a journey man by trade logging in from all over Europe/Gulf and Africa, I know that the sentiment was “We would not mind him going” in fact “he deserves it” was a common phrase in the discussion before end of the season.

    Now, I can not understand
    1. The wisdom of coming out with this poor statement the puts the buying teams in the driving seat.

    2. He has only done 1.5 season of football and thinks that he is the best thing since sliced bread, anyone forgetting how frustrating he was with the ball at his feet?.

    I would have liked him to stay but I also remember that we never win a game with THEO, ARSHA and RVP starting. None of them is a team player and we struggle with our passes with all three squandering possession.

  79. Tris

    Arsenal fans. Let’s rise up and revolt against the management. Let’s demonstrate outside the management’s offices, Let’s have a ticket embargo- lets not buy any tickets until the management wakes up. Without fans & spectators the club is nothing; they play for no one, and no sponsors will carry on their business relationship with Arsenal. If they keep thinking so ‘economically’, let’s ‘economically cripple’ the Arsenal until the management wakes up to the reality of retaining RVP, and building back our glory days.

  80. Jeff

    Some people place loyalty above common sense. Van Persie has every right to be disillusioned with the management. Giroud and Podolski are not the answer and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows it. We won’t win anything without something considerably more ambitious than that. It’s merely papering over the chasms.

    How many times has it got to be said; too many fringe players; too many millions going on wages for fringe players; not enough quality in the squad; too many injuries without credible backup. We have to be tough on failure and tough on the causes of failure. Yes we have a good team but we don’t have a great one (as someone pointed out yesterday on TalkSport).

    Van Persie has every right to ask his club management about their vision for the future and anyone with any sense can see that the answer to that question is “more of the same”. I applaud and congratulate Van Persie for being honest enough to actually tell us what we suspected and knew all along.

    The sad truth is that we won’t win anything with or without Van Persie so it’s really quite pointless rueing his decision to leave. Unless and until this club receives a major overhaul of the kind most of us here have been suggesting, there isn’t going to be any major trophies or titles. It’s just not possible. We may “hope” or be “positive” about our prospects at the start of each season but not to the point of being stupefied and pacified by the mindless and moronic rhetoric from the management who take the supporters for mugs. They should stop biting the hand that feeds them and give the fans some real hope instead of the usual arse juice that we get from them week in week out.

  81. Mark

    So tell me. Do you think that Ivan will tell RVP the exact details of Arsenal Strategy (if any??), knowing fully that RVP might have already decided to leave?

    The only positive thing from this is that the club will be forced to act. Other than that, I see it a selfish thing to do.

    mind you EVEN the little “sh*te” Nasri did not AT ANY time made his thoughts official. He even played the game before he left and was our best player playing with heart. The funny thing is Nasri has played for arsenal almost as much as RVP in the last 4 years.

  82. Jeff

    It’s really not about Van Persie leaving. That is simply yet another symptom of the club’s overall policy. No player worth his salt will stay given these circumstances. The only players who are sure to remain are the ones whose wages are too high to be sold and the ones who are continually injured. The rest are merely waiting for better things to come along because they know it’s not going to happen at Arsenal.

  83. Cesc Appeal

    What a shit sandwich.

    More than anything this is just annoying me now.

    They’ve lost three world class players in 11 months mainly down to a total lack of ambition. All the AKB’s make all the excuses under the sun about money (I’ve no doubt it is a bit of the puzzle) but it’s mainly down to the players own need to win things and be the best.

    But Ivan, Arsene and Stan are sinking our ship and they keep pedaling the ‘self sustaining’ bullshit!

    Sell up to Usmanov and piss off. No one wants you here anymore running the club like a bank.

    What happened to Pedro’s rosy predictions about this summer? What happened to let’s let Wenger have another crack at it? He’s royally fucked up AGAIN!!!

  84. Jeff

    Here is how the management (I believe) look at it. Well, the season tickets are all sold out, we still have our sponsors, we have some new shirts to sell and we’re in the CL. Job done. It doesn’t matter who comes and who goes, we’ve bought ourselves another year and we know we have no chance of winning anything but we don’t say that to the fans.

    We just go on repeating the same old tired mantra and the chances are most of the fans will fall for it because they are really a very nice bunch; very forgiving and very patient. So, we’ll use that to our advantage and continue with our self sustaining model. What is the self sustaining model? Well, it’s just doublespeak for; no super buys, no record transfers, no record wages, no super stars, no change to management, no change to playing strategy and no change of attitude. It has served us well over the last 16 years so why change it.

  85. Leedsgunner


    Right on the money, well said. Yes, I hear what some are saying on here — as Captain he perhaps said it differently but realistically what choice do you think the club gave him? RvP is a fan, he wants the club to win trophies and he’s blown the secrecy tha AW and the board thrive in.

  86. Jeff


    The secrecy was really only a secret for those that deny the obvious. However great a person is, however good his reputation, however venerable his past efforts, it should not blind us to the present truth. A steady but continuous exodus of our best players over the last decade should be ringing massive alarm bells in someone’s ear. But it’s not. There are only two possible explanations for that. Either they are completely deaf as well as blind or they are not surprised.

    I go for the second option and therefore the only conclusion is that management from top to bottom are fully satisfied with Arsenal’s progress and have no special desire to do any better. That’s the bottom line and we can debate their reasons for adopting that attitude till we go blue in the face but that really is beside the point. The most important factor in all of this is the intransigence to do what is necessary for being able to compete. We are no competition for the big boys and everyone and his wife knows it. Most fans appear to be OK with that.

    Increasingly though they are not and it took another massive blow like RVP deciding to leave to stop people dozing off again under the hypnotic charm of AW and his cohorts.

  87. fanboy

    Morning all,

    I’ve avoided all talk about Arsenal transfers for my health, but this news is just too big.

    I find it strange that fans are having a dig at players leaving for more money. I would like to ask how we are able to sign players ourselves.

    Tbh, I feel completely indifferent to Robins situation. Why? Because the same thing happens every season. And if we have been unable to stem it by now I have doubts we ever will.

    And how exactly do you convince a 29 year old guy to stick around when there is little hope for a trophyl? When his colleagues who left before him have all won trophies?

  88. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    how many of our current first team squad left their old club to join Arsenal for less money? Anybody? Arteta maybe?

    It cuts both ways..

    Breaking news…. Just in.. Ian Wright left Crystal Palace to join Arsenal for more money… What a cunt! I never knew that! Lost all respect for him now. Those 128 goals will never be the same now.

  89. gambon


    Well said indeed.

    The amount of completely retarded comments ive seen in the last 12 hours is astonishing.

    -RVP apparantley missed 7 seasons before last year

    So he is our 8th top scorer EVER in just one season? That would make him by far the best player in he history of football.

    -We can replace RVP with a combination of Kalou, Giroud & Podolski

    Erm, so we are alowed to play 13 players now? Last time I checked only one of these can actually replace him. If you think any of these will score 37 next season youre fucking mad.

    -Man Utd were fine when Ronaldo left

    Utter retardedness. Man Utd were the best team in the PL when ROnaldo left, we are nowhere near. In the 3 years before he left they won the PL 3 times and the CL, since he left 1 title in 3 years.

  90. Zak

    IF VP was offered £250,000 pw to stay (I know that wont happen) but IF he was, how quickly do you think his footballing principles would change ???

  91. gambon


    He made it perfectly clear money was not discussed.

    The club have at no point contradicted that statement.

  92. Bergkamp63

    Like I said back at the end of May when Arsenal put a gagging order on RVP during the Euros, they knew then he would not be signing a new contract but wanted him to keep his mouth shut until fans renewed their season tickets.

    Mugs !!

  93. goonerDNA

    I would be happy if we went out and signed a few world class players and still didn’t win shit I want to see the club trying at the very least to win the league, not rolling over before the league even starts.

    We reek of complacency

  94. Bergkamp63

    Talk about putting your house on FFP !!

    Arsenal had better hope it works or they are going to look pretty stupid.

  95. on-the-edge

    Drogba did not sign extension in his last year. But he did not hand over a transfer request too. I dont think Arsenal can hold on to RVP coz he will soon hand over a transfer request.

    But if he does not, knowing that Wenger will not buy anyone to replace RVP at all, its any day best option for Gooners to insist to hold him back till end of next season. If that means a loss of a few millions to the Bank of Arsenal, so be it.

  96. tomb

    I can t get worked up anymore the prequel for leaving is being made captain we all know this now.
    nothing has changed , nothing will change. if he stays we all know he will be crocked ala cesc. So get rid I guess and start again.

  97. gambon

    Making vast profits yearly has nothing to do with FFP.

    Arsenal are using FFP to mug the fans off and keep running this joke of a football club.

    Just like they used Project Youth before.

    Just like they used the stadium move before.

  98. Zak


    I never said money was discussed, however IF AFC were to offer VP £250,000 pw I just wonder how quickly his footballing ethics would change.

    Mute question really but putting the point forward