Spain destroy Italy with master class | Theo noises point towards move away | Lloris deal nonsense

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Well that was a fun night, no sooner had Wenger berated Spain for betraying their philosophy, football fans were watching one of the most accomplished big stage performances in history. A quite incredible display from the greatest international team of all time. The Spaniards tore Italy apart with sublime passing, fantastic finishing and an unbelievable workrate. An absolutely top class game.

“They’ve betrayed their philosophy. Originally they wanted possession in order to attack; now it’s a way not to lose.”

That’s an interesting comment from Arsene Wenger which really sums up why he hasn’t perhaps been as successful as he could have been in his career. Putting philosophy before winning is a costly mindset. Sometimes you have to look at what your philosophy entails from a resource point of view and make a judgement call. There are too many cases and points that highlight when we’ve gone horribly wrong by hoping beautiful football will take us through regardless of personnel on offer. I think the most prominent example was United away last year. With a weak team lacking in confidence and experience, Wenger sent them out to play football. We were absolutely punished for that and we suffered the hangover as a result.

Del Bosque didn’t have David Vila. He didn’t trust Torres and certainly didn’t trust Llorente. So he sacrificed playing a striker and opted to use possession to see out games. It worked. The football may have got a touch boring. But seriously, are we now honestly proposing that football can be so good it becomes boring? A ridiculous assertion. They did what they needed to do. They made the final, they put on a show and bagged their 3rd consecutive international trophy.

A few things about the game. Watching Cesc made me sad. However, at the same time, it made me proud that I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow at Arsenal for all those seasons. For me, he’s the best midfielder in the world. He has big game mentality. He can score goals. He assists. He is the perfect midfielder. It’s absolutely gutting that Wenger didn’t use his talent to better effect when he had him. All this hatred for him is well over the top. Sure he’ll never be an Arsenal legend. Sure the way Cesc pushed to get a move left a bitter taste in the mouth. But face up to it. The best want to play with the best and Arsene didn’t offer that to the Spaniard, so he left. Not for money. But for footballing reasons. It wasn’t Cesc’s fault we negotiated one of the poorest transfer fees of recent times.

On that subject. Jordi Alba was sensational last night. He’s an amazing left back. Full of pace and trickery and now a Barca player. For £11million! What a joke eh? How do they get such good deals for these players? I know he had a bit of Barca DNA going on, but I’m not sure why that means clubs have to bend over on price. C.Ronaldo only wanted to go to one club… United landed the biggest transfer fee of all time for him. Whatever the issue was, they’ve relanded themselves a talent!

Another point about the game was the willingness of the Italians and the Spanish to shoot on site. Neither side tried to pass it into the net. If a space was carved out, someone would take responsibilty and have a crack on goal. We need to start building that into our game. We’re often far too predictacble at the edge of the box. With two banks of 4 shielding a keeper, threading the ball becomes quite easy to deal with. I’m hoping that Giroud and Podolski will liven us up in that department.

On the transfer front, there are rumours abound that Walcott will go to Chelsea if John Terry leaves. Firstly, there is no chance Terry will ever leave Chelsea. He has a grip on that club like no other. I also can’t believe Theo would ever have the guts to make a demand like that. Whatever terms he’s insisting on, it’s apparent that people are making noises on his behalf. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him move. A pal of mine reckons Spurs have put an offer to him that is awaiting his acceptance. It’s 3rd hand info I can’t verify and not from a source I know… but interesting if true.

The last kind of rumour going about is the one about Hugo Lloris. Lyon had said he can go for the right price… beleived to be £16million. I have no idea why anyone thinks we’d be in for a keeper that young for that price. He’s a good shot stopper but he’s very suspect with balls into the box. He could be a very expensive disaster and as disappointing as Chezzer has been at times… he doesn’t need a £16million player competiting with him. All he needs is an old experienced pro to guide him and keep him grounded.

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That’s all I have time for today… see you in the comments.

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  1. gambon

    It is funny how Wenger is just wrong about absolutely everything.

    “We wont sell Cesc and Nasri”

    “Theo Walcott is better than Messi”

    “Fabianski is world class”

    “this team will win something within 2 years”

    “Spain play negative football”

    “Keyser from LeGrove is slim”

    “Tony Attwood isnt a creepy gay weirdo”

  2. Keyser


    “Its no different to a guy buying a derelict plot of land for £1000, and spending £150k building an awesome 3 bed detached house.

    Idiots like you would say “wow, you spent £150k last year you idiot, you are useless” but the fact is that guy has just build his own awesome house from the ground up representing good value.”

    That’s simply not true, they built a 250k house having spent 1 million, hoping house prices go up in the future and that their newly acquired status gives them a foothold into something far more lucrative.

    It’s overkill it’s like having the goal of killing someone and instead of casually garotting him with cheesewire trying to run him down in a field while driving a rented Challenger II Tank.

    “Define “done better”?”

    How about managing your best player from the season before a bit better and actually escaping the group stages of the Champions League. They won the Premiership title on the last day in the last few minutes, despite leading for most of the season and relying on a massive United collapse in the last few games.

    They could and should be doing ohh soo much better.

    What’s worse is you equating money with success and then saying Citeh done an absoultely fantastic job, there’s no way we should be following any example they set.

  3. Hunter

    This RVP saga drags on and on,I dont care what he has been told by wenger or the BOD,its time to put up or piss off!!All we want to know is are you staying or are you going?,quite simple.We rad the same thing day after day it drones on and on and has become very boring,He may be the best thing since sliced bread but this is Arsenal and the club is bigger than any player or Manager,we deserve better treatment from our overpaid players,loyalty for one thing,players like Walnut demanding stupid salaries can bugger off,I would pay the price if he gave even every other game outstanding performances,but the simple answer is he wont,he dosen’t and he can’t so take the money from spuds,liverpool or chelski for him and lets move on.Also before we criticise our new players lets FFS give them a chance to prove the doubters wrong.Look at the current squad first and ship out the losers.So far the two signings we have already made are fine with me but thee is no question in my mind that we definately need a few more.This perpetual silence from wenger and gazidis is driving me nuts,I want to get excited about next season and therefore one or two marquee signings are what myself and i am sure the majority of the fans want and in fact demand.Wouldn’t it be great if the headlines read wenger to spend £50 million to strengthen the team or even £100 million.we can afford it,so why not?well the answer to that is self explanatory …he and the board are a bunch of tight fisted twats!The other annoying thing is that all the top clubs are not afraid to bid on our players but we rarely go for theirs,how would city feel if we went for someone like Aguero,or Utd for a Vidic,obviously we wouldnt get them but give them some of the crap we have taken over the years,which only de-stabilises our players,lets get aggresive and show some steel……oh no…I forgot…we can only bid on 16 year old french boys or rejects that cost two bob under the proffessors regime.Well had my rant for today so back into my hole I guess……WENGER OUT!!!

  4. V o K z i i

    Regarding Denilson, the bottom line saying:

    “Arsenal’s staff want him to return but we are waiting for [director of football] Adalberto Baptista to have talks with them,” said vice-president Joao Paulo de Jesus Lopes.

    “Maybe we will manage to extend the loan for six more months or even another year.”

    WHAT!!!!! why do they want him to return!!!

  5. Keyser

    Spiritual Home, Spiritual Home, Spiritual Home.. D-D-d-d-Denison, Spiritual Home, Spiritual, Spiritual Home, HEleb.

  6. gambon


    Thats absolute bullshit.

    They have spent about £600m, are you suggesting the club is worth £150m?

    Cos thats exactly what youve just implied.

    If Mansour was to sell up right now, he would likely sell at a profit, and would not lost ANY money at all.

  7. V o K z i i

    Keyser July 2, 2012 14:01:00

    “gambon is a fat distended labia”

    He was right about that.


    Is it right that the insults flying around today are really making me laugh? 😀

  8. Keyser

    gambon – “Its no different to a guy buying a derelict plot of land for £1000, and spending £150k building an awesome 3 bed detached house.”

    fucking hell dude, are we really going for accurate figures ?! I did mention house prices and right now they’re rising in football terms ?!

    Like I said they’ve achieved their goal, plenty of overkill their though. That’s all. Biggest loss in football history and they scraped the Premiership title.

    Could they have achieved more ? Yes.

  9. gambon


    Theres no way we should be following Citys blueprint?

    Er, mate, we were doing exactly that WAY before City.

    Arsenal spent £400m in 2006 in order to raise future revenues and contribute towards success.

    So how are we any different to City?

  10. gambon

    “Like I said they’ve achieved their goal, plenty of overkill their though. That’s all. Biggest loss in football history and they scraped the Premiership title.”

    You are completely missing the point, so let me spell it out.


    You cant convert a shitty cafe into a michelin starred restaurant without a significant initial outlay.

  11. mystic

    ‘It is funny how Wenger is just wrong about absolutely everything.’

    I’d heard he said all his detractors were intellegent, deep thinking, rational human beings!

    ‘It is funny how Wenger is just wrong about absolutely everything.’

  12. Keyser

    Firstly we weren’t doing that way before Citeh.


    if you could avoid those losses would you ? Of course, Citeh simply did not try, wtf did they actually plan if they were simply going to throw money at it until it stuck ?!

    Also it remains to be seen whether it’s sustainable or successful to the point they would want.

  13. gambon

    “if you could avoid those losses would you ? Of course, Citeh simply did not try, wtf did they actually plan if they were simply going to throw money at it until it stuck ?!”

    Mate, you have absolutely no concept of what they were trying to do.

    Could they have spent less? Yep, but they wouldve finished 4th last year, which wasnt their goal.

    They have the best attack, best defence, best players in the league. They are champions.

    That was the plan, that costs money.

    Also, are you trying to suggest we didnt spend £400m on a new stadium? That would make you a liar cos its all fact.

    AKBs latest tactic, denying that we built a new stadium, so we’re still at highbury are we?

  14. gambon

    “Ive made 50,000 substitutions”

    Well, lets have a look at that.

    Wenger has managed 1337 games in his career.

    So he has averaged 37 substitutions per game?

  15. mystic

    ‘So he has averaged 37 substitutions per game?’

    He takes the whole team off after warm up, that 11 + all off at half-time, so that now 22, plus all off at the end, that 33.

    On top of that 33, he has 3 permissable during the game, that 36, Have to admit I don’t know where he gets the 37th!

  16. Keyser

    gambon – Don’t be demented. You spend 400 million on a stadium, you mortgage against it, you know how much you’ll make in gate receipts you budget for it from the club against the club. It took the best part of a decade to bring about.

    “Could they have spent less? Yep, but they wouldve finished 4th last year, which wasnt their goal.”

    You’ve described no plan, there’s no thinking behind it, you’re basically saying the idea was to keep throwing money at it until it stuck.

    So how the fuck do you know where they would’ve finished is they’d spent less ?

    You’re not going to sit there and be able to say this is a viable template for success because there wasn’t one other than spend and what’s worse is they nearly fucked it up.

    But then the year after when they spent another few hundred million you’d have said ‘Well, Citeh have done an absolutely fantastic job’

  17. BOOZY

    Maybe this spanish team are the greatest team in history- maybe.

    but i’m sure iker casilas is the greatest of all time.

    Tell it to guys at

  18. Upper Street Gooner


    Your completely wrong actually.

    The club loses 200m a year, so anyone buying the club does so under the notion that its a massive loss leader.

    There wages to revenue is over 115%. You say there revenue is only going to grow but where. They have just signed a massive hugely inflated deal with a company that’s basically run by their chairman.

    There stadium only fits 45,000 and would take millions to revamp.

    The club value is artificle as anyone who buys them must fund the players who bring up there value

  19. Trevor Kent

    Thr problem with Chezza is hes a fan fav. He has made alot of mistakes that other keepers wouldnt have got away with. The euros was embarassing. Theo and Rvp wont leave us.

  20. goonerDNA

    Spain make me sick, Mata Torres Llorente Javi Martinez for subs,then Reina celebrates when he hasn’t played 1 game in the last 3 tournaments, team spirit makes me sick. Iniesta and co are clearly on some sort of performance enhancers and they coach could be Tony Pulis and they would still out play everyone.

  21. gambon

    “The club loses 200m a year,”

    No they dont.

    As for revenue, you clearly havent a clue.

    All 3 of their revenue streams are rising massively. They are the quickest growing club in world football from a financial point of view.

  22. goonerDNA

    The reason Platini and Wenger don’t get on is because Wenger had a better relationship with Platini’s father Aldo Platini hence the constant bans, fact or bullshit?

  23. gambon


    I actually always thought you had a bit of intelligence, but i was wrong.

    So their plan was just to spend, spend, spend.

    And yet somehow they have grown their revenue from £90m to likely £230m in 4 years.?

    Their plan was pretty fucking simple to understand…….to get into the top 4, then win the PL, then the CL eventually.

    So how do they do that?

    Well they need good players, and a number of truely world class players. They need the best defence in the league, and the best attack….or very close to.

    How do they get that…..well they buy top class players in every position.

    But that costs money, OK so they outlay a lot of cash initially to exponentially increase the quality in the team.

    But wait, if they buy world class players they will have to pay world class wages cos thats what good players earn, OK so they outlay extra cash to cover this huge wage bill.

    Try and get your thick head around this.

    They have been at City 4 years, and they have overtaken every club in the PL on the pitch , and all but Man Utd off the pitch now.

    Your argument is basically 100% dependent on your little rant “they lost a record amount in one year wah wah wah”.

    So what, that was what they intended to do.

    As i said we spent £400m on a stadium, they spent £400m on new players, whats the difference? Their plan seems a lot more successful than us right now.

    Or are you still denying that we built a new stadium?

  24. Matchy

    Wenger used Fabby as the ‘false’ number 9 at arsenal. What you mean he didnt used him properly???????????????

    Fabby is much better in a team that consists of world class players. At Barcelona and Spain. Arsenal is not.

    As for why spain didnt play Torress and Lorente is not because they are shit or the coach didnt trust them.

    They were not preferred because the spainish knew topposing team would stacked their midfield and play on counter …

    Hence. they would negate their dominance in midfield a ‘bit’ more which is their biggest strength.

    But the biggest loss and most important loss was Puol in the central defence.

    Hence to protect and dominate their central midfield they didnt care much about the traditional strikers. Cos they knew if they had much of the ball they would have create enough chances for their attacking midfielders … and hence fabby…. playing this false number nine which wenger played him at arsenal on manay occasions.

    The spainish coach would sub their traditional strikers on around :

    1. near the end of the game as opposing team are tired. Spaces would open up

    2. usually the opposing team are down one nil so they need to attack by putting another striker on. Hence taking out one of their defensive midfielder. freeing up the congested midfield.

    If the spanish coach didn trust Torress or Lorente he would have chosen them in the team in the first place.

  25. Upper Street Gooner



    Man ity declared losses of 197.5 m pounds this year.

    There wage bill is 174.5m pounds this year which will rise significantly due to winners bonuses.

    That’s more than there revenue you fool.

    Where is there revenue going to grow much more. You cant charge arsenal prices as your not in london and you dont have enough boxes. You dotn even own your won stadium, so there attendance revenue wont go up that sharply.

    There tv revenue will go up but due to the prem system it wont go up anaywhere near as much as barca or real.

    Which leaves there commercial revenue,

    So you talk of this massive jump but they need a 200m jump ie barcelona revenue next year just to break even

  26. mystic

    Seems unlikely their increased revenue will allow them to keep pace with their increase in wages, unless of course what we are saying is that all their top earners will eventually sign new contracts on the same terms.

    Their biggest source of revenue is the stadium naming rights and that has not yet been given the all clear by uefa.

  27. gambon

    Upper STreet

    You dont have a clue what youre talking about.

    You said Man City lose £200 a year, no they dont they ONCE lost £197m, just once.

    They dont need to find £200m at all, cos they will not be spending silly money this summer & their revenues are massively growing.

    Where is the revenue going to grow?

    Well, if you knew anything about football you would know that:

    – City were on TV more than every team apart from UTD next season, and they will be again this season, each time they play they get £5m
    – They were in the CL last season, which they made £30m from
    – They will make even more next season as CL money has gone up, and they won the league which means they get a bigger share
    – TV money goes up next season for the PL, the top teams like City will be making £30+m more from next year
    – Their commercial revenues are absolutely soaring
    – Now they are champions they will attract far more corporate customers at increased ticket prices

    The £197m loss covers the season that they spent £117m on players with no CL football.

    Last season they spent £48m net, and had £30m CL money, massively increased TV money, and a huge commercial increase.

    Its fair to say they will be much closer to break even for the 2011/12 season, and then even closer this season.

    You have zero concept of business, or football.

  28. gazzap

    No Gibbs in the Team GB squad. Surprise. I assume its Ryan Bertran from chelsea who will play at LB?

    Not sure why pearce felt necessary to take Micah Richards. Right back hardly an influential position, and players wont look up to him. those older players should have been very carefully selected. Giggs is a great one though.
    I would have taken our Carl Jenkinson, and maybe taken Beckham (though I confess I have not seen him play in USA so he may be well off form for all I know).
    Glad Carl isn’t going though from an Arsenal point of view with Bac injured.

  29. gambon


    Lol, UEFA dont have the right to “give the all clear” on sponsorship.

    And why are you assuming that they are gonna keep on increasing wages? Their players are the best paid in the PL, no need for payrises.

    Its only Wenger that inextricably hands out payrises every year.

  30. Keyser

    “I actually always thought you had a bit of intelligence, but i was wrong.”

    Would you stop with this bullshit, that doesn’t suddenly give you more of a ‘clue’ supposedly no-one has one but you.

    You’re coming up with the same bollocks, we build a new stadium, we know how much it costs, we increase revenue and ticket receipts we hope to build from that.

    Citeh are wokring the other way around, it’s to keep spending until they achieve their goal and then hope on the way that they build up enough of a base that they’ll become self reliant.

    We built up a fan base that needed a new stadium to accomodate it, and could help us pay for it.

    They’ve got a stadium they need to fill, a fanbase they need to find so they can recoup the investment they’ve made.

  31. gambon


    “We built up a fan base that needed a new stadium to accomodate it, and could help us pay for it.”

    “They’ve got a stadium they need to fill, a fanbase they need to find so they can recoup the investment they’ve made.”

    This is absolute bollocks.

    City sell out weekly. They have the same % attendance as us. Lets not pretend they are struggling to fill a half empty stadium.

    Citys challenge is to get more ££ from them 47k fans, which given their success and CL football will be more than possible.

    Apart from gate receipts they are way ahead of us, Chelsea, Liverpool etc.

  32. Keyser

    All this is pointless anyway, Citeh have achieved their goal, to say they’ve done ‘fantasticaally well’ is a nothing statement really because there’s plenty of examples of other teams having done better spending less, there are simply not many examples of teams spending more to achieve what they have or less.

  33. Keyser

    “City sell out weekly. They have the same % attendance as us. Lets not pretend they are struggling to fill a half empty stadium.”

    Yeah, we saw that in the Europa League the year before or last year.

    Could Citeh have done better ? fuck yeh.

    Is it an example we should follow ? No.

  34. gambon

    Yes Keyser,

    FINALLY you are getting it.

    We buy a new stadium, that will cost us £540m all in. We do this in order to increase revenues and be successful. If you include the Highbury Sq project the cost is £670m spent.

    Man City buy a new team, that will cost similar. They do this in order to increase revenue and be successful.

    The only difference is we pay for ours over 25 years with borrowed money, they already have the cash.

  35. Nasri's Mouth


    ManCity might have had a tight financial plan, they might just have been throwing money at it. Either way, winning the PL isn’t the end of it, merely the start. We wont know whether they’re successful until 5/6 years down the line. But the point is, if they fuck it up and can’t increase their income enough to match their costs it doesn’t really matter to them. It’s a gamble they can’t really lose. If Arsenal did something similar and it went wrong, then it could matter massively That’s the difference.
    For the record, I’m not saying we shouldn’t speculate to accumulate, just that the risk for us isn’t the same as it would be for Man Citys owners

  36. IvoryGoonz

    Tells you all about buying players from Barca’s academy…
    If they’re shit, tough shit for the buying club.
    If they come good, they have “Barca DNA” and they can be bought back for cheaper…
    Effectively, we should be doing that, but we won’t. For that to happen, first we would need a much better training academy on certain levels, yeah facilities are nice looking, but that’s what happen inside that matters…
    We give working permits to player who’ll never play first team ever…
    Second we would need to give second chances to players we let go to soon, a la Flamini, a la Nordtveit, a la Larsson.
    Remind me again why Nordtveit went? Because he wasn’t good enough? He’s certainly better than Jenkinson.
    Why then?
    Just to make up HG numbers with youngsters you don’t have to play.
    Fuck sake, if Wenger bought first team English players and kept them, he wouldn’t need to register kiddies to make up numbers. But that’s the way it is.
    I’m French, and sorry.
    As much as Arsenal is English we shouldn’t rely solely on foreign players whether French or other is not the question.
    Spending 15 or 17m on a 16 yr old Chamberlain or a Walcott once every 3-4 years doesn’t make up for it.
    We needed the Baines and Cahill when they were available. But we don’t cause Wenger doesn’t want to unsettle Squillaci, Djourou?
    Seriously, there’s plenty of money available for the man in charge, and plenty occasions to buy English or better player he has, but it’s true, Wenger only shops in the bargain basket.
    Only 1 out of 5 works out to be a pearl. Make the maths if you want, but Wenger is badly holding our progress, to save money.
    But he loses as much money refusing to spend to strengthen where needs be.
    When watching the Buffon, Casillas, Wenger had the guts to say, yes, that’s the most important piece, you need class keepers, once we had the 2 best keepers in the world he even dared reminding.
    And our main keeper shouldn’t be Woj.
    Casillas and Buffon only started playing as first choice for their national team at 21-22, and that was after proving themselves at each step of youth NTs.
    I really have issues with Wenger stating what he actually knows, but refusing to simply do what he says.
    Until he leaves, and keep his own promise of 10 years ago to his wife, I can only class him as a big liar and a hypocrite.
    You don’t call on financial ethics and get the biggest wage in history of football.
    I didn’t even watch the final yet to avoid seeing French comments by Wenger to spoil it…

  37. Keyser

    gambon – “The only difference is we pay for ours over 25 years with borrowed money, they already have the cash.”

    Well done mate, you FINALLY get it

    It’s not the same at all.

  38. mystic

    uefa are the one’s that are currently looking at the naming rights, basically because of their FFP – in other words if they don’t consider the deal correct, regardless of the decision by competing league, they are intending to consider how it impinges on their rules.

    Regards to the fact that citeh players are the best paid, it isn’t going to stop their players wanting more to resign in due course. Sorry mate but players never do, no matter how well off they already are, their agents don’t like it.

  39. KlausPoppe


    “The only difference is we pay for ours over 25 years with borrowed money, they already have the cash.”

    Im sure anyone would have done what Mancity did if they had the money.

    Nothing wrong being rich and spending however you like.

  40. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    £153m for 2010/11

    Last year they were in the CL = £30m
    Finished higher in PL and were on TV more often = £10m
    Commercial deal with Etihad (£400m over 10 years) = £40m

    £230m for the 2011/12 season

  41. Skinnywill


    Are those not the gross amounts of expenditure? I understand that the development has been profitable therefore isn’t the true cost of the stadium less?

    Irrelevant for your argument as the principle is the same but I was just interested.

  42. Keyser

    KlausPoppe – There is when you’re talking about a sport.

    It’s not what they’ve done, it’s how they’ve done, simply sitting there and saying because they’ve achieved their it automiatically means they’ve done well is short sighted and leaves clubs like us with nowhere to go.

    We can’t take anything from Citeh’s success. It’s just something we have to live with.

    Which makes Platini’s comments about Wenger being a businessman borderline retarded.

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon, it will be interesting to see how they do in the next few seasons. Their revenue growth is very impressive, but they need to firmly establish themselves pretty quickly.
    If the Etihad deal is allowed under FFP we may well see other deals of a similarly massive nature, which will negate some of their advantage. They are also hampered by the income and location of their stadium to some extent.

  44. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Mark Lawrensons commentary last night killed the game for me he’s a class A cunt!

    And we played with a false striker Chamakh for ages

  45. zeus

    Has RVP changed his status on twitter to Arsenal player from Arsenal captain?

    I see a few people pulling their hair out over this.

  46. Keyser

    KlausPoppe – I did mention sport, also we didnt at the time we first started talking about a new stadium.

  47. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    Agreed, they took a risky route of speculating to accumulate, and its worked very well. That has to be admired.

    They need to win the PL again and maybe have a good CL run to really push on.

    If they can get some serious increase from match day revenue they may break even next season. (as in 2013/14, not the season starting next month).

  48. zeus

    Wengers Plastic BottleJuly 2, 2012 15:52:47
    Mark Lawrensons commentary last night killed the game for me he’s a class A cunt!

    Always had espn commentary with Ian Darke throughout, but got Marko for the final. Dreary as can be. He wasn’t very happy was he?

  49. gambon


    Also, once they are in the breakeven area it wouldnt surpirse me if they increased capacity.

    Apparantly they have looked at doing exactly what UTD did, basically add a new tier.

  50. Wengers Plastic Bottle


    No at one stage he said: good thing you can’t swear on tv . Responding to a silly tackle. What a tool.

  51. Herkules

    the reason why Barca gets players cheap is collusion.. pure and simple… La Liga is dependent on Real and Barca so the other teams consistently sell them their best players for a discount.

    Hopefully the financial fraud that is “La Liga” will be intertwined with the current crisis – otherwise there will be no end in sight to the abuse that’s going on.

  52. gambon

    Lawrenson is a legend.

    He just doesnt give a fuck at all, and takes the piss constantly.

    In the Germany Italy game the commentator mentioned that one of the italians wife was a ballerina, to which ML replied:

    “She’ll be hoping for a two-two”

    You cant buy genius like that.

  53. gambon

    Lol £11.5m is not cheap for a full back.

    Here comes the conspiracy bullshit again.

    Sagna was £7m, Evra £6m, Clichy £7m.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Theo wouldn’t have the guts to demand that?

    Pedro, Theo wouldn’t have the guts to move, he’d watch his career (it’s a joke he has one at this level) go down the swanny. He wouldn’t start for Chelsea or even Spuds, people would quickly (if they haven;’t from watching him twice a year already) realise that he has zero technical ability and he’d be shipped off somewhere a la Pennant. Eventually he’d find himself at some lowly team blaming everything and everyone for his failures.

    The fact is though it isn’t his fault per say. In the same way that if I was dropped into the Arsenal team it wouldn’t be my fault I couldn’t succeed, it’d be the guy picking me. I don’t have the technical ability to play for Arsenal, can’t think as fast as the ballers on the pitch, react as fast, pass as fast, see a play forming – neither can Theo.

    Literally the only difference between the average footballers you see in League 1 (or even some of the good players in county Div) and Theo Walcott is his athlete like pace.

    Take that away…nothing.

    Far from asking for more money he should be chuffed he’s getting £60 000 a week at one of the most prominent football teams in the world.

    And lucky for him (as with Ramsey) he’s one of Wenger’s favourite little projects and get’s played consistently.

    I would love to see the back of him, if the price tag of £20 Million is being knocked about there are a dozen players you could think of for less than that who’d be twice as good as Theo in our team.

    Podolski has pace, so the excuse to have Theo in the side should now be redundant. We should play a new AM where Theo currently plays, perhaps not a speedsters, but a guy good on the ball, good at passing, shooting and threading a through ball to RVP and Podolski/Giroud.

  55. mystic

    Just read an article that does confirm there is an intention to increase the capacity of the Etihad stadium. Though when and by how many is still underconsideration, mainly because their average crowd last season was almost 2,000 below the existing capacity of 47,000

  56. zeus

    HerkulesJuly 2, 2012 16:17:04
    the reason why Barca gets players cheap is collusion.. pure and simple… La Liga is dependent on Real and Barca so the other teams consistently sell them their best players for a discount.Hopefully the financial fraud that is “La Liga” will be intertwined with the current crisis – otherwise there will be no end in sight to the abuse that’s going on.


    How do you explain Cesc to Barca then?

  57. Nasri's Mouth


    Im not sure how much I admire them. As I said earlier, given the wealth (and I’m assuming lack of long term ties to the club) of the owner if it all goes tits up he’s not going to care. I’m also suspicious over how much business acumen was actually involved in the Etihad deal, and it’s possible they might end up with an overpaid underperforming squad. However Mancini seems to be doing a pretty good job and they have a pretty good shout at winning the league again this season

  58. mystic

    Interestingly the wikipedia article includes a reference to a Telegraph report, which states the capacity as 47,805 and also:
    ‘In the meantime City will be looking at how they can develop the stadium. The club hierarchy want to ensure that any expansion fits with demands for seats. The average attendance of 45,949 last season was nearly 2,000 under capacity but City are hoping that consistent success will lead to an upsurge in demand,’

    Probably does include everything.

  59. Norn Iron Gunner

    zeusJuly 2, 2012    15:59:34
    Wengers Plastic BottleJuly 2, 2012 15:52:47
    Mark Lawrensons commentary last night killed the game for me he’s a class A cunt!****************
    Always had espn commentary with Ian Darke throughout, but got Marko for the final. Dreary as can be. He wasn’t very happy was he?

    lol, thought the same thing. Sitting there giving ‘commentary’ on a pretty good final, whilst getting paid well (partly funded by my/your own t.v licence fee) and moaning incessantly, didnt sit well with me. Scouse tw*t.

    On a lighter note, i imagine the 1 man army that is gambon, shall destroy all who challenge him. ( Those with reasoned and well put arguments, that differ from his own opinions of the club).

    In his own (shouty) words………….FACT!

  60. gambon


    Yeah sounds like usual poor reporting, and using stats without understanding them.

    They averaged over 47000 in the PL, over 98%, which is strong.

    In the CL UEFA rules only allow them 45500 or so.

    Obviously the cup matches will never attract full houses, we can see that at any stadium.

  61. Pedro

    LeGrove, I can’t imagine any other club bidding a ridiculously low price for a top quality player… I’m shocked and disgusted. I’m glad we don’t do that.

  62. Honest Bill

    What’s wrong with them bidding 8m? You are not forced to accept it.. I don’t understand the moral indignation..

    It’s probably all made up anyway.

  63. zeus

    Didn’t we bid 3m for Shwarzer, they rebuffed us. Then a couple months laters, we went back AND BID 3M AGAIN.

  64. follow the money

    Del Bosque is a great coach. He and Prandelli are the only coaches to change tactics and formations at Euro 2012 to suit their opponent. I wish Arsenal had a coach like that.

  65. BOOZY

    Montpielle president has gone nuts as his star player, joined arsenal for £9mil ( €12), due to his buy out clause.

    Therefore all new club contracts would not include buyout clauses.

    We have managed to piss off another french club.

  66. mystic

    £8m is a derisory offer, but Honest Bill is right, there is no obligation to accepting. Ironically all it does is make the player feel less valued if he knows an offer has been tabled that is sure to be rejected.

    Whether Juventus really tabled that is questionable – though the state of finances in Italy might preclude anything higher.

  67. Arsenal1886-2006

    Kushagra India July 2, 2012 16:46:36
    Fabregas said last night if it wasn’t for Arsenal, Wenger, and his old teammates, he wouldn’t be experiencing moments like last night.

    Just a shame his old teammates and Wenger won’t be experiencing moments like that…

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    Boozy, if Montpellier messed up with Giroud’s contract then they should be pissed off with themselves, not us.

  69. Paulinho

    It says it all about Walcott that it’s only now that the papers have started talking about his future and linking him to other clubs. Compare that to RVP.

    The media and everyone else all know he’s crap so they don’t even bother with him half the time.

  70. sam

    arsene of all people shouldn’t complain about clubs offering silly money. he’s been doing that for 15 years now.
    maybe juve knocked down a couple of quids because of his performance with holland.
    hey! he just paid nearly the same amount for 2 strikers

  71. Johnny5

    I see gambon is arguing and chatting shit again. Anyone else notice that he never wins an argument but either bores his opposition to death or completely goes off topic and focuses on a tiny insignificant comment made in your post. He has the worst case of keyboard warrior – itis I’ve ever seen . other keyboard warriors venture from all over the globe just to post in his presence. Get a hobby you fat prepubescent waste of spunk, you’re boring.

  72. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘Upper Street GoonerJuly 2, 2012 14:44:40
    GambonYour completely wrong actually. The club loses 200m a year, so anyone buying the club does so under the notion that its a massive loss leader.There wages to revenue is over 115%. You say there revenue is only going to grow but where. They have just signed a massive hugely inflated deal with a company that’s basically run by their chairman.’

    1. ECL revenues going up hugely the next 3 years, so City’s revenue will go up £30m minimum from that.
    2. EPL deal gone up – another £20m per annum increase.
    3. They increased their commercial revenues by £40m in the last two years.

    We’ll see what their 2012 accounts say, but I’d wager plenty that they can break even by 2015 if they choose.

  73. Rhys Jaggar

    If Arsenal have decided like many bloggers here that Walcott is best as an impact substitute, then he may well indeed consider his options.

    If another club will pay him the same or more, play him how he wants to be played, maybe he’ll say: ‘OK’.

    I thought he had a solid season just past. Not a stellar one, a solid one.

    For what it’s worth, I think he needs a manager who gets on his case and has some technical coaches who work him hard after training improving his individual ball skills. I’d have him hitting 50 crosses a day, 50 corners a day and doing 20 one-on-ones with a keeper. I’d build some movable bits of kit which represent his targets to hit, which can be adjusted up or down and the circumference of the target hole adjusted as precision increases.

    If Arsenal doesn’t provide that, then one does wonder at what point you say that he and the club aren’t the right fit.

    If they do, well……

  74. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    I doubt its even true though pedro, I was pissed at the report not whether Juve actually did it or not. Yes its insane if they did, because they know we would never accept it, its not even the last year of his contract.

    Obviously Arsenal are the kings of the insultingly low bid

  75. Nasri's Mouth

    We ought to be happy that Juventus is offering £8 mill which we know will get turned down rather than £15 -20 mill which might not be

  76. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    Although to be fair, i cant imagine even we would offer that little. Its essentially like offering Man city 8 mil for Kun, would we do that?? I personally doubt it.

    While we are on the subject of Arsenal bids, Pedro did you ever find out if we actually did bid 35 mil for Gotze last summer? or was it just paper talk??

  77. BOOZY

    me thinks buying a player like olivier djourou for £9mil is derisory, even worse than the £8mil bid for rvp who’s in the last year of his contract.

    But from an arsenal POV – a great fucking piece of business. Arsene would snatch such deals all day long.

    but you can bet lille and montpellier won’t be doing business with arsene any time soon.

    I still believe we should give chamack to them for whatever they offer.

  78. Harry Redknapp

    what you got to remember is if juve did bid 8 mill its just a way of opening negotiations with arsenal, yeah it would probably take more like 15-20 mill to bring arsenal to the negotiating table though.

  79. Hitman

    Why all the talk of Citeh here today?

    They have their own agenda. They are more concerned about promoting Abu Dhabi & getting a share of the EPL glitz. Think of it as a trophy wife.

    Their spending has plateaued. Their losses wont be a big in future seasons.

  80. Harry Redknapp

    its not so much bad business that these clubs have buy out clauses in players like girouds contracts, players these days demand them. how much did they pay for giroud? he has to think of his future and a low transfer fee can mean he gets a higher wage if he plays well. it could also force his club to renegotiate. so id say smart business by his agent in the long run.

  81. Nasri's Mouth


    Again, why would Montpellier be pissed with Arsenal, when Arsenal had nothing to do whatsoever with Girouds contract? It was decided between Montpellier, Giroud and his agent(s).

  82. Pedro

    LeGrove… it’s a shit offer… bit he’s 29 and in the last year of his deal.

    What did we offer for CR9? £4million?

    We bid for Gotze… just far too late. I don’t think it would have been as high as 35 either…

  83. Draper-Corleone

    Gambon – the difference between Arsenal’s and City’s investments – capex v opex.

    The stadium is not going to need replacement every year or few years.

  84. patthegooner

    Anyone hearing these rumours that a Middle East investor is about to pump loads of cash into the Spuds????

    Graham Roberts mentioned it in an interview on Talk Shite yesterday and it seems to be gathering momentum.

    And on Denilson. Why don’t we just give him to Sau Paulo but put in a 10 year clause that we get first refusal on any player leaving them.

  85. Nasri's Mouth


    City are hoping they’ll have gathered enough financial ‘inertia’ in the next 2-3 seasons so their increased revenue pays for new players who give the club success which drives the additional income.


    Wouldn’t one of the first things to come out be the actual name of the potential buyer(s) ?
    If it’s true lets hope FFP means they’ve missed the window of oppurtunity

  86. Pedro

    Pat, I’m not sure Spurs have time to do a City… you have to be FFP by next year… they won’t get a team like City’s in 2 months.

    It’ll help their stadium move.

  87. Alex James

    The rumour has been around a few weeks. If it proves true, without Usmanov, it is difficult to see how we could realistically compete. City, Chelsea and Spurs would be up front and centre, with Utd, Liverpool and ourselves scrambling for fourth. Have a feeling life is about to get worse.

  88. Alex James

    Pedro. Assuming FFP works, which I doubt. You are right about the stadium though. The worse case would be if the new owner funded the stadium move himself. Spurs could fill a large stadium, and having no loan to worry about would give them the advantage over us. OK, we are feeding on rumour but a major Spurs takeover has been my worse nightmare for a few years now. I think it would the death nail of our self suffiency strategy.

  89. dave

    Sooner or later, agree with or not, we are going to have to rely on a biliionaire owner / investor to be able to compete. It’s the way football, sadly, is going.

  90. Arsenal1886-2006

    Gotze for one, although I think the main problem is the players who have left and gone on to win things. It sends a message to Jack, Theo, Robin and others that to win medals you have to leave and play for a club that is more interested in gaining silverware through direct investment rather than a club that prides itself more on financial prudence.
    Not saying we should go all gung-ho and spend what we do not have but we need to strike a balance that keeps us competitive, and by competitive i mean challenging for trophies and not trying to claim CL qualification as a trophy.

    I liken the way we are run to a post colonial british industrial company, no real investment in modern machinery and the bosses taking the money to fund their lifestyles, while the world around us adopted new machines and developed new techniques while we watched our manufacturing base crumble to dust.

    If spurs do get a new owner, and the word is that it is the Kuwaitis, then they will want to compete with City due to geographical rivalries. Spurs could well be looking down on us within a couple of years, they have a bigger fanbase worldwide than city and have a solid base to build on, and look how city have done in just a few years, from a joke of a club (there own supporters say that) to the champions. Spurs could well be poaching our players the way city and others do within a couple of years. Imagine that, Arsenal becoming spurs feeder club, just the thought makes me want to vomit.

    When Chapman and Norris built the Arsenal legacy they were ruthless and conniving to the extent of near criminality, whereas the new board if they do not start to invest in top players will be guilty of gross negligence.
    We will see Arsenal slide to European obscurity ie the Europa Cup. Crowds will drop, sponsorship deals will be paltry compared to others and we will be celebrating a Carling Cup final as if it is the European Cup final.

  91. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    Weve missed out on millions, Cronaldo being the main one one. Mata, Alonso, sweinsteiger? apparently even messi thought about it when Flabbergast came.

    Dont forget we could have had downing for a bargain of 18 mil! 😛

  92. LegroveIsInTheHeart

    It seems strange about the 35 mil gotze thing though doesnt it? Ive heard that number bandies around a lot , and I cant think of any other player who we have been reported to have bid on so high. Maybe a grain of truth, but probably not!

  93. Alex James

    1886 Can’t take anymore of this depressing talk. Off to bed and hope that I wake up and find that these last few years have been a bad dream. Perhaps I can persuade my Saudi contacts to make the owner an offer he can ‘t refuse.

  94. Harry Redknapp

    we waited a year for chamakh to be on a free transfer then he went elsewhere. oh wait,……. fuck…….. no he didnt……..damn

  95. OPG

    Alonso, Alvarez, Cazorla Jagielka, Jones, Schwarzer, Spahic etc.
    Not sure I believe that Gotze and Hazard rumours about offers last summer.
    Feel a bit sorry for Udinese lost more players even though they’ve got into CL qualifying again.
    Heh yeah bosmans still end up costing with their high signing on fees.

  96. DwanGoon

    To be fair, 12-15M for a world class GK like Lloris is a huge bargain! Szczesny is still at early stages, he might even be a late bloomer nobody knows, but he hasn’t shown world class abilities nor being an average reliable GK yet….

    Szczesny has a lot of time on his side, we need not rush him nor let him be overconfident about himself, which is what is happening. He made very little saves too, and was prone to errors. If we don’t let emotions get the better of us, logically speaking Lloris is the man for Arsenal.

    I am still looking for M’Vila + 1 signing at least.

  97. Moray

    If the Lloris rumours are true, then I think it is more an opportunistic interest than a strategic one. It seems unlikely that Wenger would have two good players in the same position. I think he would consider it a waste of money. Plus, rotation of goalkeepers is very different to that of outfield players, so Chesney would most likely find his opportunities limited. Had he not spent a season as first choice, then perhaps there would be no problem, but under the circumstances, it may well cause him some discontent.

    I agree that we should be looking at a mature keeper with a couple of good years left in him, to pass on the baton to Chesney.

  98. gambon


    Di Maria
    Van Bommell

    Its safe to say we missed out on numerous titles as a result.

    If you include all the players we lost:

    Vieria, Pires, Henry, Cole, Flamini, Cesc, Diarra, Nasri

    We really could and shouldve dominated English football from 2002 onwards.

    If we had ambitious management we would be as big as Man Utd now.

  99. Harry Redknapp

    lol you cant put ribery in the list he joined his boyhood club and has turned down madrid and barca to stay there

  100. Harry Redknapp

    lloris is a flapper as well. he had a hype but has not lived up to it, thats why his club puttin him up for sale publically. would an in demand keeper be put up for sale ? how value lowering is it when a player is publically put up for sale, id say a lot.