Robin Van Persie thinking of staying on. Should Arsenal keep him / flog him?

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Poor people cars are funny Robin.

This is the quietest day of the summer so far. Nothing. No real transfer stories, no scandal… nothing new on the Nando’s menu!

So we’ll start the day off with the game last night. Wow. Technically amazing football can be dull! It was a bit of a tactical slog. A few chances, a few good saves… then penalties.

England have so far to go with spot kicks compared to the rest of the world. Last night celebrated both incredible saves and the outrageous audacity with some of the strikes. Ramos slipped a chipped penalty in. Nani, after forgetting the order of his kick rifled into the top corner… and to win the whole thing, Cesc Fabragas stepped up and slotted his shot in off the post.

Forget last summer, I still have a lot of love for him. He’s going to be one of the greatest creative midfielders the world has ever seen. We were lucky enough to have him with us through the formative years. What a dream player he is. Such a shame we didn’t build an incredible team around him. His talent merited it.

In Arsenal news, all we have to go on is David Ornstein of the BBC and his tweet.

Van Persie to resume talks with Arsenal when back from Caribbean break. He's keen to stay, with or without new contract. Ball in #afc court.
David Ornstein

Every journalist seems to have the inside line on this transfer. Most seem to gambling on a definitive decision in the hope it’ll come true. Robin agreeing wages with City in March is a stupid story. I must say though, I am quite inclined to believe someone from the BBC. Mainly because I think the story makes a lot of sense.

How does this work out for Arsenal. What is £25million worth to us?

If we keep him and let him go for nothing, the on cost of that works out at about £29million. However, if you consider the point that he won’t be worth £25million next year, he’ll be worth more like£15million, actually, the cost probably isn’t that much of an issue. In fact, if you do the sums, we’re actually saving ourselves £7.2million by keeping him on the deal he currently has for another year. We’ll be getting a £220k a week striker for £80k. That’s not bad business if he bangs in 30 goals next season.

£25million isn’t really worth a whole lot to us as fans in the sense that Arsene won’t go out and reinvest it. If we keep Robin, we keep the glamour of Arsenal going. It sends a message out to the rest of the squad and it heavily reduces the pressure off Podolski and Giroud in their first season. It also gives Wenger a year to work on Robin. If he makes a few choice signings… and they make an impact next year, he might just sign on for us again.

Trouble is Robin… that contract you’ve got on the table now won’t be there next season if you get injured or have a poor year.

To my mind, he’s playing a very risky game with his future.

That said, as a selfish fan… I’d love him to see out the last year of his deal.

Where do you stand on the matter? Let us know in the comments!

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P.S. This has no correlation to Arsenal… but check out the below. KFC for breakfast? Are you f*cking kidding me? What a day this is for fans of the Colonel.



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  1. Goon from BD

    Zeus- that was Schweinsteiger. He is a fucking choker. He always makes naive decisions in crucial games. ALWAYS!!!

    Low fucked it up as well. I thought Reus would start ahead of Podolski and Klose ahead of Gomez.

  2. The Iron Ghost

    I think we should keep him on because he is great for the players and the club, that being said i don’t think he will have a season as spectacular as last season.

  3. OPG

    Many of them played pretty well all tournament until tonight, but thought Schweinsteiger was poor against Greece..
    Nadal out to the World no. 100 who played unbelievable.

  4. BOOZY

    demon i dont think you have actually watched both neymar and lucas play well enough.

    if you have, you compare them.

    Neymar is top top top class. his only flaw might be his size.

    best brazilian player alive, and that does not come easy.

  5. Goon from BD

    Italians deserve it though. They have been the most impressive “team” in the Euros without question.

  6. Dan Ahern

    Mannschaft gone limp.

    Shouldn’t have played Kroos.

    Regardless, Italians were at their ultra-composed best, and all in all deserved the victory. Depending on the final’s outcome, player of the tournament should most likely be Pirlo or Casillas (has not conceded a goal since the opening game vs. Italy).

  7. Demon


    Lucas moura is already built for the prem whereas neymar isn’t.

    Sure he will be great in Spain but in England I would rather have lucas, plus I don’t think we have a chance for neymar as he will go for top dollar whereas Lucas is affordable.

  8. Goon from BD

    Zeus- I meant Spain have been good and Germany as well but they never really inspired me. Spain are too negative and Germany never looked completely convincing even though they were winning. Italy on the other hand played well in all areas even though they were lacking in goals.They have a solid core of Juventus players who have achieved astonishing levels last season- that man Pirlo has been a god. One of my favourite players ever. I’m so desperate for us to sign M’vila because he has qualities like him. They also gave the best performance in the tournament against Spain and also brought something fresh tactically to tournament(3-5-2).

  9. Demon

    Pirlo has revitalised himself with the motivation of wanting to prove people wrong when they said he was finished because Milan allowed him to leave.

    Sometes a change of scene inspires players onto greater things.

  10. Goon from BD

    Demon- True…… How fucking stupid are Milan for letting him go for free?

    And Antonio Conte deserves a little bit of credit I think for his genius. Its his core of players and his tactical system of 3-5-2. Juventus play with so much passion as well and Conte being a former player is also extremely passionate. I really want him to coach Arsenal one day. He is a miracle man.

  11. Goon from BD

    Yeah but Vidal signed last summer when he was already coach and that squad is not as good as what they achieved.its not like Pep getting a young team of CL winners in Xavi,Puyol,Iniesta etc and fucking Messi, is it?. Pirlo also said Conte is better than Lippi even. Conte is a master tactician in style of play and also reading the opponents too. Theres rarely much surprises from opponents against Juve.

  12. Gooby

    Agree Neymar is nowhere near messi, I don’t think anyone is.

    Messi’s the most talent footballer in history, it’s beyond ridiculous, unplayable.

  13. gambon

    “Messi’s the most talent footballer in history”

    Would say Ronaldo is on the same level as messi talent wise.

  14. gnarleygeorge9

    Gael Clichy says conceding a last-minute penalty in Arsenal’s Champions League semi-final against Villarreal in 2006 was the worst moment of his career to date.

    No, the worst IMO was the one against Brum after Theo got Arsenal the lead.

    Clichy cost Arsenal the Title

  15. Harry Redknapp

    yeah i saw that Gnarley he is a nob. he picked a moment which didnt matter in the end over numerous costly fuck ups, sums his brains up

  16. gnarleygeorge9


    RVP staying on?

    I’m having visions of a similar presentation of the Miami Heat’s Big 3 LeBron James, Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosh.

    Lukas Podolski, Robin van Persie & Olivier Giroud. There is a Title coming, albiet 7 years on 🙂

  17. higz

    Really can’t understand kroos playing ahead of reus, Muller, schurle and gotze.

    Really impressed with Italians, they play a strange formation with 2 holding mids and 2 more central mids, and cassano playing behind balotelli. Could argue they play old fashioned but pirlo, de Rossi, montolivio and marchisio are all good passers and have good movement. Would def like de Rossi, did he sign a new deal? I know a lot of ppl on here av said wanted him in past.

  18. Harry Redknapp

    lol gnarley i got a little one (9months) who wont sleep sittin here with me so i was setting an example

  19. SDE

    Listening to the beginning of MOTD with Klinsmann talking about his blueprint for the German team in 2006..
    Goes on about empowerment,accountability,responsibility..

    Identity of the team,that the german public can relate to…agression,high-tempo,attacking team..

    Quite interesting..he should be a consultant…

    Anyway,my point is that Shearer sits back & says simple…
    The only thing Shearer likes to empower is himself…
    The way he criticised England the other day..made me laugh..

    Was not his presence in the England team,all about him& no-one else!!
    When Glen Roeder was the manager@ Newcastle,with presumably Shearer there as his lieutenant..Was not a certain Shearer,standing behind Roeder,when shit was hitting the fan…

    Yeah talk about accountability Shearer…

    I could go on..

    I think he’s a shite pundit..& a hypocrite..

    In 2010 he was laying the blame squarely at Capello’s feet..

    Now he’stalking about an overhaul of the system..It’s the FA’s fault..

    The FA he had over the barrel,when he threatened to not go to the World Cup,over the Neil Lennnon,or was it the Muzzy Izzet stamping incident!!


    I can’t stand Joey Barton,but he does have a point about Shearer!!

  20. El Tel

    Goalkeepers win you things.

    The best two Keepers in the Euro’s meet in the final. Cech won the CL for the Chavs and Hart is arguably one of the best Keepers in the Prem.

    We won things with Seaman and Lehman in goal and they were very good Keepers.

    I like Chesser but feel we should sign a real top Keeper for Him to learn from.

  21. dennisdamenace

    I’m with El tel on the ‘keeper front.

    The lad has undoubted ability, but he’s starting to show alarming dips in performances, not form, but a lack of a professional approach. For me, that’s a key indocator in a player who has nor real competition to push him, and no one of equal standing to learn from, an old head who’s be there done that. Someone like Given for instance.

  22. dennisdamenace

    A typical Arsene Wenger assimilated player coment by Clichy.

    He picks that moment as his worst, a non-event, personal cock-up, rather than a major cock-up that affected the whole team. Says more about the environment at AFC these days than it does about an idividual player.

  23. Mayank

    Fat Ronaldo was the best striker to ever play football (I haven’t seen Pele so I’ll exclude him). Zidane was my all time favourite and probably the most complete player of all time. Could single-handedly outplay the opposition. While as far as pure talent goes, I think Ronaldino had the most.

  24. dennisdamenace

    Tbh, if RvP stays, and we have a front three of him, Pod & Gir, with backup from Theo (!) we have a job only half done.

    The key to ANY successful team is the defence.

    And, i’m not just talking about the personnel, i’m talking about the whole attitude towards defending.

    Our whole approach and attitude towards defending needs overhauling. The way Song, Vermin & Co. are so il-disciplined would drive George Graham to punch them out. No leadership, no accountability, no organisation, the llist goes on.

    And, while i welcome yet more attack minded players, how about a little more emphasis on the art of collective defending.

  25. dennisdamenace

    What’s going on with the line spacing again with this pikey fucking site????
    Having to put a character between lines again, Jesus Pedders how much are you and Geoff paying for this hosting?

  26. gambon


    Fat Ronaldo of course.

    I maintain he is the best player of all time that never was.

    If he hadnt had such injury problems he wouldve retired as the greatest ever.

  27. Mayank

    “he is the best player of all time that never was”

    That’s a bit unfair, he won the Fifa player of the year 3 times and Ballon D’or twice.

    That’s quite an achievement.

    I agree that he could’ve been the best ever if hadn’t gotten injures.

  28. gambon

    But will he go down as the best ever? No, so what I said was entirely fair.

    Jeez, talk about “doing a keyser”.

  29. goonerDNA

    I got yesterday result so wrong I said 4-0 to the Germans oh well Spain will beat Italy I hope or maybe not