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“The interest is overwhelming, just as it should be after the way Nicklas performed at Euro 2012.”

Overwhelming eh? Exciting times for Nik B. I can imagine Milan, Madrid and Barca have been sending their A-team over to negotiate a deal with Nik B. The only sticking point according to Pam is that Nik B is looking to get paid £156k a week… how the hell do you get three digits on the back of your shirt? His agent made the point that there was less space because he was opting for the name God… but obviously, that doesn’t make more room for a number. Football agents are as dim as their clients most of the time.

You can imagine Zidane’s face when he heard that one…


Aaron Ramsey is in the news… Fulham are looking to replace Murphy this summer and the Welshman is the man they want to put in his place. Odd story really. He’s a Wenger love child surely? If I were 15 years older, he’d by my love child as well. I think he’s a good player, he just needs to work on getting that ball out of his feet earlier and he needs to stop running into people. Young players just love running into people. It was a Theo speciality a few years ago… he’s handed that skill-set over to Aaron.

Moving a player on with undoubted talent isn’t really in the Arsene play book, but sending him out on loan might be. You get the sloppiness beaten out of you when you play for a weaker club. Fulham would be a good place for Aaron to hone his talents over the season and Martin Jol is a very good manager with lots of experience.

Talking of l0an deals. What are we going to do with our young players this season? Ryo Miyachi should definitely go out on loan next year. He has plenty of pace, but his build is still very slight. I’d love to see him have a fantastic season with a team like West Ham or Norwich. If he’s having a blinder at Christmas, we could bring him back into the fold for the second half of the season. Frimpong needs to have another year out. Hopefully without a nasty injury this time. If he sorted his head out, he’d be a very useful squad player.

A decision needs to be made on Henri Lansbury. We all like him because he cares. However, we have to hold our hands up at some point and own up to the fact that he’s probably not going to make it with us. I love his heart, I love the way he tears around the pitch, but is that enough? Some would argue you need squad players like that. I would too… I’m just wondering whether he could make it as a squad player with us?

I’m guessing Joel Campbell will have to go out on loan again next summer due to work permit issues. Going to back to France wouldn’t be a bad move. If we’re feeling really frivolous, maybe we could send him to Spain. He does look like genunie talent. It’s a shame he can’t play the third striker roll next season. Benik Afobe might get a chance as our fourth choice. I’m yet to watch him enough to give a suprememly accurate verdict on where I see his future. However, I’ll take the word of Sagna when he calls him a young Drogba on this site in an interview.

I’d send Jenkinson out on loan for definite. He’s very naive. He maybe fit. He may love the Arsenal. But he makes my hair go as grey as the Brazil managers hair goes when Santos plays for him. Did you read those comments?

“He made my remaining hair become grey when we were at Corinthians. Why? Because he is tactically irresponsible.

“We can’t afford that kind of tactical risk in the national team.”

Being told by a Brazilian coach you can’t defend is a bit like being told you’ve gone too heavy on the wet look gel by Chamakh. It’s a bit of a worry and the statement rings true. Trouble we have is that both our left backs are the same. Gibbs is a very, very immature left back. Santos is a very classy player, but he does put us in bother. He was often brought on to spice up our attack last season and he often did. I just wonder whether his future is at left back?

Arsene Wenger is interested in Reus. Well, so he said so on TV the other night. He’s ‘on the case’. Marvellous. Good to know you’re keeping tabs on a player who just moved to Dortmund for £14.8million. Top scouting there Arsene!

Considering how little there was to go on this morning, I feel I deserve an award for powering out 800+ words.

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  1. kwik fit


    So true . RVP loves the gunners. He’s holding out for future signing’s. He was made for the Bergkamp role. Guys playing the bergkamp role doesn’t mean he will become less potent. It just means he has a free role and assistants in Giroud and Pod. Two/three more signings (DM CAM and CB) and were more than ready for the new season.

  2. Bade

    Optimism fly all over the place

    Squillaci edging closer to Bastia
    Galatasaray made contact with us re Arshavin
    Vela definitely going to Spain
    3 goals & 1 assist in the Euro will convince some team to take Bendtner
    Botelho wanted by Levatne
    Djourou drags some interest

    We’ll feel much lighter in a while!

  3. Kushagra India

    If we compare Germany to Spain, Alonso >> Khedira, Iniesta>> Ozil, Xavi & Busquets>>Schweini so they will again dominate the midfield and will look to nick a gaol somewhere….

  4. zeus


    The idiot broke his leg last season when he was pumping gas and forgot to pulll up the handbreak. Car rolled back and it was all very messy.

    He is top qulaity though. Bigger potential/higher ceiling than even Wilshere.

    Should be ready for the start of the season. And if Sabella continues playing Mascherano at CB for Argentina, surely its a midfield trio of Banega, Gago and Cambiasso.

    Though Biglia has oddly seemed to be pushing ahead of Cambiasso.

  5. zeus

    Whats funny about Xavi and Iniesta is that outside of the passing stats (and passing accuracy) the stats don’t really speak of them being that great.

    Neither of them score assist as much as Cesc or Ozil for example.

  6. Radio Raheem

    I’ve been calling for Banega for 3 or 4 years on this site. I guess that broken leg makes him an ideal signing for us. That should’ve knocked off a few mil off his asking price.

  7. Goon from BD

    If Van Persie can concentrate and succeed at being a lone CF without having shown much potential for it and without much physical strength in England…. he surely can be a no.10 and do it well if he concentrates. His positioning most of the time is of a 10 at times. His stats of creating chances and making key passes is one of the best in the world while he doesn’t see much of the ball. The problem however is that he can’t run a lot and it would be easy to stop him for that and he would become a defensive liability. He covers a lot of ground(probably the highest in the league last season) because he is constantly moving to find space and only sprints to break offside traps etc.

  8. luke

    wait, so rvp cant run a lot but he covered the most ground in the epl last year? help me out there bd…

  9. Demon

    I’m not happy with the calibre of players being brought in although they are an improvement to the rubbish that is park and chamack.

    Why is van persie,rooney, drogba, ibrahimovich so successfull as strikers????

    They can dribble, header, playmake and finish with a high degree of accuracy.

    Why waste 23-5 mill on to nump ties who aren’t capable of individual brilliance but feed of others creative work when the creativeness in our team is at an all time low???

    I think we should of went for cavani, tevez or nilmar or rossi.

    This is an utter joke, with players like vp, messi, silva, iniesta the quality is clear but with these it’s like having two average girls instead of a bombshell

  10. Gooby

    Milan extended flamini’s contract for 1 other year. He was nearly shown the door, poor lad, could have been brilliant if he stayed

  11. Demon

    The game tomorrow will be won by the team that stamps their authority on the game first.

    I think the Germans will be too hot for the italians!

  12. Goon from BD

    Because he doesn’t run as in at full speed but he is always moving and comes backs for set pieces as well. What I meant was that he doesn’t have the engine. Pirlo agaisnt England covered the most distance if I’m not wrong but most of the time he looks for space and positions rather than run around sprinting all over the place chasing everything James Milner/Rooney style.

  13. Dan Ahern

    Sandro Rosell:

    “This season will be closed with a record profit of around 40 million euros, surpassing the projected net profit of 21 million euros set at the beginning of the season. This money will be used to invest in equity to reduce the debt, which now stands at 340 million euros, down from 420 million euros from two years ago (when the current Board of Directors started to manage the Club). The debt will not affect the day-to-day business of the Club, seeing that debt reduction actions have to do with investing in equity, whereas the acquisition of players has been included in the Club’s working budget.”


    He goes on to mention they can’t afford renovate Camp Nou this year, but, it doesn’t really seem like they’re in an untenable position.

  14. Dan Ahern

    “sam June 26, 2012 18:37:08
    jordi alba is not better than santos, the spain team defend together and cover his backside when going foward..
    bringing alba won’t change anything.
    hopefully gibbs will process well if he stays fit.”

    1.) Yes, he is.
    2.) Yes, believe it or not, bringing in a better player makes your team better.
    3.) I assume you mean progress, but anyway, history indicates he will not do either–at least not to a significant degree.

  15. zeus


    The likes of Henry, Pires and Ljunberg never came with any serious clout.

    They excelled. We’ve NEVER been a team to buy off the top shelf. In reality we’ve been a side with a few world class players but whose unit made the team more than the sum of their parts.

  16. kwik fit

    I think the information issued by the banks in Spain is only the tip of the financial iceberg. Everyone is being drip feed in terms of the actual position. If truth be told La liga is Bankrupt. I for one will not be disappointed to see barca go the way of Rangers into the wilderness of the lower leagues.

  17. kwik fit

    M’Vila has had 3 arrests in 2 years. Prostitutes, assaults and road rage. He also reportedly slapped Nasri.. His would fit right in at Arsenal. IMHO

  18. demon

    luke your just s pleb

    i said none can lead the line and play make at the same time….

    girouds goals all come from a through pass or a rebound…

    podolskis goals could have easily gone over the bar or into row z.

    fact of the matter is if they are so good then why didnt any other european club compete with us for them.

  19. TheBayingMob

    M’Villa …

    …. he’s been arrested three times in the past two years for various offences including attacking a restaurant owner after a bout of road rage, using prostitutes and punching a teenage boy who had shown an interest in his sister.

    To be honest, he sounds alright to me … but as we all know Wenger likes good little boys who don’t argue back, then, I can’t see this fucking nob joining us anytime soon. The French Joey Barton maybe … !?]

  20. kwik fit

    Squillaci’s deal to Bastia of France is almost done and could be announced within 48 hours. Deal is expected to be initially a year

    This news feels better than a new signing.

  21. SalParadiseNYC

    ZEUS June 26, 2012 19:45:57

    Can RVP play the Bergkamp role to aplomb? Yes.
    Can Giroud?……….. There you go.

    Agreed with arguments need being put to bed BUT the reality of it is here now with the official word on the Giroud.

    Is Wenger tactically adaptable?

  22. Josip Skoblar

    Breaking news: Deschamps to manage France and Blanc to Spurs. It’s almost done deals according to Le Monde website.

  23. luke

    demon June 26, 2012 21:16:00

    luke your just s pleb

    i said none can lead the line and play make at the same time….

    girouds goals all come from a through pass or a rebound…

    podolskis goals could have easily gone over the bar or into row z.

    fact of the matter is if they are so good then why didnt any other european club compete with us for them.

    1. Many of Giroud’s goals come from through balls or lobbed passes, correct. How is that any different than most goals that are scored? Giroud in addition to his 21 goals had 9 assists so he can create too. I dont know why scoring from rebounds or through balls is so negative? How do cavani or tevez or any more of your fantasy video game signings score? Surely from through balls, rebounds, lobbed passes?
    2. Are you serious about podolski? Thats like saying RVP is shit because all those volley goals he scored could have easily missed. I dont know how you can convice yourself that if podolski does something amazing, it is cheap luck and he didnt deserve it, but if tevez, cavani, neyman, any other unrealistic superstar signing, etc does something amazing it is somehow different.

    3. We competed with Bayern munich and Borussia Monchengladbach for giroud, and who knows who else for Podolski. Your logic here is essentially, ‘if arsenal signs someone, he is automatically shit because good players dont go to arsenal, they go to other european clubs. ie, this makes no rational sense. If Giroud had chosen Bayern Munich i am sure you would be on here slating Wenger for not showing enough initiative in the transfer window.

  24. patthegooner

    Twitter is just starting to buzz.

    Reports that RVP is off. I think i will sleep on it and see how it pans out in the morning.

    Don’t mind if he goes to be honest, as long as we re-invest the cash. He has had one good season and although he is currently a WC player, I do wonder if he can remain fit for another full season.

    Ultimately though, if (and it is a big twitter if at the moment) he doesn’t want to stick around then I don’t want him around. Not conducive to where Arsenal are trying to get to. All I do hope is that if (and again it is a big Twitter IF) he goes, that we give the captaincy to Vermaelen a player who signed a new deal and wants to stay.

    The only thing that really pisses me off is that the rumours are that he is off to Shitty.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Lots of articles all over the place tonight saying Wenger is keen on getting deals done for both M’Vila and Ben Arfa….Wenger trying to re-French the team up? Wouldn’t mind either though to be fair

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Ben Arfa, M’Vila and Vertonghen (keep RVP) and we’re done for the summer i rekon.

    Podolski, Giroud, M’Vila, Ben Arfa, Vertonghen (another suitable utility defender – has to be good though) and that is excellent stuff.

    I know people might want a slightly better AM or a full back AS WELL as a CB but we have to think with Wenger hats on (he isn’t going anywhere) and with that in consideration those additions would be excellent.

    A middle of Areta, M’Vila, Wilshere and an up top of Ben Arfa, RVP and Podolski would be superb, perfect mix of talent. That middle especially looks rock solid, the old head of Arteta with his amazing ball retention, M’Vila’s ability to win the ball, break up attacks and start a move and then JW just being JW frankly – awesome talent.

  27. gnarleygeorge9

    I guess this time round with an Arsenal wannaway, Arsene has decided to be proactive than reactive.

  28. eastofthelea

    Just read the post, lansburys a real tricky one. sure he’s not shone at west ham
    but he’s had to work with the odious toad who was our number one bogey man
    when lansbury was with us as a kid. Might have something to do with his lack
    of starts.

    Lansburys loan was to gain experience not to shift wages as in other cases so
    its been a complete waste of time.

  29. gnarleygeorge9

    If Shitty want RVP. Arsenal should swap him for na$ri plus cash, say 20million pounds, then loan out na$ri to Devils Island FC indefinitely, with a clause in the contract “For the term of his natural life”.

  30. SalParadiseNYC

    gnarleygeorge9June 26, 2012 23:33:00

    BEST THING I’ve read on here today!
    Napoleon thought he had it bad, we’ll give you a slightly different version of Elba big boy!

  31. sam

    well then jamal,

    twist wenger’s arm to pay up coz everton don’t sell on the cheap
    and unlike arsenal they don’t let their top players run down their contract.

  32. Dan Ahern

    Willems way too raw.
    Martinez way too expensive.
    Belhanda way too owned by a crazy dude we just robbed of Giroud.

    I would be beyond happy if we could get either of the latter two though.

  33. goonerboy

    Fulham haven’t got the money to buy Ramsey. I don’t like Jol and would not do him any favours at all-we have only ever got shit from him ( remember Schwarzer?).
    If he’s put it out there that he wants Ramsey now, he must think that Ramsey is half decent and we’d be stupid enough to give them a virtual freebie.
    If Ramsey can get properly fit he will recover the confidence he lost towards the end of last season-(as a result of being over-played), theres no reason why he should have to go anywhere on loan. He’s got to be worth a punt for next year.

    If he can’t he’s not a lot of use as a loaned player-just another that will bounce back that can be added to the list of expedibles.

  34. luke

    the likes of frimpong and jenkinson should go out on loan but first we should look at them first. players like that shouldn’t have an off seasons until they have made it properly into the starting 11. I am interested to see how much improvement will come out of jenkinson given that it was his first year in the epl let a lone a top side. I think pre season is going to give us a clear indication as to who gets loaned out/sold in terms of squad players (apart from the obvious ones that are going and players we wont sell). The point is it will make for a healthy environment to have pre season in as players wont just be jostling for relevance in the squad but also their position. if chasmack stays do you think hes going to be spending that 20 minutes smoking a doobie in the changing rooms before training when his fancy pay check is on the line? i don’t think so. I don’t know wether its because i feel sorry for them but i like the idea of sending players to west ham to toughen them up. say what you will about fat sam but he does know how to bring the animal out of players for better or worse.

  35. SDE


    “I don’t like Jol and would not do him any favours at all-we have only ever got shit from him ( remember Schwarzer?).”

    Wasn’t that Mark Hughes?

  36. Bade

    We should be sniffing around Rangers & Villareal for available good players for pittance

    Allan McGregor would be a great GK option for us.

    Villareal have some really good steals in them

    Cesar, GK 39
    Marchena, DM/CB
    Angel Lopez, RB
    Gonzalo, CB
    De Guzman, AM
    Marcos Senna, as backup DM
    Rossi (injured?)

    Maybe we should look there, decent team that was relegated. Why not take an advantage?

  37. Pollux

    Giroud and Podolski. Thats all ! we are done for the summer. Lets ger ready to roar on the new season. Forget about M Vila, We already have Coequelin, Diaby, Ramsey, Song, Arteta in that 2 DM position. If there is anymore recruitment, it will be first dependant on who is leaving. Likely to be fabianski next!

  38. Cesc Appeal

    I would prefer Javi MArtinez to M’Vila.

    But Martinez has a quiet audience at the moment of teams waiting for the bidding to start, and Arsene doesn’t not bid against people. So he’s out.

    Would prefer Jordi Alba to Willems and yeah Belhanda is fine with me but i doubt Montpelier will sell their two best players in one window….they’re not some kind of Arsenal football club.

    Right now everyone is moderately happy and looking forward to the rest of the window, however one wrong move (selling RVP) and all that will be undone.

    I just hope Arsenal have the smarts, have all our new players in for the pre-season tour and tie RVP down

  39. gambon

    What about MVila AND Martinez?

    Now that is what I would do if I was incharge.

    MVila & Martinez screening the defence, a world class front 4 infront of them, and attacking fullbacks with the 2 DMs covering for them both.

  40. Bade


    Then you suggest to change the formation to our 442 like in the Vieira/Petit days. 2 powerful DM with 2 wingers with a creative touch (Overmars, Pires, Freddie) & 2 classy strikers

    That is OK for me as well

    I’ve been banging about the need to have 2 strikers in the box for so long

    We can play the 442 diamond as well, or 4132

    But it seems Arsene is only after the 433

  41. Sugel

    Instead of splashy free agent signings, most teams will turn to the young players already on their team to lead them into a new era.